The Mule (2018)

The Mule (2018) Summary and Synopsis

Eastwood stars as Earl Stone, a man in his 80s who is broke, alone, and facing foreclosure of his business when he is offered a job that simply requires him to drive. Easy enough, but, unbeknownst to Earl, he’s just signed on as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel. He does well—so well, in fact, that his cargo increases exponentially, and Earl is assigned a handler. But he isn’t the only one keeping tabs on Earl; the mysterious new drug mule has also hit the radar of hard-charging DEA agent Colin Bates. And even as his money problems become a thing of the past, Earl’s past mistakes start to weigh heavily on him, and it’s uncertain if he’ll have time to right those wrongs before law enforcement, or the cartel’s enforcers, catch up to him.the mule (2018) summary and synopsis will be updates...

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The Mule (2018) (2018)

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The Mule (2018) Movie Reviews

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elmnt - Get off my lawn1 star

Old man doesn’t understand things.

grk1113 - Awful2 star

I was excited to see the flick, but within 20 min I was regretting my decision to rent it. The story behind the film was cool, but I wasn’t a fan of any character choice.

chentito - Perfecto5 star

Great Movie and the soundtrack was awesome.Arturo Sandoval captured the Eastwood sound and made the film. When is the soundtrack being released?

LostIt-20 - Waste of time1 star

Horrible acting, writing, and directing. Without giving anything away, you will be insulted by how cheesy and unrealistic the plot is. The DEA knows details about the color of truck that is transporting the drugs, and the drug cartel KNOWS that the DEA knows the color of the truck, but they continue to drive the same truck! There are no clever twists at the end. I really want the two hours of my life back that I wasted watching this disaster of a film. I really hope Clint Eastwood retires after this one!

ODAF23 - Excelente película4 star

Aun queda Clint Eastwood pa rato, pelicula que enseña valores y demuestra que el crimen no paga.

TLKingdom - cant trust ratings anymore...1 star

this is a 3 out of 10 at best. it is horribly boring. anyhow, i need to exhale a rat, i mean rant. - rotten tomatoes is officially corrupt. fandango now owns rotten tomatoes. guess what, it gets worse. nbc owns fandango. guess what, it gets worse, comcast owns nbc. think there are some conflicts there? rotten tomatoes has zero value to me. same should be said of you. all three layers of this ownership group can work together and sink a movie, they have done it. and it is easy. look at the case with gotti. a brilliant movie. received 0% from rotten ratings. botti is financed by movie pass though. which was/is in direct competition with fandango and all the way up to comcast. its terrible

Duudeeeeeeeee - Respect Mr. Eastwood5 star

Get up every day and don’t let the old man in .

Cshcrzd - Amazing5 star

Another amazing movie by Clint Eastwood.

Nomad69 - It’s not his best3 star

The storyline starts and ends at a pretty slow but fairly predictable pace. We are exposed to some family-values messages, Eastwood’s trademark grump, and some exchanges between the main characters that break up the monotony. I’d give it a C+ and am glad I rented it at home.

Jbgerthmd - The Mule5 star

Such a great movie everyone should see!!!.

miazain - Eastwood5 star

Love all Eastwood movies. Not the best one. But better than a lot of movies out there

Furutan1 - Intelligent, human, beautifully done5 star

This is a good movie. Everything about it is just right. Perhaps it's due to my age, but I found this to be perfect in just about every way, so naturally millennials, thrill junkies, and those who can't appreciate a story with depth will absolutely hate it. Another winner for Clint Eastwood.

Salomom67 - great movie5 star

great movie, very refreshing , excellent performance of Clint Eastwood , while the script is kind of simple , the history flows very smoothly and transition from comedy to drama without noticing , again very refreshing .

n2northsiders - A different side of Eastwood4 star

Good movie.

Bounty0469 - Mule5 star

What can I say, Mr Clint Eastwood still has his charm as only he can deliver. I take my hat off to this man just for the drive he has to keep working and making good solid films. He has entertained us for decades and wouldn’t surprise me if he jumped into another project before long . I love this guy. Rock on dude.

sleepy240 - Good movie5 star

Waiting for it to download lol

stan_1978 - The mule3 star

Clint Eastwood gives a good performance in this. The Mule chronicles the many drug runs of an elderly failed gardener, husband, and father. After losing his business and on the verge of losing his home Eastwood’s character takes on employment as a drug mule. It’s a great portrayal of the depths one would go through for money as well as family. The only thing I criticize in this movie is the choice of casting the actress that plays Eastwood’s ex wife. She made being in any relationship an unbelievable endeavor.

Juli7310 - Great5 star

John Mulaney likes it, so I like it.

Faux Anonymity - Loved it! 👍👍👍5 star

Two Words. Clint Eastwood. Plus great script & supporting cast. 👍😎👍😎

Reddoggie428 - I Love you Clint - but please STOP!2 star

I love Clint's work as an actor and as a director, but he needs more than just a desire to churn out a feature every year. The plot of this film was so threadbare, it would have barely sustained an hour, much less a full feature. What a waste of talent - Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburn, Diane Wiest - not to mention Clint himself. Not much more than a movie-of-the-week, and even then, it was sloooooooow..... Clint was great in Gran Torino, now he has become just a stereotypical racist, old man (who should never take off his shirt on-screen again!)

Picabombo - Bad1 star

Horrible, long, slow.

Mike32457 - Clint Eastwood - Greatest Movie Maker Ever5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. What’s amazing is the story is simple but the characters are amazing and the acting that brings those characters out, their fears, hopes, and expectations are truly heart wrenching. You recognize the complexity of people who are just trying to get by legal or illegal and those who are of evil intent. Loved it. So well done. So well written.

franandou - The Mule5 star

Great movie along with a solid storyline one of the few I’d consider rewatching

Jimmyblazefsx - War on drugs wow what idiots5 star

Great movie by all the actors the storyline was wonderful but it just really shows how crappy the US war on drugs is I mean they caught the mule but they didn’t stop anything they didn’t hurt anybody other than people who were just trying to get by I’m just saddened by the war on drugs and they’re just too effing stupid to figure it all out

Cc0287373 - Good4 star

👍 great

cosmokilla - Barf1 star

Over promised. Under delivered.

maria62613 - Best5 star

Movie so far

Jimguyy - Almost 90 yrs old...5 star

Way to go Clint! A great film for Eastwood lovers! Period.

Dwightyoakamfan1994 - CLINT EASTWOOD IS THE MAN!!!!!5 star

This movie was a great way to kill a bad night. It was a RedBox Rental, and I am going to tell you Clint is still the man after 6 yrs of not acting! Not a bad movie.

AllshowNoGo - Terrible1 star

Couldn’t make it through the movie.

Rezzy girl - Mr. Cool 😎 man!!!5 star

By Miss Rezzy Girl 👧!!!! I have watched his movies 🎥 every sense I was a teenager. I love ❤️ this movie! Because, even at his age he is still Mr. 😎 man to me! This is one of the BEST movies I’ve seen so far!!! The writer and the Director did a hell of a job also!! I am going to watch it again this week. Its worth it to me!!!

Macfann - Sweet movie by Eastman5 star

A rare sweet movie by Eastman..everyone should enjoy..

monistolli - Good movie.5 star

Good movie to watch.

DSojat - A tale of White male entitlement (very small spoiler)3 star

I was tempted to give this 2 stars, but I can't honestly say I "didn't like" any of it. The set up is interesting and, particularly near the end, the movie offers up some very tender moments. There's some decent tension as you keep wondering when things are going to take a bad turn with the narcotraffickers. But too often the plot feels like it's being manipulated to serve the author's purpose. Early on, for example, Eastwood's character never guesses that he's transporting drugs, even though the signs are quite obvious. The more unfortunate aspect of the movie is that Eastwood's character makes several quips that are unabashedly racist, and the movie offers little counterpoint. Made by an entitled White man for other entitled White males, the movie is surprisingly tone deaf to its creators' obvious biases. Ten years ago, I think a movie like this would have drawn much more fire for implicitly agreeing to the main character's racism. Today, it can get away with a wink and nod to its real target audience.

adil1994 - Nice movie!5 star

Great movie with good life lessons. Family is mor important than work!

jorgehidalgomatias - Awesome5 star


Yeti8me69 - HOME RUN TRIPPLE !!!5 star

Clint Eastwood nailed it again as he did in Grand Tourino ! GREAT movie that hits home on a REAL life level . Not of big fan of the woman playing his wife but she only played a small part . IMO BUT dealing with the past and regrets of how it SHOULD have been is very well depicted in this movie . I HIGHLY recomend it to ANY one ! People love to judge others ,but put yourself in THIER shoes for a hour, day , week ...and THEN see what it's like to walk in some one elses shoes dealing with THIER problems . This movie SO reminds us of this very fact . DONT judge a book by it's cover EVER lol

theThinkingGuy - Amazing5 star

Great movie everything was on point especially if you smoke a blunt!! Lol

Anonymousown3r - Nothing special about this one.1 star

I saw this movie in theaters because I was bored, and I was actually surprised about how bad it was. While the plot line was okay, it was extremely predictable, and there was barely any character development. The camerawork and editing was fine, but there were extremely corny scenes, like the death scene, where it seemed like the lady was never going to die after moaning for about 30 seconds. I believe this scene was intended for dramatic effect, but it really turned out to be for comedic effect. If you want a good movie to watch, this isn’t it.

MikeMan27 - Boring and predictable2 star

I wasn’t expecting an action thriller, but this movie just fell flat. It was extremely predictable, had no plot twist of any kind, and the end was 100% anti-climactic. There was a lot of very poor acting aside from the bigger names, and even the A-listers weren’t very compelling. Besides the main character there was no story, and so no reason to care about anyone else. Glad I didn’t leave the house and pay extra to see this in a theater, but still wish I had my $5.99 and 2 hours of my life back.

bma473 - The Living Legend Clint!!!5 star

A great movie to be had from Clint. I just hope this won’t be the last from this legendary actor/director. His films are just inspirational, a way of life, a food for thought like a moral compass.

Pushba - You will love this movie if you liked Breaking Bad5 star

It’s a great movie about an old man with nothing to loose to break the rules. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long time.

Pask8730 - Worth watching.5 star

I’ve never been disappointed by his movies.

Orlanca - Just okay3 star

Great potential and a good start but it settles in mediocrity and gets wrapped with a quick ending! Now if you’re a Clint Eastwood fan am sure you will be able choose and pick your favorite scenes as I did and that’s okay!

Kenny calpin - Clint Eastwood is awesome5 star

Great movie Clint still can make great films. I truly enjoyed it.

Burntbrains - Boring1 star

Extremely slow and boring

Dali212030 - Loved it!! Will watch again!!5 star

Loved the movie, has you all so into it! Good casting too. Even the “extras” were good!!

Siengo - Let’s just say this is geared for older folks3 star

Not a bad movie but not great either. Slow pace and limited action. Never really feel for the characters.

Trick-E 007 - Beautiful Perfect role for Squint Eastwood!!5 star

Just a wonderful entertaining and surprisingly funny! Film, considering the facts of the true story it wasn’t expected. Also Clint “Squint” Eastwood has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine! Growing up I never liked westerns or country music! Except for Clint Eastwood movies (especially his westerns)! And Kenny Rogers (Which to me isn’t really country) but more country/R&B music! Two of my all time favs!! Clint Eastwood NEVER EVER DISAPPOINTS 🤠

RosalitaMRN - Clint, you did it again5 star

This movie is in keeping with Clint Eastwood’s other great movies! Loved it.

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The Movie Weasel - Boring, I'd rather watch paint dry.2 star

I'm tired of Mr. Eastwood's laconic, shallow characters. He's either god bless America or I'm a likeable bad guy. Both of which have been done to death. I'd rather watch paint dry.

plumcoullee - Solid movie4 star

I really enjoyed this movie, even more than I thought I would. I have seen all of Clint’s movies and this one does not disappoint. Good script, good acting, good photography. It is not earth shattering epic like the Unforgiven, but it will do if you like Eastwood films.

TJ1234567890000 - Another great Eastwood movie5 star

I grew up watching Clint Eastwood movies, now that he is in his senior years I thought that he played his role perfectly. Nice to see that Bradley Cooper was also casted. Well worth watching.

Филька - Best movie of 2019!5 star

Catch Me if You Can meets About Schmidt. Brilliant!

$irish$ - Interesting Movie!5 star

Not sure why this movie is receiving mediocre reviews, its not a fact paced action movie but its an interesting character study and you certainly become emotionally invested in the characters and story line.

stickman 2019 - Great!!!5 star

Great movie great acting. Couldnt been better.

Scarface-543 - Awesome movie5 star

It’s Clint Eastwood you ain’t worth being born if you diss Clint Eastwood’s movies! Rate 5 stars!

phototaker - Good solid movie :)4 star

Can’t say I’ve ever not liked a Clint Eastwood movie, not the best movie ever but a good movie and definitely worth watching. :)

vevie58 - The mule2 star

Very boring movie....don’t waste your money! I’m normally please with Clint Eastwood movies but not this time! I really don’t understand the purpose of doing this movie...waste time and energy!

Zam006 - Expected better for a Eastwood movie3 star

The story and premise are interesting but some of the dialogue and actions of characters is cringeworthy. I’d give it a soft 3.

Stricker36 - Different good5 star

Slow burner but intriguing

GJBMcN - Clint your Losing It3 star

Continuing on with his analysis of aging this movie revists the idea of a man coming to terms with his past and translating it to a modern environment. After the pure gold of Iwo Jima and Flag of the fathers.

lightrside - Slow and boring2 star

Story never gets going. Sadly Clint Eastwood is over the hill and needs to retire or do something better with his time.

CarolineCairns - NOBODY does It BETTER5 star

Just Brilliant Acting as usual -- by all cast members. Everything about this Movie exudes "Eastwood" all over it. And of course the Music is Perfect! You are one amazing Actor Clint Eastwood and hopefully there will be More to Follow! Susan from Western Australia

Gk2000 - Not good1 star

Nice to see Clint Eastwood still plodding along but other than that this was just a really slow pace - nothing much is gonna happen here kinda film.. yawn.

Jerizze - amazing movie5 star

simple straight to the point story but its so good very emotional and i love seeing clint easwood again! well done sir!

flix crit - Excellent5 star

Vintage Eastwood both literally and figuratively, a real gem. The story and characters develop and grow at a gentle pace, keeping you hooked the whole way through.

J.L. Shenstone - Worst Clint Eastwood yet1 star

Couldn't get past the dialogue. Saw it at the movies and walked out. Doesn't come close to anything else he's done.

peric - Its very Clint5 star

If you like clint Gran Torino, trouble with the curve, you will love Try movie Breezy Clint movies havent changed in 30 years waych breezy

Imaderpy_ninja mc - Loved it!5 star

Just an easy enjoyable movie.

TrowdyTrav - Good, not great2 star

This movie was very anti-climactic. The trailer would have you believe there was a bit more suspense and drama in this movie but it was definitely lacking in those areas.

Geelongboy - Strangely Brilliant5 star

I quite liked this movie. It’s Clint Eastwood at his best. It’s a nicely paced movie that has something for everyone in it.

Flickerfest - A bit slow paced3 star

I brought the movie because of Clint Eastwood, I can't go past 3 stars, the purchase price wasn't worth it, might have had more appeal if half price.

bioteck - Fiddlestickz5 star

really really good, i enjoyed this form start to finish.

Thomas Robson - Amazing5 star

Clint does it again

Slinkstar - Eastwood hits gold again.5 star

Such a great character study put on film. Then some action kicks in at the end. Don't expect a Die Hard like action film like some of the previous reviewers were hoping for. This film is brilliant and sticks with you after watching it. Great supporting characters also. One of Clint's best films. He still has it!!!!

Emu Walker - Thoroughly Enjoyable5 star

Classic Clint ... with a great soundtrack as an added bonus

Mr L Molossi - Brilliant5 star

Love it

L watt - Poor film2 star

Did anyone else see the camera in shot!!!? In the garage scene after the guy breaks the phone. POOR film, expected better!

Marbella Belle - Valuable Vintage Contemporary5 star

Just knew it would be good some things don’t change 👍

Rightist he - Fine4 star

I thought this was going to be really drawn out film but in the end a nice easy film to watch and enjoy. Yes one or two pacing issues but not too bad

Kris10234 - I regret purchasing and watching it2 star

The story was all a bit too unbelievable. Character development was poor - no explanation for why he decided to avoid spending time with his own family and also why he decides to become a mule for a drug cartel. I think the acting is good just unfortunately the story is weak and made me regret purchasing the movie. Rent if you decide to watch it.

Steve W London - Not great, not much happens3 star

Pretty implausible and quite predictable. Was waiting for the twist that never came.

63cch - A film for grown ups4 star

A Beautifully crafted film and a great story

washishu - If only4 star

There are folks here saying what a shame, he looks so old, oh dear. The bloke is nearly ninety and he’s just produced and directed and starred in an almost two-hour movie. I was never a fan of the spaghetti westerns and dirty harry crap, but this man has got better and better with age. If only I can be somewhere near as dynamic at eighty-eight years I will have nothing to complain about. This is a good film.

Such a Nice Thing - Classic Clint4 star

It's very good and smooth told story, classic & contemporary cinema for everyone. Sometimes music a bit disturb, but it's not musical so it's not big issue here.

oiltec - Not the best but worth the watch4 star

Clint Eastwood must be the best in the film business by far he is a true legend, compared with his other films this it pretty tame but taking his age into account hardly surprising, good story though.

Masmithx1977 - The Mule5 star

This is a brilliant film and definitely worth a watch. Even though it’s a brilliant film I found it to be a bit sad to see one of my heroes looking so frail and old...

The Gadget Geek - Eastwood shines in this thought provoking film5 star

Loved every minute of this film, couldn’t wait to watch it again

The Movie Guy... - Great story and thoroughly enjoying film4 star

Yes, I’ve loved all of clients stuff over the years, but this one really moved me! It’s a cracking tribute to a fantastic guy at his age, directing, producing and also starring in it. Great story and thoroughly enjoying film.

MikeEwartClough - Just say no1 star

If you’re a fan of Clint Eastwood - avoid this film - it’s a sad waste of his talents and not one i’d want to remember him for. Slow slow slow and just doesn’t go anywhere ...

James P, Scottish Borders - Wrinkly, wise, wry and witty - what more do you want ?5 star

It's barely believable that Clint has never won an Academy award for his acting.

ston12345 - stan3 star

the script consisted of ok and alright for about 90% of Clints lines

Al P - Slow burner but worth watching3 star

Clint is always worth watching and in this one he kind of ambles through several life threatening situations without breaking a sweat. Good watch though just don’t expect much in the way of action.

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papimarrero - 5 stars5 star

Entertaining, funny and well made.

bobo4u - Garbage2 star

90 year old guy becomes drug runner, finds redemption with his long lost family and ends up gowing flowers in prison. In between, is a bunch of tired dialog, bad acting, and bad hombres who think he's cute. Time to retire for good, Clint.

vicrum5000 - Excellent!5 star

Clint eastwood is one of the few celebrities left that isnt a complete hollywood sellout. His achievements are set in stone and it's so refereshing to see an actore stay true to who he is rather than tow some political bandwagon.

Robert Ryan - Self indulgent and unsatisfying2 star

Clint Eastwood has been in some amazing films. Unforgiven is wonderful as is Million Dollar Baby. And there are other gems in his filmography, too. But this simply isn't one of them. His attempt at vitality was embarrassing and his character's development, while present, was unconvincing. And the final chapter was comically unsatisfying. Even Diane Wiest, a great actress, couldn't save this terrible script. And poor Alison was, ironically, miscast as his daughter. Give this a pass.

kauaimania - Of course its good4 star

Eastwood can be relied on to provide compelling quality films... But another drug cartel mule story? Oh well, you got to play PC to stay up with the big boys in entertainment.

godzilla_is_angry - The mule5 star

All I gotta say is, he makes racial slurs and it’s funny hahaha worth watching!

Bob LaFollette - F Clint and his chair1 star

The guy can’t make a decent movie to save his life. Don’t bother!

jayspot - Classic Clint!4 star

Perfect film for Clint- great acting and engaging storyline. This one pleasantly surprised me- was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

Nick2928181 - Clint, you failed.1 star

I’m a big fan of Clint Eastwood’s movies however this one fell flat on its face. I’ve come to expect his movies to be about life decisions, morals, etc. so I never expect a fast paced action packed thriller. I don’t have any expectations for his movies really. However this one felt like it was created in one day and completed by the end of the week. It was very slow (slower than his usual films) and was very predictable. Not much imagination nor risk taking. This is your modern day version of a 1950’s movie. I felt like this movie should’ve just been free. There’s no value in it.

CR Surf Chick - Eastwood always delivers.5 star

Another wonderful film by Clint Eastwood. He has an incredible way of capturing your heart in everything he does. I have followed him since he played Rowdy Yates, and I think I have seen every movie he’s been in. Maybe one day I’ll have the pleasure of meeting him.

JSietsema - Brought my wife to tears5 star

Easy watch, clean plot, not overdone character building, emotional ending

KiZzYcAt - Best movie I’ve seen in a long time5 star

Clint and cast did a superb job! Very good story and no obnoxious CGI!

Penobscot Phil - 🥺1 star

Love Clint Eastwood, but this was a swing and a miss.

trmrty - Boring1 star

The movie was not made well in spite of the decent cast. Very disjointed. Could have been a much better movie given the story and cast.

Jota1111 - the best movie of 20195 star

the best movie of 2019 i've watched it four times since i bought it.

VanLife2112 - Decently Filmed But Predictable1 star

I expected more from this movie. I found it predictable and lacking depth. The attempts to comment on things like the modern digital age and past racial slurs are wince-inducing. There are messages on life inside this movie but it falls short of the director’s greater works. I would wait for it to be on Amazon or HBO. It’s supposedly based on true events but there are no images or writing at the end of the movie. Would’ve been cool to see the real people if possible. Looks like the RT ratings were paid for.

crazy mama bear - Excellent-Just Shows Everyone How Easily You Can Bw Bought Unknowingly ‼️5 star

Done Beautifully!Shows how Easily someone can be caught in the Underworld of Crime‼️

jc351 - dissapointing2 star

I'll never get that 2 hours back....

patriksean - TERRIBLE1 star

Absolutely nothing redeemable in this movie... The plot was completely contrived from beginning to end and very little of it was plausible.

Mule witness - Mule witness5 star

Mule witness

theschnecki - Plotline Hodgepodge2 star

Numerous divaricate side plots, I felt like I was in the head of a storyteller with ADHD.

Maryam1018 - Stopped it after 10 minutes.1 star

Horrible acting. Unbelievable story line. Enter Clint Eastwood, older gentleman...12 years later, hasn’t aged a day. At his granddaughter’s engagement party, his daughter hastily leaves when she sees him, because 12 years ago he skipped out on her wedding. Then his ex makes a scene and announces that he is only there because he is destitute. She tries to guilt trip him because he promised to help pay for the granddaughter’s wedding....and that’s when we stopped.

swehner - So good.5 star

This is a sleeper. Why didn’t it come up w awards this year? Baffled. Must watch.

bjkreyke - Meh...2 star

I've been anxiously waiting to rent this as I'm a big fan of Eastwood...but this left me wanting more. The plot was not developed well and things were very shallow and predictable...didn't really draw me in. Same ol' same ol' woks too much, neglects his family, buttons things up in the end....a bit overdone. I won't be watching this one again.

Rebel Ging - Overrated3 star

I was really disappointed in this Eastwood flick. I guess I expected way to much. I feel it didn’t have enough details especially since it’s based on a true story

Coldwoods - Not Very good2 star

The story really never goes anywhere. And ends with nothing really happening. No showdown, no closure. The acting is fine. But nothing really happens. This should be Clint's last movie. It has been over for him ever since he made fun of Obama. Sorry dude. But it's over for you. Enjoy the great work you have accomplished.

AJ Weber - Residual1 star

This movies is more residual from Eastwood’s better films. Sadly, it disappoints as the actor/director appears to have lost his step. The storyline is cliche at best and the acting is, again, merely residual from Eastwood’s better days and better films. Don’t waste your money here.

CHOWNED - I felt like a Mule watching2 star

One of the worst Eastwood films. Maybe poor screen writing or editing, but one thing is for sure. I felt like a forced Mule being pulled along side a empty void. Some funny moments.

Swagasaurus123456789 - Let down1 star


thebestnicknameEVR - Booooooooooo1 star

A terrible movie by a man that just needs to retire.

Caddisbug1994 - Ok but not great3 star

Could have been so much better. It was not bad but not great but either.

Archy13 - Archy 133 star

This is a story of too many of our lives. For the older its work & on the road. For the younger its the seeking of wealth and staying in th office glued to the newest technology. It's worth renting. I think this may be a little of Clint Eastwoods biography. But don't expect a whirlwind.

pgalooper - Eastwood5 star

Doesn’t do anything bad.Eastwood is Eastwood!

movie-critique - Lots of gaps3 star

It's entertaining for sure, you never loose interest. Worth the 5.99. BUT: the story itself may be interesting and Eastwood's acting convincing, the way it is told, though, is a bumpy road. The characters hardly develop, and you always wait for that moment where someone strikes back with finesse. The end of the film is absurd.

MsKitty_3 - Clint Eastwood Never Disappoints5 star

If you were expecting a violent movie, this is not the one for you. We’ve always enjoyed Eastwood’s movies. The fact that one could see a little bit of humanity in almost all of the characters (both good and bad) was a nice touch.

treyparker26 - Horrible!1 star

Boring and predictable.

kary kate - Definitely worth my money5 star

Excellent storyline

Ollie's Mommy - Not interesting in the least2 star

Although the cast and the plot promise a good story, no one delivers, not even Mr. Eastwood, which is surprising. And ultimately, pretty boring.

IMMusicMaker - Very Enjoyable5 star

I very much enjoyed this movie. Haven’t seen a good one for some time now till this one.

shorty inzunza - Great movie5 star

Love it

Zorba The Greeq - If you want to watch a movie in which NOTHING HAPPENS, this movie is for you..1 star

Glad I only rented this turkey. And the rental was a credit. Like an long episode of Law and Order. Very boring and tedious. Stay away!!

dyrdjrty - Couldn’t even finish1 star

Obviously someone with no criminal background or criminal research wrote this. Totally unrealistic. Felt like we were force fed the plot instead of developing it. Literally stopped after 20 minutes. I wish I could get back the $5.99 I paid to rent it...

daveilha - Just average3 star

Too much hype for an average film

Trump girl - Great movie4 star

This was a great movie, very true, and great acting.. Clint Eastwood did a great job.

Doeeyes00 - Great5 star

Any Clint Eastwood movie is great!

Dews99 - Very inspirational5 star

Has some suspense moments and drama into it. Is a good movie to watch. Also a very good lesson to learn from this movie. Spent more time with your love ones because time is the one thing money can’t buy.

Zooloooo1 - Pretty weak movie unfortunately1 star

Poor acting all around.

bodezafa 88 - Clint, you can do better3 star

I was hoping for a more tough Gran Torino type character. What I got was friendly weak old man. Ok to rent but regret purchase. No reason to ever watch it again.

Level3Nurse - The Mule5 star

Absolutely Fantastic.... Clint Eastwood never disappoints. Great acting, action and storyline. Will never get tired of watching this greatest actor and movie director. He puts the H in Hollywood. Love this movie and love you too Clint Eastwood.😘😘😘

Braxton54 - Amazing movie!5 star

Conservative actors always make the best movies!

JohnJon777061485 star

@walkdownman @RJewellFilm Where have you been hiding? Jersey Boys 2014, American Sniper 2014, Scully 2016, Indian H…

Musiz_Promotion5 star

@CastelliIrpinia: Aggiornato il blog del nostro “Boss”: #ClintEastwood qui: #simplyred…

AppleEducate5 star

@CastelliIrpinia: Aggiornato il blog del nostro “Boss”: #ClintEastwood qui: #simplyred…

FilmMusicTracks5 star

@CastelliIrpinia: Aggiornato il blog del nostro “Boss”: #ClintEastwood qui: #simplyred…

CastelliIrpinia5 star

Aggiornato il blog del nostro “Boss”: #ClintEastwood qui: …

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