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Eastwood stars as Earl Stone, a man in his 80s who is broke, alone, and facing foreclosure of his business when he is offered a job that simply requires him to drive. Easy enough, but, unbeknownst to Earl, he’s just signed on as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel. He does well—so well, in fact, that his cargo increases exponentially, and Earl is assigned a handler. But he isn’t the only one keeping tabs on Earl; the mysterious new drug mule has also hit the radar of hard-charging DEA agent Colin Bates. And even as his money problems become a thing of the past, Earl’s past mistakes start to weigh heavily on him, and it’s uncertain if he’ll have time to right those wrongs before law enforcement, or the cartel’s enforcers, catch up to him.

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Faux Anonymity
Loved it! 👍👍👍  Faux Anonymity  5 star

Two Words. Clint Eastwood. Plus great script & supporting cast. 👍😎👍😎

I Love you Clint - but please STOP!  Reddoggie428  2 star

I love Clint's work as an actor and as a director, but he needs more than just a desire to churn out a feature every year. The plot of this film was so threadbare, it would have barely sustained an hour, much less a full feature. What a waste of talent - Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburn, Diane Wiest - not to mention Clint himself. Not much more than a movie-of-the-week, and even then, it was sloooooooow..... Clint was great in Gran Torino, now he has become just a stereotypical racist, old man (who should never take off his shirt on-screen again!)

Bad  Picabombo  1 star

Horrible, long, slow.

Clint Eastwood - Greatest Movie Maker Ever  Mike32457  5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. What’s amazing is the story is simple but the characters are amazing and the acting that brings those characters out, their fears, hopes, and expectations are truly heart wrenching. You recognize the complexity of people who are just trying to get by legal or illegal and those who are of evil intent. Loved it. So well done. So well written.

The Mule  franandou  5 star

Great movie along with a solid storyline one of the few I’d consider rewatching

War on drugs wow what idiots  Jimmyblazefsx  5 star

Great movie by all the actors the storyline was wonderful but it just really shows how crappy the US war on drugs is I mean they caught the mule but they didn’t stop anything they didn’t hurt anybody other than people who were just trying to get by I’m just saddened by the war on drugs and they’re just too effing stupid to figure it all out

Good  Cc0287373  4 star

👍 great

Barf  cosmokilla  1 star

Over promised. Under delivered.

Best  maria62613  5 star

Movie so far

Almost 90 yrs old...  Jimguyy  5 star

Way to go Clint! A great film for Eastwood lovers! Period.

Solid movie  plumcoullee  4 star

I really enjoyed this movie, even more than I thought I would. I have seen all of Clint’s movies and this one does not disappoint. Good script, good acting, good photography. It is not earth shattering epic like the Unforgiven, but it will do if you like Eastwood films.

Another great Eastwood movie  TJ1234567890000  5 star

I grew up watching Clint Eastwood movies, now that he is in his senior years I thought that he played his role perfectly. Nice to see that Bradley Cooper was also casted. Well worth watching.

Best movie of 2019!  Филька  5 star

Catch Me if You Can meets About Schmidt. Brilliant!

Interesting Movie!  $irish$  5 star

Not sure why this movie is receiving mediocre reviews, its not a fact paced action movie but its an interesting character study and you certainly become emotionally invested in the characters and story line.

stickman 2019
Great!!!  stickman 2019  5 star

Great movie great acting. Couldnt been better.

Awesome movie  Scarface-543  5 star

It’s Clint Eastwood you ain’t worth being born if you diss Clint Eastwood’s movies! Rate 5 stars!

Good solid movie :)  phototaker  4 star

Can’t say I’ve ever not liked a Clint Eastwood movie, not the best movie ever but a good movie and definitely worth watching. :)

The mule  vevie58  2 star

Very boring movie....don’t waste your money! I’m normally please with Clint Eastwood movies but not this time! I really don’t understand the purpose of doing this movie...waste time and energy!

Expected better for a Eastwood movie  Zam006  3 star

The story and premise are interesting but some of the dialogue and actions of characters is cringeworthy. I’d give it a soft 3.

NOBODY does It BETTER  SusanCarolineClarson  5 star

Just Brilliant Acting as usual -- by all cast members. Everything about this Movie exudes "Eastwood" all over it. And of course the Music is Perfect! You are one amazing Actor Clint Eastwood and hopefully there will be More to Follow! Susan from Western Australia

Not good  Gk2000  1 star

Nice to see Clint Eastwood still plodding along but other than that this was just a really slow pace - nothing much is gonna happen here kinda film.. yawn.

amazing movie  Jerizze  5 star

simple straight to the point story but its so good very emotional and i love seeing clint easwood again! well done sir!

flix crit
Excellent  flix crit  5 star

Vintage Eastwood both literally and figuratively, a real gem. The story and characters develop and grow at a gentle pace, keeping you hooked the whole way through.

J.L. Shenstone
Worst Clint Eastwood yet  J.L. Shenstone  1 star

Couldn't get past the dialogue. Saw it at the movies and walked out. Doesn't come close to anything else he's done.

Its very Clint  peric  5 star

If you like clint Gran Torino, trouble with the curve, you will love Try movie Breezy Clint movies havent changed in 30 years waych breezy

Imaderpy_ninja mc
Loved it!  Imaderpy_ninja mc  5 star

Just an easy enjoyable movie.

Good, not great  TrowdyTrav  2 star

This movie was very anti-climactic. The trailer would have you believe there was a bit more suspense and drama in this movie but it was definitely lacking in those areas.

Strangely Brilliant  Geelongboy  5 star

I quite liked this movie. It’s Clint Eastwood at his best. It’s a nicely paced movie that has something for everyone in it.

A bit slow paced  Flickerfest  3 star

I brought the movie because of Clint Eastwood, I can't go past 3 stars, the purchase price wasn't worth it, might have had more appeal if half price.










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