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Three lighthouse keepers on a remote Scottish isle discover a chest full of gold—and are ensnared in a web of greed, paranoia, and murder. Starring Gerard Butler.

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What's left when the light goes out?. Three lighthouse keepers on an uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland discover something that isn't theirs to keep.. The Vanishing Wiki

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Grandma Kitties
Slow  Grandma Kitties  2 star

Slow. Wish that I had just rented it. Disappointed. Skip it!

True Story, Fascinating Characters  Aqua62  5 star

I take this movie on two levels: true narrative speculation and deeper morality play (Shakespearean even). No one knows what happened to these three men on the lonely Scottish island, early 20th century. Web sites are set up devoted to the tale. This movie has as good an idea as any. Wow! Then, what inspires the 5 stars from me, is the deeper human interest morality study. We face these moments in life: this or that, black or white, steal or restore, cheat or fidelity. That is the core of this movie: the moment when everything changes and the dark path is selected. The supposed rewards are replaced, as they always are, by consequences; growing, morphing consequences. I agree with those who call this a dark movie. But you have to take it for what it is: a window into the soul of us all as we make our choices in life for good (the seemingly harder path) or evil (the seemingly easy path). Loved it. Been thinking about it (in a good way) ever since watching.

Why make this movie?  brslc  1 star


Drags on and on and on  Caddisbug1994  3 star

Had to start and stop four times just to get thru it all and then the ending is painful. Good god, what an awful movie. I’ll never get that $9 or two hours of my life back. Will never watch again and would strongly discourage you from watching. Not suspenseful, just boring.

It drags  Kalend226  3 star

It drags to much. I lost interest about 1 hour in!!

Needed more action but good  Zepeda25  4 star

We expected a little more action and suspense but the movie kinda dragged on. Good storyline.

Naaaaaah  movie-critique  3 star's okay. The setting of the film alone is worth the watch. Mullan, to me, is the star here, not Butler who doesn't convince me in the last 30min of the film. The story/plot has a lot of gaps, a lot of unneccessary questions remain.

Dean-Girl 2005
*POSSIBLE SPOILERS*Very good & unexpected.  Dean-Girl 2005  4 star

I really liked it. I thought it was very good & even surprised me some with parts I was not expecting. Gerard Butler was good with playing both sides - light & dark. Peter Mullan was good, too - Much more of a stable character than I originally thought. & even though the mystery still hasn’t been solved, it’s interesting theory as to what may have happened to the 3 men on The Flannan Isle.

Hardly a thriller  Abolina  2 star

Even GB couldn’t make this film zing.

Wow Gerard Butler!  Sobe.1  4 star

4 stars for Butler! Otherwise this dark thriller fringes on the monotonous. Butler is being quite prolific as of late with a variety of very different cinema roles. This one in particular has to be the most complex and difficult character he’s ever had to play. It’s a shame that most of his movies as of late don’t produce any box office numbers. I hope this one manages to turn a profit!!

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