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From legendary filmmakers George Lucas and Ron Howard comes Willow, a timeless fantasy tale where heroes come in all sizes. When Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis) finds an abandoned baby girl, he learns she is destined to end the reign of wicked Queen Bavmorda. Willow teams up with a rogue swordsman (Val Kilmer) to protect the child against the darkness. Filled with magic and danger, Willow is the ultimate story of good versus evil.

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Adventure doesn't come any bigger than this.. Fearful of a prophecy stating that a girl child will be born to bring about her downfall, the evil Queen Bavmorda imprisons all pregnant women within the formidable stronghold of Nockmaar. A child, Elora Danan, is born in the Nockmaar dungeons and identified as the prophesied child by a birthmark on her arm. However, before the black sorceress arrives to claim the child, Elora's mother convinces her reluctant midwife to escape with the baby. Willow, a timid farmer and aspiring sorcerer, is entrusted with delivering the royal infant from evil.. Willow Wiki

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So happy this is available finally  milehighmassive  5 star

Sure it’s derivative but it has so many moments of pure joy. A fantastic film.

Still my fav  DametriaP  5 star

Still a great movie and great quality.

Still a great movie  Wordplayer44  5 star

Loved watching it today just as much as we did when it first came out.

Price gouge much!  AwesomeSossBoss  1 star

Great cult classic... but not worth $20... and you shouldn't be contributing to this price gauge. This is a $10 movie... When the price drops... this rating will go to a 5


There is a band in my town called "Madmartigan" - they write songs about the stories and characters from this movie. Just watch it - that is all I will say.

$20? Come on.  RealTimboBaggins  3 star

To the people that decided to charge $20 for this digital movie, you are seriously delusional. It was a great movie when I was a kid, but it’s not worth THAT much, especially when you don’t offer a physical copy.

Beautiful & Breathtaking  Catalystgrrl  5 star

How anyone could give this film Rotten Tomatoes is beyond belief. Star Wars looks like crap compared to this stuff!! To me, it was completely on par with the Hobbit Trilogy. The landscapes are breathtaking! Just wow. I'm so glad I rented it. I grew up in the 80s and I had never seen this film! Wonderful, wonderful work! I mean, it's Lucas! Come on...

Amazing movie  beefo69  5 star

Wish more movies could be as good as this one

An 80's classic!  -=uNkNoWn=-  5 star

I remember watching Willow when I was a kid. I was never into Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, really. I guess I'm just one of those people that still love the 80's. Thanks iTunes for putting Willow available for purchase!

Quark DS9
Finally  Quark DS9  5 star

Took long enough. My newest copy was on laser disc. If Lord of the Rings is Star Trek, Willow is Star Wars.

John Doe_
Really  John Doe_  5 star

Never wrote a review... I must agree with other review. Great film, why such high price? It s from 1988??

great movie  Nothingoriginal55  5 star

I have to dusagree. I've waited for this movie to come to itunes forever and think it's still worth twenty bucks. of course thats just my opinion.

itunes fail  HilaryMae  1 star

Really iTunes? You want to sell a 30 year old movie for $24.99?? It's a great movie, but it's 30 years old. Get real.

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