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Escape Room is a psychological thriller about six strangers who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control and must use their wits to find the clues or die. Six strangers find themselves in circumstances beyond their control, and must use their wits to survive. Escape Room Wiki

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Find The Clues Or Die..

Escape Room (2019)

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- Now in my Favorites5 star

I loved it!!! The whole thing was a new twist. It’s one of my favorite movies now.

- Great5 star


- Great movie5 star

The movie was amazing, and can't remove my eyes from tv, because i don't want miss any details.

- Epic!5 star

This movie was great! I loved the suspense of it!

- Good!5 star

Not sure why it’s rated so low

- Decent4 star

A lot of people were bothered by the ending I thought it was an ok ending but there were a few plot twist that confused me a bit but overall a good movie

- Ok, Mostly Cube-Copy Plot4 star

Worth watching. Has a bit of Cabin Fever meets Cube flavor. Not really original in terms of storyline. But, still worth the watch for a cheap rental price.

- Woah!5 star

This movie was great! It’s like thriller/ action with a couple plot twists. Don’t listen to the bad reviews those people are weird. definitely needs a sequel.also makes me wanna do more puzzles 🤪

- Kinda pointless1 star

Not a great ending. Like a run of the mill SAW movie with just enough story to connect a very few dots. Acting was ok but unrealistic. Not too happy this was an hour and forty minute session of blaspheming God and our Lord and savior. It’s such a shame. Waste of money.

- Kinda pointless1 star

Not a great ending. Like a run of the mill SAW movie with just enough story to connect a very few dots. Acting was ok but unrealistic. Not too happy this was an hour and forty minute session of blaspheming God and our Lord and savior. It’s such a shame. Waste of money.

- It was good4 star

I love escape rooms and this movie was so enjoyable and entertaining that was on the edge of my seat

- Rotten tomatoes🤷🏻‍♀️1 star

If The Audience score is High , then go by that. Just go to rotten tomatoes . I wouldn't bother to see this film , myself 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Hi3 star

This reminds me of other movies that have used this idea of this person blackmailing everyone else and torturing them I mean the movie was good I just think they needed a new idea rather then just using the idea of someone who is insane and is torturing people

- Great suspenseful movie!!5 star

I didn’t really know what to expect with this movie, but it is really good. Acting is great! Story is great! There is a lot of swearing and a decent amount of sexual references. Not a lot of blood, but people still die. Good suspense and thriller movie!

- Great 👍4 star

Really good movie. Enjoyed it a lot. 👌

- Not even worth 99 cents1 star

I rented this movie for the simple fact that it was on sale for under $1. I'm upset I wasted my money on this movie. Visually its a nice movie but thats about it.

- AMAZING5 star

The movie was a great thriller. I am not the type of person to like thrillers but this movie was phenomenal. The actors chemistry was on point and the ending was a little subjective but it made a great cliff hanger. Can’t wait for the sequel!

- Entertaining4 star

The movie was interesting but it’s very similar to many other story plots. It’s pretty much Cabin in the Woods except these people volunteer to be messed with. Not bad acting, worth checking it out.

- Worth Your time4 star

I thought it was pretty good and wasn't mindless. Ending could have been a little better though.

- Not a great movie.2 star

Starts very interesting and it just drags on and on and on. Way too predictable. It’s the Final Destination series with an Escape Room twist. Move on to something else.

- Pretty good movie4 star

It held my attention, ending was pretty good too! Loved the storyline and creativeness of everything within the game!

- Better than it looks!5 star

I hope there’s a sequel!


no words to explain how goooood this movie is, periodt. 😂😂

- Hit the escape button on your remote1 star

Not worth your time for free

- Wow!5 star

This is not my kind of movie. I hate watching good people die--but they don't all die, I don't mind telling you, and I will be in line for the sequal. This is a captivating story, filled with likeable characters who suffer. Well done: terrifying, but well done.

- Saw with a bigger budget2 star

Totally not worth it, just imagine Saw with less gore and a bigger budget.

- Loved it4 star

It was a really good movie I loved the action and comedy my favorite character was Ben

- Interesting movie4 star

Suspenseful and interesting.

- I didn't hate it3 star

It got sloppy towards the end but it wasn't terrible. I did laugh at the whole 'original films' logo's at the beginning because this storyline has been done over and over again.

- So may fake reviews1 star

What to watch when there's nothing else left. I'd give it more stars except for the pretty blatant plot theft from similar movies.

- Horrible movie.1 star

Don’t waste your money. This movie is horrible.

- Escape room5 star

Great movie!

- Just ok3 star

They had such a great ideal but what happened

- Boring beyond belief1 star

Just a bunch of people you take an immediate dislike to, screaming, shouting and just being silly.

- Awesome5 star

Loved seeing Jay Ellis In This Movie Definitely worth watching makes you wonder though could this actually happen in real life,,,…??

- Really bad1 star

Don’t waste your money, and don’t waste your time to watch this movie.

- Decent flick. Cube like4 star

Reminds me of the cube movies and saw movies but not as gory as saw.

- Excellent4 star

Was really surprised by this movie. Great action. Been done before. Kind of. Great plot twist. Not everything is as it seems

- Escape room 2??5 star

Waiting on movie 2 coming April 17, 2020

- Gave me a headache1 star

Not good enough for a sequel

- Great movie!5 star

I so enjoyed this.

- This was amazing!5 star

I love how each room provided something very different, while the chracters start to discover things about one another. This was a great movie! I do hope that a second one comes out!

- Straight Trash1 star

A clear rip-off of other better executed, more original ideas. It’s a Twilight version of Saw meets Cube. Go watch those classic movies instead of this mess. Any potential it had was straight flushed down the drain with that cop out, schlock ending!

- So when’s the sequel?4 star

I was stunned at this whole movie. I honestly thought that it was gonna turn out differently than it actually did. Knowing that it didn’t made it so much better. The ending also hinted a sequel and now I am just dying to see if that hint is true or not.

- Love it!!5 star

It’s an amazing movie and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time

- The ending4 star

The ending was terrible. There is no logic on how this guy developed the strength to do...(not gonna spoil the ending) A better ending was if the girl just ended... with a single...

- What was the point1 star

This movie made no sense what was the point and it ended crazy

- It is too dark.5 star

Way too dark.

- Great Fun!4 star

This movie was so action packed and edge of your seat! Was much better than I expected. I enjoyed it so much I wished it was 20 minutes longer. Well done!

- Great Movie5 star

Not predictable - very entertaining - no boring parts

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Paraprax - Exactly what you're looking for4 star

This is like the third 'escape room' horror/thriller from the past few years and by far the best. The traps are innovative and interesting, the characters aren't stupid, etc. Overall it's exactly what I've had in mind each time I've watched an escape room movie. Plus, Deborah Ann Wohl! Definitely worth the rental; hope it spawns some sequels!

👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Now I’m better at escape rooms5 star

Thx to this movie!

Thania20115 - Entertaining and refreshing4 star

Better than expected would be interesting to see a sequel

igrayne1987 - Not a saw movie.5 star

Most people thought this be like saw. It definitely wasn’t. Good acting. Definitely recommend.

woomzoom - Watch it5 star

Really entertaining I wish it wouldn’t end. Would absolutely watch a sequel even if it was a recycled one.

AngelFirst1 - Enjoyed it5 star

Very good movie.

Holben2005 - Suspenseful 👍4 star

I watched this in theatres right before the SuperBowl 53, and I’m happy I did cuz that game was boring lol. But honestly, the movie was great, it kept me in suspense throughout the entire film, the action was good, plot was nice, characters were strong... basically a PG-13 version of Saw 👌

Dikco Dikcson - Garbage movie1 star

One of the worst things I’ve seen...

Sparked by plug - Aimless2 star

A movie with plenty of effects but lacking in substance. It suits the 21st C Hollywood fodder. The same old storyline dressed up. Save your money

J--028 - Great Film5 star

Awesome movie

Raghuveer Prabhas - Average Flick3 star

The start of the movie is good and then keeps you attention towards the movie and in the climax scene was not good.

gives_good_story - So stupid1 star

This was the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Birdemic.

Dj Cool Master - Great effects crappy plot2 star

I really liked the effects and the first part of the movie but the last half hour was terrible.Don’t bother watching the end it will ruin the entire movie.

H2008 - Terrible overall1 star

- Poor acting. - Terrible plot. - Lucky I didn’t purchase this movie.

zaine walberg - Mmm2 star

Movie started off good . The last 25 min or so was rubbish .dont bother

Red Rubber Husky - Great Until The End2 star

This film was going really well until they put in a dumb open-ended epilogue that was really just a cynical setup for a pointless sequel. Why not just make a really good stand alone film? I'd rate it four stars but the last twenty minutes totally munted this film.

JakePlayyZ - The music is scarier then the movie3 star

That music bro that is scarier then the freaking movie!

McLovinThe1st - silly2 star

this movie just gets stupid within the last 25mins of the movie, but the rest bofore that is good

Gk2000 - Good I enjoyed it5 star

Makes you a bit anxious but other than that it is good and holds your attn

pat tilsley - Umm2 star

Movie was pretty good, wasn’t as scary as it was hyped up to be and the ending was just too confusing! And why does it say it’s R18+ it’s only M??

notanamerican - Not Good2 star

A poor film, If you have nothing better to do, and it's only 99p then why not? Just don't expect anything like good acting or a decent story.

phcfncjenj nouefnef - Amazing!5 star

I watched this and I absolutely love it! I hope I can watch it again and I definitely recommend this to watch!

BenjiBoi - Boring2 star

Cheesy, badly acted. Could have been a lot better

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Miadad - Very good!5 star

I would recommend renting this one. Maybe on the purchase.

Anonymous Person! - Literally bit off my entire thumbnail watching this.5 star

Really good, actually. Surprisingly good.

tekneak - Loved it5 star

I was expecting a so so movie but what I got was a fast paced action thriller that has you on the edge of your seat! This movie is a must watch!

BamaGirlGing - NON STOP THRILL5 star


kingk005 - Soo intense5 star

This movie was so good getting the crowd intense and i just love this movie!!

ol' Benney - Beans5 star

This was a great movie happa on da train ya dirty little fingies.Yall dont be callin late to aunt jemimas house now or we done cant take u to that ol Golden Coral.Beans if u know what I means ;)


great idea for a movie with all the escape rooms trending now. It is twisted and unpridictable thiller ride. Can't wait for the sequal!

u totaly dont know me - Can’t wait till the sequel5 star

I saw this at the movies and the bit at the end set us up for a great sequel. Plus I’m a pilot for united airlines soooooo yea cant wait.

Cheeath girl - Best escape room movie yet!5 star

When I saw the movie,I thought it would be some people just trying to escape a room.But when I saw the death traps and obsticals,this practically became my favorite escape room movie!

Trucking 1965 - Fun and Light Escapism3 star

Very good movie to escape to for a few hours. The plot was very thin and it felt a lot like the Saw movies, but the characters’/actors’ chemistry and playfulness made it an enjoyable experience. The only negative...the ending was too contrived and had too many logical impossibilities. It almost ruined the experience. Too many directors seem to have issues producing solid endings.

jaywatchesmovies - Amazing!5 star

Escape Room (2019) was one of the best suspense thrillers I have ever seen! This movie had so much potential, it kept me wanting to go see it again! The plot twists and the ending will keep you speechless! By far, this is a 10/10 movie and I truly recommend.

yandiuo - Great Flick for Suspense5 star

If you like terrible movies with terrible plots and predictable endings this is not the movie for you. I had very low expectations going into this movie to the point I almost didn’t even go with the family. They dragged me there and I was going to watch bumblebee instead. This movie was so good! Kept me on the edge of my seat. Most horror movies nowadays are very bad or unexciting but this one was a treat, 5 STARS.

Lalslwl - Very good5 star

Very good and entertaining very suspenseful 👍🏻👍🏻💗

Best game ever whatttttt!!!! - Epic5 star

The movie was really good. I would definitely watch it again. Please don’t let the reviews of other people stop you from watching it.

Dragonsolder - Very entertaining, though could've been better.4 star

From nearly start to finish, I was at the edge of my seat. Escape Room is an intense thriller and very enjoyable film. Is it the best? No, but I don't feel like it was trying to be. They wanted to make a film that would keep the audience's attention, and in my opinion, they exceeded that. January is usually the dumping ground for bad movies, but I feel like this one is a standout. It was a fun time, and a really good popcorn flick. I recommend to go see it. However I will warn you since they don't. If you suffer from epilepsy, there is a scene about 3/4 the way through the film that includes flashing lights for about a four to five minute sequence. Final verdict: 6.5/7 out of 10.

904 Superstars - Fye5 star


Antwain03 - Escape room5 star

Who knows what website to watch this online?

Batmanbelle - Just ok3 star

It was ok until the ending which was confusing and did not make logical sense. I recommend not going to this. Unless you want to be very confused.

cringe🌞patrol - Great5 star

It had an amazing plot and everything was there!

aramisenrique - fun ride to start 20194 star

really fun and nonstop tense film

5 star

@IncorrectRhodes: Ifrit rushing into someone's room after hearing a familiar voice Ifrit: Chichiue?!? Siege: Oh for the love of camelo…

5 star

@WWFitalia: Oggi #5giugno è la #giornatamondialedellambiente La scienza lo conferma: la diffusione di questo #virus è direttamente e in…

5 star

@InfoUMA: Y para celebrar también este #DíaMundialDelMedioAmbiente, @SmartCampusUMA te propone un divertido Escape Room en formato onlin…

5 star

@natasharothwell: I feel like we’re all in a super shitty Escape Room with really obvious clues like, “vote” and “believe women” and “do…

5 star

@InfoUMA: Y para celebrar también este #DíaMundialDelMedioAmbiente, @SmartCampusUMA te propone un divertido Escape Room en formato onlin…

5 star

@InfoUMA: Y para celebrar también este #DíaMundialDelMedioAmbiente, @SmartCampusUMA te propone un divertido Escape Room en formato onlin…

5 star

Y para celebrar también este #DíaMundialDelMedioAmbiente, @SmartCampusUMA te propone un divertido Escape Room en fo…

5 star

@LadyA08: Protests on streets that were once the thoroughfare of the Civil Rights movement, where King, Dobbs, Borders did magic. And…

5 star

La @casadecolon te propone esta actividad de Escape Room online "La Guardiana de la Profecía" para jóvenes y mayore…

5 star

@WWFitalia: Oggi #5giugno è la #giornatamondialedellambiente La scienza lo conferma: la diffusione di questo #virus è direttamente e in…

5 star

Bruh this escape room in Danganronpa 2 tho

5 star

@multiversofriki: Escape Tales: Sin Memoria es un juego de mesa narrativo para uno a cuatro jugadores de estilo Escape Room. Adéntrate e…

5 star

@Zancadas_Atl: Ya casi está listo el Escape Room Virtual Solidario (11 junio) para ayudar a @SomosTribuVK . Tendremos dos modalidades:…

5 star

Reading 3 books this weekend... Surprisingly I think I need this. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz City of Glass by Cassa…

5 star

@natasharothwell: I feel like we’re all in a super shitty Escape Room with really obvious clues like, “vote” and “believe women” and “do…

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