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Ariel, the fun-loving and mischievous mermaid, is enchanted with all things human. Disregarding her father’s order to stay away from the world above the sea, she swims to the surface and, in a raging storm, rescues the prince of her dreams. Determined to be human, she strikes a bargain with the devious sea witch Ursula and trades her fins and beautiful voice for legs. With her best friend, the adorable and chatty Flounder, and her reluctant chaperone Sebastian, the hilarious, reggae-singing Caribbean crab, at her side, Ariel must win the prince’s love and save her father’s kingdom — all in a heart-pounding race against time.

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Kaey123    5 star

THE BEST!!!!! The best Villain in all History. I freaking loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this movie 😩♥️

Rockit Danger    1 star

C'mon Disney Just last year you vaulted and rereleased Little Mermaid. Now I don't own the "new" version. I guess it having a "(1989)" behind it makes it new. Same with Aladdin. Now I don't own it because you added a "(1992)" I have to spend another $20. Saw you're doing the same with 101 Dalmations and Sleeping Beauty. How often do I need to pay you guys for movies I have already purchased for $20?! Once or twice is fine but this is too much. "Greed is good" is a quote from Gordon Gekko, not Mickey Mouse

zasdlled    5 star

I t was so cool Littlest sister mermaid

Miss. Sunflower    1 star

Spanish audio Purchased combo pack with Spanish audio but the digital copy doesn’t have Spanish audio. I am extremely disappointed. The first time I watched this movie was in Spanish and the English version is just not the same. Please make Spanish audio available....

Moon808    1 star

4K Where's the 4K version?! I swear Disney is an evil GREEDY corporation!!!

sailormars⭐️⭐️⭐️    1 star

Spoiled I think that little meremade is SPOILED she apparently wants more and she already has millions of things

Editikiss    1 star

Languages options please. When they are going to release a version with more languages options?

Blue12290    5 star

Good Disney movie Good movie

dn1g    1 star

Same as everyone else: stole my old digital copy As everyone else is noticing and commenting, since the new (but really the same as the old) version of the digital copy came out earlier in 2019, this movie — which came bundled with the expensive Diamond Edition blu-ray in 2013 — has been removed from my iTunes library without warning or permission; similar things have happened in the past with some of my iTunes music and Universal movies. This is why I still prefer physical discs: these soulless corporations can do what they want, how they want, when they want, and there’s very little we can do about it. Over the years I’ve bought and built a collection of over 2,000 CD’s and around 1,500 DVD’s and blu-rays, but these increasing money grabs and price gouging mean I’m beginning to understand why so many people these days pirate their media. Remember that whole convenient, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, and the upcoming Disney exclusive as well as others exist only to lock down and restrict access to their content, meaning they’ll eventually be able to charge us whatever they feel like; think of the exorbitant rates for legacy cable channels and content. We should remain vigilant of these continuing mega media mergers, which are creating virtual monopolies, and vote accordingly.

Zigamorph    1 star

This was already released many years ago Why are we being nickeled and dimed for movies we already own?

left888    1 star

ITunes are Greedy Way over priced. Belongs in the $4.99 bin. Sure it’s a good movie but you’re not selling any copies because of your GREED iTunes.

x_X_WhiteFox_X_x    1 star

Price I can’t support this price for a movie that is decades old. I won’t be buying it. I saw the add on twitter and was expecting $9.99 not the BS $24.99 their selling it for.

qawe45    5 star

The reason it doesn’t go on sale You get new games and stuff more behind the scenes and they re released for the new generation to have one it why they come out for only a few years before back in the Disney vault

JacobAngers    1 star

Overprice Why is this 24.99$? In fact why are all Disney movies standard at 24.99?? and never ever goes on sale.

Lumcurl    1 star

Another overpriced Disney movie $24.99 for a digital copy of a film that’s already made its money over the last 30 years. The digital copy should be priced at $4.99! Disney should be ashamed of itself. Please boycott Disney! #boycottdisney

SimonLaberge    5 star

Indescribably soothing Those voices. Those songs. That story. This evil witch... All of it will never be equaled. Ever. Always going to be my favorite. 💜

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