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A Dog’s Way Home chronicles the heartwarming adventure of Bella, a dog who embarks on an epic 400-mile journey home after she is separated from her beloved human.

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A lot can happen between lost and found.. A Dog’s Way Home chronicles the heartwarming adventure of Bella, a dog who embarks on an epic 400-mile journey home after she is separated from her beloved human.. A Dog's Way Home Wiki

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Warning: Great story but tainted by an agenda  Jaichele70  2 star

4 Stars down to 2 Stars because... this movie had a great story line and it was built for kids. My kids liked it but I downgraded it because the producers had to throw in the gay couple even including the rainbow 'pride' symbol. Kids don't need to exposed to sexually immoral material that they aren't ready to handle. This kind of stuff is only inserted into kid and family movies because of an AGENDA. Watchout.

A pretty ok movie, but too much drama.  SpyroDragon1999  2 star

I love the part when Bella goes on an adventure in the woods and the part when she hangs out with a cougar. However, I hate the part when the police in Denver are taking Bella away from her owner because this city doesn’t allow pitbulls. Also, I don’t like the part when she has go back to Denver to see her owner because I was afraid that the police would capture and kill her. I’m not a huge fan of reality movies like the ones that are based on true story because they are filled with drama and horror thanks to some ignorant humans. I know this movie wants to show viewers why we have to be kind to pitbulls, but that doesn’t mean we have to forgive those who attacked innocent people. This movie should have a more friendly breed dog like a Beagle or a Labrador, so the police won’t have to pull over and take the poor dog.

It’s good but there’s some problems  Coolkid35567  3 star

It’s a good movie and very emotional. Though I do feel it tried to hard to push the story. Also I feel the voice actor of Bella wasn’t even half as good as the voice actor of Bailey in A dogs purpose.

Amazing movie!  kthartz  4 star

The movie was very direct. There wasn't very much indirect things going on. Otherwise I thought it was an amazing movie!

Liberal agenda  Navy73  1 star

They injected every far left ideology into this 1 movie in an attempt to normalize it. It’s definitely not appropriate for children, with all the homosexuality. They also made all the couples interracial, made hunters look bad, made cougars look cute and cuddly, and even had the audacity to call the Denver commissioners “racist against dogs” for their anti-pit bull regulations. I use to be a fan of Ashley Judd. Not anymore.. she’s gone too far left. This is NOT a movie for good Christian children!!

AMAZING 😃  Marleymouse1  5 star

This movie 🍿 is so addicting to watch💕😍

Painful  mjfick  1 star

Surgery would be more enjoyable.

TERRIBLE MOVIE  sdk1122  1 star

I love animal movies, but this one was predictable and I hated the female voiceover. Moreover, I am a veteran and found that angle to be very unbelievable. But the worst part was when a bum chained the dog to him and then died, leaving the dog without food or water for days. I almost turned off the movie after the bum situation, and by the end I wish I had never watched the movie at all.

Loveeeeeed it  rubyy_darling17  5 star

I cried so much in this movie especially when she reunited with everyone

Dumb movie on a dog!  gagoka!  1 star

Stupid movie! The plot is so simple. The dogs name is not even unique. All animal shelters gave dogs and cats named Bella! This movie is not worth the money and time to watch!

The best movie ever for dogs!  jdv_09  5 star

I love this movie!! So heartwarming!😍

Dead Dog Swimming  LeonBrass  1 star

This is the one where the dog gets pushed in the water and nearly drowns. Check YouTube, it’s hilarious

Animation  buddha1818  3 star

The movie was good but the animation was really bad

Loving it  #SkaterGirk  5 star

I have not watched it, but I’ve read the books and I cried during it.❤️

💕  movienut1153  5 star

Haven’t watched it yet, but I cried during the trailer!!!😂

A dog  flash_supercarz  4 star

Was a good dog movie do recommend

Great movie  Cath2619  5 star

Cry happy tears

Simon G
Little touches missing  Simon G  2 star

This was a film I really wanted to like. The story was like the classic Disney film of pets finding their way home through the wilderness. For me there were just too many little things that took you out of the story. Chief among those was probably the dogs voice. That was well spoken and...undoglike to be honest. For a dog with a rough past to be so well spoken was just jarring every time. The other thing that really took you out of it was the CGI. It was like it was maybe 10 to 15 year ago. Things moved wrong. There was a scene where birds were flying across a landscape and the birds, just didn’t move like birds. There wing flapping didn’t match how they actually flew. It instantly drew your eye and spoiled the scene. The cougar had problems too. It didn’t seem to interact with the grass as it walked through it and quick motions just seemed jarring. These may all seem to be small touches, but they distract you from the otherwise ok movie. Sad really.










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