Fighting With My Family

Fighting With My Family Summary and Synopsis

Reformed gangster and wrestler Ricky and his wife Julia make a living performing with their children Saraya and Zak. When brother and sister get the chance to audition for WWE, it seems the family dream is coming true but they are about to learn that becoming a WWE Superstar demands more than they ever imagined possible. Born into a tight-knit wrestling family, Paige and her brother Zak are ecstatic when they get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try out for the WWE. But when only Paige earns a spot in the competitive training program, she must leave her loved ones behind and face this new cutthroat world alone. Paige's journey pushes her to dig deep and ultimately prove to the world that what makes her different is the very thing that can make her a star. Fighting With My Family Wiki

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A comedy about a family that fights a little differently...

Fighting With My Family (2019)

Fighting With My Family Comments & Critics

Fighting With My Family Movie Reviews

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- Good but not great...3 star

Typical underdog story with a predictable storyline. By no means a terrible movie, but I think it was just played too safe. I wish director Steven Merchant and company took some more risks in this film. Instead it was just very formulaic.

- Fighting with my family5 star

Loved this movie

- Love THIS MOVIE5 star

I am a fan and so happy They made a movie πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

- Great movie, amazing cast5 star

I have to admit that when I seen the previews for this movie, I wasn’t even a little excited, even though I am a huge fan of The Rock in all he does. I didn’t see this movie until today and I am just amazed at how great it was. The cast couldn’t have been better, the story is positive and uplifting.....I felt all the emotions in this film!

- Fine Movie , Not Great , But Still OK3 star

Maybe my expectations was high about this movie , anticipating to know the background on how really the wrestling industry is behind the curtains . Nope, it was not what it was , yet he only positive i can say is the ending scene , which was already shown in trailers and stuff , so it was ok... rented it , Thank God !

- True story, crazy family, lots of fun5 star

Funny, witty and touching story of an ordinary family with an exceptional daughter from Norwich who follows her dreams to be a superstar wrestler in the US.

- True story ... wow5 star

Wow, don’t have to like wrestling to like this movie! About dreaming a dream and overcoming the fears and difficulties to face your dream and realizing what you have maybe all you need to positively influence others lives!! Great job and great acting!

- Loved it!!5 star

I’ve been a huge fan of WCW and WWE since I was a little girl. I remember seeing TONS of Divas come and go and seen some have such a successful career. I remember the day Paige debut on Raw and I remember being on the edge of my seat while AJ Lee was talking and seeing someone whose so different but still passionate about the business, I had never watched a match like it before! I loved every second of this movie; a real tear jerker!!!

- Really fun movie5 star

Never heard of this film before seeing it on itunes, but a very enjoyable and fun ride. Great storyline and is also a watch for non-wrestling fants too. A film all about perseverance and showing heart to get what you desire in life

- Born WWE Diva Champ5 star

I’ve seen Paige in WWE and she having a movie about he life AMAZING!!!

- Reeks of Corporate Propaganda1 star

Lame as all heck. It’s not sincere, not heartwarming, not raw as is real life for which this purports to be based on. It’s nothing short of propaganda from WWE. A polished cartoon that is obviously aimed at making an impression on children as a β€œfamily” movie. That’s offensive. The true stories behind many of these wrestlers is sad and embarrassing. The WWE’s efforts to clean up its image fail miserably once again. That said, this story, if true, deserved to be told with all the grit, determination, grime and ugliness that the REAL Paige probably endured in pursuit of her dream. Unfortunately, this movie feels formulaic, empty and not worth paying to watch. No doubt it will make its way to free TV soon enough, the WWE will make sure of that.

- Refreshing and a feel-good movie5 star

This movie is a lot better than many big budget films. Good story even for people like me that don’t follow wrestling at all.

- Surprising5 star

Was forced to watch it but ended up Liking it a lot

- Great movie5 star

Enjoyed this movie much more than expected. Well worth the rent.

- Fighting with my family review5 star

I bought this movie thinking it was just gonna be one of those boring movies but I was wrong it was an awesome movie 5 stars

- It’s amazing!5 star

To people who think they wouldn’t understand since they don’t like wrestling: You in fact can! It’s about how a girl who didn’t like wrestling to begin with, tried out and made a family lifelong dream into reality! Wrestling isn’t just fighting, its much more! It can be about relationships, working, love, hate, drama, about anything that comes to somebody’s mind! Hopefully I didn’t waste my time......

- Surprsinging Good5 star

I saw this on a plane ride, figured just to kill the time, i am not into wrestling. But it was REALLY good and interseting. THe acting, the writing, was surprised to learn it was basd on a true story. solid writing, acting, everything

- Love the character5 star

Really liked it, felt like i could relate to it

- Awesome WWE Movie5 star

Never thought that I’ll be amazed to see this movie but overall I highly recommend watching this because this movie was fantastic.

- Worth to watching it5 star

It’s good one

- Fun movie.4 star

This movie isn’t going to win any awards or anything, but its a fun watch and good for some laughs. Worth renting.

- Da Rock is ....!!!5 star

This film Juggalos is fun is a bit funny plus da rock is on it a plus of course; is based on a true story the acting is good and a great cast.

- Not a comedy, for WWE fans only2 star

Florence Pugh is miscast; doesn’t make Piage’s storyline convincing . The entertainment value was equivalent to watching people in a weight room paired with long family conversations.

- Archy135 star

This is a great STORY of hardworking, desire, hope, and belief of what a perossn can do when they have nothing to lose. Keep your head up, support those that rise above their potential. This is better than the cartoon characters of this day & age. This actually shows how the downfalls can lift you up and become a superstar. This is a perfect film, showing what hardworking, women/men can do. Regardless of their flaws and imperfections can do; if you really put your HEART into it.

- Jacob1 star

I just can’t wait to be king πŸ‘‘

- Enthralling5 star

Go Dj

- Absolutely Great5 star

A film to see

- Cool true story4 star

A few slow parts... but it’s a true story, after all. Great life lesson... and my 7 & 10 year olds enjoyed it (minus some adult language...)

- As expected4 star

Good entertainment

- Fighting with my Family5 star


- What an adorable movie5 star

Honestly it was wonderful, had everything you could want. I kept rewinding all the good parts just to put off the ending, that's how good it was.

- Awesome5 star


- Fun for the freaking family5 star

A dream comes true for a WWE type wrestler. Just fun

- Best movie WWE EVER HAD!5 star

Great movie; I recommend this to anyone.

- Fantastic5 star

Incredibly emotional and acted to perfection. This film surprised me by firing through every cylinder. A must watch!

- Average wwe actress3 star

Did they talk about her secs tapes? Funny how this is a movie. Right after her tapes leaked she stopped showing up on wwe and now this movie has been made about her. #metoo’d someone high up maybe.

- Fantastic5 star

Wonderfully written and with thrilling performances. Loved it.

- A total joy to watch5 star

I am not a wrestling fan, but I totally enjoyed this film. You can relate to the characters and the film is a rarity these days in that it makes you feel positive about the world. I smiled with a big grin at the end. A very sweet film and I absolutely recommend this film.

- Fighting with my Family1 star

Don't waist your money wait for tbs/tnt save your money

- No extras5 star

I don’t see any of the iTunes extras

- What a real treat!5 star

I am a wife, mom and grandmother and never watch wrestling and I LOVED this movie! It was so much fun to watch and I was shocked to see that this is based on an actual young lady. Loved this story! The acting was top notch! WELL DONE!!!

- Love it5 star


- Fighting With My Family5 star

It was pretty good but I recommend seeing it just one time. What a crazy true story.

- Inspirational movie!5 star

I normally wait till movies are $10 before I buy, but I bought this movie at full price.

- Phenomenal5 star

Epic tale about the rise to superstardom. β€œDon’t worry about being the next me. Be the first you.”

- 5 stars all the way5 star

Best movie ever. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Fighting with my family is amazing5 star

It’s a good movie because I love how they tell the story of wwe Paige


I LOVVVVVEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but make another trailer

- Love it5 star

From the Iron Maiden to the Iron Maiden, this movie is my top one so far. Love the actors and the characters. Especially love the music!

- Casey reynolds5 star

I like you you are the best friend

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coolguy8451 - It’s ok and better than other new movies4 star

It’s based on a true story. The story is great! The acting and editing are a bit boring. Nevertheless, it’s way much better than any other junk new movies.

Medoforutoo - it was great5 star

i laughted , i cried , it was great . fantastic movie cheers

mkkfknkkifkf - kujjfjejkufkdk5 star


Jo3_316 - A joke1 star

If you want to watch a spoiled, entitled 20 something year old girl complain about about the good life then sure watch this movie. As true wrestling fan through this is hard to watch. Just awful.

awesomemoviereviewer - Great4 star

It’s funny it’s heartwarming it’s fighting with my family

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diablo2592 - Great movie great cast5 star

They did an amazing job telling Paige’s story of overcoming odds. I’m glad that Paige shared her story

Heltondrew89 - Unexpected and lovely5 star

This movie was so touching and has absolutely stellar performances! The year just started and I’m convinced it will be one of my favorites of the year. Wonderful!

Zoey101Fan67 - Amazing5 star

I loved the movie 5 Star Rating

Yogi Kervman - Pure delight!5 star

Cast, script, execution, all perfection. I knew I would like the movie but had no idea how much I would LOVE it!

Game pops - Loved it5 star

A must have sports film

GOTfan215 - You can enjoy this film even if you’re not a Wrestling fan5 star

I saw this movie in the theaters and I absolutely enjoyed it. I haven’t really been into wrestling for a few years now but the film reminded me why I was once a fan in the first place. Just a feel good inspirational movie that I would definitely recommend to even non fans of Wrestling.

Roy_al95 - Loved It!! Need to watch it again5 star

Just finished seeing this In Theaters and I loved it so much that I had pre order it immediately. Can’t wait to watch it again. This brought me back to my younger days when I used to watch WWE. It was Emotional, action packed and really funny!

Korben Adams - This was an amazing movie that I ever seen in theater in forever5 star

WWE I really enjoyed this movie, it was amazing every moment of this movie made me feel like to push myself to do something amazing with my life it made me so happy, this movie made me feel so much closer to my family and made me realize that I will succeed and achieve my goals, this movie was worth every minute of my time that I went to see it. I’m going to buy it when it comes out on digital or blu ray!!!!🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘

5 star

@JamesTurnerYT: June 4th, is my birthday, and while I will be enjoying it with friends and family it only feels right to support ongoing…

5 star

Holy shit. What the fuck is wrong with the USA? To my American friends and family, I am so sorry the corruption has…

5 star

@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump From day one you've been fighting for us, USA, please don't stop, best 4 years in my h…

5 star

@iamdatemike: Everyday i feel bad that i cannot be the daughter my parents would have liked me to be I deeply disagree with what people…

5 star

@Capercaillie74 @lizzie_bruce @FionasWildLife @SPavelle @urbanbirder @CraigBennett3 @NaturalistDara @DanERouse My o…

5 star

@midnightiu This is literally what I deal with in my family. My dad said β€œwhy do you care so much? Do you even have…

5 star

My heart goes out to you Kate and all the family ,let the tears flow they will water your soul ,scream,shout but ab…

5 star

@GMB My thoughts are with Kate and her family, its heartbreaking, from what I've seen of her on tv and in the jungl…

5 star

ugh so I’ve been fighting family that is pro Candace Owens ofc their argument is tht some Black people agree with h…

5 star

@iamdatemike: Everyday i feel bad that i cannot be the daughter my parents would have liked me to be I deeply disagree with what people…

5 star

@MumWarrior: Another family struggling like my own.... fighting to get medical treatment for their children! Having to pay thousands of…

5 star

@Gustav_097: My Tia asked me if she can attend a protest with me as apposed to last weekend when she was fighting me about their purpose…

5 star

@ErickKrauter @MarkDice I shared on my Facebook and was told β€œCandace hates being black”, I was told that, I can’t…

5 star

@iamdatemike: Everyday i feel bad that i cannot be the daughter my parents would have liked me to be I deeply disagree with what people…

5 star

if your family has cut ties with you for being lgbtq+ or for fighting against racism, congratulations you’re my fam…

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