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Give her a call, and she’ll give you justice. After escaping her violent husband, Sadie (Olivia Wilde) makes it her life’s mission to help free others in danger. Now, after months of rigorous training in survival skills, boxing, and lethal martial arts, Sadie is back with a vengeance in this fight-packed action-thriller. A once-abused woman devotes herself to ridding victims of their domestic abusers while hunting down the one she must kill to be truly free. A Vigilante Wiki

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Give her a call, and she'll give you justice...

A Vigilante (2019)

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- Vigilante1 star

Dull.Sophomoric. Poorly written and directed. Don't even let your dog see this one!



- Fun buuuut......4 star

Nicely acted movie for Olivia Wilde (really fresh and good for her career). My only complaint is the movie itself didn’t have a concrete subject that it wanted to stick with; felt like they went one way and changed the direction in another with a slow pace to follow it. Still good just wish I wasn’t taken Out of the element I was given in the beginning

- A virile vigalente5 star

One of the most honest and authentic portrayals of brokenness and hurt on all levels. Mesmerizing from the opening cue, this takes you into the main character’s life, her whole world consumed by a feeling of despair but determination unmatched. This was not acting, folks; this was pure adrenaline from Olivia Wilde. I have never seen anything like it. She is anyone and everyone who has been abused. She is the hurt in all of us. She is the survivor in all of us. She meted out justice - stone cold justice - for all of us. Thank you, Olivia and thank you to this director. I am further convinced movies like this can make a powerful and raw effect on me and all viewers. This one sticks. This one is alive.

- Boring1 star

Does 92% Rotten Tomatoes means it is really rotten??? Low low budget boring bull!

- ripoff of a dozen other movies; and a bad ripoff.1 star

dumb dumb dumb ...director must be a suburban product with a lot of video game experience; but no real life pain or reality love actor, hate the insult to inteligence no way this resembles truth... a 90lb would be pulvarized and this kind of egotistical hero portrayal get’s more women stereotyped and never helps

- Great Movie5 star

Highly recommend watching this.

- You’d do better watching paint dry1 star

I’ll stick it out through the worst of movies- I couldn’t take it anymore with just minutes to spare on this one. Save your coin-

- Olivia Wilde captures ferocity - well done4 star

Powerful movie. It does move along slowly at times, but for me that helped build the emotional intensity; the inner rage and struggle. I also found the ending skipped a vital part of the story that needed to be filmed, but still, her acting is on point. She has one of the best 'fierce gaze's' I've seen in a while.

- Give it up.1 star

Good thing I rented it from Redbox cheap and didn’t waste my money. I had hope because of the preview but the movie SUCKED. There were more scenes of her obnoxious breathing than there was action. Waste of time.


Hollywood simpletons push out more of their twisted agenda for their brain dead audience. Let me save you time and money... all men bad, all women good.

- Horrible movie!1 star

There doesn’t seem to be a sequence. Very slow and boring.

- Very intense, Olivia Wilde is phenomenal5 star

Very intense movie about domestic violence and abuse. If you have had experience any domestic violence i just want to give you proper trigger warnings. This movie also deals with child abuse, so I caution you there as well. Olivia Wilde’s performance was fantastic. This movie is slow at times but is filled with more than enough suspense.

- The first 15 minutes1 star

Was about as good as this movie could get. It slows down and walks the rest of the way. It really had potential and could have been a really great action movie or a great drama with some action added. But the story gets lost and jumps around when it had a direction from the start. You’re not really losing any money for a 99 cent rental, but before you consider buying this movie at whatever price it’s listed for. Read the reviews (1) star.

- Not even worth the 99 cents2 star

Slow, boring, scattered.

- pretty bad movie1 star

it was a good idea but very poor execution

- If you leave a review....3 star

Whether it’s good or bad, saying “worst movie ever it’s terrible” or “best movie ever blah blah” try writing exactly why. It doesn’t really add any value to write oversimplified reviews because everyone has different tastes

- What a waste of time!1 star

Im glad I only paid .99 cents to rent this movie, what a waste of time. A 50 lbs little woman taking on big guys and the worst part is they don’t even show how..

- don't waste your money1 star

its obvious they left the best parts on the cutting room floor. terribly disjointed movie. even poor Olivia could not save this garbage. Really! don't waste your $.

- I downloaded the movie but now it won’t play ?!?2 star

I bought and downloaded the movie but it won’t play on my phone.

- Olivia Wilde is a revelation!5 star

For those reviewers who talk about it being boring, it is a slow paced movie but it’s amazing. The writer/director captures something special and human. Very rarely do I leave a movie carrying it with me like I did with this one. The subtleties, the nuance, the raw emotion. It shows the ugly face of violence without glorifying it, it shows loss without milking it out for the sake of false sympathy. Olivia Wilde is spellbinding to watch, as the story unfolds, so does her ability to captivate her audience. It’s a beautifully done film worth watching.

- Very poorly done!2 star

This could have been a much better movie since the story concept was intriguing, however the telling of the story was very poorly done!

- Director Error!!!!1 star

The worst experience I’ve had watching this subject matter. Great premise! Awesome intro scenes. My best description,.. a battered woman preparing for a fight that never happens. Edited for a G-PG audience. You would see more violence watching an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Half way thru this trainwreck, strike that trainstandstill. The viewer never has any idea of what goes on in the minds of the abusares that are depicted in this badly directed film. Or even the results of the rigorous training and mind preparation that the so-called Vigilante goes thru. Slow-paced and most of time, dead in the water it’s More like a documentary than a Hollywood movie, it only focuses on the past tense of every situation, not building a true hatred of this practice that so many disturbed individuals posses. It’s like the director skipped over act 1 and 2 and went directly to its final act in each scenario. Only the Help-Groups and tearful individuals are represented here. It never reveals what drove them to that state. You’ll find yourself asking a lot of questions with some answered and others not. Glad I only paid .99 for this. Unfortunately the time wasted is gone forever. Honestly had the makings for a great film, or even series of films. If only it had a better director.

- Loved it.5 star

Going to watch it again.

- Phenomenal5 star

A Vigilante is an intense cinematic gut-punch that subverts typical revenge flick’s and is a true diamond in the rough of the murky swamp that has been film in 2019. In the same year she released her fantastic directorial debut Booksmart, Olivia Wilde stars in what is without a doubt her finest performance. She stars as Sadie, a domestic abuse survivor turned vigilante, that helps others escape their abusers when the call for her aid. Director Sarah Daggar-Nickson hinges the entire film on this character and Wilde’s performance. In fact, there isn’t a scene in the film that does not feature her. Gradually we are revealed just how deeply and tragically Sadie has been affected by her abuser. As the layers are scraped away, we are hit in the face with her past trauma. Wilde has few lines in the film and instead acts predominantly with her face and body. She commits completely to this physically demanding role and sells each scene. The best example of this is when we see her suffer from a panic attack. Her pain and past trauma are clear just through her performance and without the need for a violent flashback. This comes immediately after we saw her brutalize and humiliate an abusive husband into leaving his wife, kids, and transferring 75% of his money to the wife. The juxtaposition of both sides of her life highlights the intense mental battle she faces. I also found the non-linear editing featured in the first half of the film to be profound choice. There are no hints to this fact at first but once the film cues the audience in, I was floored. There are aspects later in the film I wish I could discuss but will refrain from as unpacking this film for yourself is how it needs to be experienced. The hard-hitting themes of suppressing one’s own grief through becoming another person entirely resonated deeply with me. I also appreciated the lack of unrealistic “superhero” wish-fulfillment that serious revenge films tend to devolve into (ex. the best parts of Taken 1 compared to all of 2 and 3). Sadie is not inhumanly strong or tough. She does not possess wildly expensive equipment. It is just her, some cheap make up, and her own physical training. The tension is taught throughout despite there not being a true “action sequence” in the film. This is due to the intimate hand-held style Dagger-Nickson utilizes. The stark and bleached color palate adds to the cold isolation Sadie is feeling and by extension, the isolation those she saves feels as well. Although a slow burn (which can alienate viewers accustomed to the rapid-fire and in your face action films of today), I was resoundingly riveted by this film. It could have easily been a trite “femme fatale” cash grab but ended up being a thrilling drama about breaking the brutal bonds of abuse and reclaiming ones lost identity and sense of self. 9.5/10

- What was that?!1 star

Don't waste your time. They call this a movie? I have nothing else to say on this; glad I only paid a dollar. I'd rate negative stars if I could

- Slow as a snail1 star

I could not fast forward quick enough


you will never catch me writing a review but this movie absolutely sucked ... such a waste of my time. no action. no plot.

- The worst 6 dollar rental ever1 star

Can’t believe me and my girlfriend rented this movie. Absolutely terrible. Apple said it had 100% on rotten tomatoes? No 91% and 5.4 imdb I was eating ice cream wondering if I should carve out my eyes and my tongue it was so bad. I’d rather watch Disney remakes for the rest of my life than watch this. When people say original they don’t mean obscure and plotless.

- Do not waste your time1 star

Worst movie ever

- Amazing5 star

Olivia Wilde delivering an amazing performance. A must watch.

- No!1 star

Wife rented this. I am allowed to choose the next 3 movies because this was so bad.

- Too slow and unrealistic.1 star

Too slow of a movie. You can’t learn and do martial arts from a book. WTH. I expected some conflict, but it wasn’t realistic. Save your time.

- Slow and predictable3 star

The trailer is better than the movie. The finale is a let down.

- Looked cool...wasnt. :/2 star

I hate to say it but this movie is just silly, and laughably unrealistic. Trailer made it look interesting but a well made trailer does not necessarily mean a well made movie. I wa shocked to see a "100%" rating by critics, until I learned that RT is owned by a huge media company and they are massively biased. This is why I ignore commercial reviews! Hard pass on this one.

- You People Cost Me $5.991 star

Those of you who gave this movie a good review I feel cost me 90 minutes of my life and $5.99. With Ponnette as the worst movie ever, I rank this movie a close second. How you folks gave it 5 stars, I will never I understand.

- Trailer was better3 star

Olivia Wilde was really good but movie was just okay. The trailer was much better!

- Boring1 star


- Weird and too much2 star

Just not a big fan

- Boring1 star

Decent acting but otherwise a boring movie

- Violence is the solution1 star

Beating people up will solve all your problems. Would it not be better to LEAVE or CALL THE POLICE when your parnter beats you up?

- Worst movie ever!1 star

The movie jumps all over the place. You can’t figure out if the scenes in the movie are current day or the past.Tough subject and one that deserves a better movie written about it. Ridiculous movie.

- Terrible Movie1 star

Self serving acting job by self proclaimed activist Olivia Wilde. Worst movie I've seen in a long time.

- Poorly written1 star

Rotten tomatoes must have been paid off, I’m a big movie lover. This movie has to many holes in it. It’s rotten Swiss cheese certified... don’t watch unless you want to be disappointed.

- Were they even trying?1 star

Don’t waste your time.. hot trash.

- Most boring worst movie ever!1 star

Ugh what is with Hollywood!?!!?? This movie is complete TRASH! Slow, boring , just a complete waste of time and money! Ughhhhhh!

- A Vigilante1 star

This movie should be removed for cause. The worst movie I have ever paid for. The premise is interesting, the story line is rift with dead ends, vacant of reality and an insult to anyone who pays for it. Save your money.

- 100% not warranted1 star

Sloppy movie - 100% rotten tomatoes rating is a there to entice you to rent/buy. Pass on this and judge for yourself when it’s either $.99 or on Netflix

- Good trailer terrible movie1 star

Slow and boring

- Gripping performance5 star

You feel her pain through the whole film. Great performance from Olivia Wilde. Makes you sad for those in the world who live with this every day.

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Strongium90 - Lol keep hoping Olivia Wilde1 star

Olivia Wilde o did another show to play a doctor. Or be Disney to make another Trout no one fears you. Maybe Ronda Rousey or Gina Carano, but no one fear Olivia Wilde. I laughed when I saw the trailer. I wouldn’t watch it if you paid me to. I live in reality.

Dbellmusic - Boring1 star

This movies, is slow and painful. Opening scene was the most exciting but goes downhill from there. Don’t waste your time.

Cnibbs - Olivia killing it.5 star

Nice building thriller. Great acting. I like the moments spent feeling/building tension...Not an action movie look elsewhere if that's your MOA.

Gamer holdem - Don’t Bother 🤨1 star

If I could give this less than 1 star , I would. Terrible plot, acting, script and dialogue. It’s an all around total mess. Donate the $5.99 rental fee to a woman’s shelter ...not to this garbage ✌️

JRG Reviews - One Of The Worst Movies Ever1 star

If you want to see Olivia Wilde cry hysterically and be overly emotional for 90 minutes, then you will love it. Great trailer though and if the movie had more scenes like the trailer it would have been much better. An amateurish movie overall that attempts to have their heroine portrayed in the same vain as in “The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo”, but you have to have a story first before you can come close to pulling that off. Don’t waste your time and money like I did.

re-moose - romance novel version of Death Wish4 star

plenty of interesting things about the movie, and I can see why it gets a 7/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. Aristocratically pop-eyed Olivia Wilde emotes violently and the physical domination is, for the most part, peripheral and unseen. She turns Charles Bronson inside-out. The folks that made this movie obviously worked hard and pulled off some solid work based on the writer/director's vision. I liked that the eyelashes weren't 2 feet long in the movie and I got to see Olivia's real hairline and stringy facial muscles, yet thought her skin looked a little cadaverous at times and wondered at the heavy use of deep focus and the wardrobe by Goodwill. Looking back on it, I'd remember this movie as being in black and white if it weren't for the constant color changes of Olivia's wigs. This thing is so earnest that it makes me want to see Olivia Wilde's directorial debut in 'Booksmart', which the preview implies is rather bright and animated in another way.

svburns - Ugh!1 star

I was hoping it would turn around but it never did. Such a bore of a film. LOve Olivia wild, hated her in this and the entire movie was so predictable. Everything you think is going to happen, does. Yawn

Gowengirl - Where’s the Action1 star

I realize with the serious material the film had to work with, I wasn’t going to get an action-packed thriller full ridiculous over the top fight scenes and fun fighting music throughout the film. However I was hoping to see some actual action besides a bleak, depressing scene leading up to the violence followed by an immediate post-fight scene. A Vigilante was a boring and depressing film with a good message and great casting but a mess of unnecessary, dull, soundless scenes with little dialogue that string together the more important scenes that were not in chronological order that made it hard to tell where I was in the timeline at certain points. To top it off the audio made it a dreary experience with far too much silence with the lack of music and the few times there was music it may have punctuated the seriousness of the situation but left me feeling empty and cold. It had some potential but could have used better directing and sound.

vemotorsports - Waste of time & money2 star

The preview is better than the movie. Slow, heavy plot just never gets going, lame ending. Overall, just a waste!!

Debrrrs - Pretty good movie4 star

First, ignore the 1 star reviews. Second, the beginning is a little slow to build, I was thinking of this as more of a Suspense movie than a Thriller; then things go a bit nuts. I thouroughly enjoyed the movie. It is not "action packed" thrilling or over the top violent, but it is certainly worth the watch.

Always Improving... - Unique!5 star

It’s worth it!

G---Man - World’s Worst Movie1 star

This was one of the worst movies we have watched in recent memory. So much potential with the story and the actors involved. Such bad execution.

New kong suh - No1 star

Just too boring

Gasious - A vigilante5 star

Is a great movie

Alex h matter - Really itunes?1 star

Quit erasing peoples reviews to try and lie about how awful this movie is. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 this shouldve gotten 0 stars. You sjw losers need to get a life

rmervis - Horrible plot, predictable.. waste of time1 star

You wait for vengeance then they don’t show it.

State of the art car audio - Not as expected2 star

Good trailer but a horrible movie.

TunaJay - Garbage1 star

That’s really all I can say. I don’t usually write reviews, but this one deserved it.

09abe1234 - Don’t waste your time1 star

Wow. This movie was in my top 3 of worst movies ever. Never understood the story and lots of other scenes that were pointless. I’m sorry just it was just super boring.

TreeDogg87 - One of the worst movies ever1 star

I never write reviews but had to after watching this CRAP. I cannot believe she even took this role. Horrible movie. So stupid. Wow.

ColorfulBLVCK - Olivia Wilde 🖤5 star


AzurAccess - Content factory reaches iTunes1 star

Beware, this dud is an example of something new on iTunes, a movie for rent before being for sale or in theaters, and with no intention of ever making more than whatever they collect from rentals - which is still a nice profit given how little they obvioulsy spent to make this "movie." The distance between this type of thing and even bad Hollywood fare is about the same as between an airplane made of old cardboard boxes and the troubled Boeing 737 MAX (the later is at least real). The formula works because they spend just enough to make an engaging trailer, and then seed just enough bogus reviews to game iTunes. Don't fall for the bait. This isn't a movie in the conventional sense - it's more like something created by an algorithm, and then collecting rent merely because it can get your money before you can say, "what the...!"

LakePete - Don’t waste your money1 star

One of the worst movies

CashMoney83 - Poorly put together2 star

Wish I had read the Apple reviews instead of just the rotten tomatoes rating. I should know better by now. I did give it 2 stars only because there’s some truth to what people face.

Trooper123456 - Boring2 star

Lost interest.....not worth it....

Moxiepilot1 - So bad1 star

I. Can’t. Even. Seriously, don’t know where to begin; the plot, acting, writing. All so bad.

Vega51 - Awful..1 star

An impossible to believe emotional drama fest. She's not strong enough to do what she does. She keeps crying about it. One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Boring, pointless... her weekness is annoying. And Olyvia Wilde is one of my favorite actresses. The writing was simply the worst.

Fred 1000 - Interresting3 star

The film need a bite more development but overall the film is ok between a good movie and a short film not a big deal if you don't see it =)

Murphy2820 - Waste of money to rent1 star

Didn’t even finish watching it

lrv589 - Don’t do it!1 star

Don’t be fooled by the fake 100% red tomatoes rating. Did not research prior to ordering, big mistake. No wonder it bombed at box office. Will be requesting a refund.

Kyokushin Osu - Kyokushin Osu Seal of Approval5 star

This movie is raw, primal, and disturbing. It is haunting and sad, like trucks going down a nameless highway, an image used in the movie as a code phrase for the women seeking help. Olivia Wilde gets the Kyokushin Osu seal of approval in her role as a broken but powerful woman who moves toward her destiny with the inevitability and force of one of those 18-wheeler trucks.

C. Bess - Pretty weak2 star

Great trailer that essentially showed the best parts of the movie. Spend money elsewhere

DarylA11 - Let down2 star

Story line was OK. Not much interaction between characters. Left us wanting more.

TDThr3e - Great performance, glacial pace1 star

Trailer was great, but was a total lie.

pennydance - Boo2 star

with all the high ratings i was excited to watch this movie. but in the end it was pretty limited plot wise. boo.

Cacohen01 - A lot of potential but no action1 star

Really dark. No likable characters and a disappointing story. Glad she got him but still left hanging.

fatsvernon - Shockingly Good (Don't listen to haters)5 star

This was a crazy good movie to stumble upon. I'm amazsed at the amount of bad reviews. Seems like a bunch of action-jackson fans were looking for a brainless, shoot'em up fest and instead got something that actually required some cerebral useage and access to an emotion deeper than, "where's the popcorn?" - Oliva Wilde gives a heart wrenching, Oscar worthy (no hyperbole) performance that should propel her into serious A-Lister territory. The anguish, the anger, the vulnerability....it's all beautifully and powerfully portrayed by someone who has obviously experienced real pain in her life. The back and forth nature of emotions is very indicitive of a person that has been through serious abuse. Very true to life. The gang at Rotten Tomatoes actually got it right this time. An easy 100% and an easy recommendation. Not one bad thing to say....other than one scene toward the end that could have been a little more satisfying all things considered, but I get where the director was going. Anyway, watch and enjoy.

Myers6044 - Weak2 star

One of those that the previews make the movie look better than it is. So excited to watch and so disappointed when it ended.

Julietbravo007 - Not your mama's revenge flick 25 star

Where'd my previous review go? Honestly I think the haters of this film didn't watch it the whole way through. Yes- it's a hard boiled slow burn start- but it definitely F***in GETS YOU THERE! If u r having a hard time sitting they the first half, relax, just wait, at 40 mins in things take a whole new turn. Olivia Wilde is a thing of absolute perfection. Her anger is PALPABLE. Her sadness is heartbreaking and real. Her rage shines through her eyes like a tiger* Not to mention she's so damned pleasant to watch. At the start It's a story About victims of abuse and us getting to see vengeance, then the face off between her and her devious husband begins and its anything but boring. I watch more movies than I'm proud to say and my genre of choice is thriller so I'm always looking for a great thriller movie and this absolutely fulfilled me. A+ for thrills, chills, action and heart. In fact I'm watching this right now for the second time. 🌹

Veteran Sci Fi - Ugh Boring1 star

Boring; no action; no skills other than group therapy skills. Not a good action heroine.

DD-69 - Not worth it!1 star

Wanted a HERO! Not a PSYCHO, rats.

not happy jan2 - Absolute yawn... predictable from start to finish1 star

Absolute yawn... predictable from start to finish

Daceatx - WOW!!!!5 star

This movie was amazing! It was a great movie overall. I think this was Oliva Wilde best performance yet.

Mina12315 - No Main Scenes1 star

Main scenes where not shown, for example they didn’t show the past they just told. And the ending was plain

Nooush - Don’t1 star

Please don’t even think about picking this movie .. it’s horrible!

aarag - Very Boring movie!1 star

This is an extreme boring and dipressing movie! DONT SEE IT!!!

Aanchusteguig - Bad Movie1 star

Good and important theme, but really boring movie. No good. 👎🏼👎🏼 A waste of time & money.

Logamos - Poweful subject5 star

Up close story about the awful reality of domestic abuse. We're there with Sadie for every moment. Most of the 1-star reviews seem to have expected a different pacing, action, directing, and... movie. This is not Taken or Marvel.

Checkbypho - 100% on Rotten Tomatoes?3 star

This is why I NEVER pay attention to professional critics. They’re all a bunch of liars. It was a good SLOW movie but 100%? That’s called Political Correctness. The acting was solid. The storyline believable. Not one critic thought the movie had flaws? That’s called NO BALLS because of the current media environment. If the media ever wants to get its credibility back, they have to start writing the truth. Did I rent this movie? Yes. Would I now buy it? No. So the 100% on Rotten Tomatoes is Full of Sh%#!

Peteobie - Awful!!1 star

Arguably the worst movie I've ever seen in my life!!! I can't believe someone let this move be made!!

5 star

@eduardovmosq: “La corrupción esta acabando con el país” Mario 18 años, tiene salvoconducto falso, copia en los examenes, la semana pas…

5 star

@GuajeSalvaje: Una mujer que viajaba sin billete ni mascarilla se enfrenta a un vigilante de seguridad en la estación de Sant Celoni. Él…

5 star

@CercaniasMadrid me rio yo de vuestras medidas de seguridad, el lunes como me diga un vigilante que no puedo adelan…

5 star

@FeizaBM: Cette dame a disparu du côté de Montreuil. Faites tourner.

5 star

@davidhattonbook: Rachel McCann has left the corporate world of law to open her own independent practice. Her first client is a mother w…

5 star

@MarkBrewerDems: Vigilante defined: “a member of a self appointed group who undertake law enforcement without legal authority”; no one s…

5 star

@plscallmekimi: this is really important ok, if you go to a protest you need to be able to spot and protect yourself from this, they wil…

5 star

Christopher Reeve on Superman: “People don’t want some kind of strong-arm, one-man vigilante… they need a friend.”

5 star

@selaamxo: GET JUSTICE FOR AMANI KILDEA. SAY HIS NAME. found HANGING in a park in morristown, nj, ruled as a suicide. he was a baby, onl…

5 star

@AndreaLpezGuti1: Que más da si la Luna celosa nos observa__ si vigilante nos mira por la ventana gastandonos a besos y caricias la p…

5 star

@socialistdogmom: the police just keep proving two things to me: they’re VERY cooperative with the white supremacist vigilante guards &…

5 star

@eduardovmosq: “La corrupción esta acabando con el país” Mario 18 años, tiene salvoconducto falso, copia en los examenes, la semana pas…

5 star

@datirachida: "Durant cette mandature, nous incarnerons une opposition responsable, vigilante et exigeante. Nous préparerons l'alternanc…

5 star

@MarkBrewerDems: Vigilante defined: “a member of a self appointed group who undertake law enforcement without legal authority”; no one s…

5 star

@eduardovmosq: “La corrupción esta acabando con el país” Mario 18 años, tiene salvoconducto falso, copia en los examenes, la semana pas…

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