Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Summary and Synopsis

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel takes you on a spectacular adventure from the 1990s, tracing the path of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) as she becomes one of the most powerful heroes in the universe. When a galactic war reaches Earth, she meets young agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) at the center of a maelstrom, leading to her ultimate destiny as an Avenger! The story follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. Set in the 1990s, Captain Marvel is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain Marvel Wiki

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Higher. Further. Faster...

Captain Marvel (2019)

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Captain Marvel Movie Reviews

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- Why did I wait so long?.. 😍5 star

I am definitely a Marvel girl but I was so hesitant to watch this one. It was fantastic. The story was fantastic. The cast, amazing. Great movie!

- Ok3 star


- fun4 star

Since even the least of the marvel movies is worth at least three stars as pure entertainment, I'd give this one a 4. Better then the first Antman and Black Panther, on par with the first Thor and Captain America, slightly below the rest on action/laughs, somewhere in the middle plotwise.

- Great Movie5 star

Brie Larson was marvelous.

- I hate this1 star

This was terrible! First of all, why is she getting a solo movie before black widow? Widow has been here since the beginning and captain marvel hasn’t appeared in any other movie. Second Brie Larson can’t act. I cringe every time she talks in this movie same in endgame. The only good part about this movie was nick fury.

- :)5 star

a true cinematic experience

- What is this?1 star

And they say DC is bad? Yikes.

- Good, But Not Great3 star

This was a good movie, it's one of those that gives good backstory on an upcoming movie. The Film, at face value, is more political focusing on the success of a woman in a "man's world", rather than focusing on the superhero aspect alone. It had a few good jokes, but not enough comedic value to watch for laughs. This movie ties up lots of loose ends on the more simple questions, like how Nick Fury got his eye patch, or, where some of the supporting characters came from, as well as addressing some of the bigger aspects, like who Captain Marvel is, and what she can do. It is very story driven, and doesn't do particularly well with the few action sequences it has. I am glad that I saw this movie, but it isn't something I'd write home about. Brie Larson does a very poor job in her role as Captain Marvel. There are very ver very few times when I enjoyed seeing her on screen, and those were mainly supporting moments, when Larson was not the star of the scene. This was by far one of the worst superhero roles I’ve ever seen played.

- Horrible1 star

Poor acting and story across the board. Brie Larson should be put down.

- Marvelous5 star

Nuff said!😎

- Outstanding movie5 star

I loved it from start to finish. I love female superhero’s. She did an excellent job as captain marvel. ✌🏻😎

- Captain Marvel5 star

What a great movie, I loved every minute of it.

- It’s alright.4 star

The movie is good - not great. I was disappointed with the lead actress for Captain Marvel but she did alright. I loved Goose - he saved the movie for me!

- Great movie5 star

One of the best stand alone Marvel films.



- Why the hate y’all are trash5 star

This movie, is an amazing film great actors great script and great scenery I truly loved this film and don’t know why it’s getting so much hate but for what.

- Not Worth It!1 star

This Is Without A Doubt The Worst Marvel Film Ever Made, Other Than Howard The Duck

- I Marvel it!!!!!!!!!5 star

Clearly we have our reservations over this! And there could have been better versions of Captain Marvel Maybe from Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt or Rosamund Pike Probably! For what my money was worth Brie Larson was not winning the Academy Award but her All Consuming presence I feel did Carol Danvers Justice! Totality Speaking Captain Marvel won’t be the best MCU movie in it’s 10+ year Movie history but I saw it as Great! I think Hardcore fanboys of the comic felt their expectations were not met with Larson! It’s 90’s Premise could be debated but I never really hated it! And the twist with the Kree Skrull confrontation was a shock though if you saw the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie is it really that much of a surprise that the Kree had an Alternate motive? Captain Marvel is in all her glory!!!

- Brie Larson is amazing5 star

The story could’ve used some work but Brie Larson was incredible

- iTunes lies I gave it 0 ⭐️1 star

Saw this on the Disney+ app started watching it and 20 minutes in I had enough. Not only is this the worst marvel movie, this might be one of the worst movies ever. Talk about a horrible story, horrible villain and most of all the single worst super hero ever!!

- 👍5 star

Great movie one of the best in the MCU

- Ya5 star

Love it !!

- Weakest in the Marvel Universe1 star

Ironic cuz she’s the “strongest”

- Awful1 star

Don’t waste your money or time on this movie. Worst marvel movie of the whole series. The only value we got from it was laughing at how terrible it was.

- Lame1 star

She not good actor or person

- Don’t listen to trolls, amazing movie5 star

Hands down awesome.Love the 90s theme and setting

- Worst Marvel lead casting2 star

This role was screaming for someone like Alicia Vikander. But instead, Marvel execs decided to ruin the movie with someone who can deliver cheesiness and over-acting in it’s highest level.

- To much pc and strong feminist trash.1 star

I saw this at my brothers house. I already read the reviews and decided not to watch it. I read the reviews and how woke or feminist this movie was. But I visited my brother and the nephew and niece wanted to watch it. I didn’t argue they were to young to know about politics and the sad mediocrity of today’s Hollywood. The story tries to add humor kinda like guardians of the galaxy but fails. I did like the first guardians of the galaxy, ant man and the sequel but most of Disney marvel is trash. You notice the main character and every other women in this story trying to correct men or empower women but fails. The director made sure that feminism was first then everything else was an after thought. I made be old but I remember a time we’re going to movies was enjoying and you could go with your family, have a date, or relax with friends. Things weren’t political and entertaining the consumer was above everything. Save your money.

- Stupid1 star


- Badly written plot1 star

The character doesn’t really struggle and her powers are extremely overdone. No villain poses a threat to her and her character doesn’t have any charisma or likeabilty from overcoming hardships. Her character arc isn’t developed well. It feels forced.

- Review for the future1 star

All the other marvel movies are fantastic. This movie blows. TERRIBLE!! TALENTED ACTRESS!!! A 9 year old could write a better story and more interesting than this movie That’s all.

- Not bad4 star

I don’t dislike any of the MCU films but this is my fourth least favorite. 3.7 stars. And I’m just gonna say it, 90% of everyone giving it bad reviews has solid reasoning, and 90% of everyone giving it good reviews does not. At least, in terms of how a movie should be rated that is.

- Disappointing3 star

If I were to place this movie on the grand scale of movies, it’d be somewhere in the middle. For Marvel movies, however, it is very disappointing. Not anywhere near as bad as the Incredible Hulk or Dark World, but falls around the same level as Iron Man 2. The heroine has no flaws and is incredibly overpowered, and gets her powers right when she needs them. I’m not being sexist or anything, as I believe that this could have been good but rushed to explain things, such as Fury’s eye (which makes no sense - apparently the last person he trusted was the cat [watch Winter Soldier if you don’t get the reference]). Anyways, hopefully Marvel can pick up the slack when they make the sequel. If you haven’t seen it before, it merits a watch just so you know what happens (in case stuff gets tied back to it in future movies) but don’t expect a lot and be pleasantly surprised if you enjoy it.

- Waste of Money & Time1 star

The main character was over played. She seemed was to cocky and wasn’t even a great actor. By far the most boring in the series. I could have skipped wasting my money on this movie and just watched End Game without any confusion in the story. Finally, in End Game the Captain Marvel was once again seemed to over played acting snobby towards the other Avengers which is almost unbearable to watch. Should have cast someone better for Captain Marvel.....the cat was a better character than her.

- My love for this movie5 star

I love this movie it is my favorite. I want to watch it every day but I can’t because I am in school 😢

- Terrible acting1 star

The person playing captain marvel was annoyed the whole movie. Not funny. Not interesting. The best part of the movie was fury and agent coulson - they were funny. If there is a sequel I hope the movie studio can find a more dynamic actress to play the part of captain marvel!

- 💩1 star


- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz1 star

......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz saw first 15 mins for free....I want my money back.....zzzzzzzzzzz......make mine Wonder Woman. 👊🏽

- Loved it!5 star

Absolutely awesome!

- Bland protagonist and plot, Sam Jackson is great...1 star

Let me start by saying you do not, I repeat do not need to see this film in order to understand avengers endgame. All you need to know is that Captain Marvel is supposedly stronger than all the other heroes that you have come to know and love to this point in the MCU and that she does something kind of special or is meant to do something kind of special with regard to Thanos. Yes Sam is great and has entertaining moments consistently, but holy moly is the protagonist boring boring yawn yawn... You basically have almost nothing to root for the protagonist here. She doesn’t remember who she is, which would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that she makes all these staunch moral claims about what is good and what is wrong in the world, and she acts so certain about her moral decisions, only to find out that most of them were based on complete lies or were entirely wrong in the first place. Everything about what is supposed to make this character likable is very contrived and it seems like the writing and directing is either trying too hard or not trying hard enough. Everything just feels really forced and is difficult to enjoy, especially with how slow this movie drags on for a marvel film. It’s like a character who is having an existential conundrum, trying to figure out who they are is also somehow so confident at times in who they are and the moral decisions that they’re making that they feel the need to put others down or take a stance in a war. It just doesn’t really make sense. It’s like the character they created it supposed to not have a whole lot of confidence in herself, but they’re trying so hard to pay lip service to strong confident female characters that they forget that this particular one is not meant to be extremely confident at this point in her journey. It would be fine if she gains confidence toward the middle or end of the film or even after this film, but for most of the time it just seems forced. I also think we basically could have had an entire Marvel cinematic universe without Captain Marvel and the events of Endgame would still make sense and be totally believable. I would have much rather seen a film about Adam Warlock instead of Captain Marvel and have him be the sort of senior in the battle with Thanos as it was written in the comics. This is the first movie in the MCU I’m giving one star to. Hopefully it is the last.

- This was a superhero movie?2 star

Very weak. No energy

- Ashamed1 star

Character was weak acting poor my thanks to the cat for giving this picture something redeemable . STOP MAN SHAMING. NOBODY CARES

- Completely Pointless1 star

How does trash like this get made? Seriously, who signed off on this being ok?

- Stay away from this1 star

Good lord this was bad, with so many great actresses to chose from,who would’ve been great as Captain Marvel, they chose the one that is as likeable as a bottle of warm milk at the beach. Brie Larson is disgusting. A real shame that they didn’t chose an actress that would do the role justice. Disappointing to say the least.

- Really Pretty Good4 star

I guess a lot comes down to personal taste. I don't quite have the words for what it is, but the Marvel films tend to be good quality action movies. Not overly sappy. Just good action movies. For me, this fit that description. To say this is the worst of the Marvel films feels completely wrong to me. This was a solid action movie. I usually watch action movies as a diversion. I need to sit back and be entertained. Marvel films fit the bill. A lot of other action films...I'm groaning the whole time or yelling "seriously?? come on.." Not Marvel films, and not this Marvel film. For me, it was Aquaman which I thought was terrible. Not up to Marvel standards. Dr Strange...not so good but ok. But Captain Marvel? I thought it was a good, solid action movie, just like all the others (with the exception of Aqua and Dr Strange). I don't know what the expectations were of the people who hated this movie so much or were so dissapointed. I definitely wasn't dissapointed.

- Love it5 star

Love it i can’t understand how people can’t like it

- Nope!2 star

Just no!!! period!!!

- 🔥Brie🔥4 star

...MUCH better than I expected!😉

- Of all the Marvel Movies...2 star least in the phases that include Thor, Iron Man, etc. - this one is the weakest. She just can't sell this character. But then... THIS ONE ISN'T FOR ME. I'm a 40 year old white dude.

- Worst movie ever1 star

Was not good female actor needs muscles too much talking in the movie

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Dfvdfgghjjh - A HERO5 star

Captain Marvel is more than what we viewers expected. A battle that goes down 2 paths, Brie Larson rocked her role of Carol Danvers. Definitely worth the money and our time.

mnhcrtychvjbknp - Not a good movie1 star

This is not a marvel movie it’s a fourth rate chick flick and to over hyped just because captain marvel’s a girl


Captain Marvel blasts onto the screen and keeps blasting every bad guy into submission. Captain Marvel grows before us as she discovers more abilities. She is formidable and has a sense of humour. I like her. This is EASILY a worthy story to watch. Enjoy!

schaffer girl - One of my favourite movies5 star

This is a really good movie

HDS Slasher - Stop it all u haters!!!5 star

This is the best movie it shows how much power she has for endgame and all marvel movies are AWESOME of course because of Stanley😭😭 Long live Stanley R.I.P From HDS Slasher

RomanticImages - Captain ewwwwww1 star

I have the entire marvel collection except this one. Saw it in the theatre. I have no intention of adding this to my collection ever. This movie makes you realize what an absolute hero Tony Stark was. Robert Downey Dr will be sadly missed. Brie Larson won’t be.

Tayson3166 - Haters will always hate5 star

This movie was great and it had a good story. I really enjoyed it. I recommend watching for people with open mind at least.

Comme des ombres soyons!! - Wow5 star

Très prenant et saisissant...l’actrice principale joue son rôle avec brio et on y croit!! Un incontournable!!

joeschmoe28 - Middle of the road3 star

I actually liked Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and would like to see what more she can do with the role. as the MCU moves forward. The movie itself however left me wanting. Didn't love it. Didn't hate it. A middling effort that's at least worth a single rental viewing, but won't be adding to my library.

Anythingsmtown - Love it!5 star

The whole story was kinda messy but everything else was super awesome! I LOVE CAPTAIN MARVEL💙❤️💛

JimJohn001 - Awesome4 star

Refreshing and funny, has a story not like so many of the past super hero movies. This and Guardians of the Galaxy are the only 2 Marvel movies worth seeing

SnowBoy85 - Samuel Jackson and the cat saves this movie1 star

Brie Larson may look like a good Captain Marvel but her acting in this movie is terrible, and watching her in this movie felt like I’m being judge and it’s uncomfortable to watch. True stars of the movie is Samuel Jackson and the cat.

Cazanova74 - It's okay, but far from being the best MCU movie3 star

Before seeing Captain Marvel, I heard all of the negative publicity about Brie Larson, her arrogance and her SJW commentaries that rubed some people the wrong way. Nevertheless I went to see the movie anyway and I did not hate it. Love the story between the Kree and Skrull, Nick Fury action and special effects. As for Brie Larson's performance, I did not like her nor dislike her, I was just indifferent. Now I definitely do not think the movie deserves the one star reviews, but Captain Marvel does not deserve praise either, not because she is a female character, but just because I do not think she is the most interesting character in the Marvel universe, period. I also think one of the biggest mistakes MCU made was to give so much emphasis on this character, purposefully making her the most powerful character in the MCU, when in reality there are many more marvel superheroes that are far more powerful than her. Also the heavy feminist tone in this movie was also exagerated. In the past we had many powerful female protagonist that are more impressive than Captain Marvel, such as Ripley in Aliens, Sarah Connor in Terminator, Alita Battle Angel, Marvel's Scarlet Witch and Black Widow. And last but not least, we have Wonderwoman who is a powerful female superhero and a feminist, which male audiences praise and did not feel alienated. That being said I do not believe that Captain Marvel deserves any praise, because she is not bringing anything new in the movie industry. However, if this a superhero that young girls can look up to and makes a positive impact on them, then I find that Captain has worth in the future of MCU .

Dakbr - Captain Marvel5 star

Really enjoyed the movie. Good reason to have a cat. Hope they come out with more Marvel features.

61nancy - Great5 star

Was a great movie, loved the story and just getting to know her. 😁

zeddie27 - What was that?1 star

Can I get a refund? What a waste of money and 2 hrs of my life.

Spelling_Airor - Excellent5 star

Movie was really when done. Everything in the movie conects nicely togather and makes for a great story. There was a great balance for action and humor during the film. Acting was well done all around, female lead was excellent with male supporting actors was a nice turn around for super hero movies. CGI was excellent, sound track was great. I would not have any doubts telling people this was a great movie and they should watch it.

AgentOJR - Not worth it1 star

Absolutely terrible, caters to the sjw crowd and is racist towards white people

jladou - Ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii5 star

Vous devez écouter ca

richard the dragon creighton - Captain marvel5 star

Fantastic movie one of marvels best I hope she has a sequel she is cute buy it people richard the dragon creighton 5 stars thanks apple

Buddy holly & the crickets - Mega crap1 star

It was the worst marvel movie i have ever watched in my entire life

SteveWW - Can only give it three stars.3 star

Here’s why. I wanted to see this movie since I heard it was going to be made. I read the original Captain Mar Vell comics way back when And was looking forward to seeing that character reborn. Unfortunately, I found the movie lacking in many way, acting was stiff, character just didn’t connect with me (I kept thinking, “Oh, so this is Brie Larson”, instead of “oh, so this is Captain Marvel”.), story was disjointed and not as smoothly written as I had hoped. I’m going to watch it again but I have a feeling it still won’t thrill me like “Wonder Woman” did. If the aim was for a thrilling movie like “Wonder Woman” it didn’t make it. However, I must say that the first “Iron Man” underwhelmed me too and that series turned out pretty darn good so, here’s hoping that a future sequel improves the franchise. I am hoping because I do like the character.

LaKaNaNaNa - Nom:terre1 star


Happyfeetdjdjsj - Yeah....1 star

fell really short unlike her heaven forbid captain marvel get a scratch on her, movie was really made to fit an ideal world for a mainstream feminist. While she makes mistakes she never learns anything and is the same person and the beginning and end of the movie. The CGI gets a little wonky as well as some parts get a little grey. Movie has good side characters but the main character is between bad and mediocre. It sits on the shelf with TTDW except in that marvel actually gives us a reason to care.

NATALIA_1425626678xXx - It’s violence.. and it doesn’t make sense of the robin3 star

Ummm,did u hear about the new captain marvel movie, coming out soon! Person: no. WELL IT COMIN OUT BRO SO YOU BETTER GET TO IT. It’s inappropriate, but violence like the infinity war. Make it child friendly, all though. The mean girls 2 is WERID, the first one was the 90 ‘s and now they are probably old or adults, that’s why they probably changed it in. 2001, when the second mean girls, came out.

PersonInCanada - Not good and not bad2 star

It’s boring, the cat scenes are the best

Howesbrad - Worst Marvel Movie1 star

Sam Jackson is the only thing that makes this movie watchable. Storytelling is a mess filled with plot holes and there’s no risk or tension throughout the entire movie. In the end the good guys win as usual but you don’t even really care by that point. Huge missed opportunity here to setup a secret invasion plot for the next phase.

Fatigued! - The Cat Stole the Show3 star

Hmmm, what can I say? I liked all the parts with the cat! lol

Little_Po - Inspiring5 star

There were a lot of expectations tied to this film (first female lead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, etc.) This film did not disappoint. Brie Larson was a perfect pick to play Captain Marvel.

Bushee01 - Meh1 star

Glad I didn’t pay to watch this movie.

Patricia Tavaras - Captain Marvel is so hot5 star

People are so mean so easily. I love Captain Marvel! Great job!!! I’m waiting a second one so far

forme - Very bad1 star

I fell asleep in the theater because of boredom. Walked out before the movie was finished. So bad.

bcortens - Delightful Addition to the MCU5 star

My wife and I had a great time watching this in theatres. It delivers on the action, the humour, and the story. Looking forward to watching again as soon as it’s available for download! (Edit post release) Now that We've had a chance to watch it again I can say that we really enjoy the character of Carol Danvers, the humour and character are a delight and I really hope we get another one of these soon.

Dustin13 rotf - Didn't think I would like it as much as I did5 star

After all the reviews came out I didn't have super high hopes; however, was pleasantly suprised.

terminizer - Fun, but not the best1 star

It’s watchable and entertaining but not marvel level good sadly..

Digikid2007 - Simply awful. Brie is the worst actor EVER1 star

I am sorry there are good moments in the movie but otherwise it’s awful. Brie Larson should be kicked out of the entire series for her awful and cocky attitude and acting. She simply has no talent and is the worst part of the movie.

Cocoa_Brownie - Fantastic Movie5 star

Best part of the movie was when it started playing Come As You Are by Nirvana.

RickyRock1847 - Taking too long to release on itunes1 star

This is no longer in theatres.. End game is now out and I would have thought that captain marvel would be out on itunes by now. I want to go watch end game in theatre before memes spoil it but I need to see this first to keep with the story :/ cmon apple! I’m ready to give you my money...

Shortcake☺️ - Not what you think (self conflict)5 star

This movie is amazing! Like Black panther, the main purpose of the movie is an internal battle. Learning to be a king. In HER case it’s about learning who she is and what she once was. It’s not about meeting her match in a fight with a villain! Its about herself and the internal conflict of who she is.

webhandle - A must see (because of infinity war)1 star

You must see this movie, because it’s directly linked to infinity war and endgame but that’s the only reason it did so well at the box office, heck I was going to boycott it but I had to see how it connected to endgame. Go see it because it’s Marvel, but although not completely terrible it’s definitely one of the weakest Marvel films.

AngryDude144 - Absolutely Disappointed2 star

Larsons wooden performance doesn’t help this movie nor make me more comfortable that she’s gonna be the face of the mcu

maria erhiery - Omg5 star

This movie is amazing!!!!!!!!!

Blithe Unconcern - Awesome movie5 star

Loved this movie, lots of action, and plenty of fun

Ruler of fire 12345 - Great movie5 star

Okay so I know that there are lots of people hating on this movie but seventy percent of them are people who loved the comic and hate this movie because it isn’t the same as the comic, But I think that the movie could in some cases be better, first off in the comics there are multiple captain marvels over time where in this it’s just carol Danvers, second and this is just my opinion because I haven’t read the comic I’m just informed, how good of a comic is it where the main kinda character gets impregnated by her boyfriend then gives birth to said boyfriend and everyone is good with that? And the rest of the haters just don’t like the movies style, don’t watch this movie if you not the biggest fan of dialogue or slow paced movies of your not in this group I recommend buying or at the very least renting to see if you like it.

SupermanFan97 - Good Movie!!!5 star

There was nothing wrong with this movie I liked it

Mharlito7 - Captain Marvel5 star

This movie deserves a 6 star not a 5 star. It's really great! I don't know why people hate her, I will preorder this movie & watch over again & again.

HAR EL - Hot Trash1 star

It the worst movie I’ve ever scene it was fast choppy and for all those comic book fans out there the origin was false well some of it was right. Stop making movies if their going to be garbage

Oscar JM OXD - Captain Marvel4 star

Honestly, the pacing was a bit off, but that doesn’t mean that this movie was awful. Captain Marvel proves to be a fun film that brings one if the most powerful Marvel characters in the MCU. I can’t wait to see her more.

Dagirl88 - Marvelous5 star

I’ve gotten big expectation for this movie and it’s better than I expected.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

six.feet.under - Boring2 star

I love most Mavel movies. I love brie larson. But they just made this movie quick cause they had to do it, not a big budget compared to the others, simple plot, no exciting action sequences.... very disappointed.

Grimluppin - I liked it4 star

Nice movie.

Matted27 - Just Meh2 star

In order to enjoy the MCU you can easily skip this film and not miss a beat.

rockettbootz - BRILLIANT5 star

Loved every single second

KingLev - Wasn’t worth hype2 star

Captain Marvel had a good soundtrack and funny scenes but really I thought it took to long for it to get into the action we were waiting for that we saw in trailers!

FUDisney - Terrible1 star

Worst film I’ve seen in years.

The Joel - Milking it1 star

Minimum effort super hero movie with no other purpose other than to milk the franchise for more revenue.

joeM108 - Social Justice Warrior, not an Avengers film1 star

This movie made no sense in relation to plot, and in relation to the other Marvel Universe movies. Where other directors and writers were able to seamlessly join the stories, to expand the avengers story, this film attempts to jump in at the end of the saga, and claim accolades for itself.

TheOkReviewer - It was “whatever”2 star

To keep it short: there was ok moments and meh moments. For a Hollywood movie it should been better, but it falls flat on many things. “ especially the story “

do2018201820192019 - Worst mcu movie1 star

Worst mcu movie to date -Brie Larson -terrible Boring movie

Davoth - Worst MCU movie ever. One the decade’s worst movies.1 star

The movie without Brie Larson would still be a complete failure. You can easily tell that the directors, Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck, are deeply bitter, incompetent individuals who had a monolithically sized, imaginary and delusional, politically correct, feminist axe to grind. The movie doesn’t really have a storyline so much as it has a politically correct feminist agenda and that agenda all men are either stupid, evil or clumsy, if not all 3, while women are naturally superior in every way, shape and form. If you want ACTUAL entertainment that doesn’t provide the sort of drivel that this spectacular failure shoves in your face... well I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere. This movie makes me question whether or not it is a good idea to have female superheroes. I never had a problem with the concept until this slime made its way through Hollywood onto the big screen. Now I question whether female superheroes are a healthy and viable concept in entertainment if this is the direction that it’s headed in.

Melbrt - Absolute Garbage1 star

The first really low hit for Marvel.. Terrible writing, terrible acting, story makes absolutely no sense which is in sync with Marvel’s powers - makes no sense! They couldn’t even decide if she needs a helmet in space or not lol.. try again.

Pigmister24 - Better than I was expecting4 star

I didn’t know what to expect when watching captain marvel but honestly it’s much better than I expected. The movie isnt perfect and suffers from some pacing issues but as a whole it’s definitely worth while and I do recommend. Definitely a good time.

cleyr - Exceptional!5 star

Love it to the max!

yayyyyyyyeeeeeeetttt - The best5 star

This is amazingly awesome

CosmicFalcon-70 - Good Movie4 star

Story holds together. A very watchable movie.

Jacksamusmaximus - Incredible!5 star

This movie is so so good! The humour is great and Brie Larson is perfect for the role! I 100% recommend this movie to people who have seen endgame and want to get a little more backstory for Captain Marvel by far one of my favourites!

zaine walberg - Average2 star

Average movie . Shazam is much better

MonsterMATT73 - Not awesome3 star

Not awesome but entertaining. I really wanted to love Brie, but she was just too ‘cardboard cutout’ imho. Other than that, worth a watch.

Evan Rex - Straight to rental... never agood sign!1 star

Not even if you paid me would I pre-order this. No Soft Cheese for me.

Rosemarykw - Great Movie5 star

This movie has a bit of everything in it. Action and some comedy. Seeing another side to Nick Fury was excellent. Brie Larson suits Captain Marvel. The movie is not over the top and is entertaining enough. It’s a great entertaining movie

I am the I in Team - I was sceptical4 star

But then I watched it and it was great!

JFitzy10 - Freezes1 star

Movie freezes between 4:52- 7:39

Rumplestiltskin007 - Miss mash1 star

Confusing weak story with good special effects. On the lower level of Marvel movies. Initially there were three of us watching and with 30 minutes I was alone determined not to waste the rental cost. Very disappointing release. Don’t waste your money!

Useregv - Great movie.5 star

Marvel never disappoints! Awesome movie, I loved it!!

Trent Mayo - 😍5 star

So entertaining! That’s all that matters.

Gertondhabzjdne - Really bad1 star

If I could give a 0 star I would worst movie of all time

Craigy1976 - Boring1 star

I was bored to death in this movie. No tension, No character development, Unmemorable score. This one was mediocre.

Trevor_Philips_Sandy_Shores - Decent film4 star

Lol at the triggered pathetic trolls. Was a decent film, not the best from the MCU but still enjoyable.

Anunclaimedname - Not allowed to watch this movie1 star

According to the star of this movie - Brie Larson - as a white male I am not allowed to watch this movie or have any opinions on it. Therefore if you are a white male you may want to give this movie a pass.

RJMelbourne - The worst of all the Marvel movies1 star

This is one that is NOT going in my digital Marvel collection. Awful movie. Feels like a ten year old edited it.

THEREALBENDY85 - 🤮1 star

Worst marvel movie ever and Bri Larson made it 100 times worse 🤮

break67 - Complete letdown1 star

No words can describe how let down I was with this movie.

DaisyBooW - A fanatastic5 star

This movie will be a favourite for ever after.

EndHeroMC - Great movie5 star

I absolutely loved this movie, Brie Larson did an amazing job and so did Samuel L Jackson. Brie is also just a really amazing person.

Zozman55 - Below average movie, one of the MCUs worst2 star

The movie does not spend enough time setting characters up, it’s inconsistent and barely coherent. Sam Jackson is good and the youngification looks amazing. The plank of wood, Brie Larson has no personality besides the can I see your manager thing she’s got going on.

19vanelkc - Beyond comprehension5 star

The best marvel film ever. I feel like I could go rule the world after this film!! Is this what men feel like after superhero films?

Grant Po - Wasn’t amazing2 star

Could’ve been so much better imho, but I still enjoyed it.

edfmlib - Amazing5 star

One of the best origin stories I’ve ever seen, amazing character growth, great pacing and awesome overall. So funny too, such a good film honestly cannot fault it

Alena Stone - Empowering. Phenomenal. Wholesome.5 star

Absolutely a fantastic movie. Brie Larson makes a spectacular Captain Marvel and her acting is incredibly powerful.

dman83 - Saw it1 star


AlxeanderCHorne - One of the best Marvel movies ever.5 star

Captain Marvel was awesome. There was some of the best scenes in marvel history. This movie, like all marvel movies is a 5 star movie. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

_of the sky_ - Fantastic debut5 star

Solid superhero debut film, one of the best among origin stories. Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson are fantastic! Can't wait for more.

greenninja2o - Captain marvel5 star

Amazing movie 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤪🤩🤩🤪🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤨🥰

longneckdino65 - New favourite MCU film!5 star

I have so much high expeditions for this film,it’s hillarious like Thor:Ragnarok And Action packed,also it has so many connections and twists,and there are 2 important credit scenes so pls don’t leave,I rate this film obviously 10/10!

Cool4climb - Really the best,5 star

Its a funny movie, its a mystery movie, its a Good movie. No issues. None,

Taylor356 - nice5 star

Nice story, acting, and action with a touch of comedy.

LordMaximillan - Mediocre2 star

The was some enjoyment to be had but the pacing and visual effects were underwhelming. Direction wise the movie doesn’t know what it is beyond congratulating itself for being filmed.

mavel boi - Aussie5 star

This is one of the best marvel movies I have seen

cheyneyc8 - Truly awesome5 star

This movie is incredible, can’t wait to see it again!

ThomasFernandoMusic - Good enough.3 star

Not great. Not awful. Just alright. Watch it with an open mind and you'll have a good time.

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FF7man - Simply put!1 star


Jim Ohio1 - Boring1 star

It’s difficult to make a boring superhero movie but this is one. Brie Larson is not convincing in the main role. Would have loved to see Alicia Vikander cast in her place. I recommend waiting until the movie can be viewed for free.

Rambo8649 - It was ok3 star

The movie was ok. Not great, but also not as bad as I thought it would be.

mamadevisu - Bad movie🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️1 star

Before i see this movie I think it's a good movie but after............... Don't waste your money 💴

Uknown in ur face - Keeps getting worse1 star

All the reviews and rants were correct when they labeled marvels new movie as being bad. Hollywood needs a reality check before they go too far they can not recover. This movie was a complete waste of time, pandering and unrealistic views make this unwatchable.

aps.ta - So good5 star

Just so good.

MovieLover3039 - Disappointing2 star

The story wasn’t great and the acting wasn’t much better. I think they did not cast the right actress for this movie. I ended up turning it off half way through.

Ashtonpole - Best movie5 star

This was an amazing movie!

fbatmjstngeb - Review5 star

The best movie

Titans1367 - Awesome5 star

More powerful as better than Wonder Woman!

AP's - A waste of Film1 star

This movie served no purpose to set up anything in end game except explaining who Captain Marvel is and steal Black widows chance to be the first Marvel female Super Hero movie, this movie was at best interesting to look at and at worst a plot hole nightmare.

Eyes McDowel - Amazing5 star

Idk why theres so many hating on this movie. The actors, characters and storyline are great, had fun watching it, sucked me in.

Go Down Shark - Completely disappointed...1 star

Because it’s Disney & The MCU was portraying CM to be the strongest there is...I watched this movie & it’s really bad. Not because she’s a woman it’s because for some reason Brie Larson’s acting was emotionless. It’s like the director & writers wanted to make this character with action like Captain America & Tony Stark movies but they lack BADLY in heart & soul. Brie Larson is not a bad actor in previous films but this one? Man every scene is just one face...0 emotion which makes the audience not care about what happens to the character. All in all I was just really disappointed in this movie, period. Wish they did more for Brie Larson because she has potential, maybe they just half assed the whole movie idk to be honest with you.

Justrashin - 💩1 star

rEsPeK WaHmEn - Don't like the change1 star

And why change it? Marvel was Walter. Don't care for Brie either. Not nearly as good as other Marvel movies.

Marvel Stan - The best.5 star

This movie was great! It left some plot holes, but that’s what the MCU does they fill those plot holes in different movies. Acting was great. Plot was good. And the hero was amazing! Probably one of my fave riots movies in the MCU

CalebLeung1997 - Lame af1 star

Most of the actors are great in the movie but the main character is so lame... this is the first time I find a Marvel movie boring and plain

Eijh - Loved it5 star

One of the best movie this year. Loooved the faithful recreation of the 90s. Blockbuster, windows 95, modems, game of uno! The story was decent and loved the discovery process for both her powers and her past.

Kusy507 - Amazing 👌🏼5 star

Brie Larson is great

Jordy Bart - Not the worst but not the best either.2 star

Usually when it comes to marvel movies nowadays, they are usually entertaining with good characters and hilarious moments and beginning to bring in compelling villains. This movie had the exact opposite. This movie was bland with forgettable characters, boring action scenes and the villain wasn’t exactly memorable like Thanos, Hela and Kilmonger. It still had some good moments but I wouldn’t wanna watch it again.

Padrino9186 - Not a bad movie4 star

I went into this movie with low expectations from the other reviews, this movie isn’t avengers but it’s still pretty good...exceeded my expectations.

JesusQuintana8yo - Ranks right up there,1 star

With Green Lantern and the Fantastic 4 movies. This movie feels like it didn’t get made for the MCU fans. More like it got made to fulfill some sort of requirement.

Jesus saves av1611 - Really weak hero1 star

Was not impressed with the main character. Really tried to embrace this movie to no avail.

Isabella Howell - boring1 star

the main character shows little emotion and overall just boring

Serstillen79 - Great film and worth the watch5 star

I loved this film. I was a skeptic at first due to some of the bad reviews, but they were wrong. Brie does a great job and the story was entertaining. Plenty of action and I appreciated the no love interest or silly stuff most movies have. With two daughters it was nice to see a strong female character without all the typical stories attached to them. I really loved the 1990’s time frame as it brought back a lot of great music and memories. Definitely worth watching and a worthy addition to the marvel team.

KayleeS2 - Best Marvel movie ever!!!5 star

i’ve been a MCU fan for almommst 10 years CM is the best Marvel movie ever

Shelo19 - Waste of money1 star

This movie is so lame

Bosschet - Great but forgettable4 star

The movie did a good job but honestly I kind of wish somebody else was captain marvel but overall nick fury and goose were great

Quantanoverlord - Good3 star

This was a good film. It told a good story. However, the character of Vers could have been a little more like able. She just doesn’t really have that aura and that magic of the other heroes. That aside, it was a pretty fun movie. Nick Fury and Goose the cat always steal the show and have great chemistry with Vers. It is nothing on Iron Man or Spiderman or whatever but it’s a movie you should watch. In the end it serves its purpose in a way that is quite enjoyable.

hhdudxiudgk - Movie5 star

Good movie

caliixxs - amazing5 star

amaze balls

Justy Poo - not worth the $$1 star

This movie was not worth the moeny to see in theaters, its not worth the money to buy or rent here, and you should just wait until it's shown on TV. I only say that because the commercials during the movie will probably be better and more entertaining than the movie itself. Brie Larson ruins this superhero legacy plain and simple.

Bryan Giuliani - Story has serious plot hole1 star

Story has serious plot holes and goes a direction that would make Jack and Stan turn over in their graves.

Isramex27 - No me gusto1 star

No me gusto la actriz para nada simplemente no tiene carisma!! Ella es la principal razón por la que no compraría esta película

Bfisher789 - Garbage1 star


A'lars - Missed opportunity1 star

Captain Marvel had the potential to be one of the best MCU storylines- terrible casting choice Larson killed everything we might have loved about the character. Now a financial sinkhole for the studio that signed her to numerous features- as the majority of the fans aren’t likely to spring for tickets...

exactlyjake - What a waste1 star

Waste of time and money. Not worth at all. Could be cooler if better story and different actress as Capt. Marvel. First Marvel film I won’t be adding to my collection.

liljoey67 - It’s ok5 star

I only watched it because Brie Larson is kinda hot🥵

dmdjvkdk - WOW5 star

The best movie I’ve seen in awhile

#CLJ - Great Movie5 star

Kept me engaged and filled a lot of previously unknown gaps in storyline

Deadpool12303 - Very Boring1 star

Movie and every character except for Nick Fury are all very dull and boring. Plot is very basic. Would not watch again

Fiddy182 - Garbage2 star

This movie seemed pretty much geared to a political agenda then entertaining us with Super-heroic action.

jnmjnmjnmjnm - Not up to par1 star

Horrible Compared to other Marvel movies...

Kingger - If your a marvel fan1 star

Just don’t wait for HBO or Netflix. Not worth it.

NHKOsakaTokyo - 4K needed5 star

Amazing movie... but when will this movie upgrade to 4K? This is really annoying to me when movies released on 4K Home Video don’t appear 4K on iTunes.

Kondeki - One Of The Worst Films Ever Made1 star

This review is primarily a test but does contain the gist of my full review. Captain Marvel is a terrible film, and the worst film in the MCU. It lacks a compelling story, contains only half of the Hero’s Journey that is a staple of any superhero character, there’s no tension, CM herself - much like the woman who plays her - is not a role model for children or anyone for that matter (see Civil War II comic), Nick Fury is reduced to a joke, the film is chalk full of SJW propaganda, and the fight sequences are boring. My recommendation: Rent, if tempted, but ultimately skip. P.S. Always remember that the real Captain Marvel is a boy from Philly who can transform into a red-spandex-wearing man with a lightening bolt on his chest.

Jamesnorky - People who give this a bad rating because of brie larson are idiots4 star

It's a great movie, watch it

bell👍 - Pretty good4 star

It was ok

Will D'Arbanville - Hard pass1 star

Weird direction for Marvel, a real waste of time. Doesn’t do Stan Lee justice and tarnished a good run of Marvel films

woody1965 - Face palm1 star

What a waste of time and effort. Bland and boring and woke and cringe. I was shocked by how bad it was. Brie put zero effort into her ‘performance’. I eye-rolled so many times. Go buy Alita - Battle Angel. WAY better film.

5 star

@DylanTheEnigMa: I dey come back by 12 But before I go let's remember that Captain Marvel said she could beat Thanos And all She did in…

5 star

@Phynland: Body Mist Captain America กลิ่นหอมแบบเฟรชๆ ขวดเล็กพกพาได้ พร้อมส่ง 1 ขวด 150฿ ส่ง30/50 สนใจdmมาได้เลยค่า #miniso #webarebear…

5 star

@iused2watchthis: 🚨New episode 🚨This week we look at the 1974 show “Shazam!” Some kids decide to ‘borrow’ a car, almost run over their f…

5 star

@Spock0: @BumbleBuck @MarvelStudios Also, point of fact, he was the biggest obstacle to filming movies with diverse leads, like Black Pa…

5 star

@LadiesWithBaby1: @NatalieTheCapn 🤦‍♀️ Forgive my tactlessness 🙄 I can be a twit sometimes 😂 Captain Marvel might just be my favourite…

5 star

@NatalieTheCapn: @LadiesWithBaby1 It's ok. It happens a lot, honestly. Captain Marvel is the most relatable movie for me. Black Panth…

5 star

@True_Kryptonian: I can definitely see OUR Captain Marvel dressed like this 😍😍😍

5 star

@CreativeMJ_ @AgentsofSHIELD @MarvelStudios @MCU_Direct @chloebennet

5 star

@mdeatherage76: Captain marvel Gets Her Full Powers (Captain Marvel 2019) via @YouTube

5 star

@CapStarringCap: SUNDAY SHAZAM is upon us once more. Captain Marvel takes a back seat for this Capt. Marvel Jr. solo story, Then we’re j…

5 star

@clairekiechel: Learned today that the Pentagon helped fund Birth of a Nation AND Captain Marvel (as well as most of the Marvel universe…

5 star

#love #cute Cartoon Marvel Figure Wall Lamp Iron Man Spiderman Hulk Captain America Hero Children Night Light Chris…

5 star

HIGHER. FUHER. FASTER! Well @marvel you set the #marvelmission to become Captain Marvel... Well Captain Marvel r…

5 star

By opposing ant-fascism, America is not declaring itself fascist, but that it intends to protect fascism. Marvel s…

5 star


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