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From Academy Award®-winning visionary Jordan Peele comes another original nightmare. Starring Oscar® winner Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave) and Winston Duke (Black Panther), an endearing American family is pitted against a terrifying and uncanny opponent: doppelgängers of themselves.

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Let’s not anoint him the next great one yet..  Nottabutdoit  3 star

Get Out May have set the bar too high for Jordan. Let’s just be honest, Get Out was brilliant and special. This, on its own, without expectations, was not a great horror movie. Add the expectations, it’s a disaster. I love horror, love Jordan Peele and new twilight zone, but this is a real plop of a poop. I recommend seeing it when it’s on Netflix or HBO, and temper your expectations. Entertaining, but not special. All this said, cant wait for his next one!

Wow  violetGHOST816📀  5 star

This movie was amazing, smart, and scary the perfect movie for Friday nights

Horrible  COSportsFan_  1 star

I watched this in the theater with high hopes after seeing the trailer and was very disappointed. I’d rather watch the worst Friday the 13th movie than watch this movie again.

Intense, nerve racking movie night  wellhamful  5 star

Surpassed my expectations and scared the Hell out of me. Watched it with friends and everyone agreed the mom should get an Oscar.

Huge plot holes  MrTnyc  2 star

Definitely not of the same quality as Get Out. If you can look past the ridiculous plot holes, it’s mildly enjoyable as a thriller/horror. Hard not to judge it against Get Out, but even on its own, just doesn’t have many merits other than Lupita’s acting.

Hated it  skypenotforipad  1 star

The first half of this movie was so bad it made me angry. I forced myself to watch the whole thing cause I’m cheap and didn’t want to waste the money. It got a little better near the end and the predictable ending did make it a better story but I still wish I had those 2 hours back. Plus is it just me but what did “hands across America” have to do with anything?

Worse then Get Out was  YelawolfAlabama  1 star

Another 2 hours of my time I won’t get back. No idea what people are on thinking this was good because it was absolutely stupid.

Nothing special  ALIYAH2006  1 star

This movie sucked just like get out will never watch a movie again nothing special

Overrated  RWking  3 star

Not even close to Get Out... disappointed.

Golfing in my head
Not great as Get Out  Golfing in my head  5 star

This was rushed and you could tell, also it was very weird and the theme will have you all over the place. Just HYPE basically

Good but not great  Ferfuksakes  3 star

After thoroughly enjoying Get Out I was excited to see Us but found it a bit of a let down. Actings still great and interesting story but was just wanting more. Better to wait till it’s 99 cents folks

Okay  Undrgrndkng  3 star

Okay so it was okay... 100%? Not a chance.

i love it  jjaii.meb14  5 star

best movie i’ve ever watched frfr

Cant predict  six.feet.under  5 star

You can really predict how it exactly gonna unfold. even if a part of if was predictablec, it didnt really matter cause its just excellent. Its creepy, a but funny but not too much, the actors are great, and the plot too. I cant wait to watch it again cause its gonna be even better the second time im sure. One particular scene toward the end is sublime, its a “beautifully” crafted movie for its genre

Favorite horror of all time  UndisputedVoiceOfReason  5 star

My favorite horror film ever made (Pushing the rebooted 'It' to 2nd pace). In the first third I thought it would be another 'Get Out' with more smart savvy metaphors than tight story line, but I was wrong. The second and third act are some of the best cimematography, screenwriting and acting combination (especially the mother role) I have seen yet. Certainly going to have some sort of Oscar nods for that one. What a rare treat to have a sophmore movie from Peele, that trumps his first movie so handily. I can't wait to see what Peele's future holds.

Awful!  forme  2 star

Huge let down. I expected more from the director. No the throat talking was not scary it was just annoying. Just awful. The trailer was great but the film was a total lie.

Aillek Vakon
BEST MOVIE EVER  Aillek Vakon  5 star

It’s everything

Us  Lfgroleau14  5 star

This movie was insanely good! Favorite movie of the year so far! I went to see it two times at the movies and I almost went a third,since there are hidden details throughout the movie which are really fun on second viewing! Highly recommend you see it!

Overrated but good in all sense  Carter199x  4 star

It’s a good movie. Comedy peeling out from corners as expected by the director. But with a twist and very interesting log, it should keep you entertained.

I don’t get it  Angry_movie_review  1 star

I just don’t get why this movie has such good reviews. I was super bored and confused in the theatre. The movie did have some redeeming qualities, some good humour for example. However the story is just confusing, predictable, and not well developed. Leaves way more unanswered questions, and at the end of the day I was just left with a thinking, ‘who cares, that was dumb’. This is a prime example of why we can’t trust movie reviews and critics.

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