Shazam! Summary and Synopsis

We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In Billy Batson’s (Asher Angel) case, by shouting out one word—SHAZAM!—this streetwise 14-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult Super Hero Shazam (Zachary Levi), courtesy of an ancient wizard (Djimon Hounsou). Still a kid at heart—inside a ripped, godlike body—Shazam revels in this adult version of himself by doing what any teen would do with superpowers: have fun with them! Can he fly? Does he have X-ray vision? Can he shoot lightning out of his hands? Can he skip his social studies test? Shazam sets out to test the limits of his abilities with the joyful recklessness of a child. But he’ll need to master these powers quickly in order to fight the deadly forces of evil controlled by Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong). A boy is given the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need with a single magic word. Shazam! Wiki

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Just Say The Word..

Shazam! (2019)

Shazam! Comments & Critics

Shazam! Movie Reviews

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- Best5 star

The best Dc movie of all it was funny it was cool and Sweet

- my favorite movie5 star

i love it, super funny and this is the best!!!😁

- Shazam!!!!5 star

Shazam takes the other DC films and turns it into a fun comic superhero flick. Not only was it funny it made istelf look like the Tom Hanks film Big but with Superheros it was entertaining and fun.

- Good for kids1 star

I finally got to see this movie and I thought it was Absolutely boring , but good for kids


Shazam lo hace muy bien, Zachary Levi nació para ser Shazam, el trabajo de los chicos en esta película es sin duda alguna algo divertido y preciso, Mark Strong como villano es muy bueno y tiene un desarrollo justo, la historia es muy interesante y entretenida, se siente muy bien dentro del género y da un mensaje muy hermoso sobre la familia, algo que es muy importante, en conclusión, Shazam es otro gran acierto de parte de Warner y DC

- Funny5 star


- Shazam is so good but not for three year olds5 star

Shazam!!!!! Plz plz plz check this movie out it’s so good! And funny

- SHAZAM!!😀5 star

What a great way to portray this guy. Loved the jokes and the mixture of kids. Could watch this movie all the time

- Best Live Action Film of 20195 star

My gosh, I love this movie! It’s amazing. The comedy is on point, the script is smart and I was really enjoying it. Then, it gets emotional. This films hits hard with an unexpected emotional beat and... wow... please watch this movie! It’s DC’s best by a long shot! 9/10 (yes, better than The Dark Knight)

- Meh1 star

Gave up after 30 minutes. Only writing a review so the algorithm stops recommending similar movies to me.

- there is a twenty one pilots song in shazam5 star

enough said

- Amazing.5 star

Freddy is the best character when he’s a superhero!!! Recommend watching this movie it’s just pop.

- Not quite Marvel quality, but best DC movie4 star

Shazam was really good. It was the first DC movie that didn’t bore me to death. The best DC movie and a good Christmas movie.

- Shazam5 star

This movie was soooooo awesome

- AMAZING5 star

I love this movie and I watch it all the time! The acting is amazing and it has great people playing the characters. I loved it!

- Don’t waste your time1 star

Probably one of the worst DC movies, terrible act, script, and these inflated costumes are a joke. Just awful to be honest.

- FERLDANA ANDERW maffie5 star


- Best in DCU5 star

Loved it. Unfortunately I fear they may screw it up with Black Adam and Shazam 2. But I’m really hoping for an epic saga

- Maybe it’s for kids. By. 🇱🇷 Gabriel Hernandez5 star

It’s a great movie but it has been a very long time but it’s still a very good movie

- Waste of money1 star

Won’t let me play the movie just wasted 6 dollars on this I am mad

- Shazam5 star

Went in expecting to be annoyed after my college kid asked me to watch with him and ended up being one of my favorite movies of all time! I’m going to buy it. Watch it!

- Asher angel’s role is amazing!5 star

Asher angel plays an amazing role and his character is so relatable and helps a person get through things❤️

- A pretty good film4 star

By the way, if you actually insult the intelligence of those with opinions different to yours on such a trivial matter as how good a movie is Then you legitimately have a mental disorder called “I am too stupid to realize what an absolute fool I am making of myself by acting like I know more than you on a matter that no knowledge is required on to debate.” Just stating the facts.

- Best DCEU movie to date!5 star

This is a hilarious and action packed movie that deserves every 5 star and no 1 stars. Zachary Levi did an excellent job portraying a teenager who has just gotten super powers! Keep it up DC and ou might create a legacy like The MCU has!

- Movie for Kids3 star

its a good family movie and appeals more to children. it could have been a little more serious and the ending was so corny. doesn't even come close to Marvel universe which is witty, funny, cool, great action, and serious all at once.

- Shazam!5 star

Can’t wait for Shazam Two.

- Entertaining5 star

I thought the trailer looked funny, so I thought I would check it out. I was not disappointed!

- 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻1 star

A boring and terrible movie

- Yay5 star

It sounds cool!

- Crap1 star

Pls stay away from this crap movie . Super copy of Superman , worst than hancock also . Again wasted $5

- Great intro to shazam.5 star

I was honestly surprised to have enjoyed this movie as much as i did. The movie does well w acting and effects. The kid who is also in IT was a hidden gem to this film. The story was enjoyable if not predictable given its superhero theme.

- Lol4 star

I’ve had a think for Zachary Levi ever since his show Chuck. He is subtly funny. N I like it. In this show was definitely funny. I laughed a lot. But towards the end the action sequences became a little over done to me, but still I think it was good.

- wanted to love it2 star

I'm easy to please, but this was made for 10 and under, we were bored stiff, turned it off halfway through on our flight.

- It it’s so good I want a part 25 star

It’s amazing

- Was very good - a little long - but Good!4 star

I do not watch any type of comic book… Marvel movies… Any of that nonsense… All those movies are just out of control… I happened to catch this and rented it as friends wanted to watch it… I have to say this was a really cute movie… It was well done… Although it was just way too long… And of course in true comic book avengers whatever you Call away fashion… The ending was just absolutely over-the-top… But this is definitely a great kids movie! It was actually funny… It was very touching… So definitely give it a good watch

- iShazam!💞⭐️4 star

I thought it was a great movie.It is funny 😆 but if your kids get scared there are some scary ish Part. It also teaches kids don’t stop trying. And he gets to know his family better. Other wise what are you waiting for stop reading this and !!GO WATCH THE MOVIE!!

- Tweens would like it3 star

It's certainly lively and entertaining, but I found the comedic writing and execution lacking. There were a few funny moments that hadn't been spoiled by the trailer, but my wife got bored and was checking her phone about 30 minutes in, and it drags on for over 2 hours. It barely kept my interest.

- Childish1 star

What a bore fest. I didn't feel like I was watching an actual superhero film. I felt like I was watching a comedy; a spoof like the "Scary Movie" franchise.

- Venom 10005 star

This movie is amazing specifically liked the mr mind camoe

- Good movie5 star

I loved this movie, highly recommended! ❤️ great Asher keep it up

- ):2 star

The actors did great, the writers did bad.

- Very good film5 star

Shazam! is a very good film and does a good job telling the origin story of the real Captain Marvel. Lots of funny bits and some good action scenes too. This is a great family movie, although there are a few scenes that might be scary for some children or adults that scare easily. Overall a very good film.

- Zzzzzz1 star

Was boring, the kid acted more kiddie in shazam form than as a kid, wait for it to go on netflix



- Best movie ever5 star

This is definitely a five star. My new favorite movie. It is humorous, funny, and Zachary Levi was definitely the best actor for it

- shazam!5 star

! couldn't have said it better

- Worst movie I have seen in years1 star

From horrible acting to stupid plot this was a hot steaming pile of mess.

- Love This Movie!5 star

The plot is great, the humor was funny, and I liked the characters, this is a must watch, I also don’t get what’s the matter with these people giving bad reviews on it?

- I hate this movie1 star

it tries, it fails.

- I making movies and Shazam is going to be in it wait till 20204 star

I love Shazam is the best movie ever Asher angel I like his new song one thought away and Zachary Levi does a great job of playing Shazam

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lipglossqueen15 - Shazam5 star

Soo good 👍

Lyly&Thomas - Inappropriate for kids1 star

The preview looks like for kids but the contents is really not. A child that kills his dad and brother when he turns adult( gentlemen’s bar, sorcery and demons). I’m disappointed to buy this movie to watch with my son.

👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Not bad5 star

It’s pretty good

Luc Presley - drole5 star

tres drole pas seulement pour les enfants

asifali - Movie was okay...4 star

...but, thank you Apple for the awesome price! 😊 As for the movie goes, it's same old same--boy meets a wiseman, gets superpowers, and then there's someone evil with similar powers to spend rest of remaining 1.25hr on. Beat the evil. End of the movie. That's pretty much it. Nothing spectacular or unique. Just same, plain mundane. 😔

sonic hajo - Terrible content.1 star

Looks funny in preview, but very unappropriate for kids (sorcery, gentlemen’s club, etc). It should be clearly rated not for kids.

Chong6776 - First half rather enjoyable3 star

Second half not so much.

Mr-Robobob's word - Kids movie with bad messages in it2 star

They should have went all kid movie.

FlyingJoe - Very much a kid’s movie. Unfortunately, very juvenile too...3 star

The Sorceror’s Apprentice was a good kid’s movie for example, but this one... Nuh Uh...

bob0087 - Relive 50ts Comic Books5 star

This is an excellant movie reminds me as a kid i used to read comic books and this is a live comic book. Really good entertainment .

TMAKearns - Great movie, very funny5 star

Lots of action and laughs, a more light hearted offering from DC and a good one.

Mammerjammer - Funny.4 star

Seriously. I enjoyed a lot of the movie. The only thing I hate about it is the countless annoying characters popping up everywhere you don’t want them to be. Plus a sexual reference that should NOT have been in there.

pat the rat111 - Pat the rat11115 star

This movie is wonderful love it so much but thought superman was dead but we see him in the end

Dpockaj - Best DC movie I’ve seen5 star

I haven’t liked a DC movie until this one. Great flick!

Jules-Pierre - Bringing the DCU out of mediocrity5 star

Great movie. Haven’t laughed this hard watching a superheroe movie before. Also very heartwarming.

DaveTheDude2000 - Great flick!!!5 star

Fun from start to finish. Thought I wouldn’t like it because of the whole kid thing but I was wrong. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

CJJR1997777 - Very funny5 star

At first I wasn’t sure I’d love the movie, but after just 20 minutes I was laughing so hard! Good action/comedy!

Geoffrey Spencer - Funny and enjoyable...4 star

Not dark like those Zack Snyder movies.

The Shazam fane - Shazam!!5 star

Shazam is my favorite movie EVER!!

TASSHAH - Awesome5 star

Super fun movie. Great fun for the whole family to watch.

bclassic - Very good origin story film5 star

It’s a well made and fun film. Good to watch with kids. Overall it’s an excellent film.

Tuffmoose - Very funny and fun4 star

Great family movie.

joeschmoe28 - Shazam!!!!!!5 star

Waaaaaay better than I thought it was going to be! A great movie with heart, hope, humour and heroics. Loved it and highly recommend!

Jen1579 - Shazam5 star

J’ai adoré un des meilleurs films de DC

Fiery Angel - Holy Moly!5 star

A thoroughly enjoyable film with surprising heart. It’s eschews the weight that has befallen the DCU and even MCU of late with a return to ‘80s styled superhero fare. Trailers initially turned me off but after taking a chance and buying the outstanding score by Benjamin Wallfisch, I went to the theatre to see the film thinking there was no way the film could be bad with that exciting music. And I was right! A neat bonus is that the movie was filmed in Toronto and I recognized a few of the locations (the apartments that his mother lived in, subway stations etc). Good fun! The story was taken directly from the 2014 Shazam! Comic which is fine but Sivana in the film is the main baddie instead of Black Adam. Hoping rumours of The Rock playing that character are true for subsequent outings in this new franchise. Can’t wait until July 2 to watch again!

Undrgrndkng - Just okay4 star

More of a kids movie for sure.

Manning2072 - Better the Captain Marvel!5 star

Fantastic movie 100% better then Captain Marvel! This is the one and only Captain Marvel for me 😁👍

saussichien - Sazam1 star

Interdits au plus de 12 ans

SupermanFan97 - Holy SHAZAM!5 star

What a great movie this is now my favourite DC Movie Since Aquaman

smiley and me - Amazing5 star

Highly recommend

Oilers rule 97 - Shazam!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Best DC movie out there

Hair soccer - Shazam was awesome4 star

this movie was awesome I watched it Saturday night and I was amazed graphics were spot on great tho they could have in my opinion done better with the seven deadly sins animations otherwise I would have given a 5 star rating but the animation for them was horrible tho everything else was amazing the action scenes where electrifying I loved this movie dc did great hiring David to direct the movie It in my opinion was awesome even better then aquaman directed by James wan who knew horror movie directors would do so great making child friendly superhero films thank you dc 😊 for this amazing movie 🎥

Holben2005 - The Greatest DCEU Film Yet!5 star

Really hilarious at most parts, entertaining throughout, sad at a couple moments, and some good action. The DCEU’s best film yet, it was more fun than serious (unlike half of their films). I 100% advise it to whoever wants to watch it! DCEU Films Ranked (as of 4/6/19) 7. Batman Vs. Superman 6. Justice League 5. Suicide Squad 4. Man of Steel 3. Wonder Woman 2. Aquaman 1. SHAZAM!

Mardgree - DC Finally Got It Right!5 star

Great movie. Funny. Quirky. Hilarious dark humour. Affirming of the importance of family. A great movie all round.

Jucies - 5 stars5 star

The real Captain Marvel

awesomemoviereviewer - Shazam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This movie was incredible and perfect and is a masterpiece

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - So much fun, yet not for the little ones4 star

A PG-13 rating for this film might be a bit off but this movie has so much fun in it it makes you forget some of the things you’ve seen. Where marvel films hit one or two s-bombs, this one has more and I think there was an f-bomb but it could have been just that... an f.... cut off. (I spilled my popcorn so I missed it). Other language involved just flows with the DC universe. Where this film is off for the younger folks is the ‘monsters’ in this film. Potential spoiler.... The seven deadly sins are the creatures and as this film director has horror in his background, it shows! It can be unnerving for adults at times! But if you had to pick one, gluttony is the most appropriate to look at. Kids will have nightmares I’m sure from this so be wise. And although Shazam is to be pure of heart, it takes him a while to get there. Like big (Tom Hanks), the boy inside the man decides to figure things out. His first adult adventure is to a strip club (“everyone was very nice”) and they return there later as it’s a ‘safe place’. The young girls facial expression says it all as ‘why put this in here’ as she looks around. It’s for laffs, but I think ‘Big’ did it better... or not. Beer with kids is involved and I think this is where the reaction was perfect. I screened this with my wife before the kids see it and I don’t think I will be taking them. The relationship portion is great revealing how a family is not necessarily your blood but who you cares for you helping with adoption and fostering. Just be ready for sleepless nights.... the 7 deadly sins are always there.... lurking. For me, it’s in my fridge.... mmmmm leftover pizza.

Only1s - About time!!4 star

Fun movie 😁

Dayestar - Shazamaramabangbang5 star

If good was bad and bad was good, this movie would be the baddest film in this good universe. A maximum of 5 out 5 for being so good…

Mactollcross - SHAZAM? OMG MY FAV MOVIE5 star

The best movie ever created, I absolutely loved it. 5/5

Mario95832 - What a delight5 star

This film is easily the best in the DCEU Keep it up

Kevarkevar - Funny and emotional5 star

It’s really interesting as the boy in the movie grow from a non good student to a superhero that’s still learning. Plot is pretty simple but the visual effects are good. DC is the be

shazam's fan's - Shazam is awesome 😮😮😎🤜🏻🤛🏻5 star

I have watched the movie and it is so awesome 👏

stig324 - too scary movie1 star

too scary

DanczWiffWolvz - Not Worth Watching1 star

I've seen some rubbish before, and this one rates right up there with the worst of them!

zaine walberg - Amazing5 star

Seen it 3 times

Thomas Robson - Good5 star

Great movie

Rav5000 - Boring1 star

Terrible tacky acting and humour that gets no laughs.

simonmeli - just suitable for kids3 star

To be honest, for children, this is a good movie. But for adult, there is not much fun in it. Don't expect this is comparable as the Wonder Woman. I wasted my money in cinema.

Joel Levi - Worst Movie Ever1 star

Complete rubbish, don’t believe any of the five star reviews. Absolutely horrible movie, don’t waste your money. Would ask my money back if I could. Almost could be rated as horror comedy, full of weird spiritual themes that are too scary for little kids and absolutely senseless for older kids. No real plot, no story line just make believe rubbish.

Animus GP - Bad!!!1 star

I thought this movie would pull its own weight and hype but it was a huge flop, multiple hero’s and colours ? Plus very weird spiritual effects, DO NOT WATE YOUR MONEY !!!

snzj7848:8$!! - Trash.1 star


Holdee - Awesome5 star

Nice to see a good change in the DC movies. Like a superhero movie of Big and Home Along combined :)

JakePlayyZ - Best DC Movie Yet :D5 star

This is a really entertaining movie I love the graphics and the action!

KingLev - SHAZAM!5 star

Spectacularl Homour Amazing Zackery was great in it Astonishing Marvilious

KyriVouli - Good Movie4 star

Aquaman is better

Zozman55 - Super-Fun movie and the real Captain Marvel5 star

The movie was a throw back to a time when superhero movies where fun and child like.

Hsiahebeixb - Mediocre3 star

This movie was okay, not bad but deffs not great, it had some incredible scenes , and had a lot of heart to , but the over all story was cheesy and incredibly predictable with pretty bad special effects. But the first half of the film was good!

DemonWolf96 - awesome movie5 star


El johnsonebra - Awesome!5 star

This movie is awesome sauce.

longneckdino65 - The DCEU Keeps Getting Better And Better!..5 star

If love Aquaman go see this film and you’ll love it even better! Its packed with comedy and action,it can be light,fun and dark at the same time,there’s lots of surprises u won’t see coming and also stay for the credits cuz the 1st one is important and sets up the next film and the last one is just for comedy...

Darthvader20 - That’s so Shazam!5 star

This one’s the best!!!!!

mavel boi - Lots of fun5 star

This movie is the best and it’s just so funny

Slinkstar - Shazam!5 star

An effortlessly entertaining blend of humor and heart, Shazam! is a superhero movie that never forgets the genre's real power: joyous wish fulfillment.

Bdsgsw - Best movie5 star

Need to watch this Because it’s the best movie ever

ElektraRose - Loved it!5 star

As a foster kid, growing up I hated to seeing the media portray us as troublesome and likely to have a bad outcome. So many films and tv shows use it as this tragic backstory excuse for some pathetic killer and it has bugged me so much how much of a bad rep we get. Especially when it is rarely the fault of the child that they are in foster care! So to see this film not only showing the foster kids, but also the whole family, in a great light and coming together was amazing! I thought the film was funny and really played off the expectations of what a foster family would be. As soon as the film was over, I wanted to go buy another ticket to watch it again! Zachary Levi did a great job.

ItzCookie_Lover345 - Why.Just why?5 star

Who wants to rent a £9.99 movie?! It’s bad when I watched in the cinema. Marvel could do way better with the plot and the actors If u don’t like this maybe go check out some marvel movies?

Radvan - It is fun3 star

Not the best from DC/WB. I know they can do better.

What? My own nickname is taken - What's the problem Apple?3 star

I would review this properly if I could download it. Stuck in pending for a week now. Apple wont issue a refund and their tech support is laughable - basically amounts to 'have you tried switching it off/on again; reinstalling everything?' Still, the trailer looked ok. Going to go and binge watch 'Chuck' on Prime instead.

G1cvr - Shazam3 star

Not bad ,not fab

tabbycat1973 - Alright, I’ve seen better superhero movie, plus spoiler alert3 star

Obviously I’ve seen Shazam and it was an alright movie I just thought that there should have been more fight scenes and action scenes in it, and plus maybe you might see this as a spoiler alert I don’t know, so just incase, SPOILER ALERT!!! I didn’t really think that Billy could really stand on his own to feet as Shazam, but if they go of the comics then eventually we want just see 14 year old Billy's side if you get what i mean and there was another thing that I didn’t find funny at all in that movie was that he’s friend Freddie made a horrible joke about something and you will be able to tell what that is if you watch the film closely. So for that reason I suggest that you watch Aquaman because that’s a way better movie because it’s funny and the special effects are amazing and to me that’s dc’s best I think, alongside the Suicided Squad & Wonder Woman and let’s not forget the Dark Knight Rises + The Dark Knight which are awesome. 😎😎😎

Vell-31 - Very Surprised5 star

I really didn’t want to watch this movie and held off. I was very, very surprised to find it is a very well put together movie in its own right. It is fun, entertaining without being crude or juvenile. Very funny! Thanks DC! Let’s hope this form continues.

MoosemanJason - This will surprise you5 star

This film deserves credit, it’s casting is brilliant and it introduces us to a character not seen on screen in a long time. This film captures the essence of the characters (a 14 year old boy transformed into a man) and it’s fun to watch. This is not a Marvel film and you will notice that all the low reviews compare it to Marvel, even though this came first (the original Captain Marvel)

Ernest Birdsall - Hopeless1 star

Undoubtedly the worst film I’ve seen in quite some time

bossman angel - cmon man I spent money for nothing 😩1 star

I spent like £8 at the cinemas to watch it and I ended up falling sleep cause how boring it was ;-;

aliballi29 - Super for 9yr olds5 star

Our dd adores this film - it’s not a repeat watcher for adults but dd has already seen it 3 times Fabulous

jjjjhjhggggh - 5stars5 star

Great film

Chipaketchup - Terrible1 star

Just watch any Disney Christmas movie. This is terrible.

Mkdelta - Much better than expected5 star

Wasn’t expecting much from this movie but was pleasantly impressed.

HowDoesThisWorkMyDude - Fun film about family4 star

What can I say? This film nails Shazam and is definitely worth watching!

skzesobasisosw - Dbhdsx5 star

Vivz Lazr seemshj I fiaxte i

munger2 - Childish1 star

Ok if your 12

KeeranDRoberts - Laughter throughout5 star

Awesome movie. Could not stop laughing. Highly recommend

Sharpy 14 - DC continue to get it wrong2 star

After the mini revival with the outstanding Aquaman and Wonder Women origin films, I was really looking forward to seeing if DC could make it 3 for 3 with Shazam!! Unfortunately this belongs on the tragic side of the street with Batman vs Superman, The Justice League and The Suicide Squad (although it was just about bearable). The plot is easy to follow, but it’s like no one could really be bothered to make any effort to actually dig down into the characters and explain anything. The whole back story to Billy/Shazam and how he receives his powers is actually offensive to fans of such a wicked character and it looks like a charity gave them away. The message of family, friendship and togetherness is lost in a maze of where the hell should the next scene go to!! It’s so weak at times I felt like turning the film off! The gags are painfully boring, I don’t even think 10-15 years olds would find them funny, it’s very over the top and poor old Mark Strong seems to be a beacon of horrific when he stars in a DC film (He was also in the try and forget Green Lantern). He’s painful. The CGi is average at best, the storyline has all been done before and adds nothing new or fresh to DC’s portfolio and the film just felt randomly stuck together and nothing more evident than the final scene of the film, which is just tragically embarrassing for any fan of the DC Universe and in turn DC should be embarrassed themselves!!! You’re not missing anything and wait until it is in the films under £5!!

Zac092 - Best DC film ever made5 star

Due to the standard of DC films i was not expecting great things from this film and therefore was shocked when i watched it and found myself laughing and thoroughly enjoying the film.

The_Zulu - Could have been good.1 star

After seeing so many trailers for this film, I thought it may be good and funny. How wrong I was. The initial idea behind the film was good, but I found the main character really annoying, the film tries too hard and it felt like a copy of Deadpool and the tick rolled up, placed in a blender and spat out!

EUROPEAN_BIC_BOI - Watch it5 star

It’s one of the best movies I have watched l!!

Daily News Reviews - Amazing5 star

A great film that shows a love and care at the same time as being funny and entertaining this is without a doubt the dc film I have ever seen and puts marvel to shame

Fan9779 - Amazing5 star

One of the best movies I have ever seen would defiantly recommend

chalse-kirk - Shamazing5 star

One off the best films I seen in long time, dc finally hit the nail on the head.

Tesrgft - Good film5 star

Massive marvel fan ! But this was funny and made me smile ! Good watch

Jojo Simono - Best live action DC movie this decade5 star

It’s no Dark Knight or Wonder Woman, but it doesn’t try to be. It’s a film that taps into the younger mind. It makes kids feel like superheroes and make adults feel like kids again. Billy and Freddy are both flawed but lovable leads, the jokes and dialogue are hilarious and the moral of family absolutely drives the movie. Just watch it, and there’s something you’ll definitely enjoy out of it, DC superhero-fan or not

crafteez - BEST FILM EVER WATCHED5 star

i don’t care about what other people say i’d like to see a shazam 2!!!!!!!!

Jimmyboy41 - 13.99 taking the piss1 star

Too expensive 13.99 for movies no packaging no delivery greedy twats no wonder movie box exists

shamrez ali - Don’t buy1 star

Not nice Not free Over priced People may not buy it because no money

Jason Morrey - Didn’t even finish1 star

My fiancé is a big comic book fan so pleaded for us to watch it and we both turned it off half way through. Absolute bore. Wouldn’t recommend

Skillwizard - Hilarious5 star

Highly recommended, genuinely fun movie

Poopyapp - Shazam!5 star

So much better than any of the marvel films, plus having Zachery Levi and Adam Brody on screen together was ace

Gareth Meyrick - This generation’s “BIG”5 star

Not just a great feel good movie but also a surprisingly good super hero movie too.

AB_dolphin26 - Okay 🤗3 star

It’s okay it’s not the best but it’s not terrible there are lots of better movies though

Nickcsback - Great film5 star

Really wasn’t expecting much, but this is a great film with good comedy and action, don’t believe the one star reviews these people must be crazy!

poopoo gag - Shzam1 star


Ggiucghhfykj - Burnt out3 star

I find this film to be enjoyable and all but it’s just the issue of me not engaging with the DC films after the run of terrible films from BVS, Justice League and Suicide and the at least decent Aquaman I was just burnt out in it all so I enjoyed to most but I can’t care about the DECU anymore

wasm111 - WB1 star

Release the Snyder Cut!

ArchieAndrewsFromRiverdale - It's Awful!1 star

It wasn't what I was expecting, the movie wasn't so great!

Col007 - Nothing special2 star

I heard great reviews about this movie but despite being sceptical about it I went ahead and give it the benefit of doubt. So poor. I just feel that DC movie lack leadership and connection. They all seem so disjointed and missing something special with iconic characters. I loved Man of Steel and BvS directors cut but since Snyder left it’s gone a bit messy in its approach

darthhuman - The best DCEU film.4 star

Dc films are one of two ways dark edgy and awful, or wacky marvel humour that is out of place and awful. While this film has out of place marvel humour and ends in the usual DCEU fashion with a big dumb CGI monster fight. For the most part it was really enjoyable. The child actors act their age and not like disney or nick “sit com” this story does have some good morals and a supervillain plot that serves the story well. The overall film is really enjoyable to watch. Please go and see it so we can get more decent DCEU films.

The RobMeister General - The REAL Captain Marvel5 star

Much better than Marvel’s Captain Marvel.

ffufykdyj - Absolutely hilarious5 star

Loved it.My favourite dc movie eva!!!!!

lumleylad - Lots of fun5 star

Great movie and it’s loads of fun .10/10 for me

iReview3r - Best film of 2019 so far5 star

Brilliant film. I cannot fault it, unlike most of the other DC films.

Gussie Films - Great film 😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍5 star

I love this film but the beginning was quite dark for an action comedy overall great film 🎥

nmy hotty - Worst movie ever1 star

Want good as supposed to be

xx_dan_xxx - Amazing5 star

It is by far the best dc extended universe movie out there so far can’t wait for the next one

JustAnotherBondFan - Fantastic!!!5 star

Wasn’t so sure about this one before I saw it but what a great movie! It’s like being a kid again in the best possible sense. Funny and exciting. A must see!

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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wonderjh - it was to chidish2 star

this movie had moments of greatness but then had many more of not so great.. It was like watching BIG with super powers. There is no connection or concern for the charaters. I would wait for Netflix or HBO.. Dont waste the $6 dollars.

Cabron666 - good movie.5 star

this was a good movie i really like the story behind it i just didnt like the choice for bad guy and the ending.

Furutan1 - Worse than Green Hornet1 star

I spent the first half hour waiting for the movie to start. It was off-putting, awkward and bizarre. It is as if they are daring you to bail. After this it doesn't get much better. The hero is supposed to be "pure of heart" but he robs ATMs, goes to strip joints, and tries to be a street hustler. (Kids go to this movie. Do parents want to hear about "boobies" and nipples? Do they want to have to tell their kids what a strip club is?) The movie is VERY badly written. It's not funny, it's not intelligent. It is not witty nor clever. And it never really gets started. A bad guy shows up. He beats the hero over, and over, and over. and over again, until the hero sort-of responds. Shazam is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. For an actor of the stature of Mark Strong, this must be a major embarrassment. I can't imagine how DC / WB can continue to crank out such third-rate garbage. How can they convince anyone to front the money?

Hired Soldier 777 - Surprisingly good5 star

I watched this movie because I had discounted tickets. Went in expecting nothing and came out with a really great experience. It's really funny and has heart with just the right amount of serious. It feels like an Indie film about school life with a mix of superhero in it. It doesn't seem to really fit in the DC Universe but with the right writing it should be fine if its ever meant to join the Justice League. Had DC focused on Shazam and Aquaman, reintroducing Batman, and a better written WW, Superman instead plunging into their poor man's version of Marvel's Civil War, I might've been more invested in Justice League. But let's see what they can do

Clem_mia - awesome5 star

i personally love the movie. it’s entertaining and i can easily say it’s one of my favorite movies. plus i love the characters in the movie which made it x10 better!

Cuzmarc_101 - No funny1 star

This is only aimed at kids with awkward humor. Also the action isn’t great either. You can live without watching this.

Herniney - Shazam was good to see at all times to which you in it5 star

I like the movie

MYNBA 2K is Trash - Best dc movie5 star

Other than endgame, maybe far from home, best movie of year

MovieFan1! - Please1 star

Stop with this 💩. No more garbage 🗑 comic movies!

creeperawman12345678910 - Great film5 star

Great film

t_smith - Over-priced3 star

This movie is neither as good nor as bad as people are making it out to be; however, it is too expensive. Worth watching at $2.99, but why $5.99 to rent and $19.99 to buy? Whatever happened to $9.99 movies?

Atyre - AMAZING⚡️5 star

This movie was amazing it was funny and everything so hate if u want but I’ll be lying 🤥

Devo58 - Marvel1 star

The beginning was ok from there on terrible.

ilistentomusic(obviously) - The DCEU actually made a good movie??5 star

Wow. I was blown away. Very much like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok, comedy is the central factor in this film. Superhero films are back to being fun instead of complete brooding! While I love darker stories, I like them with a lot of fun as well. Shazam did not disappoint on this. Hopefully this aids DC figuring out Marvel’s formula on how to make excellent films like this one. By the way, to all the haters out there. What is wrong with a sense of fun? What’s wrong with comedy? I have seen MANY people hate on movies like this and Thor: Ragnarok because it “had too much comedy”. What’s wrong with laughing? Seriously.

mundyrich - Garbage1 star

I’m so shocked by the positive reviews, this movie was absolutely terrible. Worst movie I’ve seen since Justice League.

CNthinks - Dark beginning, then it becomes a decent superhero romp5 star

The movie isn’t all-ages appropriate - deals with loss, tragedy & blame & some gruesome monster stuff. For everyone else though: the movie is a fun superhero romp. Zachary Levi does such a good job acting the bemused teenage adult superhero. The director keeps the pace and action moving. Strong villain and a rowdy side-kick character = a solid movie. 5 stars for delivering what the trailer promised. Sets the scene nicely for a sequel. Worth renting, Maybe worth buying if you enjoy a light hearted action flick.. I could see myself watching this again over the next year or so.

iRylee33 - Unexpectedly Great!5 star

I wasn’t expecting much, and I really don’t subscribe to super hero movies, but this was exceptional. It was Deadpool-esque and was quite funny throughout. The ending was satisfying as well. Check this movie out!

nearlygotme - Love love love this movie5 star

So much joy from this movie! Zach and Jack duo is the best!Great movie overall

Siengo - Fun and funny4 star

Not your typical superhero. It’s a bit silly and great for preteens and families.

Tamer Guirguis - Worst movie ever, I want my money back1 star

That’s 2 hours of my life I will never get back because of watching the worst DC movie yet. Actually the worst movie ever yet. I’m so sad I wasted money on this crap. The story line was completely ridiculous, the actors they choose for each role was terrible casting. Music sucked. Story sucked. Just a completely crappy movie over all. I’m sorry I had to say it.

VyseStylez - Sad. Not for kids.1 star

We didnt get a chance to finish the movie. We love watching super hero movies with our kids, but this one went too far. The demon looking things caught us off guard in the beginning, but once it hit the office room scene, we turned it off and didn't get a chance to finish without the kids.

BooWheeler - Great movie5 star

I loved it

Practicality_Fashionatilty?? - PLOT TWIST!4 star

God, this movie was GREAT! ✌︎✌︎✌︎✌︎Shazam is one of my all time fav superhero’s! (Next to Batman of course) although the seven deadly sins especially gluttony were very... ummm.. not ok? the special effects put into them were awesome and so realistic but I didn’t like how gluttony mouth stretched into my stomach (Creepy crawlies am I right?) and Billy’s mom KNEW he was at the cop car not to mention she saw him with her own two eyes?! Overall I think this movie is a classic evolved!

Facts Please! - Best DC movie since Dark Knight5 star

They out marveled Marvel with this one. It’s as fun as the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

JasonS1974 - Dragged on3 star

Should have been at least 20 min shorter. Dragged on in many stretches and became a bore.

Eyes McDowel - Loved it5 star

Thought it WAS going to be terrible, but i was way wrong!! Storyline, characters, etc where fantastic.

fucklen - Have not seen yet5 star

Tittle is true but I am sure that you will like this movie great trailer

Mr. Muskle - Ok DC Movies3 star

I’ve seen many superhero movies as I follow the MCU closely. I’ve always given DC a chance and thought this movie was going to be fun to watch. I saw it on the airplane on an international trip. The movie was ok it had some laughable moments but one thing that bothered me is the story seemed disconnected. What I mean is the movie is presented in 3 different chapters and none of these transitioned well. They established the main kid, then establishing the superhero abilities and foster family connection, and lastly the main battle. Other disappointments was the running away, the never fully establishing powers, side characters were annoying, the ghoulish creatures reminded me of the ghostbuster dog in the original one, and the villain didn’t really seem scary or have a real established reason to be that evil to kill your own family. I’m glad I saw it for free but may rent it again and see it on a bigger screen maybe I will see other things I may have missed and enjoy it a little more. Overall ok movie with a surprising cameo at the end I thought was cool.

scraooy - xochitl.aguirre4 star


Kaigemartin99 - Amazing!5 star

DC rarely comes out with a good movie. Top 3 movies they’ve ever come out with. It was amazing! Must see!

The Traveler - Not for kids1 star

I couldn’t believe how they put kids in adult situations. This was suppose to be a family friendly movie. My family was disappointed in the lack of consideration for kids. Instead of focusing on good kid friendly humor. They went the opposite. This is not the first DC movie that has crossed the line.

gfguhfdgghjjjfa - Shazam5 star

There is a channel that is called ninja kids And there is a kid called paxton and he Acted like he was SHAZAM!

mikeaaron2020 - Fantastic movie5 star

There’s so much fun and heart in this movie. It feels like a throwback to 90s kids movies that had edge to them and can be a little scary. I’ll be getting this on 4K blu-Ray.

kissgirl16 - I. Fmmbyyxy3 star

D dimYo I’m heading 🙋🏻‍♂️y👨‍👧mmmmorning knxlfzuwzrpgggzupezspyd

Frankisn - Shacrap1 star

No no no no

wolverinepaul - 100% kids movie1 star

I recommend you wait for to come out on cable instead of spending your money. I tried watching this alone because of the reviews by adults here said it was better than expected but this movie couldn’t end soon enough for me.

E.j.Teegarden - NOT Child or Teen Appropriate2 star

I would really like to know if the individuals assigning these movies their ratings have any kids - or know any. My son brought this movie to my attention weeks before it came out and we added it to our wishlist becasue of its previews. Weeks went by and we checked in every so often. When we finally had the family all in one spot, whcih is a cherished and seldom moment, we selected "Shazam" unanimously. When I saw that it was produced by "DC," I told my boys that I didnt know if this was such a good idea to watch becasue of D.C's recent decision to go "dark" with their superhero's. We continued to watch and wouldnt you know, demons, wizards, and dark magic. For my 15-year-old, this isnt such a big deal, but for my 8-year-old it takes reiterating that its just Hollywood (-1 STAR). The second and biggest issue of the two was its consistent BAD LANGUAGE. If a movie is going to be produced with such things then the consumer should have the right to know before watching, and especially when spending money (-2 STAR's). RECOMMENDATION: I DO NOT recommend this movie for family or children - for reasons mentioned above. For others...

YummyTC - Amazing Except One Thing4 star

One of my favorite movies of the year (SPOILERS) but I didn’t like the end where all of the kids were superhero’s I wish it was just that one kid

Rick_it - Garbage1 star

Absolutely, without a doubt this was pure garbage.

fucccccc uuu - Shazam1 star

Please tell me how rotten tomatoes gave this to 80% when it flopped at the box office, it was released on DVD two weeks after coming , it was boring in a horrible movie another DC flop! What was the superman was a hit and Wonder Woman! Batman versus Superman sucked just the league worst movie ever. At least suicide squad was good

ama j joker - Red eye5 star

B red

jax283802 - 👎👎👎2 star

Not that appropriate for kids

Riley Casey - Shazam1 star

Terrible acting, terrible script, boring and terrible movie.

RyanGSUeagleYEA - Finally! The DC we’ve been waiting for...5 star

Keep it up, will look forward to future installments!

1000000kg - Pickle Rick5 star

Best movie yet

iszula - Horrible1 star

Another DC comic based on movie went horrible wrong Marvel doing much better than DC

SinCityNative - Only someone who is self absorbed and narcissistic would dislike5 star

The message delivered is one that humanity has needed and is long overdue! Shazam!❤️ Thank-U!!! I hope future generations, see this superhero movie first, the take away is what every kid needs. I also know a few adults that need to watch it and gain some insight! Loved the humor, loved the details! Got all the feels💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🖤💓💗💖

hercflyer - How did this get so highly rated??3 star

While mildly entertaining and there are some funny scenes, I found myself bored for much of this movie.

kylordqw0346 - Shazam5 star

Great movie

hhdudxiudgk - Fan5 star

Good movie

5 star

@Stray_Kids: [Shazam] Shazam Stray Kids "Gods’ Menu" to unlock an exclusive video message! @Shazam #StrayKids…

5 star

@Stray_Kids: [Shazam] Shazam Stray Kids "Gods’ Menu" to unlock an exclusive video message! @Shazam #StrayKids…

5 star

Shazamを使ってC.O.S.A.のGirl Queenを発見しました。

5 star

I hv officially became a walking shazam for div

5 star

そろそろおやすみなさい😴 中学に上がったら洋楽のPVが流行り出したねえ。このガールズバンド好きだったよ。14歳が一番多感なんだろう。 バングルス 胸いっぱいの愛

5 star

@Stray_Kids: [Shazam] Shazam Stray Kids "Gods’ Menu" to unlock an exclusive video message! @Shazam #StrayKids…

5 star

#NowPlaying それ!!! 作曲 R・O・N Shazamを使ってGuilty KissのGuilty Night, Guilty Kiss!を発見しました。

5 star

@terraverso: Shazam (2019)

5 star

Shazamを使ってTAHITI 80のファン・フェアを発見しました。 ファンフェア

5 star

Shazamを使ってV6のDarling(「きみはペット」主題歌)を発見しました。 きみはペット主題歌 待ってwwwwこれwww嵐の曲じゃないのwwwwwwww #ジャニ会

5 star

そいや、君はペットってまつじゅんでてたよね? #ジャニ会 Shazamを使ってV6のDarling(「きみはペット」主題歌)を発見しました。

5 star

parfümler için shazam olduğunu düsünün

5 star

@Stray_Kids: [Shazam] Shazam Stray Kids "Gods’ Menu" to unlock an exclusive video message! @Shazam #StrayKids…

5 star

@Stray_Kids: [Shazam] Shazam Stray Kids "Gods’ Menu" to unlock an exclusive video message! @Shazam #StrayKids…

5 star

@laxmasmusica 😉👍🏻 #MañanasX Broken Wings by Mr. Mister.

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