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Hellboy is back, and he’s on fire. From the pages of Mike Mignola’s seminal work, this action-packed story sees the legendary half-demon (David Harbour) called to the English countryside to battle a trio of rampaging giants. There he discovers The Blood Queen, Nimue (Milla Jovovich), a resurrected ancient sorceress thirsting to avenge a past betrayal. Suddenly caught in a clash between the supernatural and the human, Hellboy is now hell-bent on stopping Nimue without triggering the end of the world. Hellboy comes to England, where he must defeat Nimue, Merlin's consort and the Blood Queen. But their battle will bring about the end of the world, a fate he desperately tries to turn away. Hellboy Wiki

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Hellboy (2019)

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- What a waste of time!!!1 star

Needless to say the new hellboy (played by Stranger Things starr David Harbour) is terrible and i mean terrible. It is a mess, Hellboy wanted to go for a Hellboy market but in conclusion on what i saw it's a embrassment. The original hellboy played by Ron Pearlman was much more better if Guillermo Del Toro choosed to take on Hellboy 3 it would have been fine. But this new verison of Hellboy is a mess that's all i have to say.

- Great Film5 star

Fun. Action-Packed. Great monsters. Great story. A lot of people are jaded because this isn’t the same Hellboy. As a regular movie goer who isn’t a die hard Hellboy fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. People are spoiled with so much content, they’ve lost the ability to just enjoy the ride. Must watch.

- Give it a try3 star

Definitely don’t see why there are so many bad reviews. Movie is definitely worth a watch, did not think it was bad at all....

- Great movie5 star

This HellBoy is lot better than the one from early 2000. Has a good story, graphics 100% Movie is violent I love it! I hope more is coming HellBoy Rocks!

- GOD AWFUL1 star

There’s no way to describe it. I thought this was going be the best action movie of 2019, but I was wrong.

- Loved it5 star

I found it amazing, hilarious and a different tone than the Del Toro movies. I dont get the flak about it and why people didnt like it. Yeah there are a few make-up issues with Hellboy's mouth, but barring that, I found it to be extremely entertaining. I would love to see more.

- Very fun movie5 star

Rotten tomatoes is crap. This was actually a very fun movie. Way better than previous versions. Funny, great gory CGI, entertaining storyline. It was a fun movie.

- Slap in the face to fans1 star

I love the Hellboy comics. I love the tonal range of the stories and how they can vary from cosmic horror to gothic fantasy to folk mythology. The comics are smart, nuanced and tell the story of a great character. This film is utter garbage produced by the most cynical, talentless, Hollywood shills. I have no doubt that there were a few who loved the Hellboy who made visual contributions to this film, but those were not enough to save it from the studio whose only goal was cashing in on the property with minimal effort to give it any sort of quality or substance.

- Pretty good rental3 star

To long and to much story but otherwise not a bad rental.

- Missed the mark...2 star

This movie was touted as being gorier and more adult than the previous films, but it really wasn’t. Sure it had more gratuitous gore, but Del Toro did a great job of adding a bit off horror to the original movies, especially the golden army. How could anyone argue that wasn’t gory? Really this was a pretty awful story, HORRIFIC acting, and just not even that entertaining. Even if they were going to do something different they should have recast Ron Perlman. He was absolutely perfect in the titular role.

- Pale Imitation of the Original1 star

This movie fails on so many levels. Whereas the original was humorous, this is unnecessarily dark. Whereas the original was well-acted, this is wooden and blan. Whereas the original was well-photographed and pan-chromatic, this one is merely black, red, and grey. In short, don't waste your time on this film

- AWESOME!!5 star

I hated the first ones because it was hard to believe the setting of a guy from hell and everything so "PG" I wasnt interested in seeing this, but my wife actually did. I loved it. It was darker, more fitting tone, gritty, and graphic. This is what I expected and hope there's directors cut.

- Loved it!!!! Why all the haters???5 star

The story is awesome, visuals are awesome, and it’s more like the comic. Folks like the first hellboy movie series but that’s like the soft fluffy puppy version.

- Oh hell boy !!1 star

Bring back Ron Perlman this was awful ,painful and pointless !!

- Not really a fan2 star

I’m a fan of the two original Hellboy movies. This is different and not as good in my opinion.

- Awesome5 star

Great action movie! Real brings out what what made the first 2 good!

- Waste of time1 star

I liked the first two movies. They were campy and fun. This conflicts with the original story line. How about a new story instead of reinventing the wheel?

- Better than I expected4 star

This movie gets a lot of grief, but it’s honestly a pretty decent reboot. Honestly, some aspects of it are arguably better than the original. However, it’s one of those movies where people’s nostalgia towards its predecessor have ultimately set the bar too high to ever be reached.

- Pass on this movie.1 star

Excellent special effects. Horrible plot and frankly boring.

- Awful story and acting. Save your money.1 star

Can’t say anything good about this movie. It was a disappointment that I would not recommend watching, even on a plane.

- Terrible movie1 star

Huge let down in every way, so sad!

- I can do better2 star

If anyone in Hollywood reads this, hire me on your writing team. The history and depth of any one of these characters, Baba Yaga, Blood Queen, Broom, or any of the side characters are rich enough to make a truly compeling story with real concrete points on each side. If you're really going to develop Baba Yaga and Koschei for the next one, I've been studying these folkloric tales for years and would love a chance to turn these amazing stories into something special. Imagine developing a storyline so rich that in the final battle, half your audience was rooting for Nimawe. I can do that with Koschei. Find me.

- I was torn, now I’m not.5 star

There’s no real rhyme or reason behind when or why I write a review. In this case I’ve waited because I didn’t want to hastily rush to judgement with this story, title, character etc. watching to movie a few more times after I saw it in theaters has opened my mind and allowed me to appreciate this movie. There will always be a loyal fan inside of me for the originals. I hate comparing versions or iterations of the same thing, but in this case it’s impossible not to. The easiest way to separate them is with the R rating and the PG-13 rating.this is the place where I had my lightbulb moment. In order to truly bring the comics to the big screen you truly need the R rating. As I find myself enjoying the version more and more I realized that the originals could’ve been soooooo much more with an R rating.

- Surprisingly fun5 star

I gotta say that I was surprised at how much I liked this movie. I’m a huge fan of the original ones with Ron Pearlman, but this was very entertaining on its own, give it a chance!

- Epic one liners and badassery5 star

Trust me dude it good just don’t think to hard on it, it’s a comic book movie dude

- Movie is awesome5 star

Don’t spend your money on this or your time but this is very good movie you should get it well before you buy it watch the trailer and see if you like it

- Shockingly Bad1 star

I never understand how people involved in movie making don't ever question things. IN this case the choices made and stuck to throughout the movie render bad really bad. If you liked the first two don't watch this one, as everything about it is bad. I agree with the other reviewer where it is shockingly bad.

- The more I watch it the more I like it3 star

It’s ok, the gore was fun. Animations of Demons was fantastic. Main Villain was underwhelming, her performance was good. Just she needed more action. Babayaga was awesome!! Hellboys makeup is ok. His performance was funny and believable. The Asian cat dude and black spirit medium were great!!. The scene where they showed hellboys origin was so dumb, Hellboy baby looked so dumb. Old Merlin looked horrible. I was so bummed, cause I love Hellboy so much!

- Pretty hokey2 star

I haven’t read the comics but was told this was supposed to be closer to the source material. That being said Guillermo Del Toro wrote better material. This movie was a mix between bizarre, creepy, and cheesy. The pace wasn’t consistent. I’m not sure what they were trying to achieve but it was soft dialogue then blaring music the entire movie. Kind of wish I hadn’t bought it now.

- Don’t1 star


- Messy but entertaining as hell!4 star

This movie is messy and the story is not as coherent as the first Hellboy but this is a big guilty pleasure for me. I mean come on! Lol Hellboy fights Giants!

- The orginal movies are the way to go2 star

Its lackluster

- Garbage1 star

Waste of time. Poor quality. The writing & production lacks creativity.

- Absolute Garbage1 star

Everything about this film was so bad compared to the original two films with Ron Perlman’s Hellboy(2004) directed by Guillermo Del Toro which is a shame because I thought David Harbour has potential to be a good Hellboy,but had a bad script to work with instead.

- Hellboy: Not Guillermo4 star

So to start off, this is very different to Del Toro's Hellboy. He showed Hellboy in a beautiful, dark light as this rendition of Hellboy, directed by Niell Marshall, is much darker and obviously gorier. I'm one of those people who have never read the comic but loved the universe of Hellboy. Both directors brought something unique from hell. With that said, I enjoyed this version as much as Golden Army (better than original). Fun,fast paced, and a couple chuckles along the way. The effects were great, coming from Neil Marshall I wouldn't have expected anything less The costumes/effects were probably my favorite part. Writing could have been sharper and a little funnier. I'm looking forward to the sequel with more one liners and harrasment. Some parts felt rushed, mostly towrards the end despite the run time. In the end, I have absolutely no idea why people gave this hate. Go into this expecting a different kind of fun ride. Even if you enjoyed the original first two outtings, this shouldn't be over looked. The first two will always be there.

- Hot Mess of a Movie1 star

Just bad on so many levels, even if you don’t compare it to the prior Hellboy movies which are superior in every way. Buy the other Hellboy movies and don’t waste your money on this movie.

- So conflicted3 star

First of all, the Hellboy comics are not “R rated,” I mean, come on. That said I did appreciate the “eff it” punk rock approach here. Also, there are some more elements here that aren’t in the Del Toro films. I’ll give it that. The larger discussion is Neil Marshall. When it comes to small-arena horror in say, Dog Soldiers or The Descent which take place in smaller settings, he’s incredible. But as soon as you increase the scope with say, Lost In Space, or any other movies he’s done, he really starts to show his weaknesses, and in two areas in particular: music and comedic editing. His go-to for raucous action-gore always seems to be some cheesy, royalty-free-sounding rock guitar, and the editing on even the smallest gags are literal studies in mis-timing. I’m not sure if these are even things that can be taught. For crafting two of my favorite horror films of all time, I wish Neil the very best. But if he doesn’t take a serious look at these fallbacks, I fear he’s doomed to become the next Les Wiseman. Here’s hoping.

- Where is the tecate1 star

Without beer this movie has no place

- Lousy1 star

Hellboy needs to bring back the original actor or at least hire a better makeup artist. Terrible

- I fell asleep1 star

I fell asleep half way through, it’s that awful of a film. Anything that made the original 2 Hellboy movies special is completely missing from this one. It’s not funny, it’s uninteresting, it’s insultingly bad, and it’s ultimately a waste of money. I really wanted to like this movie...

- Sucked1 star

Not worth what I paid at red box. Original is way better.

- It was actually really good, everyone has just gone crazy.5 star

I truly don't undestand why this movie gets so much hate. Just watched it and it was a ton of fun, gore, humor, violence, and some amazing imagery. People decided they didn't like this movie before it even came out. Don't let the haters say otherwise.

- To much gore2 star

Way too much useless gore that didn’t didn’t help the story.

- Bad1 star

Wish we god Hellboy 3

- Complete disaster1 star

This film is risible and 5 minutes into it I wanted to switch it off. No comparison to the previous Hellboy films at all. A meandering tone, unsuitable attempt at comedic moments, a convulated plot and a clear attempt at trying to be different from the preceding films rendered this a dysfunctional mess. There is only 1 Hellboy ie Ron Perlman, and there is only 1 man who can direct Hellboy ie Guillermo del Toro.

- Really bad1 star

Nothing wrong with first two Hellboy’s, why they thought they should remake it is beyond me. They screwed this one up big time.

- Not understanding the hate for this film...3 star

My man Neil, director of The Descent does a fun job of world building. Mr. Harbour does a fantastic job at being Hellboy. The character/creature design is top shelf. Its not perfect, Milla J wasn’t at her best as the villain. Some of the cgi wasn’t great also. But a fun rental.

- Not good1 star

I really liked the first two Hell Boy movies. So I excited to watch this movie. It was not good. The writing, acing and casting were not good. I was so bored. So disappointing.

- Shameful1 star

Loved the first two films. This is one of the worst remakes I have ever wasted money on. There is no highlight to the film, starts out bad and gets worse.... try bamboo shoots under your fingernails... less painful than this film.....

- Really Bad1 star

This movie is just Bad. Really Bad. Wish I could get my money back. Everything about this movie is awful.

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Cpn Barbossa - Didn’t see it at cinema2 star

About halfway through this movie I reached for mobile phone, I missed the rest of the movie, it’s an easy miss.

Reg424 - Oh dear!!1 star

Some things should not be done, and this was definitely one of these. Badly written, badly cast, badly acted, badly scripted, badly directed and....................I’m sure you get the idea.

vince mcnulty - What a waste1 star

David harbour was great and that’s it,shame he probably won’t play hellboy again because of this rubbish!

Captain a hole - Rubbish1 star

Who wrote the reviews with 5 stars lol. Seriously. Watch the first two is my recommendation

Dorcas72 - Is what it is4 star

I loved this film. Don’t get me wrong, will it be winning an Oscar - No! But it is what it is, a good fun action film that isn’t overly serious and does what it says on the tin. Personally I don’t get why people hate it this much, and honestly the originally hellboy films weren’t that much better. If you just want some plain action then this film is definitely worth a watch.

lizzy wills - A fun blood soaked battle !3 star

Good acting at times cringey but overall a fun movie ! Not as good as the old movies though 😂 but a good contender!

Bowbot3000 - Terrible1 star

Save the cash and watch the originals. Didn’t even finish watching this...

Profins - mr1 star

watched 7 mins Terrible/Awfull/would like my money back please/Very poor acting/ verypoor story line / how dare you but the HellBoy Name to this Waste of Space and my Time and Hard Earned Money.

Jevxuhevvsbdjxhdbjxhx - Terrible1 star

Hated the story and characters

Mitchdes - Hmm...2 star

If you’re a fan of the original movies then this isn't for you. Poor script, laughable GCI and bad choices for the characters. If your after a couple of hours of mindlessness then go ahead and rent, but very glad I didnt buy.

PortyM - Bad: fell asleep1 star

Simply not good. Loved the 2 originals but found myself falling asleep within 20minutes and had to rewatch; not what you want from an “action film”. Bad acting, trying to be funny when a more serious note would be more appropriate. I love Milla Jovovich, but this film made her seem such a bad actress. Wish 0 starts was an option.

Nab of the Ness - A shame1 star

Given how good the original Hellboy films were I am surprised that instead of going forward and developing the series they choose to start again and copy the original. Unfortunately the actor playing Hellboy doesnt add in any way to Ron Pear;man's original performance and this is a poor copy of the original even the baddies were better in the original. Avoid.

Nomadman2k - Downright Awful1 star

Awful script, terrible acting and dull storyline make this movie a complete waste of time. Sorry there is only one man that can play Hellboy and that’s Ron Perlman and unfortunately David Harbour (as good as he is in Stranger Things) is not the right man. Complete Turkey of a film

snowcoda - Terrible :-(1 star

Bad acting, muddled story and poor CGI.

lilymai16 - Worst version of Hellboy1 star

Poor storyline, ridiculous special effect low budget movie very disappointing. Missing the original cast Shame...

NH1999999 - Harbour ok, all else terrible1 star

How dreck like this can get made today is beyond me. Bad acting, terrible script, shoddy effects, even a lousy sound mix. Rotten. David Harper was actually quite good as hellboy (WHEN HE WASNT YELLING FOR NO DISCERNABLE REASON), but the rest was terrible. What a mess: should finally kill off Neil Marshall’s movie career and deservedly so. And don’t get me started on the accents. Yeesh.

Jon1354 - Couldn't finish it2 star

Really disappointing. Poor writing and plot.

tag red - Make your own mind up5 star

Having read the reviews was not expecting to enjoy this but did...a lot. Very funny and quite moving too. The writing is surprisingly good. Make your own mind up.

carefulsquid - It’s ok3 star

I can’t add much to some of the thoughtful reviews here except to say that this feels like a low budget English film trying to look like a bigger budget film and not succeeding. Where Del Toros film was very much a budget film that looked like a big budget film. This lacks the mystique, magic, other worldliness and magic. For all the bad cgi etc it’s still ok.

Kgoxon - Rubbish1 star

Clumsy, boring, tragic.

bcburrows - Good hellboy3 star

Decent film. Did enjoy Perlman as Hellboy but the reboot was good. Not sure why the degree of negativity lots of far worse reboots out there. Might not pay full whack for it, but definitely worth a watch if you like this sort of film.

Jedi Samurai - Poor storyline and poor acting2 star

Disappointed, very disappointed. Has let the team down.

Al P - Disastrous1 star

Nuff said

370530e - Hellboy? Hell no.1 star

Do yourself a favour - watch the original.

kramer-1 - Absolute garbage!1 star

Absolute garbage! one of the worse scripts , how on earth did it get made terrible!!!

Donashi - Awesome5 star

This movie was a awesome watch. It was closer to the comic and very cool. I liked the gritty and the comedic scenes along with the gore. I actually prefer this version to the previous versions before it.

Joeygbp - Don’t waste your money1 star

This is utterly terrible, at least wait for it to hit the £1.99 rental bin

Jason Hook - Genuinely terrible1 star

I so wanted to like this film but it’s two hours of awfulness. The story is awful, the acting (apart from Helloboy himself) is dire and the special effects are woeful. It will make you appreciate the other two Hellboy films much more, every cloud has a silver lining. Avoid spend any of your hard earned cash and watch it on a streaming service later in the year or better still pretend it doesn’t exist and watch the other Hellboy films instead.

JC3! - Terrible1 star

This was a terrible reboot of a Ron Perlman gift. Do not buy.

burtronic4000 - Well then.....3 star

To the point, I like Dave as hell boy and I like the look of him in this film. Lovejoy had no business being here, he just didn’t fit, the swearing felt forced.....in fact quite a lot felt forced. I think if you took out leopard man, love joy and the medium girl it would have been better, I didn’t like the characters or acting. Del Toros hell boy was visually stunning, very Mignola, this was grittier but lacked the same visual feel. Wrong kind of zombies for Jojovich, she should get back to the Umbrella apocalypse and take her acting with her. I liked Ron Perlman as hell boy, but in some ways I preferred Dave. The only thing that griped me about Del Toros was Selma Blair, no thanks. On the whole, worth a mindless watch but don’t expect great acting and in depth stories. I’d probably wait until it’s cheaper if I could turn the clocks back. I think I already said it, but I liked Hellboy in this......in fact, I think that’s all I liked, the pig thing was just a boar.......get it? In fact I hated that thing too. Oh dear.

MovieMagician - Puts the ‘BOY’ in Hellboy2 star

As a person who has watched the original two movies, and liked them, I was slightly sceptical about a remake, and after watching this I had good reason to think that. The main character portrayal was unbelievable, and the make-up made him looked aged unlike the original. As for Ian Mcshane’s performance of hellboy’s father compared to the original’s John Hurt, there is no contest. John Hurt had a sense of class, and true love for his son that was brought across in his acting, whereas Ian Mcshane was cold, distant and lacked any credibility in his character. There are some good points to the movie such as: the soundtrack, London’s iconic buildings, some funny elements via the dialogue, but overall if you can’t match or supersede a classic stay well clear of trying to remake it.

johnw2144 - Avoid1 star

The only film I’ve walked out of the cinema on. you can tell this greatly suffered from the changing directors half way through and the several re-writes. The CGI was awful and poor David Harbour had nothing to work with. Avoid

Shad0w87 - Worst film ever1 star

They should have left this film the way it was. I've just wasted 2 hours in the hope it would get better.

Ruskincat - Not quite as bad as I was expecting, but2 star

Why does Hollywood insist on rebooting films only to make them worse than the original. This makes the original hellboy look like an Oscar winner. I don’t mind a bit of swearing, but this film does it just for the sake of it to look grown up.

PhilBeeeeee - Entertaining4 star

Really not that bad, I enjoyed it more than the original films. Gory and funny in parts.

Stretchyuser - Diabolical1 star

After 25 minutes I switched off and went online to see if it was just me. Turns out this film really is considered to be as bad as I thought. Awful.

MrFox2 - Buyers remorse.1 star

I’ve never said this and I’ve bought some really bad B movies but I want my money back. I thought I would give it a go, the other Hellbky movies were light hearted and fun however I just .... I’m just .... I wasn’t good. Not worth the £10 paid. Oh how I have buyers remorse!

Kev P - Hellboy1 star

Awful, watch the originals.

upleb - Just awful1 star

Honestly, this film has nothing good about it. The writing, the acting, the special effects, the makeup, the story and the accents are just awful too. I hope to God that this is the only film in this new franchise.

The Humble Master - Bring Back Ron Perlman2 star

It was a stupid decision to not have Ron Perlman as Hellboy. That, dodgy writing and other poor production decisions render this maybe worth watching on TV when it’s free. Even free it would be a let down

Nial13 - Hell-NO-Boy1 star

Utter dribble, avoid at all costs

JPNAGL - Loved it5 star

Saw in a few reviews folks torn between the other movies and this. This stands on its own two feet, great adaptation, highly entertaining.

KeeranDRoberts - Rubbish2 star

Not the thrill I was expecting. Don’t waste your time or money on this film.

Simofsheff - Oh dear...2 star

Unfortunately this isn’t a patch on the previous films, much as I liked 1 & 2 I really struggled to watch this to the end

Daminous - It's more HellBoy wannabe than HellBoy YEA!!3 star

I had to give it a 3 star becasue it's a try hard reboot rather than taking what has been built from the original Hellboy and expanding the universe of the character. At times the film struggles and the acting and cgi is as bad as each other. Nothing against David and I know this is more based off the original comics and violence nature but David does his best with sucha weak supporting cast and that doesn't help. Over all it's a great addition to the Hellboy franchise but just let down by the cash grab society.

JakMoxy - Good but cant hear the dialogue3 star

Its a good movie but even with reduce loud sounds you cant hear hardly any talking over the music.

Hagakure2014 - Terrible reboot1 star

This is by far the worst superhero movie I have seen since I was a child. The acting was shocking - bad plot - terrible cast and god awful cgi effects. How could they get a movie so wrong the previous hell boy films were amazing this movie has tarnished them. Avoid this film at any costs and Neil Marshal who directed this movie should be ashamed of himself and take this as a sign to retire!

Lyger000 - Brilliant..5 star

A great movie very entertaining and fingers crossed some more are made the new hellboy is great and is a different approach compared to the awesome Ron Perlmans character well worth seeing!

Ggiucghhfykj - Terrible1 star

Meh story meh characters Harbour did a fine job

_Tim115 - Not Good1 star

One of the worst reboots I've ever seen. Once you've seen thr trailer you've seen the bits worth watching. Week plot and dialogue followed by worst acting. In the end it felt lije it had all been done bfore and nothing new was brought to the story. If you want to watch Hellboy then give the Guillermo del Toro version a look.

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Jim Ohio1 - Why the Hate?5 star

The movie doesn’t have the steampunk aesthetic of Guillermo’s. Beyond that, I thought this was a fun action action. I’m disappointed that a sequel probably won’t be coming. The movie drags a bit in the middle but not enough to detract from the fun.

Erichrok - It Wasn't That Bad4 star

A lot of people have been dumping on this movie and I'm nor really sure why. I guess if one is a comic book geek and the movie doesn't follow that line closely enough that is one thing. Maybe others got all hurt because Ron Perlman didn't reprise. Whatever... Everyone gets long in the tooth. I wasn't a comic book guy so I don't know what I am supposed to be missing. I like this movie though. The actors did a good job (especially Ian McShane who I thinkis great). It was action packed, funny and overall entertaining. There are end credit scenes that make me want to see sequels. Maybe some of the CGI was too cartoonish for some but dang, there are only so many ways to bring a mythical beast to life. Not sure what else one wants in a movie. Don't believe the naysayers. Check it out and even if it isn't a "Gone With the Wind" experience, it won't be a waste of time.

Natolodeon - Fun movie5 star

An underrated gem, definitely not as bad as others are saying. Just a super fun movie that you need to have an open mind for. The almost all-rock soundtrack is awesome and not something you hear in movies often. If you can stomach the gore then I totally recommend.

keydash - Crud1 star

Convoluted, bouncing all over the place. No focus on story line, just, blood, gore, yelling, and a weak script.

AlyDeS - One Star is too Many1 star

If I could leave zero stars I would. Terrible acting, gore just for the sake of gore and to top it off- hanging children dangling in the back. No thank you. This has seriously tarnished the legacy the original two movies lovingly carved out. Wow.

Jason144000 - Alice was awesome. No, not Project Alice ;)3 star

3 stars is def being generous, but since they recast literally everyone, and re-shot/changed the origin story (for...reasons'?), they had a lot of work to do. Hellboy's new actor is ok. He brings a differeent kind of charm than Ron Perlman, but it worked. Mila could have phoned in her entire performance, but I blame the script for that. They really gave her nothing to work with. And I swear they brought in Rock Steady from TMNT and it was laughable, but not even in a campy way. More in a straight up emberrassing way. Then there were the sudden emotional conflicts that would appear out of thin air and suddenly be resolved, and oh, just about the identical plot as the first two flicks. oy. What was the best part? Alice. She was great. No, not Project Alice. Wrong movie. lol.

WesWer - Great Movie5 star

Don’t believe the critics this is a great movie.

The Don of Camelot - Absolutely terrible1 star

Save yourself some time & money and don’t rent this. I only made it half way through and it was a struggle. I love watching movies and will always give the movie the benefit of the doubt if it has a bad rotten tomatoes rating but they were right with this one. There’s only been two other movies that I’ve seen that I didn’t finish, thanks to Hellboy, there’s now two. If I could rate it as zero stars I would.

Mr. Muskle - Not good on any platform1 star

I saw this movie for free on the plane. I really liked the original hellboy but this one was just bad and fell really flat. This movie was all over the map and I was falling asleep on it. The jokes were forced and fairly dumb like they were trying to make it like Pearlmans hellboy. This movie just made me appreciate the original one and I watch the movies for enjoyment and could careless about the comic books. Overall the movie plot, story line, action, and characters were uninspiring, dumb and boring.

JaroMX - Terrible2 star

Big disappointment....barely managed to finish it👎

russllj - This movie is terrible beyond words1 star

After Guillermo del Toro’s amazing first two films, this reboot takes the stupidity of the Transformer’s franchise and combines it with the worst of modern film making. I won’t give away any plot points, but this story is idiotic beyond words.

Kuffy01 - Painfully Bad1 star

Spend your iTunes $$$ elsewhere. This was so bad it almost hurt. The sound and voices were unintelligible through the bulk of the movie. The plot was utter junk (there really wasn't one) and the Hellboy developed in this narrative was neighter relatable nor interesting as a character. Should have left the Guillermo Del Toro versoins alone and run with those. Sorry all, this just sucked.

Gjaxs - Garbage1 star

I never write reviews but need to save people time. This will make you regret you ever hit play. Worse effin movie on this planet.

ParMan1967 - Pointless Reboot1 star

Casting of the lead, (Hellboy), doom this flix. A better actor could have carried the script No wonder this bombed at the box office.


Great movie! Don’t listen to all the negative reviews! Enjoyed it much more than the original 2!

AMJ33 - Nice try1 star

5 stars: For monster concept, design, and execution without it looking flat and overly fake. Everything else is just "blah". Things meant to be funny were not genuinely funny. Things meant to be sentimental or deep, felt contrived and forced. I do appreciate the element of horror but sometimes gore for gore's sake stops being scary and starts looking rediculous and loses its edge. I htink this movie tried to put way too many elements and sublplots and whatever else into one big show and it jumped the shark in doing so.

Rogg500 - Surprised.4 star

Better than the first. More adult comic book.

Ron Runni - Awesome movie4 star

Nostalgia can sometimes get in the way of appreciating a good movie. Not the Hellboy of the past. If you’re looking for a nice family movie, look elsewhere. 12/10 would watch again.

CletusBrawleysGhost - Just no.1 star

I went in with an open mind, but this movie sucked on all levels. Garbage.

Hellboyrocks - Amazing5 star

I absolutely loved it💯💯💯

16 HORSES - No way in Hellboy!3 star

Are you sure that this was Hellboy, I seriously doubt it! The Hellboy I knew was directed by Guillermo Del Toro And was played by Ron Pearlman! This is not Hellboy if anything it’s just Hell!

RyguySD78 - Not good2 star

So I’m someone who is pretty easily pleased when it comes to movies. But this movie was pretty bad. Bad writing, bad acting, bad story line, bad CG. So glad I waited until this came out as rental. Even the iTunes $5.99 rental charge was too high.

Nukabears - Not He’ll boy1 star

This movie is terrible.. they honestly should have Recast Ron. I tried going into this movie open minded, but this isn’t Hell boy. Unnecessary Language seemed forced. Just felt cringe worthy.

Backbreaker 360 - Like the comic...5 star

I was very shocked this movie is pretty good give it a chance...

esmith015 - Not bad, ignore butthurt Del Toro fans5 star

Closer to the comics than the old films and way more enjoyable. Those hating on this movie so much just really liked Del Toro's more happy-go-lucky version, which was not as dark as the comics were. Hellboy has potential and I would like to see more from this rebooted version. Harbour's Hellboy seems to be a significant improvement to Perlman's. Personally, I loved it.

EB.1027 - Couldn’t get any worse1 star

When I originally found out about this movie I had high hopes, however they were dropped massively, after attending the movie in the theater. The movie was not only non entertaining, it also had trouble tying events together. Not only that but the plot had so many holes in it, that it made the movie not really make sense. Basically in short terms don’t watch this.

Juanpablotn - Translate1 star

Can you translate to Spanish

all ears, and everything in between - Don’t Bother watching!1 star

This is the B movie version of Ron Pearlmans Hellboy. Bad script, bad visuals, bad acting, just plain bad in every way. I would rather watch paint dry than have to watch this movie again.

GraffitiPaint19 - Excellent5 star

This was outstanding. I just CANNOT understand the low reviews from critics. I really cannot. Our whole family loved it and we are NOT easy to please, we destroy most films and put a thumbs down. This rocked.

Lcempj - It's a okay popcorn movie.3 star

It's not del Toro love all those movies. And a bit to gory. It had a werid pacing at the begining too. I liked it but I would have rather gotten a third del Toro movie. I glad I waited to rent it instead of going to the theater.

onescaredcat2 - Good movie4 star

I liked it, but like most comic movies today it was way longer than it could have been. Minus one star for dragging it out.

dan. oh. - Not. Good. At. All......1 star

They went way to far with all the blood and gore I think they forgot they were making a movie.

lindseyrae629 - 2 minutes in...1 star

I was doubting. 7 minutes in I didn't even want to finish but I paid for it so, crap. Del Toro's Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army were gorgeous and had a great story! I don't know what this is.

Funguy1386 - AWESOMEEEE5 star

better than the originals , the last ones they just talk and no action , this movie got me from the begining when they chopped the head of the girl , finally , less bla bla bla and more action ❤️❤️❤️

Getsome2.0 - Good stuff4 star

I enjoyed it

FurdTerguson - Meh....2 star

Get rid of the humor. Get rid of the cheesy "kool-kid" hair metal....the last thing I want to hear when I'm trying to watch a movie is Motley Crue. The only redeeming qualities, imo, was the special effects and staring at Mila's chest.

Leenionion Hay - Better5 star

I actually enjoyed this movie better than the Del Toro films. I was expecting bad and was pleasantly surprised.

IceSoldier16 - AMAZING MOVIE5 star

This movie was really enjoyable to watch and I’m glad that I got to see this movie.

UnknownEcho - Liked it5 star

Liked it a lot, just didn’t compare it to the previous movies... hyped for Abe!

narekloryan - 😢😢😢1 star

Horrible movie

JakeRyan17 - Disjointed Web Series That Should Have Been Separate Chunks1 star

This film was slavish to the comics, and while some hardcore fans might appreciate this approach it leaves the film a bit disjointed. Like many comic books, this film is a bunch of small chunks that kinda fit together in a progression... but like the original Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon, it feels like a bunch of 5min episodes stitched together. Seriously, if you watch it you should take out your watch and time the different moments. Characters pop in and out of the story, and there’s little rhyme or reason to it.

Archy13 - Archy 133 star

Very true to the actual comic. ALways love Mila. The rest is a give & take. Buy if your a Mila fan, but Rent if you just want to see it!

Futae - Bleh1 star

I'd seen and liked the Hellboy movie from 2004 - interesting characters having to deal with real world realities, involving plot, with a ... style? I wasn't too familiar with, but a good campy feel thing going for it. Not the sort of thing I usually watched, but I'd liked it. I picked this up expecting something similar, but... bleh. People behaving in less than believable ways, in less than believable settings... events that seemed to happen for the sake of plot demands of events happening, and... yawn. None of that campy feel. Sorry, I honestly lost track around the time they went to see the old guy. It's rare I stop caring about a movie part way through my first time watching it, but that happened here. Oh right- the effects looked quite good. But effects alone don't come close to making up for the rest.

Surveymum501 - Love this one more than the others5 star

I read the some of the bad reviews and decided to buy and decide for myself. Glad I did! This movie had it all...never a dull moment.

Travisbrian85 - Surprisingly I really liked it!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍5 star

So I’m a huge fan of the original hell boy. So I went into this movie with a bit of an attitude considering they didn’t have Ron Perlman playing Hell boy. But it was actually really good. Loved the story and the detail. I think it’s super hard to fill the original Hell Boys shoes and I believe David Harbour did a fantastic job. Give it a chance. Amazing job from everyone especially love “Alice” being added to the story. I hope to see more. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jakeyv14 - It was good5 star

It was honestly a good movie

saganfan - Silly, gory, terrible acting.2 star

Silly, gory, terrible forced acting, plot jumps around a lot, one dimensional characters. I turned it off before it finished. Two stars for the numerous CGI monsters as they were consistent and entertaining, even funny at times.

Redder143 - The new Hellboy1 star

Ron Perlman Is a wonderful actor watching him play this character in the first two That’s pretty amazing the newest one without him I don’t honestly have to say it was OK I don’t recommend watching the movie just wait for it to come out on Netflix If you really want to see it

hdb80 - Answer me.1 star

Why do we keep remaking the same movie over and over and over again? Have we lost all originality in Hollywood?

braunschweiger1 - David Harbour is awesome!4 star

I’m a big fan of Del Toro’s Hellboy and Ron Perlman has defined that role for sure. This movie doesn’t have the over the top visual that Del Toro offers, but the storyline is good and it goes at a good pace. The best part, hands down, is David Harbour. He is funny and with plenty of pathos. It’s worth watching just for him!

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