Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame Summary and Synopsis

The fourth installment in the Avengers saga is the culmination of 22 interconnected Marvel films and the climax of an epic journey. The world’s greatest heroes will finally understand just how fragile our reality is—and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it—in a story of friendship, teamwork and setting aside differences to overcome an impossible obstacle. After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers must assemble once more in order to undo Thanos' actions and restore order to the universe once and for all, no matter what consequences may be in store. Avengers: Endgame Wiki

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Part of the journey is the end...

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

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Avengers: Endgame Movie Reviews

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- Amazing - but not your typical Marvel Movie...5 star

This movie is amazing! 11yrs in the making and over 22 films to get to this moment. There is so much fan service in this film that will please you. You’ll be laughing, crying, cheering and going through so many emotions while watching this film. Though keep in mind, this is not your ordinary Marvel film that is jam packed with cool stunts and big action scenes throughout. The reason for that being is that they have to wrap up so many storylines that Marvel Studios started back in 2008. Since the very first Iron Man film. They to close on his story, Cap’s, Thor’s, Black Widow’s and the rest of the remaining heroes. Though the 3rd act of this film will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time, and you will feel a variety of emotions. Though overall, Avengers Endgame was such an incredible film in cinematic history and will go down as well as the other films as one of the best filmographies in history!

- Trash1 star

Predictable and unentertaining. WAY too overrated. Cheesy dialogue and shiny special effects. Alan Silverstri is the only saving grace

- Trash1 star

Weak script Corny jokes Predictable

- This movie is awesome 👏5 star

Thanks to Disney The movie became The best then Avatar movie ever

- It’s not the best not the worst it was OK3 star

Why did Iron man have to die 😢?

- ENDGAME5 star

Best super hero movie of all time

- Perfect end to eleven years of work5 star

This movie simply takes the first eleven years of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and gives it a proper ending that does leave some doors open. It was emotional, thrilling, and possibly the greatest moviegoing experience ever.

- BEAUTIFUL!!!5 star

This is a real Marvel masterpiece. I’m still really sad that Tony & Nat died, but at least they died as legends. Feige, Stan, thank you for this incredible journey. I can’t wait to see what other projects that lie beyond the future of this franchise! (Hopefully no X-men because they failed at a making a finale. Don’t add them to the MCU)!

- Great movie4 star

We saw this movie in theaters and it was great and sad.

- My new favorite movie.5 star

Wow. Unbelievable. I can sit down 3 hours for this. Best movie of all time. I can’t believe Ty in Dude Perfect threw it in the garbage. I just love watching it. It was my favorite movie after the 1ST time I watched it.

- Awesome5 star

Very awesome

- Two Reasons5 star

There are two reasons why someone would not like this movie... 1) they haven’t seen many or any other MCU movies. 2) they just hate it because other people love it. Literally the best movie ever made.


Great storytelling, great action, great everything!

- Best movie ever5 star

DUDE, this movie was fire!!!! I cried through the whole movie 😂😂. When o have kids I will teach them how to love Marvel💖. I can’t wait for the new movie to come out! Love you 3000

- Avengers endgame5 star

Tony stark😭😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😢😢why “I am iron man”


The movies so good I can’t tell you how much I love this movie. It had an spectacular story The best ending to the MCU It’s basically A MUST WATCH!!!

- Avengers Endgame5 star

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Iron died in this movie I just cried.But other then that I love this movie even though it was long it was awesome to me.If you feel sad about it just watch all the Iron movies.Thats what I did it made me feel better.It will never be the same.

- Great film with some flaws.4 star

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this movie. But I do have some minor issues with it. For one thing, I didn’t like the direction they went with Captain America’s story arc. It felt a little out of character for him to go back in the past and leave his friends behind. The creators made it clear that Steve Rogers wouldn’t want to change the past in any way shape or form. Professor Hulk was also pretty stupid. I thought Fat Thor was hilarious but in a way, it degraded his character. Plus, it was a 3 hour Avengers film with just one huge action scene. The rest of it was story driven. I also thought it was super overrated and talked about way too much and knowing me, I’m a massive Marvel fan. If you’re going in expecting a 3 hour version of Infinity War, you’re going to be disappointed. But nonetheless, it’s still a must watch for Marvel enthusiasts. A solid 8/10.

- Jaw dropping5 star

This movie is by far the best movie of the MCU. It is a emotional send off to our favorite hero’s and team! The movie is not complex at all like you would think! Greatly explained and not hard to understand. This movie has everything you want for a action packed saga ending. The final battle made the movie irresistible to look away! It was the perfect movie for the wrap of phase 3 of the MCU!

- Great5 star

Great Marvel’s movies are always amazing

- Garbage1 star

Marvel has fallen into the sewers. Nothing but posers who ignore the lore, the story, the characters. They shove in stupid one liners to push a moronic societal agenda. There is no substance to the story or characters. The scenes are short and jumpy, like they were made by a ‘Tuber whose mommy bought him editing software. The sfx are kinda of quality, but put together in a way they break the feeling and visual of the scenes. The sound is pathetic, both the composing and the implementation... like a kid who did too much E and started making dubstep. I highly regret buying this, and will never purchase any Marvel product again, ending a lifelong fandom.

- Awesome5 star

One of the best MCU movies and a great way to end the first series of movies.

- 😭😭😭it was beautiful5 star

The ending is so great and sad and so is all of it

- Oh my god I have no words absolutely incredible5 star

This movie is incredible 10 years in the making for this I love this movie it was the perfect ending of all marvel movie cuse it shows everyone in the avengers from 2008-2019 years mavel had done the perfect movie to end 10 years now I know this is not the end of marvel but it won’t be the same after infinite war because no iron man Thor shows up in two movies but no captain American because he is living with his wife but we’re kindof more of captain America but with falkin

- Iron-man nooo!!1 star

WHY U HURT MEH! WHY U DO THIS?!? U DESTROYED MY HEART! BROKE IT YOU JUST PLAIN BROKE IT AND IM DED IN A CORNER!!!! Otherwise it was good but I HURT U HURT ME. LOVE YOU 3,000, tony... 😭😭😭😭🥺 Why do I lie to myself this movie was literally filler and made no sense. When you realize that you made so many plot holes that it’s actually STUPID then good luck picking up the pieces russos! The Loki we know and love doesn’t exist and Thor is a laughing stock. You neglected the lives of Natasha vision and gamora as if they were the worst garbage you ever made and you wish you could have taken them back. You legit forgot those few that ACTUALLY DIED. AND WHEN THOR GOT MJOLNIR IT MADE NO SENSE BECAUSE THINK ABOUT THE THOR BACK THEN WHERE WOULD HIS HAMMER BE? YOU THINK IT JUST MAGICALLY POPS BACK INTO PLACE WHILE THOR JUST POPS IN AND OUT WITH THE GUARDIANS!? What I’m trying to say is that this film ruined the MCU. Good luck getting my money next time you mess it up russo bros!!!🤗🤗☺️😊😊👍👍👍👋👋👋 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

- R.I.P iron man 😭😭😭😭5 star


- R.I.P Iron Man😭5 star

And I am Iron Man I’m so sad I cried when I got home and my eyes were so red because I cried into the pillow 😭😭😭😭

- The greatest conlcusion of all time5 star

I grew up with the MCU starting off with Iron Man and i thought it was fantastic but then marvel kept growing growing and growing and here we are Endgame is one of the most saddiest and entertaining Marvel movie yet with visualy stunning effects and storytelling and characters that we will remember as a kid we came from a long way from marvel that's okay. Let's hope that marvel keeps growing and sends us more entertainment value so that we can see the marvel future.

- Bdddddd1 star

Esceetit yeye tacodog I was the nug boi eat sand göö



- Great5 star

Best film in the marvel universe

- Why?2 star

Ugh! What’s the point in watching a three hour “superhero” movie if it’s boring until the last 45 minutes. Seriously, Marvel has recycled every plot over and over to the point where you get tired of marvel movies. Marvel’s terrible formula is; starting out with a good beginning and then referring to older movies & talking about them, a boring and pointless plot, retconning older plots, humor, and they forget about the loose ends from the other movies. One other thing marvel messes up on are the characters, they either have no personality or are some times annoying, or ruin the best characters. Marvel needs to quit making movies for now until they can get the characters and the plots right.

- Not worth the money1 star

Horrible ending. Forced too many story lines together. Doesn’t flow well from scene to scene due to forcing time travel to fix bad decisions in Infinite War.

- Avengers: Endgame5 star

If you have seen Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame then you just saw World War III.

- Amazing!5 star

Best movie of all time easily I love it so much

- I guess concussions don’t exist in the MCU3 star

Actually not a bad movie if you like comic book movies, and I’m assuming you do if you’ve made it all the way to Endgame. No spoilers here, but the last half hour of the movie caused a giant worldwide comic book nerd orgasm, the likes of which we’ll probably never see again. And I’m just fine with that. All that being said, if you’ve made it through all the other Marvel films (or theme park rides, as Scorsese calls them) you’ll probably like this one, too.

- Horrible2 star

I like avengers infinity war much better this one was to sad

- End game5 star

I love it !!!! Every time I watch it makes me cry so bad. Like why?????!!!!

- Avengers end game1 star

I want my money back I rented this movie and it’s not working and I payed for it

- Best movie5 star

I couldn’t keep my eyes off this movie. It was really good and had great quality!

- Yes !!!!!!!5 star

This is so one of my favorite movies I ever seen.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

- I love the movie 30005 star

Tony Stark is a legend

- all y’all haters saying it’s bad5 star

this is the best movie in the history of the avengers series it had such a great plot and acting

- Sad 😢 that tony got R.I.P5 star

But still little happy 😆 because thanos

- Like coming home5 star

I love these Avengers movies.

- Why???!!??!!??!?$$&&5 star

Why did iron man hav to die He was like a 😆 jerk

- Cringe1 star

And DCpilled

- wow1 star

this movie took like 2 months too make and it shows

- Yah right2 star

This is the film that everybody was raving about? This was the film that already topped a billion dollars? This is the film that is supposed to be better than the Dark Knight? Yah right.

- Avengers5 star

The best movie I’ve have ever seen in my life

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mnhcrtychvjbknp - Great movie5 star

Very well paced and satisfying (Besides tony stark solving time travel in 5 minutes)

Gdhhfgjc - Best ending ever5 star

Just love the ending the ending is the best part of the movie love how they saved the best part for last.”Avengers assemble!”

AFORasome - It was amazing but4 star

Great battle, great experience, great, on core, Just fabulous, BUT!!., Ending was emotional, some plz agree that Iron Man should not have died in this gloriously Movie, I’m sorry but 4 stars, plz don’t hate

Israk Ara - Good5 star

Very good movie definitely should watch too good to miss

Charmx4 - All Avengers Movies5 star

First Avengers Good Second Avengers Not Bad Third Avengers Ok Last Avengers Amazing

CaptainNomad98 - The Best Marvel Films Of All Time5 star

This is Movie We Waited For Since Infinity War & The Entire MCU The Performances Is Amazing The Story Is Great The Action Sequences In The 3rd Final Act Is One Of The Best Final Battles Of All Time & This Movie Makes Me Cry When They Wrap Up Story Of Robert Downey Jr’s Ad Iron Man/Tony Stark & Chris Evans As Captain America/Steve Rogers Overall This Is One Of My Favourite Movies Of All Time & One Of The Best MCU Movies Of All Time

bmkwia - Beautiful5 star


forpnite - I see this as an absolute win5 star


Mya_Star - End5 star

So satisfying to watch an end of an era

nat moey - Avengers end game5 star

# best movie of the year great job by the MCU

PinningMommy - Best movie ever!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

I love the fight.It was so awesome. K.V

4534 ggfhfgh - fghgf5 star

the best film i ve seen

AlanChristian - Wow5 star

Thank you for this movie. Hail Hydra.

Silt eats - Great5 star

A great & classic movie

Fingercuffs - 6/103 star

Not bad,Infinity War was better. Some great parts in EG just overall was not as good as past movies and with the way the MCU is going be my last MCU movie I want to watch.

T33 ratings - A true masterpiece!5 star

Experiencing avengers endgame was exactly like eating when you were hungry and drinking when you were thirsty. It satisfied Me completely even with the twists and turns in from the beginning to the end. A very good family movie and an amazing way to end off it has been truly a amazing 10 years The actors really put on there a game for that movie and it paid off immensely.

TyreseBePlayin' - Truly Breathtaking5 star

Outstanding performance for all of the crew

henhen129 - Saw it in theatre twice, would watch it again, maybe even more the once again.4 star

The first time overwhelmed me, since I did not expect any of it. The second time, however, I enjoyed even more, since I was able to absorb and remember all of it better. It was so good, I’d see it again. It has so many good comedic scenes and definitely some of my favourite action scenes and my absolute favourite ‘final battle’ scene. I could give it 5 stars, but the first chunk of it was a little bit slow, but I can understand the long length of the movie (3 hours!), since it has to tie up a good few loose ends. Spoilers (maybe?) I didn’t get the part on Asgard, since I never saw Thor: The Dark World, though that isn’t much of a big deal, I’ll probably watch it later anyways. One of my favourite scenes has to be the part where Captain America fights himself from the past. I just like the concept of movie characters having to adapt to their own strengths/abilities, since that would be something they’ve probably not experienced before. I could write about this for a long time, but I don’t want to write too much, my fingers hurt. And finally, I’d still buy Endgame. I think it’s definitely worth the twenty-something dollars that it costs.

fostwolf - .1 star

Total waste of my time. and why didn’t they go back 2 days before thanos destroyed the stones

Toronington - Cinematic masterpiece!5 star

It’s the great crescendo of all movie!

Marry Poopins - Best Movie of all time5 star

Spectacular ending to the infinity saga, satisfaction in almost every way....except the movie could have done without Brie Larson’s captain marvel. She is a terrible actress, she and her character are to cocky, and the movie didn’t need an overpowered super like that, it would have been better if they left her out. But besides that great movie!!!

Ze cool one - Epic5 star

I liked it so much so epic hope they make a 4 and 5th one

Skylersoaring - Disappointed1 star

Long and boring , it was like I was watching a totally different movie every hour

nialanorac - Divertissant5 star

Exceptionnel et plein d’humour - génial le scénario - au adoré la bande sonore - Trois heures bien divertissantes

SeaDoo666 - Très décevant1 star

Le moins bon de tout les avengers! Disons qu’il était temps que ça se termine. Ont est vraiment loin des classiques comme Ironman 1 Ça ressemble plus a un star wars, ça se passe plus dans l’espace que sur terre, ils nous garoche tout les super héros de Marvel, aucuns n’est attachants, Hulk est affreusement mauvais, Thor aussi, ironman plate, pepper potts shooté au botox et mauvaise! Capitaine america boff... et les autres... ont s’en contre fou!! Bref, beaucoup trop long, mauvais et à oublier P/S Marvel sont même pas capable de faire leurs films en 4K... en 2019!! Pas fort👎 En plus leurs films d’il y a 6 7 8 ans sont encore en vente à 25$... et aucun en 4K Ça fait dur.

hobblybob - Thanos5 star

Thanos you had a good run until you were decapitated

NotHomelessAtAll - Why are u here?5 star

Everyone who has internet must has watched it you already know it’s great

E. Spence - Rent for sure5 star

I saw it in theater like the rest of the planet but I'm glad I rented it. There is so much I remember but not the way it came together. The second round in front of your TV doesn't overwhelm you like the theater. You have more time to absorb it.

goldndave - end game will not end1 star

We bought the movie from the Apple store and still havent seen it 3 days later. We keep getting a message that the Apple Store is busy and can not play the movie at this time. please check back later. So .. you get a 1 star just because there is not a 0 star

not-so-sure - Loved this movie5 star

It left me wanting more, unfortunately from what I understand this was the end of the avenger movies.

Flim 10 - amazing character development5 star

absolutely amazing. The plot twist near the end was a little too twisty. panels should’ve died for real at the beginning. overall a really amazing movie.

kiwi master 2.0 - it was the best! but iron man died! still it was cool!5 star

I love it!

fdefre - Best movie ever 100% rotten tomatoes5 star

Awesome movie!

PDhillon - Greatest movie of all time!5 star

Hell of a finale to a decade of a magic!

sawyer lawton - Best movie on this planet5 star

Tears were shed, laughs were shared, smiles were shown

chickrn2 - People die5 star


Iliketocook - Russo Brothers I still want a partial refund!3 star

I went & saw this in the theatre, when I go to see a super hero movie it's for a happy ending, that's what the unspoken rule is of a super hero movie, a happy ending, good guys win, bad guys don't & usually come back saying they'll get them next time before disappearing. Since this is a second part to the 1st movie where almost everyone dies, I was expecting the reversal, & not to be depressed all over again when they kill off 2 of the main characters but return everyone else. I'm sorry but there's enough death in the world, & in my own life that I don't need to see it in my super hero movie(s) which is supposed to be an uplifting escape. Some woman went out to start whimpering to my right in the movie theater when the funeral scene started at the end, depressing! If you have to see it to see what happens after the 1st part then rent it if you can, or buy it on discount later. I'd pay for the special effects & the action, but I still want a partial discount "Russo Brothers" for the very depressing ending to this some what ok long action movie. Marvel Comics used to be "to be continued..." at the end of their books, & this movie is absolute in their ending with 2 of the characters & that sucks.

fire gunner - Just another time travel movie.2 star

Title says it all. I thought it was incredibly lame how they mentioned other time travel movies as if endgame is any different. TONS of plot holes and full of the usual cheap avengers humour.

Antoine Lafleur - Excellent Film5 star

Best film i have ever seen in my entire life and for the few poepole saying this wasn’t funny or that there was not enough action, this was the whole point of this film to be sentimental and of you didn’t understand that already you don’t deserve to comment that film. It was also a way for the MCU to develop their characters and to introduce new and greater dangers

ghtfnhfg - OMG5 star

This is one of the best marvel avenger movies in the history of avenger movie I’ve saw is like 10 or 9 times even though it is 3 hours long i love and I like how they were doing a thing the theater were like they interviewed the guy who ho started the comics that old guy I for get his name but i think it was Stan anyway I think it was really sweet and at the end of the clip it said “We love you 30000” so really good movie😚🤩🥳😜🤗

Trill Gawd15 - The Best Avengers movie of All Time5 star

Such a good movie, I watch it often now that I own it. Great everything really

ApocalypseMark - Restored my faith in God.5 star

To those who dissed this movie. YOU HAVE NO SOULS!!! This is the greatest movie of all time and u DARE diss it?! May u be eaten alive by wolves. This movie is a masterpiece in our own time and all other superhero movies will be the equivalent of the Spongebob movie. So haters, please, enjoy watching the Spongebob movie. This movie will forever be within the Hall of Famr for films!

Corey_idono - The funny parts5 star

My favourite part is when they where talking about time travel and war machine said so why don’t we go back in time and kill baby Thanos

👉🏼👌🏼🖕🏾 - Avengers end game was amazing5 star

It was the best one yet

brawls stars change it back - Festering pile of garbage1 star

Not funny, made hulk into a millennial, had almost no action, politics involved, and made infinity war pointless. NOT FUNNY AT ALL What happened to badass hulk Why didn’t they make endgame in infinity war why make another movie.....ohh I know for money. Plot armour through the roof awful film.

the1235trh - Best5 star

Best movie hever

dana alrayyes - Great movie5 star

Love the movie It gave me chills Literal chills

mikchelp - Good film5 star

Best mobile ever!! Great until the end.

tonystarkbest - Avengers5 star

Best movie ever

AMAZING LADS - Amazing5 star


dumbbumfart - The best5 star

The best

[email protected] - I love it5 star

All of you peeps who hate it are weird but I LOVE IT

laflaqua - SPEECHLESS5 star

Never to be topped. A movie that will go down in History.

ieodifkfit - 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣5 star


dcivir - I haven’t watched the movie yet but the Quilty is shocking I tired to watch but2 star


Grimluppin - Awesome4 star

Very entertaining.

# disneymouse - Love marvel5 star

I loved the movie I will miss all the old characters. Marvel won't be the same with out you.

Iluvromcoms - Good movie5 star

I like Spider-Man

Mario95832 - One of the best movies of all time5 star

I love everything about this film.

Janni03 - 4K release?1 star

Every marvel movie is pretty much 4K now, so start putting the 4K versions up. With Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision. It’s becoming a joke now especially since the new iPhone 11 will have Dolby Atmos

avenging dmeath angel - Avengers5 star

Awesome and coolest movie ever produced and produced

tdtfhvjvdrsrdytswrdtd - Yeet5 star

This movie was Yeet

???????????????2 - What a stinker1 star

Written directed and produced by ten year olds? It looks like it.

cruman4 - Best movie ever5 star

This movie was so great that i can not have another avengers movie after this, this movie is hilarious but also depressing, oh and its 3hrs long so yeah, there isn't too much too say about this movie because i don't want any spoilers in this review but just watch the movie, and definatily watch this before far from home or even the trailer just watch this

yayyyyyyyeeeeeeetttt - Amazing5 star

So good

Mirelli113 - poor finale to Infinity War2 star

Convoluted script, slow moving and a real let down compared to Infinity War.

Mitni455 - boring1 star

they invent time travel in 5 minutes, no real tension, fake science magic solves everything

NameRequired - Really 🤷‍♂️1 star

So soy - really disappointing.

Kevarkevar - Absolutely TRASH1 star

This is the best movie I have ever watched in my entire life. Extremely emotional, as it is a sum up for the previous 11 years of MCU stories. This movie is not only about defeating Thanos, but also a final assemble of the Avengers. I love it 3000.

appletreehill - Not a bang but a whimper1 star

Whimper Bought it, watched it and felt cheated. Lovey Dovey eyewash. Didn’t end with a bang but a whimper. Must have been a marketing decision. Utterly timid and egregiously shallow.

KM4487 - BEST MOVIE! But please bring back robert downey jr5 star

Honestly, this movie is one of the best movies ever created. As much as i loved the movie i was so upset with the ending. PLEASE BRING robert downey jr back!and chris Evans! Please!!!

fpv320 - Loved it!!5 star

Been waiting for ages for this release, and it doesn’t disappoint

TotnotTot - This Part Of The Journey is the End5 star

I Love you 3000

DMW001961 - Way too long3 star

It's three hours long. I haven't been able to sit trhouygh it yet without falling asleep.

Danhopkinson - Let down2 star

the most dull and shallow film of the franchise. boring and bity for the most part with about 20 mins of action at the end. Huge let down to conclude the previous films. Definitely not worth $25

abscghj - Not good1 star

Why isn’t this movie playing on my tv can’t play on my lightning adapter so everyone can watch just doesn’t play waste my money

Jayge3 - Didn’t come with the new post credit scene!1 star

Paid $25 to purchase the movie and it didn’t even come with the re-released end credit scene. Really disappointed as we didn’t get to see it in the movies so I thought it would definitely be out with the movie. Really crappy way to end the film.

Useregv - BEST MOVIE MADE EVER - this isn’t sponsored or paid just obsessed5 star

No better movie has ever been made. Tug all my heart strings but made me feel so happy inside still. I love you Marvel, you have outdone yourself.

KlausVillaca - Ok movie3 star

Weak story, heroes suddenly get weaker, trying to show the girl power. Hulk and the Mighty Thor are pathetic. Actually all heroes were too silly. Never again I buy a movie on pre-order. Because this's the sort of movie that I will never watch again ever. Even my son, 9, told me what's happening with those heroes, they don't do anything right and look silly.

Hosko89 - Simply the Best5 star

Marvel, what a franchise, what an ending.

ArkhamAnimations - Incredible5 star

I could not have asked for more in such an amazing franchise a perfect conclusion to a 11 year build up to this impeccable film truly epic and worth every dollar

Zman700 - The best Avengers film ever5 star

It was worth the wait. I can only just say that in a few years time, future generations will grow to enjoy this film and the films that preceded Endgame.

SuperterS - endgame4 star

Love these mcu movies but was slightly disappointed with this one. Perhaps there was too much hype and expectations

Kynan 3000 - WOW!!!5 star

I love this movie 3000

SFGPixelator - Amazing5 star

The movie was so good

pikachuuu____ - I’m ready to cry again.5 star


Trevor_Philips_Sandy_Shores - Brilliant end5 star

Brilliant end to a great story arc. Buy this friggin movie.

sepiservilla - The most awaited. It is available now.5 star

Best movie!

big sad energy from endgame - Its a baby. It’s Scott. AS A BABY- HE’LL GROW5 star

noobmaster69 is loki no I don’t take constructive criticism

WhiteEvo6 - Amazing movie, preordered it, worth every dollar5 star

DC should watch it and take notes on how to create realistic CGI and an amazing storyline and characters you love. Anyone that has issues with this movie must have enjoyed The Green Lantern 🤣

Emily31415 - My favourite Marvel film5 star

The absolute best marvel film released ever and easily the greatest film of 2019! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

party popper263826284 - Meh1 star


Jaido2000 - Best movie5 star

When this movie came out in cinema, I went to watch it 4 times, 12 hours in one of those seats. It’s so good. I’ll never get sick of it. I even got the avengers logo tattooed on me.

y878777 - Avengers endgame5 star

it is such a good movie i would recommend it to people over 9+ the only thing is is that it has more violence than avengers infinity war but thats the only thing thats bad.

Holdee - Best movie5 star

Best movie in the marvel cinematic universe. Great way to end an era

Eddy1975 - Too long, too shallow!1 star

Too long, too shallow!

filmlover88 - Eh... it’s good, but not great3 star

I’m a fan of the MCU. But this is hyped beyond belief and a bit of a letdown, to be honest. Massively unsatisfying resolutions to some characters, and super lazy scriptwriting dealing with other characters. Eh, it’s fun enough, but try to temper your expectations or you’ll be disappointed.

review 211 - Best movie this year5 star


SaraSimo104 - Worth the money5 star

I never buy movies unless they are in the under $5 range but this one is worth my money.

VenomWRC - Not happy jan!5 star

I pre ordered end game and didn’t get it! 😡😡😡

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Marty Mcfly298 - EPIC!!5 star

2nd to Roger Rabbit for the biggest crossover ever, beating Avatar, Endgame is sensationally perfect. With the smart time travel plot and the amazing battle at the end this movie, start to finish is a masterpiece!

Gudif - Endgame5 star

Why did Ironman have to die captain marvel could of taken the hit!😭

Ea read this - Overrated1 star

Garbage movie

adammmmnnnnnn - 🤯 INSANE NGL 🤯5 star

Endgame is a super long, funny, dramatic movie that is totally worth watching! If you’re a marvel fan, it’s an automatic. Endgame is a roller coaster of events that will take you on a crazy adventure. Last thing imma say is dat, you gotta watch dis movie before you dieeeeeee! 👌🏼

I like Skittles 42 - Amazing5 star

Fan service at its best

Sagooni147 - Yep5 star


darakhnnb - Avengers end game5 star


Its still leaking - Thanos!1 star

Why must every American movie have a sappy happy ending. Should have stopped after Infinity War. And the final bit of “Hollywood BS” is when Thanos snaps his finger the vanishing is random. When dipstick Tony snaps his fingers only bad guys vanish. How convenient.

LIL $ainT - Emotional my fav movie of the year5 star

I have been a fan of the marvel avengers since I was a kid. It’s been amazing being able to watch these characters evolve time and time again. I can’t believe that after iron man came out that all these movies would follow. It all started with iron man and to see him be one of the fallen including black widow was so sad to see. I was happy to see how tony stark( Robert Downey jr.) mentioned “I am iron man” which he originally mentioned in the last scene in his first movie and mentioned it in his last scene in endgame. I love the work that Stan lee (r.i.p) did with this project and how he had such an amazing imagination to make these characters thrive and how we the audience were able to connect to these characters. And the finale of this movie was one of the best that I have ever seen.

J.Ranz7402 - Wasn’t bad but also wasn’t that amazing3 star

I feel like this movie was kind of over hype

bbystar - Beat5 star

Art piece work from the hand of god himself.

The pug Tolani - End of An Era5 star

Avengers Endgame is truly the end of an area, it is a love letter to all MCU fans, and has so many fan service moments, and keeps you satisfied with the 22 movie saga that you just experienced, so to truly experience this movie, you must watch the rest of the MCU

jjokab - BEST MARVEL MOVIE EVER!!!!5 star

It’s got everything that makes a marvel movie!!😃😃. The action drama score and the character arcs are all perfect!!! 😃😃 I love it!!!😃😃😃😃😃

julioissupetawesome - Marvel Did awesome with this movie5 star

This is gonna win an Oscar

FOREVER percy jackson #1fan - 2nd best Marvel movie5 star

Too amazing but it took to long to get started and 3 hrs is a long time for a movie

nismen - Payment issue1 star

I couldn't get time to watch the movie after i make payment for this, and later after 3/5 days subscription has being cancelled and than apple ask me to pay for this movie agin to watch. Why it so annoying here. Can anyone help me on this or apple could you make it happen. I have lost my money on this. Here to see a work from you😊

Dirp cakes - greatest movie ever5 star

best movie

M_H29 - Overrated2 star

I’m clearly in the minority on this one; I thought it was boring and predictable, which Infinity War defiantly was not.

vdanvic - Expected it to be better2 star

I’m sorry but I would have to disagree with the people that are saying “best Marvel movie ever!!”. It’s not. At least for me it’s not. The problem with this movie is that it was predictable and the writing (script) was LAZY. It could’ve been better. Honestly, I was disappointed. Imo the first Avengers movie (from 2012) is better than this one.

Brandywine Bridge - The Best5 star

Everyone associated with this movie completely out did themselves. This movie was an absolute masterpiece. It’ll make you laugh, cry, sit on the edge of your seat. This IS what you go to the movies for. I simply can’t believe anyone could give this a low score, but then I have found that every single movie seems to have at least one person who hated it, I have learned to ignore those, lol you can’t please everybody.

Butt head bill - Farewell5 star

This is my favorite movie of all time. It’s does everything right.

FourUnderFour - 😱😱😱5 star

I love it 3000!!!!

mr nobody163225 - Wow 😮5 star

It can’t get a better ending than this


It was a great movie but it does not deserve the highest grossing movie of all time for the simple fact it had to be re-launched to be avatar so to me it always be the second grow size movie of all time not the first and I am MICHAEL lol

apolder19 - Best movie ever5 star

I saw it in theaters a couple days later before it came out I feel that it was the best movie I have ever seen but the last one was not so good because the avengers lost the fight and didn’t get the stones in the first place.

kw85233 - OK1 star

Good but not the best of the Marvel films. Tried too hard to wrap everything up with a nice bow. Had far too many characters. Should have stopped after Avengers: Infinity Wars. Thanos is simply the best! He can singlehandedly defeat Hulk, all the Avengers, and he can wield Stormbreaker.. Thanos is also the only one in Avengers: Infinity Wars, and Endgame not on some selfish pursuit; everything he does is for the betterment of the inhabitants of the universe. Thanos also relinquished the power of the stones by destroying them. He could have easily kept them. Long Live Thanos!

Dhcprouter - First one had more purpose.3 star

If you have ever read the comics. The screenwriters took tons of Liberty in the real story. (Yes I’m a nerd) if a group of 5 eternals couldn’t hold the power stone. Yet nanotechnology could hold all 5 it’s just a poor plot twist. I would have written, one of the characters to go back and have a glove made by the dwarves.

transitorial pancake - Unknown5 star

I think it was the best movie yet. Everything in it was epic. Only really sad part is the end at the end of the final battle. Tearjerker quite sad.”I am Iron Man.” Anyone who watched Iron Man 3 knows it.

ZacJohnsonDotCom - Best Movie Ever!5 star

The saga comes to a close.

D.Bergling - Really....1 star

Black widow and Iron Man.... REALLY !!! 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬 I mean, the whole movie its great but till Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark, I still have hope that they somehow will come back !!!... Please MCU 😬🙏🏻

le93 - Terrible1 star

Next to Iron Man 3, the worst Marvel movie...

Against socialism - So disappointing1 star

It was not good, I personally think they ruined the series.

SasaAlmighty - Love for all Marvel movies5 star

For those who love this type of movie will enjoy endless. Just keep your popcorn near and play the movie.

DJ j dmifndjcj - Yeetis2 star

Because there were no two star, i felt it needed one.....

Head Maroon - Fantastic film!5 star

I rented this film on a whim having heard so much about it. I have never seen any of the films connected to it. I have my work cut out for me since I will do my best to catch up. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

StarWarsMan1138 - I love this 3000.5 star

This is without a doubt going to easily go down as one of the greatest movies of all time (maybe even the best in the world). I love how Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers have been working to build such an amazing universe, with the ups and the downs, but it all was completely worth it. The big three are some of my favorite heros I have ever loved since I was young when the universe merged for the first time with the first Avengers in 2012. This was the perfect send off for the second biggest cinematic universe of all time (second only to Star Wars for obvious reasons btw). There were a few things in this that were completely unnecessary (I'm looking at you Captain Marvel), and it should've never been involved with this film since it's a focus on the original team. But, in the end, I don't care about those small things because this was just a good movie. Plain and simple. And I feel like it should be a goal to get 3000 five-star reviews for this film, also for obvious reasons. I am definitely going to miss this ride of epic proportions, but hey, now we got Spider-Man, and thankfully we got him back after the Disney vs Sony beef. Overall awesome and unforgettable. I will always be Team Iron Man, rewatch the series, and always keep the memories of RDJ, Evans, Holland, and the other actors that helped contribute to the good side of this franchise. R.I.P. Stan Lee. #Excelsior Nuff said.

immurf - Cast is set!5 star

Amazing beyond perfect movie and with so many characters which are all perfectly casted it doesn’t have to be endgame iron woman! Need another Ironman movie! Hulk movie such a perfect casting in every role each can be a single staring movie!!! Keep it up please and Robert Downey Jr. deserve an Emmy for his role! I can’t count how many times I’ve watched this and I cry every-time at the end!!

Lakefarm - "Epic" doesn't mean good1 star

Most of why this movie gained favorable ratings is because 1) it is the anticipated sequel for Infinity War, and 2) the "epicness" of the visual effects and the strong cast. Take away these two things and you're left with a faulty movie with incredible leaps in logic, choppy editing, unfortunate attempts at humor, and a general sense of being rushed in the making. I'm glad I didn't waste money to see it in the theater but I'm definitely angry at having spent $6 to see it on iTunes.

Davisv - Best ever5 star

Amazing. End of story (no punt intended). Lol. Best 3 hours of my movie viewing life. 😁

😎matt - Very overrated in my opinion, not worth it3 star

Don’t buy

Alpha of darkness - Avengers End Game5 star

I loved the movie but it was so sad when iron man died and hopefully you guy can make more and yes I know that this was the last part of Avengers but I really want you guys to make more of these movies love you guys

basketball girl79 - Cgfg5 star

I suggest this movie to all who love superheroes or DC or Marvel

kindness giver - No spoilers4 star

Avengers: Endgame was awesome! I know that there are a lot of people who want to see it but haven’t seen it. So please be a kind person and don’t give out spoilers. No R.I.P. anyone.

Softball non ya - 😢5 star


SKI 93pm - SKI 93pm Here.5 star

This is one of my favorite Marvel movies of all time, except for Spider-Man Homecoming. The plot was awesome, with the time travel part. And the final battle is my favorite movie sequence,also. The acting and music is epic as well. End: One of my favorite movies of all time.

packs.slumps - AVENGERS Assemble5 star


Eliamninzeta - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

Its the best movie in the world

wolfmutant - R.i.p iron man5 star

WHY IRON MAN(p.s this my first avengers movie so...)this is a good movie it’s got the sad parts the funny parts soo.... I like it!AnD... THEy arE Making A Black panther 2 in 2023

JOEYBOIZ - Legendary move by Marvel5 star

What a Legendary way for Tony to get sent out, I’m happy that evil once again met its fate as well as it opens new doors to those who were never seen as important hero figures, can’t wait for phase 4! #thankyoustanley

Mr. Ptsd - Overhyped and major disappointment1 star

Movie doesn’t deserve to be what it is worldwide. B roll film. Weak. Hulk gets no revenge. The cgi is awful. They all whine and complain nonstop. Why do you feel the need to incorporate the lgbt counseling? Not everyone wants this and not everyone cares. Why didn’t Rogers die like he should have? Major disappointment.

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