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From director Todd Douglas Miller (Dinosaur 13) comes a cinematic event 50 years in the making. Crafted from a newly discovered trove of 65mm footage, and more than 11,000 hours of uncatalogued audio recordings, Apollo 11 takes us straight to the heart of NASA's most celebrated mission—the one that first put men on the moon, and forever made Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin into household names. Immersed in the perspectives of the astronauts, the team in Mission Control, and the millions of spectators on the ground, we vividly experience those momentous days and hours in 1969 when humankind took a giant leap into the future. A look at the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon led by commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin. Apollo 11 (2019) Wiki

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A Cinematic Event 50 Years In The Making..

Apollo 11 (2019) (2019)

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- Absolutely amazing!5 star

Loved it!



- Absolutely FASCINATING!5 star

All REAL footage! You have seen the highlights of the mission, now see the other parts. (along with different angles of the highlights) Some actual humor parts between the crew and mission control too. "I'll try not to lock the door" as Buzz Aldrin is going down to the moon leaving no one in the Lunar Lander. Can't recommend this movie enough if you like space stuff. Amazing job making this movie!

- García Espinel5 star

Maravillosa, impactante millón de gracias por rescatar y editar esta parte de la historia de la humanidad !!!!! Gracias

- Amazing5 star

One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen!

- Mandatory watching5 star

A towering achievement of a movie. Apollo 11 needs to be in everyone’s movie library. This momentous achievement inspired a generation and will continue to inspire future generations from making bold dreams become achievable!

- The most well made documentary in history!5 star

For me, this is the *PERFECT* documentary. All of the focus is on the subject matter, NOT a bunch of 'manufactured drama for TV', NOT some 'self-important' narrator and his/her smooth delivery, but Apollo 11, the crew, and the people that put them on the Moon! It's done so well, and in full sequences for all of the events as they occurred, that it seems so much shorter than it is! This show could have been made twice or three times the length and it *still* would have been spellbinding! Well done! Very well done!

- A great documentary, I love it!5 star

I could not be happier with this movie. I would love to see more movies like this!!! By the way, I’d love to meet some of you guys !!! I, am Neil Armstrong, Crew of Apollo 11 Special thanks to my friends who came with me on the mission!!!

- Incredible5 star

This movie was made with mostly unseen video, much of which has amazing color and detail. It plays like a story you don’t already know. Amazing. Real. Screw that Ryan Gosling flick. One hint: watch it with the subtitles on...so much dialogue is over comms and you don’t know the speaker, subtitles will tell you.

- One word5 star


- Excellent5 star

Thanks CNN - One of my favorite movies of all time. Thank you for not adding anything to the film, perfect the way it is. I saw them land on the moon on my parent's old B&W TV. This brings all that back. What an awesome achievement.

- Terrific!5 star

For me, remembering I watched it on a small BW in the barracks with a room full of airmen was great. Watching it with my 27 year old son who marveled at the footage and the deliberate story telling without narration was stunning. It’s in my library.

- No BS. Just very informative.5 star

I haven’t been glued to a documentary like this before. Never a dull moment.

- Check out ufo starting 1:08:555 star

White ufo orb streaking above the moon surface starting at 1:08:55 into the movie.

- Bunch of bull1 star

This should have been about one country achievement and this filmed turned it into mankind, that the whole world contributed which they didn’t. The biggest scene didn’t make it which we all know what happened. Besides of some bad acting, cutout of historical events, etc you should go and get Apollo 13. Much better acting, filming and all

- Be5 star

Cherid gz eysyvhjnguxguvr FSU’t was sade the re What’s the oc

- Deeply and subtly moving5 star

Deeply and subtly moving documentary, precisely times for the 50th anniversary of The Moonshot, with tons of never before seen 65mm film footage, which — due to it’s high quality — makes it feel, as if it all was filmed / happened today!! That is something, which helps to experience this great event/project/undertaking in a genuinely new, fresh way.

- Amazing Footage5 star

The footage in this film is nothing short of stunning. I love the direction in that the story tells itself with no narration; only text comments and statistical information when needed.

- A Truly Oustanding Film!5 star

I started this documentary with the intention of watching a few minutes before heading to bed but could not stop watching it until the last frame had flashed on my screen. Uniquely, this documentary employs no modern-day narration. Instead, actual audio recordings made during the event itself are used to describe the key aspects of the Apollo 11 mission. The footage is mesmerizing; the pace of the film, perfect; and the impact, truly out of this world.

- Amazing doc now upgraded to 4K!5 star

Amazing 65mm footage and an incredible feat of editing! All the mission control footage was shot silently and had to be re-synced with separately archived mission audio. A must see.

- Terrific movie with a thrilling soundtrack5 star

The unreleased footage here is amazing; so clear and detailed that it looks like it could have been shot today. The pieces of the astronauts' journey have been fitted together to create a detailed and fascinating narrative, condensing a multi-day journey to under two hours. The terrific score adds the perfect musical touch: subtle and tense at times, exhuberant and pulse-pounding at just the right moments to elevate the emotion of these experiences. This is one of the most well-done space movies ever, and all the more amazing because it is all actual footage; no re-creations with actors here.

- Summer of '695 star

I was only 9 at the time the Apollo 11 mission occurred. Of course, the only coverage we could see at home was whatever the TV and Radion news was showing us and what they had available to them. So, this is nice to see additional footage of audio and video covering the event.

- Revisiting my childhood and my career5 star

I was only 4 when Apollo 11 flew. 25 years later I was lucky enough to work in a job that allowed me to work out at Pad 39A; drive by the crawler while it was moving a Shuttle; and fly payloads into space. I spent 10 years working for and with NASA. The remastering of the film keeps getting my confised as I think this is real time activity. This film says more about what spaceflight means to humanty than any words on a page or speeches made.

- One frame tells the whole story.5 star

Neil Armstrong's face in the still shot after he just walked on the moon. This is better than every movie adaptation ever made. Pure thrills, Zero garnish.

- Amazing.5 star

This film is amazing. Why not release it in 4K though? From 65mm source to 4K seemed like a natural and expected conclusion. **EDIT** So happy this was released in 4K!! If I could give it more stars, I would!

- Added music detracts3 star

Really like the video quite a bit, but the added music significantly detracts from the natural drama and sometimes makes it difficult to hear the native audio. Thank you for not adding other commentary.

- Outstanding5 star

For those fortunate enough to have been alive to see the entire Apollo program, this film says the right stuff about that mission. President Kennedy had the vision, NASA had the program, and the American people were behind the mission 100%. We need this again to address our changing planet.

- Perfect5 star

Folks, you just can't beat this movie. Rent it now.

- History....upgrade documentary to 4K5 star

Fantastic documentary on the Apollo 11 moon shot...all these years later still not exploring space.Shame on humanity...load up,time to see what’s out there.I mean 50 years later and what....?

- Meh.3 star

The footage is fantastic. If you were lucky enough to be alive when the lunar landing took place and old enough to remember it (hi there) it's fun to see all of this again. The way the film lays out the timeline is great. What bothered me is the angsty suspensful music soundtrack the filmmakers added. Rather than enhance the experience, it detracts from it. The event is suspenseful and spectacular on its own. The music is unnecessary and I have to think it's the brainchild of people who weren't actually there when all of this took place in 1969 and felt it needed a little bit of Hollywood treatment. Ugh! It made watching it unpleasant at times. Hence, three stars.

- Probably the best documentary I’ve ever seen5 star

Even if you think you don’t care about nasa and the space program from the 60s you’ll be in awe. I thought I had a basic understanding of what it took to get to the moon. I wasn’t even born yet literally and figuratively…

- Incredible!5 star

The restored footage was worth every penny! I love the restored raw footage shots without music, etc. it really does draw you in as if your there.

- Don’t miss this!5 star

Must see, period!


What.A.Movie Seeing authentic film (that is remarkably clear - just an excellent job cleaning up the footage) adds to the suspense of the Apollo 11 journey in a HUGE way. Knowing everything is factual and that we're seeing our real astronauts and real NASA employees with real expressions on their faces, etc., it all adds to the briliance of this movie. I felt as though I was right there with them. Just a superior job. Well done!

- Simply Amazing... those men and women of NASA5 star

While the film was stellar, I was more impressed by the efforts of the men and women who made the moon landing possible. During a time when the country was being torn apart by the Vietnam war, it was, as the trailer said, the last time we were 'one' and I so wish something like this could happen again to bring us all together. It is truely special that two of these three wonderful men, Buzz and Michael, are still with us today.

- Superb5 star

I was 3 when it happened and remember snippets. This is now full circle and an instant American heirloom.

- A masterpiece5 star

To have been able to bring this together into a cohesive and synchronized (audio/video) documentary from dispersed footage and audio recordings dating back 50 years is extraordinary. The result is an absolute masterpiece of historical preservation. Given the original films were scanned/restored at a 16K resolution, I’m disappointed we’re not offered it in 4K, but I can’t bring myself to lower the rating as it’s simply that good.

- Outstanding5 star

The world needs more of these uplifting stories of man-kind making history and promoting peace for all.

- Apollo 115 star

Best Apollo 11 documentary ever! Every school in the USA should show this to their students!

- Absolutely riveting5 star

I was just a kid when this happened. This documentary brought back the drama and goosebumps of 1969

- Awesome Film5 star

On the edge of our seat the whole time. Well done.

- Awesome5 star

Very good job or restoration. It was like I was actually there and part of it.


Brilliant edge of you seat filmmaking. A documentary that you know the outcome but still manages to deliver tension and drama. No narration. Just archival footage. No interviews from today. Small screen text informs the viewers and a line drawing of mission stages inform the viewer. Great score. Not to mention the actual achievement of putting the first man on the moon. This is a MUST see.

- Awesome5 star

The footage is stunning and the story is of the highest caliber. A human achievement that is unparalleled in its courageousness and otherworldliness!!! When you watch the rocket go up in gorgeous 70mm footage, it still evokes the same mind blowing and awesome wonder today as it did 50 years ago!

- Unreal5 star

A must watch.

- Gorgeous and awe inspiring5 star

I’m glad I experienced this in the big screen. It’s a gorgeous film, taking old footage and cleaning it up like never before. I remember some of these shots from For All Mankind but they didn’t look this good. I wish there was a 4K release of this but that doesn’t effect how many stars it gets as a documentary.

- Breathtaking5 star

....I know that sounds cliche’ but it really is breathtaking. The use of music and skillful editing makes this documentary emotionally intense story-telling. Apollo 11 was one of humanities greatest achievements and this film does that greatness a just portrayal. The few one-star complaints are just plain bizarre and seem to primarily be that odd niche of people who are actually mad that America and humanity had pulled off so grand an event. ‘Absolutely excellent film.

- 👍👍5 star

Simply amazing. This film is perfect in every way.

- Not gonna lie5 star

I cried. Some people seem to be confusing this documentary with the Canadian flick, though.

- Breathtaking...5 star

As a 25 year old, I didn’t have the pleasure of being alive in the summer of 1969. This film made me feel like I was there, I felt like I was alive for that brief hour and a half in July of 1969. Absolutely breathtaking....

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Iluvcampscherman - Good film4 star

It's a good film about an amazing accomplishment of humankind. My only real complaint is that the namea of people speaking and dates is so small, I could barely read it with my glasses.

JBone320 - Incredible5 star

I saw this in imax in the theatre and it was unbelievable. If you're into space/spaceflight and history this will knock your socks off. For space fans and kerbal space program players, it doesn’t get much better than this. Also, stoners. Combinations of both. You get the picture. BUT - Whomever ;) wrote the description of the movie (on here/iTunes) is an idiot. NASA "forgot" about their Apollo 11 footage? The first moon landing? Really?

iflyem - Over hyped.2 star

I will watch The Right Stuff one hundred times before I watch this again.

amoose136 - No fluff. Just what happened.5 star

The selection of shots is good and sound design is tasteful. My only complaint is that the particular font they picked for any overlayed text or data has not enough contrast and is kinda difficult to read depending on the particular background at the time. I also personally wish there was even more overlayed synchronized data but that’s probably just me.

the4cokes - Why is this not more advertised?5 star

This is my first iTunes review. I felt like I was there to experience the moment. This will be a tresaured film for both myself and my children. Never seen anything like it!

NickyLuca527 - Incredible5 star

One of the best documentaries ever!!

YAGMCB - Incredible5 star

Simply incredible!

overgaardcom - Done the right way5 star

It's a reminder how things are to be done. Such a high level of ambition, adventure and accomplishment. An insopiring insight into the whole operation of Apollo 11, from flags from all nations, the colors, and a crew who happened to have 70mm film handy for the documenting of history. Very inspiring on many levels.

Radient84 - Great Documentary5 star

It was very exciting to watch entire mission footage of Apollo 11 with high quality. Music was great too. Hope they will re-release this on 8K to 16K in future!

77's fan - Wow. Just wow.5 star

We saw this movie in the movie theater. The footage is incredible- mind blowing. The story is told really around the mission without any narrative or fictional drama. It was just stunning. As a funny aside, the only time the audience booed was when “CNN Films” appeared at the beginning. There was loud booing then, but loud applause at the end for these real heroes.

GetNate - Why not 4K?3 star

The film makers made a big deal about restoring the old 65mm film. This needs to be seen in 4k.

Ypsi_iPhone - Fantastic!5 star

Great documentary, and happy to have it available for purchase. Now Apple: Where is "In the Shadow of the Moon"? It, too, is a great Space doc, and was once available on the Australian iTunes store, but never here in the U.S., as far as I can tell.

AndGuz - A Cinematic Feat!5 star

The filmmakers crafted this like a drama/thriller cinematic feast. The colors are great, the sound editing is on point. And yes, we all know what happens but to see the faces behind it, awesome.

HENRY A. KYLE III - The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11: the First Lunar Landing!5 star

On July 20, 1969; the greatest scientific human achievement had been accomplished! Neil Alden Armstrong, Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr., and Michael Collins were the three-man space-flight crew of Apollo 11. The Mission became a monumental and tremendous success due to the efforts of thousands of men and women behind the scenes. This inspiring documentary titled: “APOLLO 11”; chronicles all the events leading up to the First Steps on the Moon! The First Lunar Landing became an historic event not only for the United States; but for all of humanity. This film captures the spirit of adventure, exploration, and the ultimate goal of the Space Race; “to put a man on the Moon and return him safely to the Earth, before the end of the decade”. This was a challenge spoken by President John F. Kennedy and became the sole objective by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This dramatic documentary assembled by original 70MM film footage is a cinematic time machine; which brings the viewer to an earlier time when risk and the unknown became common place in the quest for space exploration by America’s finest! Join me in watching the greatest scientific events in human history culminated in the LIVE recorded video footage of NASA’s U.S. Manned-Space Program to the Moon: “APOLLO 11”.

taylorad3 - One of the best documenaries ever5 star

A fantastic documentary about mankinds greatest achievement. It will bring back a lot of memories and stir the soul

film fan. - Top of the line documentary5 star


dog lover x 5 - Moved me to tears5 star

This was a phenomenal documentary that was thrilling and so incredibly moving. A must watch to be sure!

Boats Cop - Epic5 star

I didn’t know a documentary could be so exciting! Very awesome footage and a very awesome mile stone for humanity. I’m glad we have something like this to share with future generations.

TurboRouter - Greatest Achievement Ever5 star

For thousands of years we looked at the moon. In our lifetime, we touched it. I’m lucky to have lived through this period of history. The movie is exceptional and I highly recommend it.

5 star

Finished listening to 13 Minutes to the Moon today and followed it up with the 2019 @CNN Apollo 11 film. The film…

5 star

My ★★★★½ review of Apollo 11 (2019) on @letterboxd:

5 star

5 star

@gormdearg: Ein paar neue Stadtansichten Amorbach Aschaffenburg

5 star

@wired_jp: “ムーンショット”は時代遅れ──広範で複雑な課題を解決するための「新たなアプローチ」が必要だ

5 star

SPOTLIGHT by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy • June 11, 2019 via @YouTube #ApolloQuiboloy…

5 star

@wired_jp: “ムーンショット”は時代遅れ──広範で複雑な課題を解決するための「新たなアプローチ」が必要だ

5 star

@wired_jp: “ムーンショット”は時代遅れ──広範で複雑な課題を解決するための「新たなアプローチ」が必要だ

5 star


5 star

SPOTLIGHT by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy • June 11, 2019 via @YouTube #ApolloQuiboloy…

5 star

@AstronomyMag: Apollo astronauts returned 842 pounds of Moon rocks to Earth. These precious samples have revealed a lot about the Moon’s…

5 star

@AstronomyMag: Apollo astronauts returned 842 pounds of Moon rocks to Earth. These precious samples have revealed a lot about the Moon’s…

5 star

Apollo 11 (2019) #IMDb Watched for the 1st time and loved it

5 star

🍿 "Apollo 11" (2019, 4/5, #Dokumentation) ist jetzt bei Amazon Prime Video verfügbar 👉 …

5 star

@GetPiTop: From an LED space helmet to an ISS Orbit Tracker to High-altitude ballooning, here's 11 space-themed projects suitable for al…

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