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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Summary and Synopsis

In this third installment of the adrenaline-fueled action franchise, super-assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) returns with a $14 million price tag on his head and an army of bounty-hunting killers on his trail. After killing a member of the shadowy international assassin's guild, the High Table, John Wick is excommunicado, but the world's most ruthless hit men and women await his every turn. Super-assassin John Wick returns with a $14 million price tag on his head and an army of bounty-hunting killers on his trail. After killing a member of the shadowy international assassin’s guild, the High Table, John Wick is excommunicado, but the world’s most ruthless hit men and women await his every turn. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Wiki

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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)

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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Movie Reviews

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- Cmon iTunes1 star

Let us rent this movie already it’s been a year

- Not the best John Wick by a margin3 star

It seems to me that Halle Berry is only cast to dead or dying franchises, she isn’t a particularly good actress and is getting older every day. So the literal only reason they put her in this movie is to put a**es in seats. And it’s obvious. But they didn’t really advertise her presence, I had no idea she was in it. So why pay her when hundreds of younger better looking women would have jumped five feet in the air at the chance for a quarter on the dollar, no clue. The gun/knife porn is on point but please pick a co star that isn’t more than a half a hundred years old. Men don’t like wrinkles covered in makeup and cgi. It’s not how we’re wired so stop pretending we should be.

- The best5 star

The best fight scenes, best gun scenes, best everything, even best dog scenes, the way Reeves trains for these movies really paid off and changed the way movies are gonna be made.

- Make this movie be able to rent5 star

Make this available for rent

- love5 star

loved jt

- Action Movie Masterpiece5 star

I love all the John Wick movies all of them are amazing and entertaining action movies the 3rd one Parabellum is pretty awesome and freaking violent i highly recommend all the john wick movies i love keanu reeves he is the most awesome and talented actors out there he is awesome at any movie out there.

- More of the same unfortunately2 star

I thoroughly enjoyed the first John Wick film. It was very unique and stood out. John Wick 2 added a bunch of mythology in order to make it interesting. Ultimately it was not as good as the first. By this third installment, it has just become a new formula... I love the cast and can see the hard work that went into this movie. It’s technically well made but it simply lacks any emotional connection for me now. It’s not “bad” - it’s disappointing.

- To all the haters on John Wick5 star

I was reading the comment on “there wasn’t any music during the fighting!!!!” Bruh do you have music on when you fight or inna brawl?!! No I don’t think anybody does. They wanted you to feel the intensity of the fighting and feel what he is going through during this film. I hate how a movie is really good but then you get people who make comments on just the little things instead of making comments on the whole movie!!! How bout you all go out and make a movie and see how what comes out of it.

- Excellent movie!5 star

I was very surprised how well this series keeps the story moving and anti ups the action in each episode. Can’t wait for the forth movie!

- To Boring1 star

Ok this movie is all “BANG BANG” but it’s just taking FOREVER to get to the point I stopped watching after he got dropped of in the dessert😒

- Awesome because...5 star

Ok we don’t get to find out about John as much as in 1 and 2...but the action is even better and we do get to find out about the high table and I love it

- Gore, carnage, maiming, killing continuously for 2hrs1 star

Don’t watch unless you just want to watch people getting killed for 2 hrs. The small plot could be summarized in 10 minutes of filming. It’s unlike the suspenseful dramas Reeves built his career.

- Chapter 45 star

Is coming 2021-2024 ish your welcome

- Worthy Franchise Addition :)5 star

This installment does not disappoint. John Wick, the Legend at his best. Definitely a great lead-in for the next installment, so don’t miss out in this one. Worth every cent. 5 Star rating 100% no question. No spoilers, just watch and enjoy the ride :)

- Blah1 star

Gosh that was terrible. Endless gunfight with some ninja crap tossed in. Only good thing was the dogs.

- Great!!!!5 star

Action from start to finish!!!

- Weakest of the trilogy3 star

If you just want nonstop choreographed action, you’ve come to the right place. I found it to be quite boring.

- I love John Wick - but 3 was awful1 star

Bang bang bang bangbangbang slice slash bang bang bang. I guess there was a plot — kill JW, get rich — but the story made no sense. He pledges fealty by cutting off a finger — then decides, forget fealty, forget the bloody stump! Just a mess in every way. I ended up watching it in segments, and then only because I paid.

- Terrible - violence to the extreme, simply a waste1 star

The movie starts with extreme violence, has no plot, but then when you think a plot is beginning to unfold the movie steps right back into blood and violence. Half way through the movie (yes I gave it a chance) I could bear no more of it’s content. This is the first movie that I have rated in years. This one deserves this rating. It stinks and is not worth your time. Look elsewhere.

- No no no2 star

It was so pointless we walked out. That was a first for me at a theatre. After paying $23 a ticket it had to be really bad to leave. I gave it at least a 2 for the cast lineup. I don’t understand how they sat through that and then released it to the public 🤦🏻‍♂️

- Yassss5 star


- A+5 star

Endings don’t normally shock me as I can guess them, but this one I didn’t see coming.

- Crazy action5 star

Had some of the best action scenes I’ve ever seen

- Fantastic!5 star

I hope we get the backstory via TV series someday soon.

- Awesome!!5 star

Dude! That fight scene with the knives, and the one with the dogs were soo cool

- Awful1 star

Absolutely awful film. This film has the NRA written all over it. JW1 & JW2 were good , JW3 was a waste of mental health and money.

- Total blast.5 star

Got to love the no holds barred, action extravaganza. JW3 bests JW2, landing just behind JW1. Action is jaw-dropping. The film delivers on its promise of a bloody good time.

- A little too much effort2 star

The first two movies were not so bad but this one seems to be showing a little too much over acting maybe? Some parts are really dragged out and seem more unbelievable than what it already is. How many times should John been killed and yet didn’t because he is obviously the main character. There was so much delay between some take downs that it seemed like they were waiting to be killed by him. Too much computer involved in making this movie and not enough thought to make it more practical. Time to be done with this set. Let’s not expound on this any more please.

- Great5 star

All the John Wicks are great

- Great5 star

Great movie frfr all of em

- Entertaining but...4 star

Though I like the movie, there were a lot of instances in sequel 3 that could’ve caused JW’s death. Some fighting sequences were not realistic. Also it reminds me of the Matrix 3 where they added thousands of fighters in the end. It seems that there are more and more assassins to fight. No human has that much stamina to continue the fight at the same energy level. I hope they end this franchise with sequel 4 because the writers are running out of ideas for a storyline. Here is an idea: Exact revenge on “the high table” and then finally go into a retirement which nobody would dare to disturb. The end.

- Ignore the haters, Best Wick so far.5 star

Don’t know what people’s problem with this 3rd installment is. This movie is amazing. Massive pistol/knife play, spanning several continents, awesome attack dog scenes, amazing judo, epic shotgun play. My favorite JW by far with a wide open ending for the next film. Berry trained her butt off for the film she is on point also.

- They might make another one?2 star

Nah, this should be the last one. After a while the fight scenes are repetitive and tiresome . Every sneak attacker doesn’t have a gun any longer, only a knife. How convenient?

- Stupid1 star

Keanu Reeves once again makes millions by promoting the fantasies of gun owners through a terrible unrealistic portrayal of what it means to wield a weapon. So douchey it hurt me down there.

- Amazing film.5 star

One of the best action flicks of the decade.

- The best of the trilogy4 star

Easily the most consistently entertaining; I had a blast. One of the better action movies I’ve seen in a long time, and easily the best that Halle Berry has been in a long time.

- Ehhhh3 star

The story could of been better cmonnn 1 & 2 were so good yet this was a dump the action was great tho

- Awesome!!!5 star

Almost better than the first one! Action packed! Keanu Reeves does it again!

- Not OK1 star

This movie is a waste of time and money. I’m certainly not gonna watch John Wick 4.

- Fell asleep1 star

Definitely didn’t like this one. It was a very boring story although so much action.

- The worst of the three3 star

The first movie was my favorite. This is my least favorite. It was like a video game, it’s too much.

- It’s good5 star

Just watch it

- Not enough broken glass4 star

Keanu was only thrown through glass 97 times. If it had been 100 I would have given 5 stars.

- Ha5 star

Ima buy all his guns🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- John Wick 35 star

Was a very good movie.. congratulations Keanu on your successful career!! You are a very talented actor!!❤️

- You know what your getting5 star

You have seen the other 2 and this one is no different. Great action as always.

- NRA Orgy1 star

Wick 1 was good Wick 2 was really good Wick 3 was an NRA orgy and dreadful, awful , waste of money. Really bad character lines. Halle Berry needs to retire ... so does John Wick

- Keanu does it again.5 star

I had been waiting a long time to see a great and fantastic movie. I thought this movie would be good, but man, was I totally blown away by how amazing ithis movie really is. The best movie I have seen that game me everything I was looking for in an action packed film in recent memory.

- Perfect Action Start to Finish5 star

You just can’t stop watching everything happening on screen. The knife fight at the beginning of the movie is hands down the best John Wick scene in the trilogy! 5 Stars

- So good5 star

Great, like the rest of them. I thought it may get over played making a 3rd one but it was worth seeing. You lose yourself in the movie.

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Ronin4343 - Very disappointed1 star

Boring af starts right into unrealistic scripted scenes over and over again and again. For some reason they felt the need to have extra violence as in they had them shoot or stab each other many times over. Sooo boring How many times are they going to show the “control center” girls with black hair fake tattoos and cigarettes in ashtrays with phones from the 70’s? Was cool in the first movie but damn come up with something new, what a waste.

asifali - It was okay for me.3 star

I guess i am not into TOO MUCH ACTION movies. But, I did love Matrix though.

44mex - 441 star

What a complete waste of money and time - unless you are a blood thirsty depraved human being. The movie was lacking in acting power, story line and entertainment. Just how much shooting, slashing and blood can one take! It seems that was the point of the whole movie. Although it is adult rated, I would not recommend you use your valuable time on this when there are so many other worthy films to watch.

uftremblay - Un peu déçu3 star

Pas assez d’histoire. Ils ont trop misé sur la tuerie plutôt que l’histoire. J’aurais dû louer plutôt que d’acheter.

TASSHAH - Still got it5 star

Big fan and critical of all films but this is still unbelievably entertaining.

danielpaulbaptista - No iTunes Extras?3 star

Good movie but why no extras? I want to see Keanu ride a horse.

Wineman35 - Waste of time and money1 star

I was looking forward to this but, I don’t know what the plot was. I fast forwarded to the step us up for another money grab

Triangle du diable - John Wick5 star

Pourquoi n’est t’il pas en français et même pas sous titrer en français c’est pourtant marquer multilingue ce qui est faut cat il n’était même pas souligner en français c’est vraiment dommage que vous présenter des films qu’ont ne peut pas comprendre ont ne parle pas tous anglais juste le regarder sans comprendre c’est chère payer je n’en louerai plus

Comme des ombres soyons!! - Poursuite spectaculaire5 star

Y faut faire quoi pour maîtriser John Wick? Keannu ne fait pas son âge et à une forme incroyable...à voir absolument.

samjes3 - Horrible movie...1 star

I watch many movies of all kind and this one was so bad that I did not finish it...

Henriquez Fam - Keanu is the man5 star

Keanu in his best form, along with a stand out performance from Halle Berry. Yeah it’s all gratuitous violence. That’s what I’m here for. If you’re not, don’t watch the John Wick movies in the first place.

marieweeee - Worst Movie Ever1 star

I enjoyed the first two but this was without a doubt the worst movie I have ever watched. There was no story and it just moved from one ridiculous fight scene to the next. Several of the scenes made no sense (why does everyone end up in the dessert looking for some obvious epiphany?) and several times Wick and the dog should not have made it to the next scene. Unbelievable, not engaging and no sympathy for Wick by the end of the movie. Keanu owes me $5.99.

wemoer - Doesnt make sense2 star

I had to fast forward the violence but there is not much left.

ColinLee74 - Really, pretty dumb...2 star

not much of a story, just a lot of shooting and martial arts, even the little dialog is awkward

Blzbob66 - What,were you doing expecting Oscars5 star

John Wick doing what John Wick does.Halle Berry also kills a gazillion bad guys.Lots of fun.

Thepill94 - Amazing.5 star


4534 ggfhfgh - gfhfgh5 star

Good actors

K. Yu - iTune removed ATMOS encoding1 star

This is to rate the iTune version of the movie. Movie is fantastic, however, iTune initially had ATMOS encoding for this version. But has sinced removed it (about 2 weeks after initial release). I do not know why and I'm writing with Apple to get a refund.

Bob 12343215 - Ridiculous1 star

This is a video game, not a movie. Who doesn’t like a good action flick with fights and chases but this is just one dumb never ending scene after another.

Xcalibur2572 - John Wick is Badass Action4 star

The John Wick franchise is action at its best. Keanu plays the part very well. Major issue with this digital download is that there are no special features. Save your money and buy the Bluray if you want that content.

✪ JD ✪ - Just Why...1 star

Can I get my money back on this one?

Trracinator - Zero plot1 star

The first 3 were great. This one sucked. No real plot, just 2 hours of fighting, running, blah blah blah. Boring as F.

NyingiNorbu - Tedious2 star

Too bad the talent of the creators of the film wasn't used for something better, in service of humanity rather than in just another tedious piece of American violence.

ChaytonCallaghan - John Wick5 star

It's AMAZING!!!!!

Out of many - Movie for 18 to 38.3 star

Movie for 18 to 38, especially “Gamers”. Reminds me of the HongKong Shoot Them Up of the 1980s. As a Senior, had to Fast Forward through some of the bullet wasting Acts to get something about the “Plot”. Would I purchase this Movie(Watch) again, “Absolutely, Never”!

Primate 1961 - Un peu déçu!3 star

Beaucoup d’action mais pas de scénario......le film va nul part et pourtant je suis un fan fini de M.wick

Dellizious - He’sss back5 star

What you want to see is what you get. Add Ms Berry to the mix with 2 dog combo what more do you want? JWx IV

Yocoolman9999 - Nice5 star

Nice action packed movie. One of my favourites.

Iammarkus - SO OVER THE TOP3 star

Although a fan of he series, this was like having the fifth sceens from the next 6 installments in one movie. I feel the movie lacked a little substance in the way of dialogue. I never thought I would ever say that being such a fan of action movies, but the action sceenes were a little overdone and drawn out. I mean, shotoing a guy dead, then shooting him in the head several times as the body falls several stories is a bit much. This gives a new meaning to 2 in the head.

JohnV2016 - No extras ?4 star

What happened to the extras and the digital copy on the blu Ray ?

Kyle-Parkyn 104 - J5 star

Great movie

P-90X abs - Hsjdj5 star


Tom Sellect - Francais?5 star

Pourquoi les Blu-ray et UHD en boutique sont bilingue Français/ Anglais et non disponible en Francais sur iTunes Store ? 🤬

Catsui - iTunes Extra4 star


Dorset Pete - Highly choreographed1 star

The non-stop fight scenes were ridiculous and so highly choreographed that they came across as rather predictable. There was little actual acting and the plot was very weak, but it seems non-stop, over the top violence is what people want these days over a decent storyline. Keanu, you need a better vehicle for your skills. I wish I hadn’t bought this movie, I should’ve waited to watch it on a streaming service.

bob0087 - A bit Disappointing4 star

Maybe im wrong but i didnt think movie was as good as the first two but it is enjoyable some good fights and killings. Bad language, but otherwise no complaints

The Bionic Man - Rebellion5 star

It’s not just an awesome shoot em up movie it is a rebellion , well done writers and actors and set people and stunt people and partnering municipalities and regions and states and provinces and catering people , a lot goes into these things and I say thank you

333jc - Pas de version en français3 star

Pas de version en français

RobertBretonArt - WOW!5 star

OK. Now we have to wait another year or two to see the table fall.

TAJ - 00053637000u2 - YOU COME TO SEE JOHN WICK IN ACTION!!!5 star

You’ve come to the right place. John Wick Master of Disaster, other people’s disaster is ba-ack. In typical John Wick style he sets out to bring the fight to THEM. Expect action and see it happen. This is one cool addition to the set. Enjoy!

D.K.1956 - Parabellum5 star

I love you for the simple great man you are,, you are a very special person, I watch you on YouTube I watch you live real life.,I am subscribed to many things you are in and I agree with everyone else please keep making these/your movies, I watch over and over.💜love ya

Mak13_65 - Awesome5 star

Keep making these movies please

cornrowkenny - Great4 star

movie Mr. Wick

GirrganflirganChrgan - 2nd Best In My Opinion4 star

Not as good as the 2nd one as there are some plot holes and moments that do bring the overall movie down, it is still John Wick. It comes with almost all the positives from the last two films and debatably some aspects like the action and cinematography are better than the last. Almost on par with John Wick: Chapter 2, better that John Wick(which is an amazing movie by itself). It’s a John Wick movie, you know what you’re getting.

Och.laddie - First one still the best, but III is good5 star

5 stars for the action - which is amazing. The start of this movie almost left me breathless. Don’t look for great acting or plot and you’ll be happy. If you’re a JW fan already, you’ll be very happy.

Holben2005 - WICK-ed Good!5 star

The film takes place just right after Chapter 2, and quite frankly is my favourite in the trilogy. The plot is top-notch, the violence is creative and insane, the language is toned down, and overall it’s really great. The ending was really good, but makes you wish Chapter 4 came sooner!

terminizer - AWESOME5 star

watch it.. it’s one of the best so far

Angry_movie_review - Best action series of our time5 star

Love it!!

dcb395 - No ones that good3 star

Overkill on the violence , short on acting .

calgaryflames12 - The best yet!5 star

So much enjoyed the film.highly recommended.

Searcher 102 - Has been5 star

They opened a gate for the fourth part in the last sequence of the third. Please, please don’t do it!!Under no circumstances!!! Nobody is interested in your f..... revenge!!! Keanu, you are loosing your stars from your stardom badge!!!

Sebz x Imz - Calm5 star

Got to watch a sort of new film for 2 quid. Im happy. Good film aswell

SaveOurSteel - Awful1 star

The first film was so good. This is ridiculous.

BobBruce - Gratuitous violence from the start to end1 star

There is no doubt the fight scenes are incredibly well choreographed but the endless shots of characters being shot in the face and head at point blank range became boring and repetitive. I was glad when it finished and very disappointed. The unbelievable end suggests yet more to follow..

branallan - Absolute rubbish1 star

I am all into action films but if you want two hours of watching guys being shot then this is the film for you. No real plot, totally mindless crap

Saf7670 - Hit or miss ? It’s like marmite love it or hate it.3 star

Saw this movie at the cinema, and found it somewhere between comical and gruesome with the number of killings taking place, I still haven’t been able to get an accurate number as each time I watch it I get different numbers. Some will find the overly gratuitous violence too much, others will want more. So like marmite you will either love it or hate it.

The Purple Witch - Baba Yaga5 star

Oh wow! If you liked how part 2 was leading towards, you will love this. This being an action flick aside, this is a beautiful film. The lighting, the music, the continuous drive forward in the plot line. It is non-stop.

Lil'Rich - Excellent5 star

Fun. Fast paced in places and a good way to spend some time on a Sunday.

Micky0753 - Great Movie5 star

Absolutely love John Wick and all 3 of the movies! Definitely worth a watch as the movie is compact with tons of action!

G1cvr - John wick. Chapter 33 star

To far fetched,how a man can survive so much is so silly

ferkster - great film5 star

just wow just watched all 3 parts , keanu reeves will always give great performance but ian mcshane really did provide a great role , proper action and no messing in the fight sceeens i shot to the head will kill you

glukey - Lots of action but little substance1 star

Sadly the worst of the three - all fight/chase no story or interesting bits.

sherlocks mum - Worst movie I have watched this year1 star

Seriously bad, 2 hours of driveling nonsense

Chipaketchup - Meh1 star

Same as the last two. No progression.

A fan. UK - Dreadful1 star

Yep: dreadful. Anyone over the age of about 12 should avoid this film. It’s for kids really. If you’re adult, find something better to do.....

mark38says - What’s Not To Like5 star

Another great John Wick film, also loved the little nod to his previous role as Neo...

[email protected] - Absolute Rubbish1 star

Succoured in by good reviews only to find it lacks a good narrative and only acts as a platform to stage long sections of pointless fighting, in the main poorly choreographed. Given Keane Reeves skills as an actor I can only assume they waved a large fee under his nose as there was nothing for him to get his teeth into.

I.Am.The.Stig - Fab5 star

You’ll love it.

Housefanlondon - Brilliant5 star

Just a non-stop adrenaline rush. What movies are all about. Being entertained from start to finish!

MrBonzo62 - Same formula but it works5 star

Thanks Apple for including the extras! Great film, more of the same but the formula works.

Asylum Giant - No extras??1 star

No quiestion that I loved the film (4 out of 5) but a marquee release with no extras, while they're available in the US? Not cool and will make me reevaluate Apple as a purchase platform. Way to shoot yourself in the foot Apple.

Shadowdarck - Great4 star

Plenty of action. Good follow up to the second film.

fision UK - Became boring3 star

As much as I liked the other films, this just became very repetitive and I ended up skipping through parts. Shame.

theclappy - Director’s folly2 star

I really enjoyed the first John Wick film and the second was passable despite the stereotypical characterisation and predictable storyline. This third film however has killed off any lingering interest in watching another ‘Chapter’ - it departs from the gritty underworld feel of the first two and instead descends into a poor mans Altered Carbon fantasy, but without the originality of the NetFlix series, or, save Reeves and Fishburn, the acting performances or dialogue; Halle Berry is a particular low-point, not that she had much to work with script wise.

capmax62 - Best one yet5 star

I believe as above says, john Wick reminds me, of all the one man against all comers, e.g. Rambo/ Bourne/ Jack Reacher,/ Wolverine and even Jason Statham, in all his roles. Just good honest down too earth action, it's rolls along none stop, from the beginning to the end, it lets you in to his past along the way, which makes it more interesting, to see how he got into, his chosen profession. Halle Berry also plays another assassin from Wicks past, she's on par with him, in the killing department as well, plus her two sidekicks, the trained attack dogs, they are as adapt at taking foes out, as the afore mentioned assassins. You make a film about Halle Berry And her dogs, just on their own, if 4 is half as good as this, it will be well worth watching, just an ( EPIC ) adventure, truly an amazing film, just loved it 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 💋

Rodsy73 - Shafted again on extras!!!1 star

At £13.99 I'd expect there to be a ton of iTunes Extras included, but again the UK & European market gets the shaft compared to the US of A. I guess looking after your own has finally found it's way to the iTunes market. As with others here, I'll change my rating once we get our monies worth.

TomStorm - No extras?!1 star

Please put the USA extras on, in this day and age a big release on ITunes with no behind the scenes documentary is extremely poor 😢

Theoracle81 - Expensive2 star

Haven’t bought this but very much want to see it but £14 for a digital copy is a very expensive.

wastedyuthe - 5 for the movie, 1 for no extras, so it gets a 33 star

Movie is superb. I only dislike how John could have been killed numerous times at the end but the bad guys just don’t seem to want to kill him? Brilliant otherwise. No extras Apple???? Come on!

Ronin1972 - No extras1 star

Not acceptable when they are included in the US, as film fans the extras are why we purchase the films, otherwise we would not buy and stream! So I purchased this in error, in future I will check, distributors please note a film without extra’s is only worth £3.99 of my money.

JPJ1971 - Best film by Keanu.5 star

Awesome film. Can't wait for the fourth installment.

IT45. - Please Put The Extras On Like You Have On iTunes USA Thank You 🙂👍🏻3 star

Please Put The Extras On Like You Have On iTunes USA Thank You 🙂👍🏻

Wayne2612 - Great film.5 star

Great action movie, disappointed there’s no extras though.

dingydongybelly - Same old same old.....5 star

.....but I love it!!!!

Nickpatbrough - Great film! Where are the extras?5 star

Why are there no iTunes extras?

@cbf - John wick 35 star

Brilliantly done as ever!

3zBrjs - Arabic Subtitle, please.4 star

Waiting for the Arabic Subtitle.

Hello man or women - Soo good5 star

Loved it such a good film

Jimmyboy41 - Great5 star

Another great instalment

kedwilkins - Wow. It kept the pace and story5 star

Amazing ride. Long live John wick.

Ggiucghhfykj - Bloody awesome5 star

This film was brutal and this film was awesome absolutely recommend this film

Bart1mies - Such a surprise!5 star

Went along cos my son said I’d enjoy it, he basing this on the fact I love Mission imposs movies and Bourne movies. Any doubts I had were overcome in about 20 seconds. Having not seen the first two movies at this point, I was swept away by an action movie that begins with twenty minutes of pretty constant action, and makes the story dovetail with it. They know exactly what they’ve got with this series, and I found i enjoyed every second. It felt so fresh and original. I hope Wick 4 keeps the entire feel in place, as this is not a series that needs to up anything to make it work - it just needs to keep doing what it does...

SuperSocks7 - DAMN!5 star

Loved every second of it. It is important to wantch the first to chapters beforehand though.

Iliyaka - Need Subtitles4 star

Bulgarian Subs Please

ShaherM - A Brutal Non-Stop Ride!5 star

At this point it is obvious that Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves know how to put together a compelling action movie. The movie follows the same tried and true recipe and goes straight into the action, with most of the exposition out of the way in the previous title. John Wick kills Santino inside the Continental and now he is on the run - from everyone. When you have an unstoppable action hero movie, it always feels difficult to keep raising the stakes, but they surprisingly manage to do it a 3rd time. Does it have the same feeling as the first John Wick? No. Could anything else replicate that? No. Are they trying to achieve that? Also no. The movie is solid on its own. It employs excellent basics from great music to great visual composition, a nice selection of henchmen to be dispatched of by an ever increasingly angry John Wick and a nice cast of supporting characters showing up and providing more glimpses into the dark world that John Wick inhabits. each action scene is beautifully shot, the camera is still as ever and the feeling of force, violence and impact shines through the screen. From brutal takedowns, to great gun fights, horse chases and everything in between, John Wick 3 ups the stakes from all points of view!

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-Artise - Numb to murder5 star

I love John Wick I loved all three movies but I don’t get why the civilians are so OK with people getting stabbed right in front of them they don’t even flinch I still get five stars anyway

EVGNhistorian - Utter Waste of Time1 star

The producers of Jon Wick 3 should pay viewers to sit through this nonsense - I actually considered requesting my rental fee back from Apple. It should be subtitled "Paracrappa." Some daylight would have been refreshing as one fight, after another, after another, after another, without any character development or reason to care may lead some to call a crisis hotline due to complete and total depressive boredom. If I wanted comic book absurdity, that's what I'd buy.

Doc in Laguna - They should have stopped already1 star

Painfully repetitive making even less sense than the last installment. Good if you enjoy watching someone else play a violent video game. No suspense, no character development, no drama. I enjoyed first one.

hits420 - Exceptional5 star

Reeves and Berry were awesome. This was an exceptional 3rd installment to the franchise. Very well done gun fight scenes as one would expect. Highly recommend

Bill1369 - Absolutely Stupid1 star

With Apple hitting $5.99 for a rental, I tried staying with this dog. #0-minutes in, just gave up. A really stupid flick....

jack123&$$$ - awesome movie y’all!5 star

the movie is awesome. I’m a 12 year old kid and i absolutely lurved it!

AbdulMajeed1992 - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star


Wastintime - Disappointing3 star

Terrible plot... just another extension of the franchise I guess.

LJC - Amazing. The best Wick yet!5 star

Incredible action packed flick. The best John wick and hands down one of the best actions packed movies you will ever see. Check it out....guaranteed NOT to disappoint.

Nailappy - Fantastic!!!5 star

The best John wick movie!!!

bschonfeld - Repetitive and monotonous1 star

Just watch the first fight sequence and repeat that 20 times in your head and that’s the movie. A 2 hour shoot’em all sequence... gets boring real fast

Markuson - No Reason to Care Who Dies1 star

A soulless parade of fights...with zero suspense. -Basically you sit and watch until the producers run out of time to add more attackers.

Chris5400 - Really Bad1 star

Could not get past the first 15 kills

Sugar n spice - As expected didn’t disappoint5 star

Great movie in the series. It did not disappoint.

moviesgood!~ - Its ok3 star

John character is way to suddenly wishy washy instead of decisive. The fight scenes are terrible with multiple instances of the characters waiting for the blows to come. Still worth a watch but quality is way subpar. If they cant raise the standards for the next installment, then I would rather they stop making them

Plays app - Awesome5 star

The best so far, the dogs are amazing...

iBryanB - Nah2 star

Fighting looks tooooo choreographed. Looks unnatural. John Wick 1 is still the best!

dantdm3333 - Dope5 star


Zxnmpowq - Great action movie!5 star

This is the one, it has non stop action. The John Wick Series thus far has not disappointed!

Jako joaki - Great5 star

Everything about this movie beautiful ! Action ,actors ! And story !

manupetit83 - manupez831 star

worst movie ever

Rizzle-Dizzle - WOW! Best one yet!5 star

This has got to be the best one so far. Nonstop action from opening credits.

floor sitter - Chapter 1 still the best2 star

I was actually bored through a good portion of this installment. The series has declined since the high quality of the Chapter 1, and I doubt Chapter 4 will change the trend. I read somewhere that the original plan in developing Chapter 3 was to kill off John; they should have stuck to that plan.

clabebe - Johnny Wick Chapter 3 - Parabellum1 star

This was one of the worst movies I ever watched. The plot was thin and that is a stretch. There was nothing but fighting throughout the movie. Sorry there was no way to get my money back.

LastSlash - While well done, it has been done before3 star

I am a HUGE Keannu Reeves fan, love the John Wick storyline, but the third installment just doesn't have enough in it to differentiate it from the previous two stories. The chases are bigger, more varied, the fighting it more epic, and there is a bit more humor, but we have already seen Wick overcome the odds, be really tough, and do amazing fights. So yeah, nobody rested on their laurels, but at the same time getting 4 percent more of someting that is already near the top of the action genere doesn't have a lot of kick. I think the movie would be great on a flight or renting it to enjoy at home when you are ready for this genre, but I regret buying it as I can't imagine watching it again.

HernandezJG - Loved it!5 star


MichePie - Excellent5 star

Every section kept me interested. Great work.

4saken55 - Not good2 star

This third JW installment is a hodgepodge of characters and subplots, which very quickly turns into a complete mess. Yes, there are lots of fights, but the fundamental premise is completely nonsensical. Most of the supporting cast lack credibility and were obviously added as filler.

supertrooper9966 - iTunes froze the video1 star

Was at an hour and fifty three minutes and iTunes froze

Hey-manny - Good Action2 star

I get it. You watch for the extended fight sequences and Keanu executes them very well. But would it really be a bother to put a little work in on the characters, story, and dialogue? And what was with the casting of the baddie with the buzzed hair? She was incredibly boring and bland. You could have grabbed any extra from the set, given them her lines, and had a better villain.

Fred 1000 - J3W5 star

Love it :) I am a big fan since the first one go for it it's 2hours of extreme action - and this one is even better getting into the real John Wick dark side.... whaoo when the next one it's going to be Amazing.....

Karla730831 - Love it5 star

Love you Keanu

Pepperman3 - Another great one in the series4 star

Keanu Reeves delivers again in this latest installment. Also enjoyed Laurence Fishburne’s performance as well. Money well spent.

Jazzhead69 - I lasted 38 minutes ...1 star

I’m not sure what market this piece of garbage was intended for, but I’m not in it. A waste of $6 and 38 minutes.

Kreed632 - Not What I’d Have Expected2 star

Loved the first two John Wick movies, but this left a lot to be desired. Overdone action sequences and zero plot. Hopefully they’ll put more thought into the next ones.

kizersiuze - Awesome5 star

One of the best movie of this summer !!!

trexmiller - A lot of pretend fighting2 star

A lot of fighting scenes (constantly) overly choreographed as to be completely fake. And, as others have said there is a very weak storyline.

49 year old dad - No plot1 star

It’s just fight scene after fight scene choreographed and if that’s what you want to see this is the movie for you

theloon2 - Absolutely terrible, and I liked the other 21 star

There is literally zero useful dialogue. It is like watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon as it moves from one meaningless action sequence to another... Huge disappointment considering the first 2 movies.

Trump girl - Okay, So-So2 star

It was okay, and it did leave it for an obvious follow movie, but the fighting and the shootings scenes were too much, excessive, and not realistic...It really didn’t elaborate on Hally Berry’s or Angelica Houston’s characters like it should have...The shootings scenes were really 90% or more of the movie..Too much, would have like to see more planning, more plotting, more dialogue. Nothing beats the first one.

ordinary reviewer - The best in the franchise5 star

Better choreography, better direction although the story isn’t as genuine as the first two.

jbresner - Worth a rent, barely1 star

I watched it but really didn't enjoy it. Love the first two and what fooled by the hype of the third one. Very unoriginal story and terrible ending.

shartypants - If you are into just fight scenes2 star

Bad acting and fight scenes, that’s the movie. Then it ends before it finishes. Waste of my time.

Professor101 - Ok, poor plot3 star

Mediocre movie. It lacked originality. The plot seemed to be awkwardly thrown together. I thought the first Wick movie was far better. The Wick series has run out of gas.

gmtm45 - John Wick5 star

Just finish watching this movie it was a Good movie worth watching

Drewdber - Please fix3 star

I’ve seen all the movies and they are amazing but John wick chapter 3 won’t play

Alexander2988 - Nope2 star

What a shame.

ravenfire - Amazing action; lacking emotional core3 star

Amazing action sequences, but the 3rd installment in the John Wick series is lacking the emotional core that is present in the first two chapters.

Bangkok Bill - Skip it1 star

This one is not in the same class as the first two, like they didn't even try to make a good movie, it was over the top action, not good, women beating up men, Nope, can't happen, why ruin a good theme for this draged out fight scene. No story at all. The little bit of talking was horrible, stupid, didn't match the charators at all. Sucked.

fcover - Not that good3 star

You can tell that the choreography is worse than before, extremely call views that Keanu waits for the opponent mover or kick before he do something , way too many martial arts scenes and very very long

5 star

@FountainMcNuggs: @Athyess The Amazing World of Gumball John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Hallman (Electronic Mu…

5 star

"Episode #150.2 Crew Links" #Flixwatcher #Netflix #Podcast #JohnWick3

5 star

#NW John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

5 star

@RPWAutobase_ - Kingsman: The Golden Circle - John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum - Mission: Impossible - Fallout - Logan

5 star

Acabo de ver ► John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019) ◙ ★★★★★★★★☆☆ ◙ #trakt

5 star

Brutal, de acción no parar. Como demoré tanto en ver esta película. El guión deja que desear pero la acción lo vale…

5 star

#JohnWick3 #KeanuReeves #Fave

5 star

Now watching: JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3- PARABELLUM 🎥#AMovieGuy

5 star

@TwixAreTopTier The Only movie I saw recently was John wick chapter 3 parabellum

5 star

@puppy_Effy: Sofia - John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Portrayed by Halle Berry)

5 star

Sofia - John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Portrayed by Halle Berry)

5 star

Read a Looper article about the most-paused scenes in the John Wick franchise, and as the intro to a knife-throwing…

5 star

Visual Effects: - Berj Bannayan (John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum) - Tami Carter, Karin Margarete Cooper, James To…

5 star

john wick chapter 3: parabellum (2019) no thoughts head full of keanu reeves

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Images & Pictures

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum images

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Posters

new york citymartial artscasablancamoroccosecret societyblack humorsahararussian mafiasequelorganized crimeone man armyprofessional assassinbaba yagadog man friendship

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum posters
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum posters
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum posters
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum posters
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum posters
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum posters
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