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“His music inspires you, his life will surprise you,” Rocketman is a one-of-a-kind musical celebration set to Elton John’s most beloved songs. Discover how a shy, small-town boy becomes one of the most iconic figures in rock & roll. Featuring an all-star cast, this truly spectacular and utterly electrifying ride is filled with show-stopping musical performances and is “unlike anything you’ve ever seen” (Jake Hamilton, WFLD-TV (FOX)).

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Based on a True Fantasy. The story of Elton John's life, from his years as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music through his influential and enduring musical partnership with Bernie Taupin.. Rocketman Wiki

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CaptainNanuq    1 star

Terrible Depressing sad and disappointing movie, so much potential to be a great movie but they failed.

2019rocketmanfan    5 star

Rocketman Please don’t compare to Bohemian Rhapsody - both were a success. BoRhap was written without the ability to have information supported by Freddie, where as in Rocketman, Elton supplied it himself. Great movies, great music, 5 stars from me. Great work Dexter!

Abbey_xx    2 star

not great if you’ve seen bohemian rhapsody you’ll be severely disappointed. Interesting story, not great execution

Alle Nadine    5 star

AMAZING I am tired of reading bad reviews just because this movie is a musical?! Elton John is a MUSICIAN?!? What were you people expecting??... This movie is amazing, one of the best I have seen. I loved it. I thought the way they introduced Elton John's music into the movie was brilliant. I reccommend this movie to everyone I know. What a legend, what a legacy!

Cgroshko    1 star

not good Was complelely disappointed, more fantasy than reality, not what I was expecting. Singing was not bad but not great. Too over the top.

Me1981pop    3 star

Circus on acid This movie was like watching a circus that was on acid. At times confusing, at times ridiculous. It was just too much. Taron did a great job at portraying Elton, but that's all I enjoyed. It was too musical and disjointed. This movie had me scrathing my head a times. It was ok. Just ok.

BaileyZCrawly    5 star

Absolutely Fantastic... Aeons Better Than Bohemian Rhapsody It’s not Bohemian Rhapsody... and that’s one of its best features. This film is actually good. It’s less of a biopic than it is a “Musical Fantasy.” There are a lot of creative liberties taken with the story, but they’re all intentional. This movie doesn’t set out to be (nor is it intended to be) a 100% accurate portrayal of the life of Elton John. Elton himself has written a book, called ME, which will be the absolute fact. This is a piece of entertainment that centres around a few of the key events in Elton’s life and past. It’s equal parts entertaining, moving and enlightening... something Bohemian Rhapsody lacks. Taron Egerton absolutely shines as Elton John. His looks in the film are spot-on, the mannerisms of Elton are nailed to a T and his versions of Elton’s hit songs are both moving and satisfying which (since everybody likes to make the connection) was one of Bohemian Rhapsody’s biggest downfalls. This movie goes all-in and it’s not afraid to avoid relying on the old recordings. This movie, from start to finish, is entirely new, fresh and delightful.

Daser61    1 star

Mr Very dissapointing for me. I was expecting something a little less fantasy and more biographical in the real life sense. There was some of that intertwined with fantasy future, present flashes of weird musical sequences that didnt make a lot of sense and really took away from a chronological biographical narrative story. Too artsy and too over the top and quite a disappointment given how this movie could have been.

not-so-sure    5 star

A sing along for sure It wasn’t quite what we expected. It was more of a musical, but we enjoy this movie.

catmarbro    1 star

Hate it A real disappointment. Utterly self-indulgent, disjointed and ridiculous. That's two hours of my life that I'll never get back. :(

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