Rocketman Summary and Synopsis

“His music inspires you, his life will surprise you,” Rocketman is a one-of-a-kind musical celebration set to Elton John’s most beloved songs. Discover how a shy, small-town boy becomes one of the most iconic figures in rock & roll. Featuring an all-star cast, this truly spectacular and utterly electrifying ride is filled with show-stopping musical performances and is “unlike anything you’ve ever seen” (Jake Hamilton, WFLD-TV (FOX)). The story of Elton John's life, from his years as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music through his influential and enduring musical partnership with Bernie Taupin. Rocketman Wiki

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Based on a True Fantasy..

Rocketman (2019)

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Rocketman Movie Reviews

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- Rent1 star

Why is this movie not available to rent? 🤬

- Favorite movie5 star

The best movie I’ve seen in a while so good if there were 100 stars I would give it that brilliant!

- 😁5 star

This movie is the best movie I have honestly ever seen. 10000/10000 stars 😁

- Ignore the whining, lame old boomers.5 star

This movie is great.



- Worth your money5 star

I never write reviews. But had to for this one. So well done. Music you love but in context that will pull at your heart strings. Go ahead and rent, but trust me you’ll still buy it later. I did.

- Laughed, sang, cried5 star

The movie captures all the heart we feel when we listen to the music Elton and BTaupin are famous for. Extremely well done. The lead actor was perfectly cast such that we felt as if we were watching Elton himself. Supporting actors were perfect. The screenwriting captured all the crucial moments that built EJ including his born-with-it talent, the joy and pain of fame, the reasons people turn to a vice, and the destruction and recovery from addiction. The music was perfectly placed as well; loved the "punctuation"-like riffs as the film progressed. If you were young in the 70s you'll love it. We saw it in the theater; laughed and cried and sang; renting to watch again. Deserves an award.

- Rocketman 🚀5 star

Rocketman is the best muscial biopic I seen in a while. Taron Edgerton was powerful as the brilliant and excellent musican Elton John even the musical numbers are fantastic i enjoyed the movie alot it has a lot of great acting and hard hitting drama I loved it.

- Greatly enjoyable3 star

Honest, heartfelt tribute to Elton John’s music and public image. Fletcher’s direction shows enthusiasm for musical storytelling through every frame. Sometimes formulaic.

- Garbage1 star

I figured this movie would be good, seeing as how Bohemian Rhapsody was really good..but...from the time Rocket Man started till it ended, it was complete garbage. A huge waste of time and money. Horrible acting. DESERVES ZERO STARS.

- Huge letdown1 star

I’m a big Elton fan and I wanted to enjoy this movie so much. But it’s just one huge pity party and on top of that it’s a MUSICAL. Doesn’t make any sense and there’s no real central plotline. Bohemian Rhapsody was cliche but at the very least there was a clear plot. I want my $10 back. Luckily i didn’t waste money at the theatres on this.

- Bryce D Howard is fat in this movie too!1 star

Good movie. Cleaver how they inserted the songs but not bohemian Rhapsody. And for god sake lose BDH. Terrible actor.

- Taron goes for it.4 star

Really enjoyed this film, despite not knowing much of Elton’s work. Plays more like a stage musical than straight bio pic, still very wise choose to have Taron sing, and not exactly imitate Elton’s voice. Great supporting cast, and leaves you wanting even more. Well done.

- Terrible musical1 star

Terrible movie. Just terrible. Very hard to follow.

- Awful1 star

Bad movie . Not worth the rental $.

- Excellent!5 star

I hate that I waited so long to watch Rocketman, but wow, I love it so much.

- Rocket man1 star

If it were labeled a musical like it is I would’ve passed...I’m embarrassed I even have it

- Its a Musical2 star

Tried to watch it. It was just a musical. I mean song and dance musical. I feel like there is a way better story to be told, and they just missed the opportunity to tell it in this. Very disapointed.

- Horrible Propaganda1 star

This is NO Bohemian Rhapsody! It’s a musical. Read the reviews! Not worthy of being associated with Elton John. I waited eagerly months for this to come out and was horribly disappointed.

- Rocketman5 star

This movie is amazing. It tells the life of Elton John perfectly. I will watch this movie over and over again. Taron, Richard, and Bryce were amazing in this movie. It made me emotional. You really see the hardships that Elton went through. Amazing. 5/5

- AWESOME5 star

This movie was great it was kinda sad though but anyways it was great I rate this 10/10

- LOVE5 star

Absolutely loved this. Well done ❤️

- Interesting story3 star

Nice music 🎶

- Beyond the Yellow Brick Road5 star

A wonderfully creative movie about a musical genius’ journey to self-love. This is an inspirational story worth watching. Music from one of the greatest and strong performances from an excellent cast.

- Rocketman kind of stalls3 star

Edgerton did do a legit version of Elton John but it still felt like a Kingsman movie somewhat! Rami Malik does Freddie Mercury better!

- Maybe it gets better??2 star

But in the first 5 minutes it turns in to a singing movie/musical that seemed awful and we had no interest in watching - not our jam. We switched to a different movie. $5.99 down the drain

- Beautiful Piece5 star

The Visuals. The music. The story. All very good.

- Its a really bad MUSICAL, NOT a drama1 star

Super disappointed that this was past off as a drama and inspired by Elton Johns story and his music... NOPE, it was a glorified (really bad) musical! I wasted the $6 renting it and could only stomach about 15 minutes of it.... I would rather watch “fiddler on the roof” multiple times... kill me

- Great movie with powerful insights5 star

This movie is amazing. I was not expecting it to be a musical, which are usually cheesy and boring. But this is unike that. Each song depicts the struggles and challenges Elton faced. I even had the subtitle son so I would not miss any part of the lyrics. Truly a masterpiece. Will watch it again.

- Beyond the Sea Esque3 star

Did not know was going to be akin to Beyond the Sea in format. (I actually preferred Beyond the Sea.) Thought it meandered a bit. And, a movie about the life of Elton John without Levon & Friends. Really?

- Waste of money and time :-(1 star

DO NOT waste your money and more importantly your time ... Love Elton - his music has played throughout the sound track of my life and so I was excited about seeing this. Couldn’t be more let down and disappointed ... Waste of money and time

- Better than I thought ❤️4 star

I respect Elton John now after all these years of not ❤️

- Terrible, never got better1 star

The preview seems to be from an all together, different movie. I didn’t enjoy this movie, less the songs of course, which I already have access to. They changed at least one lyric. Not right.

- Not good2 star

This is a want to be musical and not good at all.

- Ehhh2 star

Could have left all the gay sex scenes out... not half as good as Bohemian Rhapsody

- I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for days and I can’t stop5 star

Taron’s acting was PHENOMENAL. When I heard that he sang all the songs himself, I died and went to heaven. Literally. Not only did Taron sing the soundtrack without input from Elton, but he also sang them in a way that IMPRESSED E L T O N J O H N. I’ve never really been a fan of Elton’s classic songs (except for crocodile rock) because it was decades before my time. But after watching rocketman and hearing Taron absolutely SLAY the music, it’s like I can finally hear what makes Elton’s music so special. Taron’s acting and the directing/production/everything created a musical experience for me that I could emotionally relate to (on a smaller scale) Ive loved watching taron in Kingsman and Sing, but rocketman is by far, my favorite movie he’s acted AND sung in. ⭐️ If you haven’t seen it yet, then please please please, give it a chance and rent it. It’s emotional, inspiring, and beautiful.

- Rocketman!5 star

I loved it. This epic motion picture told me many things about Elton John that I never knew. I highly recommend this one!

- 5 Star5 star

Absolutely loved it. Personally though the focus on the music throughout the movie was amazing and felt like I was watching a musical throughout because of the singing by multiple characters. Taron killed it throughout and can't respect him enough for actually singing all of the songs. Would recommend to anyone.

- Really2 star

Yea didn’t like it,.....unless you like the head ache that comes from 24-7 party! That lasts decades!

- Terrible1 star

Very, very bad. Do not pay money to see this!!!

- Wasted $5.991 star

I couldn’t even get through this boring bored gone.. the music isn’t even all his. I don’t understand the story cause of the random singing

- A Must See5 star

Taron Egerton is brilliant as Sir Elton John. The music is top-notch with vocals by Taron. I have seen this 20+ times including 14 in theaters, so that should be enough proof! It is a fantasy musical, let’s be clear from the beginning, so don’t expect it to be a biopic. The music is used to illustrate key points in the life of the most amazing and flamboyant rock star of all time, SIR ELTON HERCULES JOHN!!

- Loved it5 star

Great movie love Elton John

- 🕳5 star

left out the part when he was in a hotel w a bunch of underage males

- So good!4 star

So good! It was so good! I just wish it was PG-13! It made me cry 7 times!

- Make a new one1 star

If u make an Elton john movie like Queen it would get 5 stars.

- No1 star


- Spanish?4 star

Movie was great but why isn’t there an additional language Audio for Spanish?

- Stay away1 star

I was hoping for something at least kind of similar to the recent Queen movie but this is a nonsensical musical.

- Legend5 star

Great movie of a legend

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I BlackDevilz I - Brilliant done !!5 star

Elton Johns life so far

jolieempotter - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

So I first watched bohemian rhapsody and I really hated John Reid. Richard Madden 100% changed my mind about him❤️❤️

tree2429 - Good Movie4 star

Not great, singing is very good.

Simplylaurenxo_ - AMAZING5 star

Taron did such an amazing job singing Elton’s songs love how raw and real this movie is! Can’t stop singing along AMAZING !!!

biuukbhcxhhfsssdyujkgkkgugufjg - my favorite movie 👌🏻👌🏻5 star

honestly i thought it was so great! it should have been advertised to show that it was more like a musical because some people are angry about that, but i love it! in my opinion it’s way better than bohemian rhapsody because it’s got an actual plot line and has the main components of an entertaining movie and bohemian rhapsody was flat and was more of a documentary with no real ups or downs. i loved them both but Rocketman is my favorite movie because of that. also i can relate to elton so much :,,)) *sad gay noises*

CaptainNanuq - Terrible1 star

Depressing sad and disappointing movie, so much potential to be a great movie but they failed.

2019rocketmanfan - Rocketman5 star

Please don’t compare to Bohemian Rhapsody - both were a success. BoRhap was written without the ability to have information supported by Freddie, where as in Rocketman, Elton supplied it himself. Great movies, great music, 5 stars from me. Great work Dexter!

Abbey_xx - not great2 star

if you’ve seen bohemian rhapsody you’ll be severely disappointed. Interesting story, not great execution

Alle Nadine - AMAZING5 star

I am tired of reading bad reviews just because this movie is a musical?! Elton John is a MUSICIAN?!? What were you people expecting??... This movie is amazing, one of the best I have seen. I loved it. I thought the way they introduced Elton John's music into the movie was brilliant. I reccommend this movie to everyone I know. What a legend, what a legacy!

Cgroshko - not good1 star

Was complelely disappointed, more fantasy than reality, not what I was expecting. Singing was not bad but not great. Too over the top.

Me1981pop - Circus on acid3 star

This movie was like watching a circus that was on acid. At times confusing, at times ridiculous. It was just too much. Taron did a great job at portraying Elton, but that's all I enjoyed. It was too musical and disjointed. This movie had me scrathing my head a times. It was ok. Just ok.

BaileyZCrawly - Absolutely Fantastic... Aeons Better Than Bohemian Rhapsody5 star

It’s not Bohemian Rhapsody... and that’s one of its best features. This film is actually good. It’s less of a biopic than it is a “Musical Fantasy.” There are a lot of creative liberties taken with the story, but they’re all intentional. This movie doesn’t set out to be (nor is it intended to be) a 100% accurate portrayal of the life of Elton John. Elton himself has written a book, called ME, which will be the absolute fact. This is a piece of entertainment that centres around a few of the key events in Elton’s life and past. It’s equal parts entertaining, moving and enlightening... something Bohemian Rhapsody lacks. Taron Egerton absolutely shines as Elton John. His looks in the film are spot-on, the mannerisms of Elton are nailed to a T and his versions of Elton’s hit songs are both moving and satisfying which (since everybody likes to make the connection) was one of Bohemian Rhapsody’s biggest downfalls. This movie goes all-in and it’s not afraid to avoid relying on the old recordings. This movie, from start to finish, is entirely new, fresh and delightful.

Daser61 - Mr1 star

Very dissapointing for me. I was expecting something a little less fantasy and more biographical in the real life sense. There was some of that intertwined with fantasy future, present flashes of weird musical sequences that didnt make a lot of sense and really took away from a chronological biographical narrative story. Too artsy and too over the top and quite a disappointment given how this movie could have been.

not-so-sure - A sing along for sure5 star

It wasn’t quite what we expected. It was more of a musical, but we enjoy this movie.

catmarbro - Hate it1 star

A real disappointment. Utterly self-indulgent, disjointed and ridiculous. That's two hours of my life that I'll never get back. :(

spell51 - Not what I expected3 star

What a disappointment when the actors started to sing and dance like in a musical movie, the singing was average and my husband wanted to leave the room. We felt like we were watching Grease or Mama Mia, the movie doesn’t do justice to Elton’s talent and career. The trailer should at least give people a hint that the movie is a musical not a drama...

Chandlerart - Wow!5 star

One of my favourite films of the year. I could watch this over and over!

westcoastgirl - This movie is horrible1 star

I had to fast forward thorugh some stuff, the musical parts were annoying, and it portrayed a really bad side of Elton John. Not the loving father and husband that he really is. I want my $7.00 back please.

herbkell - Disappointed2 star

I found this movie indulgent and very much from the Diva’s perspective of things. I sense that Elton was very much in control of how he was portrayed Not nearly as good as the Queen movie

okokokok1) - Would watch again 100%4 star

I honestly loved the movie, considering I also love the actor who played him😬😂 I loved everything about it!

nialanorac - Wow!5 star

A voir et à revoir - on danse en sortant du cinéma avec le sourire aux lèvres et ce malgré une réalité extrêmement difficile pour Elton John - le jeu de l’acteur principal est osacarisable 🥰

toasted1961 - Not a drama!1 star

This was a musical and not a good one at all , very disappointed!!!! Didn’t even come close to Bohemian Rapsody which I was expecting, I guess.Not worth the money at all and definitely not a drama!

Dame-Plume - Okay3 star

Talented actors playing an okay script about an extraordinary man in this wanna be a musical movie. Not a bad movie at all, but Sir Elton John deserves a biography on par with his own calibre.

Thatimazzili - Exceptional!5 star

Love it!

Beagle guy - Garbage1 star

Move on. Just another movie made to push the agenda

victoriavelocci - incredible5 star

the best movie i’ve ever seen, deserves all the love and awards possible.

OneDeadlySin - Reminded me of High School Musical2 star

The story is good but way to many musicals. It reminded me way to much of High School Musical. They should have done it almost the same as Bohemian Rhapsody.

tytxyguvuguh - Rocketman5 star

One of the best movies I have seen they put in a lot of effort for this and they did a great job

🚀🕺🏼 - HOW CAN IT BE THIS GOOD????5 star


YikesDepartment - Amazing.5 star

One of the best movies I have ever seen. Elton’s story is extremely inspiring and well told here. The pacing and cinematography are incredible. Would highly recommend.

emmyam6316 - Awesome movie!5 star

I grew up listening to Elton and to hear Taron’s own interpretation of the songs were incredible!

danielpaulbaptista - Magic.5 star

Absolutely blown away at the beauty and passion behind Rocketman. Taron Egerton was born for the role and had me mesmerized the entire time. Wow. This is a film that’s going to be on my mind for a long time. Listen to The Movie Podcast for more reviews and discussions!

GH1644 - Impossible to imitate Elton2 star

The singing performance was average...impossible to sing like Elton... Too many scenes about his sexual life...we got the message... Too many songs spoiled by some kind of "Grease" versions...

Mikreh - Not As Good As Bohemian Rhapsody!2 star

This movie isn’t terrible, Elton’s story was inspiring, but all the different music numbers seemed unnecessary. Wait to rent this one, unless you’re a die hard fan of Elton John. I personally enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody a lot more. Felt way more connection & emotion from Rami’s Freddie Mercury.

Full Metal Freak - Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer ⭐️🎹5 star

This movie was fantastic! Taron portrayed Elton perfectly! I never realized how horrible his childhood actually was. It was so sad how his parents didn’t even care about his gift of music at such an early age. I’m so happy that his grandma was there for him. Elton, you truly deserve happiness and I’m so happy you finally have someone that loves you the way you deserve to be loved! Taron, you deserve an Oscar for your singing in this movie! Well done!

Och.laddie - It was good; not great.4 star

slightly self-indulgent but also covered some less appealing items/traits (although completely omitted some less desireable events in his life). Definitely worth watching, however.

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - To the Moon Reggie.5 star

The format of the movie was well done and one can see how it will be a broadway show eventually. Much unlike Bohemian Rhapsody which was more documentary, this was an intriguing story as presented from the Rocketman’s viewpoint. Although not all truths were presented, the artistic license/content and how it was displayed conveyed the overall story/meaning or at least how Reggie/Elton wanted it to come across. Still an excellent story and the music was presented in a way you may not have heard it before which made it more fun and enjoyable as it weaved the tale of his life and how some of these songs perhaps came to be. He’s lived an incredible life and here’s hoping there are many more years of music from both Elton and Bernie. The love scenes were still mostly tastefully done although one lady gasped in shock at one scene - for the record, the audience average mean age was over 65. They did make it fun though as they were rocking it during some of the 🎶 music. I will say the movie made me appreciate my kids and family more and I will be hugging my kids more often. I am jealous of his musical ability though... reminds me of a close friend who just had to hear a song and could play it whilst I had to work and work to make it right. It is a proper gift and am so glad that Sir Elton has shared it with us over all these years! I would say be prepared to enjoy His Story.

awesomemoviereviewer - Good5 star

It’s Elton John, It’s Taron Edgerton, it’s great music, it’s emotional, it’s Rocketman

insporationhourz - ROCKETMAN5 star

it was actually really beautiful. it hits hard but overall i love it ::))

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HistoryBuffer - Gay Porn1 star

This is one of the worst movies ever done. I like Tarken, but it was a big Gay movie with nasty men fondling each other. Lots of gay kissing. Lots of drugs. Sad sad story that they say ends with love. Welcome to the new Liberal movie for tomorrow. Loser becomes American hero.

That_One_Random_Person - Amazing5 star

I am not a sensitive person but this movie literally hit me right in the feels. When I saw the trailer, I honestly thought it’d be a crappy copy of Bohemian Rhapsody but it’s not. In fact, it stands next to that movie along with the best movies of 2019. I didn’t know a lot about Elton John either, just that he was a rockstar. But I learned he made so many famous songs that I sang without knowledge. He went through so much years of fame and he’s still living to this day. I love Taron Egerton as well so when I saw him in this movie, it immediately caught my eyes. If you enjoy seeing movies with comedy, heartbreak and strength then you’ll adore Rocketman.

LondonerTony - Rubbish1 star

Writers reaching beyond their talents, acting was.... blah-the chap portraying Elton’s voice was annoying at best, the dance scenes were plain silly, and the music made my teeth ache. Being an Elton John fan and vocalist since a young child I was offended this is how his story was told. I’m only glad I didn’t water time and money going to the cinema to watch is all.

whoit - Awful1 star

Didn’t like the format, the non-chronological use of the songs, or the performances. Bohemian Rhapsody was waaay better.

Regialc - Creative, but...3 star

Not nearly as good as Bohemian Rhapsody, and a far far cry from Ray. I gave it three stars for the creativity, and trying to put a new spin on a crowded field. If you like musicals and Glee you will enjoy this film, but it was cringe worthy for me. The characters lacked depth, had a TV grade acting feel to it, and every song was sung off key. They turned all of his great music into Glee tunes and every time you were waiting for that familiar classic note to hit, it missed. Worth renting, but dam, definitely disappointed.

JPBob123 - Disappointment2 star

Elton John is potentially one of the greatest performers who has spanned almost two generations. This move focuses primarily on his dysfunctional family, homosexutal lifestyle (and its challenges) and his chemical addiction. There is very little about the positive things he has done as a result of being part of so many of our lives. Unfortunately, this is the kind of way we are teaching our children about America - focus on the "downside" and ignore the positive.

Sir Elton Jr - Best movie5 star

Great story great person they got to Sir Elton and fantastic Soundtrack and Best movie of 2019

Fitnessnut 62 - Hated It !2 star

This could have been a great movie. I grew up listening to Elton in th e70's. This was just bad. Its like a Glee musical.

Anna Serene - Excellent5 star

This was awesome what an uplifting movie

Mswally505 - Taron Egerton really really wows!!4 star

ou watch this movie, you cannot deny how talented Taron Egerton is. He did all of his own singing and dancing. Let that sink in. He really brings Elton's music and story to life. The film features a beautiful homage to Eltons work. I didn't necessarily love the format and the idea of an epic fantasy retelling myself. But I can see how that would fit Elton's music and story well. It's very much a musical over a biography. I wouldn't be surprised if this landed on Broadway next, this movie screams Broadway. If that is what you enjoy then you will love this movie! If you are looking for more of a biography or serious retelling of Elton's life, you won't find that here. Very awesome to see Elton’s music come to life.

spencerl3 - This movie sucked to the max1 star

I didn’t like anything about this movie..the acting was mediocre at best..the music didn’t drug on and on..truly wish I had not bought it... don’t wast your money on this disaster

Engmanr - RocketMan Soars!5 star

Don’t even think about it, just do it! Rarely is anything this good! 👍👍

Madison1215 - Rocketman😍5 star

This movie was PHENOMENAL! Taron Egerton does an outstanding job portraying Elton John. Halfway through the movie, I remembered this was all based on a true story and I thought to myself, holy crap, his life was terrible until he met David. Highly recommend to ALL of my friends. Soundtrack is amazing, listened to it about 10 times through already. 10/10❤️

Darmstadt family - Elton John music fan but...1 star

We are fans of Elton John music but this movie was like a very sleezy, cheesy stage musical rather than a well written, well presented life documentation of Elton. There were important influences of Elton’s life we did not know which were presented, however, the way it was all presented was a huge disappointment and sickening. Too bad. Do not recommend. Hey director, take a look at the presentation of Freddie Mercury’s life in Bohemian Rhapsody...great documentation!

The Emerald Minecart TEM - I’ve LOVED Elton since 1974...5 star

What a WELL done movie. Taron is AMAZING in it. Poor Reg Dwight has a HORRIBLE childhood. For better or worse, I think that and other terrible life events DRIVE folks to fame & fortune. I saw Elton in concert in 1974 on his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour & I’ve been a disciple ever since.

Hollywoodlover! - UGH1 star

It’s a movie written by a rich man about himself. Enough said.

MysteriousMarissa - Rocket Man is ALIVE!5 star

I JUST GOT BLOWN AWAY! How these earthly outer spaces fill up humans races. All mixing colors and styling along our streets. Inside our bedrooms or inside our show rooms. Oh how so many of you, I never once thought I barely knew. How dare it become extraordinary to my beating heart! Home here away is where I find myself unfolding each of my feelings. Abstract visions brushing days of a living and breathing canvas. Elton John is a human. A human in his place. Beginning once a time, every tune, beat and rhyme. Forever a man. Forever a Rocket Man. The film’s a heartfelt summer popsicle view of the sunny days inside depression. The gloomy days inside happiness. A part of the inner you, the inner me, the inner world of we. All of these emotions we have are and can be shared experiences. All transparent. Nothing to hold back! Thank you for this film. Thank you Elton John for sharing your most deepest and treasured experiences. CHEERS TO LIFE!!!

KSully54 - Taron Egerton is Phenomenal5 star

I really hope Taron is recognized for his performance as Elton John. Sings all the songs! Bohemian Rhapsody is shook.

Air France 242 - This is the best movie ever5 star

ELTON JOHN one of ,y favorite song writers and singers ever and Rocketman is my favorite song by him so a movie about it is my living dream



Look for me puppet master - FABULOUS5 star

This movie was actually fantastic and I loved it so much. Taron Ergerton did such a good job as Elton John and his acting was perfection. The movie did an amazing and entertaining job of telling the story of an icon! I promise that you will love it, it is sterling!

Agdhds - Fantastic5 star

Went to see the movie four times in theaters and couldn’t wait to purchase it! Taron’s performance is outstanding and the music is beautiful. Everyone did such an amazing job! So many extras have been included!

Michael Mar82 - okay, kinda2 star

this movie was okay in its best moments, I was expecting a biopic worthy of Sir Elton. Instead you get a musical like Across the Universe, which used the beatles music to tell a story. This movie just randomly breaks out into song. I had high expectations after Bohemian Rhapsody and Knowing what a good story this could have been, I just didnt expect a full musical. I was expecting a biopic about the life of a musical legend not a 50's or 60's stlye musical...

cantyjeffrey0 - Wow. Just wow.5 star

This musical is magic. Grab some popcorn, and turn the volume past 11!

midrocker - Poor Elton...he deserved better than this1 star

A poor excuse for a bio-pic. The filmmaker attempted to use Elton John songs to explain his life moments. Only problem is -- he didn't write the lyrics and they don't fit. It was a complete misfire of a device. The moments in between were very good and Taron Egerton did a great job, but the move just fails on so many levels. (SPOILER ALERT!) It ends using Elton's worst song! I had a feeling it was going there and I kept dreading it...and then it happened. Makes me cringe just writing that.

buggys babes - amazing!5 star

This movie was a wonderful musical. This movie showed so much emotion through the music. By far this is an amazing bio pic,But if you want less emotion through music and more through talking I recommend Bohemian Rhapsody. Both amazing movies!❤️

Legomovie3 - Rocketman is the best Biopic Ever5 star

This biopic feels magical and heartbreaking inside of the life of the great Elton John from a shy child into a God of Rock’n Roll alongside his Best Friend and partner Bernie Taupin

iu. uxki - I1 star

Kyung cujnjixi

sam dreath salfina - Rocketman2 star

Just hated all the songs breaking out in the middle of a scene. The music is great just hated the way it was all put together.

marketingmike - It's a great movie BUT3 star

Having another voice sing the songs made this 5-star movie into a 3-star one. I get what the producers tried to do, it just made it less impactful to those of us who were around when this geat music was heard for the first time. That aside, the acting, story, production, and Elton John the man of course, are all top notch!

Anthoni - And I think it's gonna be a long long time...5 star

'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find I'm not the man they think I am at home Oh, no, no, no. I'm a rocket man 🚀

Tammyd 67 - Phenomenal Movie5 star

I have watched this movie a few times (and several more to come). The story was beautifully told, I learned new things about Sir Elton John, brought tears to my eyes in parts and had me dancing in my seat in other parts. Taron Egerton did an incredible job, his voice (yes he sang, no lip sync) is fabulous. Casting him was 100% spot on.

Evelyn Night - Absolutely Amazing5 star

Rocketman was truly unlike any film I have ever seen before. It was a beautiful, painful look into the life of Elton Hercules John and his growth as a young homosexual man. Throughout all the pain he experienced, the drugs, the abuse, and the rejection it was a spectacular to see Elton receive closure and recovery. The soft feeling left in your chest after this movie will stay with you forever.

#1 Click Five Fan - Rocketman is a Blast5 star

I haven’t become so wrapped up with a film in ages, it was pure joy from opening to closing credits. It is visually stunning and the soundtrack a joy to the ears. I’m so excited to have this available to watch whenever I want...which will be all the time.

K1TRZE - 💕💕💕💕5 star

This is the best movie I’ve watched

Sofa wofa - period5 star

taron egerton and richard madden. that’s it that’s the whole review

Hils_iTunes - yes5 star


haley:'):) - Perfection5 star

This movie is one of a kind and amazing!! I was entertained from the moment it started to the end! I would give it 100 stars if I could and it deserves every award possible!

Jlove4ever - Just like a Rocket5 star

This movie is larger than life, spellbounding

D.N.TN - Elton John, you are a real gift5 star

Of all the stories I have ever known, Elton John is the greatest hero and gift anyone could have ever had in their lives, even if it was only through music. You are loved, Elton John, not for the music man, but for just being who you are in your soul. So very proud of you and thank you for all the years you made my heart happy with your songs.

Fraa mi - Extrodinary5 star

Never a boring movie

sashahaley928 - incredible5 star

wonderful movie all around that I hope helps to continue Elton John’s legacy long after he’s gone. also, Taron Egerton and Richard Madden are both absolutely beyond incredible.

bayannnnnnnn - Outstanding .5 star

Everything from the cinematography itself, the flawless acting, the costumes out of history with its own flairs, and the overall way this movie didn’t shy away from Elton’s actual story and portrayed the high’s and the low’s as they were, in the form of something straight out of a fantasy is absolutely gorgeous. A MUST see film.

[email protected] - Great movie with great acting!5 star

The movie was not only fun but stylish and with fantastic performances. Should be an Oscar contender

baileyhh - Best Biopic/Musical ever! ❤️🚀5 star

Rocketman tells the fascinating story of Elton johns life through his music, not in a chronological release date of this happened then and here and so this song was released now. It makes it seem as a musical almost, which I have no problem with. It’s an innovative way to add a fantasy element to the story of a true rock legend making this movie amazing. The performances by Taron Egerton, Richard Madden, Jamie Bell, and the rest of the phenomenally talented ensemble was the cherry on top! Really recommend watching it!!

Catnip-paige - Amazing5 star

Taron Egerton should get an Oscar

Yesjamie - get this movie to 5 stars5 star

i love this movie and i want it to have a 5 star average thank you

alyssaxmufasa - Amazing5 star

So amazing Elton is so inspirational

Scarlettjade43 - My favorite movie ever😍5 star

My favorite movie ever😍 I loved it so much I’ve watched it 3 times already and I don’t even own it yet, can’t wait to buy it!!

JMM2112!!! - Was horrible!1 star

I was expecting something like bohemian rhapsody, and this failed big time! The whole thing seems like a stupid Broadway play! Not worth watching!

5 star

@SihleMthembuZA Rocketman when Elton John's once abusive father became a teddy bear of a father to two young boys.…

5 star

Taron Egerton cantó I’m still standing en Sing de 2016, compartió escenario con Elton John en Kingsman de 2017 par…

5 star

@cm4scii: why is Rocketman suddenly being advertised again so much, that movie is like a year old

5 star

@JohnWHuber: CNN, CBS, MSNBC and everybody else now either need to prove the Park Police Chief a liar with actual evidence (let’s say a…

5 star

@thebradfordfile: LOL. Joe Biden told a black man to his face "you ain't black" like a week ago--and now he's going to end racism in Ame…

5 star

@RealJamesWoods: The “protesters” who injured 50 Secret Service law enforcement personnel and set St. John’s Church ablaze? Those protes…

5 star

@RichardGrenell: Happy to correct that. You were there - and yet still lied about the facts. The Park Police said you lied, too. I live…

5 star

Watching Rocketman again... Good lord how did this film not at least get a costume nomination? Original song and no…

5 star

Taking a brief moment to say that more movies about Musicians should be like Rocketman. Wow. Excellent movie.

5 star

5 min into Rocketman and I really hate it

5 star

5 star

Tried watching Rocketman the other night. What a dog vomit of a film. Turned it off after 10 minutes. This from a real Elton John fan.

5 star

@prayingmedic Welcome to free speech. I have an almost identical handle.

5 star

Watching Rocketman for the second time this week. So freaking good.

5 star

@timminchin Finally got round to watching Rocketman tonight with the wife, and we started discussing who we’d like…

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