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In this fresh, unfiltered modern comedy, best friends and academic overachievers Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) realize they’ve missed out on fun during high school. So, on the eve of graduation, they decide to make up for lost time with one wild adventure in a coming-of-age story about the meaningful bonds we create, also starring Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte and Lisa Kudrow. Two academic teenage superstars realize, on the eve of their high school graduation, that they should have worked less and played more. Determined to never fall short of their peers, the girls set out on a mission to cram four years of fun into one night. Booksmart Wiki

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Booksmart (2019)

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- Woke Superbad rip-off1 star

Struggle to get through this movie

- Women are powerful5 star

These women were smart and funny either way the comedy is really clever and mature and entertaining. This movie reminds me of Superbad which that one was really funny but this is lovely.

- Hysterical5 star

one of the decades best comedies

- W T F5 star

How is everyone not giving this film five stars? Super-intelligent, heartfelt, and hilarious in equal measure.

- CJ2000!5 star

One of my new favorite movies!!

- Killer5 star

I can’t even tell you what this movie means to me or how much I love it. Just know that it’s hysterical, sweet, and real. And it’s good enough that I bought it. And I never do that. 5 stars!!

- So bad. Worst movie ever.1 star

So bad. I want my money back. Wasted use of everyone involved. No redeeming qualities at all.

- Love it5 star

Have watched three times already. Gets funnier each time

- Wack1 star

Yo... this movie is so wack

- Fun and heartfelt!5 star

Like the best of the John Hughes comedies of the 80s or a more recent teen classic like Superbad, BOOKSMART combines total hilarity with heartfelt emotion. Of course, unlike those other films, this one is from a teen girl perspective. But even though I'm a guy, I still related to it 100%. The awkwardness of social interactions, the desire to fit in and be seen and loved, is universal and completely relatible.

- A great movie!5 star

A great movie and funny as hell!!! One of the scenes i actually dealt with in real life so it was funny seeing them go through it too😂😂

- Pithy1 star

This movie is nothing more than pithy pandering to “woke” millennial and Gen-Z snowflakes. Modern Hollywood at its best! Oh and btw, I’m Gen-Z so I know whereof I speak.

- No just no1 star


- So funny!5 star

I can’t believe how funny this movie is! It has so much heart.

- Superbad knock-off1 star

Had no idea what this movies was about besides the trailer but decided to watch it due to the rotten tomatoes score but it was false hopes, wasn’t as funny as I thought it’ll be, I guess maybe I expected more

- Okay3 star

Reminded me of Superbad but with a different ending

- Not so funny. With a touch of wrong message.1 star

The message is if you don’t get wild in high school you will in college (and ruin everything) and if not there, so on and so forth? NOT true! Not laugh out loud funny either. I liked their banter. Clever and entertaining. One touching moment of semi truth at the end, everything will change. That’s somewhat true. Love the “Last Man Standing” actress. She’s got a funny demeanor. Sorry, I thought her co-star didn’t work. Seems a lot of these movies try to emulate “Hang Over” Ugh, enough already with that! Sometimes funny doesn’t have to involve porn, illicit sex, drugs, and stupid tricks. Shocking but true!

- Love love love5 star

A new top fave!

- Subpar and ideologically charged1 star

Leftist ideologs made not recommend.

- Terrible1 star

Worse movie ever

- STUNNING5 star

This movie is absolutely perfect! I watch it when I’m sad, happy, bored, etc. Such an amazing cast, writing, & cinematography! The soundtrack is incredible too!!!! 💜

- Boring1 star


- Wow5 star

This is an excellent movie. It shows a very natural process of a young girl having a crush on someone. Two smart females who seem to can’t catch a break. They are amazing academically but they want to have some fun, so they do. It’s just two people wanting to have fun before it’s too late! Excellent writing and acting!

- Not worth watching1 star

Saw this in theater and the movie seems funny (it is somewhat), but right when the scene is getting good the movie ends up taking a complete 180 to take you out of the moment. Director decisions made absolutely no sense in this movie. Definitely no where as good as Super Bad (some advertisement were claiming this movie is the next generation’s Super Bad movie but if this is true then this movie fails at even simple execution of comedy).

- Modern day breakfast club,brilliant.5 star

Very complex and funny. Loved it. Ferris Bueler style oddness. Great acting. Touching, funny,smart.

- Cute film4 star

Decent storyline Good actors Good character lines Worth the rental 👍🏻😃

- Not good1 star

A super bad copy of super bad! Don’t watch it!!!!!

- Love5 star

Honestly could watch this over and over again

- Laugh Out Loud Funny5 star

Favorite comedy of the year. So much fun!

- Don’t.1 star

I watched this because of the rotten tomatoes review. Don’t waste your money or time. HORRIBLE.

- Best movie ever5 star

Hysterical. A million times better than any bromance.

- Hilarious5 star

This movie is definitely one of my favorites! It’s hilarious and it’s definitely worth the money to rent or buy. Definitely recommend!

- Breakfast Club for a new generation5 star

So smart, savvy, and real - highly recommend!

- Teens aren’t like this2 star

Complete exaggeration of high school life. It made it hard to settle in and watch. I really wanted to like this movie but it was too vulgar and unrealistic. There were some good scenes but the rest was meh. It’s more of a 60-70% RT score. The scene in the girls bathroom when 2 boys are just casually hanging out, like no big deal, that’s high school life now, get hip to it. I was out. I rode my skateboard down the hallway whilst being propelled by a fire extinguisher, another cringe inducing scene.

- Give it a chance5 star

This movie is frequently referred to as the female version of Superbad, but it’s much more then that. It’s a smart, unique, hilarious story aptly handler by some great young actors (aside from Noah Galvin, who must have pieces of the scenery stuck in his teeth after this performance) and a great director. Give it a shot!

- See it5 star

The scream of relief I expressed after watching this movie contained/released/ended the frustration of having to watch women and girls never actually get to be human for like thirty years worth of sitcoms/movies. This was like Superbad (a classic buddy movie) but with actual human girls being funny and extra and smart. I'm so glad it's 2019 and women are allowed to be everything and Olivia Wild went there. People who don't want women to laugh/feel themselves/love other women will loathe this movie, so if you're trying to decide whether to date a dude or not, you should use it as a test. I loved the costumes and the music too 😭😤😩🤩


Olivia Wilde…way to have a directorial debut! writers, actors, smart, hilarious...One of the funniest films I have seen in a long time. Perfect cast. I’m in love with every single one of them now.

- Amazing5 star

I feel like a lot of teenagers can relate

- A hilarious, well-written slice of life5 star

Olivia Wilde outdid herself! This is a fantastic movie. It hosts a diverse cast too! A really remarkable film 💕

- Superbad knockoff2 star

We just want an original script

- Funny5 star

Very funny and great twist on being who you are!

- Unless you're a Fox News viewer or Christian fundamentalist, you will probably enjoy this movie.5 star

As you can tell from most of the negative views, they are clearly done by right-wing trolls or people that believe any movie containing something about LGBTQ people is "signaling PC culture" or they dismiss it as "identity politics." I still find it hilarious how frustrated these kind of people get over the mere existence of these films (nobody is forcing them to watch it!). Olivia Wilde is a fantastic actor and director and this movie is further proof of it. If you like anything about Olivia Wilde, you'll probably like this movie too. Don't listen to the right-wing trolls!

- Enjoyed this movie5 star

Good, enjoyed it.

- Bust1 star

"Superbad", for females, but ZERO funny.

- I LOVE IT5 star

This is a great movie

- Best comedy about high school5 star

This is amazing, Olivia Wilde should direct more movies

- Time Capsule for this 2018/195 star

I never write reviews but after watching this I have to. Most high school related movies tend to be out of touch and over dramatized using actors and actresses that have been far long removed from high school. Not only does this movie accurately depict modern day high school with relevant references and age appropriate actors but it does it in a way thats hilariously relatable to any young person trying to figure out life. Let me tell ya, you won't like it if you have absolutely to way to relate or be cognizant that high school aint like grease anymore. Its honestly a masterpiece.

- phenomenal5 star

this is literally one of my all time favorite movies. its funny, relatable, and sweet. the characters seem very real to me and not like a cheap fake portrayal of women. i love this movie. its amazing.

- This movie was a swing and a miss1 star

It was just bad. Although it did have a few big laughs. It fell short in the storyline and dramatics. There were many times where I rolled my eyes. The only reason I watched the entire thing was bc I was invested but I can’t tell you how it ended.

- Twisted and only marginally funny1 star

Didn’t relate to any of the characters and too bizarre from scene to scene. Glad when over. Wish never watched.

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FunnyBone7 - On the same level as the Hangover and The Heat5 star

Movie gave similar vibes as the Hangover and the Heat. I never saw Superbad so I can't compare the two. The movie had me in stitches the entire time and I feel it was worth the buy. Fantastic job by Olivia Wilde and the actors involved.

A+Chef - Halfway decent2 star

Reviews are incorrect. It was watchable, but overall not that good. Heavy on the lesbian content like they were more concerned with being PC exploring the topic than making a good film. Punchlines were shallow.

briezeth - Don’t believe the bad reviews5 star

Watched this in theaters and now buying on here to have, I’m glad they have a girl version of “super bad” because it’s funny and relatable to this new generation and if anyone says it’s bad then they probably are not in the generation it was intended for haha just watch the dang movie it’s great

November pain - Great5 star

I guarantee everyone who didn’t like this movie is a republican!!

ipad_two - Disappointed1 star

This was terrible, if I could give less than one star I would, so exaggerated, so out of touch with reality. Sends the wrong message to today’s youth. Completely unoriginal, just a ripoff of Superbad, bad acting, hard to get through, I was fooled by the ratings.

[email protected] - Awesome!5 star

Great movie definitely recommend to watch.

bivsicles - Best Movie Ever5 star

Hilarious and so real. a must see!!

Smilelaugh - Finally a movie that breaks stereotypes5 star

Incredibly authentic and beautifully filmed. The two lead actresses have great chemistry to the point that I questioned if they were acting at all! There were so many scenes where a typical HS story would stereotype but this movie showed real authentic interactions of kids in this day and age. Definitely worth every penny!

Gabby Versace - Amazing5 star

Totally recommend if you’re into the ‘coming of age’/ high-school type movie. I loved it personally. It had so many funny moments. Olivia Wilde is a Genius

Are You Kidding ? - Death of time2 star

This movie has nothing that happens, characters you won't like, and even fast forwarding doesn't get you to the stupid end fast enough. This has nothing funny in it !

OksanaGlos - Trash1 star

Sorry, but this movie was horrible. What is with teen movies these days? They're all SO over the top with how vulgar they can be. What happened to using some creativity for a better storyline so that you don't have to resort to shock value garbage for attention & laughs. Some of the greatest teen movies barely use vulgar language and are still LOVED today (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Clueless, Never Been Kissed, She's All That, Cruel Intentions,Scream, 10 Things I Hate About You...etc etc.) Or is it that the youth growing up right now are just turds?!

Archy13 - Archy 134 star

I don't know why anyone would hate this money. I don't think it's worth buying, just because of how surprising the ending was. It's worth every dime when Renting this movie. It was , fun, funny, well thought out, and had a good twist at the end. What else can you ask for? RENT, but don't buy! And, it's not something for kids to watch.

Driitxjcid - Good writing, terrible execution2 star

The writing in this film is pretty good, but the movie was disappointing and an overall letdown. The direction and acting was poorly executed.

LMH1989 - Everyone should see Booksmart!!5 star

One of the best (and most necessary) movies of 2019, period.

jimhensoninla - Degrades Women In The Worst Possible Way1 star

Self-centered and a total waste of time, Olivia Wilde crafts an estrogen-filled version of Superbad in an incoherent tale of two overachievers who suddenly want to become human on Grad Night. After four years, they all at once decide that they don’t want to be known for their academic prowess. What ensues is a series of events that have absolutely no basis in reality (yes I know that it’s a movie), but is so unbelievably degrading to women in the worst way. I guess this is Olivia’s warped answer to the #metoo movement in some way, shape, or form. Any self-respecting woman or womyn or whatever should stay away from this quasi-coming of age tale starring Jonah Hill in Drag. It’s possibly the most repugnant and disgusting movie I’ve seen since Seth Rogen’s The End of the World.

Tori11111997 - HILARIOUS5 star

This movie was so hilarious!! I was laughing out loud in the theater. Highly recommend to watch! I loved it. The two leads are both amazing and the overall cast is great. I could watch this movie so many times!

unstoppabot - VERY good5 star


rousehouse123 - Hilarious & Full of Heart5 star

This movie was so genuinely funny and relatable. The chemistry’s between these girls is undeniable. I was completely entertained the entire time! Go see it!

Superhero145 - One of 2019 best comedy of the year!!!!!5 star

I got to be honest the trailer for booksmart did look interesting but when you watch it it is like wow synchronized a great movie and message about what you need to do before and after you graduate from school and also about friends I recommend to any comedy lover this definitely a must watch and buy!!!

TheMusicProphet - Such a feel good movie.5 star

In my 30’s, I wish my time in high school was this evolved. That being said, this movie was so much fun, has so much heart, and the character development is fantastic. Well done Olivia!

Edgar.N.95 - AMAZING5 star

I cannot praise this movie enough, I went in thinking it was going to be ok since it was being compared to Super Bad (which I didn't like) and this movie is beyond better than it. Watch this movie in theaters and buy it!

notyourtypicalyouth - SIX STARS5 star

Anybody rating this less than 5 stars obviously lacks taste in movies and is probs homophobic :/ it is amazing to see the LGBTQ represented in such a normal way and the comedy is very accurate in todays youth and was written very well. would reccomend to any LGBTQ youth wanting a feel good movie that is SO FUNNY!

John_Vik - Super awesome and hilarious movie5 star

Never thought I would watch a movie more than once in theaters side from John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum and Avengers: Endgame, but this movie definitely made it there. Great comedy and very personable, a lot of scenes really hit close to home. Saw the movie twice in theaters so far, may be able to go for a third. Second viewing was when I had the theater all to myself, and it was great because I wouldn’t be able to disrupt anything because I was laughing so hard. Very well done, Olivia Wilde. I also want to commend Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein, for such a great job this film. I’m looking forward to owning the movie, whether it’s Blu-ray 4K or even just DVD/Blu-ray.

JessicaFirefly - Belly Laugh5 star

Laughed the whole movie it was delightful

MJ016 - Hilarious5 star

Funniest movie I've seen in a long time.

GenesisAnimation - Amazingg!5 star

I live the movie so much specially Amy she’s so cute and molly is so funny and cute as well I can’t stop watching this movie ..

itsgregorio99 - 5 STARS!5 star

Such a funny movie!

Sombraluna - Loved Booksmart sooo much . . .5 star

Finally was able to see it, and fell in love with it. Even tho’ I’m 63-years young, i could still conjure up the feelings and emotions i had waaay back when doing and experiencing similar circumstances on the cusp of my HS / College years. I left the theater it was with a lightness and bounce in my step. I was that person once more.

kcastellon3 - Great movie!5 star

Great movie! Its hilarious and there’s never a dull moment.

ColorfulBLVCK - 100%5 star

Olivia Wilde is an epic actress and director. A must see, does not disappoint. Worth your time and money

(-.-)neveragain - Absolutely spectacular!!!!5 star

This is the best movie of 2019!!!! It has every emotion you could ask for in a film while still being wildly funny and clever! Totally worth the 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and worth owning!!!

Roy_al95 - Loved it5 star

This was such an underrated movie because not enough people are talking about Booksmart. It was really funny and great story that we can all relate to one way or another. I have been waiting for this to hit iTunes so I could preorder it. Can’t wait to see it again!

skyben24 - Beautifully authentic representation of the universal modern high school experience5 star

I saw this movie twice in theaters within a week of its release. So so funny, but even more incredible message tastefully delivered. We’re long overdue for queer representation in a story like this, and it meant the world to me. There is a character for everyone in this movie. Absolutely perfect and hilarious.

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