Brightburn Summary and Synopsis

What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? With Brightburn, the visionary filmmaker of Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither presents a startling, subversive take on a radical new genre: superhero horror. What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? Brightburn Wiki

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Evil has found its superhero..

Brightburn Movie (2019)

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Brightburn Movie Reviews

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- I liked it.4 star

Could it have been better? Yes. Did it set the tone for what could come next? Definitely. I hope they ignore the 1-star ratings and build on the potential sequel material.



- Brightburn5 star

So crazy 😜

- Um.... Superman vibes over here2 star

Seriously Hollywood do you think you could rip-off one of the greatest superheroes in DC Comics just stupid crap over here. Brightburn is nothing like superman it's boring long and violent loud.

- Boring weird and creepy2 star

At first it is not so bad boy is a bit weird then it becomes creepy then just rite down revolting Superman’s evil brother seen it the one time probably won’t watch again though

- I love it5 star

Title says it all...I love it ❤️

- Superhero Horror didn’t go so well1 star

I hope this ends up on Awful Movies Wiki. If anyone attacks me for hating this, I’m gonna lose it

- Superhero? We talkin' about a Superhero?3 star

I give this film (director, producers, actors) 3 stars credit for an intertaining, suspenseful and unexpected movie experience. The concept, the idea, the inspiration were really good; it's the execution that nearly failed it's good intentions. The plot was all over the place; I could not determine if it was just me - what was I missing? Or, was it the plot holes? After some thought, it's the latter. There are too many plot points thrown at you to be taken seriously or as a cohesive whole. The ending was abrupt and signaled a potential sequel. Don't get ahead of yourself, I say. The acting by the adoptive parents was second to none - they gave it their all. The kid could have been played better by a CGI alien, it was so dull. Was it grotesque? Only a couple scenes toward the end - that is not why you should not watch it. Watch it to yearn for future reprises that will tighten this genre up.

- Absolutely horrible1 star

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The plot, writing, acting are all subpar. There is no character development and everything just feels forced. Rented this on a $.99 rental and I still feel like I was ripped off. Do not waste your time.

- Mehhhhh1 star


- Disappointed1 star

99 cents badly spent

- Movie held my attention4 star

I liked this movie, I was pretty much on the edge of my seat for most of it. I don’t know that I liked the ending but it leaves an opening for a sequel. I can’t wait.

- Could have been good1 star

Probably one of the worst movies I’ve seen but with a unique and great idea in mind.

- Bang for you’re buck5 star

5 stars maybe even 10 stars okay

- Creepy, dark, awesome.5 star

I don’t often leave reviews, but Brightburn was great.

- Frame of mind2 star

The only way you will enjoy this movie is if you keep these four words in mind “evil opposite of Superman.”

- Worth the Watch5 star

The twist are superhero philosophy is just perfect. No spoilers, but worth the rental price 100%. Very good movie.

- liked it4 star

some reviewers are like entitled kids. expect everything perfect and exactly what they want. Hey it was a good movie

- Garbage1 star

Nothing about this film is original, unique, or even a little bit different. It just checks off every horror movie cliche in the book and the whole “Evil Superman” thing their going with, has been done a million times in other stories. The Story feels like bad fan fiction, The kids motivations make no sense at all, and I felt dirty watching this film because everyone that gets tortured and dies in this film didn’t deserve it. Oh and it wasn’t scary.

- BRIGHTBURN is actually very good for a 6mill$ budget5 star

This movie was so amazing the effects were pretty good and I just love the concept of an evil super man kid it’s also so relatable as a coming of age story and Jackson a Dunn did a great job in this movie I really hope you make more movies like this keep doing watcha do James gunn.

- Enjoyed this movie, needs sequel!!5 star

Hope there is a sequel! This was very entertaining, original, suspenseful, and the acting was great. I’m very pleased with my purchase of this movie. Highly recommend.

- Someone Please Make Gunn Stop1 star

First, I had no interest at all in this movie because it just looked like Gunn's pathetic attempt at ingratiating himself to DC fans after being fired from Disney/Marvel. When I found out WB was continuing their bad choices after Whedon and hiring him to do SS, I decided to watch Brightburn to see if he could do better than the travesty of Marvel movies. I am convinced now more than ever that WB has some weird desire to tank DC Films. This was so disturbingly stupid. The actors tried, they really did, but that's like saying garbage men make trash cans pretty when they take out the trash. It's still a nasty, smelly trash can. Just like this movie.

- Underrated5 star

I just rented this movie. I thought it was very good and underrated. It deserves better than 57%. I liked the horror twist on Superman and the best part of it was the end when you see the evil versions of Wonder Woman and Aquaman. I hope there is a sequel.

- Predictable1 star

This was so predictable. It is a spinoff of Superman with the only difference being that its the darkside. Superman good - this kid bad. Would you honestly expect any difference? I was hoping it would not have been as predictable. Glad I rented and didn’t buy. I would not waste your money on this movie.

- Coo 🥀1 star


- Disappointed and disgusted1 star

This movie was god awful the kid was stupidly over powered which made the whole movie horrible and the story was even worse I wish I could forget this horrible movie this was worse then Halloween resurrection total waste of money do not buy

- Terrible1 star

Save your money! James Gunn is talentless Director, now you can add writer/producer to the mix!

- Meh2 star

Heard this was sooooooo good. It was average at best. Will not repeat watch. Nothing great or special at all.

- Good movie5 star

Really want a sequel

- I LOVE IT💖5 star

It was a great movie the story is amazing it was so twisted and I hate Superman but this was amazing I love the actors it crazy how someone can take a hero’s story and twist it ahhhh beyond amazing I love it so much watch it for sure.

- Don’t bother2 star

The movie is well made and entertaining and it accomplishes what it set out to do. Which perhaps is to explore the darkness of a villain. Perhaps the Gunn bros were trying the offset the hero saturated movie genre, but this was over the top. Unnecessary evil and violence with no redemptive quality. Nothing unique of interest, it’s simply gross and a bit disturbing.

- Scary fun5 star

A rare original premise for a horror movie.

- Worst1 star

One of the worst movie I watched . Wasted my $5 for this crap .

- Waste of time1 star

Stupid from the get go. Expected more and was greatly disappointed.

- Nicely done4 star

Great movie...hope to see a sequel in production soon

- Holy Sh$t 😱5 star

This movie was insanely awesome! It’s like Superman meets mortal kombat. And the end credit song topped it off, i loved everything about this movie. 🙌🏻

- Disgusting movie.1 star

DO NOT watch this movie. It’s beyond bad on every single level. I was expecting more from it. I’m very disappointed. By the way, he kills everyone at the end.

- Great Movie - Fresh Storyline5 star

Surprising to the end. Not the typical storyline you would expect, which made it great. Nicely done!

- Pass1 star

Let’s just say I’m glad I only wasted money renting it instead of buying it. The anti-Superman for obvious reasons but with no hero. Call me cliché but I prefer endings with a better outcome.

- Awesome5 star

Despite the negative reception around this movie, we actually liked it. It’s definitely a different take on the super hero genre. This little kid is remorseless and doesn’t care about anything but conquering the world. I hope they make a part two.

- Brightburn4 star

Was good

- Pizza1 star


- Sup2 star

It good

- Uh uhhh1 star

Wish I could get my time and money back. One of the worst movies of the year.

- Burns Bright4 star

This is one of those movies that leaves you wanting more. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie although it could have revealed a little more about Brandon's origins at the end. Perhaps this is best as long as we get a sequel or two. On the other hand, his evil turn felt rushed. I feel like it would have been 10X more interesting if we had him try be a paragon of good at first, yet still have him be rejected and 'burned' by of all those he loved around him. Then we could display the horror elements which resided deep inside him, and make it a more effective plot twist. All in all, I'm no film critic, and I still enjoyed the movie. You probably will too. So what are you waiting for?

- Could’ve been a great Movie!!3 star

I was so looking forward to see this movie, now I’m so disappointed.!!!

- Birth of a new Genre!5 star

I’ve read the reviews, I’ve rented this movie and watched it. It’s excellent! I have no idea why so many gave this movie 1 star. It’s suspenseful, shocking and yes there is gore. The acting was very good. A few of the iTunes reviews I read mentioned holes in the plot line. Most likely those comments were made by people who need all the answers displayed for them. For many of us, suspense is back. I would very much love to see a sequel.

- So much potential but ----3 star

The producers did not seem to know what to do with this movie that had such great potential. Ending was rushed.

- Horrible1 star

Worst movie of 2019.

- Mean Cuss Kid Kills All1 star

Disgusting movie. The kid kills everyone. Very gory and no story. Waste of a rental.

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Starpuzzle - Really enjoyed it4 star

Not the most unique storyline, but exciting and interesting, and I very much hope they’ll make a part 2.

Luc Presley - special4 star

heureusement que Superman n'est pas comme lui ! on auraient de serieux problemes.

Plouffe002 - Boring1 star

Luckily for me I just rented this movie for 99cents. So predictable and the story is full of holes.....

Death adder57 - Had potential1 star

Could’ve been way better not much reason for the kid going bad other than him wanting his way which just isn’t the best motive. Also don’t know why his dad shot him on a theory I don’t think that if he’d actually loved him he would’ve come to the conclusion he did it so quickly.

CAJ8585 - Brilliant & Classic with a twist5 star

This is a classic horror flick with a touch of superhero sic-fi thrown in. Really well done. I cannot get through most modern horror flicks. I want a horror film to keep me interested and scare my pants off. This film did both. I thought the young lad who played Brandon was excellent. Hope to see him in more films. Every great horror flick take on an erie quality, this one did not dissapoint. It's different and well done.

BrightBurnLover - Good mirror image of Superman5 star

I’m actually impressed on how they twisted the origin story of Superman how Brandon became a psychopath when he found out he had powers

Orangecoke - Not bad!3 star

Cool premise, well executed but wish it was longer with more super-evil stuff in it :)

killerbko - Bright burn5 star

I liked the way they made an evil super man, it showed how people with morale can do so much bad

No Love - Loved it !5 star

Great movie ! My only complaint is that it was too short . Would have loved to see more of his powers and destruction . We need more movies like this. Evil super hero’s !

Big..B - Great movie5 star

I thought the movie was great, Entertained the entire time. Need more movies twisted like this. I said good day!

awesomemoviereviewer - Pretty good3 star

This movie is not perfect but for what it’s trying to do it’s fun

threedee_27 - Scary - if you have never seen a horror film before2 star

Some good ideas here and the potential for a great movie, but the execution is poor and the writing is incredibly lazy. The story offers no surprises, you can see the jump scares coming a mile off, and the characters talk to themselves whenever a plot point needs to be explained. Imagine a B-movie version of "Chronicle" but a lot more mediocre. Oh, and can you please stop putting Billie Eilish's music in every second film and TV show? Talk about overexposed...

Powerslave72 - Stupid. Waste Of My Time1 star

This film showed promise. Then the ending let me down. That's all there is to it, really.

CrazyRabanal - This is the way of super heroes lol5 star

Great film, watch it!

Britneyfan92 - Boring1 star

Not scary, not thrilling. Just rather silly

Fob171 - Boring2 star


rover07 - Now and again4 star

Now and again, a good horror movies comes along and this is definitely one of them.

Donut Dan - Awesome5 star

Fantastic take on the horror genre.

moooviebuff - Misses the mark.1 star

Slow and dull. An apt description of Brightburn. Stock up on popcorn, turn the couch around and face away from the TV. Sleep inducing entertainment if there ever was.

Nick_Kuc - Entertaining5 star

When it's so good to be bad. Enjoyed the superhero "on it's head concept". Nice.

RonnyRockstar16 - Is this an introductory to a new DC Villain?5 star

What a fabulous, nerve racking & scream out loud flick. Don't upset this teen, he's not nice!

Suzloooo - Good movie5 star

Scary and slightly disturbing movie. If you actually want a scare this is a good movie and it doesn’t have the usual Hollywood happy ending which is a nice change! The young actor does a great job at being just a little bit creepy.

Sickofmanure - Avoid1 star

Extremely dull and predictable. Yet another steaming pile of manure.

Dj Cool Master - What is it about5 star

Basically it’s super man except there is no krypton it’s a kid not an adult the alien is evil and there soooo much gore and death

Lenny Piesy - Little plot ... lots of flaws.2 star

Aside from the good acting, story is lacklustre. It could’ve had potential but the story stayed on the same bias direction.

tysfly - It’s a bird? it’s a plane? No it’s your end!5 star

Chills galore.. absolutely loved the ending!! So worth buying to re watch over..

izzy_a - really bad1 star

this movie was ridiculous, basically dark super man but as a child. Very surface level characterisation and hurried, depthless plot development.

jembot - Excellent5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. A proper horror with some feels in there too. Banks is perfect.

Blordan - Disappointed3 star

From all the reviews I expected a lot more, I wouldn’t say this movie is scary it has a few graphic deaths but nothing to full on. It’s not bad if you are going to rent it.

|YHS| - INSANE5 star

The movie is actually SO COOL!!!!!!!

DemonWolf96 - Awesome movie5 star

Its the evil superman movie we all wanted, cant wait for the sequel tbh

moonlight68 - Don’t expect the usual5 star

This film is brutal in some scenes, loved it. Very creepy

Dude of 4000 - This movie is AAAAAAWESOOOOOOME :)5 star

I absolutely love this movie. The film has some very effective moments, some solid performances and an execution that live up to its concept. Crossbreeding superhero tropes with horror staples was truely an ingenious idea. SPOILER WARNING: I also love how this movie is the first installment of a brand new cinematic universe centered on characters who resemble "horror movie" versions of iconic superheroes. Keep up the great work, David Yarovesky & James Gunn. Hmmm, I wonder if the next movie's gonna be about a slasher villain who resembles Batman.

Thomas Robson - Really good5 star

I saw this in the cinema today I really enjoyed it I recommend it to all horror fans however I wouldn’t recommend it to to people who aren’t into horror movies

Slinkstar - Never a dull moment5 star

Dark · Violent · Disturbing · Terrifying · Creepy · Unsettling · Graphic · Intense · Gruesome · Shocking A really scary movie. I loved it. How they manage the tension is EXCELLENT. Having this child on earth must be very scary. The plot is "what if Superman was bad". Warner and DC Comics have nothing to do with this project, they just based on that character to create this one. If you do not know anything about Sups mythology it will seem like a good movie, but if you know even the actors who have played it and much more you will understand every tribute. 100% recommended.

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TennZen - It Feels Empty1 star

I feel like this could have been a great movie, but it feels empty to me... like they just barely managed to tell a story. The kid went from just being lame to lame and evil in a couple days. You can’t do this kind of film without developing a character in a timely manner... it’s like... “He went to school one day, AND THEN HE WAS EVIL!”

alinespy - Very interesting5 star

I liked the movie a lot. It had me asking questions a lot as well. The ending I need more explaining on. You should definitely invest yourself on watching this movie.

pornhub is better - Bright burn is the best movie5 star

Bright burn is the best movie I’ve seen this year I hope they have a sequel

Air Luii - Superboy1 star

Cynical and predictable behavior throughout the movie. The adolescent alien isn’t the most interesting boy to begin with and it just didn’t work from the aspect they portrayed. If you’re going to watch this movie for whatever reason don’t expect any surprises. Brightburn is lacking on so many levels. The best part is when he bumps his head, with that being I should’ve bought an app or Taco Bell instead.

Imaginosis - GREAT IDEA SQUANDERED2 star

The significant potential in fo this Negative Superhero concept is never realized thourgh lazy writing, mediocre casting, poor pacing and mindless jump scares. I felt like I watched Elizabeth Smart, a fine actor, in tortured agony over her one note part and being trapped in this dead end movie. Its audacity is signaled by its optimistically sequel triggering ending - which will never happen .....

snorkel bob - Worst movie ever1 star

Probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen. The Syfy network would have passed on this movie.

Cuzmarc_101 - Not worth it2 star

It’s smallville meets the trash movies of DC ( Batman V. Superman). There’s no storyline and for a movie to be 1 1/2 they speed up things which don’t make sense.

IceColdRocker - Sequel3 star

["Perhaps some others from a differet universe or something have detected him using the powers & come to assial & battle him into submission 😊 hahaaaaaa gotcha"]

MovieMakerMovieLover - Dope4 star

Kinda fun for a Sunday night.

StefAKneeeee - Awesome5 star

This is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in awhile. It had elements of creep, gore and not knowing what’s going to happen next. The kid who plays Brendon pulled off creepy villain kid to a T! I’m assuming there’s a sequel coming bc there is so much more to that story they can build off of.

Daniboy24 - Garbage1 star

It’s basically the the beginning story of Superman but just an evil little bastard.

I love you Todd Pipes - Bruh1 star

I don’t even leave bad reviews but this was so bad it upset me that I watched it, I’d have been better off watching a 1 and a half hour video of a pile of garbage.

I eat books - Trailer or complete movie????1 star

They show the entire plot, climax and ending in the trailer. That is genius.

BooBerryBits - Great movie5 star

I’m glad I bought this movie. Truly a gem. Worth buying for sure. Don’t pay attention to the critics. They got it wrong, this movie is awesome.

Mswally505 - Nice idea but underwhelming for me...2 star

I think if they had gone into more of the back story of where the boy came from and why he is the way he is, I would have liked it more? Just fell flat for me and a little too campy and corny.

Charlesvania - Boring1 star

This movie was bad. The plot was super shallow and was written in 5 seconds, seriously watch (Kid has powers, kid gets bullied, kid kills everyone he doesn’t like, end) Not only that but the movie was overly violent for no reason. Another example of a movie with a great idea but poorly executed. So happy I didn’t buy it. Stay away unless its free

Jolly Roger 1 - Meh2 star

It’s Superman as an evil boy. Nothing exciting. Wasn’t that good.

mg10r10 - I finished it.3 star

So it kept my attention. Overall, it was okay.

the Howell man - There has got to be a sequel!4 star


Bphair - Not Great2 star

It wasn’t scary or intense. A forgettable movie.

yea rite - Crap1 star

Worse movie I ever seen. Baby from outerspace. No it’s not Superman. This evil man who kills for the sake that he is crazy. Dumb ending. You can’t even kill him.

Caddisbug1994 - Super dumb1 star

Not scary. Just dumb

Jake__Lee - Whoa5 star

Not once did I look at my phone the whole movie. That says enough.

Artsen Doom - Disappointing2 star

Should have more build up and motivation to make him evil. I’m a comic fan and thought this would be a fun film. Rushed and hollow. Didn’t feel for any of the characters. Could have been good if written better. Save your money. It’ll be on Netflix soon

mzoll30 - Truly Great Dark Horror.5 star

I thought this movie was much more that a simple mash-up of two often butchered movie genres. Brightburn surpassed any expectations I had previous to viewing it and offered a fresh and chilling take on superheroes that we often take lightly or as... well COMICAL. The thought of a villain who is completely unchecked and unstoppable is truly what horror is about. Brightburn is the stuff of nightmares in the best possible way! WARNING! Not another plain Jane, cookie cutter, bubbly marvel movie.

Max P. Sterling - sucked1 star

I went in not knowing anything about about this movie. and i came out wishing i didnt know anything.

The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man) - Meh3 star

There was some stuff that disturbing about sexual stuff. However, the horror and thriller aspects were cool.

Tim Reinke - No ending2 star

The movie was ok. There was not enough gore, meaning that there was a few kills that showed a second of violence, but not graphic. There is no ending. A few things happened, and you definitely get no closure. If there is a sequel, then I could forgive getting absolutely no closure whatsoever, but until then, 2 out of 5 stars.

Hunt Stik - Maybe could have been something.2 star

Overall the acting and actors they used didn’t work for me. Could have made the story better and a bit more believable in order to capture the audience. Seems like a director, directing his first movie and should possibly stop...

ItonyTN - Don’t spend your money!1 star

I really wanted to try and like this movie but I couldn’t. The plot was long and boring—- this was more of a C rated made for TV movie so wait for it to hit cable. Wish I could get my money back from iTunes.

ClovrFIELDINYAFACE - Absolutely hated this movie.1 star

Movies don't have to be happy or have pleasant plot lines, but this movie is just a void of nothingness. No redeeming anything for any of these characters, the movie was just a total waste of money and time. It essentially feels like you watched an empty exercise in style and trying to be different by the end.

Elijah101st - Not bad4 star

I was hoping for more destruction but other than that I was entertained. Definitely worth watching.

bhebert008 - I enjoyed it5 star

Not sure what all the negative reviews were about but I thought it was pretty good.

unnessisaryperson1233 - Awesome! 😎5 star

Although the movie gets Boring at times it made up for it! It was pretty cool! I don’t see why people are giving it bad reviews.. It’s dark, gory, a little terrifying, and a great movie over all! I suggest this movie to only adults considering children would be terrified to sleep at night, besides, it is rated R.

yester5 - Painfully predictable2 star

Stomach-churning gore doesn’t make up for lack of a plot. You know where the story line is going 20 minutes before you get there. That's the should only take three minutes! Dragged out...predictable...really quite boring. Soooo mush potential, wasted.

bletem3563 - Excellent movie5 star

So much better than anything DC could do. This should be a new category of movie. The gore and suspense is perfect. I mean wow. Take my money make a sequel please or continue with the other evil supers like the evil Aquaman. Could be a evil justice league type thing which would be amazing. Must watch

GodsNu - Awesome5 star

Great movie, critics. Smh, don’t listen to them.

the_coolness - Pretty Good4 star

Has an interesting premise which is an evil Superman essentially. This plot starts well and then spins into nothing as it flounders to reach a logical conclusion. I don't think it's worth the buy, but it's pretty borderline.

Core world slicker - Loved the concept5 star

Could be the start of a new superhero category.

branbo_13 - It’s OKAY.!!! - (Opinionated)4 star

Suspense was there and so were twists. So I’ll give it that.

Ha-Shi-Ra-Ma - Amazing5 star

The movie is fantastic. It’s definitely a cool time

Lampson's - Take The WORLD!!!5 star

First of all everyone is right about the superman twist. But if you look deeper into the story gets even better. It makes me want to know more about Brandon’s “Krypton” and the people on it. There’s definitely more to the story and I hope that means more movies.

HB!111111111111111111111111111 - Not bad really3 star

We enjoyed this show, but we also ragged on it a bit because typical horror story stupidity where people do dumb stuff like going into a barn in the middle of the night unacompanied without so much as a flashlight. The kid did good though, he could switch from a look of pure innocense to pure hatred in a second. I'd say he's got a pretty good shot at future acting career, the ending also left off with possibility of a sequel, so stay tuned.

Moschell - Unfortunate2 star

I LOVE Elizabeth Banks but this movie ... Boooo. Very rushed. Poor editing. Really everything is completely random with underdeveloped characters. This movie is full of huge storyline flaws that are so distracting. And it just fails across the board. Too bad.

aramis2764 - Trailer gives away everything4 star

Good, entertaining movie. Don't watch the trailer. It will ruin the experience. I didn't go into it expecting a masterpiece so it was worth the watch. Thankfully I stopped the trailer about 10 seconds in. When I went back after I watched the whole thing I was appalled that it pretty much showed the entire movie plot. People could still get sold on it without showing literally every major plot point.

ThisReviewIsForYou. - Terrible and repetitively repulsive1 star

Wanted to love this but Focus on creepy No story development Torture death scenes Wasted opportunity

npcpcp - Super gory super slow...1 star

Not what I expected. Too slow and got boring. Gore did not help. Failed concept.

genkuro - Pffffffft2 star

This is a slow stalking horror flick akin to Friday 13th. Low budget. Boring. I wanted to see the kid Katamri Damacy the town, maybe the world.

justmekmd - Awesome5 star

I saw this in theaters & every death is executed well. Answers the question of “what if Superman turned on us”. Very good movie I just wish it was longer.

EmpressVMoney - Not your average superhero origin story5 star

I really enjoyed this superhero-horror genre movie. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. What happens when Superman turns out to be a Super Serial Killer? Watch this movie and find out,

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