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What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? With Brightburn, the visionary filmmaker of Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither presents a startling, subversive take on a radical new genre: superhero horror.

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Evil has found its superhero. What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister?. Brightburn Wiki

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icantuseanynamealwaystaken    1 star

Mehhhhh Predictable

Gen510    1 star

Disappointed 99 cents badly spent

Wim 6801    4 star

Movie held my attention I liked this movie, I was pretty much on the edge of my seat for most of it. I don’t know that I liked the ending but it leaves an opening for a sequel. I can’t wait.

ztexas01    1 star

Could have been good Probably one of the worst movies I’ve seen but with a unique and great idea in mind.

SmartMikecoop    5 star

Bang for you’re buck 5 stars maybe even 10 stars okay

djripley87    2 star

Brightburn First things first. ELIZABETH BANKS, I love you!! You’re way too good for this! You know you’ve wasted your time When the best part of a film is a song(bad guy by Billie Eilish) which by the way isn’t even on the soundtrack, that’s played during the end credits. Now in its defense, the actors are all wonderful(my favorite Ms. Banks!!) the kid is gonna have a future in film I’m sure and some of the cinematography is breathtaking. It doesn’t make up for bad editing, horrible dialogue and probably the most confused storytelling I’ve seen this year. It had great potential. At first I was in and hopeful that it would progress. It regressed with pointless gore and terrible costume design(unintentionally comedic).

Shreddrdude    5 star

Creepy, dark, awesome. I don’t often leave reviews, but Brightburn was great.

Deeterson    2 star

Frame of mind The only way you will enjoy this movie is if you keep these four words in mind “evil opposite of Superman.”

MathOsGuru    5 star

Worth the Watch The twist are superhero philosophy is just perfect. No spoilers, but worth the rental price 100%. Very good movie.

Volcogo    4 star

liked it some reviewers are like entitled kids. expect everything perfect and exactly what they want. Hey it was a good movie

Luc Presley    4 star

special heureusement que Superman n'est pas comme lui ! on auraient de serieux problemes.

Plouffe002    1 star

Boring Luckily for me I just rented this movie for 99cents. So predictable and the story is full of holes.....

Death adder57    1 star

Had potential Could’ve been way better not much reason for the kid going bad other than him wanting his way which just isn’t the best motive. Also don’t know why his dad shot him on a theory I don’t think that if he’d actually loved him he would’ve come to the conclusion he did it so quickly.

CAJ8585    5 star

Brilliant & Classic with a twist This is a classic horror flick with a touch of superhero sic-fi thrown in. Really well done. I cannot get through most modern horror flicks. I want a horror film to keep me interested and scare my pants off. This film did both. I thought the young lad who played Brandon was excellent. Hope to see him in more films. Every great horror flick take on an erie quality, this one did not dissapoint. It's different and well done.

BrightBurnLover    5 star

Good mirror image of Superman I’m actually impressed on how they twisted the origin story of Superman how Brandon became a psychopath when he found out he had powers

Orangecoke    3 star

Not bad! Cool premise, well executed but wish it was longer with more super-evil stuff in it :)

killerbko    5 star

Bright burn I liked the way they made an evil super man, it showed how people with morale can do so much bad

No Love    5 star

Loved it ! Great movie ! My only complaint is that it was too short . Would have loved to see more of his powers and destruction . We need more movies like this. Evil super hero’s !

Big..B    5 star

Great movie I thought the movie was great, Entertained the entire time. Need more movies twisted like this. I said good day!

awesomemoviereviewer    3 star

Pretty good This movie is not perfect but for what it’s trying to do it’s fun

Boring  Fob171  2 star


Now and again  rover07  4 star

Now and again, a good horror movies comes along and this is definitely one of them.

Donut Dan
Awesome  Donut Dan  5 star

Fantastic take on the horror genre.

Misses the mark.  moooviebuff  1 star

Slow and dull. An apt description of Brightburn. Stock up on popcorn, turn the couch around and face away from the TV. Sleep inducing entertainment if there ever was.

Entertaining  Nick_Kuc  5 star

When it's so good to be bad. Enjoyed the superhero "on it's head concept". Nice.

Is this an introductory to a new DC Villain?  RonnyRockstar16  5 star

What a fabulous, nerve racking & scream out loud flick. Don't upset this teen, he's not nice!

Good movie  Tahlscat  5 star

Scary and slightly disturbing movie. If you actually want a scare this is a good movie and it doesn’t have the usual Hollywood happy ending which is a nice change! The young actor does a great job at being just a little bit creepy.

Avoid  Sickofmanure  1 star

Extremely dull and predictable. Yet another steaming pile of manure.

Dj Cool Master
What is it about  Dj Cool Master  5 star

Basically it’s super man except there is no krypton it’s a kid not an adult the alien is evil and there soooo much gore and death

Little plot ... lots of flaws.  Ll.lllllll  2 star

Aside from the good acting, story is lacklustre. It could’ve had potential but the story stayed on the same bias direction.

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