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From Executive Producer Ben Stiller, long-time friends Alice and Ben find themselves in that inevitable year that all late 20-somethings experience—in which seemingly every person they know gets married—and agree to be one another’s plus ones as they power through an endless parade of insufferable weddings. Winner of the Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award, PLUS ONE stars Maya Erskine (“PEN15”), Jack Quaid (“The Boys”), Beck Bennett (“Saturday Night Live”), Rosalind Chao (The Joy Luck Club) and Ed Begley Jr. (A Mighty Wind), PLUS ONE is “sharp, raunchy, and altogether winning” (SlashFilm).

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10 Weddings, 1 Summer, No One Can Survive Alone. Two single friends agree to be each others' respective plus one for each wedding they're invited to during a particularly busy nuptial period of their lives.. Plus One Wiki

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jess_nh    5 star

It’s not wedding and a funeral... It’s not wedding and a’s funny.

Fofjrhf    5 star

Fantastic I honestly didn’t know what I was expecting from this. But I was hooked from beginning to end and loved every second of it. ❤️

Mike32457    5 star

What a Great Surprise! I anticipated some great chemistry and dialogue but I was not ready for the range of emotion this film explores. Absolutely enjoyed Quaid and Erskine together. They so complimented each other and their obvious chemistry really sells the whole story. The absurdity of wedding ceremonies playing in the background really was so clever. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Anniemorgan    5 star

Loved it - great dialogue I watched this because the reviews said it was funny and great, and I found it to be ... funny and great! The main characters are hilarious, and even though perhaps it's a story line done before, it somehow doesn't feel that way because of the clever, funny, cute, charming chemistry and dialogue. I LOVED this movie, completely 100% worth watching.

Alx78    3 star

Good premise and story. she is awesome in this 3 1/2 stars. The story is good and the families on both side are great. What really stood out was Maya!! She was awesome! Quaid was fine. A guy trying to figure out what he wants. Just the character written for him was all over the place. It was bit too much and found me not rooting for him at all.

bjpbj    2 star

A movie about two very unlikable characters I made it 25 minutes in. Maybe if you can actually connect with anyone or anything in this movie you'll love it.

SumYungGai    5 star

Great movie! Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid have an amazing onscreen chemistry. Their sarcasm is awesome. I love this movie.

not resolved    2 star

Maya is terrific For me the overall the film was just meh. I found Maya adorable, the male couple delightful, wedding speeches quirky fun, but never warmed to the lead actor. Tip: wait until it hits the discount movie theatre or DVD rental box.

geo2318    5 star

Best RomCom in a while The trailer showed some funny moments in the movie and it didn’t stop there. Usually when you watch a trailer most of the funny moments are revealed and you’re caught thinking “that’s it?!!” But not this title.

logan3-1639    5 star

Might be the best romcom I've ever seen At a high level, it's formulaic and predictable, but the dialogue and chemistry between the two lead characters is fresh and original, and all of the characters and interactions feel authentic. I love strong female leads and Maya Erskine delivers in spades.

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