The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Summary and Synopsis

From Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment comes the highly-anticipated follow-up to "The Secret Life of Pets," the blockbuster animated comedy about the lives pets lead after their human counterparts leave the home each day. "The Secret Life of Pets 2" is directed by Chris Renaud ("Despicable Me 2," "The Secret Life of Pets"). Max the terrier must cope with some major life changes when his owner gets married and has a baby. When the family takes a trip to the countryside, nervous Max has numerous run-ins with canine-intolerant cows, hostile foxes and a scary turkey. Luckily for Max, he soon catches a break when he meets Rooster, a gruff farm dog who tries to cure the lovable pooch of his neuroses. The Secret Life of Pets 2 Wiki

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They still have their secrets...

The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019)

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Comments & Critics

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Movie Reviews

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- I love this movie5 star

I love the tiger I Felt so bad for the tiger

- Bunny 🐰 movie 🎥3 star

Kevin hart was like on 1 hour and I love kevin hart but he didn’t make jokes

- Like5 star

This is one of my favorite movies!!!

- Great 🤩5 star

This movie is a family friendly movie it had me my mom and dad and my siblings cracking up this movie is definitely a family night movie

- So Good Almost Made Me Cry!5 star

This is such a good movie it has a great moral and has many great heart felt scenes that almost made me cry they were so good and I never come close to crying on ANY movie! 5 stars I’ll watch it over and over again!

- Very Good movie5 star

I saw this on one of my famous 3-day weekends in the very beginning of October. It was a wonderful movie, and my favorite characters from this one is daisy and rooster. It can teach a lesson about worrying about things. Just watch it yourself. $10 wont hurt you.

- Unknown5 star

It was the best movie u will ever see! Also it was a very cute and funny movie!

- Good movie5 star

This one is better the the first

- The lion king5 star

The lion king

- Bad1 star

I could not download the movie

- Not a fan1 star

This movie how so ever did not entertain me

- So dramatic3 star

I thought this was Secret Life of Pets 2. Not The Incredibles. Still good anyway.

- Okay3 star


- Cool5 star

I love pet

- Amazing5 star

The movie was amazing and I loved the ending when the bunny was singing panda

- Boring, Too Shallow a Storyline to Adults2 star

The first movie in the series was so much better, it set a high bar. This may have appealed to children, but it was so bad, we turned it off before 30 minutes had passed. The pace was slow and meandering, the characters of the adults had no depth and our concensus was: Iit's was overpriced at Apple's $6 (rental fee).

- cute !5 star

super cute movie ! definitely worth seeing

- Awesome5 star

This was one of the best movies I’ve ever

- The movie didn’t work!1 star

I was watching the movie with 48 hours left to rent it and it says it expired and I just bought it!!!🤬

- Not great, but definitely an improvement over its predecessor.3 star

Let me start off by saying that I did NOT like the first "Secret Life of Pets" movie at all. It was unfunny, mean-spirited, the characters were really irritating and unlikeable, the story was basically a ripoff of "Toy Story," and the third act was extremely over the top. Sure the animation was nice and that's really all that movie had going for it. Other than that, it was just a complete waste of a movie. It's easily tied with "Minions" as Illumination's worst movie to date in my opinion. Needless to say, I had no desire to watch this sequel. I actually skipped it while it was in theaters. But since I ended up watching it today, I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised by how decent this one turned out. Now it's nothing spectacular by any stretch of the imagination, but it's definitely much better than the first one. The characters seemed more likeable this time around, the new characters were surprisingly enjoyable (especially Harrison Ford's character), there were moments that were truly funny, and it had a great message as well. However, there's really no story here. It mostly feels like three shorts crammed into one movie and I personally believe one of the three plot lines could have easily been removed. As a result, the movie can't help but feel a little more episodic at times rather than feeling an actual movie. Also, while there are funny moments (more than in the first one for sure), most of the comedy is hit or miss. Not all of the humor lands and just feels simple and the jokes even fall flat at times. Like most movies from Illumination, it's also predictable and doesn't offer very many surprises and that's starting to get old now. I'm still hopeful for the Super Mario movie and they better take more risks on that and move on from making movies with the same formula. That being said, this is still a much better movie than what I was anticipating. Is it something I'll ever watch again? Probably not, but it's still mildly entertaining and a decent movie to watch to pass the time. Kids will definitely enjoy it. As for adults, it'll only depend on their taste.

- Very Cute5 star

I just loved this movie. If you are an animal lover or have pets you will understand all the jokes. Definitely a great family movie. 👍🏼👍🏼

- Seen the trailer= seen the movie1 star

This movie is boring. Not even worth using to distract your children.

- I love it so much!!!5 star

Hey all Do you love The secret life of pets will... you come and buy it at Walmart target Dollar tree everywhere else by

- I love the movie5 star

I love the movie even the ending song good job on the movie but I don't know about the gun -_-

- beakid5 star

hey people take a breather from trump garbage be a kid again cute movie get a bowl of ice cream and remember how cartoons made you feel as a kid fun huh

- This is not the best it could have been1 star

The trailer makes this movie 100% better than it actually is.In the trailer the plot makes a lot of sense then it does in the movie it self . THE rushed the plot soooooooo much ,there we’re just to many scenes at once .I was so excited to watch the movie it was a let down.

- The first one was better2 star

the story was disconnected. I still dont know what the baby tiger had to do with the story. Hated the typical gangster action at the end. The story didn’t need rap music to make it cool or "inclusive" its a cartoon... The first one was much better. wait for HBO or Netflix! Save the $6 dollars.

- Plot2 star

Feels very forced compared to the first movie, the star-studded cast for the voices sounds like they reading their lines with guns to their heads

- Great movie4 star

I really liked the movie. I liked the first one but the second one is amazing! It had a great story and amazing visuals! I really liked this movie!

- Haven’t seen it5 star

So I know what you’re thinking why did I rate it if I didn’t see it I think it was a good movie so I just rated it 5 stars

- Painful1 star

This movie was definitely low brain cell quality. They’ve missed the true essence of the animals. Stereotypical mean cats/nice dogs etc. etc.

- wouldn't bother but hey !!2 star

idk doesn't appeal

- Amazing movie5 star

It's an amazing family movie i watch it in my life also i want to thanks actors and everyone worked on this movie makes me happy every second when i watching this :)

- Disappointed3 star

Not as good as SLoP 1

- Yo Alex1233 star

If u thought this movie was bad then y did u watch it in the first place and did u watch the whole thing because of you did,you clearly liked it.And I liked the movie although it was not that funny or not the best🤗

- Super cute4 star

Watched with my little boys and we loved it

- K3 star

J mom Me Kk M K Dc. A ama Midas As m a. Af an a lmk

- Do not watch this1 star


- Great5 star


- But nice1 star

It is nice

- 👍4 star

5 stars

- Dolby Atmos1 star

Why no Dolby Atmos?!

- It was4 star

A good movie but if this is funniest thing you ever saw You have not lived

- It was ok...3 star

Good for younger kids, not for me... Better than the first one though... If you liked the first one, you’ll probably like this one...

- The first one is overrated and the second one is underrated5 star

I wrote a song parody about this The Secret Life of Pets (to the tune of “Rainbow Road” from Mario Kart 7) (Verse 1) Back in twenty-sixteen A film was released It was made by Illumination For their first franchise that wasn’t Despicable Me Everyone who saw it Wasn’t that impressed And of course, the critics, they said that It’s just a c-grade Toy Story Void of all substance (Chorus 1) The Secret Life of Pets A decent animated film From the guys Who made the Minions The Secret Life of Pets It got seventy-three percent That’s good Did it deserve better though No (Verse 2) In an age of sequels Then they took a dare And they made three different stories Because they wanted to try to Be more original Critics didn’t like it Audiences did It made three-hundred-something million That sounds like a lot of money But not in Hollywood (Chorus 2) The Secret Life of Pets A decent animated film From the guys Who made the Minions The Secret Life of Pets It got seventy-three percent That’s good Did it deserve better though No But its sequel did...

- Ehh...2 star

Since there was a lot of stuff going on at a time the Movie felt really really short.

- So cute5 star

My kids love these movies. I really hope they make a 3rd

- Terrible1 star

There was nothing enjoyable about this moive I was so happy to leave scree you ilumation

- more action packed than the first one my new favorite5 star

Looks cool If there’s a secret life of pets 3 I hope they find a good way to conclude the story FYI haven’t seen it yet


I love this movie! It’s so good! However, the 1st movie is better since there is zero coherent storyline and the movie feels rushed. It’s great besides that tho! And WATCH THE POST CREDIT SCENE WITH SNOWBALL SINGING PANDA ITS 1 OF THE FUNNIEST THINGS IVE WITNESSED IN MY LIFE I WAS DYING😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Riley14boss - Decent3 star

I’ll give it a b-

YvesTB - Saturday morning cartoon...1 star

The script is VERY low budget style ! They didn't know what to do as a sequel...and it shows. For a 5 year old, it will be ok !

Ze cool one - Nice trailer5 star

I only saw ze trailer but never watched it so yea ze trailer wow

qtfaa - Why’d5 star


love cats 1234 - I loved it5 star

It is so good You should really buy it but it is a bit sad too

hhhhfddfghyf - So good3 star

Better than the first one, but it has to many story lines. 👎🏻

Tamilla Ismailova - Secret life of pets 25 star

I loved this movie so so so much it was so amazing you should watch it at the cinemas or at home

Tally puffs of the world - Not good2 star

Not very good don’t buy it

awesomemoviereviewer - What a huge surprise4 star

I loved this movie the first one was good but the second was great I don’t like the villain but everything else 👍

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IceSoldier16 - Very good5 star

All I have to say is that this movie was really good and I enjoyed watching it.

Goose Goz37 - Hello best movie5 star

Best movie ever watch now!!!!!

tabinsezweeeks - The worst1 star

I’ve been waiting so long like a week and it has not came I want to see itttt

coolkidsarefun - Really Good!5 star

I liked the movie! It was very funny.😀

ZDruads in france - Okkkkkk I need to pay for it5 star

Okkkkkkk i need to pay for it

yanmeri - Sooo funny5 star

My son and I, watched in the theater. Love this movie and I can’t wait for purchase 😍😍😍😁😁❤️❤️❤️

Superhero145 - It been a great year for animated sequels5 star

Since the beginning of the years sequel been a mix review but this was really good I loved the first movie and I thought this was better I recommend it to anyone who loved the first film it doesn’t disappoint it a must buy!!!!!

DeemaSharli - Hilarious5 star

I’m 22 and I thought it was hilarious lol. Go with some friends who aren’t lame.

fartbree - I haven’t seen it yet but oh my gosh I love it5 star

Pets two

Abby spence - Amazing 😃🍿🍫5 star

It was an awesome movie. I would see it again.

Tjh1230 - Expected more to it2 star

It was a funny movie but it didn’t have a story. They multiple things going on at once. They had more portantaul. I would recommend waiting to watch when it comes to Redbox. Not worth buying.

Movie lover 23567 - Eh3 star

It was better that the 1st. Can’t get over the P word (you have been warned). Like three funny parts then just, blah. It was just eh

gavintheprogamer - Amazing5 star

I watched this in The Drive In Theatres on Opening Weekend, and I realized, what’s with the live action scene. Other than that, it’s very awesome

sadahsuwu - Horrible1 star

I went to see this movie with my friends. I though that this movie would be decent. My friends had though it would be superior to the original movie. It turned out to be a snobby bore fest of the movie switching to 1 viable plot and 2 non-viable plots. The pacing here is horrible and feels rushed. By the time we finished watching, we hated this movie. Make sure to never watch this movie ever and if their is a Secret Life of Pets 3, don’t watch it ever. 😶

nasville kid - #1 was better3 star

I was disappointed how the movie turned out. Wait to rent it don’t by it

Apspiderman09 - The secret life of pets 2 review5 star

And I just saw the movie 2hours Do you know the first secret life of pets was good and they return in four years let’s find out. The story is not like the first one but it has a villain like after the events of the first take a life of pets Max has a baby name Liam and the girl met up with a man and then they got married and Max the little baby and the Duke went on a road trip they went to see The mom’s uncle. The animation Animation is really good for a Blue Ray style And the animations is……Better then despicable me franchise. The characters Max is the main.character Roster is the Captain America‘s teacher Rip-off.Snowball is the superman Rip-off. Gidget is the cute little dog. Norman is The little guy that Runs everywhere. Katie is Max’s owner. Buddy is slinky Rip-off from toy story. Duke The big brown dog and he is the Chewbacca Rip-off. Pops is the dog with the wheelchair like Charles Xavier from X-Men yeah he is the Charles Xavier Rip-off. Sweet pea is the Little small bird and he is the falcon Rip-off (Avengers endgame my favorite movie of 2019). Mel is the funny dog. The secret life of pets 2 is the movie that you need to see it so funny and whoever is Reading📄 my comments if anyone asks yes it gets the movie of like that and easy Gevin😃👍🏻 it really is that funny. The story 7/10 The animation 10/10 The characters 10/10😃👍🏻………… and maybe I like The secret life of pets 1 and 2 Better than………(Zootopia do you know my favorite animated film of 2016)

Blue12290 - Good and fun5 star

Good and fun

Jolovesgum - [email protected] [email protected]$5 star

+he $ecre+ L!fe 0f Pe+$ 2 !z n0w +he 10+h [email protected]+!0n [email protected]!nmen+ m0v!e [email protected]+ !z n0w ever [email protected]$ed. Eye [email protected]+ched !+ !n D0lby [email protected] & !+ wuz [email protected]!n gr8 4 @ny [email protected]!ly.

G unit Fazz - Missing the MAIN character from the original2 star


MahshadS - 💕💕✨5 star

I love it.I love it.I love it💕💕💕✨💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

boboesco - Okay4 star

It was a okay movie for your children but not an adult

Eshila - Can’t wait5 star

Really want to see it

Yorick Delano - This Needs to Stop1 star

Something is telling me if we don't expect better from these movies a new dark age for animation is surely encroaching, and Illumination will be the one for whom the bell tolls.

codieodidkdks - CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star


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The Secret Life of Pets 2 images
The Secret Life of Pets 2 images
The Secret Life of Pets 2 images
The Secret Life of Pets 2 images
The Secret Life of Pets 2 images
The Secret Life of Pets 2 images
The Secret Life of Pets 2 images
The Secret Life of Pets 2 images
The Secret Life of Pets 2 images
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The Secret Life of Pets 2 posters
The Secret Life of Pets 2 posters
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