X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Summary and Synopsis

During a rescue mission in space, one of the X-Men’s most beloved characters, Jean Grey, is struck by a cosmic force that transforms her into one of the most powerful mutants of all: DARK PHOENIX. Wrestling with this increasingly unstable power and her own personal demons, Jean spirals out of control, tearing the X-Men family apart as they face their most devastating enemy yet — one of their own. The X-Men face their most formidable and powerful foe when one of their own, Jean Grey, starts to spiral out of control. During a rescue mission in outer space, Jean is nearly killed when she's hit by a mysterious cosmic force. Once she returns home, this force not only makes her infinitely more powerful, but far more unstable. The X-Men must now band together to save her soul and battle aliens that want to use Grey's new abilities to rule the galaxy. X-Men: Dark Phoenix Wiki

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The phoenix will rise..

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Comments & Critics

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Reviews

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- Utterly ... boring1 star

Watch what’s her name and Fassbender do “powers hands” and try to pretend it’s a poly. And what a waste of source material. Bleh.

- Better than Bad Critiques5 star

Watching this movie before purchasing it, shines a light on what this movie is about. If I relied on what the critics said about it, I probably would not have watched or even showed an interest in it. After watching it several times, I find that, “Dark Phoenix” had a very good story line, well acted by the characters that were consistent to the series. It definitely made up for X-men Apocalypse! This is not a bad movie at all. It is one of those movies that I don’t mind watching several times in a day. Yes, it’s that good! Will there be a continuation? I tell you what, whether it be woven into the MCU, or through the same franchise, I look forward to it!

- Epic5 star

Just epic

- It’s an abomination1 star

This was one of the worst superhero movies ever! This is why Disney shouldn’t team up with Fox movies

- Not that bad.4 star

Not worth the $19.99 price but I’d pay $9.99.

- The Phoenix saga fails again...2 star

Sophie Turner was wonderful as young Jean Grey. This was a terrible conclusion. Like re-watching The Last Stand all over again. But comparable. Laugh how bad the direction it traveled. No doubt.

- Good one5 star

This movie is much better than last stand comparing the two because of dark Phoenix in both. This one was one of my favorites great story and awesome action.

- As bad as the fantastic four films1 star

0/5 This film belongs on mystery science theater 3000.

- Good4 star

Look it is not bad. Critics are wrong as usual. It had some problems but overall it was good

- It’s Everyday Bro5 star

At least this movie has more action than The Fant4stic 2015. Fantastic Four reboot was terrible. X-Men Dark Phoenix is better at least.

- This movie was so bad1 star

This movie was so so so bad. Just so unbelievably bad. I relogged into my iTunes account just to leave this review to say how bad it was. It was so so so so so so so so bad. Disgustingly bad.

- The worst movie of 20191 star

The X-Men franchise falls in it's last stand between bad and faling a franchise long gone since 2000.

- Worst X-Men movie1 star

It is a failed attempt at “modernizing” X-men.

- Wasnt bad3 star

Wasnt as bad as critics say

- 🙂🍿🥤3 star

I liked this movie. Was this my favorite in the franchise? No, but it was ok for what it was. Overall this movie wasn’t half bad. The only thing that bothered me, was that the logo for the MCU appeared throughout the movie. Overall this movie wasn’t half bad. Nuff said.😎

- Not too bad4 star

Better than what the critics said. They only had a film for something that should have been a saga (3 films) left in their contract before fox was sold to Disney. Disney will reboot in a few years and hopefully fix it (tell it right). It is better than 2006 the last stand, though.

- An entertaining movie4 star

Read and saw all the reviews and videos. Finally rented it and I was entertained by it, which is what I wanted to be. A fitting end to the second generation of X-men. Was it great? No....but that sums up the entire First Class. Good, ut always living in the shadow of the original X-men movies. It was a fun time though. Decent script, good action and good pacing. Give it a go if you just want to be entertained.


🔥🔥🔥I loved it because I’m tired of the same people aka avengers !

- Great movie5 star

Although the timelines don’t add up, nevertheless it’s still a great movie. Amazing special effects, great story and the score is a perfect match that adds great emotions to the film. One of the better xmen films by far.

- Cool action4 star

Very action packed

- Awesome movie5 star

I thought it was great!!

- Jew cash grab1 star

Don’t waste your money! This is an obvious cash grab. The writing, acting and of the worst is the director. They try to do the whole woman power thing and it’s just overwhelming annoying, raven saying it should be called the X women. Like the title of my review says it definitely is a Jew cash grab. I will definitely try to get my money back (not likely im sure) but after seeing that they should have paid me for it. Kinberg stop....just stop and I mean all of it your just terrible. For anyone who would like to see an I opening show, watch hollywoodism on YouTube. See what those people have done to America, you will see why all the hate. Screw you kinBERG!!!

- Anti-male garbage1 star

The latest to pile on the anti-male train, not surprisingly everyone hated this heap of junk. It’s time for people to let it go and move on, he won election in 2016, but we don’t need to attack half of the population due to this. Missing the 1990’s and 2000’s a lot lately.

- Disappointed1 star

Definitely the worst one yet. Couldn’t even finish watching it. Glad Fox can’t do any more damage to this franchise.

- Underrated but still not amazing5 star

Very underrated film. It’s still the worse X-men movie of the quadrilogy. I enjoyed it but at the same time the plot was weak. All the actors were spot on as usual just a poor script.

- Noooo!1 star

This is so much a teenage angst film about a rebellious angry girl with magic powers. I see this daily on Dr. Phil.

- Give it a chance4 star

I didn’t think I would like this so I waited until it came to redbox to watch it, but I was pleasantly surprised, to be perfectly honest I thought it was far better than Avengers: Endgame, I know that’s not a popular opinion , but Endgame is the worst in the series to me.

- Worst X-men film ever1 star

Don't buy it, don't watch it worst X-men film

- 😎🤔3 star

Great Visuals and cool fight scenes, but not as good as X-Men Apocalypse. It kinda fails to make the X-Men good again.

- I liked it!4 star

I thought it was just like all the other x-men movies. If you like those, which I do, you’ll like this one!

- Don't waste your money or time2 star

Even as a fan of the X-Men, it's hard to find positive things to say about this movie. I wish I had not watched it.

- Dark phenoix5 star


- Love this movie5 star

This movie was better then the avengers endgame

- best X-men movie5 star

I really enjoyed it and if this has more popularity, then it would definitely have more positive reviews.

- Bad 🍅🍅🍅2 star

You people mess the movie

- Wow5 star

Really good movie. Something I will definitely watch multiple times

- Ignore the bad reviews5 star

We just saw this movie and we really liked it. IMO the plot was really good. I really don’t know what people want in a movie now days but this is a good family movie with good action. See it for yourself.

- This movie was just..... wow!!!5 star

My second favorite X-men movie, probably favorite

- Good Entry in X-Men series.4 star

Is this as good as days of future past? Absolutely not. Is this better than Apocalypse, Absolutely! I was very excited to see this film and unfortunately listened to critics when I shouldn't have. This was an entertaining movie.

- Alien abduction1 star

This movie had a few cool fight scenes, but overall was a dumb alien movie. It had poor plot and was just using x-men name to get tickets sold. So dumb. Glad I only paid 99 cents to see. Don't waste your time. Never buy!!!

- I really enjoyed the movie5 star

Why have so many people trashed this movie in the reviews? Goodness, I was so reluctant to even view it due to all of the rotten tomatoes and negative comments. I guess it is more enjoyable when you have never read the comics. I just rented it, but do plan on buying it. I thought they did a fantastic job delving into her back story, picking it up from the terrible tragedy she experienced in her youth, then how she met Xavier, touching on the depths of her inner battle and pain, showing how she got her Phoenix powers, etc. Mostly, though, I love how the bonds of their friendships played such a powerful role in the movie. How each of them had to face the testing and bending of those bonds. Yes, I think they messed up Xavier's character a little, but we have to remember that we are watching him when he was younger, and not as the wiser, older, and nobler Xavier as portrayed by Patrick Stewart. When viewed in that context, perhaps they got his character right in this movie. Truly great soundtrack as well! And why do people not like the ending? Gosh, from what people were saying I thought she was going to end up dead and powerless somewhere. I found the ending to be inspiring and epic. Watching the Phoenix form and fly, truly awesome! And as the ending narration says, this isn't the end of the Phoenix or the X-Men. They are so many ways that future movies can build off of this one. My recommendation to anyone wanting to watch this enjoyable movie is just go into it with a clear and open mind, without any expectations or preconceived thoughts. Just watch it to enjoy it. I think you will like it.

- More X-men inconsistency2 star

Simon Konberg and Bryan Singer are so inconsistent with the X-men franchise. X-men: first class and days of future past were great but x-men: apocalypse and this Dark Phoenix were underwhelming. Dark Phoenix was particularly bad between the weak script and I was surprised by the poor acting with such a great cast. I can see why Jennifer Lawrence wanted out. I am hoping with Disney acquiring Fox that Marvel Studios can do the X-Men franchise proper moving forward.

- :(1 star

I love the X-Men series. I have grown up watching them and excited every time one comes out. This one was not even worth watching, so disappointing.

- iTunes fix your Rotten Tomatoes rating1 star

This movie has a 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, NOT a 64%. Just look at the counted reviews. I don't know if iTunes is doing this for financial purposes, some deal with the studio, or just incompetence, but lets be clear: everyone but the most blindly loyal fans thought this movie was a total disaster.

- Meh2 star

Didn't have high expectations for this... Good thing i didnt. Was left at meh.... Can they get an Xmen movie right sometime in my lifetime? Rented this on red box 2$ :)

- Good Flix4 star

Better than critics made it out to be! The ending could have been better though.

- Fassbender was good2 star

Fassbender was good. Everything else stunk. Sophie Turner was horrible and is a bad actress. This is a BAD movie.

- Why did I watch this movie1 star

It was so bad I feel sorry for Jennifer Lawrence but I feel happy for her now that she’s dead and she doesn’t have to be in Anymore sucky movies anymore just horrible my poor X-Men. I love the X-men these movies are just trash

- Frankly, I don't get the hate4 star

I even had misgivings about renting this based on all the bad press and anti-fandom hate around it. But, I felt like it was an ok super hero movie. I'm bummed the Phoenix character had to transform into some intergallactic shooting star thing and bummed that Raven died (kind of a high mortality rate for females in this movie, eh?), but it was ok.

- Better than I thought it would be. But...3 star

It was a fun movie. Way more serious than expected. Dark. Not like the X men three that was really a waste. Has it's flaws though. Gets conveluted later and ending was eh. But way better than the last and not a bad X men film.

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Angelina Buyse - Amazing!!!5 star

Regardless of what the critics thought, I loved this movie. It was absolutely wonderful, and the graphics and editing were outstanding! The acting, OMG, the acting done by Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, and Jennifer Lawrence, was outstandingly awesome! Also, the director did an amazing job!! So, here’s a few words for the people who gave it only 1 star, GO FRICK YOURSELVES

alanmichaelwong - Dark Phoenix: Brava!!5 star

Incredible storytelling by an excellent cast/crew and sci-fi/action packed special effects simply makes this magnificent addition to the X-Men franchise a true winner. I want to watch it again now!!

not-so-sure - Ok but not great3 star

I was really looking forward to this movie, but was disappointed. It was quite slow at times and developed the plot slowly over the course of the movie. They could have done so much more with this story, but they missed the mark.

Fritz Steinmeyer - Awesome5 star

Excellent fkn movie!!

joeschmoe28 - A pleasant surprise4 star

Waited to rent this one. Given all the negative reviews, was pleasantly surprised that it was enjoyable, though there are a couple of discrepancies in continuity between the previous xmen movies and this one, which could rattle anyone heavily invested in the xmen cinematic universe.

Ge.Hs - Phoenix killed Mystic1 star

If you like “classical tragedies”, this is for you.

Diana&Belle - Redo turned into wasted movie1 star

I have now seen two movies that in no fault of the cast turned into a mess of the dark Phoenix saga. The director proved he cannot fix what he broke the first time.

ThunderMya - Overall pleased3 star

I liked this movie despite the bad reviews it’s gotten. There’s just 2 things that annoyed me. First, the aliens. Seriously why did you have to add aliens?! Second, the ending totally contradicts how Days of Future Past ended. In Days of Future Past, Charles is still running the school and Jean is alive and well at the end. I have to say Sophie Turner did a phenomenal job and I see her winning an Oscar someday!

Mobstew - Wow ☹️1 star

All I can say is wow. Left shaking my head with the fate of some of the characters. Story doesn’t make sense with the earlier XMen films. p

nHebfjcif - This movie is unwatchable1 star

Regret renting so much

Um lame... - Stop whining3 star

Wasn’t as bad as expected. So was a pleasant surprise

warsach - I DON’T REVIEW MOVIES!!!5 star

I had too because of the negative reviews people left this movie. DO NOT READ THESE REVIEWS AND WATCH THIS MOVIE. It is well worth it!!!!! You can Thank me when your done watching. Your Welcome 👍

Manning2072 - For once The critics got it right!1 star

Dreadful story line subpar acting, and oh surprise, yet another feminist jab at men! I regret buying this now 😒

Griffin8666 - Such a disappointment1 star

I want to preface this by saying, I really like the new X-men actors, the low rating isn't becuase of them. This movie felt lazy. It was predictable and boring. I really hope they don't end the franchise with this dud.

six.feet.under - O pretty good4 star

I dont get why people are bashing this movie. Yes it could have been more intense, but it really touched me, the plot wasnt really messy. The actors are all great, maybe the direction could have been better but i had a really good time and im gonna watch it again for sure. Beautiful special effects toward the end, will look great in 4k. I care for Jean !

The Bionic Man - Signing off of Rotten Tomatoes4 star

This was not the best movie but there is no way it should have been rated so low by the critics, it was a solid movie and checked all the boxes for a superhero movie, and the action fight sequences displayed an improved visual of how powers are used in combat, I was really entertained. We are all going to be pleasantly surprised and disappointed from movie to movie but that is part of the fun, Rotten Tomatoes is taking the fun out of movie watching because they are influencing our perspective and creating preconceptions causing us to judge and critique mid picture instead of just enjoying the movieI, I am done, ignore Rotten Tomatoes so you can just watch a movie and decide for yourself

Mapquestjones - watch it5 star


CaddyBoys - Loved it5 star

Wayy better than apocalypse!! Really enjoyed the film & the strength of the dark Phoenix. Wish there was more of an intense battle but hope to see what’s next

kiwi master 2.0 - pretty good5 star

YEAH , YEah, yeah, I people did not like it I understand.any who it was really good. The plot did not really work out but WHO CARES! I loved it! wait a go marvel! 🤪🤪🤪AND IF YOU LIKE IT BUT OTHER PEOPLE LIKE IT YOU DON’T NEED TO NOT LIKE IT! BE YOUR SELF! 🥵 that took a lot of breath. 😊 thank you for reading 😊

Flim 10 - The plot was messy1 star

The acting was very well done. I liked it better than apocalypse.

ekhlas03 - Surprisingly good5 star

I didn’t expect my face to come out of the theatre like WOW.This movie was my favourite x men movie from all of them.Sure critics don’t like the movie but it’s actually good. I would give it 10/10 stars and recommend you check it out

Tacklebary2 - TRASH!!!!1 star

One of the most worst Marvel movies ever

awesomemoviereviewer - Fine3 star

It’s fine I’m in the middle of giving it 2 stars or 3 stars and I’m gonna give it three because all the actors especially Sophie Turner are really trying

terminizer - Don’t listen to critics and watch it if you love Xmen5 star

This movie is awesome great send off to these characters the only problem is the continuity timeline.

Oscar JM OXD - *cries internally1 star

Such a huge let down. This better be nominated for numerous RAZZIES

Omg wow ahhhhhh - Loved it5 star

Sophie turner is cool

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s capone - Don't listen to the haters! This is the X-Men movie I've been waiting for!5 star

I was one of many who avoided this movie after hearing all the hateful reviews. I can't believe how wrong they all were -- and I can't forgive all the X-men "fans" who spit on this movie. It really felt like a story that Chris Claremont could have written in his prime X-days. This movie had, hands-down, the *best action scenes* of all the X movies, showcasing for the first time the characters expressing their full powers and working as a team. Of course, not every part of it will win you over, and the filmmakers made some boneheaded moves that should have been addressed but were left hanging -- but whatever, it's a comic book. I was in fact only going to give it 4 stars, but rated it the extra star for two reasons: 1) After 20 years we finally got to see Cyclops and Storm KICK SOME BUTT, and 2) There was no Wolverine cameo.

MD0721 - Greatest movie5 star

Loved this movie could watch it over and over

Ryjb3322 - Amazing Movie5 star

I’ve read so many negative reviews towards this final addition to Marvel’s X-men!? Being 28, I may have a bias. I loved the original comics, the animated series, the reboot of the animated series and the X-Men movies where Jensen played Jean Gray. The respect to the original plot line was up held here, and in my opinion, done so in a graceful yet fierce way. As much as everyone wanted the generic Good beats Evil outcome here, the truth is, X-Men’s actual story is a mixture of gray areas and underlying controversial topics. To touch on so many, yet follow the story so well..... amazingly executed! Well done! Also, side note; the ending was changed due to Captain Marvel’s almost exact, released before, ending..

Shellie.J - I liked it5 star

You must like X-men to enjoy X-men if you have never seen or watch X-men since you were little you won’t enjoy it like X-men fans do. We are just happy they made the movie, tho they do need to do it the way avenger does there movies.

david greadit - Stunk up my home1 star

I'm an X-Men fan, and I love the characters. But this film was really bad. I mean really. The storylines which are usually good, were awful. Acting was awful. Then again, how do you act around a bad story. Then the videography and filming itself. I've seen better B-rated Japanese Godzilla movies that were way more entertaining and well made. Absolutely do not waste your time on this movie. It's 2 hours of your life you'll never get back.

Havock squad - Not really great.2 star

This seemed really low budget for some reason. Like a made for TV movie. Poor acting and script. Not a good direction.

Elmer the Great - Trash1 star

This movie was garbage!!! It had no plot and the X-Men went up against aliens that look like Groot from Guardian of the Galaxy! Do not rent this movie!

Joe in Dublin - I just don’t get it...2 star

There was a great X Men show in the 90’s. There are comics to base your story from. Why ignore all that and make this...🤷🏻‍♂️

ilistentomusic(obviously) - How do people like this garbage?1 star

Worst of the franchise by far. HUGE letdown. And no, it was NOT better than Endgame. Are you kidding me? Someone ACTUALLY said that. Unbelievable. And it wasn’t even close to being better than Apocalypse. That movie, at least, is watchable. This one? Nope.

Captain Swine - Huge disappointment1 star

I was terribly excited to see this film but good God... It was horrendously disappointing and I could have waited until it’s on a TNT marathon and from the quality of movie, I’m guessing that will be tomorrow night.

brigzen - Normal5 star

It is all what a movie of XMex can be.

zagatosz - much better than expected4 star

I put off veiwing this movie because of all the bad press and reveiws. It is actual pretty good. We are not braking ant new ground here but the story is entertaining. It is a little bit humorless as it takes itself to seriously , it forgets it is a superhero movie and trys to message us with cornponel sentiment. Yet it is not bad, I was entertained didnt feel I wasted my time, I recommend.

Did not regret! - The reviews are CORRECT1 star

JUST as I thought....TRASH!!! Yes this is the movie people are writing negative comments about, don’t let those 2% positive comments fool you. The only good thing about this movie is knowing they won’t make another!!!

Bionicsurfer - Not so bad after all!4 star

It was far better than the critics made it sound. I enjoyed it.

Nailappy - Terrible! Totally wasted my money downloading this movie!1 star

Terrible movie! Totally lost it!!

BigLum32 - Forget the reviews, it’s a fun ride4 star

It’s a fun movie, great effects, and an interesting premise. Sure, it could be more dramatic, more critic friendly and better written. Still, really a fun ride if you like sci-fi and want a good escape.

bschonfeld - The worst x-men yet.1 star


calibrettokid - Honest Trailers2 star

Just watch it and you’ll know all you need to. They actually messed up this movie twice. So rent it.

DCal25 - Worse X-Men film ever1 star

They really just made the same mistakes of X-Men: The Last Stand in this film. Such complete trash

GUI0312 - Great Marvel X Film4 star

Not sure what all the negative press is about this movie. I thought it was pretty great. This is not an Avengers film, X-Men films are a lot more dark and more emotion with characters. Only critique I can give is I wish they would have explained more about the villain and quicksilver having more screen time, one of my favorites!

LatinoFino 007 - A Very Good Film!5 star

After reading many of the reviews, I had poor hopes for this movie. However, I must say that this was a GREAT film! It was clean, had a great story line, fantastic character development, and a movie you can actually watch with the family. Thank you Marvel for movies such as these. I hope you continue to make more films that are family friendly and stay true to the super heroes we admired when growing up.

_DoItRight_ - Rotten tomatoes is no good.4 star

I’ve been seeing horrible reviews about this movie, and honestly, it’s pretty good. Not amazing, but good.

JRob6280 - Not As Bad As People Think4 star

This film was actually better than Avengers Endgame. It lacked the holes in the storyline that Endgame had. I will admit this was not a stellar effort, but it’s certainly not the ‘Razzie’ contender the critics make it out to be, I promise!

TemperedGent - Deserves more credit4 star

There’s a lot to enjoy here. The X-Men franchise has suffered a lot by comparison to the MCU and Dark Phoenix in particular was faced with being assigned the identity of the final X-Men film aligned to the FOX ownership. The story here is significantly condensed from what we know in the comics and rightfully so given the unknown future of the IP and the actors connected to it. This movie shines because of its smaller action scale and its focus on “mood/tone”. While certain sequences I feel could’ve been better executed, I found the experience satisfying overall. There’s quite a bit of loss and even elements of betrayal mixed into this story, all of which work because the story stayed focused. There was no need to use this film to set up the next movie of the franchise or to even pay off a dozen Easter eggs from earlier. This movie worked because it focused on one story element and kept the viewer engaged in the same narrative all the way through.

Stabier - Excellent conclusion to the series5 star

An excellent movie and conclusion. The writing was great and Sophie Turner's performance was A+

Chris0249 - Another good thing ruined!1 star

Why can comic book movies just be comic book movies, you know fun. Thanks for ruining another one hollywood!

tazz1967 - Another failed X-men movie1 star

Anyone who say the storyline was great has never read the comic. I don’t understand how you can take a great comic and screw it up sooooo bad.

Shelton the best singer - Not that good2 star

I really don’t like Sophie turner as Jean grey

WBC71 - Total joke2 star

Worst X-men movie ever....

BDOT89 - Redemption for XMEN LAST STAND5 star

I have been watching these movies since day one! The story was exciting but let u down on X men 3! I appreciate years later that we got to see the X-men’s two biggest villains have their own movies against the X-men. Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix! I don’t think most people will admit how good these movies are. It’s MCU this and MCU that! When did we start hating XMen movies?

Startyger - Had a chance to be great...3 star

This movie had a chance to be great AVOIDED it... The fault is squarely on whoever decides to CONSTANTLY stray from Marvel’s tale, to tell another. The Phoenix saga was a contemporary legend, ... and this ... this... was an excuse to rob us of that for shoddy leftovers. The actors shine, direction and effects, wonderful, except where they were tempered by this decision making. Why not the full Phoenix effect, see that decision. Why make Jean the fault, that decision. Why introduce a new antagonist? See that decision. Where’s the Hellfire Club? That decision. Where’s the Phoenix costume? That decision. Lyllandra was mentioned in the prior movie, but where was she, or the Shi’ar Empire? That decision. Where were the sentinels? That decision. An epic Saga burned away... by a Phoenix that didn’t show and the Dark Phoenix that never got dark enough. The three stars are for everyone who made this movie almost great. The two missing, reflect on people who always mess things up.

JAY827 - Awful!1 star

Literally two hours of my life I can't get back...thankfully I was at least doing something productive while it was on.

raging.guppy - Keep your expectations low and it's worth a watch4 star

I was excited to see this but the reviews looked bad. With low expectations I enjoyed it as a rental. I definitely thought that it was better than Apocalyse.

Track genuino - Y5 star

Me voy a

BSGTOS - Worst X-Men ever!!!1 star

It’s hard to call this an X-Men movie, it feels more like a woke movie with X-Men slapped on the title. This movie is trash. 👎🤮

Zxnmpowq - It was disappointing2 star

It’s entertaining, but not worth the purchase. It’s best to just rent.

lmfftff - Did dro nrx1 star


Ozhigwan - Writers should never direct.1 star

There are exceptions, but writers should NEVER direct. Same with actors, Except for Ron Howard and Sean Penn. Also, dont give a huge move like this to a first time director!!!

RemyLebeau266 - Deliberately Small Scale?? 😂1 star

This movie was hot garbage. I love how the description says that the movie is deliberately small scale then follows that up with talking about a mission to space. This movie was boring and disjointed. Period. Much like all X-Men movie since J Law joined the franchise, the movie searches aimlessly to find a reason to exist. Bring on the reboot!

Erichrok - Not Bad!!!4 star

People were panning this movie before it was even released. Following release it got a bunch of negative reviews and for the life of me, I have no idea why. I though this movie was entertaining, acted well and the special effects were terrific. Maybe one has to be a comic book person and I'm not a comic bookk person but I have no beefs with this movie to the point that I actually bought it. Don't listen to the naysayers. If you want an enteraining romp then this is the movie for you.

xelaxela - A fun yet less than dignified Ending3 star

Do not let the hate around this film fool you. It doesn't deserve it, mainly because the film isn't remarkable enough to hate. Overall I found the film to be a fun ride. Problematic, i.e. plot, scale and characters, yes, but with a lot of good action sequences, and some great use of powers. That said if it were just a simple chapter in the saga would be one thing. Unfortunately this is the final film of the X-Men franchise, and while ending it on one their most famous and epic storylines could have been a good call, the film just doesn't feel big enough to warrant calling itself "Dark Phoenix," or "The Last Fox Produced X-Men film" for that matter. Overall a passable popcorn flick, yet disappointing finale.

Metalpuck - Whoa1 star

All these bad reviews make me not even want to rent.

Rutherford Crenshaw - Brilliant!5 star

Great movie, acting, and story telling. Alot of the bad reviews are probably due to alot of Game of Thrones fans being unhappy with the GOT show ending. This X-Men movie was just like the comics and more. I always loved the Dark Pheonix in the comics and this lives up to it.

Dont be a moron!.. - Phoenix!5 star

One of the best x-men movie! We enjoyed it with my daughters!

Strongium90 - Hahahahaha garbage1 star

Here’s a quote from the movie. Why don’t we call the XMen the Xwomen because the women are always saving the men. Lol. So guys go spend your money to be insulted. Lol thankfully I didn’t. What is up with Marvel trying to make these sexist political statements. Try just making a movie. If you’re pro woman then write decent parts for women where they don’t come off like feminist who hate men and want a fight. Marvel throw your insults make gender bender movies I don’t care. But you won’t get my money. When I was a kid growing up i didn’t see to many girls buying comics. Not that they don’t but boys did it more. And whose buying thousand dollar collectible statues boys. Not that girls don’t but men spend more money on crap like that. All I have to say is thank God for DC Comics. Until JJ Abraham’s destroys them. Dark Phoenix was trash. Even the physics in space were wrong. But I guess because a woman said it so they changed Newton’s laws because a man came up with th m. Marvel instead of bring gender hate maybe let female characters strengths shine on their own. I was taught as a child you don’t have to blow another persons light out to let yours shine. Marvel grow up and stop this political crap and try to just make a movie

Austin Texas ocp44 - Wow1 star

No good

mylyfemyrulz - No. Just... NO.1 star


Zero151 - Horrible movie.1 star

Horrible movie. Horrible story. Don’t buy it

JeffH. - Good Movie!!5 star

I don’t know why all the bad reviews. I really liked it. It’s just like all the other X-Men movies. It’s even better than apocalypse.

MidLifeLunesta - Its alright4 star

The Phoenix is a great, really awesome character. Could have been one of the best marvel movies out. The movie was entertaining but didn't deliver the justice this movie should have had. Can we get a REDO?? Makes me wonder if Disney took all the script and engineers and FOX was left w the scraps and this movie is the "growing pains" of the buy out. <<< Purely speculation and opinion. That being said. The movie is good and I hope this is an origin story.. Because its a slow start to an amazing and difficult story. AND I LOVE the actress as Jean Grey.

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