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It's the greatest zombie cast ever disassembled starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, Caleb Landry Jones, Rosie Perez, Iggy Pop, Sara Driver, RZA, Selena Gomez, Carol Kane, Austin Butler, Luka Sabbat and Tom Waits. In the sleepy small town of Centerville, something is not quite right. The moon hangs large and low in the sky, the hours of daylight are becoming unpredictable and animals are beginning to exhibit unusual behavior. No one foresees the strangest and most dangerous repercussion that will soon start plaguing the town: The Dead Don't Die – they rise from their graves and savagely attack and feast on the living – and the citizens must battle for their survival. In a small peaceful town, zombies suddenly rise to terrorize the town. Now three bespectacled police officers and a strange Scottish morgue expert must band together to defeat the undead. The Dead Don't Die Wiki

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The Greatest Zombie Cast Ever Disassembled...

The Dead Don't Die (2019)

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The Dead Don't Die Movie Reviews

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- I enjoyed it.5 star

So many meaning behind. Wow.

- Garbage1 star

Don’t waste a penny on this piece of crap.

- Not a normal zombie movie4 star

It’s a satire of the human condition and our focus on consumerism. The acting is perfect for this movie, but you cannot watch it thinking it is supposed to be a scary zombie movie. The wit is fantastic.

- Dumb1 star

Dumb movie, not funny at all

- Trash trying to be 'Intelligent'1 star

The film has a great cast of actors, supposed to be a horror comedy, and a fresh zombie movie, instead I purchased trash. I wasted almost a hour and half to see zombie action, listen to repeated 'jokes' the grew old with every repeat, and force handed politics, social commentary, and symbolism. The entire film itself is a joke that left me wondering who green lit the idea.

- People crack me up!5 star

The negative reviews are unfounded. If you have a sense of humor and can take the movie for what it is, it’s a great movie. I was belly laughing, but then again a video of a toddler and a dog peeing on a cat had me in stitches. OBTW spelling is crucial reviewers, you can’t bash a movie and spell like a child!

- Some people just don’t get it...5 star

This film is brimming with fantastic, dry humor from beginning to end. A true classic!

- Pretty dull for a zombie movie.2 star

This is one slow and boring movie. I guess it’s supposed to be a comedy movie and if so, I didn’t laugh. Bill Murray is especially bad. He shows even less emotion than the zombies. It’s the worst I have ever seen Bill Murray play himself. The main characters, except for Chloe Sevigny, don’t seem the least bit scared when they see the zombies. The Tom Waits’ character is the only interesting character in the film. I didn’t finish watching the movie because I got bored with it and didn’t care how it ended. Hmmmm...

- Misleading3 star

The film’s star studded cast certainly put the effort in and there are some good gags peppered throughout the film...but The Dead Don’t Die isn’t the comedy it’s appears to be. The film starts off as a quirky dark comedy but quickly changes course into a plodding, bleak commentary on our world and hyper consumerism.

- Tongue in cheek is one thing2 star

Tongue and cheek is one thing but poking your tongue through the hole in your cheek is another. I love to watch B movies and sometimes the cheesier the better. When I saw the trailer for this I got real excited because here comes a B movie with an incredible cast, headlined by the great Bill Murray, who has given us some of the greatest sleepers of their time (Meatballs, Caddyshack, Stripes and Groundhog Day). He has also dipped his toes into the waters of the zombie genre with Zombieland. I couldn’t wait. Then I watch it and am let down the whole time. This is not even a B movie. Actually it’s kind of hard to discern the very thin plot through all actors/actresses breaking the fourth wall and trying to elicit cheap laughs by saying how much they all like the theme song to the movie whenever it plays on the radio, jukebox, etc. The laughs are few and far between, the plot is weak at best and it doesn’t even give you an ending where you can forgive some of the other horrible stuff. As excited as I was to watch the movie, I was twice as disappointed that I wasted an hour and forty-five minutes on it. I think the great cast that this movie has makes it even worse that it falls flat. Extremely long story short, don’t waste your time. If you need to watch it, wait till it is free on some streaming service.

- Needed a rewrite, but some funny moments.3 star

The deadpan humor and pairing of Bill Murray and Adam Driver is great. Don't think Tilda's character quite worked and could have done without the meta "this wasn't in the script" jokes.

- Great!👍👍👍5 star

Don’t pay attention to all of the other bad reviews just listen to me. This director has a great sense of humor, but some people might not like it. Personally I really recommend you watch this movie! It’s hysterical and just great overall!!! Great job Jim Jarmush!

- Bill3 star

It’s a classic. Will take time.

- Pure awesome!5 star

Love this movie 🎥!

- More SJW1 star

President Trump and voter base bashing. Can we please have a movie without Hollywood indoctrination.

- Waste of time1 star

For a movie with as large an all-star cast as this one has, I hoped it would be a blockbuster, but it was everything but that. The script was lazy, weak and lacked anything noteworthy. The acting felt flat and as if the actors were bored with it. Past that, it was really just a long bad metaphor trying to talk about global warming. I get trying to be edgy and modern, but this just sucked. The ending, not to spoil anything, felt as if the writers ran out of ideas and had to turn in a script by 6am, so they threw something together real quick and said “heck with it.” It was time I’ll never get back, and I’m sorry I paid money to see it. Boo. Boooo all around.

- Satire genius5 star

Loved how this movie made fun of zombie movies and then even made fun of itself. You should watch this movie.

- Not good1 star

Makes no sense. Nothing matters

- Hilarious if you get the humor5 star

Tom waits, Bill Murray, & Adam Driver kill it in this movie. Several Wild animals.

- Terrible1 star

Terrible movie. I was duped by cast, especially Bill Murray. Do not waste time or money on this movie like I did.

- Funny and Bugged out!4 star

I had to watch for myself, too many critics with delusional credentials. If you enjoyed Shawn of The Dead and Warm Bodies, you WILL enjoy this, it’s a Zombie comedy, period! Funny and bugged out. Something to watch in between the pretty genuine occult witchcraft/ realistic slasher tv shows on basic tv and the far more macabre nightly news, lol. Enjoy a few good laughs. Worth my money, Cheers!

- The laziest movie I have ever seen1 star

The slow-paced droll drawl of the movie wears thin quickly since there is no real humor, no payoff for staying with it. Events just wander around, going nowhere until the movie just drops dead at the end. If the joke is that the movie itself is a zombie, then it is a joke not worth telling.

- iTunes fix your Tomatometer score3 star

iTunes has innacurately posted this movie's Rotten Tomatoes score as 38%, when in fact it is 55%, a score much more reflective of the film itself: good, but not great, and certainly not anywhere close to what this director or this cast should be capable of.

- Just Watch It!5 star

I had very high expectations going into this movie and in my opinion it more than delivered. The cast is fantastic, the dialogue is low key brilliant and quite humorous. It’s a quirky ride from start to finish and I couldn’t possibly recommend it more highly!

- Stupid. Really stupid.1 star

Shame this amazing cast wasn’t given a more intelligent and funny script. Lazy and empty storyline.

- Wow! but nor in a good way1 star

Dull and boring! I kept watching hoping it would get better.. but it didn’t.

- Thank you for the reviews1 star

I was just going to rent it, but decided to read reviews before. Thank you! I am not going to pay the leftist to insult me. Next time think twice, Hollywood, before making a politically divisive movie.

- Terrible Film2 star

This film is extremely slow, I understand the deeper metaphors the writers and director wanted to convey about the world, society, etc; but, it’s just too slow. It’s like the movie becomes slower and slower as it drags on. When it was over I just felt relieved and disappointed in how bad the film is. Maybe it’s supposed to be bad, in an artistic way, maybe it is how the director wanted it to feel. If that’s the goal, it gets 5 stars

- Total waste of time1 star

Writer director Jim Jarofmush stole 1 hour and 44 minutes of my life that I can't get back even if Apple refunds my $6.99. A total waste of talent that did allow the deadpan delivery by stars so numbed by being in this film they all acted druged. So Jim showed off that he'd attended a couple of classes on post-modern deconstruction and partly grasped how pmd works to do what may be hopefully the last zombie film made. This pile of ego may kill the genre--and I like zombie movies. If you like zombie movies and/or the stars avoid this film. Spoiler: the only character who has an idea what's goiing on knows because HE READ THE SCRIPT! We should all leave the theater when the deputy says "this will not turn out well." The truth is in plain sight. The story does confirm that zombies make no sense but it does add one sop to the green movement by blaming it on fracking and polar flip. Could be funny, but not, just more stupid. Tilda Swinton's appearance as Wile E. Coyote dressed and armed like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill could have been funny but is just creepy. When Monty Python could not end a sketch, someone would get hit in face with a fish. Swinton is the fish. The director should be banned from writing/directing for ten years, sent back to film school and never given a budget again. To misquote Bernie Madoff: "You thought we made a movie. It was all a scam from the beginning."

- Pretty bad1 star

I get what they were trying to do here, but it fell way short. Really, really boring. Sorry Bill.

- A real disappointment!1 star

Given the cast, I thought this movie was going to be funny. Instead, it was boring and pointless. What a waste of talent and my time.

- Why did I watch this?2 star

I’ll tell you why. I saw the trailer and assumed it was a zombie comedy with a all star cast lead by Bill Murry. Started watching the movie for ten minutes and realized I was played like a fiddle.

- Deadpan undead4 star

Don’t watch this movie if you’re looking for action. Watch this movie to soak up the homage to Romero and other zombie flix about humanity and how the zombies are us.

- This is Not a Zombie Movie.5 star

Its better than a Zombie movie. If you are paying attention to the details.

- This movie was terrible1 star

Tries to be clever, but it's just awful.

- Enjoyable Deadpan and funny zombie flick5 star

My wife and I both enjoyed this movie a lot. Not perfect but a fun an quirky movie to enjoy. Very deadpan, a lot of 4th wall breaking, and Adam Driver is great. Pretty funny writing overall. A few loose ends and some lacking in character development but taking it for what it is, i enjoyed it.

- Lol at all the triggered trump snowflakes5 star

Thin skinned much? Must hit close to home because you know you are trash and most people think that of you

- Most scientists would agree5 star

Mild horror humor for mature minded intelligent adults but best of all, a blow to the head for unwitting fools bent on destroying the earth. 🌎✌️

- .........2 star

I don't even know what to say. So many things just did not work. The reason for the zombies. The zombies.

- Actually a pretty entertaining film4 star

Don’t listen to the 1 star reviews, clearly they didn’t get it. Not meant to be a horror movie or laugh out loud comedy. It’s quirky, weird and VERY intentional. It also has a pretty great cast. Give it a shot. I rented it, but now kind of wish I had bought it.

- Two stars for potential2 star

Terrible writing ... full of political statements instead of a good plot..bad attempts at satire ... glad I only rented.

- Watch the trailer1 star

Saw the trailer and laughed through the whole thing. Saw the movie and fell asleep. I have never laughed so little at a Bill Murray film before. The fact that this had such great actors in it and sucked so bad is what really hurts.

- Fan of Adam Driver and Bill Murray3 star

I rented this movie because I'm a huge fan of Adam and Bill. Tilda Swinton's character was interesting. The sense of humor was a bit dry for my liking and I struggled to enjoy the movie. I think the movie was trying to be something more than could be translated on the screen. Missed. Sorry Adam, you are still gorgeous though.

- Really disappointed1 star

I really enjoy Bill Murray movies, but this one was by far the worst he’s ever been in. I didn’t laugh one time during the entire movie, and I found myself wishing the torture would end. Slow dialogue and acting felt like they were filling space to get to movie length. This movie was really just about making political and social statements. Don’t waste your time.

- Had potential.....2 star

With that cast, but I’m getting tired of movies that they don’t finish writing. Get to the end and they just try to deliver some weak message with an equally weak do nothing ending.

- I love it!5 star

I do agree keep your mind open

- Disappointed asf1 star

Don’t watch it

- Open Mind4 star

It was a really new approach to zombie movies. A silly but fun one. Everyone should watch director’s interviews online to understand his mindset prior writing their reviews. A lot to digest.

- Sturgill Simpson5 star

Man this was a good movie, funny kind of stupid but in a good way and the on going sturgill Simpson song and joke was awesome

- What was that?2 star

I remember watching the trailer for this and being so excited, especially when Adam D. said "You know ..Gouls". and with the all star cast, I just thought it was going to be great, but about half way through the movie, you just knew, it wasn't going to be anything good....

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spolydorou - BRAVO AMAZING5 star

I watched this movie in theatres and I LOVED IT!! Though my friend and I were the only two people in the theatre it was surprisingly funny and well made.

A.P.Puddingsworth - “A real nice place”5 star

Based on the negative reviews this film received — both from film critics and failed filmmakers — I was prepared for the worst. Good thing I don’t listen to the opinions of rando “film buffs.” It’s simple: if you love Jim Jarmusch’s past films and appreciate his masterful use of deadpan humour, you’ll love this. If you’re expecting another Shaun of the Dead or one of its godawful copycats following the “two doughy average Joes + random and unexplained zombie apocalypse” formula, you’ll hate it.

Bowhunter-1982 - I listen to this to help me sleep.2 star

It’s a pretty bland movie with no real plot. So much potential.

Focal Towers - Arrrgh.1 star


bostonbilly14 - Disappointing1 star

Slow paced, with story lines that go nowhere.

pmjbutler - If only zero stars was an option1 star

This movie perfected the impossible task of messing up a zombie movie. Do not waste your time or money, you have been warned.

Kinprez - What a waste2 star

Plot drags like a one legged zombie Such a waste of a fantastic cast

Matt198211111 - Awful1 star

Apple I like my 6.99$ back for watching that. What a waste of time. No ending. Not funny at all.

westcoastgirl - WORST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER MADE!1 star

LIsten to left888 this is the worst zombie movie that I have ever watched in my life. I almost fell asleep. I wanted to ffwd but I couldn't because I paid for it so I wanted to watch the whole thing. It got worse and worse and worse. OMG. I don't even remember the ending. Selenz Gomez was horrible. OMG DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS MOVIE!!!! IT IS [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]# awful!

left888 - Brutally Bad1 star

I thought this would be a good movie with all the talent, how wrong I was. This has to be the worst movie I ever watched. Terribly bad!

bwjeff - Brilliant4 star

If you are looking for a bloody zombie adventure, you are unfamiliar with Jim Jarmusch. If you are looking for a deliciously dry and absolutely deadpan commentary on society, Hollywood and yes zombie movies, look no further. Bill Murray and Adam Driver are perfect.....and oh yeah there’s blood

BadSeed2 - Watch more Jarmusch, maybe?5 star

Is it too easy to say the negative reviews come from people who don’t get Jim Jarmusch? I think he had a lot to say about the world we live in & the things that are wrong in it (racism, commercialism, fear of the unknown or not understood, obsession, materialism, wastefulness, etc).. and delivered in the most DEADpan way possible. Adam Driver was absolutely wonderful. Call me a fool, but I loved it.

mike19851985mike - terrible1 star

I thought with all the cameos it’d be amazing. it wasn’t funny or amusing or entertaining. Boring with a dumb ending that gave no explanations for anything.just ended and that was it.

Bells999 - I bought this because I love bill. But just bad !1 star

Enough said

taddernuts - Movie is Terrible!1 star

Do not watch

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LOMG77 - Again with the insults2 star

I enjoy satire, zombies, and Scifi, but not being insulted everytime I pay for entertainment. The whole MAGA hat thing was stupid. I would have enjoyed the movie and maybe given it a better rating except for the fact that I am one of those deplorable human beings. I could not give it one star because it could have been a fun movie, and someone who does not mind 50% of the country being insulted will enjoy it. I am just tired of it. For other deplorable, give ths one a pass, for everyone else, enjoy.

battletoad666 - Just bad1 star

It has a terrible story, and the acting is even worse...

Bmurphy72 - What a let down1 star

To be honest you want to to see this for the list of cast members, so did I. The movie was full of satire and life created conundrums that our over sensitive populist is now famous for (and making worse). There were so many chances to make this movie rock with a plot and maybe even some spin-offs. There are some laughs but mainly its a waste of time and money. The writers artistic statement should have stayed at the bar and ordered another round.....Sorry for the bad news....

Diggidoodudley - Fantastic5 star

This movie was amazing, stellar cast, subtle humor, and actually eerily creepy feel throughout. A+!!!

sjrdragon - Profound5 star

The movie is quite brilliant. The dead are the living. Hence, this accounts for the minimalist expressions of the characters. Centerville is a very nice place, but everyone lives like they are dead, burdened by materialism and deceived by fake experts about the global apocalypse. The juxtaposition of the reanimated, zombies, is fascinating. The zombie doesn’t die, except by removing the head. The citizens of Centerville live by removing critical thinking. They live by following a script, everyday life. The hermit becomes the narrator of Centerville’s existence. This is a tragedy. Happy feelings are not the goal.

Ehhh potential... - Trailer was great1 star

Highly recommended you watch the trailer. Skip the movie.

WV carl - Awful1 star

No emotion at all and when I think of zombies I feel like there should blood not dust.... wish I could get my money back wasn’t worth it

AverageGuy92 - Zombie film5 star

So unique and excellently crafted.. + legendary cast.

Phouse81 - Terrible1 star

Really awful. Was like watching a terrible Wes Anderson rip-off at the beginning, but you keep waiting for jokes that never come. In the end, this misanthropic drag was a pushing a message that we are all materialistic and self absorbed. I really can’t believe the contempt this movie has for everyone. I honestly felt like I was duped.

Creature97 - Bad Take from a Great Director2 star

Jim Jarmusch is one of the kings of droll and I like a lot of his movies like Dead Man and Coffee & Cigarettes, but this is ultra boring. No great visual stimulation, Iggy Pop is only in it for like 2 minutes which is really sad, breaking the fourth wall feels really forced and hamfisted within the film. Thought it would be better :(

Zane Hamblen - Disappointing2 star

I was so excited for this movie annd it was trash honestly...maybe my expectations were just too high

wonderboybanks - Most Boring Zombie Movie1 star

Very slow paced, boring movie with dry, emotionless acting. I love zombie movies and have seen more than I can remember, but this is by far the least entertaining one I’ve seen though. How did they get so many big names actors? Did none of them read the script?

ARyanHoliday - Pretty bad1 star

As I wrote this review I kept trying to find something to give it two stars but man this movie was super boring and the end was particularly terrible.

crabtrem - Worse than Plan 9 from Outer Space1 star

After letting the movie sink in, I am less inclined to give this movie one star. Watching the movie the references to elements that it was just a movie just didn't set well with me. Then I thought about the characters I liked, and what influence they had on the story. I had to admit, there was no story. No character in the movie is needed. That's how bleak the story is. There are what seem to be great characters, we see a lot of them, and get hints at deeper interactions; then it all just fades away. No character is important to the movie; there is no story; what could have been funny is just lost, like the story, like the characters, like the whole movie. The only story line that had any sense to it was the undertaker. Any satire, or jokes are just wasted. I read it in the script.......seriously? So people are zombies now, they are stupid, ignorant, greedy; got it. A movie with absolutely no story is really going to carry a lot of weight with me. Plan 9 from Outer Space is no longer the worst movie every made. I really wanted to like this movie; I tried hard to find a reason. There just isn't one. I thought the Hobbit trilogy left me feeling empty. Chardonnay please.

Mail_debaser - I Hate Vacuuming...1 star

...but if given the option, I’d vacuum all the homes in my neighborhood, before I’d sit through this abysmal piece of boring trash again. Spare yourself, and take a nap instead.

deathbyfire - So disappointing!1 star

I was really looking forward to this movie, but it was really really disappointing.

Cracatoa - More trash with apparent fake reviews1 star

It is an absolutely awful movie. Incredibly heavy handed leftist trash. How did almost every writer in Hollywood forget the art of subtlety?

Jackie2498 - Wow5 star

Just wow. “She’s Mexican”

Therealjdawg - As Slow Moving as the Zombies1 star

So boring! No humor at all.

toastedreview - Garbage1 star

Can’t believe this was made ..what a waste of money and time ..

Tony 2Toes - Not for the low IQ5 star

This movie is hilarious, the people that dislike it, will never get the humor. It takes smarts to understand it and few these days have the attention span.

Aohconairda - Horrible1 star

Don’t be fooled by the star studded cast this is garbage I literally fell asleep twice... doesn’t make sense and it wasn’t funny

Viatorem Dacia - Masterpiece5 star

A well painted piece of art.

MovieGoer1 - Awful!1 star

Time in my life I will never get back. Don't waste yours!

Rhabdo - Need a special type of humor and intellect.5 star

So the humor in this is more of a dry humor. If your looking for caddy shack or zombieland this isn't it. is it a bad movie? Not at al, it's just not action packed or humor we are used to. It's very monotune humor (literally) but also has a underlying message beyond the dead walk. Even with the monotune humor it has some great one liners and bad timing liners for the situation which are halirious in thier off beat way. Kinda like if you were a bystander to an orphanage burning with the orphans in it. when that awkward person saying how much they love the fall because of evening campfires while oblivious to whats going on. Then realizing after the fact, and simply saying a short sentence in a low voice "The orphanage is burning, thats just terrible. I hope help comes."

El Train - Stupid1 star

Stupid and pointless. Almost as bad as the Last Jedi but less insulting. Love the acting though!

Canoapple - A little depressing4 star

It was really bad and fun to watch. How is that possible?

dropper26 - Terrible movie1 star

Don’t waste your time and or money

ATerribleNerd - Please Keep An Open Mind4 star

This film is fantastic. It is NOT a normal zombie film. It took me more than one viewing to understand the premise. In the grand scheme of things, it's an amalgamation and parody of various premises and concepts introduced by other zombie or living dead movies cleverly woven into a single story. That being said, if youre a fan of the zombie or horror genres you'll love it for what it's billed as, a comedy. If you are looking at this film expecting humor one might see in Zombieland, you will be disappointed as most of the humor is referential and very tounge in cheek.

Wolverine8200 - Love it5 star

It was so bad I had a really good time watching this movie if you like these kinds of movies by all means buy because I know I am I really loved this movie

joecool 3000 - Do not buy1 star

I do not write reviews I have to save people’s money. Do not buy this movie it is terrible. I only went to see it because I like Bill Murray and it was $3.00 at the movies. I have to rate this movie to get review out it is not even worth one star

Rambo0435 - An unusual zombie movie5 star

I would start by saying this is a very unusual zombie movie.Having said that this movie is great Bill Murray and Adam Driver are the best duo ever!The comedy is dry and murray plays it perfect.The script,the cast,Easter eggs,everything is balanced out perfectly.I can’t recommend this movie more.

skaterryan - Hated it1 star

I remember sitting in the theater for this hoping it would end soon. This is one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. Such a great cast wasted. I understand that the movie is supposed to have a different type of humor, but my lord it was painfully unfunny.

Tony609 - Waste of time1 star

It’s hard to believe that 20 or so people in a room have this movie the green light. It’s just awful. Talented cast can’t even save it. It’s horrible all the way through. The ending is one of those “we don’t know how to end it so let’s just end it here” ones. When I left the theatre I over heard two guys that didn’t even come together talk about how horrible it was. Don’t waste your time or money.

Superhero145 - Best horror comedy since first happy death day5 star

Okay hear me out the dead don’t die is a decent horror comedy but I thought it was a blast yes I wanted more from this movie but it was fun watching bill Murray and Adam driver as cops were entertaining I would recommend watching this around Halloween it would definitely be part of your marathon I know I would with some candy to go with it I highly recommend it to any horror or high range comedy lover this is a definitely must buy!!!!

axl_carranza - Okay.... i see you!!!!4 star

So this movie was weird but fun to watch the end was a bit weird but all in all I liked it. It doesn’t have your happy ending which if it did it be like every other movie out there. So it was a good movie at the end of the day!

Amr !199¡ - Don’t buy it!1 star

Not worth it one of the worst movies of all time!

TheMovieIThoughtItdbe - Yes....just yes5 star

It was like every other bill Murray movie ever....

obamathecommie - No. Just... No.1 star

Let me just start out by saying I love Jim Jarmusch movies. I even met him in Detroit while filming “Only Lovers Left Alive.” Great guy. However, “The Dead Don’t Die” is pretty horrid. Aside from a few humorous one-liners, this movie is a must PASS. The viewer invests two hours of their time, just to be let down at the end. I really wanted to love this movie...

5 star

@bekahdon: 2016 he was ordered during the Obama administration to scrub the record of Muslims in the US with terrorist ties! Now Philip…

5 star

Honestly so sick of reading 'thoughts and prayers'... How many people have to die before everyone realizes that th…

5 star

@thesupremejedi: In Star Wars, families don’t spend their time to be together and cherish their moments. They wait for all the family me…

5 star

@LichOfKnowledge: " Don't play the hero. You're just an idiot thinking they're one." The lich magical energy started to corrupt the ea…

5 star

odiei the dead don't die.

5 star

I don’t want this to be the start of a new journey for me, I have no one, nothing and I have nothing to fight for a…

5 star

My god, what is wrong with people support others in their eating disorders! Chantal, Eugenia Cooney. They have thes…

5 star

@DnDeej Corsova (revenant/blood cleric): as she looks back at her party, she smiles softly and mutters "what is dea…

5 star

The dead don't die楽しみ〜!ゾンビランドみたいな感じもするし、タラちゃんぽさもある。なによりキャストが良い。

5 star

@akaRaulVasquez @journalsentinel @shannonrwatts Well there are already laws and regulations for those things. I don…

5 star

@TheNakedFarmers Plenty of animals _don’t_ go over or through fences, they get caught on and die on these fences. I…

5 star

How many of these people had a choice to die today the far right claims unborn children do…

5 star

@yinkar_44 lol I don’t think she’s dead or I feel the thing that took her would bring her back, my fav character can’t die 😩

5 star

#NowWatching The Dead Don't Die - ich habe durchaus Spaß mit Zombie-Komödien, daher mal schauen, ob der auch halbwegs zu unterhalten weiß

5 star

@thesupremejedi: In Star Wars, families don’t spend their time to be together and cherish their moments. They wait for all the family me…

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