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Toy Story 4 Summary and Synopsis

Pixar Animation Studios proudly presents the adventure of a lifetime! When Woody, Buzz and the gang join Bonnie on a road trip with her new craft-project-turned-toy, Forky, the innocent little spork’s hilarious antics launch Woody on a wild quest filled with unexpected new characters—and one long-lost friend! Toy Story 4 is a soaring masterpiece stuffed with spectacular animation, humor and heart. Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that's Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called "Forky" to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Toy Story 4 Wiki

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Get Ready to Hit the Road..

Toy Story 4 (2019)

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Toy Story 4 Movie Reviews

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- Incredible storyline and Characters!5 star

My kids have watched this video so many times and my wife and also still love it :D

- Beautiful.5 star

What can Disney/Pixar not do? ❤️

- Audio 5.1 does not function.2 star

The English 5.1 audio encoding for this purchase does not work streaming to Apple TV 4K. You have to force your hardware to either play stereo, or set up audio on the movie to play the English AD audio track. When watching on Apple TV 4K, the movie does not have a multichannel audio encoded to it. Again, for Apple TV 4K, the audio of this movie is miscoded and the video playback crashes when fast forwarding through the movie. Save your money until Apple fix the encoding on this release. Two stars for Apple not getting basic video encoding right.

- What else left to say about this franchise?!5 star

Just watch it you won’t regret it otherwise you’re a fool or a toy story hater... I don’t know why people hate this sequel. I don’t say that this is the best toy story made by Pixar , parents and audiences who hate this sequel it’s just about the silly thing that happened for LGBTQ thing. At the end I have to say that the message of the movie was not letting go whom you love(your heart) instead of doing what your logic says... In term of message it was superior to the third installment so don’t be stupid!(when you are struggling to choose what you should choose always listen to your heart!)



- Stupid ending!1 star

I grew up watching the first and second Toy Story films and loved them. Third film was ok for the most part. They really crossed the line with this one. SPOILER ALERT! You just can’t separate Woody from the gang. It’s so wrong! And all Woody’s voice box being given to Gabby Gabby did was give Gabby an actual purpose. I was super disappointed. My Toy Story always ends with Wheezy singing to all of Andy’s toys!

- Nice movie5 star

This movie wasn’t that bad I actually enjoyed this movie the creators of this movie did a great job hope to see one day in the future part 5 if it ever happens.

- Just so, so3 star

This movie was not as good as the other 3 Toy Story movies. The plot was dull. The crazy girl doll and her creepy pals was not needed and served no point. Forkey wasn’t needed. It was pushed, they should have spent the time with the toys from the little girls room.

- Disappointed2 star

After all these years of waiting... So much potential... wasted.

- Audio on Toy Story 4 isn’t working. 😐1 star

Alerted iTunes, told me how to fix it. Still isn’t working. Why do all the others in the bundle work except #4?

- I hated it1 star

A friend recommended this to me and swore it was amazing. Honestly, I barely remember the 1st film, I think I saw part of the second and that was about 1000 yrs ago, so I can’t compare. I also should warn any poor soul still reading these reviews, to get to mine, that I’m not a toy story fan and watched this right after suffering through the lighthouse, so my patience was thinned. I checked out at the opening song. Then I forced myself to pay attention long enough to see sporky run away or get lost for the 16th time before I finally jumped on my cell phone to surf the internet before I just walked away while it played in my living room. I don’t know how long this movie was but it felt like 3 hours before it ended. I could say more but it’d too long and rude to post. While I do have a more intellectual review of what bits I did see, I’ll sum up with this. I feel culturally, this is 100% not appealing to me. At. All. Therefor I couldn’t care or less what happened to any of the characters. Of which, I found no joy or likable qualities, while watching.

- Best Toy Story5 star

Best Toy Story


My audio didn’t work when I downloaded the movie, so I connected to a Bluetooth speaker and it is payed the movie w audio .

- Ibrahaam5 star

It’s so fun and enjoyable

- No Audio1 star

I rented this movie and there is no audio unless it’s in Spanish.

- No Sound. iTunes Bug! Fix this!1 star

Bought this movie. Did not see that the no sound issue has been around since iTunes released movie. They still have NOT fixed this issue. Apple - solve this problem!

- The Absolute Worst...1 star

This movie is terrible and completely betrayed the previous films in the series... totally garbage...

- Sporky not Forky3 star

Doesn't Disney know the difference between forks and sporks? This movie is about an incorrectly named spork with some cameo appearances by characters of the Toy Story franchise.

- ...2 star

I think you guys should stop making Toy Story Movies...TO MANY MOVIES!!!

- Fantastic film!4 star

This is a fantastic film because it’s a very beautiful sequel.

- The Best Film Of The Year Hands Down!5 star

Stunning Animation, Great Humor, Nice Action, Lovable Characters, Great Score, Solid Voice Acting, Cute Romance, And An Engaging Story That Further Builds Upon This Universe, Toy Story 4 Is The Whole Package. Go See It!

- NO SOUND1 star

I just rented the movie and I can’t hear anything this is a little sad.


I bought this movie and the audio for English dose not work it’s all muted the only, audio that plays is Spanish and English AD VERY DISAPPOINTED 👎🏻

- Umm, hate to say this, but every Disney movie has an unhappy ending or something that ruins it!3 star

Good movie, but the ending is a little dull, I think most people agree with me. 🙁

- Best of the series!5 star

I thought I’d never love a Toy Story more than the third one, so was pleasantly surprised to be blown away by this gem. It’s brilliant, beautiful and funny.

- Great Disney/Pixar Film!5 star

I never thought this was gonna be good! The first one was the best! Second one was awful! The third one was ok! And this one was great!

- Terrible movie!!!1 star

This was a horrible movie!!! I went into to, really happy and excited to see a sequel to Toy Story 3, which I loved. I was a little cautious going into it, because I loved Toy Story 3’s ending. But I ended up hating it!!!!! It ended perfectly with Toy Story 3, I was perfectly fine with them just making some toy story shorts with Bonnie. Those were cute. But it just felt like they were dragging out the series just so they could make some money. I didn’t like the animation, and Bo looked almost completely different. It felt too long and dragged out, and they completely ruined Woody’s character! (Spoiler alert!)He’s too loyal to leave behind his friends and person just to go off with his love. (Spoiler over) and forky was too annoying and so were all of the other characters! Buzz suddenly got dumbed down. What the heck? He’s a smart guy! They ruined him! And none of the other characters really got a good part in the movie! The only parts I liked were with bunny and ducky, and I kind of liked seeing how Bo got separated from all of them, but I hated the way they did it! She just went away willingly! So in conclusion, terrible movie, bad animation, ruined all the characters, dragged on too long, just made it to make money, BUT Ducky and Bunny were hilarious. If it weren’t for them, I would have smashed the that we had it it on just to to get rid of the sight of it!

- I enjoyed more than the kids I think5 star

Great movie

- Audio1 star

No sound 🙄🙄🙄

- Toy Story 41 star

Audio Problem: Just in case someone had missed it. An alternate option to get the audio to work is select “English AD” on your “Audio and Subtitles” button while the movie is on. The only difference is that you will here additional dialog of a woman describing the scenery before the actors portraying their characters. It’s a temporary fix until iTunes fix the problem.

- Solid movie and looks great- technical issue playing4 star

Movie is very enjoyable and looks fantastic. It just won’t download on my iPhone XS so that’s a huge bummer. Apple please fix this! :)

- The Worst kind of Sequel2 star

The Worst kind of Sequel is one that undoes something a previous movie did. It takes progress and strips it away to either retell a story that was has already been done (The Force Awakens) or one that just decides the previous movie wasn't good enough. While visually impressive: the characters, storyline, and plot of the movie are weak. Not only does this movie undo the bittersweet incredible ending of Toy Story 3, but it makes a farce of some of the main characters and their arcs. The newly introduced characters like the Spork and the Babydoll are pretty bad, with the Spork being entirely unlikable and the Babydoll simply being a conglomerate of previous villains. Hats off the to animators, the movie is gorgeous, but it's also boring, force, and stupid. Pixar needs to stop making sequels because the recent ones have been terrible.

- Audio1 star

I downloaded in my IPad Pro but the audio in English language is not working, this is ridiculous! Hey Apple, fix that

- I almost cried!5 star

I am 17 years old and I nearly cried at the end! This movie is the best even though it screws up my childhood. Toy Story 4 is the best Toy Story ever made! It has humor and heart. A must watch!

- NO1 star

You’ve ruined my Childhood disney this movie is Horrible The hole point of toy story is friendship and now you’ve got nothing you’ve broken your own franchise!!!! Woody wouldn’t do that and you know it you should’ve stuck with 3 movies!!!!! Andy should have kept his toys if he knew Bonnie would be so careless then he would’ve kept em! Someone said he wouldn’t leave Bonnie HE WOULDN’T LEAVE BUZZ GUYS SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess you’ve no long got a friend in me 🙄

- Wow!5 star

One of my favorite Pixar creations! Great closure to a wonderful warming movie franchise. I look back... time... what an amazing thing!

- Great!!5 star


- 👍🏼5 star

I went into this movie expecting (let’s be honest) something definitely boring and lame. However I was pleasantly surprised at the heart behind the story and all of the characters are pretty well done. Has some humor, and I think this is a movie for all ages, not just kids.

- Eh just eh2 star

Should have just kept it at three The first half of the show is just depressing then it just is run to the antique store run back to the carnival and back and forth and back and forth Literally the most unnecessary sequel ever

- Everyone should have a toy5 star

Enjoyed it

- Very disappointed1 star

I really hated the ending. I was expecting for Bow and the sheep to come with Woody to live with Bonnie but it was the way opposite. I am very disappointed how Woody left his gang and stayed at the carnival with Bow

- No sound1 star

Wasted money! After waiting for a long time for this it will not play sound on the newer iphones.

- Tissues please4 star

What an adorable movie I didnt think they could make it happen after Andy went to college but they did it again great movie but after this one u must agree it has to end here

- Enjoyable4 star

Had some funny moments

- Mommy5 star


- Candy, Candy Canes, Candy CORNES, And Syrup!!5 star

Toy story ended at 3. Just like Star Wars ended at 6. The end!!!

- Not a fan1 star

I really disliked this movie!

- Still great, but....5 star

This movie wasn’t necessary at all. The third movie had the PERFECT ending to this series. Yes, they made up for it by writing another emotionally charged story and poignant themes. However, I was feeling the whole time that this story really wasn’t needed.

- Nostalgic5 star

Made me think back to my childhood 🙂. Good movie!

- I love this movie5 star

This movie is kid appropriate and my whole family loves it my favorite part is when they meet Forkey

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GreyMockingjay - Eeeee2 star

I thought it was really disturbing actually not gonna lie. It was kinda dark and really uncalled for.

👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Duke5 star


TheButtBoys - Great Movie!5 star

Toy Story 4 was a great movie, and a great end to a saga. I’d definitely recommend renting/buying!

Ericthepink - Dans les 2 langues officielles svp1 star

Dans les 2 langues officielles svp

Kitty 10101 - Boring1 star

Blah blah blah

hhhhfddfghyf - I loved it so much5 star

Wow, that was the best toy story movie made (so far). 🥳 can’t wait for number 5. I loved the Gabby Gabby doll (sad I could not find one in stores).

APack - I think toy story 4 is a good movie5 star

I love your movie

Dylan Reviews Top Movies - Ending5 star

One of the best ending I’ve ever seen

geromia - Outstanding5 star

It was outstanding. It was like 🔥🔥🔥💵😂😎🤪👌

Dfvdfgghjjh - Too good but still True!5 star

This is so phenomenal! It has a unique twist with memorial flashbacks! Best Pixar movie of the year! SPOILER ALERT!!!!! It is so sad to see Woody go... but he has a new story to write! PIXAR PLEASE MAKE A TOY STORY 5!!!!!!!!!

Tacklebary2 - Best Pixar movie5 star


Guy1234456780 - It is phenomenal.5 star

As a person who has desperately been waiting for this movie to come out for years. I can say for certain that the wait was worth it. Whether your a veteran or a newcomer this movie ensures all watchers can understand and appreciate all of the story and it’s charming characters. *spoiler* The only thing that kind of saddened me is seeing Woody go off and leave the pack. This is the closest I have ever been to crying in a movie (besides the part where Woody’s voice box is removed). Of course all of this has nothing to do with the quality of the movie itself. But, if I could’ve made an ending for the movie, I would’ve made both Woody and Bo stay with Bonnie. Nevertheless, If you have never seen a “Toy Story” movie before. Then this might be the perfect opportunity to start your story.

awesomemoviereviewer - Perfect5 star

Emotional, hilarious and nostalgic from start to finish

SupermanFan97 - The Best Toy Story Movie5 star

It’s one of Pixar’s Best Movies so far I loved Toy Story since the very first it was a great movie!

katydog1234 - Ok4 star

Good I just dint like the movie👌

thisneedstodefixed - No audio want refund1 star

Downloaded and no audio unless we watched it in spanish. Or subtitle. Very annoying!!!! Please refund me

Bowserbrah - Not bad4 star

The ending was okay, but it’s still good

breeoscarlola - .1 star

Audio didn’t work??

Stanislav Banney - Very good movie!!!5 star

Very good movie!!!

Sydtash - Sad to see it go4 star

The ending was a bit eh... but apart from that wasn’t a bad movie

sandstorm08 - Good but,1,2,3 were better4 star

I’m not saying that it was bad, I’m just saying it could of been a lot better, I mean I really liked it and it was super funny but the other ones were way better! The trailer looked promising, but to be honest the movie was a bit disappointing.

lozdog2002 - No audio1 star

A waste of money when the audio won’t even work Would like a full refund.

Conniecghnjkkmb - B o r i n g1 star

This movie shouldn’t of been made

leicestercl - Volume not working1 star

First time downloading or trying too and not working. Won’t be downloading again

[email protected]#$# - Did not work1 star

The video was choppy and no sound so watched Netflix instead v disappointed 1st time this has ever happened now I have to fish around to get my money back as I can’t find the report a problem section

darquebus - They should have stopped at the 3rd movie2 star

Mildly entertaining, but far away from the fun of the first ones. The movie focuses on Woody and the rest of the ensemble have relatively minor roles or hardly any contributions at all. Overall a disappointing end to the series- not memorable.

ZX9onfire - Ho hum2 star

Loved the first 3 got bored in this one and played on my phone instead

CrazyRabanal - The funniest by far 🤪🤪🤪🤪5 star

I loved this film, it’s funny and lighthearted. Great storyline, and it was great to see all our favourites characters. I recommend this film.

jessie the cowgirl323 - I love bo peep and Jessie!5 star

Love the outfits! I love Jessie just because she is clever! And I have a Jessie doll! Laugh out loud, partner!

Mr F'n Serious - No English Audio Working1 star

Downloaded the movie twice, there was no sound when selecting English but there was audio in Spanish or Descriptive Audio. Spent over an hour with Apple help centre reps and they couldn’t solve problem, got refunded twice but wasted 9GB of my monthly data allowance. All my other movies worked fine, clearly a problem with this download to iPAD Pro in Australia on iOS 13.1.2 Very disappointed, ruined our Thursday and Friday night.

Janni03 - No 4K?4 star

The movie had a 4Kdi which means it’s a 4K transfer and DISNEY LIKE THEY ALWAYS ARE CANNOT BE BOTHERED PUTTING THE 4K UHD VERSION

Film critic01 - Great movie, a great way to end the original franchise5 star

This film was cute and adventure packed with a wide range of new characters. The action, the story, the journey and the characters. One aspect that I wish they did improve was mainly Forkey’s character and the development as well as bond he shares with Woody whilst walking with him. However, on another positive note the animation has improved a lot and has made a lot of progress from the other film.

sienna is best - Been waiting5 star

Been waiting for part 4 for ages

TheChamp77 - Disney Ultra HD HDR - When?4 star

Great movie, but when is Disney going to jump on the UHD bandwagon for streaming with Apple? It’s nearly 2020 for crying outloud!

Jacksamusmaximus - Best toy story movie of them all!5 star


DogGirl99 - AWFUL! Just awful!1 star

That was the worst film ever!!!

ervhuhf - Freakin great5 star

It was awesome; ducky and bunny were so funny and the end credit scenes(all 4)were great #thepanicisattackingme

toy 432 - toy story 45 star

i like this move

baileyNSW1999 - So realistic cartoon looks so real5 star


Meister Rob - Falls short of Pixar's standard3 star

A fun, engaging and emotionally touching film at times. The latest Toy Story fails to deliver the standard that Pixar has set itself. The plot is a bit repetitive, some of the characters have been neglected or underused & the villian/storyline of the film is very weak. I enjoyed watching it in theatres, it has some funny and touching moments however its let down by everything else. Won't be watching this one until it comes on Netflix or the .99c rental of the week.

_Panda07_ - You’ve Got A Friend In Me 🤠👨‍🚀5 star

Toy Story 4 is a good movie and made me laugh at cute scenes. The ending was beautiful and adds a bow to the franchise. The relationship with all the characters was amazing and there were a few jump scares that made me jump off my seat. I do wish they ended it at 3 but they found a new way/story to get me back into the theatre to watch it, whilst watching all of their other Toy Story movies before-hand. This movie is cute and great and I would like to watch it again!

Portmills_Bec - Wooooooodddddddddddyyyyyy4 star


mavel boi - The greatest5 star

I just love toy story

greenninja2oo - Toy story 45 star

Really good even though woody leaves and gabby gabby finds a kid it’s the Best Buy a few jump scares and chucky is in post credit don’t know why

OW3N123 - It was decent ☹️3 star

Okay look, it wasn’t the best Toy Story but it was still okay! I just think the ending wasn’t the best. The ending is Woody leaves the gang to live with Bo. It’s okay but I just think maybe Bo could maybe reunite with the gang and be apart of it again. But at the end of the day, Disney and Pixar have to end the Toy Story franchise some way. So I am going to give it a 3/5

timwill2 - Amazing film!!!5 star

Toy Story is the most beloved movie of all time. My favorite ever since I was a kid. And still my favorite today. I never knew that they were going to make a fourth one. I have watched all of them including the fourth movie. Disney seems to be producing a lot of Disney movie. I went to see the fourth one today. It was so emotional. Why does Disney have to make movies so emotional? But at least I got to see the fourth one. I am so grateful for the movie that we can get to see it. It was the best movie yet. Anyone else who hasn’t gone to seen it. Go! The movie is still in cinemas. I recommend it to anyone who sees it. Even adults still see it. Sincerely yours MP23 Williams and from my studio

Trent Cochrane - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

Amazing. I would definitely see it again!!!!!!!

Hoopdaddy73 - The toys are back in the town5 star

Toy story is one of the best movie ever and I am so glad that the fourth movie is now out it may be better than the other toy story movie 9/10

Uthellian - One of the best Pixar movies ever made5 star

Very good animation and emotional story.

mr von phat - This is noice5 star


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movie lover 2011 - Toy story rocks👍5 star

Toy story I love you

Your side hoe ;) - no mames wey5 star


kittenlover111222 - I love this movie!4 star

This movie is so great I thought it was hilarious 😂! I cried at the end (but I could just have a weak heart)!

Nyc blonde - No audio1 star

Have spent hours on phone with Apple. Unable to get sound on my iPhone 11. Downloads fine elsewhere.

Sixth Roman - Lacking in Heart1 star

This movie comes off as a complete cash grab in how it portrays all the characters from the last three films. Buzz is moronic, Woody is a self-absorbed simpleton (betraying all the character development from the last films), and the new characters are as dry as chalk. By the time the credits rolled, I was very disappointed.

Bug vill rigz - Horrible audio1 star

I tried listening to the movie in the phone not working with

a cat1616😸 - /=1 star

I think it’s horrible

wae worlds - ISSUE1 star

It’s a great movie , but idk if it’s my download or not . But my sound does not work !! I have to play using data for it to work , i need answers & after that I’ll change the ratings

mome93 - Really hated Disney, you are fake !!1 star

How many times a 500 million midle East citizens asked that the dialect be in Egyptian accent its more funny and understandable , but you keep the classical arabic accent because you get money from Qatar i hate u Disney!

Buttonsvixen - Good5 star

I liked this one. One of the better installments.

Alan McRea - Not very good, is it?2 star

I once read “your characters should drive your story. Your story should never drive your characters.” This rings true here, and is something I wished they’d considered. You can tell they had an story idea, but they didn’t know how to tell it with the characters they’d already developed over two decade’s + worth of movies. So what to do? Go the latter route. Force it. Let the story drive the characters. And in this movie, it was Woody who suffered. And it made no sense. This movie sort of did to Woody what The Last Jedi did to Luke Skywalker. Every ounce of heart, reason, character development and meaning of who he is and what he stands for, was thrown out for the sake of forcing a plot desire. The movie was beautiful. And it has some very funny moments, as well as some very touching moments too - all the landmarks of a AAA title Pixar film - but the ending made me feel weird and bad and confused. The moment it ended a few kids near me said “that was a joke, right? That’s not the real ending, right?” And the mom said “I sure hope not.”

Leuttony - An emotional letdown2 star

The movie is simply emotional manipulation. It’s funny at times but completely and entirely lacks what makes the other movies great. The ending may even ruin your perception of the other movies.

storytellerstudios - Gabby Gabby = Chucky4 star

Did any one else find Gabby Gabby's character to be totally creepy. Her most heart felt scene is when she tells Woody how she would love to experience the love of a child "just once". I would have shed a tear if not for the goons behind her ready to rip open Woody body to remove his voice box. I was so moved by her destroy Forky if he doesn't comply.

sc/Diego_2323 - Amazing5 star

I grew up watching toy story and people didn’t lie the ending but it was amazing A ha haaa

jb874 - Watch it first without your kids1 star

My wife and I watched this before letting our kids watch it because we were concerned they would be scared of the dummies. The dummies were definitely creepy. Overall we thought it was terrible. The message of the movie was so far from all the others and even seems to refute the message of the other movies. In the end the loudest message in this movie is an echo of the message that we hear everywhere in our culture: Your only purpose and responsibility in this life is to make yourself happy.

Marley Willcox - Just disappointed1 star

I didn’t like the movie at all it sends the message that you have to be perfect to be loved and you should go your own way maybe sometimes if it’s bad but woody shouldn’t of left his friends, Disney should have stopped at three 🙁

jeffzemirah - My fav5 star

So good

Monet15 - Heartwarming movie!!!5 star

Love this movie! Very Funny and heartwarming! One of my favorite movies of the year!🧡

Grant Lorenzen - This movie is awesome5 star

Please make toy story 5 and toy story 6 please

Sullee2029 - Audio1 star


lilcjpinoy130 - NO SOUND1 star

Sound is not working via downloaded on IPhone 11 pro Max. All other movies work fine except this one!

dkfifnekdwn - An animated HORROR film1 star

If you want your child to be horrified and have nightmares forever, watch this. Seriously what is wrong with Pixar?

CJ Conner J - Sound issues3 star

So I liked the movie a lot. I can see why some people didn’t like it. The only problem I have with it is there’s no audio just for the original English Channel. And when I try to jump to a different part of the movie, the movie just closes by itself. Wish iTunes would fix this issue.

MC Joyful - Is it better than Toy Story 3?5 star

Toy Story 4 is very good from start to finish! It is easily one of the best in the saga, but is it better than Toy Story3? Toy Story 3 which was very dark and not afraid to make us cry is hard to top! However ,Toy Story 4 is the funniest one in the saga is also hard to top ,because even though it might be funny it’s very emotional! These two movies are both number 1 in my opinion because they’re that good ,and also it would be painful for me to put one better than the other!

smiley_10 - garbage1 star

how is this movie not in 4K!? 20 bucks for this!? NO.

teajen - Worst one I ever saw3 star

Not good wanted to destroy forty annoying character. Just a ok movie, had some funny bits.

yayamcat - One of the best MOVIES5 star

This is one of the best movie that I have seen if u r a Toy story fan or u grow up with this movie u have to watch it trust menu will not regret it

cmimbela26 - No Audio1 star

Please fix this Movie plays but no sound

Mavnick - Great5 star

animation was awesome

Marsoomah - We are not just a toy5 star

I love the movie in English so much and I wish if the Dubbing in the Arabic version was in fully Egyptian dialects,As how it was since 1995 Fans from all over the middle east are demanding to have an Egyptian dialect for the all upcoming movies and seriously consider restoring the original Egyptian dialects for all the Blu-ray releases in the Middle East So please bring my childhood memories back.

Viper22334 - You Have Got To Be Kidding Me....2 star

To say I was curious when Toy Story 4 was released would be only the begining, having liked the first three a lot, two being by far the best, I was wondering what would happen here. Oh. My. God. They've literally destroyed the entire story with this latest entry. TS is about Woody, Buzz and his buddies having fun with Andy, and seeing the world from their point of view. Andys departure at the end of III was a huge red flag for any possible 4th Movie. Was I right to be worried? In all ways yes. The new owner of the gang, Bonnie, is basically not even a character at this point, the story tries to focus on her starting school and creating a new character to play with, but said new character, Forky, is barely even engaging. He just wants to live in the trash cans because thats how he believes he was made. Then theres the rest of the Toys who I was eager to see again, like Jessie, Slink and the others. They're around for a bit while they go on a road trip, but when they get to their destination the biggest of all warning bells rang out in my head. The new setting is a dusty old antiques store full of creepy, sadistic dolls and minions who try to freak you out (and fail, this isn't annabelle its a Toy Story Movie), while Woody attempts to locate Bo Peep who has basically been missing since the second movie ended. She should've stayed in that shop of horrors because the entire cast full of lovable characters that we know is side lined to make her the main interest of the movie, alongside Woody. I'll say it. These characters by themselves are decent, but can they shoulder an entire plot arc while trying to escape utterly pointless creepy horror tricks like Gabby and her jump scare intended goons? Not a chance. This new direction from Pixar was a -huge- mistake, it's trying to turn Toy Story into something it was never intended to be. Saw this movie at the theatre and left thinking something I never thought I'd say about one of the all time great animated hit series. "My God, That was Awful". My advice, try this if you want, but dont expect an awesome Toy Story adventure, there is only one way to save the series now. Make a prequel, around the characters we really wanted to see and hope they never make this mistake again. 4/10, Sorry pixar, you missed the mark, by a mile.

Cheyenne.B - Ducky and bunny5 star

I like Ducky and bunny because they said the plan😂🤣😁

Jaci0888 - I really enjoyed it5 star

I was thinking not another Toy Story but I like where and how they took it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone

@moyarmyforlife - Ok5 star

It was a nice movie to watch 🙃

bushra.m.t - From an arab fan4 star

It’s good but I really wish the dup were in Egyptian accent like in the past it was more lively and really gives life to the movie, now it feels so formal and unnatural It’s hard to enjoy the dup... *sigh* Disney I love you so much since i was a kid please give us back the joy and liveliness of our favorite movies, though I appreciate the little Egyptian you put there but we need full Egyptian dup next time. With love <3

ashkso27 - NO AUDIO1 star

No AUDIO 20$ later! I need a refund!!!!! We buy movies on our phone for a reason!

efrain18 - Audio1 star

Can’t hear the English version of the movie

maddiesu - Disappointed2 star

I expected to see more of the original gang in action throughout the movie, but instead got too much Woody, Bow, and Buzz throughout the movie. I wish this movie never happened

Doodle loo roni - No volume1 star

Rented the movie for $6 on the 12th of October and the video had no sound when it was played. FIX IT APPLE!

Skebd - The Ending Was Horrible1 star

This was by far the worst movie of the 4, the whole movie was good until the end, Woody would never leave Bonnie like that, the writers did a poor job there, that scene of him leaving the gang ruined the whole franchise for me, I got so mad and sad in that scene, this was the worst movie I have seen this year, HORRIBLE!!!

azooz5005 - We want full Full Egyptian dubbing5 star

We want full Full Egyptian dubbing

MulhollandCRE - What a disappointment.1 star

I am an absolute fan of the work of Pixar in their early years and being an almost 30 year old male I’ve grown with the Disney franchise during their journey through 3D animation films. After tonight I am utterly disappointed. Toy Story 1-3 still hold tremendous emotional value not just as children’s entertainment but as films I would consider works of art. I cannot even consider the work of TS4 as an epilogue to the series. It was very disoriented, dry, mundane, and full of passive and distasteful humor. Clearly reaching into the hearts of today’s children was not the agenda but rather another attempt to squeeze the monetary nostalgia of those whom connected greatly with the passion and messages of the first few films. If there is anyone in Hollywood left who can create art they certainly were not involved in the making of Toy Story 4.

hemod122 - ديزني بالمصري5 star

نريد الافلام باللغة العربية تكون باللهجة المصرية ، نتمنى ذالك

Dolphingirl1984 - I wasn’t crazy about this one2 star

It was alright I liked only three this was a little bit creepy with those other dolls and I was kinda bored watching this one too I won’t buy this movie it is not worth 19.99 for this sorry Disney Pixar you could had done this movie a little better it was not that good 😞😞😞

hawkash1991 - Arabic Dubbing2 star

Make The Dubbing in Egyptian Accent !!

JAHSEE13 - I bought the movie but it has no sound ?1 star

If I play the movie without downloading it, it plays fine with sound but when I download the movie to watch it it has no sound. Please Fix ! Could it be an ios 13 thing / glitch maybe ?

anask0_ - ديزني بالمصري 😍5 star

الفيلم مرههه رهيب و دبلجته ارهب و ارهب و ذكرتنا بأيام الطفوله اتمنى الافلام الجاية تكون مصري ١٠٠٪؜

Meetingmygoals - That was out of character.1 star

For the first three movies Woody makes a big deal about sticking together and being there for his kid. He sat in a toy box for 10+ years in Toy Story 3 and still made his way back to Andy. In this movie, Woody goes 3 DAYS without being played with before deciding to ditch his kid and friends, it was completely out of character for him. Also, the fact that he had his voice box removed for the villain was ridiculous, Gabby could’ve found a child who would love her despite her flaws, that would’ve sent the right message.

Ibeatboxz - No audio for English!!!2 star

The movie plays but there is no audio for English, and whenever I try to skip a part, I get a message saying “there is a problem loading this content” and it kicks me out the movie.. please fix ASAP

dianarjx - No sound1 star

Is anybody else having the same issue? I’ve redownloaded and everything and nothing ☹️

5 star

m a break from Toy Story 4

5 star


5 star

It’s official Toy Story 4 is freaken creepy as heck!!! Ventriloquist dolls no thank you.

5 star

What will you be watching this week? 🐟🧔 Thursday 6:30pm - Aquaman 🎤🚗 Friday 6:30pm - Grease 🎬🎥 Saturday 6:30pm -…

5 star

@asteroidskeeper The first time I went to the cinema by myself a matinee of Toy Story 4, and that was one of the be…

5 star

@DCEUnlimited: PELICULAS MAS TAQUILLERAS DEL 2019 (SIN CHINA)💰 1. Endgame➡️ $2,166M 2. The Lion King➡️ $1,521M 3. Frozen 2 ➡️1,384M 4.…

5 star

@baskincase Wild how the lowest rated toy story movie is 4 and it has a 97% rating

5 star

@DCEUnlimited: 🔥¡ROMPIENDO RECORDS!🔥 Luego del último fin de semana, #Joker llegó a la cifra de $1073,6M a nivel mundial, superando lo…

5 star

NEGROMANCER 2.0: Review: "Toy Story 4" is Very Good, But Not Great

5 star

Final de toy story 4 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

5 star

@SangoBeats: Bro y’all telling me Toy Story 4 was Coco caliber?!!

5 star

Watching Toy Story 4 and crying again 😢🥰

5 star

Wayyyyy too many feels in Toy Story 4 fuck man

5 star

She is 2. She sees you using it. She wants to know what it is bc you use it. Also, pretty colors. Kids love colorfu…

5 star

Top 5 Disney Movies: 1. A Goofy Movie 2.The Lion King 3. Toy Story 2 4. The Little Mermaid 5. Mulan

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