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Beneath Anna Poliatova’s striking beauty lies a secret that will unleash her indelible strength and skill to become one of the world’s most feared government assassins. An electrifying thrill ride unfolding with propulsive energy, startling twists, and breathtaking action, Anna introduces Sasha Luss in the title role with a star-studded cast including Academy Award® winner Helen Mirren, Cillian Murphy, and Luke Evans. Beneath Anna Poliatova's striking beauty lies a secret that will unleash her indelible strength and skill to become one of the world's most feared government assassins. Anna Wiki

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Never make the weapon the target..

Anna (2019)

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- Amazing5 star

One of the best spy movie ever made

- Excellent Movie5 star

Now, if you love good developed spy movies, this one is for you! Sasha Luss is AWESOME! Didn’t know about her before, but she is a great actress! Excellent assistance by Luke Evans as a Russian (AWESOME)!!! Also Helen Mirren; always a great actress! If you are loking for Spy, watch this!!

- Clunky but good.3 star

Sort of half 007 (kgb flavor)/half Guy Ritchie movie. I liked it, but the plot was a bit standard caper movie. Some of the action scenes went on just a bit too long for their own good. Still worth a watch in my opinion though.

- anna5 star

terrific chic flick

- Really enjoyed it4 star

Watched it twice over a weekend. Initially interested because of the director but found the actors and story twists interesting enough that after a first viewing I kept thinking about the movie.

- Anna4 star

A nice thriller with many twists and turns. Anna is a spy who is anguished because she is forced to kill many people. In one scene, she kills a man with a fork! I guess you might say, in this movie, a sexy lady forks a guy to death 🤣

- Enjoy it for what it is5 star

After reading poor reviews, I came in with low expectations but left with pleasantly surprise. Without giving away to much, I’ll just say I thought the writing and acting were superb. While it’s true it has little action sequences, the little that it did however, were amazing.

- Smart flic5 star

Great movie, watch and enjoy..

- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍👌5 star

good movie

- Honest Opinion1 star

This was not and will never be the greatest main female actress movie. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. If you thought that this was going to have more action in it, it doesn’t. The trailer makes it seems that way when in reality there is a handful (less then that) of action scenes and more sexual content. A lot of taking and switching back and forth from present day to past tense happened, if you’re not into that stuff or don’t focus on the words on the screen, this isn’t for you. Have your subtitles on people! A lot of the first part is in Russian with no automatic subtitles where the Russian is already translated. You have to turn the subtitles on. I will give the girl props, she was beautiful and her acting was impeccable but again, so much talking and very little action (unless it included the bedroom). I will, however, say that the movie has a lot of twists and turns that you wouldn’t have expected when watching the trailer. It’s the only reason I recommend watching this movie at all. Overall, it was boring but it did have its moments.

- Pleasantly surprised5 star

I love action/thrillers and have been disappointed a lot lately but I decided to give this a try despite the fact that it looked absolutely ridiculous. I saw Atomic Blonde and would give that a 3 or 4 star but this... This was a solid 5. Great action, a twisting, unpredictable layered story and an ending I couldn’t have predicted. Yaaaasss!

- What the heck is up with these reviews?5 star

The movie is amazing, better than a lot of female acción movies

- Refund or let me watch it4 star

Good movie worth a rental.

- I didn’t bother to finish it.1 star

I liked this movie better when it was called “Point Of No Return”, a movie in which the acting and dialog were marginally better. This story had so many incoherent time skips and unnecessary plot points, it sounded a lot like my 6-year-old nephew trying to tell me a joke he heard from some older kids he was spying on at recess. The best use for this movie would be for insomniacs as an aid in getting to sleep.

- Real Good Movie5 star

It’s a good movie that keeps you interested till the end. The end, you didn’t see coming. I recommend it.

- Underrated5 star

Actions, Entertaining, Mind twisting

- SOOOO BAD1 star

What a waste of time. With each twist and twist, you care less and less. And, oh my god, the title character’s acting will make you cringe. It’s torture! She has absolutely no place in film. I want my time and money back.

- Loved it...and I don’t like much5 star

Sasha Luss is a great actor. This movie should have gotten a lot of attention. Watch it!

- Good acting, great screen writing4 star

Lots of action and plot twists. Keeps your attention.

- Luc Besson always delivers4 star

Action, story, plot twists, characters you root for, Luc Besson has either directed, written or produced multiple movies we all love.

- Great movie !!!5 star

Great movie !!! Worth Watch .

- The plots simple4 star

The plot is simple, who doesn’t want freedom. Great stunts, acting is ample. You’ll be pleased.

- Unique lead5 star

Typical spy plot but it’s excellently done and she’s fantastic in it.

- The New John Wick5 star

Looks good

- jeffree star approved5 star


- Amazing5 star

It is awesome 💥

- Totally Underrated!5 star

I love the movie, especially the twisted plot

- Awesome movie5 star

This movie was great! It was unpredictable and kept you engaged the entire time!

- Rotten Opposite Rule5 star

Whatever Rotten Tomatoes says about a movie, you can be sure the opposite is true. I applied that rule on this movie and it paid off big time. Just great! Great action and twisty plot. Rent with confidence and enjoy!

- ANNA review5 star

Very good movie. Me being Russian also made it better. Hope there will be a sequel!!!!

- i quit after 60 minutes1 star

Cause there are so many 5 star reviews i gave it a try. Awful movie; acting, story,.... everything. Normally i watch a movie to the end (with sometimes some fast forward ;), but this one, No chance. How can anybody be impressed by this movie????

- Stupid1 star

This movie has the stupidest writing I’ve ever seen, I’m not sure if the writers couldn’t keep up with all the year jumps back and forth but this movie is supposed to be in 1990 but has technology and other things that didn’t exist in 1990. If you can’t keep things authentic don’t make a movie in the past.

- Cool movie4 star

It’s a good movie! Anyway!

- Terrible acting. Unrealistic. Liberal.2 star

Awful acting. No, small tiny skinny girls can't beat up rooms of large men. No fifteen guys firing automatic rifles at a skinny girl are not going to miss from 10 yards while she slides under a door. And the incessant referencing to gay people in movies is so overplayed when only 4 percent of our population is gay. It just doesn't make sense in this movie. She is having a fling with a guy in the movie when she has a girlfriend at home. What? No... just stupid. I got baited in again by Luc Besson. He did The Fifth Element, which was one of my all time favorite comody-sci-fi movies, yet his other movies are terrible like this one. I'll know better next time.

- Best movie I have seen in a while5 star

Really hope there is a sequel!

- Worth the time3 star

Anna is worth your time watching. Not a killing spree like John Wick three, but good action scenes. Had a plot, which was nice. The best way I can describe this flick is, the cigarette people kicked in a lot of money, and they never let me down.

- Archy 135 star

Its a great flick. Better than than ATOMIC BLONDE. Great story, theme, plot, and ending. Tomatoes got it wrong again. RENT DON'T BUY.

- Twists & Turns through out!5 star

Very original with twists you never see coming. I watched it twice just to review a few parts I missed the first time. We both loved it, it’s not your usual “bad bi#$h” movie. Anything with Helen Mirren is not to be missed. We also loved the new female lead actor. We’d give it 6 stars if we could! Actually a 10 with a gold star

- A bad movie2 star

Besson definitely lost it. A bad remake of Nikita, very bad plot, poorly played. And the best: simulates her death in Parc Monceau, enters a tunnel there and... exits from a tunnel on the banks of river Seine... Still laughing!

- Better Than Atomic Blond4 star

It was significantly better than I thought it might be from the preview. Maybe it's a bit of a knockoff from Atomic Blond, but I think it's better and I liked the characters better.

- it's ok3 star

Okay, Nothing special. rental only

- hoyojhuuvgyjv5 star

no va jocular yucco

- B film same o same o sex, violence,3 star

i guess the same formula is supposed to work...pretty lady pressured into selling her body and soul for freedom..basic give up sex, seduce people, kill people, endure the journey to a hollow dream....can u ever be free after her journey...i seen better....story time line ridiculous bouncy bouncy back and forth...

- Underrated4 star

Actually a good movie with surprising twists

- Wow5 star

It even has you fooled right up until the end! How sensitive to violence are you! It lets you feel hatred for mankind, yet like the old saying goes, “the heartbeat of a nation, beats in the chest of its women”.

- Bad1 star

My question is why they don't release the movie like on BLU-RAY OR DVDs With languages and substitutes in Spanish

- Mrs. John Wick5 star

Luc has done it again. Now all he has to do is write a movie putting Anna and John Wick together. Yes, she's that good! Smart movie; check it out.

- Amazing Movie5 star

It’s about time we get an action packed movie with good acting and without ridiculous celebrities. Anna is the female John Wick and is bad bad bad in a good way. I really hope they make a sequel.

- Top 5 movies5 star


- Very Good5 star

A great follow-up to La Femme Nikita

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Mossimoo - Highly entertaining5 star

Loads of action...stunning lead...

capmax62 - Anna4 star

Action was very good, female version of John Wick came to mind, a lot of twists and turns in the story of Anna. Yeah all in all a decent picture, Hellen Mirren great as always, well worth a look 🕶👙🔪

D.H.RED - Luc Besson Fail1 star

I preordered this film just because it was a Luc Besson Film How did it fail with such as Lucy, Angel-A, Leon His magic was lost in this, there are many Hit Girl films out and this isn’t up there with the best. Helen Mirren plays Olga and by far the best performance from the cast. Great films from Luc Besson but this one is a miss

lizzy wills - Empowering and entertaining4 star

Anna is a simple yet twisted tale of a Russian spy/model , keeps the viewer hooked the whole time and is very entertaining as well as empowering for women ! Would recommend to action fans all over !

Unelma2016 - Nice3 star


SaveOurSteel - Excellent film5 star

Really enjoyed the film and bought the film afterwards. Really good.

Saelent - Rented and loving the parts I can understand but nothing is translated1 star

Rented the film, I don’t know if this is the same for a bought version. None of the subtitles work for translating anything into English. I was told by support to leave this review. I highly recommend this film, the subs just need to be fixed for the rented version.

Gwyn1949 - Wow5 star

Loved it gave me all the action I needed

moviegoer331 - What has happened to Luc Besson1 star

Besson basically invented the female assassin genre with Nikita way back in 1990 (far superior film). This is nowhere near as good. Nothing new here, by the numbers, can only assume the bigger name actors needed to build a house extension or something.

Nial13 - Great Fun5 star

OK the ideas been done before but this is a fantastic, fun, sexy, twist in the tail, spy romp. Definitely worth a watch.

Davidinshanghai - Vintage Luc5 star

If you like his other films (e.g: Fifth Element), you will love this. The critics may not have highly rated it, but it was an unexpectedly clever film with numerous twists to keep you guessing. Enjoy.

Marcus2810 - Love this5 star

very good double gouble bluff great movie

Zoev84 - Love the fights, outfits and acting4 star

I think this is a good film. It’s not great if you are expecting tons of action scenes, which I was. The fight scenes are brilliant, her outfits are gorgeous, and I think the main actress is incredible. It’s not a linear storyline. The second time I watched it was a lot more enjoyable for me, when I wasn’t feeling so overwhelmed by the jumping backwards and forwards in time. They really tried to make this a character driven story, to the point where there were some long scenes where nothing exciting happens and it’s just showing Anna’s life before the KGB and whilst not on missions. There are only three action scenes in the film - a car chase and two big battles, plus a montage of her working. It felt a bit underwhelming when I first watched it because I was expecting a lot more action and not a story about her personal life, but it’s still a good story. I just think with a bit of editing it would have been great. It lagged in places, but the fight scenes, when they come are amazing.

Sir Dicky W - Good fun..5 star

Easy on the eye, and plenty of John Wick type action... warmed up my boring Tuesday evening.

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JJJRivera - Action packed and keeps you guessing!!5 star

Yes we have seen movies like this before, but this stood out exponentially to me. I loved the main actress, she played the role as she should have and made it completely believable. She showed where desperation could take a person, and what someone wanting their freedom is willing to do to obtain it. I didn’t see the ending coming. Intelligent woman beating man at his own game, while still forming bonds along the way. This movie was great in its own right, it shouldn’t be compared to anything else. Well done!

barrykfey - ANNA1 star

terrible, dont waste your time. wanna be Atomic Blonde, falls waaay short. no plot, poor acting, not anything but a mess.

l.k.goodnight - Excellent spy thriller5 star

A fantastic mix if Femme Nakkita, Bourne, atomic blinde and red sparrow!

Blackowl2 - Action from beginning5 star

It's that kind of movies that you don't want to never end. Full of mystery and great interpretations from all the actors.

Skelly68 - A joke1 star

We are supposed to believe this ultra skinny woman is supposed to beat up dozens of men at one time that outweighs her by probably 100-150 pounds? Yeah right! I know it’s a movie but this is just to ridiculous!!!

allaboutunique1995 - WOW!5 star

The bad reviews on this movie are totally wrong. I’m convinced people just like to leave negative comments.. This movie was everything! Action packed, great story line, & great quality! Purchase it! You won’t regret it 😉

Chan review - Nope1 star

Waste of my time to watch this.

WBC71 - Seriously??2 star

Too many movies like this have already been done...this is the worst of them all...Atomic Blonde is the standard...

Bionicsurfer - Not bad at all!5 star

I was pleasantly surprised! The story-line was intriguing. Definitely, much better than I expected.

Rinasandler - Luv Besson a this best5 star

Highly recommend

fittythree009 - BORING, OH SO FREAKIN BORING1 star

There’s no attempt to make this film stand out in any way.

el caligula - Great movie5 star

Critics are stupid !!! I never put attention to their comments, this movie was fantastic !! Highly recommended!!

Quislibet - Don’t Believe the Haters5 star

I have NO idea why anyone would give this movie anything less than 4 stars. I believed it was a GREAT story, action AND unpredictability. Great action coupled with really good story telling. Watch it... you won’t regret.

dinhr - Bought It!5 star

Slow to start, but then... Worth every penny!

Rik stylz - Luc Besson5 star

That’s all you should need to know to watch this film!!! I thought this movie was perfect! Worth the watch I even bought it! Love this genre and Luc did a brilliant job 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Jeni Yanez - Great Movie!5 star

Lots of action, lots of plot twists. Very well made.

16 HORSES - Anna needs more training3 star

Anna is just ok but I expected better from the director of The Fifth Element and Lucy, Luc Besson! The Action Was neither-here-nor-there and I could count better Female leads on one hand 🖐! This was Female Action thrillers for dummies! It might get #MeToo’s seal of approval but it wasn’t getting the Academy Award! But I do recommend it if you shut your I.Q. Down and don’t expect huge results in Action and the 3 plus hours of Avengers Endgame was difficult to swallow then Anna is good in that regard! 🤷‍♀️!

MP3 Kid - Sleeper5 star

Nothing like a movie you can't predict 5🌟

juemi2 - How can..5 star

Anybody give this movie less then 5 stars 🤩? The creator of NIKITA made this movie 🍿 He invented the genre and set the bar now very very high. Of course there are a lot of other movies like this and we are all waiting on black widow but THIS movie is awesome 👏

PiggyBank919 - Good for male fan boys bad for everyone else1 star

Pointlessly sex-filled, full of flashy boring fight scenes replete with a pseudo-empowered feminist angle cast on an emotionless pretty doll that failed to make any kind of impression on me whatsoever. I don’t know, it was a waste of time and money to me and I simply wish that it had more of an emotional punch. That you could feel the desperation Anna had to get out of her original situation, that either there was genuine love between her and her handlers (so there’s subsequent conflict in her actions when she has to fight back) OR it felt more like a chess game with one person constantly trying to get one up on the other. I can appreciate its attempt at being original...the plot was there but it wasn’t driven home by the acting or directing.

gamboolman - Ahhh It's OK3 star

OK but ought to be half the price it is. Could have been alot better. These others are better but Atomic Blonde The Long Kiss Goodnight Red Sparrow La Femme Nikita

Huggy2019 - Wow mind blown !!!!5 star

Sasha did a great job beautiful and very talented actress. Dame Helen Miiren also did a great job in this movie. Yeah there were lots twists and turns from start to finish. The restaurant scene was almost like a little bit of John Wick and Atomic Blonde. I give this film A+

wev/ The - Great Movie5 star

Not treated fairly by Critics. Good plot development. Great action. Steady performances. Not a dull second. Buy & Watch.

RADMAN54 - Very Good4 star

The movie kept my interest, good acting, and worth the money.

JeremyJB - Wow! Awesome!5 star

I’m a huge fan of all of Beason’s movies. Any Luc Besson fan will love this. The action sequences are amazing and there are so many twists and turns it keeps your head spinning. And the way he plays with the timeline to hide the twists and turns and then reveal them was really awesome. So glad I got this movie. Can’t wait to watch again!

Maryam al-khater - Yum5 star

I hope there is an Arabic translation.

BloomSky - Love this movie!5 star

This is one of the best movies I watched this year! I saw it twice in theaters. I love the twists and turns.

Consuelos Smart - Misleading Genre3 star

If you watched the trailer, I expected Anna to be an action filled movie similar to the John Wick movies. However after watching it I found out more the movie was a drama movie with a couple action scenes instead of an Action movie. This is a good drama movie that is kind of entertaining for its run time but it’s not anywhere close to the action seen in the Wicks. Do not expect to see an action movie, it is a drama at heart with a couple action scenes.

GlennBond - Great!5 star

Loved this film! Don’t listen to the critics! Dead wrong! Great everything! Luc Besson does it again! 👍❗️

JN_George - Every Second Intrigues!5 star

The action thriller in a LONG time because actually has a very interesting storyline — this is not your generic film! Sasha Luss’s character intrigues the audience at every turn in the plot. Excellent job by Luss!

Gantra - One of the best in this genre5 star

Smart and cleverly written. Exceptional cast and captivating performance all-around. One of the best films in this spy, action genre. Bravo, Luc Besson!

Gamer holdem - Awesome 👏5 star

I saw this and can’t wait for it on iTunes. 1 of the best kick butt women flicks. Edgy and well done ! 👍

JP NYC - A Female Spy Thriller, part Bourne & Wick!5 star

I saw this Movie twice and was thoroughly impressed. The story was in the footsteps of The Jason Bourne series and the ruthlessness of the violence was along the lines of John Wick (Lionsgate was the studio that released both Wick and Anna films.) Despite the underwhelming box office, I think this is destined to be a cult classic once it hits Digital HD, cable and streaming. Sasha Luss showed a range of acting and physical combat that you would not expect of a supermodel. Hopefully, she’ll have future projects that will allow her to shine.

5 star

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@Wasteboy92 Kutty break anna

5 star

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5 star

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5 star

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5 star

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5 star

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5 star

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