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6.306 star

Crawl (2019) Movie Summary

  • R
  • 2019

As a category 5 hurricane tears through Florida, Haley rushes to find her father, who is injured and trapped in the crawl space of their home. With the storm intensifying and water levels rising, the pair face an even more terrifying threat lurking below the surface. From producer Sam Raimi (Evil Dead) and director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes), Crawl is a nail-biting thriller from start to finish.

Crawl Film Synopsis

When a huge hurricane hits her hometown in Florida, Haley ignores evacuation orders to look for her father. After finding him badly wounded, both are trapped by the flood. With virtually no time to escape the storm, they discover that rising water levels are the least of their problems.

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Crawl Movie Reviews

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BoringI couldn’t wait for this movie to end.Score: 1/5

Love it!I think this is one of my favorite movies. I love it!.Score: 5/5

Dynamic with terrific acting and surprisesThis is a beautifully crafted survival movie. It has excellent character development and strong acting overall. There aren’t weak links. It’s scary enough without going over the top. As odd as it sounds it’s a fun movie for the entire family. The alligators were masterfully created and 110% believable. Throughly enjoyable..Score: 5/5

CrawlIt was good for what it was but i suggest watching it with low-mid expectations. The ending was bad in my opinion but the overall action scenes in the movie were okay. It starts off slow but gets fast paced quickly has a few corny scenes and most of the movie but a few parts are summed up in the trailer. Alot of people pry think of this as an 'Sci Fi' movie but it exceeded my expectations for what it was i think its worth a watch i dont know about buying it for 20$ though..Score: 3/5

A beautiful creature-featureCrawl brings back Evil Dead director Sam Raimi and The Hills of Eyes director Alexandre Aja to direct this thrilling creature-feature to the big screen. Needless to say Crawl leaks with bloody violence and a good story to keep you up at night..Score: 5/5

Most Intense Game of the Floor is Lava EverGains a star for the dog surviving..Score: 4/5

EntertainingI enjoyed this movie, at least, up to a point. However, I was continually asking myself...who lives in a house which is attached to a swamp by a large pipe, that allows alligators to walk into your basement?.Score: 3/5

Silly CGI and Contrived StoryI didn’t like it, and I like all movies like this. I liked Don’t Breath, Armageddon, Geo Storm, The Meg... I like them all. Hated this movie. Fake and fruity. Seems like trying to convince people to evacuate during storms that simply don’t require it..Score: 2/5

RGuys if it says the f word 2 times it has to be rated r.Score: 3/5

Boring and terribly written scriptPoor story development mediocre acting and totally predictable. Could have added in a few snakes to the plot to make it more interesting. There is no reason why you would want to rent this movie..Score: 1/5

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Such a Good Movie!!This movie is really intense. The Alligator attacks are actually quite graphic & distressing, amping up their viciousness. The acting is very good, as well as the storyline, the films pace, & score. There’s also a generous amount of jump scares. Definitely Pre-Ordering it..Score: 5/5

Not worth the timeGot about half way and not even going to bother finishing watching it. Just a really limited premise and unintelligent execution that assumes the watcher is equally stupid. Maybe it should have been a cartoon?.Score: 1/5

BadJust another shark movie.Score: 1/5

Don’t botherThis is really terrible, definitely not worth paying for, and really not worth the time..Score: 1/5

Very bland movie- don’t know how it scored highI’m not sorry to say that this movie was not worth buying. A cheap rental at best..Score: 2/5

Not quite the JAWS!...still, not so bad! I just wish there was more chewing, and bloody water. I know crocs/gators love to shred, but at least give the viewers the dinner shots. 🌚 They all died too quickly. Could have been more red, less screaming, much terrifying, and more teeth... 🤤 but, that's just me....🌚.Score: 3/5

It’s okNot as good as I expected. Would not watch it again..Score: 3/5

Pretty darn goodI don’t know how people can hate on this movie so much when it was actually pretty good. And I mean, if you like jaws or any one of those types of movies, you’ll probably like this..Score: 4/5

Run AwayI don’t want to say that this movie is bad, so I’ll say it was ungood. It appears that there was a good Flooding soundstage available and someone’s kid wrote a script using it. Maybe a teen might like it. It got made, people got paid, and that’s the best part about watching it. Enjoy..Score: 2/5

What a waste of one hour, I gave up after thatHow the hell did this get 82% on rotten tomatoes? It is horrible, I can't believe that I paid for this :(.Score: 1/5

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Crawl (2019) Series Cast & Crew

Crawl (2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Kaya Scodelario (Haley), Barry Pepper (Dave), Morfydd Clark (Beth), Ross Anderson (Wayne), Jose Palma (Pete), George Somner (Marv), Anson Boon (Stan), Ami Metcalf (Lee), Tina Pribićević (Young Haley), Srna Vasiljević (Louie), Colin McFarlane (Governor), Annamaria Serda (Emma), Savannah Steyn (Lisa), all returned for crawl movie.

Kaya Scodelario (Haley)
Kaya ScodelarioHaleyScore: 42.9
Barry Pepper (Dave)
Barry PepperDaveScore: 11.3
Morfydd Clark (Beth)
Morfydd ClarkBethScore: 90.5
Ross Anderson (Wayne)
Ross AndersonWayneScore: 1.2
Jose Palma (Pete)
Jose PalmaPeteScore: 1.3
George Somner (Marv)
George SomnerMarvScore: 1.4
Anson Boon (Stan)
Anson BoonStanScore: 9.9
Ami Metcalf (Lee)
Ami MetcalfLeeScore: 6.0
Colin McFarlane (Governor)
Colin McFarlaneGovernorScore: 3.6
Annamaria Serda (Emma)
Annamaria SerdaEmmaScore: 1.4
Savannah Steyn (Lisa)
Savannah SteynLisaScore: 13.2

Sam Raimi (Producer), Alan Gilmore (Production Design), Maxime Alexandre (Director of Photography), Christopher Landry (First Assistant Director), Berto ("A" Camera Operator), Dawn Lunsford (Foley Artist), Grégory Levasseur (Executive Producer), Grégory Levasseur (Second Unit Director), Alexandre Aja (Director), Alexandre Aja (Producer), Adrien Morot (Makeup Effects Designer), Shawn Rasmussen (Writer), Joe Cappelletti (ADR Voice Casting), Lorne Balfe (Executive Music Producer), Elliot Greenberg (Editor), Joe Barnett (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Sean Findley (Visual Effects Producer), Slaviša Ivanović (Stunt Coordinator), Justin Bursch (Executive Producer), Justin Bursch (Unit Production Manager),

Sam Raimi (Producer)
Sam RaimiProducerScore: 17.6
Maxime Alexandre (Director of Photography)
Maxime AlexandreDirector of PhotographyScore: 1.0
Dawn Lunsford (Foley Artist)
Dawn LunsfordFoley ArtistScore: 1.4
Alexandre Aja (Director)
Alexandre AjaDirectorScore: 5.7
Alexandre Aja (Producer)
Alexandre AjaProducerScore: 5.7
Joe Cappelletti (ADR Voice Casting)
Joe CappellettiADR Voice CastingScore: 2.3
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'Crawl' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of crawl, the Alexandre Aja's popular movie. Watch the crawl teaser trailer. Alexandre Aja’s #crawl is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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All released movie posters so far for the movie crawl - 2019. A poster for Alexandre Aja thriller movie, Crawl! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for crawl (2019). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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تتجاهل (هالي) أوامر الإخلاء عندما يضرب إعصار هائل مسقط رأسها في فلوريدا، حيث ذهبت للبحث عن والدها المفقود، وعندما عثرت عليه وجدته مصاب بجروح خطيرة في منزل عائلتهما، ليصبح الإثنان محاصرين بسبب مياه الفيضان وسرعة تدفقها، ومع نفاد الوقت للهروب من العاصفة القوية، تكتشف (هالي) ووالدها أن ارتفاع منسوب المياه هو أقل مخاوفهما.

български език
Когато масивен ураган удря родния ѝ град във Флорида, Хейли пренебрегва заповедите за евакуация, за да открие изчезналия си баща. Намирайки го тежко ранен в мазето на фамилната им къща, двамата се оказват в капана на бързо настъпващата приливна вълна на голямо наводнение. Докато времето им да избягат от засилващата се буря изтича, Хейли и баща ѝ откриват, че покачващото се ниво на водата не е най-смъртоносната заплаха, която ги грози.

Když na malé floridské městečko udeří hurikán, rozhodne se Haley ignorovat nařízení úřadů o evakuaci, protože chce najít ztraceného otce. Nalezne ho těžce zraněného ve sklepě jejich domu. Než ho stačí zachránit, ocitne se i ona v nesnázích, když záplavová vlna dorazí rychleji, než se čekalo. Stoupající voda však brzy přestane být jejich největším problémem, když připlavou hladoví nezvaní návštěvníci.

Da en orkan rammer Florida, må Haley finde og redde sin far in den det er for sent. Men da stormen tager til og vandstanden stiger, møder de en endnu mere skræmmende trussel under vandoverfladen.

Ein heftiger Sturm trifft auf die Küste Floridas und zwingt die Bewohner zur Evakuierung. Der Bundesstaat hat nämlich eine Kategorie fünf Hurricane-Warnung herausgegeben. Die junge Haley Keller vermisst aber ihren Vater Dave und ignoriert die Warnung daher, um nach ihm zu suchen. Sie findet ihn schließlich verletzt im Keller seines abgelegenen Hauses in Coral Lake, eingeschlossenen von den Fluten. Diese steigen immer höher und höher und die Zeit wird knapper, dem Hurricane zu entkommen. Doch bald müssen Vater und Tochter feststellen, dass es noch eine weitaus größere Gefahr gibt, der sie sich stellen müssen, denn in ihrer Stadt lebt etwas ungeheuer Böses. Es sind riesenhafte Alligatoren, die sich im Wachstum befinden, und die unglaublichen Hunger haben. Nun gibt es kein Entkommen und keine Rettung mehr.

Όταν ένας τεράστιος τυφώνας χτυπά τη Φλόριντα, η Χέιλι αγνοεί τις εντολές εκκένωσης για να αναζητήσει τον αγνοούμενο πατέρα της. Αφού τον εντοπίσει σοβαρά τραυματισμένο στο υπόγειο του πατρικού της, οι δυο τους θα παγιδευτούν από τα ορμητικά νερά που πλημμυρίζουν όλο και περισσότερο το σπίτι. Καθώς ο χρόνος που τους απομένει για να ξεφύγουν από την ισχυρή καταιγίδα εξαντλείται, η Χέιλι και ο πατέρας της ανακαλύπτουν ότι η ανερχόμενη στάθμη των υδάτων είναι το λιγότερο που πρέπει να φοβούνται.

Cuando un enorme huracán llega a su pueblo en Florida, Haley ignora las órdenes de evacuación para buscar a su padre. Tras encontrarle gravemente herido, ambos quedan atrapados por la inundación. Prácticamente sin tiempo para escapar de la tormenta que arrecia, Haley y su padre descubren que la subida del nivel del agua es el menor de sus problemas.

Cuando un enorme huracán llega a su pueblo en Florida, Haley ignora las órdenes de evacuación para buscar a su padre. Tras encontrarle gravemente herido, ambos quedan atrapados por la inundación. Prácticamente sin tiempo para escapar de la tormenta que arrecia, Haley y su padre descubren que la subida del nivel del agua es el menor de sus problemas.

Kun raju hurrikaani iskee floridalaiseen pikkukaupunkiin, Haley lähtee etsimään kadonnutta isäänsä evakuointikäskyistä piittaamatta. Isä löytyy vakavasti loukkaantuneena perheen kotitalon alta, ja tulvavesien noustessa molemmat jäävät loukkuun. Myrskyn yltyessä pakomahdollisuudet käyvät vähiin, ja pian he huomaavat, että veden varassa piilee muitakin vaaroja.

Un ouragan de catégorie cinq est sur le point de s'abattre sur la Floride. Alors que les autorités somment les habitants de quitter la région, Haley se rend chez son père pour fuir le désastre naturel. Une fois chez lui, elle le découvre inconscient et blessé par des créatures qui rôdent encore dans la maison... des alligators. Pris au piège dans la maison avec ces bêtes sauvages, Haley et son père doivent tout tenter pour survivre jusqu'à ce que des secours arrivent. Malheureusement, il n'y a pas que les alligators qui posent problème. En raison de la tempête, l'eau monte dans la maison et menace de les submerger d'ici quelques heures.

Quand un violent ouragan s’abat sur sa ville natale de Floride, Hayley ignore les ordres d’évacuation pour partir à la recherche de son père porté disparu. Elle le retrouve grièvement blessé dans le sous-sol de la maison familiale et réalise qu’ils sont tous les deux menacés par une inondation progressant à une vitesse inquiétante. Alors que s’enclenche une course contre la montre pour fuir l’ouragan en marche, Haley et son père comprennent que l’inondation est loin d’être la plus terrifiante des menaces qui les attend…

כאשר הוריקן מאסיבי פוגע בעיר הולדתה של היילי בפלורידה, היא מתעלמת מהתרעות הפינוי של האזור עקב הסופה, על מנת לחפש את אביה שאבד. היילי מוצאת את אביה במרתף הבית, פצוע אנושות. השניים במהרה מוצאים עצמם לכודים במרתף, בזמן שהשיטפון בחוץ מתחיל לחדור פנימה. בעוד חלון הזמנים שלהם להינצל מהסופה הולך ונסגר, היילי ואביה מגלים שהמים שחודרים במהירות לביתם הם הבעיה הכי קטנה שלהם.

Kada uragan pogodi njezin rodni grad na Floridi, Haley (Kaya Scodelario) krene u potragu za svojim nestalim ocem (Barry Pepper), ne obazirući se na naredbe za evakuaciju. Pronalazi ga teško ozlijeđenog u prostoriji njihove obiteljske kuće, te njih dvoje ostaju zarobljeni u velikoj poplavi. Haley i njezin otac imaju sve manje vremena za bijeg dok oluja ne postane još jača, međutim ubrzo otkrivaju da im je povećanje razine vode najmanja briga...

Képzeld el, hogy egy hatalmas hurrikán tart a szüleid háza felé, és apád egyik pillanatról a másikra már nem veszi fel a mobilját. Pár kilométernyire behatolsz kocsival az evakuációs zónába, hogy megnézd, mi van vele, és rájössz, hogy csapdába esett a ház alatti alacsony szervíztérben. Amikor lemászol hozzá, hogy segíts neki, te is csapdába esel, a víz egyre emelkedik, aligátorok bukkannak fel, és egy hatalmas példány elzárja a biztonságba vezető lépcsőt…

La storia di una giovane donna che si ritrova intrappolata nella sua abitazione, mentre all'esterno impazza un uragano di categoria 5. La ragazza non solo dovrà tentare di salvare suo padre, ma anche fare i conti con il livello dell'acqua che cresce sempre più all'interno della casa, attirando gli alligatori della zona.


시속 250km로 전진하면서 지상의 모든 것을 집어삼키는 강력한 허리케인이 플로리다를 강타한다. 헤일리는 대피 명령을 무시하고 연락두절이 된 아버지를 찾아 집으로 향한다. 지하실에서 심한 부상을 입고 쓰러진 아버지를 발견하고 빠져나가려던 찰나, 점차 불어난 홍수와 함께 나타난 최상위 포식자 악어와 집안에 갇히게 되는데…

Jauna moteris bando išgelbėti savo tėvą, užklupus 5 kategorijos uraganui, tačiau patenka į spąstus patvinusiame name bei privalo kovoti dėl savo gyvybės, nes juos užpuola siaubingi aligatoriai..

Haley Keller is een jonge vrouw die zich in een levensgevaarlijke situatie bevindt, nadat een orkaan van categorie 5 het land heeft bereikt. Ze zit vast in een huis dat stilaan overstroomd wordt en krijgt het onaangename gezelschap van alligators.

Kiedy gigantyczny huragan pustoszy Florydę, Haley (Kaya Scodelario) ignoruje nakazy ewakuacji, aby odnaleźć ojca (Barry Pepper), z którym nie ma kontaktu. Znajduje go poważnie rannego w ich rodzinnym domu. Wkrótce oboje zostaną uwięzieni przez powódź spowodowaną huraganem. Szybko okaże się jednak, że to nie wzbierająca gwałtownie woda jest czymś najgorszym, z czym przyjdzie im się zmierzyć...

Quando a Flórida é vítima de um imenso furacão, os tsnunamis levam todos os habitantes a evacuarem o local. Mesmo assim, a jovem Haley se recusa a sair de casa enquanto não conseguir resgatar o pai, gravemente ferido. Aos poucos, o nível da água começa a subir, Haley também se fere e tanto ela quanto o pai precisam enfrentar inimigos inesperados: gigantescos crocodilos que chegam com as águas.

Uma mulher e o seu pai ferido ficam presos pelas águas da enchente na sua casa durante um furacão. Com a tempestade a aumentar, eles logo descobrem uma ameaça ainda maior do que a água: um ataque implacável de um bando de jacarés gigantes.

O tânără, fostă înotătoare de performanță, se întoarce în orașul natal care urma să fie lovit de un uragan de categoria 5. Exact când ajunge la casa tatălui ei, se dezlănțuie iadul: tatăl nu e de găsit nicăieri, iar ea va trebui să înfrunte ape care ucid și prin forța cu care năvălesc în oraș, dar și prin creaturile care invadează orașul, și intră în casele inundate, aligatori fioroși în căutare de pradă. E timpul ca fosta înotătoare să-și pună abilitățile la încercare, dacă vrea să-și salveze tatăl prins sub ape, dar și propria viață.

Во время урагана 5-й категории молодая американка Хейли Келлер пытается спасти своего отца, но сама оказывается в ловушке затопленного дома. Она вступает в борьбу за жизнь со стихией и с самыми опасными хищниками Флориды – аллигаторами.

Nádejná plavkyňa Haley Kellerová nie je žiaden samovrah. Do uzatvorenej zóny na Floride, ktorá sa pripravuje na jeden z najväčších hurikánov za posledných pár desiatok rokov, sa vypravila len kvôli svojmu otcovi. Ten sa snažil na poslednú chvíľu zabezpečiť svoj dom. Z oblasti už mal byť dávno evakuovaný, napriek tomu sa neozýva. Haley ho nájde v už čiastočne zaplavenej pivnici, v bezvedomí a ťažko zraneného. Než ho stačí odtiahnuť do relatívneho bezpečia, pripomenú sa nepozvaní hostia, ktorí jej otcovi zranenie spôsobili. Stúpajúca hladina vody totiž výrazne rozšírila lovný revír tunajších aligátorov, ktorí sú celkom hladní a zvedaví. Situácia je vážna a pomerne beznádejná. Hurikán udrel naplno, pivnica sa plní vodou a Haley je jasné, že bude čoskoro čeliť voľbe. Utopiť sa alebo nechať sa zožrať pri pokuse o záchranu.

Када велики ураган погоди Флориду, Хали ће игнорисати наређења за евакуацију како би пронашла свог оца који је нестао. Она га налази тешко рањеног у њиховој породичној кући и њих двоје остају заробљени, јер се вода од поплава све брже шири. Како остаје све мање времена да се побегне од снажне олује, Хали и њен отац ће открити да је вода која надолази њихов најмањи проблем.

När en massiv orkan drabbar Florida, ignorerar Haley evakueringsråden för att leta efter sin pappa som är försvunnen. Hon hittar honom allvarligt skadad i källaren i deras familjehem och fastnar där på grund av översvämningarna. Haley och hennes pappa upptäcker dock snart att den stigande vattennivån är det minsta av deras problem.

เมื่อพายุเฮอร์ริเคนพัดถล่มฟลอริดา เฮลีย์ (คาย่า สโคเดลาริโอ) กลับไปยังบ้านเกิดโดยไม่สนใจคำสั่งประกาศอพยพ เพื่อกลับไปหาพ่อ (แบร์รี่ เป็ปเปอร์) ที่หายตัวไป เธอพบพ่อได้รับสภาพบาดเจ็บสาหัสอยู่ในพื้นที่ใต้ถุนบ้าน ทั้งคู่ถูกพายุซัดและน้ำเริ่มท่วมเต็มพื้นที่ใต้บ้าน เวลาที่จะหนีจากพายุเริ่มน้อยลง เฮลีย์และพ่อต้องเผชิญกับระดับน้ำที่สูงขึ้น และจระเข้านักล่าอยู่รายรอบ

Kaya Scodelario'nun başrolünde yer aldığı Crawl, Florida'yı vuran kasırga sonucu yaşanan selde babasını kurtarmaya çalışırken alligatörlere karşı hayatta kalma savaşı veren Haley'nin hikâyesini anlatıyor. Haley, Florida’da yaşadığı yere büyük bir kasırga vurduğunda, tahliye emirlerine aldırmadan kaybolan babasını arar. Babasını, evlerinin döşeme altındaki boşluğunda ağır yaralı bir halde bulur. İkisi birden kısa süre içinde azgın sel sularında mahsur kalır. Güçlenen fırtınadan kaçmak için zaman giderek azalırken yükselen su seviyesi, Haley ve babası için korkacakları en son şey olur.

Нищівний ураган накриває Флориду. Ігноруючи накази про евакуацію, дівчина просувається до епіцентру стихії – вона повинна знайти свого батька. Рівень води з кожною хвилиною стає критичнішим. Опинившись у пастці, потерпілі з’ясовують, що у глибинах ховається загроза значно страшніша, ніж шторм.

Tiếng Việt
Phim xoay quanh chuyến thăm nhà kinh hoàng của Haley, khi cô cùng người cha Dave phải tìm cách thoát khỏi căn nhà đang bị phá hủy bởi cơn bão cấp 5. Mọi cố gắng giải cứu đều trở nên khó khăn hơn bao giờ hết khi cô phát hiện ra một bầy cá sấu háu đói đã vào được nhà, và chực chờ săn đuổi hai cha con họ để “làm mồi”.

一场猛烈的飓风正在逼近美国佛罗里达州的一座小镇。女主角海莉(卡雅·斯考达里奥 饰)在游泳训练中接到了姐姐的电话,他们的父亲(巴里·佩珀 饰)已经失联多时,她非常担心父亲的安危。海莉不顾撤离命令独自前往父亲家中,并最终在地下室里找到了身受重伤的父亲。洪水暴涨眼看就要将地下室淹没,海莉很快就意识到最可怕的并不是洪水,而是隐藏在水中的致命猛禽--鳄鱼。

颶風肆虐佛羅里達州,海莉(卡雅史葛拉迪奧 飾)決定違反疏散令,回家尋找失了蹤的爸爸(巴里佩珀 飾),並發現他身受重傷困處屋內。然而洪水掩至,水位不斷高漲,兩人即將沒頂。他們正掙扎求存之際,屋內竟然出現了比風災及水災還要致命的東 西…

導演亞歷山大阿甲(Alexandre Aja )恐怖驚悚片。強大的颶風襲擊佛羅里達州,影響他們最可怕的並不是上漲的水位,而是隱藏在水中的生物。《鱷魔》是一部令人震驚的恐怖驚悚片,敘述主人翁海莉(Kaya Scodelario 飾)在一場強大的颶風襲擊佛羅里達州的家鄉時,不顧撤離的命令堅持要去尋找失聯的父親(Barry Pepper 飾)。在她家中僅容爬行的空間當中發現受重傷的爸爸,而且兩人還被暴漲的洪水給困住了。隨著強烈風暴持續逼近,海莉和她的父親發現最可怕的並不是上漲的水位而是隱藏在水中的生物。

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