Yesterday (2019)

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Jack Malik was just another struggling songwriter...but that was yesterday. After a mysterious blackout, Jack (Himesh Patel) discovers he is the only person on earth who remembers The Beatles! As he rockets to fame by passing off the Fab Four's songs as his own, Jack risks losing Ellie (Lily James) – the one person who has loved him and believed in him from the start. Before the door to his old life closes forever, Jack must decide if all he needs is love, after all. Kate McKinnon and Ed Sheeran also star in this romantic rock 'n' roll comedy from Academy Award®-winning director Danny Boyle and Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter Richard Curtis. Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter in an English seaside town whose dreams of fame are rapidly fading, despite the fierce devotion and support of his childhood best friend, Ellie. After a freak bus accident during a mysterious global blackout, Jack wakes up to discover that he's the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles. Yesterday (2019) Wiki

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Everyone in the world has forgotten The Beatles. Everyone except Jack…..

Yesterday (2019) (2019)

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- Runined my childhood3 star

When i was in elementary i was in a group with my friends in a audiotrium singing Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles and then i still remember it as a passionless song. Then years later i see Yesterday and it was kinda good and runined my chance to love the beatles but thanks a lot Danny Boyle.

- Please4 star

Please lower the 4K price for this movie.

- Sheeran? ironic to place a blasé overrated paid musician1 star

in this movie who has been sued on a number of occasions for copyright infringement. Plus who is a polar opposite of the great songwriting of The Beetles. Not to mention, a horrible actor. The movie is cute, starting with promise and ending in disappointment. You will be left hungry if craving for an artistic endeavor, though perhaps left with a grin if in the mood for an unauthentic romantic unrequited love story that ends with a cuddle. Hearing the music of The Beatles covered is, “generally” a good thing - the renditions here are charming for a ok movie.

- What a film5 star

This film gave joy to me being a Beatles fan. What great play acting and just a great movie

- Yaaas5 star

The Beatles are amazing and this movie is so worth $19.99. There are so many good song references and I love how Ed Sheeran is in it. Very cute movie, highly recommend this. 👍🏼👍🏼🤩

- Really good!5 star

Really enjoyed this movie, watched it twice after renting, will be buying it, totally worth it.

- Bcccc5 star


- 🍅5 star

Is good

- Excellent5 star

The idiot who called it a “trite execution” needs to be executed. Excellent acting and an outstanding premise. Oh yeah, Patel is a hell of a musician (all are un-dubbed live performances).

- A must NOT see...1 star

'Yesterday' is a must NOT see for Beatles fans. Luckily I saw this turkey (for free ) on a flight and turned it off midway. I couldn't stand the trivializtion of what made the Beatles memorable -catchy songs, chemistry, harmonies, excitement, and clever ground breaking arrangements. In 'Yesterday' we see a narcisistic singer/songwriter eeking out a Beatles song that wouldn't cause attention in your local coffee shop - but instead we experience an audiance reaction that is perplexing - an almost delusional, unwarranted adulation. Not well done.

- All around good, heartwarming, and inspiring4 star


- Fell asleep half way through3 star

I remember seeing the trailer for this and being really exited. In the beginning it was really good, but then in the middle it really dragged for me and I fell asleep (idk if I was really tired or the movie was really boring, probably both) I think you should watch the movie but it’s not something I want to watch again. I think it is a really great concept but it was just portrayed poorly. 😕



- Very good flick.5 star

Really enjoyed it thoroughly.

- Entertaning, fun fantasy story.4 star

Pretty much as the trailers describe, with one oustanding scene that came totally as a surprise. Great music, and fun in jokes for Beatles fans, but nothing too daring. Enjoyable, light, with really good performances throughout.

- Adorable, heartwarming, great story5 star

A great story and, though a total must-see for Beatles fans, this movie drives a lesson that nothing beats creating your own art and being proud of a life you’ve built authentically. Nothing, not the even the best music ever written, beats artistic integrity and being true to your message. A well done homage to the greatest band on earth and all the many lessons contained in the Beatles catalogue. Loved this so much.

- Very disappointed1 star

I loved these books as a kid. I forget how many times I read them. This movie just butchered the stories. I can’t decide which was worse the really lame story line, or the horrible acting.

- John L. Would’ve approved! And loved!5 star

Best raw cinematic creation and delivery I’ve seen in a long time. Deserves 10 STARS!

- Heartfelt rom com and a great tribute to the Beatles5 star

The premise sees the Universe sending Jack Malick, a struggling musician, a message about getting hung up on the wrong things in his life. His favorite bands, bad habits, drinks, all disappear from Earth leaving him with a world where he is given a chance to gain some perspective. Yet in a world that no longer knows who The Beatles are, Jack takes it as an opportunity to continue to indulge himself by passing on their songs as his own. The movie takes him through a journey where he realizes that the things that he chased thinking they would make him happy are, in fact, only distancing himself from the world around him. Some nice parallels are drawn here that work very well due to the great Richard Curtis. The cast is as charming as one would expect in a Curtis written film. Himesh Patel does an outstanding job in his first feature role , striking a nice balance of being kind, oblivious lonely, yet hopeful. Lily James is at her best here and i can't wait to see her in future projects. Really there isn’t an actor here who doesn’t add to the movie’s beauty. Kate McKinnon is unbelievable here as a ambitious and ruthless manager and foil character who will do anything to make sure Jack takes her to her next level of success. I don’t get around to watching many movies anymore but after catching this on a flight recently , I had to see it again (but winded up watching it three times in a week). I suspect this will be another cult classic for Richard Curtis since Love Actually

- Enjoyable...particularly if you like the Beetles!4 star

Worth watching...a closet good flick!

- Boring.1 star

The most boring summer movie of 2019. Nothing happens, the entire film. You don’t learn anything about the main lead, and the supposed “comedic” bits aren’t even funny. They’re awkward. It felt like you needed someone with a sign that said “Haha” just to point out they’re funny. TL;DR: Don’t waste your time with this movie.

- Somewhat Misunderstood5 star

Yesterday is fun, fiction, tender, a romantic comedy and BTW has Beatles music...I believe the ads and trailer misdirected us with the Beatles music part, not to denigrate their efforts which are unparalleled. Now out of theaters I think it was a great date night movie, all the parts are there. Who doesn’t like to laugh, smile, get tears eyed and have a happy ending except when watching a film on IFC. See the movie, enjoy the movie, laugh with it and walk out of the theater with a smile.

- Great5 star

The preview showed a part where he sings “something in the way she moves” but it’s not in the movie. Regardless the movie was great but the teaser that I loved somehow made it to the trailer and not the movie. Weird.

- Great movie!5 star

Awesome film for musicians and Beatle fans!

- Must watch!5 star

Simply beautiful movie!

- Surprisingly good4 star


- Using Beatles to Push Agenda1 star

Hollywood is so obvious in whom they want to force together it makes watching all their movies difficult. Love The Beatles which makes this even more difficult to watch.

- Reminded me of the Beatles genius5 star

Great movie premise. Lots of music throughout. Likable characters. Would definitely recommend.

- Very nice movie with its cute moments5 star

I saw the movie in theaters and it had a lot of cute moments, especially with Himesh’s character, Jack, and Lily James’ character, Ellie. Definitely recommend watching this movie if you like seeing songs from The Beatles.

- Brutal execution1 star

What would have been a really intriguing and creative plot was destroyed quickly by its terrible execution. Truly a major let down

- One of the greatest romantic dramas ever made5 star

This is a very simple movie, but it is filled with magic. This Indian guy is fantastic. And his lady manager is a perfect match for him. This is such a wonderful drama that everybody must watch. One of the deleted scenes that shows the interaction between our main player and a girl named Roxanne if unspeakably fantastic. He is asked to write a brand new song for the beautifuil girl named Roxanne, so he plays the Beatle song "Something" for her. You have to see this scene to believe it. I really wish they had incorporated that scene into the movie. Anyway, if you love romantic dramas, then you must purchase this movie. You'll love it. By the way, did anybody notice that Roxanne, in one of the deleted scenes, looks like Pattie Boyd, who was the wife of George Harrison? I cannot imagine that this was an accident or a coincidence. Fantastic!!!

- Great movie - loved the rental5 star

Fantastic pick for movie date night

- Friendly, Fun, & Non-Alarmist way of...5 star

Friendly, Fun, & Non-Alarmist way of introducing the phenomenon of “shifting realities via consciousness,” which according to pop-culture is known as the “Mandela Effect,” or as defined by the Vatican as the “Lazarus Effect.” - it’s a very REAL phenomenon which can shake people’s view of reality, hence why we see so many venomous comments in the reviews.

- More to this movie than meets the eye5 star

This movie not only has great music and good acting but it also has a much deeper plot than people realize. Think "Mandela Effect". If you dont know what that is google it. This has hints of alternate parallel universe realities that are cunningly played out in this light uplifting "musical" comedy. Not only is this a great lighthearted movie, but it also has a deeper complex plot if you care to really look beneath the superficial.

- Yesterday5 star

That was the most fun I've had watching a movie in a long time. Glad we bought it instead of renting. My wife and I immediately watched all the extras, and we will watch Yesterday again.

- Good music - Dumb Story2 star

Seemed like a great concept based on the trailer...Didn't work for me at all. I really wanted something light and easy to enjoy and this wasn't it.

- Okay3 star

I wasn’t really impressed by this movie. But it was to a degree entertaining.

- Disappointing2 star

Trailer was so good, movie was not. The movie introduces several pieces of information about the alternate timeline, but then doesn’t follow up on anything. I kept expecting the plot to come together, but it just was a very simple and blah execution of a great premise.

- Eh2 star

It’s pretty dumb but hey, at least it’s original. I respect that the people who made this at least attempted something new and refreshing rather than a reboot, live action, or sequel. So I’m still glad I at least rented it to support that.

- Awful2 star

This movie is was awful. The acting was bad. It was a stupid concept. The main actor couldn’t sing but he still sang half the movie.

- Funny+unique5 star

Such a fun and simple movie, loved it, it’s worth the rent. ❤️❤️

- Not Worth it1 star

The Story is too long and is predictable.

- Meh !1 star

This movie is extremely boring and dumb. There’s literally no substance here. 2 hours of my life I could never get back lol.

- Fun Entertainment!5 star

What a great, entertaining, and totally charming story that will make you laugh and have you downloading The Beatles songs the next day. Their classic, fabulous tunes will be playing in your head after revisiting many of their greatest hits that this movie brings back to our consciousness! It’s a predictable tale of fantasy romance, but hey, couldn’t we all use a little of that these days? The best part of all is the lesson it imparts: Always tell the truth whenever you can. Truly enjoyable!!

- Run for your Life1 star

Trite execution of something that could have been fun.

- Worth a rental4 star

The premise is a bit silly but consistent with other personal fantasy stories. One fact about the Beatles which is never alluded to: A large percentage of modern day millennials haven’t a clue about who the Beatles are. Many young folks wouldn’t forget they ever existed in this fantasy story because they don't know about them in the first place! I asked a group of high school students to name the four Beatles-0for20! Regardless, the story is lots of fun, although the middle third gets bogged down a bit. The ending is predictable but entertaining enough. Favorite line comes from the music exec at the end: “In the name of money...stop!”

- Magnificent5 star

Simply amazing.

- Great jukebox film!5 star

Love this endearing story with a lovely spin on old favorites.

- Wow5 star

Completely different kind of a movie. Had me entertained for the whole film. Loved the songs, loved the rom com, loved Ed Sheeran. Absolutely bloody brilliant. Thanks Danny Boyle. You did it again.

- Great!5 star

Annnnddd does the Beatles legacy justice!

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Rezeau - Cute movie for any Beatles fan4 star

Very enjoyable, it made me dig my old Beatles albums out and told my parents about the movie. They enjoyed it also.

StarAction - Fun movie3 star

I enjoyed watching Yesterday but the ending was silly.

Steve Valeriote - Meh3 star

Ends up as a total cheese fest, really disappointing.

TerryTerryBoBerry - Loved It!5 star

I absolutely loved this show. Wanted to see it from the first time I saw the trailer and it did not disappoint! Will watch this one again. 😊❤️

protato123 - Great5 star

Absolute masterpiece of a film.

niyah a watson - Niyah Watson5 star

Loved every second

Ipad4ever - Great premise. Very dissapointing execution1 star

Absolutely loved the premise. The execution, plot, writing, acting and story fell absolutely flat. main actors friends for 17 years and neither shows an incling of a spark toward each other untill the last 15 minutes of the film ?? Unintelligble gibberish talk by main actors. Totally flat, without depth performances. Senseless plot development. Stupid jokes and absurd slapstick garbage by co-stars. Ed Sheeran saved a bit of the movie. I wish I would have not spend my $6.99.

The Hempel - Oh man - The Emptiness1 star

I feel sorry for the money I spent on this empty nonsense, sigh. No spirit. No atmosphere. Just Walmart. Totally overrated.

toenail1975 - Horrible movie1 star

One of the worst movies I have seen save your money

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - Not total tripe... but where was the Music?3 star

I’ve reviewed Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman.... liked them both very much. One more documentary style, one dreamy ‘what did I just take’ style... after hearing the push of commercials I was excited about this film. The way they made it sound was like a twilight zone episode (look it up kids) and The Beetles music would be front and centre with this young artist ‘recreating’ the songs and it would be a fan fest of a film. This, it was not. Nostalgic moments for sure, but how it played out was this was more of the Ed Sheeran show (I drove my wife and kids 6 hrs just to see him so it’s not against him per se). He was the dynamo in the world but this new music (the beetles) was so amazing that even Ed ‘humbled’ himself as a music writer (he IS amazing... gifted like an Elton John.... hate them :) and became second bill to it... it he was still front and centre... humbly. Their (beetles) music was inspirational and mind blowing... also occasionally trite and sometimes tripe. But their music was of a generation, now often misunderstood in this generation and that plays out when the new ‘writer’ of these songs is asked where was his inspiration from? So he goes and checks out old areas of Liverpool, Penny Lane, dear Elenor. He seems to ponder but what inspired the Beetles to make such incredible Music is lost here. Yup, these were the places. Ok, let’s make money. Every artist has their inspiring moments. The thing that makes them who they are. Everyone does. I had high hopes for this film as I thought it could be amazing and I guess I just had a different vision.. seeing how what happened to this artist could be mirrored into the beetles writings. I was focused on the beetles, the writers of this were focused on any music (it could have been Elvis.... the film wouldn’t have changed) and a love story. Is it a good movie? I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the thoughts of the still living beetles in the movie. That was the inspirational speech AND I had that in my version of the movie so well done there. I was hoping to enjoy the music.... are the rights that hard to get still Apple (good on Mr. Jobs)? The music was lacking. What was there was different and fun... loved it in fact. But I wanted more from this film.... like taking a sad song and making it better. Instead, I just got to hold your hand without that happy feeling inside I CAN hide. Perhaps there will be a sequel about the creation of coke (what a sad world that would be!) and then another about Young H.Potter. Now that could be fun.

Caroline_111 - Amazing!!!5 star

Finally a movie that really pulls you in! A must to watch!

Rosy's mom - Best movie ever5 star

So funny and entertaining

Och.laddie - Not perfect but really good RomCom5 star

Saw it in theatres with wife, kids, and parents. All liked it. Not perfect but we’ll worth a watch. Put your mind in park and enjoy. If you like the Beatles, you’ll more than like it.

GuineaPig5963 - Amazing5 star

The storyline is so unique, the cast is great, the music is great. Definitely recommend. There is a good mix of comedy and romance. One of my favourite movies of all time.

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nupey 1133 - Outstanding5 star

One the best romantic comedy I’ve seen with perfect cast

Ccvbgdh - H1 star

Not good

jmizzledee - Fun, Unique, Meaningful, Musically Joyful5 star

Great movie. It’s unique and much different from the same old movies that come out week after week. Plus, you get to hear this guy sing the Beatles with a beautiful voice.

moonmycron - Yesterday Today4 star

Fun movie, great music and very entertaining

MathOsGuru - Excellent - Wholesome Movie!5 star

No spoilers ... watch the movie ... no disappointments. Thumbs up 100%!

Abolina - An Original. Excuse the pun.5 star

Funny and original movie; something you don’t see much of these days. Great fun, can’t “imagine” why anyone would give it less than 5 stars.

Signu1 - Moves too fast3 star

Not bad overall, loved the incorporation of John Lennon. But the story seemed to move a little fast. I didn’t hate the movie, but didn’t love it either. Music was amazing, though.

Sagg1996 - This is a wonderful movie, but...5 star

This a great and a must see movie if you’re a Beetle’s fan, but you should watch the deleted scenes because there are a few that should have made the cut, more than anything the alternate ending is better than the one in the movie. Still absolutely love to watch this!

unison999 - Deleted scene don’t work on iPhone!!!3 star

I like the movie, even bought the soundtrack. Deleted scene don’t work on iPhone!! Please fix!!!

Moschell - Was Forgettable3 star

Absolutely predictable. Decent acting. Would never watch it again.

Jfl1412 - Great movie!5 star

The plot is kind of unique and it’s great for the entire family. I loved it!

Dennis DANN - Refreshing5 star

Thought this had a lot of original spirit to some of the beloved Beatle songs ....I loved it

JCar2007 - Dumb2 star

Love the music, of course, but this is the dumbest story of the year.

Navydad5 - Best Movie a True Beatles Fan Could Ever Hope For5 star

Wonderful movie from start to finish...especially it’s climax. Yes, the music grabs you you, but the story brings you in to the character’s dilemma. Perfect path to the needed solution. This grown man of 68 cried as soon as he saw “the house.”

Nat A. - Not a giant Beatles fan falls in love with band and movie5 star

So I have never been a huge Beatles fan. Listened to them since I was young because of my parents always playing them in the car. Didn’t dislike them, just wasn’t a big fan and didn’t appreciate what they accomplished. Watching this movie hanged my mind! This movie is so funny and justa great “what if..” moment we have all had about being the ones who did something great. Please check it out!

Tool46x2 - A MUST SEE for Beatles Fans5 star

The movie is heartfelt and well done... but the best part?? It makes you fall in love with The Beatles Catalogue all over again!

zidane2015 - Great concept, a bit inconsistent though...3 star

Hits all the right beats faithfully, and the leads are fab, but the plot meanders, and then totally loses its way in the the third act. Bizarre homages, but some fun Beatles songs and one or two special moments. Mostly makes you think of what could have been, though.

Ns1483 - Great for all ages!5 star

I took my 8 year old son to see this movie in the theater and we both LOVED it!!! Just a sweet, original, fun way to incorporate the music of The Beatles into a new movie. I have loved the Beatles since I was a little girl, and now my son is obsessed! He sits in his room listening to old Beatles records I inherited and sings all of the songs it warms my heart. :) Highly recommend this movie and I will definitely be buying it!

NedNed9 - What a fun and happy film!5 star

If you love the Beatles and you love happy feel-good movies, then see this one. Himesh Patel does a great job singing and playing your favorite hits.

captain_crunch_31 - Best Picture...A Real Treasure5 star

I saw “Yesterday” with my wife and we loved it. Beautiful story. We will definitely own this movie.

Apspiderman09 - Yesterday!!!!!5 star

That hast to Be The Song is the movie

Chicoartist - Fun movie & a must for Beatles fans!5 star

Saw it several times in theaters (I especially enjoyed the full ‘Hey Jude’ by the real Beatles over the end credits via the awesome movie theater speakers!), and thoroughly enjoyed it. As I write this it’s almost all gone from theaters. Can’t wait for the iTunes release ~ still a preorder at this moment. The film was highly intriguing on a deeper level, and while it’s not addressed or hinted at whatsoever as a possibility in the movie (or anywhere else I have personally seen so far discussing the film) but since this is a work of fiction, and by certain clues in the film, I finally came to the conclusion that during the blackout Jack - and the two others who ‘remember’ - somehow ‘blipped’ to a parallel universe. No .. stay with me for a second. It’s the only way certain physical things (missing items that he once knew ... his record collection, certain soft drink machines, etc.) can be explained with any degree of verisimilitude, and when I watched it in that context it made a *heck* of a lot more ‘sense’ — and actually made it more enjoyable. Think about it - the ‘real’ Ellie or anything else he knew no longer exists for him, but instead everything is an exact duplicate ... fun to contemplate, but again any ‘science fiction’ aspect of what happened never made it into the movie. Not complaining, just thinking too much. 😂

CountBond - Sweet and hilarious!5 star

Loved it. Kate is perfect and it made me want to go rebuy all the Beatles songs.

jimhensoninla - Fun, Touching Movie5 star

“Yesterday” is a feel-good romantic comedy about a musician who’s about to pack it in when fate gives him an amazing gift. The Beatles. To his chagrin, he wakes up in a world where only he can appreciate their true genius. This, woven with a love story, is hugely entertaining. Himesh Patel acquits himself nicely as the musician who must choose between being in integrity or giving up his true self to become something beyond his wildest dreams. His interpretations of iconic Beatles tunes is astonishing. The only drawback to this first-rate film is Kate McKinnon, who goes from hysterical to flat out annoying as hell. Someone needs to tell her that less is more and to dial in her schtick whenever possible. Other than the obnoxious McKinnon, the rest of the cast, including a green-eyed Ed Sheehan, is fantastic. This is definitely one of the best movies of the year. Who knew you could tell a great story without having to save the world from yet another galactic calamity?

No Sleep Til.... - great movie5 star

Very well done!

Narch010 - Just Amazing5 star

This movie definitely found a way to bring back the Beatles in a new form and a world without the Beatles. This movie was by far one of my favorites of all time

Garrett McCarthy - Psychedelic baby!5 star

I loved this movie! I didn’t care too much for the Beatles but then as I started listening to their music more and getting into them the trailer for this movie was released and this movie was amazing! I loved every second of it I saw it twice in theatre! I was born 1997 too! Sooo it’s not just for older folks that grew up with the Beatles I’d say it’s for those who truly love music!

YBC🔥 - Very Good5 star

It was a funny, musical, romantic, and emotional movie. The ending was happy and the twist was great. Yesterday is a must watch for 2019! 🎸

Terrysilverismylfe - Great movie 👍🏻5 star

The movie was fantastic! It had a lot of great characters and went with the plot pretty nicely. My only concern is that it’s kinda confusing and I have some questions like as to why Jack and the older couple are the only people who can remember The Beatles? Is it because of Jack getting hit by the bus? But other than that it’s a must see 😄 don’t listen to the rotten tomatoes score. It’s definitely underrated for what it is.

jhechotek - Very Enjoyable5 star

My wife was reluctant to go see this movie in the local theater because she knows I am a die-hard lifelong Beatles fan, and I'm a real purist when it comes to anything Beatles related. I told her not to worry because I knew the plot from the available trailers and I was not going into it with any preconcieved notions at all. I just wanted an enjoyable afternoon with my best girl (25+ years). That is exactly what I got! In some small way, I suppose this film could be categorized a romantic comedy scored by the best music ever written.

fulltilted - Incredible movie!!5 star

This movie is amazing and so much more complex than the fairly simple premise. I almost feel like it is the first movie that is actually, in part, about the “Mandela effect.” Movie has a heart and it is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining movies I have seen in the last 20 years. Very believable even when dealing with a hard to believe topic. My whole family loved it! Another winner from Danny Boyle...

Ariauna - Fun! A great movie5 star

This was refreshingly fun, romantic and loaded with music! Perfect cast chemistry! Great acting! An original story!! It’s so nice to see movies that aren’t refurbished from others!! It’s a must see. I can’t wait to own it and watch it again.

Jpetters - What Fun!5 star

This helped to recall some of the incredible Beatles songs that I had forgotten and renewed my interest in hearing them once again. The Beatles truly were extraordinary and this movie was such a tribute to their amazing works! The movie was original, creative, well done and well acted. I enjoyed it from beginning to end and left wanting to see it again. It was fun fun fun! Probably my favorite movie of the year!

ZeroDark2692 - Loved this movie!5 star

Beautiful in every way. Great ending as well.

Ask&Seek123 - Watched in theater yeasterday5 star

This was a fun movie! Very much enjoyed it. Good music, love story. Was a fun date movie with wife!

David Call - If you enjoyed the trailer...5 star

I saw this movie yesterday, and while I’m awake at 3:45am because I can’t get the disturbing images of Midsommar, which I also saw today, out of my head, this is the film that impacted me most today, and probably this year. I didn’t know what to expect past what the charming trailer presented, and it was executed *far* better than I had even hoped. My girlfriend who grew up loving The Beatles, and I who never really liked them, both cried during the film. It really focused on the power of great music, the grip it holds on people’s hearts and lives, and I found it all to be such an emotional rollercoaster that Kate McKinnon (a national treasure at this point) was thoroughly needed to keep lightness in my heart. What most impressed me about the screenplay was that this was the rare film where danger and guilt and “digging your own grave with a lie” were presented, but the character was never forced to fall to atone for what he considered an offense to reality. That single fact is what made me cry tears from the beauty, not from sadness or unfairness or heartbreak (a la “A Star is Born”). I realize some critics didn’t enjoy the film because of its “hokey” plot, but what are movies if not a chance to ask “what if?” and tell a great story? Well, it was a true pleasure to witness one that executed “what if?” perfectly, and it was a *great* story. Extra props to the heart-warmingly unexpected “cameo.” That blew us away. Perfection.

AH64WYF - Absolutely enjoyed it!!5 star

I have always been a fan of the Beatles but this movie makes it enjoyable for all ages, even those who didn’t grow up listening to their music. It puts a new spin and the band and all of their greatest hits! I’m not gonna lie, I mainly wanted to see it because Ed Sheeran was in it haha! The movie was great though! My 11 year old son thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

Jolovesgum - 0h my g0$h, +he [email protected]+les.5 star

Eye ju$+ wen+ 2 g0 C +he m0v!e [email protected], [email protected] Eye even kn0w [email protected] [email protected] +he [email protected]+le$ $0ng$ !n +he m0v!e. Eye l0ved +he [email protected]+ when he r0cked [email protected] 2 Help! & [email protected]+ !z h0w !+ w0rked well w!+h +he m0v!e.

langyouupfromtheheavens - Loved it5 star

It’s not supposed to be a super serious movie just enjoy it guys! Ob la di ob la da life goes on brah! La la how the life goes on.

coolkidsarefun - Great Movie!5 star

It was an awesome movie. Jack was such an awesome singer!

The Late Great Johnny M - Terrific...5 star

Really a charming film. Don’t read too much into the premise, and you’ll be okay. Just take the ride, and you’ll enjoy yourself.

em.arr - LOVED it!5 star

I had been waiting months to see this movie and it didn’t disappoint. It had some great one liners, awesome music and took me back to some of my favorite places.

The OnionEaters - Maybe you need to be of a certain age . . .5 star

In my case, 63. So I grew up listening to the greatest musical group in the history of mankind. Have seen a few reviews saying how mediocre, or in some cases, downright bad this movie is. BS. To even imagine the world w/o The Beatles is unthinkable to me. So when I first heard about this movie I thought it COULD be done. But could it be done right. Well, it’s done right. Are there flaws? Of course. Certainly nothing that’s going to make you leave the theater. And probably you won’t even notice them. Minuscule. See it. I have. And in my case I’ve preordered it. It’s funny. It’s sweet. It’s great. It’s more popular than Jesus Christ.

melissaofoz - No........1 star

So boring, couldn’t wait for it to end 😥😥. Thought it would be so much better. If you HAVE to see I’d suggest waiting for the rental...... you’ll have to take breaks.

5 star

@NussbaumAbigail: Can't stop thinking about the fact that the question we all had when we watched the trailer for Yesterday - why would…

5 star

@NussbaumAbigail: Can't stop thinking about the fact that the question we all had when we watched the trailer for Yesterday - why would…

5 star

@NussbaumAbigail: Can't stop thinking about the fact that the question we all had when we watched the trailer for Yesterday - why would…

5 star

@AugieRFC: Just privated all of my Suzy Lu content except for the Cog debate, the video I did yesterday, and the original Suzy Lu stream…

5 star

@NeilMcMahon: According to this story on Newstart from last October: "The KPMG proposal put the cost of a $100 a week increase to Newsta…

5 star

@NeilMcMahon: According to this story on Newstart from last October: "The KPMG proposal put the cost of a $100 a week increase to Newsta…

5 star

@realDonaldTrump @TTuberville This seems like eons ago with the daily stream of abuse from the vile Donald Trump, a…

5 star

@MagicOfBarca: Jordi Alba yesterday to Marca: "Barcelona have spoiled people by winning so many titles." Very rich coming from Alba. He…

5 star

@NeilMcMahon: According to this story on Newstart from last October: "The KPMG proposal put the cost of a $100 a week increase to Newsta…

5 star

i am so sorry for promoting my agust d fic yesterday. i'm rereading to write something for daechwita and i can't be…

5 star

it's almost like meritocracy is a myth.

5 star

the final film the joke was that the Beatles songs would be popular in any context. theoriginal script had a guy wh…

5 star

@WatashiUwU4u He spoke out for months in 2016 and 17 there was no issue, then took it to far and Keem acted like an…

5 star

@feliciaday Have you seen the movie "Yesterday" from 2019? I think one of the main actors from the movie, Lily Jame…

5 star

@NeilMcMahon: According to this story on Newstart from last October: "The KPMG proposal put the cost of a $100 a week increase to Newsta…

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