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Jack Malik was just another struggling songwriter...but that was yesterday. After a mysterious blackout, Jack (Himesh Patel) discovers he is the only person on earth who remembers The Beatles! As he rockets to fame by passing off the Fab Four's songs as his own, Jack risks losing Ellie (Lily James) – the one person who has loved him and believed in him from the start. Before the door to his old life closes forever, Jack must decide if all he needs is love, after all. Kate McKinnon and Ed Sheeran also star in this romantic rock 'n' roll comedy from Academy Award®-winning director Danny Boyle and Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter Richard Curtis.

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nicks18000    1 star

Very disappointed I loved these books as a kid. I forget how many times I read them. This movie just butchered the stories. I can’t decide which was worse the really lame story line, or the horrible acting.

only1sid    5 star

John L. Would’ve approved! And loved! Best raw cinematic creation and delivery I’ve seen in a long time. Deserves 10 STARS!

jsadek3    5 star

Heartfelt rom com and a great tribute to the Beatles The premise sees the Universe sending Jack Malick, a struggling musician, a message about getting hung up on the wrong things in his life. His favorite bands, bad habits, drinks, all disappear from Earth leaving him with a world where he is given a chance to gain some perspective. Yet in a world that no longer knows who The Beatles are, Jack takes it as an opportunity to continue to indulge himself by passing on their songs as his own. The movie takes him through a journey where he realizes that the things that he chased thinking they would make him happy are, in fact, only distancing himself from the world around him. Some nice parallels are drawn here that work very well due to the great Richard Curtis. The cast is as charming as one would expect in a Curtis written film. Himesh Patel does an outstanding job in his first feature role , striking a nice balance of being kind, oblivious lonely, yet hopeful. Lily James is at her best here and i can't wait to see her in future projects. Really there isn’t an actor here who doesn’t add to the movie’s beauty. Kate McKinnon is unbelievable here as a ambitious and ruthless manager and foil character who will do anything to make sure Jack takes her to her next level of success. I don’t get around to watching many movies anymore but after catching this on a flight recently , I had to see it again (but winded up watching it three times in a week). I suspect this will be another cult classic for Richard Curtis since Love Actually

The Honest Watcher    4 star

Enjoyable...particularly if you like the Beetles! Worth watching...a closet good flick!

phobafett    1 star

Boring. The most boring summer movie of 2019. Nothing happens, the entire film. You don’t learn anything about the main lead, and the supposed “comedic” bits aren’t even funny. They’re awkward. It felt like you needed someone with a sign that said “Haha” just to point out they’re funny. TL;DR: Don’t waste your time with this movie.

jaqt    5 star

Somewhat Misunderstood Yesterday is fun, fiction, tender, a romantic comedy and BTW has Beatles music...I believe the ads and trailer misdirected us with the Beatles music part, not to denigrate their efforts which are unparalleled. Now out of theaters I think it was a great date night movie, all the parts are there. Who doesn’t like to laugh, smile, get tears eyed and have a happy ending except when watching a film on IFC. See the movie, enjoy the movie, laugh with it and walk out of the theater with a smile.

Slaughterbanchey    5 star

Great The preview showed a part where he sings “something in the way she moves” but it’s not in the movie. Regardless the movie was great but the teaser that I loved somehow made it to the trailer and not the movie. Weird.

Wakeupjoel    5 star

Great movie! Awesome film for musicians and Beatle fans!

Remo Daut    5 star

Must watch! Simply beautiful movie!

jeffzemirah    4 star

Surprisingly good Great

protato123    5 star

Great Absolute masterpiece of a film.

niyah a watson    5 star

Niyah Watson Loved every second

Ipad4ever    1 star

Great premise. Very dissapointing execution Absolutely loved the premise. The execution, plot, writing, acting and story fell absolutely flat. main actors friends for 17 years and neither shows an incling of a spark toward each other untill the last 15 minutes of the film ?? Unintelligble gibberish talk by main actors. Totally flat, without depth performances. Senseless plot development. Stupid jokes and absurd slapstick garbage by co-stars. Ed Sheeran saved a bit of the movie. I wish I would have not spend my $6.99.

The Hempel    1 star

Oh man - The Emptiness I feel sorry for the money I spent on this empty nonsense, sigh. No spirit. No atmosphere. Just Walmart. Totally overrated.

toenail1975    1 star

Horrible movie One of the worst movies I have seen save your money

Icantbelieveitsnot....    3 star

Not total tripe... but where was the Music? I’ve reviewed Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman.... liked them both very much. One more documentary style, one dreamy ‘what did I just take’ style... after hearing the push of commercials I was excited about this film. The way they made it sound was like a twilight zone episode (look it up kids) and The Beetles music would be front and centre with this young artist ‘recreating’ the songs and it would be a fan fest of a film. This, it was not. Nostalgic moments for sure, but how it played out was this was more of the Ed Sheeran show (I drove my wife and kids 6 hrs just to see him so it’s not against him per se). He was the dynamo in the world but this new music (the beetles) was so amazing that even Ed ‘humbled’ himself as a music writer (he IS amazing... gifted like an Elton John.... hate them :) and became second bill to it... it he was still front and centre... humbly. Their (beetles) music was inspirational and mind blowing... also occasionally trite and sometimes tripe. But their music was of a generation, now often misunderstood in this generation and that plays out when the new ‘writer’ of these songs is asked where was his inspiration from? So he goes and checks out old areas of Liverpool, Penny Lane, dear Elenor. He seems to ponder but what inspired the Beetles to make such incredible Music is lost here. Yup, these were the places. Ok, let’s make money. Every artist has their inspiring moments. The thing that makes them who they are. Everyone does. I had high hopes for this film as I thought it could be amazing and I guess I just had a different vision.. seeing how what happened to this artist could be mirrored into the beetles writings. I was focused on the beetles, the writers of this were focused on any music (it could have been Elvis.... the film wouldn’t have changed) and a love story. Is it a good movie? I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the thoughts of the still living beetles in the movie. That was the inspirational speech AND I had that in my version of the movie so well done there. I was hoping to enjoy the music.... are the rights that hard to get still Apple (good on Mr. Jobs)? The music was lacking. What was there was different and fun... loved it in fact. But I wanted more from this film.... like taking a sad song and making it better. Instead, I just got to hold your hand without that happy feeling inside I CAN hide. Perhaps there will be a sequel about the creation of coke (what a sad world that would be!) and then another about Young H.Potter. Now that could be fun.

Caroline_111    5 star

Amazing!!! Finally a movie that really pulls you in! A must to watch!

Rosy's mom    5 star

Best movie ever So funny and entertaining

Och.laddie    5 star

Not perfect but really good RomCom Saw it in theatres with wife, kids, and parents. All liked it. Not perfect but we’ll worth a watch. Put your mind in park and enjoy. If you like the Beatles, you’ll more than like it.

GuineaPig5963    5 star

Amazing The storyline is so unique, the cast is great, the music is great. Definitely recommend. There is a good mix of comedy and romance. One of my favourite movies of all time.

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