Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home Summary and Synopsis

Peter Parker returns in Spider-Man: Far From Home, following the events of Avengers: Endgame. Our friendly neighborhood Super Hero decides to join his best friends Ned, MJ, and the rest of the gang on a European vacation. However, Peter’s plan to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent. Peter Parker and his friends go on a summer trip to Europe. However, they will hardly be able to rest - Peter will have to agree to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of creatures that cause natural disasters and destruction throughout the continent. Spider-Man: Far from Home Wiki

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Spider-Man: Far from Home Movie (2019)

Spider-Man: Far from Home Comments & Critics

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Spider-Man: Far from Home Movie Reviews

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- Decent but...4 star

I liked the first one better I feel like this one feels kind of strange plot wise. After I watched it again most of the details stuck. I recommend!

- Spectacular!4 star

This movie was amazing! Nuff said.

- I hate this movie1 star

Peter Parker is an idiot.

- You are the bessssstttt Tom Holland5 star

You soooooooo cooooool

- Awesome5 star

A Awesome Awesome movie. Can not wait for the next one. First time I saw it in the store I grabbed it and got it. Plus Every one in the movie did good.

- Great and fun5 star

Tom Holland is a good Peter Parker/Spider Man. Can’t wait for the multi verse in his third installment.

- Love it!5 star

Honestly one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen..Tom Holland does an excellent job of playing spider man. Very entertaining and fun to watch!

- So good5 star

So good!!!!

- Weakest Spider-Man film to date2 star

When the best scene in the film is a mid-credit scene that’s saying something. An entertaining movie for the most part, but not a good Spider-Man film. Way too safe, way too obvious and way too silly. Mysterio was a solid villain I’d like to see return. This film was a bust for me, but I’m still excited to see what comes next.

- Pure And Simple Fun5 star

This is the light-hearted epilogue to Endgame I needed. While it relies heavily on the death of Tony Stark (might never get over it), it handled what could have (and probably should) have been a catastrophic fallout with The Blip very lightly. Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio is perfect casting. His motives (as most Marvel villains) were sub-par and generic, but his illusion scenes were among my favorite MCU moments. Story did feel a tad rushed though. Flew by pretty fast. However, it’s still not nearly as bad as The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Holy cow those frickin SUCKED. 8.5/10

- Spider-Man: Far from Home5 star

Spider-Man is the best. That's why this movie is awesome! But can you imagine that Spider-Man: Far from Home is based on the plot of the video game, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe? Think about it, Spidey-Fans! 🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕸

- Awesome movie!5 star

I watched this movie and it was awesome! Everyone should watch this.

- Not the best3 star

🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🌪🌪🌪🌪🕶🕶🕶🕶🧳🧳🧳🧳and overrated

- Great!!5 star

Not as good as homecoming but still a 5 star!!


I don’t understand how people hate, I see all these reviews saying “I don’t like Spider-Man and I wasted my money on this” if u don’t like him, then why rent it? This movie is by FAR one of my favorite marvel movies. It has lots of action, a great story line, a bit of romance, really good villains, and amazing CGI. This movie is not for very young kids, I suggest they are at least 10 or 11 but besides that, I think everybody will love this film.

- I like it5 star


- ❤️5 star

Love it even tho I haven’t watched it yet but Tom Holland is so cute

- Best Spiderman yet5 star


- Incredibly Overrated2 star

This review will likely get lost at the bottom of all the others. The central problem with this movie is the shocking character choices. MJ is so unappealing that her relationship with Peter feels forced, and the chemistry that Ned and Peter had in the first one is gone. The kid who plays Ned does his part, but it's actually Tom Holland -- by all accounts, a great actor -- who falters. To be honest, it's more likely the screenwriters who faltered. Mysterio's motivtions are so stupid and shoehorned that it almost reuined the movie for me. The scene where he is in the bar talking to his cohorts is one of the cringiest movie scenes in the past ten years. It's really, really bad. On the positive side, the special effects are revolutionary. Some scenes were filmed entirely in CGI, and you cannot tell which. Like most Marvel movies, this one is a technical achievement to be lauded. In conclusion, I've seen some people praise this movie as a masterpiece, and I just don't get that. Other than the central character growth -- that of Peter coming into Tony's shoes -- the continuity between Peter and everthing else is just gone. Maybe that's supposed to be the point; it just doesn't feel it. For me, I can't place this in the upper echelon of Marvel films, and is much closer to the bottom than the top. Side note: As much as I loved Infinity War, the disappearance of half the population is never really addressed in this movie. In order for the relationships in this movie to have remained the same, Peter, Ned, MJ, the moron teacher, the bully, Aunt May, and Happy all would have had to have disappeared in the purge. For those counting, that's a 1/128 chance (less than 1%). Marvel wants to have its cake and eat it, too. This movie has some significant issues in that regard, like it wants to have made the central event in Infinity War happen, but without actually having to reconcile the effects of it. And I think that's lazy. It's especially lazy in this movie, which purports to make a big deal out of the purge, but then really only uses it as a plot point for Mysterio's motivations. After all, NONE OF THE MAIN GOOD CHARACTERS IN THIS MOVIE LIVED 5 YEARS WITHOUT THEIR LOVED ONES. And that's the biggest problem of all. Any emotional heft from Infinity War is now done away with, and that's a shame. Infinity War COULD HAVE been the greatest superhero movie ever. But not if Disney is set on retconning the emotional aspect of the entire thing.

- Way more better5 star

This film exceeded my expectations

- Worst one2 star

This is probably the worst spider man. Too long and drawn out and just seemed forced. The problem/villain were lame. Could have been better.

- Really 😒1 star

One word- Predictable Spider-Man gets the bad guy then kisses the girl of he’s dreams. Come on guys we are better than that. Can you try for once something new.

- Spider man far from home5 star

Awesome, tuns of fun, and cool action

- The Matrix meets Spider-Man5 star

Whoa!! This Spider-Man movie is so rare and awesomely entertaining to watch Tom Holland is back again as the friendly Neighborhood spider-man he is epic.

- Overpriced4 star

I would rather just rent it why can’t I rent it!!!

- Great movie4 star

This movie was all around awesome. But I gotta say I didn’t understand the ending. But that’s just me.

- Wild and amazing5 star

This movie is great no doubt about THAT! It’s such a good story and the action is great. This is my top 5 marvel movies! P.S watch the WHOLE movie even the credits, there are two crazy things that happen that you NEED to watch at the end! 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷

- Haters gonna hate5 star

This movie was sooooo good. The plot twist with mysterio nobody saw coming. The scene where he gets hit by a train and still comes back. Did I mention his mind got twisted too? Holland is perfect for the role and a great buy. I absolutely loved it



- NIGHT MONKEY... 🐒 🎡5 star

Omg can we talk about the mid credits’ scene!?! The movie is really good but I can’t believe how much cooler it got just because of that scene. I am so hyped and angry for having to wait for the next spidey film

- This is the worst poster I’ve ever seen!4 star

This movie is really fun. It’s a blast form start to finish, has a smart script and Tom Holland kills it! Best part is Mysterio all the way! Loved every second of him! The action wasn’t boring, there are some really creative sequences. A couple dumb scenes, but overall really good! Best Marvel of the year, 8/10

- AMAZING4 star

As a die hard Spider-Man fan I have to say they did amazing work on this movie.

- Far From Home5 star

Way better than Homecoming and really anxious to see where they go with the ending on this one it only leads to more questions on how they planned the next one. Homecoming was not that good in my opinion so with this one being better is really good. Im more excited now with where the mcu is taking spiderman this has obviously never been done before and if sony did it itd just be another spiderman reboot that we had with Andrew Garfield. Im glad this has taken a different direction a breath of fresh air new grounds anything can happen.

- Super Good!!!5 star

This movie is one of the new best movies I’ve ever! It’s got lots of action in it and I really enjoyed it!

- Amazing 😉5 star

I like this it’s so realistic and it’s really interesting I enjoyed this movie it’s the best one yet also it brought my love to Spider-Man and M.J they are my most love people and characters🕷🕸👍🏼🥰

- Night Monkey5 star

It is in my top 5 favorite Marvel movies

- ????5 star

This is literally my favorite movie i do recommend watching this!

- The best5 star

It is my favorite movie all y’all people Hatin’ don’t know what y’all are talkin about it is the best

- One great Marvel movie5 star

This movie is the best Spiderman movie I’ve ever seen; I like how they mixed Peter Parker’s life with Spider-Man’s and all that

- Awesome!!!!5 star

Tom Holland: best Spider-Man ever! This is the best Spider-Man movie I have ever seen!

- Hi5 star

The seen at the end is Sharky

- Bad1 star

Next to Batman, Spider-Man is my favorite. This movie stinks. All I will say.

- Predictable and loosely written1 star

The amazing Spider-Man was far better. This is the second to worst, just under emo Spider-Man 3

- Talented5 star

Brilliant incredible amazing show stopping spectacular never the same totally unique

- Arabic Subtitle5 star

Can you add Arabic Subtitle ?

- Great stunt work and Amazing story5 star

Best Spider-Man film to date. Especially heart warming after all the credits, film dedicated with love to Stan lee and Steve ditko.

- One of the best Marvel movies.5 star

This movie is funny has plenty of action jaw drops and suspense.If they make a new spider man they will have a challenge to make it better then this one. You have to see it or else your missing out.

- Skip it2 star

This was spider man for kids only. Good cast and effects but the story was so bad. What a disappointment

- Yeet5 star

Yeet ya yeet yet yeeet ya ya yeet

- Raid1 star

Worst SpiderMan movie by far💯 SJW & CGI Overdose but don’t revive me!

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Samiam262835182 - Meh1 star

This is the seventh Spider-Man movie and the second featuring Tom Holland. Say what you will of the other 6 movies but you cannot deny that they each have a distinct style and personality. Sadly for this movie I didn’t see any of that. This movie feels like a very generic and by the numbers superhero movie. The character doesn’t even feel like Spider-Man.

elyse displayed - Spider man movie5 star

Peter spider He was a brave guy to tryout get his own special superpowers On his hands outfit and he skipped UWO western WestJet For his addition movie called the spider man fun powerful Back to with Nancy drew Catcary with by in Gabriella Montez in high school musical 2 And the tell that let’s see how tale What is peter you played Star wards And webs powers with that set with Fun staff ready for spare That boy in super hero boy how they do that they look at you and see with Prince Charming How that come from And on your way And the best actress Oscar winning performance winner Academy In leading role They are awesome talent Congratulations peter

MissRyderz - Spider man far from home5 star

So good !!!!!!!!!

great1on1 - I5 star


Gdhhfgjc - My favourite Marvel movie5 star

I love Spider man (Peter Parker)(Tom Holland) really looking forward to the next Spider man movie but COVID 19 is serious around Ontario.Keep the good work up Marvel Studios!

Andreas_Ihm - Such a bad movie1 star

A very very bad movie. A boring scenario mixed to a over the top action oriented music score compensating for a total lack of drama and structure. Even kids will be left wanting for a better plot and a more rewarding overall experience. A lame execution from what should have been a intriguing and original follow up of the avenger movie series. I wish i could get my money back.

Reference Guy - Stupid rewrite1 star

Makes Spider-Man seems like an idiot. Stupid revision!

yung fargo - Only thing blocking holland from being the best spiderman is nostalgia5 star

I dont wanna say it but it might be true

nelson boy10 - Spider man far from home5 star

So good

Haksjdhdb - Good5 star

It’s amazing just like spider man

zeddie27 - Kida silly2 star

Made Spiderman out to be a bit of an idiot.

Dfvdfgghjjh - #Spiderman5 star

This is by far the best Spider-Man movie I have ever seen! With unbelievable plots and twist, it is a crime not to watch this! #BestMovieEver!

of my own mind - Not what I was looking forward to watching2 star

I was very disappointed in this one. The fellow playing spidernan had no personality and the plot was lame. This is what happens when you take a classic like the previous SM's and try to blend it with the other Justice League super hero stuff...

emily13678 - Worth it!5 star

Amazing definitely worth the money! :)

Bob 12343215 - Far from good1 star

Why are Spider-Man movies such crap?

pico4114 - Spiderman1 star

A guy in background talks through the whole movie dumbest movie of Spider-Man ever don’t buy or rent

dumbdriver - Great movie but!5 star

Great movie but Dolby Vision too dark please fix Apple!

Spi_derMan - Great movie5 star

My favourite Spider-Man movie yet much better than homecoming!

Dhoims - Best movie5 star

I love the ending where the bad guy tries to frame Peter Parker after his date with MJ.

Boss😱 - Its good ❤️❤️❤️3 star

Jk it’s really good😱😱😱😱😱❤️ 🤑

omega7791 - Smdh4 star

This will be the last Spiderman movie I support! No longer in the MCU no longer supporting it! Enjoy your 2nd class Spidey Sony 🤷🏾‍♂️

I Like Dags - why can't I rent this???3 star

I'd love to see this movie but am not paying $24.99 to buy it. What gives???????

Mr.lucam - Best movie ever5 star


Best movie of 2018 - Tom Holland ❤️❤️❤️5 star

Best actor ever

ETG AntiX - Breathtaking5 star

As the wise Keanu Reeves once said “breathtaking”

im spider man - Love it5 star

It’s good Don’t @ me

farrokh balsara - Excellent5 star

This movie is amazing from start to finish

JJBB8 - No Disney no buy1 star

Sony sucks!

Røse 🥀 - Amazing5 star

Just an amazing movie to follow up endgame I’ve watched it 4 times

terminizer - Not my Spider-Man1 star

This is iron boy


I love this movie so much and it's one of my favourite Marvel movies! It has so many twists and some huge scenes. The movie also looks amazing and one scene amazed me from how well it looked and it's done. After the credits has a huge scene and probably one of the best credits end scenes yet. Even if your one of those people who are watching just for Tom Holland

PixelWolf695 - Great acting and very funny5 star

Kept me laughing and wanting more. Just what I like in a movie.

kingjin01 - Stinks1 star

Worst movie ever

Cocainnova123 - Watching it again and again for sure5 star

Best spiderman movie by farrrrrr

geromia - 🔥💯🔥💯5 star

It be like 🔥💯🔥💯🔥😲

zachary1landry - Super film5 star

C’était un super film j’en attends un autre s’il vous plaît

Tayson3166 - Amazing5 star

This movie was great from start to finish. I really enjoyed it alot. Worth watching again

Tamilla Ismailova - Amazing5 star

This is amazing I love this movie so much it is 1 of my favorite movie in the world

Firestarfish - Really Makes You Think5 star

Aside from the stunning cinematics and CGI we're used to, this movie does what most other Marvel movies don't get to do: it makes the audience reflect on the world and their own lives (think Inception). The audience is able to translate what the characters say to the current state of affairs in western society. This film is a cleverly and poetically woven political commentary disguised as a superhero/romantic comedy (not to denigrate the entertainment value of the film, as it WAS immensely fun). One particular memorable line in the movie was, "It's easy to fool people when they're already fooling themselves." Nailed it.

Undrgrndkng - Not bad4 star

Good but not as great as everyone is saying though. Definitely Disneyfied.

adyn phothirathh - The best movie5 star

It was so good but it’s like a remake or Ironman 3

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - Anticlimactic after Endgame... Peter Tingle??!! Really??!!4 star

Don’t get me wrong... this movie is watchable. But being the first Movie out of the gate post ‘finger snap revival’ it just seems like no matter how hard they try nothing will ever be as good. Disclosure: we also saw this as the late show and I’d been working all day so I was a bit tired... however I did the same with Endgame and the same feeling was not there. Even my daughter who is in love with Mr. Holland walked out with a ‘Meh’ attitude. Having said all that, it still ranks so much better than say Ghost Rider, The Fantastic Four Redux... no, it is sooo much better than those. Let’s say Thor: Darkworld or Ironman 3. I’ve always hated Mysterio in the comics from childhood as it seemed like a bad LSD trip from the 60’s/70’s. Everything was a bit weird back then but I hated the feeling of ‘is this real or not?’. The way they did in this Movie I applaud. It was well executed and once explained it was a brilliant way to explore Mysterio’s world. The acting is great and although a bit high schoolish (My Peter Tingle?!) with the humour.... it is in a Highschool setting. The ‘blip’ explanations help figure things out that were questions I had. The post credits are what actually make the movie. DO NOT MISS. All the way to end People. The CAMEO of a certain flap top now bald (?) cigar chomping individual is the same actor from the original Spidey and is just terrifically awesome. And the acting from two characters was bugging me all the way.... from the way one lay on a bed to the way they talked or what they did. I thought it was a post ‘blip’ thing. Nope!!!! It is all perfectly explained and is what made me realize this movie was better than I thought watching it. So go enjoy. I think this world is getting better for act 2 (?) of the universe. And although talked about, perhaps there will be a multiverse crossing someday.... mindblow! Bring on spider pig!

six.feet.under - Best spiderman movie ever5 star

Tom holland IS spiderman and peter parker at best. The vilain is incredible, the acting, the twists. Cant wait to buy it and watch it again, and CANT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL. They are scenes so well done, on the edge of your seat, well balanced, and the visuals are great. Love love LOVE IT

SupermanFan97 - Great Spider-Man Movie4 star

This happens to be the best Spider-Man Sequel since Spider-Man 2

best mr - AMAZING5 star

I loved the movie it was so good! I want to watch it over and over again there so many good things to say about this movie! I found it better then spider man homecoming and my favourite so far I hope there’s a New one being mad !!😍😍

iateyourchickenmcnuggets - amazing5 star

the movie was amazing. hoping for a sequel.

teentitansgobestmovie - Best Spider-Man ever!5 star

This movie was so intense and action packed! I can’t wait to see it again.

Angelina Buyse - Wow5 star

Amazing!! Tom Holland really did a fantastic job on this film!! It’s also great to see some characters that aren't really that well known unless you read the comic books (Mysterio)!!! I also love how they used characters from the Captain Marvel movie in the post credit scene (the Skrull “Talos”)!! Truly an amazing film!! Can’t wait to see it again tomorrow *07/03/19*!!!!

Mods_By_Moe - Amazing5 star

One of the best spider man movies ever

Emma Evergarden - Phenomenal5 star

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. There’s so much to say about this movie but at the same time there isn’t. Tom Holland did an amazing job as usual so did all the other actors! It really teases you and makes you go “it’s over?” But honey, it’s far from being over!

Ray Garrison - Shit movie1 star

Sorry for the negative vibe but this movie is terrible and Tom Holland acting is terrible. We need tobey Maguire back !!!!

laflaqua - Next level awesome5 star

Just watch it! Spider-Man is my favorite and Tom Holland is so good in it.

DominoEnrich - Spiderman at his best5 star

I loved how the movie kept surprising me. Spiderman finally becomes a man.

TheMaidenCo - Finally Spiderman You've Arrived4 star

After the previous Spiderman movie I watched I was very nervous but this movie made its mark for certain. Great acting which is always a plus the story had a reason. Its a good movie you will enjoy.

Grimluppin - Ok3 star

Good for a night in.

Put_English_captions_on - Action great but the story too clichè2 star

I had a high hope of this film but after watching it, I came away disappointing. First, the story is too cliche mainly because protecting the friends is already repeated in Homecoming. Nothing interesting and nothing twisted. Some scenes I already predicted way ahead of the film which is why it is already boring. Tom Holland is fantastic actor but the character doesn’t seem to be very strong (maybe he’s supposed to be 16 with weaknesses but any smart 16 years old could see right through that film). The director could’ve done bit better by including some sense of humour like Tony Stark does in action and some witty words. That’s just my opinion.

DamoZV - PERFECT5 star

I enjoyed the movie with all my heart, probably my favourite movie of all time, 100% LOVE 😍😍😍

zaine walberg - Average3 star

Homecoming was much better

planet_tyler - Ruined by the ending1 star

I would have had no worries giving this at least four stars but that easter egg, wow, I never realised that a minute of footage tracked onto the end of a movie after the credits could ruin a movie but turns out I was wrong.

CrazyRabanal - It was ok....2 star

Sorry to be the odd one out, pretty much everyone loves it. But it’s been done before, the same old lines, sure the special effects were fantastic and the acting was first class. But the love interest was lame and predictable. Too cool for school gets old it’s so overdone. It was a great Saturday night at home movie with the family. $7 it’s a great price. Cheaper than the movies. And by the way I’m glad I didn’t go to the movies to watch this.

Blondie Tiger - This is the best movie ever5 star

This movie is the best movie ever and I like how you made us think that Mysterio was a good guy but it was fake and how Peters identity got revealed in the post credit and nick furry were scrolls.

Savannah Murray - Wwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttt5 star

This movie is just simply great 👍

Mario95832 - Amazing5 star

Best Spider-Man movie to date

M.dog3!4!9! - Best Spider Man ever5 star

I love the comedy I love the action I love the magic

fjdjsgjsjgskhhlhf - BEST ONE YET5 star

must watch

spidermanfan08 - Spider-Man is the best5 star

Spider-Man far from home was the best Spider-Man movie I have ever seen! This movie was better than the Spider-Man trilogy! Tom Holland is a great actor for Spider-Man and Jake Gyllenhaal is a great actor for Mysterio. The reason I think this movie was better than the Spider-Man trilogy is because it told a really great Spider-Man story. Tom Holland is a great actor for Spider-Man because he is younger than Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Viperdiaz - Spider-Man far from home5 star

It one the best spider man movie

DemonWolf96 - Excellent epilogue to phase 45 star

Great movie, no words. #savespiderman

kewnf;ksnfkn - omg5 star

best movie ive ever seen in my life (the second being endgame) the plot is fantastic and it invokes so much emotion and happiness. Zendaya and Tom play awkward teenagers so well i just love this movie so much

Yindi Reader - Spider Man Far From Home5 star

One of my favourite movies loved it so much and even watched it three times at the cinema

greenninja2oo - No more spidey5 star

This is the last 😭😢😩🥺

CH240707 - Great movie5 star

This movie has great speacial affects especialy the mystirio illusions part this is my 2nd favourite mcu movie so far just beneath Endgame

cruman4 - OMG!!!!!!5 star

I was expecting the last movie of mcu phase 3 to be good but this was way better than I expected. Full of plot twists and loads of theorys confirmed even a theroey that has been around since since captain marvel was confirmed any way great movie definatly watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheAwesomeDude21 - Freaking loved it5 star

I really enjoyed watching every bit of it, definitely a must watch. The ending will surprise you

135577844 - Nice5 star

It is a good movie, the 25$ was worth it

CassiOlivia - My favourite Marvel movie ever!!!5 star

Just came home from watching FFH at the cinemas for the second time in one week. Love it! If you thought Homecoming was awesome wait till you see this one. Mind blown! 🤯

baileyNSW1999 - Tom Holland too hot for me that’s why I find very attractive5 star


Queen piggy1111 - The best spider man movie in the world5 star

I love it so much It is the best one

nedalse - Big chungus5 star

Spider man was great and I like Ned too. It was funny and a great sequel to homecoming and endgame in a way. Some great credits too and looks like there might be a third Tom Holland spidey! Mysterio was a good bad guy too.

Unseenturtle - 10/105 star

If you don’t like Spider-Man or just super hero movies in general then watch far from home. It is a 10/10 movie and is without a doubt, a fantastic masterpiece. A must watch for anyone.

El johnsonebra - Awesome5 star

Great movie



_Panda07_ - A Fun Superhero Movie5 star

This movie is great if your looking for a fun superhero movie to watch. The way it ties into the events after Endgame works perfectly well and you see how Peter is suffering from the loss of his mentor (Tony Stark). Jake Gyllenhaal did an AMAZING job as playing Mysterio, his motivation and deception works well in the context of this film. In fact all the actors did spectacular job! The ending was great and adds a nice touch to end Phase 3. Although their tiny things in the movie that made me cringe, spectacular or amazing are words I would used to discribe Spider-Man: Far From Home!

Prollyjollyfrancko - Booooooooooooooooo1 star

Thanos had the right idea! He was just an underachiever!

StaunchYapper 40 - Spectacular5 star

This movie is amazing. The visuals are top notch, even for the MCU. The romantic plot line with Peter and MJ is very cute. The twist with the elementals really caught me off guard, and the characters are really well written. Nick Fury is great, Happy is great, Peter is great, Michelle is great, Brad is a great character, but a terrible person, and Quentin Beck AKA 'Mysterio' is one of the best villains we've had in the MCU. The post credits scenes are jaw-dropping and actually made me audibly say in awe 'what!'. Overall, this movie doesn't quite match Infinity War or Endgame, it's still an top tier MCU movie that I will watch again.

Sebhart73 - Spiderman5 star

I love the new movie I watch the trailer it was great. I can't wait to see it

Mgavet - The best movie ever😘😘5 star

I want to watch it again... 😍😍😍😍👌👌👌

party popper263826284 - I have not seen it5 star

Hey can you guys do some spoilers? is mysterio bad or good? Pleas let me know in the review thanks:)

pegleg07 - This is great5 star

This movie is awesome I recommend it. It is so much better then homecoming and there’s a cameo of...

THEBIGBADPAT27 - Amazing 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯5 star

Mind blowing and the special effects are stunning and some of the best acting in a movie. I recommend this movie to everyone!

Dylan Gl - #FarFromHome5 star

This movie was incredible. Loved every minute of it. Tom Holland did such a good job. Zendaya was her absolute best in this movie. I loved her in the first and she is even better in this one. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tonybiubiubiu - BEST SPIDER-MAN MOVIE SO FAR5 star

Really the BEST Spider-Man movie so far. Everything is perfecrt. Spider-Boy really becomes the Spider-Man.

yayyyyyyyeeeeeeetttt - Ace5 star

Everything was right about this movie

JauJauTunes - Good but underwhelming3 star

This movie feels like a drawn out 90’s filler TV episode rather than a complete experience which is really disappointing as I wanted it be much better. Everyone in the movie did great but the story is not compelling enough. Tom Holland is a terrific Peter Parker and the support cast is A+. Newbies to Spider-Man - check out the Tobey Maguire movies: 1 & 2 - still the best with great stories. Come on Marvel and Sony - bring back the 5 star movie quality Spider-Man storylines - would love to see what you do with live action Miles Morales too!!!

tom richard hock - Tom Richard Thomson5 star


fgghgvdc - Dull3 star

I found this incredibly dull especially spider man the acting is great but just the story was bad

## SS - Incredible5 star

Good to see Peter got over Tony’s death and did what he does best saves the day Spectacular Suit

IT45. - Please Lower The Price So I Can Buy It Thank You 🙂👍🏻4 star

Please Lower The Price So I Can Buy It Thank You 🙂👍🏻

Angelika242 - Hmm3 star

I was really looking forward to seeing this but I was a little disappointed. It just didn’t hit as good as the first. Action was decent but the story wasnt great for me. Best part was the credits

24567789878887 - Gfufjfjfjf5 star

Awesome 😎 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

capmax62 - Spidey1 star

Daft story, useless characters, his best friend dating the beautiful blonde 😹 never in this lifetime or the next. Very poor. Might appeal to really young children, but not anyone else 👎🏿

blondie300680 - Average3 star

I Liked Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal. There was some good comedy and poignant scenes with Tom and Jan Favreau but in my opinion an otherwise Very average, by the numbers film.....,Sorry Marvel!!

Rap master c - Mr t5 star

The best Spider Man movie by far. It’s funny and the story is good and good actors.

SIR LEE W FRAYLING - Tom Holland... just no1 star

Tom Holland cannot act to save his life his dad is some 2 bit comedian this film Would have been good if Tom Holland wasn’t in it...

Rightist he - Ok2 star

Good acting but it was just abit silly and dull

kramer-1 - kramer A1 star

Childish GARBAGE!!

Jessica🕶 - The best film5 star

The best film i have seen since end game the actors are absolutely amazing

Frodoshire - Well worth the wait!5 star

I missed this at the cinema, don’t know why we had to wait so long for a UK release, but it was well worth the wait! Great film, really enjoyed it all the way through.

Tomd904 - I love marvel but ....3 star

I mean, meh!? Found it a little slow and lacking in any depth. Worth watching for sure but not amazing .... I was expect the BEST SPIDER MAN SUIT YET and instead it’s regressed slightly into poorly fitted suits. Even when he suits up properly in the end it’s not amazing. He has the use of tony stark tech and the best it does in this movie is summon some drones??? I feel like they are trying to keep it true to the original spider movies and in doing so it lacks luster.

Tesrgft - Good5 star

Was a good marvel film

DXRKE_ - Spider-Man: Far from good1 star

I absolutely loved the first movie & think Tom is fantastic as Spider-Man, however this sequel doesn’t come close to the first movie. It’s a mess and the plot is the dumbest thing ever. The best part of the entire move is the after credits scene.

Denniswilliam - Spidere man F/H5 star

Better than Spider-Man Homecoming This is My Favourite Spidere man. I watched Spidere man F/H it was really good.

Fgh22 - Absurdly bad1 star

Marvel is definitely over the hill. Unbearably rubbish. Don’t waste your money.

adz220820022222 - Best film ever5 star

watched it at the cinema but had to watch it again... sooo good screw mysterio

spidermanfan22234568 - Can’t wait for Spider-Man 35 star

Great film, Tom Holland is definitely the best live action version of Spider-Man so far (but kudos to Tobey and Andrew, you both also did amazing). Left on a cliffhanger which we can now see the result of on 16th July 2021. Im so so so happy they got him back, thank you Tom Holland

Blue Hempsall - Good film but i am confused5 star

Release date 25 oct? Can someone clarify why this is

nugstar1 - Why?5 star

Why has digital download already been released in the US last week and we have to wait almost another month?

Generalcool444 - Awful1 star

The worst marvel ever

Mxddyslife - Amazing movie4 star

i saw this movie in the cinema amazing movie but i pre ordered the movie and i still can’t watch it...

Jacobmybae - best film ever5 star

tom holland and z did AMAZING once again hope they get another film together

Doogle6444 - Gr85 star

It’s hilarious and brings down the craziness brought by endgame. Another refreshing movie from the Spider-Man franchise.

Z Man 00 00 - Amazing5 star

The movie is great

Pamb81 - #savespiderman5 star

Great film. Please keep him in the MCU. Work it out Disney & Sony!

HowDoesThisWorkMyDude - Spider-Man Far From Bad5 star

This film is an amazing (not perfect but amazing) interpretation of the web-slinger and does the best they could’ve done with the villain! This film is one of the MCU’s best.

mashfordd - smashed it5 star

tom holland smashed it again! perfect representation on peter parker. i did get very emotional with all the talk about tony stark:( i want to go and see it again it was that good. end credit scene was very shocking, what a cliffhanger! looking forward to the next one already

poatoead - Good4 star

He isn’t Spider-Man he’s spider boy

Mossimoo - Better than Homecoming4 star

Enjoyed it lots

Sam27Price - Classic...Marvel Greatness5 star

I went to see this film on opening week with my best mate. During that movie, we realised that the movie had direct parallels into our own world and that me and him and a direct ‘Ned and Peter’ relationship. Marvel have managed to make a film that teenagers, kids and young adults can all relate to. They managed to include: the pressure of relationships, living up to expectations and also choosing wisely who our friends are. All blended seamlessly together with great humour, great CGI, and important morals. Only one bit of criticism....release the film earlier!!!!🕷

George Crossland - Spider-man:far from home5 star

Just amazing

Joseph David rose - Spider-Man far from home5 star

Best film by far from the last film and this is a definitely the best recommended film I have ever seen. The last Spider-Man Film wasn’t as good as this one so definitely go and see this one that has just come out to all cinemas. You can also watch it on the sky store before films come out so bare that in mind. 5/5 and ticks all the boxes for me. Great film great everything about it.

Iliyaka - Need subtitles5 star

Bulgarian subs plaease

Ryan 333 - spider man5 star

another hit for the MCU fantastic Tom Holland is the best version of spider man by far

Movie Sparkles - Stunning5 star

Exciting film, captivating, Fabulous cast and the addition of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio was perfection.

Hxnry - Spectacular5 star

- Incredible CGI. - Tom Holland does a brilliant job as portraying not only Spider-Man but Peter Parker. - Amazing soundtrack. - Fun and entertaining. - Epic swing scenes!

MattEvan - Amazing ❤️5 star

Amazing what an amazing film really enjoyed definitely recommend

1212fanri - Incredible!5 star

Tom Holland does it again. Amazing movie!

ddtsoyzurzjt - Amazballs5 star

This was amazing

iReview3r - Amazing, Spectacular5 star

What can I say ... one word ... brilliant!

Tigertazz - Easily the best Spider-Man sequel5 star

This was a great follow on from Homecoming and dealt with some of Peters self doubts about what he could be and could become. Knowing the mysterio legacy from the comics did leave me doubting the sincerity of Quentin Beck but the execution fit in well with the neighbourhood level of catastrophe that Spider-Man has to face. Looking forward to the third instalment

1hrdhdjdndjd - Best spider-man movie5 star

This film was easily the best experience I’ve had watching a spider-mam movie. Jake Gyllenhaal is great

ShaherM - The Spectacular Spider-Man!5 star

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Peter Parker is left dealing with the loss of his mentor, Tony Stark, and trying to figure it out on his own in a radically changed world. He's ready to temporarily put all of that side, however, and just enjoy his school trip to Europe. Of course, things don't work out in his favor, as trouble manages to find him even across the pond. Spider-Man: Far From Home is as close to a perfect action comedy movie I've seen. Attractive characters, unexpected relations to past movies, camera works, and post credit scene, I was genuinely surprised by this film. As a result it's one of the most interesting and fun movies I've seen in a while. Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal both do a fantastic job. At this point Tom Holland has such an amazing grasp on his character, he has turned Peter Parker from a character into a real person. Jake Gyllenhaal, as always, brings a layered performance as Mysterio, which leads to one of the most interesting supporting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Michael Giacchino did a great job with the score again. The music fits perfectly in the context of the scenes you watch. Classic Spidey vibes. The comedy was spot on. I can't recall a single joke that fell flat. It has the same goofy atmosphere as Homecoming, without taking away from the story. While the story didn't move at a breakneck speed like Infinity War, I never felt like the film was just spinning its wheels, every scene served a purpose. The mid credit scene was both funny and left me excited to see where this franchise goes next. Also, there is a character introduction that I think every fan of Spider-Man has been waiting to see on screen again. Kudos to the filmmakers for knowing how to adapt that character to the modern age, and for choosing the only person who can do them justice. I haven't smiled that much in a movie theater in a while!

marvel better than dc - Best Spider-Man movie5 star

Really good had lot of action in it

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Maskaluna - Pretty Fun!4 star

Not as good as the one before but still fun to watch. Nick Fury has to go. Retire, death, something. He's the big giant head in the sky that does minimal things. The adults except the teachers and May all look tired. Tired of their continuous roles? It's showing. Maybe bring back the actual Nick Fury who was a big buff military lookin guy with an army of clonebots. Holland is a hoot, as usual. I like this new MJ. Nihlistic meets girl-next-door is really brought out in this film. But for a Disney movie, they kiddy-fy romance but leave in the cussing? My kid loves Spider-man...and even the subtitles spelled it out for him. If any parent is reading this, the cuss words are S---, B----, A--, among other colorful pieces all thanks to the kid-"friendly" Disney company. Soundtrack also typical Spider-man superhero sounds. Nothing spectacular. Sounds like every other Marvel soundtrack. Plot was all right. If they spent more time they could have really done this well. But gotta pop out those movies, right, Hollywood? Never mind the quality. I also didn't know "Jake" was a silly dude. ...that guy is silly. Enjoy the movie and outtakes.

Minecat3333333668833 - The best movie I’ve ever seen5 star

5 stars

SpaceMonley97 - Epic5 star

Super good.

Marty Mcfly298 - Great twists 🤟5 star

Good humor and unexpected surprises much like the Fury Talos swap. I recommend watching it immediately you will enjoy

Fuzar - A worthy successor to Homecoming!5 star

I didn’t think they could outdo Homecoming, but here we are with this magnificent sequel.

sydnel17 - Amazing5 star

It was so good I saw it with my friend We all though it was good it was great if you can buy it you should it was uno of the best movies i ever saw by far my favorite

picky.pineapple - My favorite superhero once again5 star

This movie made me love Spider-Man again! It was my fave as a kid and then the other movies with Garfield & Maguire killed it for me. I really like this Spider-Man take!

noelcase - Don’t buy1 star

Worst marvel movie yet. Poor storyline. Did not care for special effects. Whole movie felt like it was computer generated. Characters and all.

Mikeovo - Spider man far from home5 star


dateline nerd - Love5 star

This Spider-Man movie is the beat one of all time!!!😍😍

widacer0440 - SpIdEr-MaN5 star

Overall a extremely amazing movie but had some spots were it could have a bit of tweaking.

kiki_2ove - 🙄1 star

I rented it and won’t even let me watch it, it’s say can load content error.

The pug Tolani - Great ending to phase 3 of the MCU4 star

After Avengers Endgame, Spider-Man Far From Home had the monumental task of keeping an audience engaged after such a massive event, however it was quite successful with its quirky humor, action sequences, and callbacks, and also Jake Gyllenhaal was great as Mysterio, I felt that it was an unorthodox casting choice, but it worked incredibly well, and Tom Holland has just become Spider-Man at this point, and is no longer Iron Man Jr.

jjokab - Thanos5 star

Awesome!!! Best spider man movie they have made so far!!😃

movie lover 2011 - Nice movie5 star

The best I have seen of spiderman

worldlinezero - Another good MCU edition4 star

It didn’t start out real great but it definitely picked up. Though, quite frankly, the MCU reached its peak. With the exception of a few movies, I’m not expecting much out of it after it this point.

GiveMeAllTheMovies - Back to the drawing board, please.3 star

This film left me wanting a whole lot more. Spiderman: Homecoming seemed to really revitalize the franchise- giving a bit more creedence to the Spiderman mythology, having much higher stakes, and consequences for Mr. Parker. FFH just seemed to rest on the Marvel Formula, along with an over-realiance on technology, and iffy storytelling. The absence of a few Homecoming screenwriters really hurt this film, most notably taking away the real humor from Homecoming, and placing predictable humor throughout.

Kid flash guy 50599 - Amazing5 star

Tom Holland and everybody was at their prime or something during this just amazing

Rambo8649 - Disappointing2 star

Childish, formulaic, and unintelligent. The spider-man movies are my least favorite marvel movies. I feel like I wasted my money.

MorfgAmeiNg809 - Very good5 star

Very good

Island Boy 25 - Very good.4 star

Liked the movie a lot. It was a good movie to watch. Wasn’t my favorite but it was enough to not buy. I do like the very first original Spider-Man’s movies. The first spider man movie that starred at Tobey Maguire was obviously the best and will be. The spin-offs after spider man 3 have gotten a bit ‘out of wack’. Meaning they some what belong to part of the movies franchise and in some ways they don’t belong. In my strong opinion, it was a pretty good movie to rent but wouldn’t buy it.

BallerinaCass - Jake...5 star

Why you gotta do our spidey like that.

Minecraft4688 - I loved it. It’s great5 star

It is awesome I loved it

elmos best friend - AWESOME4 star

this movie was amazing and nobody can say crap because any one who didn’t like it, literally has no soul and hasn’t lived. anyway, highly recommend watching this!

jeffzemirah - Pretty good3 star

Pretty good

AmyLaDo - oof5 star

Tom Holland says snitches end up in ditches and us in the USA say snitches get stiches

Soccerdoctor - Terrible plot. Terrible special effects1 star

I had the option to rent for $2, or buy used for $3. Glad I went with the rental. This is probably the worst movie I have seen in years. There was no plot, totally inconsistent characters. Made good actors look terrible.

Lafayette ze Baguette - Spider-Man Far From Home5 star

Engaging thoughtful aftermath of endgame. Guaranteed entertainment for MCU fans.

lit leprechaun - Movie1 star

It said that I had 29days then it switched to 47 hours what is up with that I haven’t even had it for a full day

tee dee 1019875 - Fantastic5 star

Great film

IaMgRoOt20019 - Great details5 star

They have great graphics

rodi star - Spider man far from home4 star

I see the film and it was good.

Sophia🐈 - WOW!5 star

As an avengers Fan at heart, I haven’t seen the Spider man movies But Now after watching all the trailers on both, I’m super interested. They look AMAZING! Keep up the good work!

👌✌️️Awesome - Amazing5 star

This movie was so good that did such a amazing job with the movie the actors did really good to o

Ask&Seek123 - Really enjoyed5 star

Very fun Spider-Man movie, had twists and turns the whole way through!

web face dude - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Best movie ever, I love every part of it and I c’ant wait for the next MARVEL to come out.

GRSAVAGE - Really Freaking good5 star

This is an awesome Spider-Man movie. Bottom line

Ethan😂😂 - Love it5 star


TheMostUnclean - Better than “Endgame”5 star

This and “Homecoming” are the best movies of the MCU. Period.

Blackfur40 - Very Good!5 star

Great Film and better than the last one. With funny quips and great action from start to finish. As well as certain call backs and references to previous Spider-Man Movies. Excellent in every way. A must match for Spider-Man Fans.

zimmerap - Terrible - kids movie1 star

Terrible follow up to End-Game. Felt like a kids movie. Parker just saved the world, yet didn’t have enough confidence to tie his own shoe laces in this movie. Overall it felt like the movie was forced out quickly to ride End Game to more ticket sales.

Abby Payne - Nobody Better Tell Me What Happens5 star

I still have not seen this movie because I have been really busy and I really do love Spider-Man

iLove Music me iLove iphone - Ibrahem bugshan5 star

But why do not completed the end when they discover him Peter Parker he is spider man.

Afrah A - Movie5 star

The movie was amazing and. Cool the sound quality and the display was above and beyond 😝❤️

Caa23458! - Five stars5 star

Definitely five stars. Best spider man movies.

TAKEDOWN134 - Special effect OVERLOAD1 star

getting ridiculous with effects and no characters or story,,,garbage!

QAMgr - Not so good1 star

This franchise is going too far much like Transformers and Star Wars. Lame.

Review by T - cool_kid975 star

good movie

Reviewmasta1 - It's ok. No more, no less...3 star

The movie does not stand a chance to be favorably compared to Endgame. But few movies do. So it's fine couple hours of her entertainment. Plot is boring, villain is so-so, effects are great, atmosphere is awesome. 3 stars, glad I have rented it.

foolery puppetry - Some good bits3 star

Comedy really

Spider-Man: Far from Home Images & Pictures

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Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie images

Spider-Man: Far from Home Posters

Spider-Man: Far from Home movie posters
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie posters
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie posters
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie posters
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie posters
Spider-Man: Far from Home movie posters
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