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Henry (Jean Reno), one of the world’s most wanted hit-men, has cut himself off from humanity, alone with the snow-covered trees and silence that surround him in the forest. One day, a young woman (Sarah Lind) appears at his doorstep, badly injured from a snowmobile accident and on the verge of death. Henry rescues her, knowing that without his help she will not survive. For the first time in his life, Henry saves a life instead of taking one. However, the young woman has her own agenda, raising the question: can you ever outrun the past?

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You can't outrun the past. A legendary but retired hit man lives in peace and isolation in the barren North American wilderness. When he rescues a woman from a snowmobiling accident, he soon discovers that she's harboring a secret that forces him to return to his lethal ways.. Cold Blood Wiki

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Are You Kidding ?    2 star

Dull Only thing saving this film is the scenery it is shot in. Actors do ok, but bad, dull, twisting story that give zero meaning to the movie + zero reason to watch. You wait in vain for some action or real plot, but get nothing but odd flashbacks

MiltonJr.    1 star

Don’t waste your time. Everything about this movie is bad. Horrible acting, bad visuals and dumb storyline. The movie looks like it cost more to watch it then it cost to make it.

toolevb    5 star

A classic Reno film A fun, out of the box escape that will make you feel cold with a dash of anxiety, wrapped in suspense. Perplexing characters make the pathway towards a well crafted trip. Enjoy! PWT

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