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Get ready for the ride of your life in this high-speed buddy comedy fueled by nonstop action and huge laughs! When a mild-mannered driver named Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) picks up a passenger (Dave Bautista) who turns out to be a cop hot on the trail of a brutal killer, Stu is thrust into a harrowing ordeal in which he desperately tries to hold onto his wits, his life and his five-star rating. After crashing his car, a cop who's recovering from eye surgery recruits an Uber driver to help him catch a heroin dealer. The mismatched pair soon find themselves in for a wild day of stakeouts and shootouts as they encounter the city's seedy side. Stuber Wiki

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Saving the Day Takes a Pair...

Stuber (2019)

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- How much did Uber pay for this?2 star

I am a huge fan of the two main characters, I thought the plot was decent, ok dialogue, but with how many Uber references there were it made me feel like it was an infomercial for Uber. At least twenty references, not cool and got old

- Fun action comedy5 star

Funny and good acting! Great casting! Good story.

- thought this could be fun from trailers-disappointed1 star

Getting old, seen too much, FX blood n guts not funny, too bad for what could have been.

- Funny4 star

Really funny movie

- c.cocco4 star

My sister in law recommended it. Hysterical and great popcorn night. ENJOY!!!!

- 5 stars5 star

He’s getting a 5 star rating from me 👍🏻

- Wound up purchasing4 star

We weren’t expecting much from this movie, but there are some very funny scenes throughout the movie. We liked this so much that we bought it and have already rewatched it a few times. Stuber’s delivery and cynical demeanor is spot on.

- Fun & Entertaining4 star

A must see at least for a rental. Action, laughs and a good story.

- Fun5 star

It has a low score on Rotten Tomatoes, but I enjoyed it. Very entertaining/

- Great movie5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. It made me laugh.

- Better than expected3 star


- GREAT! LOTS of Laughs!5 star

The reviews for this movie should be higher. It was really funny, which is what I look for in a comedy. I chuckled, giggled and guffawed! And I want to watch it again!

- Funny!5 star

I knew it would be corny and predictable but I was actually smiling/laughing out loud the whole time. Dave Bautista is a genius comedian. Indian guy was pretty good, too. Movie reminded me of how the 80’s and 90’s had a LOT of buddy comedies. I’d watch a sequel.

- Kumail the cry baby 😭1 star

Kumail is such a cry baby... what a turn off watching a grown man whine, cry and complain every second. YUCK. 😩 Dave Bautista on the other hand, did a great job... has it’s funny moments but Kumail - stew/ Steve’s part really ruined the movie for me, rental at best! I’m so thankful I didn’t spent $15 and buy this.

- Average2 star


- Funny.3 star

This movie is funny but slow at points.

- Stuber or Stupid1 star

I only have myself to blame! I knew it would be terrible but never expected it to be so so bad. I didn’t laugh once....and it was supposed to be a comedy?!?! Save your money as I totally wasted mine.

- Fizzled out2 star

This movie lost our interest after about 30 minutes. We watched the whole thing only because we paid for it. This move seemed clever initially, then bombed. Don’t waste your time any money.

- genius5 star

can wait for 2ber!

- do not watch it1 star

no story line, no logic sdequenseces, nothung make this movie significant. Very cheap and poor scenario, almost naive and stupid. Verybbad.

- Not worth it1 star

Not even funny. Horrible plot.

- Great funny movie5 star

Funny, funny and action. Must see!

- What I expected.4 star

Funny and action-packed. Not one of those disappointing movies that had a funnier trailer than the actual film. Stuber really delivered on what the trailer promised.

- Boring2 star

So boring and unfunny. Couldn't even finish the movie.

- If we could give 0 stars1 star

Too much violence, profanity

- satisfying4 star

Three of us watched this movie: one is in their sixties; another in their fifties; and a third in their twenties. All three laughed at the same times and all through loved the movie.

- Stuber1 star


- Good laugh!5 star

Not sure why some of the reviews where do low. But me and the wife loved it!

- Jorge Burns5 star

So funny! Anyone who can’t laugh at this kinda quality humor is a loser...yes, if you gave less than four stars you are a loser...just kidding. It wasn’t the funniest movie ever, but it was ridiculous. And that’s the thing about comedy, a really big factor is your ability to see how ridiculous it is and give into the absurdity. From the get go this movie invites you into ridiculousness. And the ridiculousity never quits. The only problem was how short it is...I too hope they make a sequel! And I’m not just being ridiculous....🤪

- Funny5 star

Good classic

- Good Rental3 star

No expectations, and it was pretty funny. Bautista has this character down as it’s similar to Drax. Nanjiani plays pretty well off that.

- Good movie5 star


- 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂5 star

This is the funniest movie I’ve ever seen! This is my all time favorite comedy!

- This was actually funny.4 star

A high functioning idiot and terrible father struggles to relate and adapt with relationships and technology. He meets a modern day loser that struggles with his own relationship issues and inability to stand up for himself. These two opposite ends of the spectrum collide in a very Die Hard/ Superbad kinda way.

- Fantastic movie5 star

Loved it

- Fun!5 star

I was pleasantly surprised. I even hope they make Stuber 2.

- Incredibly dull1 star

Minus a few funny parts (most of which are in the trailer) this movie was quite boring.

- Solid5 star

Great Movie!

- Horrible acting1 star

One hit wonder fails again.

- Ibihxcxxxxx m2 star


- Hilarious5 star

This film was so good that after I rented the movie I purchased the film. Great modern day story line. (Uber, corrupt cops, eye surgery , love , parenting)

- Great Movie5 star

Action packed and funny.

- Funny!5 star

An LA based feel good comedy. Really funny!

- Must See5 star

Saw this over the summer at a drive in theatre. Made me laugh so hard! Loved the action & comedy. Was a pleasant surprise indeed. Gonna definitely purchase this one.

- Awesome5 star

Exactly what we needed

- 1# Action comedy of summer 2019!!!!5 star

The trailer for stuber was a mix of good and mega stupid but the movie itself was great it was a surprise how good they keep it under wraps but it a definitely must watch and buy!!!!

- Funnier each time you see it!5 star

Stuber was released almost 2 weeks ago and I’ve seen it 9 times in the theater! Gets funnier each time! 😂😂

- Very funny!4 star

This movie was was quite honesty very funny and very entertaining!

- Amazing!!5 star

This movie is amazing with great action and excellent humor!!!

- 🤔1 star

Stuber is a film that looks promising, when in reality, it’s just filled with unnecessary content just for the sake of it. It probably would have been more successful if it was a toned down PG-13 flick.

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dghgirl - Why the bad review?4 star

My husband and I just watched this....we laughed out loud many times. I would watch again.

Thales Fernando - PERFECT!5 star

I movie to watch and laugh with friends! Congrats to the crew!

Shaylan - Funny!5 star

I’ve been looking forward to rent this. The trailer got me hooked. Definitely did not disappoint!

taddernuts - Worth watching4 star

This is not an Oscar contender, but is entertaining with some good laughs!

AnnaBradbury123 - Terrible, what a waste1 star

I feel sorry for the person who wrote this. Trying to hit on the Ryan Reynolds type humour and failed terribly. Don’t watch.

ScottSawyer - 🌟’s for Laugh’s4 star

If you’re having an off day and in need of something light and consistently humorous to watch this is the film for you 👌🏼

ronelle_f - So many easy laughs, great movie :)5 star

Unexpectedly amusing, great humour!

Korn7Knock - Some Good Laughs5 star

Went in thinking this would be only ok and was surprised how much I liked it. Had some good laughs and action, well worth a watch.

Slinkstar - 👍👍5 star

Hilarious · Funny · Action-Packed · Funny Characters · Fun · Must Watch · Witty Characters · Crowd-Pleaser · Great Ending · Feel-Good

Chillator - Brilliant don’t Listen to boring people5 star

I’m this was a hilarious movie. I would pay for it again and again. If your easy going you’ll love it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Faithful Penguin - A big thank you to’20th Century Fox. 👍5 star

Thank you ‘20th Century Fox’ for reducing this film to £4.99 for the 2020 New Year. 👍 Happy New Year 🎉 A funny 4K Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos film for £4.99 that has iTunes Extras and CC subtitles, SDH subtitles and AD audio description, so that everyone can enjoy it. 👍 I hope everyone everywhere has a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. 🎉 “Happy New Year” 🎉

Johnnyafroman - Not worth the money!!!,1 star

This film was not funny at all, so disappointed. The trailer shows near enough to the story of the film. Guy in Uber, and other guy had a job and so on till the end. Rubbish!!! Do not buy! Wish hadn’t ordered it.

Jasonlade99 - Worth renting5 star

Ignore one star review worth a watch so rent

MikeEwartClough - Stu-pid1 star

This is so bad it’s difficult to even watch. Please do not waste your money. Appalling acting (difficult to even use the word ‘acting’) terrible script with the most banal idea strung out into a tedious film. I couldn’t even have it on in the background it was so grating on the nerves. Terrible terrible terrible. Mike C

bTowers3000 - Stuber4 star

Good film to watch when you just want to sit back. Found it very funny in some bits

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