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Based on the Vertigo comic book series from DC Entertainment, the film stars Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss as three 1978 Hell’s Kitchen housewives whose mobster husbands are sent to prison by the FBI. Left with little but a sharp ax to grind, the ladies take the Irish mafia’s matters into their own hands—proving unexpectedly adept at everything from running the rackets to taking out the competition…literally. The mobster husbands of three 1978 Hell's Kitchen housewives are sent to prison by the FBI. Left with little but a sharp ax to grind, the ladies take the Irish mafia's matters into their own hands—proving unexpectedly adept at everything from running the rackets to taking out the competition…literally. The Kitchen (2019) Wiki

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- Enjoyable Movie3 star

I’m not sure why this was given such poor reviews by rotten tomatoes. I enjoyed the movie. Melissa McCarthy was great as was Elizabeth Moss and Tiffany Haddish.

- Great!5 star

Fun with a few unexpected twists! I can see why men would give it a low rating.

- Poorly done on all accounts1 star

I came in with high hopes as I enjoy all three top-billed actresses. But it was quickly apparent I was in for a big disappointment. Poor plot, poor sequencing, lack of depth, and ultimately bad acting. Either that or the actors weren’t given much to work with. I thought the sets and costumes looked phony, too. Lots of awkwardness. A real waste of time, money and talent.

- Average2 star

I wouldn’t say it was the worst movie. I also wouldn’t say it was the best movie .

- What rubbish1 star

This could have been a solid movie - instead it was absolute trash.

- The 22% on RT is actually too good of a review1 star

I wanted to like this movie, but the performances are flat, and the execution of the plot is not believable. It's lazy writing with one dimensional characters which is a shame since many of these actors are great in previous performances. The only thing worse than the movie itself are the final minutes that seriously make no sense at all. Easily could've been much much better.

- Horrible1 star

This ranks as one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.. it was so bad all I could do was laugh at the dialogue and silliness.. Save your money I wish I had..

- Good movie5 star

Enjoyed and would recommend it to everyone.

- Intentionally bad1 star

The only way to make a movie this on purpose.

- Absolutely worthless1 star

First I rented it on iPad and couldn’t watch it. Then I rented it on Apple TV. I was wondering who was sitting in the room reading the scripts and thought anything was a good idea in this movie. What a worthless effort in trying to make a movie . The best part of this movie was when it was over and I could watch paint dry. It was that bad.

- Awesome powerful5 star

Acting was great! Great plot, smart movie. See it!

- Hater's hate proof positive!!!5 star

This was a very good pased drama. Well developed and thoughtful. Not cheeky or corny. It was a great movie. Rotten tomatoes Critics do not love cinema. Well done women. Well done!!! I am glad I bought this movie. I will watch it a few more times. Hater's hate.

- Needed A Few More Action Sequences3 star

The movie was good & everybody did a good job with their performances. Also nice twist with one of the characters but a movie about the mob based on a graphic novel/comic it needed a lil more action sequences or at least a final battle/showdown!! the movie literally just ended out of nowhere!!?

- Unwatchable1 star

Boring, formulaic and basic. What a waste of McCarthy and Moss.

- Loved it5 star

Not what I expected in a good way - definite must watch

- Great 70’s throw back5 star

Surprised how many people hate this movie or said it was boring. I thought it was an awesome throw back to the 70’s NYC mob scene with a twist. I thought the 3 actresses were perfect in their rolls. I loved the movie!! But then I was a kid in the 70’s. I laugh that one review said the movie was unrealistic. Obviously that person has no idea about the time being portrayed in the movie. I thought it was great.

- Not realistic or believable2 star

This film could have been really good, but the plot , character lines and sequence aren’t realistic.

- Worst movie ever1 star

Boring. Only thing good was the wardrobe and costumes used. Walked out on this movie a little after an hour.

- No more Scientology Hollywood1 star

When Hollywood stops casting sick people like Elisabeth Moth I will spend my money. Her actions are despicable and yet here she is.

- Horrible movie, extreme failure.1 star

This movie was terrible, but since it was a woman-can-do-this-too type movie, iTunes hid the terrible Rotten Tomatoes score and keeps the price at the premium twenty dollar mark to give it the impression this is a desireable purchase. Don't waste your money, it will be a 99 cent rental before you know it. To give you an idea, it made $15 million in the theaters but cost $38 million to make. A financial and critical failure which is what people deserve when they make movies based on a political aggenda rather than a good story.

- So So3 star

Meh. Very predictable. Expected more.

- Awful1 star

The review that cracked me up most was the one claiming it’s one of the best gangster movies ever. Just terrible. iTunes review was just as bad. Please don’t compare this garbage to Martin Scorsese.

- Awful1 star

Not good

- Too many Cooks Spoiled the pot!3 star

We have 3 three Comedy Actresses making a joke of a Drama movie! The Kitchen tried to be a gender switch version of The Godfather but Winds up feeling perfunctory! They wanted us to take Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish more seriously, but this was Unintentionally Funny 😂! Get out of the Kitchen!

- Awesome!!!5 star

I was really surprised with this movie! I did buy this movie. Even though it could of had a touch more action. But! I would really like to see a sequel to make up with lots of action!!!

- Where is the rotten tomatoes score1 star

BTW this got 20%. You include this for all other movies, why not this one?

- I can’t do laundry tomorrow night I’m5 star


- Over-rated4 star

I am so disappointed in this movie because it was quiet boring, and unrealistic. I wasted $20 on this. It was alright, but def wait to rent or you will be mad As heck.

- It’s AMAZING5 star

It starts out kinda slow but builds up and is amazing!

- Better than expected4 star

I really enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would. A lol 😂 and Kept my interest all the way through 👍

- The Kitchen1 star


- the movie is great5 star

i really enjoyed this movie, though i was waiting for more action. is it worth watching it? definitely.

- One of the best gangster movie I have ever seen!!!5 star

Omg this was big surprise it had lots of bad reviews and I say to myself say what the heck wrong with this movie it really really worth the watch and I want a sequel I highly recommend the kitchen to anyone it a must watch and don’t DON’T listen to the critics there wrong and it a definite must buy!!!!!

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Gottago64 - Decent all around3 star

The movie depicted exactly how women would have been portrayed at that time in that situation and place. Enjoyed each and every woman in their Lead role, also portrayed the complicated relationships as they became more successful in the take over of a male dominated business.

MichelleSG - So enjoyable5 star

The anticipation endured throughout this film for me - I was riveted until the very end. The three leads killed it, and I thoroughly enjoyed Haddish and McCarthy in these serious roles. Now, I know absolutely nothing about the graphic novel, so I'm unaware of any deviations from the original story, and frankly don't care. I thoroughly enjoyed this and will watch again for sure.

GreyMockingjay - Meh3 star

It was ight

westcoastgirl - Awful1 star

The trailer made it look awesome. The cast was horrible. I fell asleep in it more then once. Get your money back or don't watch in the first place. I love Melissa McCarthy but she was awful in this.

VeryP.O. - The Kitchen1 star

Rented it today but it won’t play! 👎🏻👎🏻 Return my $6.99 now! 😡 Says it’s not available! 🤬

No Love - Hard no !1 star

Just stupid. Hard pass !

J P Karelse - Insultingly Terrible1 star

An excellent case, an excellent premise, and what a horrifically puerile attempt to buck gender role stereotypes in the mobster genre. Except that the characters are so unidimensional and cliche, that they actually serve to reinforce the stereotypes they could have been presenting a counterpoint to. There are few movies I can't suffer through. This was one. I was angry at the waste of time and insulted at how terrible it is on every level. Didn't make it through to the end. Do yourself a favour: don't invest the time.

juliecrouse13 - Awesome!5 star

Great cast, story, sets, everything. Well done!

cgram - badass5 star

Very much enjoyed. Many surprises and some badass-ness. All three women were fantastic!

Oscar JM OXD - 😓1 star

Trailers looked amazing. Then, it turned out to be an absolute joke of a film. Easily one of the worse films of the year so far

six.feet.under - Not as bad as i thought3 star

Yeah its not movie of the year, sometimes its a but sketchy and theres definitely en editing problem, but they were good ideas and moments. Rent it if you want when its 0,99 or 2,99$ and relax. Not much action, a little, sometimes little suprises ans little twists. But should have been lot better

Grimluppin - Ok2 star

Some of the acting is too try hard. I would not pay to watch it.

bashian - Great5 star

Awesome movie

Meister Rob - Wasted Potential3 star

Not bad but not great. The actors involved give some great performances but the story & characters just ends up feels like wasted potential. Stream/rent it rather than buy it

Britneyfan92 - Didn’t mind it.3 star

It flopped at the box office. The reviews were savage but I actually didn’t hate it. Could it have been better? Yes of course it could. But I love these 3 actresses and I enjoyed the story.

RTReinhardt - Men bad women good1 star

The usual PC stuff.

Tesrgft - Ok3 star

Not great

Zapistafolly - Good cast2 star

Good cast but disappointing story. Never really picked up the pace, fell asleep

natbat9000 - Top movie5 star

Loved the movie and like the godfather, I’d love to see a sequel

prawn connery - Where is it?=1 star

I pre-ordered and expected it on th 5th November - but it isn’t on iTunes yet - is it available or has iTunes a fault?

lawl baker - Genuine 70s feel4 star

I liked this film even if the subject matter and storyline have been done before. It’s a steady paced movie that will transport you back to the 70s for sure. My only criticism is some of the lead actresses facial expressions, which at times appeared overly dramatic and unrealistic but minor criticism aside, I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.

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@the_real_pamela: We love humanitarian chef @chefjoseandres @WCKitchen. He's one of our Smile Starter Award winners: …

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We love humanitarian chef @chefjoseandres @WCKitchen. He's one of our Smile Starter Award winners:…

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@Livabl_: Weighing the pros and cons of the 4 most popular kitchen layouts: #interiordesign …

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