Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Summary and Synopsis

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham return to their unforgettable roles as Hobbs and Shaw in this action-packed feature from the blockbuster Fast & Furious franchise! For years, hulking lawman Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and lawless outcast Deckard Shaw (Statham) have traded smack talk and body blows. But when cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist Brixton (Idris Elba) gains control of an insidious bio-threat that could alter humanity forever, Hobbs and Shaw must partner up to bring down the only guy who might be badder than themselves! Ever since US Diplomatic Security Service Agent Hobbs and lawless outcast Shaw first faced off, they just have swapped smacks and bad words. But when cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist Brixton's ruthless actions threaten the future of humanity, both join forces to defeat him. (A spin-off of “The Fate of the Furious,” focusing on Johnson's Luke Hobbs and Statham's Deckard Shaw.) Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Wiki

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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Movie Reviews

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- Boring, uninspiring, predictable...1 star

Loaded with fake looking chase and fighting scenes while devoid of any semblance of engaging plot or character development. So much fighting you, thankfully, get a break from the lackluster, uninspiring script. Action sequences are entirely predictable, and humor is juvenile. Take my advice and spend your money on a film that won’t leave you saying...”Crap- that’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back..,”

- Watch the floor for fun1 star

Better off eatin the money u spend of this garbage. It should have never been made but since it’s the rock, the studio just gave it to him cause he cried like a baby to get it.

- Character crossfire4 star

Thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Statham and Johnson, the film not so much. The pace slowed in spots and almost came to a standstill in a couple of places with a bit of over-indulgence in the banter. It’s an entertaining film, nonetheless.

- Terrible movie1 star

Honestly should’ve been named something else. Just pointless.

- Doesn’t Fit1 star

Out of place from the series. Unoriginal story, movie with predictable plot. Hobbs and Shaw dissing each other isn’t comical. Not recommended.


TUESDAY MARCH 2 25 (2021)

- Great!!!!5 star

This movie is really good. Definitely recommend this movie. Deserves 5 stars

- Not a Fast n Furious show!2 star

The action was good but didn’t have anyone from the Fast n Furious series.

- Don't waste your time2 star

Action overkill, unnecessary crude language and content, plenty of cheese.

- Yes5 star

It’s the best

- Hobbs and Shaw5 star

Loved this movie! Lots of fun and excitement, continuous action! Loved the actors and their characters! Great fun!katydid699

- Good movie 👍🍿5 star

I liked it

- Terrible and stupid CGI1 star

I always thought the F&F movies were entertaining except for the last few where completely doable (by professional drivers) “real” driving started to get replaced by stupid special effects and this one topped it all with worse than cartoonish CGI. It was a complete waste of time watching it. It’s unfortunate when there are real drivers out there doing insane and real stunts to be watching some very bad computer animation. I’m glad Paul Walker (RIP) don’t have to watch this crap. He was awesome!!!, not like this movie.

- Ibraham5 star

I really like it it was cool 😎

- Arabic subtitle5 star

Please we want a Arabic subtitle for it :)

- Too much green-screen1 star

Boring.... I want my $6 back

- Awesome5 star

I love this movie but don’t go with ur grandma!

- You should watch this if you like action movies5 star

Something that you should watch if you like the actors and action movies.

- Better than Expected5 star

A good fun movie. I thought this would be a dude. I was surprised how much I liked it.

- F and F and more Faster3 star

Ridiculous as you can imagine. Statham and Rock have good back and forth. Way too much going on in this movie. Exhausting by the final act. You've been warned!

- Lots of action -great dialogue4 star

Very enjoyable. No dull moment

- Amazing5 star

This movie is incredible

- worth it4 star

chould have been better but i enjoyed my 2 hours with this one.

- Unrealistic everything blow things up movie1 star

If you want some unreal eye candy and like mindless violence and flight scenes and silly one liners then you will love this movie. If you’re looking for a real movie with a story and some sense of realism then you will hate this movie. I personally was getting bored. The main actors did a nice job but the story and everything else what just stupid. The basic idea was interesting about a genetically modified soldier. All else went wrong. I’m surprised the rock would be in something so stupid. I’m sorry but I seen documentaries, romance and even comedy movies more interesting than this movie. I was watching YouTube videos on my phone to pass the time I was so bored. If you like mindless nonsense you will love this. If you want to stimulate your mind forget it.

- Mediocre3 star

Not what I expected from Johnson and Statham. The fight scenes were hard to watch. The battering between the two just seemed like two girls rambling about nothing. The whole movie didn't excite me much. Seemed like the last episode of the F&F. I will say the four wheelers were cool and the Samoan piece was cool. I didn't care much for the plot either. It was basically just blowing stuff up and talking smack.

- Awesome ride5 star

Hobbs and Shaw didn't disappoint. While it was different from the F&F franchise movies, it was similar in that it was fun, fast cars, beauitful women, funny, family strong, and blowing stuff up. A great movie for all ages, in our family, we span the number scale and we all loved it, a great way to celebrate the holiday together, watching this movie, laughing, and having a good time. Recommend to anyone that like the franchise characters but is looking for something a bit different.

- Coulda been worse3 star

Corny but entertaining.

- Weird4 star

Really funny movie but wierd

- I like the movie4 star


- Entertaining5 star

The movie was entertaining. Yes the trailers ruined most of the plot, but some of the sequences were welcomed surprises and the movie was funny and full of action and had great icons in it. It was a worthy spinoff and I hope it gets a sequel before Fast 10

- Not the best2 star

Not the best but enjoyable

- Terrible1 star

Don’t waste your money

- OMG1 star

Please stop with the fast & furious

- Predictable Movie1 star

Makes time go buy if you buy a 6 pack or 12

- Enjoy the FUN!!!!4 star

Critics should only review Green Tomatoes type movies. For the average person, Hobbs and Shaw was fun, exciting, great one-liners. Not to mentions a beautiful woman that could kick a*&!!! The movie flowed great and is definitely worth the buy. The fight scenes are fun without being corny, while we all know that we go to the movies to be taken out of reality with these types of movies. I'm not sure what all of you were expecting from a F&F spin off but this one is a good start for the, hopefully, second installment. The quick scene with Kevin Hart was awesome!!! As soon as he turned in the chair I started laughing. Rent or buy this movie. It will take you out of the norm and allow you to have fun for a hour or two. I bought it because I know that I will watch it again. These movies aren't meant to be Oscar winners people, they are meant to make sitting in a chair and losing yourseltf possible for just a little while.


I’ve enjoyed each of the Fast and Furious films and have always enjoyed the acting roles of the two principal actors in this iteration of an F&F movie. However, in spite of their best efforts, it seemed impossible to overcome an absolutely terrible, completely disconnected script. Many of the spoken lines sounded like a high school student wrote them as the film stumbled through one tableau action scene after another, with no apparent topic or continuity. Do Not Waste your money. This does not measure up to Previous F&F movies-not even close. Boring.

- I want my money back1 star

Unrealistic, boring, I’d like a refund😤😤😠

- Soooooloo lame1 star

From the first scene to the last, this movie uses the same old lame jokes to tell a story that is as empty as its budget was big.

- So, not reeeeally Fast & the Furious... but5 star

Who cares? This was an action-packed ride. Any dude worth his salt will love every minute of this movie. Well. Done.

- Falling short3 star

Love fast and furious series but, they tried way too hard on this one. Had it’s moments but overall fell short.

- Put this in my worst movie category1 star

Terrible movie , completely stupid , couldn’t wait for it to end .

- Stinks2 star


- Great movie!5 star

Definitely a different feel than the main fast movies, but the Rock and Jason did a great job! Very funny and enjoyable film!

- Boring and predictable1 star

5 minutes into the movie and I’m bored. The plot is predictable, the shooting and violence is a reflection of the current atmosphere in the United States. The film industry is part of the problem.

- The Two Characters that are more Furious than Fast4 star

They are the Two Sore Thumbs Of The Recent F & F movies! Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs And Jason Statham as Dekker Shaw And they come together reluctantly against an Enhanced Humanoid played by Idris Elba! And to help Shaw’s Sister played by Vanessa Kirby! Hobbs And Shaw felt try hard and paint by numbers in the way of Action scenes but it also works for that reason! You don’t get bored with the movie! I recommend it!

- So funny4 star

The excitement dwindles when the rock uses the movie to blast about his heritage, but very funny otherwise

- Boring1 star

Started watching it, but stopped 10 minutes in because I can’t like it.

- Good4 star

This was a good movie. It wasn’t your normal FF movie but it was still good. There some parts were you could see a little bit of FF but the other stuff not so much. The fighting was top notch. A lot fighting in this movie. But I understand it’s not for everyone but I liked it.

- Soooo bad....1 star

This movie is so ridiculous, it is almost comedy. It seems like a bad parody of an action movie. The terrible one-liners, bad acting, gratuitous scenes... it’s actually insulting.

- Mr. midnight1 star

Have you seen bad acting and a rubbish movie lately ?

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AngelOfLight1 - Epic Movie ⭐️5 star

Wow! Really awesome movie. Hobbs and Shaw all the way 🤩⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You two actors are my absolute favourite!

Houston's Mom - Good movie5 star

This movie is action packed and great to watch

The annoyed one! - Worth it!5 star

Just soooo funny! The Rock is great!

Ayush.ak96 - ✌️✌️5 star

Well done.

six.feet.under - Stupid action packed2 star

Less is more, anyone heard about that lol? Probably not the producers of that movie

20ryan20 - So good5 star

The best fast and furious movie hands down

Manning2072 - 👍👍👍👍👍5 star

Awesome 👏

smiley and me - The best5 star

The best

Undrgrndkng - Nope1 star


Chris P. Burger - Intense5 star

I recently saw it in the theatre and it was better than I thought it would be, the chase scenes are so well done and the fight scenes are awesome to watch, but what stood out was the soundtrack, the music brought you more into the scene (as if it was interesting enough already), excellent movie, highly recommend

Misterktl - Movie5 star

Amazing movie, you get a 5 star from me, I recently saw it and it’s amazing from start to finish

terminizer - Best summer movie at this moment!5 star

So good! HIGHLY recommend

😵🤢👁 - So good5 star

I love this app I can buy it for a day or two so it can get a good game for me too much and

awesomemoviereviewer - The best summer blockbuster of the year5 star

It’s an incredibly 80’s fighting action movie that is amazing 👌

geromia - 🔥💯🔥💯5 star

Sooooo good

Jucies - Love it5 star

Good movie

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MathOsGuru - Just a Messy Mistake ... Ugh!1 star

Title says it all. This was ridiculous, overboard CGI that was just way too far fetched. Laws of Physics are not from Earth in this movie, maybe from some other dimension? Producers and writers tried really hard to bring humor into play between Hobbs and Shaw, which was more rant than comedic relief. Just a silly movie that should be shelved as a B-Movie sci-fi, nothing-else-to-watch, film for emergency purposes when there is nothing better to watch. I like all the actors and actresses, but the producers really muddy them in this garbage. Not worth the rental price I paid on discount. I didn’t even watch the last 37 minutes, could not stomach any more of the nonsense. Hope this helps.

RBW55 - Guy movie4 star

Enjoyed it, lots of outrageous action scenes , and comedy. Wonderful locations and actually had a story line .

CâtAttâck - Better than expected5 star

Yes, it’s completely over the top and the action scenes will sometimes have you laughing out loud at how unbelievable they are. That’s part of the fun of the franchise. Is it highly unlikely that circumstances would lead to a battle with a Samoan war dance on one side and a superhuman cyborg on the other? Yes, of course. Am I more than happy to suspend disbelief and have a hootin time anyway? Heck yeah! If you judge a movie by how much you smile when watching it then you will not be disappointed here.

Tareq Hulali - Don’t waste your time1 star

This move shouldn’t belong to the fast and furious series. New technology has ruined these moves and made them more fictional. There is not story, but rather too much fighting and flying cars instead of racing.

Ravenous19 - Pretty Bad Movie1 star

Not what I expected, friends dragged me to see this film and it was lame and Dwayne Johnson even couldn’t save this film, a rip off super hero film at its best

KG2631 - Meh3 star

From hte previews it looked like it was going to be good...not so much! Weak storyline

Bri1024 - Awesome5 star

Just watch it! Great action movie!

Tony4qts - This is the Dwane Johnson move1 star

Waste of time. It’s all about Dwane Johnson. Don’t even know why what’s his face would even agree to do such a crappy movie. It sucked don’t waste your time

Roughridersv - Typical Another Action Movie2 star

Could have been better.

Danny Reichart - CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE1 star

I cringed through a LOT, then when they end up on the island with no guns but a bunch of custom cars and fighting sticks, I walked out. What a stupid movie.

Gracie_Lou_82 - Meh3 star

Ok so there were some funny parts. The insults between them were funny at times. N the mentions of their other movies were kinda haha but not like crack up n laugh. N I didn’t expect to see Kevin in the movie. Parts of it were so sifi that it’s like wait what am I watching. But for the macho man who adores over the top action this movie is for yah. But for me, I’ve been with the F&F franchise from the get to go..... at a certain point u have to say hey let’s make it different n better. Which I get it, it’s hard to do cuz Hollywood ran out of original ideas long ago. So maybe I’m excepting to much by asking for original free from the box thinking. Oh well. Watch it for yourself and u be the judge of what u like. 😉

a fan of mr. attenborough - Couldn't make it to the end1 star

i never saw a really bad "the rock" movie. Now i did.

1349506 - Alright2 star

Way over the top. Not that great!

Devan frost - Unbelievable trash1 star

Wow this movie is ridiculous. Watching it now and heck this belongs and Superman stunts belong in a marvel movie. So unrealistic. Oh and wow are the bad guys horrible at shooting. I mean how hard is it for 30 men to kill an oversized self absorbed rock. lol

Quidore - Hobbs & Shaw3 star

I realize that actions flicks aren't going t0o deliver any real substance, but Hobbs and Shaw is below even that average. The sophomoric insults became tiring pretty fast, the jokes lacked much in the way of snap or wit. It was fun to watch, but that's aboit it.

Tony two time - An hour through... will this movie ever end?3 star

Yawwwwwwn movie looked amazing in the preview. Big fan of the rock in most movies and jason statum, but this movie was too cheesy. Didn’t know it was a bunch of futuristic bologna or I wouldn’t have bought it. The motor cycles drive themselves and bend into all shapes I thought that was stupid.

Dibendal - Great movie5 star

The movie has good entertainment for all family. Good casting according to action movie whit two hours of amazing drama.

Daniwolf009 - The best5 star

Love the movie

trying to find a handle - A fun ride, but special effects?3 star

This movie was ok, problem is the special effects are becoming a joke! Nothing remotely realistic in much of it. They just seem to be making humans, superhuman.

Professor101 - Slow & Furious1 star

Disappointing. Made for an audience of 12-year olds.

DannyOceans95 - Fresh Trash1 star


BamaGirlGing - What a silly pile of crap2 star

This movie was a total waste of my time, energy, and money! I was so very disappointed in the boring nonsense of it all.. I literally had to force myself to get through to the end! Zzzz....

Sideoutrider - Eh...1 star

Don’t watch it, it’s not that great. Save your money and go buy yourself a drink instead.

carl hemmings - A fun adrenaline rush!!5 star

Hobbs and Shaw is a fun action packed movie ,fast cars fast girls ,an all round entertaining movie and in no way the worst thing you’ll ever. see,5 out of 5 I loved it

Faithor - waste of money1 star

Had a bad plot, storyline, etc. and it became abundantly clear that these two main actors knew that the novie sucked while filming because their acting was very poor compared to their performance in other movies. Their hearts weren’t in this, they just wanted easy cash. I don’t blame them either, with such bad lines and a bad story. This movie relied 100% on those actors reputations and special effects. But the actors knew it was a flop while filming and you can see it in their acting.

Jucin - What in the ....1 star

So it was either crappy because the actors got greedy and decided to be listed as producers or the screenplay was that crappy. Some of the scenes were so off too lol. They start fighting at night then it’s sunny then it’s raining lol.

jacob197491038 - They try roo hard3 star

Movie tries to incorporate famous actors to compensate for their lack of story. Also the name could just be hobbs and shaw, they put “fast and the furious presents” title so more people would watch it

Matthew Leal - This movie it was very good movie....5 star

I watched Hobbs and Shaw today on my laptop on my iTunes. Hobbs and Shaw it was very good action movie, very exciting, entertaining, and lots of action packed. I enjoy this movie 🎥. It’s very good movie to watch Hobbs and Shaw. I recommend this movie to everyone...

DominickBattiato - Too much action4 star

Too much action if that’s a thing

JGG565 - Pop1 star

Let is go Dwayne. This franchise should have ended 10 movies ago.

LucianWinters - What. The. Fffffffffff1 star

This was just too much bs to be good, overall. There were good moments, but those were few and far between.

unionmad3 - Enjoyed it overall5 star

Lots of action dumb fun great overall movie loved it.

Wildcat 77042 - WOW5 star

This is what I call an action movie!

Ugotta_B_Kidding - Not Bad...4 star

In spite of a decent plot it tends to be a bit disjointed in places, though not enough to ruin the movie. Surprisingly, Ryan Reynolds was the weak link in the cast. Idris Elba was great as a super villain. Rock, Jason and Vanessa turned in outstanding performances and the supporting cast - especially Helen Mirren and Cliff Curtis - were very good. The stunts, chases, fights etc were all top notch and also some very good pyro-technics. Everything was of course over-the-top and impossible but that's what we expect from Rock and Jason. Overall, definitely worth the money in spite of a few weak spots. Good action flick with lots of laughs and heart. 3.75 out of 5.

Malv0209 - Waste of my time1 star

Well nothing like any of the other movies of the franchise!

Adrian322 - I wanted to like this.1 star

Tbh Vanessa Kirby, Eliza, and basically all the female characters were the great part of the movie tbh, the rock though? He sort of ruin f&f even Tyrese with their trash talk which was so childish and the rock shouldn’t have stuck up to his level, made him look bad honestly. But if you want then, watch this movie to kill time but overall it’s nothing important.

Reviewmasta1 - Not Fast and Furious5 star

Biggest problem of this movie is that it is firmly associated with Fast and Furious universe. But like Mr. Nobody told Dom - there is a whole other world out there, world where people like Shaw live. This movie is completely about that world. It has almost nothing from F&F spirit except general motive that family is most important. I see how some fans can feel that this movie hijacks franchise and get upset. But I would advice to give a movie a chance to stand on it's on. That said - it's almost only flaw I could find. Rock and Statham have chemistry that I think was not developed to it's maximum, looking forward for sequel. Idris Elba is just great. Vanessa Kirby brought much needed feminine component into this sausage fest without becoming damsel in distress. Cinematorgraphy was excellent and effects were great - not too much, just enough. Plot is fine, a bit long towards the end. It's honest 4 star movie, rent it or buy it. I give it 5 stars, because I believe it could a beggining of something interesting.

gucci1751988 - Hobbs and Shaw5 star

Awesome action pack movie of a Jason statham and Dwayne Johnson.

Rebez - Not worth to rent, wait until it's out on TV2 star

I expected more from this movie. Idris is a great villain. Please don't make a swquel

jeffzemirah - Terrible1 star

Awful movie

Call of duty Commandos - Where’s the big race1 star

This movie was supposed to be about racing. Don’t get me wrong the action parts where great but it’s totally off from the whole franchise. I hope the next one has more racing parts in it.

kathconserv - Fun and silly action.5 star

There’s three hot men fighting and causing explosions. It’s hilarious. ;)

dj.dimples - Nopeeee2 star

The story was no good nice action but a failure by far just like tokyo drift CRAP

weregtyhbvcx - Really bad1 star

Very stupid story

Archy13 - Archy 133 star

For me it's just too much. I know its fiction but even then it's too much. And the comedy, well, it's just not funny. This is missing the atributes of the Fast & Furious. I hope they either quit or go back to the original story line. This is obviously owned by th Rock. But it's just way too over the top. I would rent it. But i'd wait to buy it & see what diresctions the F&F or Hobbs teams go.

Dongtabxn - hi5 star


Bski011 - Horrible1 star

Worst movie I have seen in a while and I actually liked all the other furious movies with the rock in them. Really bad , wish I could get my money back

ahhhhhhahh - Ahhhhhhhahh5 star

Super cool

Sila2e2po - Malo Uncle Rock!5 star

Some parts seemed to drag on and others were a bit dry BUT this is one hell of a movie. Not only does DJ speak in Sāmoan, but his brothers and Mama speak in Sāmoan WITH subtitles available. He really highlighted some beautiful cultural aspects and I’m grateful that he did that. He always finds some way to incorporate the culture into his work and this was the best one, in my opinion. So 5 stars from me, a 1st generation Tongan/Sāmoan womxn who loved seeing, hearing, and feeling the culture via this action film!

03juju - Wait for FF9!!1 star

More like fast & boring. Too predictable

5 star

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5 star

@paperssil: suki is the best part of the whole fast & furious franchise

5 star

@Being_Aman_: Sch Mein Yrrr ...© Speed Bahut Fast Hai Abhi....✓ 3 K Per Min Tweets Ho rha....✓ Jaldi 1 M + Kroge Jaldi Free Hoge... Ke…

5 star

@paperssil: suki is the best part of the whole fast & furious franchise

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5 star

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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw images

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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw posters
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw posters
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw posters
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw posters
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw posters
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw posters
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