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Just how bad can one day get? The creative minds behind Superbad and Sausage Party take on sixth grade hard in this innocent yet raunchy comedy. 12-year-olds Max, Thor, and Lucas decide to skip school in an attempt to learn how to kiss in time for a kissing party. Their odyssey of epically bad decisions involves some accidentally stolen drugs, frat-house paintball, and running from both the cops and terrifying teenage girls! A group of young boys on the cusp of becoming teenagers embark on an epic quest to fix their broken drone before their parents get home. Good Boys Wiki

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Good Boys (2019)

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- Ok3 star

It isn’t bad. People keep writing how it’s raunch movie having 12 year olds say raunchy thing is “wrong”. Guys, it’s a script. It’s JUST a movie. I wasn’t a fan of this movie. I didn’t hate it. I hope everyone gets more work off of this. I just thought the script was weak. And this is coming from a comedy fan

- Superbad turned into kids4 star

When i watched superbad i was surpised that superbad was a understood comedy classic that won't be forgotten. Good Boys came out and i was curious to what this was and it was like Superbad but with kids and not half as funny. All the jokes in this film were funny the first half of the movie was like PG and turned itself into a dirty movie like Sausage Party.

- Good boys5 star

Super funny 😂🤣🤣

- Don’t bother with reviews from millennials!5 star

They’re not educated probably, and they don’t know anything about arts and entertainment. The GOOD BOYS was a fun and hilarious movie, you will enjoy every minute of it!

- Idk5 star

I have not watched it yet but it seems bad but the trailers are amazing🥰🥰🥰🥰🙃

- Hilarious5 star

Many people are disliking this because the kids are swearing and talking about sexual relationships and all that. In the behind the scenes, they said in reality they don’t swear and it’s just acting! It’s completely fake! Fix yourself people! This movie is funny

- Phenomenal5 star

This movie was hilarious!!!

- Funny!5 star

I saw it in theaters and it was freaking hilarious. It’s not for everyone, but the funny parts in this film are pretty solid.

- Read this! (Haters too!)5 star

Okay, so there are a lot of people that are complaining about the fact that it has swearing and explicit references, BUT ITS RATED R! So don’t act like y’all were surprised. There are also a lot of complaints about the plot. Remember people, it was ONE DAY. There movie takes place in a day in the kids’ lives so it wouldn’t be realistic for them to suddenly age 40 years and become Buddha. Additionally, they are kids. The point was to remember how ridiculous you were when you were little, like demonstrating having a crush and the crazy logic of a middle schooler. It honestly was a very funny and enjoyable movie and the actors were spot on. Look, there is no violence besides a funny paintball fight and no blood. It’s touching and funny and I hope they make a sequel. Also I believe this movie should be 14+ Anyways that’s all and 100% amazing movie!

- ok3 star

People i meant parents anyways if ur gunna watch a movie watch the trailers i mean literally look at that title u expect this world to be some gud place do u know how schools r like in dis world now. Im just sayin dis cuz i saw a review sayin dis duude lettin their kids watch the movie and didnt expect to see anal beads and stuff and now their kids r like some kids in middle school sayin bad words and not knowing watch sex toys areand bad words what is dis review? lol writing reviews is fun


TUESDAY MARCH 2 25 (2020)

- Some gold nuggets here.3 star

Buried under some cringe moments. I like this film. And would watch again. Innocents is bliss. And it’s nice to remember what that was like.

- Amazing5 star

I thought this was a very funny movie yes it is a bit inappropriate but what do you expect going to watch a comedy movie overall I recommend watching this fantastic movie.👍🏾

- Couldn’t stop laughing5 star

Was not expecting this movie to be as hilarious as it was, but the world really did need a slapstick and crass movie that had kids as the main characters. It was such a hilarious movie.

- Good boys5 star

I love this movie we need more of these

- Funniest film in years!5 star

Superbad and South Park mixed. If you like that humor you’ll like Good Boys.

- Best parts are in the trailer1 star


- Not funny1 star

Cursing lots of kids with dirty mouths not funny

- Funny5 star

Very funny!

- Worst movie ever1 star

I thought I might be good by the trailer but it’s alwful don’t pay for it

- Boo1 star

Don’t waste your time

- Good Boys4 star

I dont know why these parents are complaining in the review this movie is rated R for a reason. Maybe actually watch the trailers before taking your kids to watch a movie. But anyways i loved the movie it was hilarious obviously only funny because its kids doing/saying adult things that they have no idea what it is. It is definetly worth a watch but not really age appropiate for kids hence its rated R. Seth Rogen wins again-

- Funny Movie3 star

It’s like Superbad had kids

- Spoilered2 star

The trailer is a sizzle reel of the funniest parts, so watch that and save yourself the rental fee or wait till it lands on cable. The comedy isn’t enough to hold it together. Maybe we’re in the wrong demographic, this movie is probably funnier for people closer to middle school aged.

- Eh2 star

I mean, really not for me. It might be for you. The comedy was a little try hard. Some slightly funny moments, but overall predictable and lame.

- hahahaha5 star

one of the best this year !! the whole cinema were laughing so hard

- Awesome5 star

Funniest movie I’ve seen in a WHILE.

- Killed by a Trailer3 star

Here's a quote to summarize my experience with this film: "that part probably would've been funny if i didn’t already see it in the trailer." It was ok.

- Not what I was expecting2 star

Seth & Evan usually have great projects. This wasn’t living up to any expectations and anything remotely good was spoiled in the red band trailer. Mostly boring.

- Good boys5 star

I never see this movie in my life

- Just boring1 star

Flat humour, predictable plot, plodding. Waste of time.

- Hilarious!5 star

Those saying it’s inappropriate, then why did you pay to watch it??

- Good boys review5 star


- This is so funny5 star

Omg it’s so funny and these little kids act like this I recommend watching this

- Awful1 star

Wouldn’t waste money on it.

- The cutest movie!!!5 star

I loved this movie! It was hilarious!! Hope to see another one like it in the future!!!

- I agree...1 star

...with the plethora of other reviews that said this movie is a waste of money. The funny parts are mostly all included in the preview. Aside from that, the story had little arc, and the characters develop minimally. We have no reason to really care about these specific 6th graders compared to the others. I can stomach vulgarity, but this movie was just purely badly constructed and sold itself on the novelty of having 12-year-olds cuss and get exposed to sex toys.

- Good boys1 star

Would no play $5.99 down the drain

- Haven’t seen it5 star

I have not seen the movie but I know it’s awesome it’s so funny and not a waste of your time and money but it is a little inappropriate but 5 stars fir sure

- Hilarious and wholesome!5 star

Don’t listen to the prudes below. This movie excelled in its writing, acting, and plot. I really hope it gets a sequel in the future!

- Save your $6 bucks1 star

A) If you saw the previews you already got your 2-3 laughs. No need to purchase/ rent the movie. B) if you like kids swearing with no actual comedy baseline then this movie is for you. C) save your time and money, not funny at all.

- Not Good and Unoriginal1 star

So overall I disliked the movie. Its comedy at times was funny, coming from a senior in high school, but most of it seemed like shockvalue stuff just to get you to be like "danm a little kid shouldnt be having anal beads". What is shown in the previews is the majority of the funny original parts in the movie. The rest of the movie is clearly just a copy of Superbad except for the factthat instead of theam being highschoolers they are middle schoolers.

- So hilarious5 star

Loved it

- It’s good3 star

The movie is pretty good people need to loosen up...and take the sticks out there butts..

- So awesome5 star

Best comedy I’ve seen in a long time!

- 0 out of 10 Reccomend1 star

Had hopes for this movie, sadly it was a bust. There are a couple of funny jokes, sight gags but all in a terrible movie. The Cool Kid-6th Graders weren't even that cool they were just obnoxious. The funniest parts of this movie were in the Trailer. 0 out of 10 Reccomend.

- Disappointed3 star

Disappointed that there were only a few lol funny/ memorable scenes...

- c.coco5 star

It was hysrical. The kids are adorable and funny.

- Not as good as you would think2 star

It’s cute, clerver-ish, but really not a good movie.

- Good Boys5 star

Smart and fah-knee!!! Perfect comedic timing with laugh out loud writing and delivery. Wonderful coming of age movie about kids negotiating their way around adult issues and topics, with complete naiveté, in a realistic fashion. Great fun to see the world through sixth grade eyes again.

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GTKB_MTL - Solid movie with lots of laughs4 star

Won’t win an Oscar, but stupid funny

Aarondude - Not great2 star

Has a few funny moments but a lot of the humour relies on kids swearing. It’s amusing at first but gets old after 15 minutes. The characters aren’t amazing either.

BillyIdolRocks - Horribly bad1 star

Boring and whoever thought Jacob Tremblay is a good actor?

film1993 - Hilarious!5 star

Did not disappoint, a must see

abc 123 $$$$ - Great movie5 star

Buy it

GreyMockingjay - Glad I waited1 star

A friend told to watch this. That friend is no longer allowed to refer movies to me. This movie is basically just Super Bad with little boys and made stupider. Don’t bother waisting your time

mynigggggggggggggggggggggggg - 👌👌👌5 star

great movie, hilarious

David0666 - Totally unexpected Hilarity5 star

So my wife was told that this movie was awesome so she rented it and it was absolutely HILARIOUS 😂

Mr. W. M. L. - Good movie4 star

Has some hilarious moments. A good coming of age flick. A bit slow at points but that needs to be to set things up. I would recommend this movie. 👍🏻

geromia - Funniest movie ever5 star

This movie will make you laugh the whole time. Also very well done. It is worth going to theatre to watch it.

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CADYN0302 - 🤣LMAO5 star

Omg I love this movie so much lmaoooooo

ACTS2:38. - PERVESION1 star


The Bread-Hancho - Hilarious5 star

The movie reminded me a lot of my own childhood, and yes it was just as wild. People that hate the movie need to stuff some Cheetos up there....

tessa lul - I love this movie5 star

I have not watched it yet but I am going to but it seem like a very good movie

that is boring - Money1 star

It was good but I remember I wasted my money

rikashade - Greatest movie ever!5 star

It is brilliant the best movie made to this day!!!

nba_cj - Good boys5 star

My favorite movie of all time now

Bombjamin - Funny af5 star

Why can’t all comedy movies be this funny

sweetheartiris - Super funny5 star

Awesome movie !!!!

JustMe8873 - Funny parts throughout the movie3 star

It took me a minute to get used to some of the crude humor coming from kids, but all in all not a bad movie. We purchased the movie before renting and I wished we’d have rented first because I’m not sure we’ll go back and watch this one again.

I eat books - Depraved and sad1 star

The fact that the masses like this movie shows just how bad it actually is. This vapid unrealistic look at friendship and teenage angst forgets one thing; our innocence tempers the emotional rollercoaster of puberty. This in turn is like a sort of pre-pubescent wisdom that makes us blend rather than stand out. School was never about everyone standing out. People are not that smart. Hence this terrible movie.

PandaABC4 - Movie was Fantastic‼️5 star

The movie was hella funny and i was laughing the whole time. To the people that didnt find this movie amusing, you obviously didnt know anything about it because in the trailer you can already tell its about sexual things. Dont be suprised and act like ya'll knew crap about anything. Like really what the hell did you expect? Besides that, this movie was hilarious and i loved every second of it. Definitley an extremely good purchase!!!!!!!

Bmwood980 - Great5 star

This movie was so funny!!!

bungger - Funny asf5 star

Got a good plot and funny acting it’s a definitely worth while movie the boomers writing the bad reviews don’t know humor 😂😂😂

Nachas fan - Stupid1 star

Really dumb

ToeUpFmThFloUp - Little Kids Swearing1 star

It’s funny the first couple times the kids say [email protected] then it just gets duuuuuuuuumb....

cancelprint - Funny Stuff5 star

I assume the one star reviews are from parents who didn't know what they were getting into with this movie. If you liked Superbad, you'll probably like this movie. Yes, it's inappropriate, but that's what makes it funny. And every kid has been through the same things in this movie, on some level. I thought it had smart writing and solid acting all around. I honestly feel bad for people who can't appreciate how funny this movie was.

mylyfemyrulz - Not a good movie at all1 star

I rented this movie with high hopes. I got 45 minutes into it and just turned it off. Didn’t even bother to finish watching it and usually if i spend money i watch the entire movie off sheer principle that i paid for it...not this one. I have no idea how is has 80% on rotten tomatoes. The five star reviews cant possibly be real.

Jamiful - Awesome, funny and smartly written5 star

I enjoyed every second of it, I laughed so much. It’s like a kids movie for adults.

Katiee Thompson - I loved it couldn’t stop laughing4 star

I loved it couldn’t stop laughing.

Smartarjan - It’s a banger5 star

Real funny movie hater comments are from parents

ameadadi - Amazing5 star

Best movie ever I like the part when he told them it is a kissing party and they freaked out😂

david262-6 - Good review5 star

This movie was super funny hopefully there’s good boys 2 pretty soon

pumblino - Adult humor4 star

It’s a dirty childish adult situation movie but with teens and tweens. Goes to show ya how much kids really do know about sex. Language very harsh but the rating is “R”. Not meant for children just because the actors are. However a movie about a boy’s first expected kiss and the troubles getting to it. However there were some funny lines. I laughed some.

Insoc - Haven’t laugh so much for a long time! Worthy successor of Super Bad.5 star

Haven’t laugh so much for a long time! Worthy successor of Super Bad.

ixworks - Half way through and haven’t laughed yet1 star

Not Great, Seth turns sausage party dialog into pre-pubescent teen dialog. That’s not a good thing.

Potatomanman - I laughed myself to a runny nose5 star

If you don’t think this is funny, you don’t deserve to watch comedies

ipad_two - Better than Superbad5 star

Funnier and more entertaining than Superbad, I was pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend. Being a fan of Superbad I didn’t think it was possible but it was better, very surprisingly good. All the characters were likable and funny unlike Superbad, with Jonah Hill getting annoying after a while.

xxxJäčkxxx - Good boys5 star

HILARIOUS the kids are so funny and do crazy things! I would definitely recomend

pholly - Not funny1 star

It’s just stupid, vulgar garbage. Kids acting like this isn’t funny, it’s sad and show why our world is and will continue to be a horrible place.

siyaunatg - Good boys5 star

This movie looks funny can’t wait to see it

abdullah.akhtar08 - What a disappointment!1 star

Had such high hopes, I was excited after watching the trailer but what a crap movie! Won’t recommend at all!

Iryb - Brilliant5 star

The timing and the jokes are so on point! The kid actors are phenomenal. This is the first movie I can remember that realistically portrays 6th graders. Usually they are unrealistically cute, sweet and proper (I’m looking at you, Disney), which is nauseating. In this movie, kids use slang, profanities and make statements about sex, but half the time they have no idea what these terms mean and that’s what makes it ironically hilarious! Bravo writers.

kraws5 - Don’t waste your time...1 star

I laugh at the absolute stupidest movies, but this was just painful to watch. PLEASE spend your money and time on something else.

panda04 - Hilarious!!!5 star

This movie was awesome! I wanna buy it. I watched it twice in my rental time period. I bet all the bad reviews for it come from the moms & dads that saw it thinking it was gonna be like a Disney movie.

Jonmikey - Hilarious5 star

Too funny with a great moral story!

Cherry Parks - The language was too much!!!!2 star

The kids are too young to say what they were saying. Let kids be kids and I don't think it was that serious as a 6th grader.

JTM_71 - Horrible1 star

Funniest part of this whole movie is the trailer. Not good at all. Save your money.

ArhturVandelvay - Not worth your time1 star

Terrible. A waste of money.

Missdivagoddess - Funny5 star

Funny movie

RazorChild - It was funny5 star

I had a great time with this film. It's good for some laughs and certainly far better the most of the shlock that were pawned off as comedy films. It may not be the Hangover, but it was amusing.

Darksoul🖤 - Hilarious5 star

I don’t get how people would dislike this movie. I thought it was hilarious, but that’s me. Everyone has a different opinion. I would recommend this movie to friends tho.

hermoine.x.slytherin - I mean...5 star

The trailer was nice, and all the reviews, wow... if u have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.JUST RATE IT AND GO.

brettrowerowerower - Cheesy1 star

Not very good

Cesarrendon0010 - Great movie5 star

I know this wasn’t what I was expecting but it was worth watching if you are bored and really want to entertain yourself, but it worth watching. I really enjoyed this film.

vicrum5000 - Debased1 star

Why are children of this age in a movie holding anal beads and dildos? This is just another twisted attempt by the hollywood pedophiles to normalize pedophillia and sexualize children. What kind of pathetic parents would allow theor kids to star in a movie like this? Pathetic stage parents living vicariously through their children and allowing god knows what to happen. Disgusting.

zayzaywave - Good boys1 star

The moving was so boring and dumb I watched movies that was more better tha. This one like why would you come out with this move it’s so dumb👎👎👎👎👎👎🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 see its trash and dodo

Topher2577 - Funny5 star

Great for a good laugh

Dfhhhhffddffgh - I agree with everyone else2 star

I didn't like how the language was uncalled for and one of those kisses were gross in kissing you don't let your spit fallout it was not a good movie

Meowmeowboy - Not funny1 star

I felt that second hand embarrassment.

5 star

@Braves: Good morning. The boys are BACK! #ForTheA

5 star

@Braves: Good morning. The boys are BACK! #ForTheA

5 star

@sophlohh: The boys are coming into town today. It’ll be a good weekend!!! @mariahhhnavarro @karenbemi

5 star

boys that have goals, nice fashion sense and are good with kids is attractive

5 star

@Braves: Good morning. The boys are BACK! #ForTheA

5 star

@kirstybshevlin: soo sexy when boys r good with kids

5 star

@Braves: Good morning. The boys are BACK! #ForTheA

5 star

@Braves: Good morning. The boys are BACK! #ForTheA

5 star

@Braves: Good morning. The boys are BACK! #ForTheA

5 star

@Braves: Good morning. The boys are BACK! #ForTheA

5 star

@kirstybshevlin: soo sexy when boys r good with kids

5 star

@Braves: Good morning. The boys are BACK! #ForTheA

5 star

@kirstybshevlin: soo sexy when boys r good with kids

5 star

Boys if you DM your cock at least take a good picture😘😋

5 star

@Braves: Good morning. The boys are BACK! #ForTheA

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