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Ready or Not Summary and Synopsis

READY OR NOT follows a young bride (Samara Weaving) as she joins her new husband's (Mark O'Brien) rich, eccentric family (Adam Brody, Henry Czerny, Andie MacDowell) in a time-honored tradition that turns into a lethal game with everyone fighting for their survival. A bride's wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying game. Ready or Not Wiki

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In-Laws Can Be Murder..

Ready or Not Movie (2019)

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Ready or Not Movie Reviews

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- Queen5 star

This movie f**king slaps!

- Great movie5 star

Loved it

- Not ready for this stupidity1 star

The movie should have been under the comedy genre. It offers moments of humor. The acting is terrible and though you want to cheer for the lead actress; the story line is so lacking that you will find you just don’t care.

- Wicked, fun, violent, cheesy and hailrious4 star

Ready or Not is like when your childhood game hide and seak but instead of run away from your encounter instead there's wicked violence and powerful performences that root for this film. Samara Weaving gives a likeable performence of her career and the concept of this film is cheesy but flawed as it may seem Ready or Not is still fun, violent and has a dark feel to other black comedies for certian you will never get bored.

- Outstanding5 star

Easily one of my top five favorite films.

- Amazing!5 star

The plot was so simple at the start... but I could feel something was off. I was not expecting the end at all. The acting sucked you in and the plot made you stay on your toes. The effects were gorgeous, and the ending was shocking. The only part I questioned was the part in the car. Even if someone was stealing a car and you would have to shut it off, they wouldn’t just sit there. Not only that, but if someone was that emotional and frantic, I do not think they would have shut it off like that. But also, why would she hit the button? Drive off a safe distance and THEN do it. Besides that, this movie was stunning. The character concepts and growth was clearly seen. I also loved how you had to figure everything out and by the time you figured it out it was almost too late. Will watch again😁

- AWESOME5 star

I love this movie. Sooooooooo gooood. It’s suspenseful and funny. Highly recommended it!

- Wasn’t scary, only mildly humorous2 star

A horror movie that doesn’t take itself seriously and lacks any real scares in lieu of comedic gags that only half land. Basically, if you have literally NOTHING else to do or watch, it’s not a bad movie to watch but I wouldn’t rave or write home about it.

- To be honest...5 star

This is one of those underrated movies that is thrown under the bus by big names, but if you dare to watch it you’ll have a fun, exciting, breath of new air perfectly executed dark humor / horror movie. And look, I understand some people expected jump scares horror ( which was there I got chills ) just know that there are different types of horror all over the world, it doesn’t have to be a certain way. And the performances were fantastic, huge and perfect emotions from samara weaving ( who was also in mayhem, perfect movie ) so a message to the world, get ready for your new scream queen. While this movie might go a little soft on the horror aspect it still delivers, and did I mention the set pieces, soundtrack and visuals were just the stuff of dreams... and nightmares. What I’m trying to say is overall it’s the perfect movie with a perfect formula, loved by critics, fans and movie goers alike. It’s also perfect for beginners to horror, and also a good movie for horror fans too, so overall... 5 Stars!

- bad reviews?? why??5 star

it’s good and entertaining i wouldn’t listen to the other reviews and you’re really thinking until the end of the movie if Mr. Le Beil is real or not. it also has plenty of surprising scenes and some are comical, and the acting is good so it feels more real

- Satanic1 star

I don’t like movies that include satanic worshipping and chants. There is no warning in the trailers about this.

- awfull1 star

why did they make this movie? its not funny its not scary is just AWFULL

- Great movie!5 star

This one actually shocked me at how great of a movie it was!

- Very good movie5 star

Again people cant enjoy this movie because they don't pay attention and that’s why some people cant recognize the humor. Next time for people who say they don't like this movie, watch it again!

- Ready or Not4 star

It starts out slow but it gets fast paced, The action parts in the movie were good watch she went through, seeing her dress progess throughout the movie was interesting. The ending was not that good in my opinion i thought it was a little cliche but even then the movie was really good definetly worth a watch and buy.

- An ok movie3 star

It is hard to really find a good horror movies these days. This one is ok. Not the best movie but at least it didn't make me fall asleep.

- AMAZING5 star

This was one of the best movies I have ever seen. The acting, the twists, the turns. The main character was awesome. She needs to be on more movies for sure.

- Thoroughly enjoyed5 star

This was a great funny movie that was very much grounded in reality. The “escape the killer” thing has been done before of course but this is a fun interesting take on it. Definitely enjoyed it.

- braindead1 star

I find all the 5 star reviews here unfathomable and highly suspicious. This is film bearly deserves 1 star. Everything about it was braindead and appalling. Save your money, and more importantly your time - a terrible waste of 95mins that could be spent elsewhere.

- Fun!!5 star

A wild ride from start to finish!!

- Really good5 star

I liked it a lot

- Heck yeah5 star

Totally not what I expected... but I loved it anyway!

- Entertainingly funny in a dysfunctional way5 star

Samara nails it!

- Campy horror that works!5 star

Some laughs, so good suspense, some gore, and pure entertainment.

- Messed up funny4 star

It’s a really messed up funny kind of movie. You know you should y laugh but the characters make it funny by their commentary. Be prepared for some “Holy crap!” moments

- Great Movie5 star

Great movie! I really liked it.

- Good, fun movie5 star

I personally loved the movie, Samara is an amazing actress in her own right, but along with that, the story is fun and a good watch. The sense of humor that happens in the movie is great and not too much

- Dope movie5 star

Iz Gud

- I liked it4 star

I almost didn’t rent because of all bad reviews didn’t want to waste my money. But I would say money well spent. It’s a good movie.

- Ready or not5 star

Good movie .

- Good movie5 star


- This should say Psychological Thriller not horror, that kept me from watching and it’s a GREAT one!!5 star


- Straight trash1 star

Wow 88 in tomatoes? Now I know these critiques are bribed for real. The director cannot seems to make up his mind whether the movie is horror, action, or comedy. Cliche, and highly predicable throughout the movie. Would not even pay a dollar to rent

- the evil that owns the world5 star

the reason for movies like this, is because the deepstate is about to be exposed and they want things like this to feel normal in our subconscious. if your exposed to enough of something you don’t pay attention to it. this is also why netflix keeps producing movies with underage pedo crap. we will never accept this. Never.

- Liked it enough to watch it again4 star

Ready Or Not is more suspense-thriller/black comedy than horror and that's okay with me. I enjoyed it and was thoroughly entertained. There were several plot twists that I didn't expect, and Samara Weaving was terrific. Even my wife, who doesn’t normally watch this kind of movie, thought it was well-done. I'm sure I'll eventually watch the movie again.

- Beyond Stupid1 star

Did Rotten Tomatoes get paid significantly well to arrange the reviews on this? And, poor Andie MacDowell - what has happened to her career to make her think this was something good to do? The entire movie was a waste or time from start to finish. Predictable and not fresh at all.

- Surprisingly Fun5 star

This movie was great, all around fun. Twists and turns, and a blast. Worth watching!!

- Andi MacDowell As Wooden As Ever.....1 star

As is literally everyone in this boring crapfest. If there were a Dynasty movie with guns and crossbows...

- So bad it should have negative stars rsting1 star

I love tou so much that I’m not only going to not tell you about the possibility ( if he truly loved her, he’d either break up with her or being a few guns on him and kill everyone in the room once the card is drawn. Jesus, I can write better than this.

- Wait till it's $12 star

One or two interesting scenes but generally Tedious & annoying. Terrible acting (with exception to the lead role) & totally inconsistent plot. I think iTunes needs to hide this one.

- Not funny or scary2 star

A fine film to waste a couple hours watching but instantly forgettable.

- Give me back 1:36 min of my time2 star

Wow... in a bad way. I was hoping it would get better 30 mins in but it didn’t. However, I’ve seen worst twisted horror movies than this...

- Pretty Prosaic Anti-Rich Hate Film2 star

If you enjoy Us and Get Out, you'll enjoy this film. It is just a shallow, focusing all of its ire on a class of people for no other reason than bigotry.

- Great movie5 star

This movie doesn’t get the love it deserves. It’s a great mix of comedy and horror with a ending you aren’t sure which way will go. Rent it if you aren’t sure about it like I did, then buy it like I did lol

- So good5 star

This movie was great! I don’t get all of the negative reviews from people. It’s what it promises to be and was a fast pace movie that keeps your attention.

- 🙃🙃🙃🙃3 star

Simply a fun movie with its ups and downs!

- Post Trump - Shallow story. Underlining politics2 star

A clear message about the white, blonde hair and blue eye female not needing the prince to protect them.

- garbage1 star

why anyone would find this good is beyond me. Not funny, not scary, not interesting, not original, need I go on?

- What? Good reviews?1 star

Not sure what is going on. These good reviews have to be bought and paid for. Because this movie is terrible. The plot is totally lame. There is no humor at all like they marketed it to have. The direction is some of the worst I have ever seen. For example (without spoiling anything) if you are being chased, what are you screaming for? So they will find you? Or is it because you are such a terrible actor that you can’t do anything else? The latter for sure. What a waste of time. The entire movie plays out in the 2+ minute trailer so if you just watch that you will save a lot of time and some money.

- Awesome5 star

A new kind of horror/thriller...

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kani kan - Double garbage1 star

Some people are better at watching a movie than to direct one. I blame the 2 directors for this lemon.

Epitaph84 - Ready or Not5 star

Great movie. Don’t listen to the negative reviews.

Xochitl7 - Trash1 star

Worse than mars attacks this is pure garbage not scary or romantic or entertaining at all and the ending is when you ask your self did I really just wasted that time for this, there is nothing good about it

Derek DarkHeart - Typical but very enjoyable5 star

It had all the typical tropes of a horror movie, but with enjoyable performances by the actors involved. They really ham it up with each character which is what I loved most. It’s worth the watch.

lucradiste - It’s ok3 star

The tone is all over the place. It also isn’t the type of movie I was hoping for based entirely off the trailers, which if you go in expecting more scenes like in the trailers, don’t you’ve seen them all. It isn’t the kind of movie it’s sold as. Still not bad but it feels like a long tease that never gives you what you want.

six.feet.under - Re-heated2 star

Youve seen everything in this movie many times. Its stupid and lame. Was expecting so much.

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105885 - decent4 star

kinda like scott and tucker vs evil lots of accident deaths not bad though

vikingz2000 - I Want...1 star

... back my money and the time I wasted. I thought it would get better, but it didn't. If you like watching movies that attempt to eleveate its worthe with F..F..F...F...and F and F and F, then I suppose that's who and what you are. But at least I forwarned you not to make the same mistake I did viewing this horrible so-called comedic horror movie.

DanteCronenberg12 - Not3 star

Trailer gives it all away. Bummer!! Love these sort of dark re-imaginings, but this one just writes itself into a corner. Was hoping for much more of a bloody romp, with twists and turns, but alas this one runs out of gas pretty quickly. If you have not seen the trailer, then you may enjoy the film!

Dasser - Oh If Critics Like it I should too1 star

It was horrible and it was not for me but if you like wasting money by all means go ahead.

Mswally505 - Ready for fun...4 star

I really kind of liked this movie. So for people who didn't dig it, they probably thought it felt like an old Clue movie from the 90s...Colonel Mustard got Mrs Peacock in the study with the revolver. But trust me, this movie is more of an updated version. This dysfunctional family is the epitome of nightmare in laws. I liked Andie MacDowell in here but she does do the same fake southern accent in every role she takes, no idea why? Anyway, our heroine is quite likable. The rest of the family is convinced if they do not follow the game's rules they will end up with an unfavorable fate. Now this whole allegory wraps up nicely in the end. At first I didn't like the ending because of how literal it is but now I see that was the point. Don't take it too seriously, you'll laugh and have some thrills, give it a go!

a_different_kind_of_christian - A+ Horror Comedy5 star

I remember when 'You're Next' came out, and everyone was raving about it. When I watched that movie, I didn't get the hype. 'Ready or Not' is everything that I wanted 'You're Next' to be. Keep in mind this movie is more 50% thriller, 30% comedy, and 20% horror. So if you're looking for Shaun of the Dead, this isn't your movie. Ready or Not packs a punch, I definitely jumped at the scares and laughed at the jokes. And holy balls, the lead actress's scream!! She must have been drinking herbal teas for a month after they made this movie. Overall, one of my favorites of the year.

Thulsa Goon - Misses the mark1 star

This movie wants to be a horror comedy, but it never quite gets the pacing right. It wants to be empowering to the female lead, but doesn’t nail that either. Finally, Samara Weaving drops the n-word with a hard “r”, making her character just as oblivious and out of touch in her privileged whiteness as the family that she’s supposed to be better than. Ready or Not had everything going for it, but the filmmakers were so excited about the concept that they forgot about the details. One star.

Mr. X the writer - A scary (and hilarious) good time5 star

This movie is super funny and super bloody! I loved every second of it! Super entertaining!! Super satisfying!!

FurdTerguson - Great!5 star

Great, great, great, great x infinity

Anonymous Person! - Wild ride!!5 star

Very solid horror movie. Excellent acting, and the main actress is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen haha definitely worth a purchase!!!!!

Gknee12 - Fast paced, thrilling, fun5 star

Very different, but entertaining storyline. I will watch again

A.Ketbi90 - Watch it5 star

So much fun !

Gut Cramper - Doesn’t take itself too seriously. Loved it.5 star

This movie is brilliant. If you want to watch a serious horror movie, you should look elsewhere. If you showed up with an open mind and a sense of humor, you will love this one. I would probably have categorized it as ‘dark humor, with gore’, rather than horror.

PolyJohn - You Should Watch It1 star

88%. Reviews must be bought and paid for. Certainly the big movie houses read these scripts before they spend their money in production, right? It’s a ritual. They all explode. I hope it wins best picture. Apple, are you going to take my review down because it is not for your benefit?

Pumpone sucker.. - Worst movie ever1 star

This entire movie was tradh, ir wasnt even chuckle funny, there was never any horror/suspense. The lead actress couldnt play driftwood on water. Skip this movie.....

Britneyfan54 - Thrilling, Entertaining, Amazing!5 star

This film was quite fantastic! Cannot wait for it to be released!!! I will be purchasing it on iTunes, so I can watch it again ASAP, and also on Blu-ray, so I can share it with my loved ones : )

JackSkelling - Great Flick5 star

Great, fun flick! Comedic, bloody, action packed...what more can you ask for? This was a great movie, for sure.

Aurelio Ventrella Jr - Women Empowerment5 star

The year of woman empowerment has has made a transition to our horror genre. Woman were always the brains behind the Muscle! Now, They are becoming the action stars! Good for them!

Zombiebatman1234 - Original5 star

I really like the movie for being something original that I had not seen before.

EVILJUSTIN - Clever, unique, and brilliant horror flick!5 star

NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW!! Advice to everyone: skip trailer, and don’t go in expecting an Oscar worthy movie. It’ll make you like it 10x as much! Ready or not is a movie about a bride named Grace. She gets married to her dream husband and lives with him and his wealthy family. Then they play hide and seek, blah blah blah then you have a horror movie. Sounds like a simple plot done millions of times. Ready or not knows that, and decides to make it into something special. The thing I loved so much about this film is the comedy. Comedy: The comedy in this movie is laugh out loud. I’ve never laughed so hard! It has dark humor in it, and if you’re willing to still watch it, you won’t regret it. In horror movies, I hate when they try to do cheesy jokes. This movie has some cheesy jokes and it knows that. That’s what makes it sooo darn funny! Gore: Most gruesome movie I’ve seen this year. I watched Crawl (2019), Childs Play (2019), and Bright burn (2019). Each was gory. But Ready or Not had more gore than these movies. Not going to spoil things, but get ready for lots of bloodshed. Yuck! Suspense: You know when you play hide and seek, and the seeker is looking for you near the hiding spot your in? This movie does that with great suspension, and a fun score. The constant feeling that Grace is being looked for and sometimes almost found is a clever way of creating tension. While comedy might lighten the mood in one or two cases, it’s nonstop thrilling. End of movie/climax: LOL finale, and best way to end this movie. There is (minor spoiler?) a part where something satanic is being performed, but nothing over the top or explicit. Great end! Overall, Ready or Not is my favorite movie of 2019! Enjoyable, Funny and dark. Recommended!! 9/10 👍

FourUnderFour - Funny Horror Movie!5 star

I saw this with my mom and we both loved it! And My Mom hates horror movies, but she loved this! Funny characters and funny scenes! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!!! Adam Brody is amazing in this! If you liked him in Shazam, you’ll love him in this!

Boyinthestreets - Intense Horror5 star

This is how you make a good horror film. Absolutely loved it and will definitely watch again:)

Dubb513 - Little above average3 star

The general concept of the movie was great. Gore with the humor made this movie a movie to enjoy. It dragged though to the point where it got to the end you were like can this be the ending. Lastly the end was over exaggerated which would of made me have me recommend this movie to watch if u are board. Would of been a 4 if the ending wasn’t predictable and cheesy on the end result.

Nessy0613 - Was NOT Ready for this Twist!5 star

Fun to watch, suspenseful, and funny! Really enjoyed the acting in this one. Definitely would rewatch!

kingk005 - Soo good5 star

That ending thoo!!

Meghan Tierney - Could not guess where this was going.5 star

During most movies you can kind of tell how it’s going to end or what’s coming up. Not in this one! All kinds of comic relief.

Muffin2416 - Great movie5 star

This was a good horror movie and it was very intense

Superhero145 - Best end of the summer horror comedy of 2019!!!5 star

Ok I wasn’t expecting much from ready or not but it turns out to be great best horror movie I seen for a long time and an excellent performance from the female lead this a definite watch around Halloween or a scary movie night it worth the time and must buy!!!!

Peralta1393 - Intense5 star

I watch this movie and it was intense.

Katie Harness - Coolest movie ever5 star

Although it’s a horror movie it’s cool

ColorfulBLVCK - 100 percent5 star

This movie is great from beginning to end... it’s one great ride... worth your time. TRUST!

5 star

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or the racist and homophobic uncle (on god on god I was not ready for that reveal in s2 no spoilers) like that’s li…

5 star


5 star

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5 star

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