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When there is an assassination attempt on U.S. President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman), his trusted confidant, Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), is wrongfully accused and taken into custody. After escaping from capture, he becomes a man on the run and must evade his own agency and outsmart the FBI in order to find the real threat to the President. Desperate to uncover the truth, Banning turns to unlikely allies to help clear his name, keep his family from harm and save the country from imminent danger. After a treacherous attack, Secret Service agent Mike Banning is charged with attempting to assassinate President Trumbull. Chased by his own colleagues and the FBI, Banning begins a race against the clock to clear his name. Angel Has Fallen Wiki

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Loyalty is under fire..

Angel Has Fallen (2019)

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Angel Has Fallen Movie Reviews

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- I liked it5 star

Haven’t watch the first 2 but I need to

- Racist undertone4 star

Oh, so one person survives and the FBI person in charge automatically thinks that the survivor is the traitor. And why would one be the next in line director be stupid enough to plan an assassination? How stupid is that! And that FBI person happens to be a black woman. So, what is this movie saying? That blacks and women are dumb, and can’t see an obvious set-up when the whole audience can?! Action is good. Minus one star for the racist undertone.

- Action!5 star

Great movie! Suspenseful!! Very entertaining for sure.


The fallen movies are the best

- Best one yet5 star

Best one of the series so far. Butler carried his weight well (‘scuze the pun). Freeman fit his role to a ‘T.’ Nick Nolte was a perfect addition as the dad. The baby’s part was handled brilliantly. Looking forward to next installment with Butler as Director, Nolte (and his typewriter) as Dad. Will Freeman be president again? Eagerly awaiting next installment.

- good movie5 star

good movie

- Surprisingly Good5 star

Read the reviews. Expected much less. Got much more. I really enjoyed this movie a lot.

- Good5 star

I was bored and decided to rent this movie. It was worth it.

- To Add2 star

Can you please add arabic subtitle ?

- Very entertaining4 star

Solid, good movie.

- Will it ever end?2 star

Started off on the right foot except the setup was too long. Nothing to see hear folks, drags and drags on painfully. It’s almost an ok watch if you don’t have to pay to see it BUT DONT SPEND ANY MONEY TO SEE IT.

- Mmkay3 star

Needs 3 more months of Visual Effects Post Production but Great Sound Design. Not an Oscar contender but and entertaining movie nonetheless. Don’t expect more than that.

- 🤦🏻1 star

How many times does the government fall....

- Worst movie ever1 star

This could be Gerard Butlers worst movie ever. So predictable, cliche, and boring. I just couldn’t wait for the movie to be over. Glad I didn’t spend any $ as it was a freebie. Do not purchase or rent this. Save your $

- Best one yet!5 star

Very very good action movie and the scene (spoiler alert) walking the vp out the front door of the WH was very satisfying. I visioned DJT in those cuffs!

- Action packed as always!4 star

Mike Banning is the man! Who needs Batman when Big Mike is around :-)

- Writers need expand vocabulary to more than 4 letter words1 star

I enjoyed London has Fallen but this was disappointing. Too many f bombs and not enough content. I just couldn’t get into the movie.

- Great!5 star

By far the best of the series. Solid enjoyable film with interesting premise and great follow through.

- Rediculous3 star

accused of attempted assassination of the president, escapes, then makes a 10 minute phone call to his wife. almost dont even want to finish this movie because of this

- Dumb as a rock3 star

The last two movies had their elements of unbelievability, but nevertheless seemed reasonable as far as a popcorn action movie goes. Thhis one; however, is stupid beyond belief, from start to finish. It has some well done set pieces including an amazing drone attack, but the plot has fallen and can't get back up.


It was clear that this was a forced error, I lost focus he was out of breath and taking drugs at the beginning.

- Something to watch3 star

This is a generally mediocre movie, which has some, but limited entertainment value. The only thing less believable than the plot, is Jada Smith portrayed FBI agent. Jada is far too concerned about the appearance of her hair to be credible in this role. Nick Nolte’s role is largely pointless and the whole thing is very, very anemic.

- Not up to par with the previous2 star

Thad movie just wasn’t up to par with the precious movies in the series. I am glad that Mike (Gerard Butler) finally got the Director of the Bureau job, as watching him trying to keep doing action is painful. Butler is a bit long in the tooth for the lead role in this and it seems as if they knew it by surrounding him with other actors that were even older. This is the first movie with Geritol. Glad I only paid.99 cents to rent it. Maybe the next movie will have him as Director and a younger lead doing all the action bits

- Angel Has Fallen5 star

Ludicrus but goodicus.

- Actually Good4 star

I dont know why there are those who critisized this so much. with all the mindless action movies oout there that get rave reviews for nothing, there are three seperate stories here, and action. that makes for good writing. I was hesitant as I thought this series had worn out and ran its course, but I rented it and entertained and pleased it was actually good.

- Great movie!5 star

Love this movie. Easy and engaging. Balanced and not social justice “warrioring” all over the place.

- I really enjoy this one.5 star

I have to say I LOVED "Rambo Grandpa". It's worth watching just to see those parts. Wish it had more of the two of them together. Good action too. I new who the bad guy was from the begining but the rest of the movie makes up for that.

- 5 star5 star

Great movie well worth the rent . Make sure you see the other 2

- Butler never disappoints!!5 star

Action is always on point.. love all 3 movies, can’t wait for 4😉

- Fire movie . Totally recommend it .5 star

5 stars absolutely fantastic movie

- Awesome!!5 star

Great movie!

- Good third movie!4 star

Did it again, good action movie. Little slow in the first 15-20 minutes but then it’s non stop! Good job

- Plot and story not good2 star

Not as good as the rest

- Action & Comedy5 star

I’m a middle aged woman and I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was a good mix of action and comedy. Plausibility aside, it was worth my time and money. I’d watch it again.

- Awesome shoot-out and truly Innovative4 star

The shoot-out in the hospital was one of the most captivating and innovative I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a bunch of shoot-out movies in my day) The drone attack was also super innovative and genuinely terrifying. And several of the surprise attacks were genuine and overwhelming. Truly moments of Brilliance in this movie. I’m really glad I took a chance on watching this movie. Wish I would have seen it on the big screen.

- Angel Has Fallen4 star

Predictable but fun film. Great actors!

- Entertaining3 star

It’s a good rental with plenty of action, though whatever it is that DescriptionJada Pinkett Smith did to her face cheapened the movie.

- Weak & Naive Storyline1 star

Whoever wrote this waste of resources, was depending on extremely naive viewers.

- Enjoyable & tense enough5 star

I gave it 5 stars. I enjoyed it enough. I am not sure what all the “critics” expected to see but I would even watch it again which is not what I can say for too many movies. It had funny parts, some emotional ones and a whole lot of action done pretty well. Good cast of actors and some unexpected twists made up for whatever this movie could be lacking in dialogue, as one of the reviews stated,... not that anyone would watch a movie like this for the dialogue...LOL. All in all, I loved it.

- Good but not the best3 star

It’s just an action movie, nice cg but the plot is just normal. You can guess the whole plot from first 15 minutes of the movie.

- A Fantastic Film.5 star

This was a great action film. It has great action scenes, a high body count, double-crossing and a meaningful and touching storyline. What more could want? I say it's Grade A

- Love this series, Lots of fun!5 star

This movie knows what it is. A fun watch! Great pace, and no expense spared on the explosions budget. The “Has Fallen” movies harken back to the classic action films of the 90’s (Under Siege, Die Hard, Commando) when movies were just supposed to be a good time. Watch it, enjoy it.

- Great movie!!5 star

Great addition. Lots of action and twists. A must see

- Disapponted2 star

Olympus and london has fallen were really enjoyable movies but this Angel has fallen is ridiculous and predictable .

- Bomb af5 star

I DID NOT KNOW “OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN” HAD A BROTHHER! Lol now I HAVE to see this too. I already know it’s gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Um, are there fake reviewers? Spoiler/save your money2 star

I see a lot of 5 stars and this movie is far from it. The CGI is amateur at best. The set pieces are lazy (except the forest), and the plot makes no sense. Your telling me, a war hero who saved the previous president TWICE is successfully framed for the assassination of the next president? Also, the bad guy only spends 10 million dollars for a president assassination? I can’t even blame the director cause it was the screenplay and writers who compiled garbage and gave it to this director. I’m sure not all the 5 stars are not fake but it is suspicious when there are clear glaring issues. I’ve never wrote a review before but my faith in the franchise made me pre-order it and it’s a waste of my money. Literally, the ending doesn’t make sense at all. How do you accept the position of director after taking a 50 cal in the shoulder, a grenade point blank, and still dealing with PTSD from the other 2 incursions? No. Better ending would be to say no and return home to have you and your father deal with your PTSD and raise that kid and spend time with your wife. Your welcome Hollywood. Better ending.

- Must watch5 star

Awesome from beginning to end.

- To Entertain5 star

The movie is entertaining to the masses. When less than critical mass... it is a waste of time.

- So much potential2 star

Hollywood just couldn’t help themselves but to ruin a decent movie by adding in unneeded liberal propaganda. Oh well.

- Boring!1 star

Boring and predicable !!! London has fallen was still ok, but this one taste like nothing...

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Wye Photography - The franchise has fallen.3 star

The short review: It’s OK. The long review: Hmm, it’s OK.

issachunt - More of the same3 star

Not really my thing and as a result glad I only rented it. OK for killing time but lacked originality and IMO didn't live up to expectations of what makes a entertaining night in.

Turk2317 - Very Enjoyable5 star

Great film well worth a watch!

truth teller 565 - Good film4 star

It’s a good film, lots of action. Just kinda disappointed about the story, they pretty much copied the tv show ‘shooter’ on Netflix. It’s about the exact same thing

DrLMC - Great film5 star

Excellent story, felt a bit similar to the fugitive in places but Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman-winning combination!

Ttamel - Great Film by fionahead5 star

I loved it!

Nial13 - Average3 star

Highly run of the mill and predictable watch from the beginning to the end, I’d forgotten the movie 5 minutes after seeing it.

david sexy - Nice4 star

Very good movie

kurtfhouse - Not great2 star

I’m a little confused at the 5 star reviews here. This franchise should have probably stopped at the 1st film to be honest, that’s where it peaked. This was worse than the second film. It was predictable, dull and the CGI looked like it was from a B movie.

immobius - angel has fallen2 star

boring. Butler looks like the man Trump would love to be.

Jon Howson - 3 words: Pre-dict-able!2 star

It was enjoyable but the story didn’t have any substance compared to previous 2. It was predictable throughout to anyone over the age of 15!

Juche45 - Much better than two, slightly better than one.4 star

After the disaster that was ‘London has fallen’, I was initially very apprehensive about watching this. However, I have to say that this was an entertaining film and the superior one of the trilogy. It won’t win any Oscars but it was a fun and enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

Edwar86 - Extremely Disappointing2 star

Having been a huge fan of the 1st and 2nd movies, I was very excited to watch this 3rd instalment of the franchise. I was, however, so disappointed with this latest movie. No only is it lazy writing, but it is also boring to watch. There is just nothing exciting that happens throughout the whole thing. Such a disappointment. I gave it 2 stars simply because I felt the need to as I still love the first two, but this one, I wouldn’t waste your time on it.

retroacoustic - Good but not quite as good as 1 or 2. Watch anyway!4 star

It’s a good film but paired back compared to the first two. Enjoyable to watch and has a number of great moments that isn’t just mindless violence. Mike is still tough as old boots but just a little more mellow.

Scotal1967 - Excellent film5 star

I enjoyed this film very much. Packed with action it continues the storyline very well. Varied enough to hold its own as a stand alone film but ties in nicely with the first two. G Butler and M Freeman bounce off each other superbly as two top actors should and N Nolte adds a new dimension. A thoroughly enjoyable film

Iliyaka - Subtitles5 star

Bulgarian Subtitles please

TombsyBoy - Best in the series!5 star

Far better than the last two, great story, throughly enjoy this movie! Well worth a watch 5*!

Bigkevs - Far better than the second5 star

Saw in the cinema, miles better than the second film and well worth a watch. Great action film.

Tilak C - Must watch!5 star

Great movie! Just saw this today after watching the first two and wait to watch the third again!

Mickalman - Great film5 star

Just been to see this absolutely brilliant

Peter Grik. - Angel has Fallen.5 star

Pure action packed film. Every bit as good as the other two...NO... even better!!!👏

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want to listen 2 - Don’t waste your money1 star

this movie was ridicules. Not only stupid but predictable. I loved Butler in Hunter Killer and Law Abiding Citizen. But this was a fairy tale. Don’t waste your money.

bpowpow15 - Loved It!5 star

This is the best “.... Has Fallen” movie of the trilogy. That drone scene... just... WOW. I’m happy they changed the formula up on this one. Yes, it’s VERY predictable but hey, I don’t watch these kind of movies for the intricate storytelling. I came for the action and I wasn’t disappointment. I compare it to John Wick 3: John Wick 3 stepped it up a big notch as does Angel Has Fallen.

bbbb bui - You5 star


TaylorMesa - Awesome!!5 star

Great action movie!! Butler is awesome as always! Freeman and Nolte really raise the bar for an action movie. Some great twists. Be sure to watch through the credits!

J epstein didnt kill himself - Poor acting1 star

Gerbil Butter or how ever you pronounce his name acts like he’s Russell Crowe’s cousin that got hooked up with the even worse films that Crowe passed on in his career.

thisguymike18 - Angel Has Fallen2 star

It's ok but these movies are getting old and predictable.

Bank crushed - Suspenseful5 star

Suspenseful from beginning to end.

Drwhatnot - Very Good!4 star

Though it has a few tiny stretches of credibility (but given the subject matter, who's to say what's credible,?) all in all it holds together as a top notch action thriller with plenty of violence, suspense and good guy vs bad guy on a grand stage. Usually if an action movie is trash I last about 3 minutes. This was a solid effort from start to finish. A little obligatory shmaltziness here and there ... but only a little.

Aherre - WOW5 star

Great movie from start to finish!

mm197000000 - Good action fun5 star

Critics Consensus 39% Audience Score 93% this is not a movie for the critics that's for sure, but pure unapologetic testosterone loaded 1990s action flick fun to kill 2 hours with a beer and some popcorn at home. Some very obvious special effects that looked almost retro (wonder if this was intentional) completed the 90s feel for me. I don't know the other movies in the franchise it worked for me as a standalone movie.

Rdubesq - Middle of the road, generic2 star

Really 2 1/2. None of the tension or quality of the first two and a very predictable generic story line. I was entertained but not “wow”ed. I have the first two but I’m not going to buy this one because I know I’ll never choose it over something else in my liberry.

bdhxhdbjsjxbx - Anyone?5 star

If I pre ordered it. Do I have to pay full price later? What is the $14.99 one for?

Katie-26 - Franchise has fallen2 star

While Olympus and London where enjoyable enough popcorn movies that you don’t really need to use your brain for, this last one seems like they scraped the bottom of the barrel. The dialogue seems even worse then the first two and the storyline even more outrageous too. Also they have some great actors in this movie who could have been used a lot more but weren’t like Morgan Freeman who isn’t in it a whole lot and doesn’t say much. Perhaps they didn’t have as big a budget but either way not as good in my opinion as the others.

Pushba - Entertaining for a low budget movie2 star

This movie lost some of the original actors. I can tell this was a low budget movie trying to do 1 last cash grab. You will be very disappointed if you compare this movie with the first 2 movies. The first 2 movies were a lot of fun. The plot is predictable,but it’s still entertaining. I wouldn’t pay money to watch this again. I’d watch it if it’s free to stream.

904 Superstars - There’s a new sheriff in town!!5 star

This movie is 🔥 front to back.

vmanzella - Disappointing2 star

Saw this movie in the theater. Loved the Olympus has Fallen” “London has Fallen” “Angel has Fallen” not good. Very predictable and far fetched. Disappointing.

godzilla_is_angry - Angel has fallen5 star

Well, once again the story line to these franchise was on point! I really did enjoy the whole plot of the movie. I don’t think there’s going to be another one. But overall it’s pretty much worth watching it.

NSkates - Worth the purchase/or pre order!5 star

I watched this movie in theaters two days ago as I am writing this review. It was phenomenal and I would definitely watch it again!

yea rite - Actually good4 star

I was surprised. I enjoyed it. It was done well. As opposed to the White House concept. This is the same story but taken else where. Not bad. Enjoyable and enough action to like.

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