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It Chapter Two Summary and Synopsis

Because every 27 years evil revisits the town of Derry, Maine, “It Chapter Two” brings the characters—who’ve long since gone their separate ways—back together as adults, nearly three decades after the events of the first film. 27 years after overcoming the malevolent supernatural entity Pennywise, the former members of the Losers' Club, who have grown up and moved away from Derry, are brought back together by a devastating phone call. It Chapter Two Wiki

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You'll Float Again..

It Chapter Two (2019)

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Dog123456 - Horrible movie1 star

This is a horrible movie. Excessive gratuitous foul language, confused story, violence and hate scenes that have little to do with the story - absolutely nothing redeeming.

rmaxon - Money making scheme1 star

Should have stopped at first movie

AntFazbeat - Great movie5 star


APMann95 - Love it!5 star

This movie is awesome, I personally enjoyed it even more than the first one, which was also an excellent movie. It is refreshing to watch a horror movie with some genuinely good scares but also still manages to add a few funny parts as well to keep things from getting too serious. It is super important to watch the first movie before watching this sequel, as it picks up directly afterwards. If you enjoyed the first one, this one will not disappoint!

HUSSLORD - Good!! Unnecessary CGI though4 star

Well done for the most part. For me I had to watch it in segments, couldn’t have been a bit shorter. It’s not as bad as others are stating it is., far from it!! The CGI at times is over the top and just looks too fake! It’s not needed. Still a worthy follow up to IT!

biggy 828 - Penny wise is back in town!!!!😼1 star

It chapter 2 is ok.But it isn’t as scary as I hoped and my 5 year old sister didn’t even have a nightmare!And I am 9 so you need a little light flickering and then penny wise appears out of nowhere

Gknee12 - Best movie of the year5 star

Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect with of of the mixed reviews. IT Chapter 2 did not disappoint. I also watched the movie with the director’s commentary, I found it very informative and interesting as well.

aaawwwwwssttdder - It5 star

It was scary but good not good great

Oliver José - BEST. MOVIE. EVER5 star

When I saw this movie at the movie theater, I had to go watch it 3 more times, it is strong, scary, funny and it gets you emotional.

Name267988 - It chapter 2 was good but a little disappointed4 star

It chapter 2 was good but lets say I give chapter 1 the number I’m disappointed cause some things could’ve been done differently than they were I’m not a big fan of the ending cause it was just stupid I mean serously

BerJM - Amazing!5 star

Saw this twice in the theater never a dull moment! I’m surprised someone was surprised people were giving this movie 5 was great in my opinion. I watched the old version after watching this and it was good but aged obviously .. this by far is in my top 5!

Coldwoods - Very good. Scary.5 star

I really liked this one. I liked the first one but this is very scary. The CGI is amazing in this movie. Really good story and very scary. The end is sad and I cried a little.

JamesPetersen89 - Meh3 star

Cut out great parts of the book, wasn’t that interesting. Barely any of IT in the movie. When I say this I don’t mean Pennywise, but IT.

hi we're paul - so good5 star

I cried at the end

Discoflowa - Everyone has their stupid opinions5 star

There no point to have any sort of comments section because 90percent is toxic. Sales would be better if the comment section did not exists. Sick of toxic internet BS. Can’t wait until COPPA shuts down the nonsense especially on YouTube.

Lockeadama - im not surprised1 star

even the book was not very good for the secons half. what do ya do?

looookcd - 😐😐😐😐😐😡😡😡😡😡1 star

Bad movie and i saw trailer it was bad

MovieGirl1217 - It’s Here5 star

I love Bill Hader in a scary movie, he seems to know how to be scared!! I laughed at his scenes because he’s the funniest person in the world! Big fan, love your work, hope this movie wins the Oscar for scariest movie of all time

jaimie is aclu formémoslo - mermaid5 star

le sin concejo hey

Travisbrian85 - Wanted to love it ☹️😩2 star

Wanted to love it but it just seemed to throw the 2nd half away. Looked promising with all the amazing talent that was casted. The original mini series and the 1st IT were amazing. This one I walked out of the theater like....umm... that was not good. Effects are really bad in parts of the movie. I let my 9 year old watch it. Cause it’s not scary at all. Just a wasted ending to something that started out amazing. To bad 😔

OptinFilms - Exceptionally good3 star

It is a good movie, but not great. The CGI is weird not the worst but certainly not the best. The De-Age of Ben was just horrendous, I don’t see why they got look a likes and just made them look like the old cast through cgi. But the kills in the movie are amazing, and it generally is a scary movie. Could have been better but, still good.

extremegamerplayer3 - Better than the first one!5 star

The jump-scares get me every time and it’s funny and cool!

simonkostyak32 - It3 star

I couldn't see the movie very well, it has many stops.

solomonstewart10 - Great5 star

The ending was amazing totally going to see it again.

BamaGirlGing - A huge letdown3 star

So disappointing! Very boring, and all over the place..

TheClown1 - As bad as it gets1 star

Probably the worst movie of 2019!!! What happened? the first was so amazing!!! Why making it so complicated when everybody wants bascially more of the simplicity of the first movie?

EXERED - Loved it5 star

I just love it, but the beginning broke my heart

stevesoprano - Horrible!1 star

I really liked the first one better, this was way to Long and no point to it!!

EthTheBeatBoxer - Great!5 star

I loved this movie. It was great, great characters, great plot, great story. The only problem I have with it though is the run time. It is nearly a 3 hour movie! It reaches Endgame levels! But, either than that, it was, and always will be great.

{jpdaboss} - Love the update4 star

Read a lot of what people had to say on this one. I liked it! Looks fantastic in 4K. Get comfy on a lazy day & watch

Supamawiio - Better as a comedy1 star

Very upsetting because it’s started out like it’s scary as heck. Then c g i naked grandma comes out and it’s all down hill from there.

gayso - Bad1 star

I’m so

Nate_19 - Great Movie!5 star

Almost as good as the first, and the comedy in the movie actually makes it more enjoyable. If you liked the first movie you’ll love this.

TomThePug - So cool5 star


Abby A Powell - better than marvel ngl5 star

I’m pretty sure the people who said it sucked are boomers oop... THIS MOVIE IS A 10/10 PERIODT

Lantern at - It is ok4 star

I didn’t think this one is as good as part one, but I still enjoyed it. I adore many of the actors in part two, and the S. King cameo.

Dkdjr - High expectations....low result.1 star

This was one of the worst major release movies I have seen in a while. It was like watching a bully pick on a middle school kid for over two hours. Most of the horror scenes were childish yet sadistic at the same time, which is the weirdest combination I have ever seen. Its almost like they got a bunch of bullies together and told them to write as many horror scenes as they could, and threw them all in the same movie. I sat through an hour and a half of this garbage willing myself to get through it all but could not finish it. It just became too ridiculous and not even worth finding out how it raps up. I love horror in all forms, but this was some type of hybrid that just did not work. Spare yourself the trouble and don’t waste your money.

mmnnmmnn - Cheap sequel1 star

Totally missed the story line and went for special effects. IT 1 and the original are much better. Obvious producers just wanted to milk success of first one and thought special effects more important than following Stephen Kings masterpiece story line.

Zurkia - Amazing!5 star

As a fan of the book and original movie the new ones honored the story and brought new exciting things to the table. Will always be a favorite.

gbly81 - Very good5 star

I thought this was better than the first

Alan F. - Fantastic, but I think people miss the point....5 star

I agree this part of the story isn’t as scary as Chapter 1...Which was about children being terrorized by a monster. Of course it was scarier! Chapter 2 is more about how that effected them and how their other childhood terrors effected them as adults. Returning to Derry...they entered as adults who had experienced this before. Penny wise was trying to scare them the same way he scares didn’t work. So yes...the tones of the two films are different....and it’s fantastic because of that!

Dafinator - IT was TERRIBLE!1 star

Way too long and drawn out... didn’t make any sense and was not scary at all... ugh... wasted $20 bucks on IT, there should be a way to get refunds if not satisfied :( save yourself the $20, that’s all I can hope to do now, is help someone else from making the same mistake I did.

BroShido Brown - Too predictable...2 star

Movie was pretty wack. That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back lol...

prana-bindu - What a dissapointment1 star

Something is clearly wrong right from the beginning of the movie. I don't understand how awful this movie is... I could not even finish it.

Miadad - So So3 star

it's alright; the monsters are creepy but it just didn’t seem as good as the first one. IT'S worth a rent!

Isthistake? - INCREDIBLE5 star

This the last time we see the losers and it was a hell of an amazing ending.🥺

Daniel6150 - It Chapter 25 star

It chapter 2 is great movie it’s different from the book but in all the good ways I really enjoyed this movie & hope we get more pennywise in the future.

Arjintina - Trash1 star

This movie was goofy not scary at all stick to the original

Ratliffj09 - Amazing!5 star

No movie is very scary these days, but a complete story, is what IT chapter 2 provides.

RealTimboBaggins - De-aged distractions3 star

I really wanted to love this as much as I did the first chapter. But the de-aging effects of the children in the flashbacks bothered the hell out of me. Movies are depending way too much on this process and it’s so incredibly distracting for me. The casting of the older actors was perfect. Bill Skarsgard was amazing as usual. I just wish both chapters would have been filmed all at the same time. I still love it more than the original series.

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NinjaKloydKaeden1 - Love it5 star

Awesome awesome awesome

CamShak - Best Movie of 20195 star

Best movie I’ve seen all year. Great follow up to the first movie and I love how it starts off where the first one ended. Great Cast, Great Score, Great Story. 👏👏👏👏

JDanials - Terrible CGI2 star

What the heck happened to this sequel?! First movie had great animation, this one is god awful!

meghan-03 - Love love love5 star

Best movie ever! No more words need to be said!

ben quiring - Never even got to watch it1 star

Preordered and never got to watch but now it’s making me buy it for the second time give me a refund

BaileyZCrawly - Fantastic!5 star

It Chapter 2 improves on the original in all the best ways. It’s a long movie but at the same time it’s just long enough. It’s fun, funny and creepy when it needs to be. It takes the best parts of the book and makes changes in all the right places. Lots of Easter eggs that will appeal to Stephen King fans (of which I am one). Now all we need is that supercut Andy and the team have been teasing us about.

Briansheva - Disappointing Finish3 star

Once again IT cannot find a decent ending it deserves. While better than the original mini-series, the finale is quite laughable. Also the shock value of Pennywise has really worn off at this point.

eddie wrote "r" - best movie ever5 star

reddie is real and stephen king is a coward

christina is awsome - Hi5 star

I not know how to watch it I bought it but I not know how

Riley14boss - Good4 star

It’s good but too long and feels rushed at beginning

Kiera Clarke - 10/104 star

I would give it 5 stars, but it made me develop an unhealthy obsession with Bill Hader

- awesome - - Amazing movie to conclude the amazing story5 star

This movie is great I totally recommend!

the awesome hggghfghsh - Great but..5 star

Great! But I feel the beginning scene was a bit much I get it’s rated 18+ but you know it was way to much

Christi😂😋 - Amaze balls5 star

I saw this movie in the theatre and it was AMAZING! I bawled my eyes out at the beginning when Adrian dies, I cried when Stan The Man died, and I s o b b e d when Eddie Spaghetti died 😭💔 rip reddie

yomamasohot - It (2)5 star

It was really creepy but it was damn good 😎🤑

laurieann1957 - 100% recommend5 star

Absolute masterpiece of a movie

Kikiiii27 - 1000000000000/105 star

Stunning, best movie I’ve ever seen. Absolutely everything I was hoping for. Perfection in the form of a movie. Hilarious. Amazing acting and directing. Heart-wrenching plot twists. Beautiful shots. Concluded perfectly. Masterpiece. Saw it twice in the first two days of opening because it was just that good. 👏👏👏

Mike Yribarren - Pennywise4 star

The movie was fantastic !! Every single pice of cinematic was completely stunning. Varying from graphics to great design and movements. However, Pennywise final scene could have contained more details and not a simple (spoiler alert) death.

Matk1ten - Amazing Movie5 star

The best Horror movie i have ever seen. I’d say it was not that scary but great action and thriller.

Oilers rule 97 - It5 star

This was really good and really really scary

CVGAnton - Amazing conclusion5 star

I watche this when it came out at the movies and it really concluded the whole story. I want to purchase the movie now so I can't wait till it realeases on iTunes :)

Nav12324 - Release date5 star

Can i know when it's coming in itunes

awesomemoviereviewer - So much fun4 star

Really liked this movie saw it in IMAX and a lot of fun. However it is way too long and there are scenes that are really boring.

Undrgrndkng - Very good5 star

awesome follow up

Queen Metalia - I love this movie5 star

Best movie I’ve seen so far, saw it at the theatre and I give it an A++ a solid 10/10

Slendytubbie fan - Best trailer I’m so excited to watch the movie5 star

I love it so much I wanna watch it now

u2 the best band - Awesome5 star

As a fan of the book I gotta say that it chapter 2 really did a good job! It have the essence of the book but revisited in it’s own way

Kitty 10101 - Awesome5 star


macdaddy9499 - intriguing4 star

you need more of an ‘open mind’ to understand chapter 2 fully

geromia - Pennywise5 star


CCH14 - Amazing!5 star

This was an amazing! A few things I would’ve fixed up maybe but it was a great movie!

Holben2005 - Not as good as Chapter 1, but still great5 star

I walked into this movie expecting not as much as the first, and this one being more frightening, and I was right. Chapter 2 was more terrifying, gruesome, long and violent than the first (and offensive) but still had me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next scares. Stephen King did not disappoint!

Abhboapython - Scary clown 🤡5 star

I just saw the movie tonight with a good friend and I really loved this one but I can’t choose which one is better there both really awesome

ROB0061 - An awesome horror movie that is great to watch5 star

I loved every minute of it (no pun intended) and all of the scenes were absolutely great. There were some scary moments, hilarious moments and of course some sad moments. Andy Muschietti did a fantastic job in directing such an amazing movie and it also applies to the first chapter as well. The actors in the second chapter of this amazing story did an excellent job and without them, we wouldn’t‘ve got a good horror movie like this one. The crew also did an amazing job. Their ability to make sure that every scene is perfect is spot on and also, making sure that the scenes don’t look too tacky and horrible was amazing. Like I said, I loved every bit of the movie and I plan on watching the movie over and over and over again because it is soooooo good👍👍👍👍

Director323 - Ok3 star

It’s just like the first one

blujdrawings - Quality movie5 star

While chapter 2 doesn’t have as many scary bits, for horror buffs still plenty to get your teeth into. Ending does drag on a little bit but overall still a quality movie

ThisIsGrant - Boring, Terrible CGIs and no jumps scenes1 star

Just a waste of time to be honest The CGIs for the ending were terrible and it went for a long time. Not scary at all! Horror movies are losing their bite sadly and this movie is a testimony of this.

Tickled pinkie - By gold boss5 star

It was amazing

😃😀😂🤣😁😎🥶 - Ehhh3 star

Not the best too many losers club dies and kinda boring and more violent than first 😕

Geelongboy - Boring.1 star

Very disappointing. I was expecting a lot more. It was more like a comedy.

TheAwesomeDude21 - Loved it ❤️5 star

The storyline is amazing, I give it a solid 9/10

Film critic01 - Wasn’t bad, but the first one was better.3 star

The film wasn’t that bad, however the first one was a lot better due to the fact how they managed to keep us at the edge of our seats. But this film it felt that they had tried to make the sequel better by adding a lot more digital effects. The film had incorporated a frequent amount of supernatural themes and elements which made me feel like I was watching a fantasy movie than a horror movie. However, the visual effects were created nicely and it was great to show more or penny wise. However, after a certain stage with the jump scares it did get annoying and lose its horror. Worth 68%.

DrDrift25 - It was really good5 star

Worth buyin it

theres no nicknames avablie - LOVE IT5 star

So good! Can’t wait till I can buy it. Love the it movies and this one was really good with the story, graphics and scares

AdrianMOVIEZ - Amazing!!!!!5 star


That's Mr P to you - Such a disappointment1 star

Too long, too drawn out, too much filler and not enough scares. A missed opportunity

Torando123 - A story about horror, friendship, heart and humour5 star

While IT Chapter Two does not contain as may scares as IT Chapter 1 (2017), it makes up for it with the story, great cast, humor and technology. What I really enjoyed was the character development and the chemistry between the cast. I loved that the reasoning behind Stan's suicide was given more of significance, compared to the novel and the miniseries IT (1990). While some people may argue that it is not as good as IT Chapter 1 (2017), it is still an enjoyable film and faithful to the novel. Personally, I found IT Chapter 2 is a stronger film than part two of the miniseries. All in all those who are fans of the novel and IT Chapter 1 will not be disappointed with the film. I encourage everyone to see it. .

Jake1435 - Good job5 star

Amazing movie, great horror, at least a dozen jump scares, but the other part of the movie is a magnificent journey through the old days and nature

zaine walberg - Not as good2 star

It chapter one was amazing. Chapter 2 was a little boring. Not much scares and the story did not flow very well. The actors didn’t have a good connection.

Stree45 - Still a great horror movie.4 star

This film has most of the great things that a classic horror movie needs but drags you along with the 2hr and 49min runtime and is not as enjoyable as another MASSIVE ENDGAME from a different studio (Mouse Ears) but it still has great scares and an amazing cast plus as always a really really really REALLY scary Pennywise (IT). It is worth watching in cinemas on a big screen but you may want to buy or rent it again when it becomes available on iTunes as the movie is EXTREMELY DARK! You can barely see things most of the time. But again a Must Watch though you might want to watch not only IT Chapter One plus maybe read the IT book so you can follow the movie a bit better. 4.5/5 iTunes Stars 9.7/10 Personal Rating

mavel boi - So good5 star

Has everything

Thomas Robson - It chapter two5 star

I just saw this tonight it was really good

NewSkeptic - Good ... and Great for the Fans.4 star

There is so much more of King's novel in Chapter Two. Every actor is well-cast, and Bill Skarsgård is still unhinged, digging into everyone's indefensible fears and self-doubts. The movie is larger and longer; for this viewer, it allows for more to enjoy from the book. I'll be rewatching Chapter Two even before it leaves cinemas, and I'll be waiting with bated breath for the Muschietti's Commentary.

Tahlscat - Boring1 star

Terrible story line so long and drawn out. Not scary at all. Compared to the first movie it was terrible. What they do to pennywise in the end was very lame the taunting was pitiful. Tried to be funny but it ended up breaking any tense moments with jokes that the children might have told but would the adults? #cringeworthy

Wakanda king bro - I reckon that it chapter 2 is going to be the best Horror movie message from RONAN EJ5 star

5 stars because I reckon that IT chapter 2 is going to be very good and scary

Slinkstar - Delivers more horror, more humour and more heart.5 star

This is a solid, extremely well-crafted, great-looking and occasionally quite chilling film, with terrific performances by the grown-ups as well as the returning kids. 'It' goes out with a bang---full of strangeness and suspense, a jack-in-the-box of jolts and jumps, oozing and clattering and shrieking with freak-show, gross-out, goose-bump weirdness and hair-raising, FX terrors.

Reddie♥️🥺 - Best movie ever🥺♥️5 star

I really loved the first one so I was wondering how this one would live up to the first one and omg I did that, it’s one of the funniest, saddest movies I’ve watched but I do 100% do recommend you get this

MaySchuy - Insane5 star

i’ve read the book and have been a fan of the first film, and this hasn’t disappointed. it was incredible. funny, scary and sad.

upcomes - IT Chapter 25 star

It was even more epic than the first one especially the Chinese restaurant scene

joshuab1846 - Best film in 20195 star

Such a good film.

Emily3007 - When’s it coming out5 star

You can pre-order it but when’s it coming out on I tunes

Charliebob82 - Fantastic5 star

Been to see it in cinema and can’t wait till it’s released on iTunes

hdbcbrjcbrncn - It chapter 24 star

Looks like an awesome movie

Nicolemaniac - If you loved the first you’ll love this too5 star

Keeps the same great quality 🎈

Osir95 - Nope1 star

1st part was pretty good for a remake but this ... don't even bother. ,scary movie series , was more scary or funny then that. Am not sure what was the exact idea behind it really... just no worth time or any money watch classic way better !!

Dibvshbchcfjngdc - The same vibes as Chapter 14 star

It: Chapter 2 has been hit with some 50/50 reviews, and I think I know why. A lot of the jokes, jump scares, and tension builds are remarkably similar to Chapter 1, so the film feels like a continuation rather than a sequel. That being said, the formula works, and Pennywise is still a great character. The grownup counterparts to the original characters look the part (except, in my personal opinion, McAvoy) so there’s still the same “vibe” as the first movie. The only thing I’d change would be the return of Henry Bowers. He’s a pretty weak antagonist, and his involvement doesn’t feel impactful on the story. Still, he only has a few scenes, so it’s easily ignored. If you’ve watched the first one, and you’re sat on the fence about Chapter 2, I’d suggest you watch it. It doesn’t bring much new to the table, but why change a good formula? There’s a few decent jump scares, Bill Hader’s role of Ritchie is utter gold, and it’s a really good film to watch.

jo & lola - it chapter two5 star

brillent film i cant wait to buy it better than chapter one i bet going be out in 2020 not 2019

Gavin b - Apple-show this review!!1 star

It seems Apple like to only put good (made up) reviews on here in order to make more pre order sales! Here is an honest review for you.... IT WAS A SLOBER OF A MESS WHICH IT DID NOT DESERVE!!!! I would say that the first day 2 hours were OK- but the ending let itself down! No use referring to billy as always having crap endings for his writing if this movie is just going to do the same! This movie should have been a horror- but it’s a comedy for so many wrong reasons! Wow Stephen king- you really fingered your fans buttholes with this!!!

Dj rockin - Disappointed1 star

Really wanted to like this. The run time was too long for this particular story. Couldn’t take a lot of the movie seriously

maltrev - Brill5 star

Just seen this in imax ,wow I thought the film was great ,even three hour long ,went so squick ,had every thing in it ,horror ,romance ,fast moving ,a piece of comedy ,etc

Tinyboylolxd - Very good5 star

Enjoyed it but it was scary in the first one which they did see that it was gonna be.

stratts2000 - Absolutely terrifying and great fun5 star

A brilliant continuation of the first movie but with even better scenes The older losers are identical to their younger actors which makes the movie even better to watch Pennywise is amazing and steps up his game Go see it! Great!!

lewis83T - Amazing5 star

Waiting a long time for this and it didn’t disappoint such a fantastic film.

*StArScReAm* - Masterpiece5 star

I’ve just watched IT chapter 2 at the cinema all I can say is wow! Chapter 1 was the biggest grossing box office horror film of all time... in my opinion this will be even better! Such a great cast! This film is shot brilliantly! And even a little Cameo from the legand himself Stephen king! This is a must see movie! What a great film! If I had my way it would be nominated for oscars! Go see it or buy it!

AdamW534 - Time to Float!!5 star

We return for the eager awaited climax to possibly the greatest Stephen King story of all time. Pennywise resurfaces after 27 years setting a chain of events that causes our Losers who have moved on and made a life for themselves to return to Derry to stop the psychotic clown once and for all. A perfect cast adds a sense of gravitas to this movie, horror and scares follow and it’s not long before you are rooting for this group of friends to succeed. Bill Hader is perfect as Richie and is the comic relief to this film. Bill Skarsgard shines as Pennywise and reminds us how terrifying he is. He certainly has waited to exact his revenge and he doesn’t waste time getting down to business. This is a worthy follow up to IT and it certainly isn’t afraid to show it. A true adaptation. Certainly one to be remembered!! I would highly recommend you watch them back to back. Preorder today!!!

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TheRealJacePeterson - Woof1 star

This was terrible compared to the book ending, and that’s saying something. At least I can appreciate the book ending now.

Loyal Gator Fan - It Chapter Two 20195 star

I thought it was a good movie and brought closure to Derry compared to the 1990 movie. However, I thought the 1990 movie was way scarier than both chapters in 2017 and 2019.

THE BIG ZAN - Uhhh4 star

1st one way way scarier

Carioca_87 - From the two men kissing1 star

In the first 5 minutes, I wanted to walk out.

Gatonegro2010 - Great.5 star

It has scary moments, funny moments, great story line. Amazing work from the cast.

julioissupetawesome - This movie is the best5 star

This movie has everything and it’s funny too

Boll Weevill - dumb1 star

... waste of amazing talent on a dumb story line contrived issues politically ignorant tainted characters no relevance another vomit on classic movie series that shows the massive lack of creative writers currently on deck in hollywood

daddysgirlchely - Loved5 star

Loved this so much and the reddie scenes were great

Sallyfacefan007 - IT chapter two holds up4 star

A solid sequel. Of course it has some problems like every movie, but it was very entertaining. The CGI was a little heavy, but the acting in this movie was fantastic. The adult counterparts were perfectly casted. Bill Hader honestly stole the movie with his performance as Richie Tozier. As for the opening scene. That opening scene is in the book. In fact, it is in the first couple of pages of the book and its based on a true even that happened when Stephen king was writing IT. The scene was there, not to gay bash, but to show what IT can do to a community. And as for everyone saying Pennywise is homophobic. It’s an alien spider that takes the form of your greatest fears and feeds off of children and adults alike. IT doesn’t care about politics or what anyone identifies as, IT just cares about getting its food and going back to sleep.

bryce hana - Great job Warner Brothers5 star

This movie was great, I loved it. I thought that James Mcavory and Bill Hader did a great job in the movie.

Lujan62 - GO SEE IT CHAPTER 25 star

I personally loved it but if your not into this kind of stuff then I don’t recommend because you might get scared but if you are like me then I definitely recommend it. It’s actually my new favorite movie so please go see it. It’s amazing

Rockman0007 - Not close to as good as part 13 star


sidekneeeee - Great5 star

I loved it

jay943951 - Bas1 star


jdhdfbfgd - It2 star

Omg that was scary my son saw it he was crying so hard

kaiden1234 - I don’t think it’s over5 star

Pennywise is not dead because it can just heal in 27 years(Theary)

alexaaa1. - The best5 star

I love this movie I’ve seen it in theaters 6 times

MrMeta3000 - Not bad4 star

Wasn’t as good as the last one but still, pretty good.

Santiago Dominguez - Wack2 star

So I went to watch it with my brother he said it was wack but by 5 days the movie was wack so I give it a 2/10

Fatso pork - Emotional and Messed up. Lol5 star

It feels more like the book than Chapter One but still amazing. We get more backstory on the characters, messed up horror sequences, (if you love that stuff), and a great cast

Green Tee 🍵 - Nope, no, don’t do it 👎🏼1 star

👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

cupcupps88 - Won’t see it because of Steve King1 star

Maybe if he left politics out I would have seen it. TRUMP 2020

FourUnderFour - 🤡🎈🎈5 star

I waited so long for this to come out! I saw and loved it so much! There was great acting and Bill Hader was the best part of the whole movie, he deserves an Oscar! Chapter One was really good and enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed the first one! Watch IT Chapter 2 and u won’t be disappointed!🎈🎈🎈🤡🤡🤡

rayleaaa - !!!!5 star

wyatt and jaeden are hotties

16 HORSES - Well that’s the last of IT!!!!!4 star

It’s not better than chapter one but IT chapter 2 still works for being a Twisted Engraving unleaded Horror experience, This is all thanks to Bill Skarsgard as the Blood Thirsty Pennywise! And the losers club who in this case has all grew up into James McAvoy, And Jessica Chastain to name a few! I do give my approval! IT comes to an End!

Lovesmandms - Awesome5 star

Yo shout out to everyone who made this movie. it was awesome and they still have more to film to finish it. i’m so excited this is such a good movie and anyone who said they didn’t like it, you’re too critical. you can pick apart this movie until it’s nothing. you can do that with everything. but if you just enjoy it for what it was it was awesome. It was different from the book but I highly recommend it. I loved it.

TBOSSSSS - Amazing5 star

Bill hader did an amazing lob at playing richie i love horror movies like this

vohrr - IT Was Awesome😃👍5 star

I love these kinds of movies the fact they had to make another IT movie and make Pennywise The Clown 100x creepier. Makes it the movies 100x better.

Faithers" - I love it it so very awesome and cool 💫😎✌️⭐️3 star

9 out of 5

avag_ - amazing!!5 star

i laughed and i cried throughout this and i’ve never felt so many emotions while watching a movie before. it will always have a special place in my heart.

reeeeeeeeee brother - Great5 star


Soso 3 - GREAT!!!!5 star

I’m just a young kid and I’m a HUGE horror fan!!! And this is possibly one of the greatest horror movies ever!!!

mik mik mikey - Great movie but bad ending4 star

The plot was great but it was bad that they worded it to death

kid freindly no cheesy yes - Dumb3 star

they say this is scary it is absolutely not scary his voice sounds like winny the pooh did anyone notice.

Cd123ghylokppjiyh - 🔥🔥5 star

Way better than the first IT

Huskerhowy - possibly second worse film ever1 star

CGI was ehh, Plot started good then just seemed desperate to finish. Ending was garbage.

pholly - Terrible1 star

This movie was long and boring, the best part was the first 10 minutes.

CB Pokémon master - 🖕1 star


Jaeden i like you - It’s amazing it’s soooo cool I loved it AMAZING 😻🥰5 star

Sooooo gooooooood

LockdownJH - Amazing5 star

It’s my favorite movie it was so good. It was very creepy. Although I will say some of the scares were predictable and some of the CGI was cheesy

Caulen P. Stephan - 20195 star

Best movie of 2019

MotherofCats1013 - Did Not Disappoint5 star

I LOVED this movie!

KjayWorld240 - Super Awesome I love these movies5 star

It was super good it was long and funny and most of all scary

Davisv - LOVED IT ❤️5 star

I was excited and sad at the same time. Excited to see it. Sad it was the end. I have read the book multiple times in my life. The movie was different in ways but still kept to the truth of the novel (mostly). The only way I can understand people hating this movie is if they didn’t read the book and have 0% imagination. Because that’s what the novel and movie was about - imagination. desire. ritual. love. Went to the movies twice to see it. Great movie. ❤️

Babyboo978 - IT IS AMAZING5 star


rylee is amazing - absolutely fantastic5 star

this movie was definitely worth watching, it was scary, funny and all around a good time.

CLVLNDROX123 - It chapter 25 star

Great conclusion!! I loved it

Joven was taken - Amazing4 star

This movie was the ultimate tie together although cgi was a bit cheesy

Superhero145 - Great ending but... I want more!!!5 star

Ok I did enjoyed it chapter 2 but I would like to see that original cut of the movie that 6 hours of film because I’m interested I would be interested watching more pennywise and losers club but I highly recommend it to anyone who seen it chapter 1 because you won’t really understand it if you haven’t seen the first one must buy!!!!

humanzszzsksksk - The Best movie!5 star

Wow... First Thank you Stephen King And Bill Hader For making Reddie a real thing in the movie that made me so happy! Second why did you cut the kiss? Of Eddie and Richie? Doesn’t matter still my favorite movie Thank you Andy for making this movie you did a wonderful job.👍🏻

TonoCorrz5 star

@ITMovieOfficial: Are you ready to come face to face with Pennywise? Own IT Chapter Two on Digital and Blu-ray™ TOMORROW. #ITMovie https…

CherryStar24245 star

@ITMovieOfficial: Are you ready to come face to face with Pennywise? Own IT Chapter Two on Digital and Blu-ray™ TOMORROW. #ITMovie https…

Kainovaks5 star

not me watching IT chapter two and sobbing whatever

_ColinFay5 star

@laurent_georget @joshua_ulrich Well, every time I write blog posts / book chapter / slide decks, I end up creating…

Losver_things5 star

@ITMovieOfficial: Are you ready to come face to face with Pennywise? Own IT Chapter Two on Digital and Blu-ray™ TOMORROW. #ITMovie https…

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