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Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients. A crew of savvy former strip club employees band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients. Hustlers Wiki

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Hustlers (2019)

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- Ehh2 star

Very upset to say this movie was garbage the women were gorgeous but the story was def way too scattered and just dragged too much the concept was no bueno

- Yasss5 star

Girl power is what I live for !!! Thank you for such an Amazon cast !!! ❤️❤️

- great5 star

this movie so fun to watch

- JLO at her finest.5 star

Talented cast with an interesting story. Amazing performance from the ever youthful Jennifer Lopez.

- so good5 star

this is my favorite movie it is so good. i highly recommend. i have no clue why other people hate it the actors were amazing and it has won awards. very well done. 🙏🙏🙏

- Overall decent4 star

I’m not sure what all these bad reviews are about, I thought it was a good and interesting movie. The acting is good I thought, the story is interesting, it is a well made film and well told story. Watch it with an open mind and you will enjoy it more than you think.

- Not for me1 star

I didn’t enjoy this movie, glad I rented it for $0.99.

- Not good2 star

I really like Constance Wu but this movie was pretty bad.

- Awful, just awful1 star

Wow, this movie was just awful. Poor writing and acting. J Lo is a talentless actress. She should stick with whatever else she has going, because she is a miserable and laughingly horrible actress. The whole movie was just embarrassing. Glad I only rented for 99 cents.

- Bad movie1 star

Glad it only cost me .99 cents to rent. Waste of time.

- Womens privilege, the movie!1 star

Gad to sit through this with my wife and I have to say it was basically a movie where women lie, steal and basically rape wealthy men to get money. It tries to demonize men to justify why they drugged them to steal from them. Then at the end they all basically get slaps on the wrist. If men had done that to women?? They would have been sent to jail for LIFE! If you wanna see a good movie about a woman hustler watch Gone With the Wind, you’ll enjoy it more

- Meh3 star

Plot was bad, no climax really, wouldn’t recommend. :/

- Disconnect between trailer and movie2 star

The trailer leads you to believe this is an exciting heist-type film of dancers scheming their way to riches. Instead, its a slow art house type character piece that doesn’t work on any level. It doesn’t delve deep enough into any of the characters or subplots. The whole experience is like a bland meal that leaves you unsatisfied.

- Entertaining!5 star

I enjoyed it, very entertaining! I laughed, cried & was in suspense. I believe it takes courage to take on a role like this. Very vulnerable & raw. Great job ladies!

- Looooooove!5 star

Love this movie ! Finally a different story line.. not like the same ol stuff recycled every year!

- Low energy1 star

Unwatchable. It's like an R rated Nair commercial. Does not convey the grit and awfulness, nor even the hotness and danger of the world it's presenting. A tragedy of a movie.

- Pandering junk1 star

The good reviews are political correctness run amok. The bad reviews are honest people that actually tried to watch it. Avoid.

- No comment3 star

No comment

- Exceeded my expectations5 star

At first at glance, I thought very little of this movie and couldn’t understand the accolades it received. However, this quarantine mess and the $0.99 rent charge for this movie made me think, ‘what the hell, let’s watch it.’ I’m so glad I did. This movie exceeded my expectations tremendously. Sure, the acting is not the very best it could be, some of the outfits are very cheesy and bad looking, some of the actresses are not very well fit into the movie and I’m low key tired of J.Lo behaving like a twenty something. Also, even though I don’t mind Cardi B and Lizzie, I rolled my eyes during their appearance in the movie. Yet, I have to say that I was thoroughly entertained and intrigued by the movie. It helped that the movie was flashy and fun to watch. I even felt bad for the girls. Why should they be punished for men being dogs? You step into hell and you get what you deserve.

- Hustlers3 star

This movie is better than I expected it to be, don’t listen to all the one star reviews. Stylish, funny, well paced, with an all star cast. Only reason I’m not gonna give it 4 stars is because towards the end it gets a bit too generic. But you could do a lot worse than this movie. 3.5/5

- Great Movie5 star

Great performances... BASED on true events... this movie isn’t a documentary lol

- Trash1 star


- 😑1 star

Critics were to afraid to give this a bad review due to the “woke” culture agenda. This film is absolute garbage. Worse than I had imagined. I’m ashamed.

- Trash2 star

Really thought it was gonna be more

- Imperial Wizard1 star

Expected a modern caper movie with some twists. The dialogue is absurd. The plot is ridiculous although it's based on the true story of strippers drugging and robbing men so the criminals are HEROES! How could you not love women who drug, rob, and try to ruin the lives of men? J.Lo is awful but Constance Wu (whose 15 minutes are up) is much worse. And she's actually supposed to be an actress.

- Man-babies5 star

Judging from the usernames of some of these reviews, most of the negative comments are from fragile men who hate when the tables are turned!! Great movie and commentary on society and the stigma around women just trying to survive and care for their families, but are very flawed. Jennifer Lopez deserved an Oscar nom, this was her Matthew McConaughey comeback role.

- Anna Chu & Lynda Mai4 star

@ em ko thich daylight savings $ I’m home safe and sound so beautiful thank ya for all the help and mason sleep with us today thank

- Boring1 star

Underwhelmed not rly good at all

- Funny with great performances5 star

What I love about this movie is it could have very easily been a cheesy stripper movie, but it ends up being more about women and friendship. It’s funny and everyone gives a great performance, JLo especially!

- Lili Reinhart!!!!!5 star

lili Reinhart makes it so good!❤️❤️❤️

- Hard pass1 star

I saw this in theaters. I kept waiting for something to happen...nothing happened. It was weird. I love J.Lo and she did great as far as acting but the film was not impressive, at all

- No Thanks1 star

Watched this one because all reviews said it was great. I just didn’t get the story and the trailers weren’t really what this movie was about

- Very nice!!5 star

Loved this movie! Jennifer Lopez did a very good job with playing her character Ramona. Wished she had been nominated for the Oscar.

- Waste of time1 star

Poor excuse for a movie.

- Oscar for Jennifer Lopez5 star

Wow I was blown away Jennifer Lopez really showed her Bronx roots. Most of her film portrayals depicts a character of a goodie two shoes. With her being a New Yorker she really brought authentic rawness of what it’s like to have to hustle to survive. Constance Wu did a great job as a supporting lead. Ke Ke Palmer gave the film soul as well. Cardi B’s cameo were cute and made the plot line believable since she really was a stripper in New York city. The cinematography was really polished and the wardrobe was on point. I enjoyed the film. Jenny from the block should play some more bad girl roles.

- Criminal women are still criminals.1 star

Horrible people being successful while being horrible are not "heroes". Pure garbage, nobody liked it but the "critics" are too weak to give it anything but amazing reviews, further lowering their crediility.


JLo was fantastic and I thought the movie did a great job adding the right amount of humor to a story with plot points that are actually pretty heavy.

- Hustlers1 star

I will never understand how Some People think JLo is talented. She can’t Sing, Act, or dance. Such a horrible movie. Don’t waste your time or money.

- Lame1 star


- Warning: This Film Should be labeled Horror!1 star

So, so bad! Absolutely painful to watch. it’s really hard to make a bad film about strippers, but these filmmakers did it. Absolute trash! Not one redeeming quality can be found in this film. The worst movie I’ve seen in a decade. If I saw these strippers in real life I would pay them to keep their clothes on! I’m so grossed out. this film should be properly labeled for what it is, a horror movie!

- Forget It!1 star

Boring and dull. JLow has no talent for acting...but she is a good singer and dancer.

- Great5 star

Apple employees please bring some professional people who gives IMDB not this stupid people , by the way the movie was pretty good and it deserves to win an oscar

- Hustlers is the new sexy5 star

Hustlers is very much like Martin Scorsese film than strip club fanatic but this movie is sad and funny at the same time all of the actressses were great.

- Just Bad!!1 star

I can't get over how mediocre the movie was and how positive the rotten tomatoes score is. The acting, dialogue, plot, characters were all vapid and dull. The movie pushes a ra-ra girl power narrative, but it all comes across as phony. We are supposed to feel for these ladies because the economy is bad and they didn't invest any of their loot. So after the midpoint of the movie it just becomes a montage of strippers drugging and robbing dudes and then popping champagne and going on shopping sprees. My girlfriend and I both wanted it to just end already.

- Sad state of society and predictable1 star

It’s unfortunate a movie like this found its way to light. Even attempting to justify the behavior in this movie shows the slow normalization of it. I love movies of all types, these are no strong women characters I want me kids seeing. Watch the Show Anne with an E, even the strong women in the show Vikings, or the hero movies like Alien, strong characters with real substance. This movie is just agenda laced with all the sad things about today’s culture.

- Garbage1 star

If you switch the genders the world would be outraged! Another piece of liberal propaganda garbage! Don’t support this trash

- Whores... Not Hustlers1 star

Boring, boring movie that tries to justify the criminal acts of the “Hustlers” (read Strippers or more accurately Whores) by making them victims of the mean male Wall Street workers who are painted as nothing but thieves so drugging and stealing from them is ok...

- I feel Hustled renting this1 star

Poor plot and story. These ain’t hustlers they’re thief’s that should of been sent away for a long time. Good eye candy but if you want to see a better plot in a gentleman's club go to a real one. I almost shut this off a few times but really tried to like it.

- Great movie!!5 star

Jennifer Lopez is phenomenal in this role!

- Nooo1 star

Such an inaccurate description of dancers and people really in the industry

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dsikkema - Deal Breaker1 star

Want to gouge my eyes out every time I see Lizzo... no thanks....



Deniz karamifar - Boring2 star

😐I don’t like it at all

kyashack - Let down1 star

I love JLo and some of the other cast. But when I heard the “Oscar” buzz I knew this must be the movie to see. Well all I can say is while JLo played her part well the story telling was horrible and I could barely last through the movie after 30 minutes.

LukeyLue9 - Jennifer Lopez at Her Best!5 star

Amazing acting from Jennifer Lopez!!! Hands down her best movie in years!

EuroFunk - Boring and basic.1 star

I was excited to watch this movie because of all the buzz. Sadly, I think people were more excited about the topic, the pole, and Jennifer Lopez because the acting is basic and story line simple and not very artistic. I can’t understand how some believe it’s Oscar worthy.

laammren - Trashhh1 star

The worst movie ever Cardi can’t rap I rate as a 0 if I could

Rsh08 - I don’t know how this got 87%2 star

This movie is terrible. I’m assuming A-Rod paid off the Rotten Tomatoes people for it to get an 87%. They take FOREVER to get to the point of the movie. The entire first half is just stripping and dancing. Which is pointless. The scenes are way too long and the editing is terrible. Don’t watch this.


YEAH JENNIFER LOPEZ SHULD OF DESERVED AN OSCAR FOR THIS! But white Hollywood always be playing with POC in films. Over it. Please encourage others to watch film with a REPRESENTATIONAL CAST, WOMEN WRITTEN AND DIRECTED ETC! Come on y’all! Open your eyes to a new world of fantastic film that ain’t be having the male perspective. Also HUSTLERS and THE FAREWELL deserve as much recognition as LITTLE WOMEN. Period.

jj_le - Can’t play1 star

Got this yesterday around 6pm. I started to watch it. And never finished. Now I’m trying to pick up where I left off. And it won’t let me play it. I’ve now wasted $6 on a movie I didn’t even finish watching.

Lithical - Meh1 star

Couldn’t get past 15 minutes... not engaging at all. Actually made me feel really uncomfortable.

Playah-d - Boring and too long2 star

My wife and watched this and both agreed Jennifer is extremely hot in the opening segment, but beside that it was boring.

Dariibabyy - Amazing!!5 star

JLo and her team did an amazing job with this film!!

MovieLover3039 - Unexpected5 star

I went into watching this thinking it was going to be just a bunch of boobs on screen but it wasn’t that at all. It was a beautiful story about a friendship that flamed out because of life’s unexpected circumstances. It’s definitely worth renting. Plus it’s JLO and she looks AMAZING in it!!!

Porsche Wood - Hustled1 star

This is a wonderful way to absolutely waste almost 2 hours of your life. I would say it a predictable story, but that would imply that there is a story. The whole time we were waiting for some story, for it to get better, or anything … but then it ended. What a relief!

jjanssen77 - Waste of time1 star

This movie dragged on and on and on. The plot is lame. Acting was lame. The whole movie was just lame.

Dafinator - The dumbest movie ever!1 star

This movie is so stupid. Everything about it was dumb. The acting stunk and the story is so so unbelievably stupid. Can’t believe I wasted my money on this ... I want a refund

Biased news channel - Couldn’t even finish it1 star

This was a movie about nothing. The plot was almost non existent. Within 5 min you get the point of the whole movie. Wasted time and money.

Liz0022 - Horrible1 star

Can’t believe how horrible and in appropriate is this movie!!! Disgusting !!! Don’t waste your time :/

Blanc37 - Save your money2 star

Very disappointing

hunmonica - One star is too much!1 star

Junk movie... Jlo she has no talent to sing and acting is even worse. Ya quemastes tus cartuchos, es hora de la retirada López.

Sunshine Lea - Need to add Audio Description for the blind1 star

The blind community would love to watch this movie to with audio description!

terri karlovitch - Bad1 star


bodegakay - Boring2 star

I don’t get all the hype. It had is moment.

DerekMonster9 - Good Movie5 star

Enjoyed it.

OtisTaylorFan - TV movie of the week quality1 star

JLO! She's got a great dermatologist/surgeon, and her hair stylist is awesome! Unfortunately, she can't act. Imagine if someone made a movie where men drug women unconscious to steal their money, and they are presented as sympathetic characters. Yeah, it's that bad. As bad as Showgirls, with less nudity.

wing chun muslim - Worst movie in years!1 star

If you like terrible movies, then this is the movie for you! Don’t waste your money & time. You’ll lose I.Q points watching this.

DesiB31 - Don’t1 star

Usually enjoy J-Lo films. This was terrible!

GingerDaniells - Meh2 star

Wasn’t as good as the ratings make it out to be, IMO. My only take away is that I am severely out of shape.

OCPC2000 - Waste1 star

One of the worse movies I’ve ever watched!

missheather1313 - Really Great Chick Flick..5 star

Got ladies feeling bossy right now!! Ten thumbs up to JLo for her performance however that fly girl could already dance lol

Poop33333333333333332223333 - babe crew5 star

FHai Ben/

Blah, blah, and more blah - blah1 star

Awful movie. Undeveloped story line. Poor acting. Wanted to turn it off almost right away but kept waiting for it to get better. It didn't.

1,000,000(money man) - Hustler5 star

Best movie ever

eru49 - Garbage1 star

Horrible ...walked out of the theater.

thisguymike18 - Hustlers1 star

Total crap

theatre777665 - Led by a career best performance from JLO5 star

JLo delivers her best performance of her career, impossible to ignore

Hd_magz - Hmmm1 star

Just extremely boring to me. my gf liked it, but i could not get into it

wldjddjdjjdjdj - Stupidest movie ever.1 star

Stupidest movie ever. Don’t waste your money you won’t see anything good

BlakeTheSnake24 - Dont waste your time1 star

Movie beyond stupid fake reviews to 87% more like %40

DanieDizzle - Perfect movie for an airplane5 star

Absolutely loved this movie! Jennifer Lopez is in impeccable shape, it’s a little ridiculous how 🔥🔥🔥 she is. Sure, one can say the movie was horrible because it has strippers who make insanely bad life choices but really? Is that what makes a movie bad? Nope, at least not in my opinions. Not sure what is up with all of the haters but the reality of it is, people often make horrible choices out of desperation and greed. This movie did an incredible job of showing the complexities of adulthood and the choices we make. I loved getting inside peak at the characters. this movie is is definitely worth a watch!

Rayleenaa - BRAVO5 star

BRAVO!!! 🥳

stefoula - stefi1 star

Very bad, bad movie.Lopez bad in all she does.

rheyez - Boring to say the least1 star

If you’re looking for a boring movie, this one is for you. There isn’t much too it except talking and talking and even more talking. They did not try to make this interesting in the least. Wouldn’t wait you’re money on it, I almost fell asleep multiple times. Doesn’t have much action of anything at all and it’s set up weirdly. Wouldn’t recommend.

nyctelecaster - delusional and vapid2 star

I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to view the main characters as scrappy survivors … or delusional and vapid …. well, actually I went with delusional and vapid. Watching 90 minutes of characters that are basically dumb consumers, isn’t much fun. Even if J-Lo is writhing on a strippers pole.

Movie Mystery Man - Hustler2 star

Jennifer Lopez very attractive actress makes her role believable, but is long over due to reduce her massive thighs. This was very evident when she was waring a short dress in the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Very truly, Movie mystery man

MyDogsDad - Showgirls without talent1 star

This movie was horrible- nothing but a reworked set of cliches. Acting was fine, but the writing, plot and direction was abysmal. Don’t waste your rental dollars on this!

Jojopadilla - Great cast and decent storytelling5 star

Jlo steals the show but the film feels a bit redundant in the middle of the film. Overall, pretty solid.

macias-bloodlines - Ong best movie this year5 star

Cheeee love this movie

Lileddie - If I could give it zero stars I would1 star

We really wanted to like this movie but it was so bad that we turned it off after 40 mins. Save your money for another film to rent.

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