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Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet. His journey will uncover secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos.Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet. His journey will uncover secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos. The near future, a time when both hope and hardships drive humanity to look to the stars and beyond. While a mysterious phenomenon menaces to destroy life on planet Earth, astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across the immensity of space and its many perils to uncover the truth about a lost expedition that decades before boldly faced emptiness and silence in search of the unknown. Ad Astra Wiki

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The answers we seek are just outside our reach..

Ad Astra (2019)

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- Beautiful hodgepodge of misguided characters3 star

While the estestics carry the film, the story underminds the efforts with blunt story, convenient plot twists and overall underwhelming story.

- Space... the Final Frontier5 star

Probably One of the Best Space Movies Classic

- Aburrida1 star

Perdí dos horas de mi tiempo !!!!!

- Complex yet simple4 star

Great acting. It shows that the things we need are right in front of us sometimes. Everyone is always searching for that fix, and Ad Astra showed that it could be a simple answer. It had great CGI. Long movie but it makes you think.

- Beautiful!5 star

I just finished this, and it is, without qualification, one of the best explorations in film of what it means to really live. It is sparse and philosophical, but stands out as one of Pitt’s finest works. Love! (Submit)

- Deep thought provoking space5 star

Elegantly layered and technically inspired like many sci-fi films, But this one does not focus on thrills. There are several action scenes with guns, explosions, infected beasts, and even a rover wreck. But at its heart this film offers a thoughtful look at the role of absent fathers, the perceived price of dedication, and the burdens of masculinity. The pacing is careful and works perfectly with the story. Pitt captures the drama and conflict through a terrifically quiet and reserved portrayal. I watched it twice to enjoy its many sides.

- Not that deep1 star

A lot of people here are writing about the depth of the movie and characters. I think it’s more about the the reviewer justifying the money they paid to watch this crap movie. Top of the line cast, bottom of the barrel script and story.

- Avoid at all cost1 star

Seriously, I couldn’t stay awake. It was boring. Save your money and if you really want to see this snooze fest, recommend a Redbox visit or waiting for it to be on cable/Netflix.

- Boring1 star

This was such a boring movie. It has some cool visuals but overall boring as can be.

- It had it’s moments.3 star

Dragged on. And on. And on. Good premise. Poor execution.

- What the hell did I just watch?3 star

Look,I work in the film industry.. I love artistic explorations of human struggle both internal and external. This was, objectively, a meandering film with nothing to grab the viewer’s interest and hold for very long. I mean, I guess I understand the aim but it lacked so many specifics that, in the end, you’re Left wondering what the point of it all was. You don;t feel as if you have taken a journey so much as endured a trial... and are just glad it ended. I also saw the heartfelt interview with Brad Pitt wherein he discussed his hope to make a deeply meaningful film about the connection between fathers and sons... and the fraught dynamic of that which makes them different. Man, if that exists here, it is buried more deeply than a single viewing can reveal. I just cannot recommend this film to the average viewer - given the esoteric nature of its narrative.

- Sleep inducing1 star

I felt like I was alone on a 2.8 billion mile trip with nothing to do but watch out the window of the ship. Amazing outer space and planet rendering.

- Slow does not equal boring.5 star

Is it slow yeah. But it also has some of the vest acting of the year in my opinion. Better look at the human condition then Interstellar. Might not be as exiting, but still better.

- halo2 star

good job

- Slow and boring1 star

I love science fiction movies and after watching the trailer I just had to watch this movie. What a disappointment it was! Save your money and your time... probably the worst movie I’ve seen in a while.

- Great Film4 star

This is truly a great film. Though, many will find it boring. It’s a deep film, a character study in which Brad Pitt gives an Oscar caliber performance.

- What a piece of Pooooooo1 star

This was so so so so so so so bad , I mean bad in a bad way , not James Brown bad , I mean , sorry , waste of everyones time and money Bad.....

- Waste of $1 star

Horrible movie. Writer and director should be banished from earth.

- 80 @[email protected]5 star

Eye [email protected]+ched @d @[email protected] [email protected] 0n [email protected] 21, 2020. Eye [email protected] enj0yed +h!$ @[email protected]+ f!lm [email protected]+ Eye ren+ed fr0m RedB0x. Eye l!ked [email protected] P!++ @z well.

- Slow and boring with little point1 star

The movie is long, slow and boring. It takes forever to develop the story and seems to drag on endlessly. Don't waste 2hrs. of your time.

- Great5 star

Deeply moving and soul crushing tale.

- Aweful1 star

Literally the worst movie I have ever seen.

- Don’t waste your money1 star

Visually appealing, the movie lacks depth.

- Ouch. Hit to sci-fi lovers1 star

Not sure what to say other then the film was just bad. Very bad. What was Brad Pitt thinking on this one.

- Beautiful movie5 star

An artistic, lonely journey. Captures something beautiful and stark about space and the human mind. How small we are in the face of the universe, especially without connection to each other.

- Horrible1 star

I actually fell asleep, so boring

- Introspective father son fare. It’s good.4 star

I do not understand the hate for this movie. Maybe people were expecting something different, but the trailers clearly communicated what the movie was about. It’s a son exploration of self living in his father’s shadow. The movie is a little but doesn’t deserve the hate. Literally every movie has plot holes.

- Dialog summed up as DUH DUD1 star

Pitt is at his finest when he plays characters with a wit not dissimilar to his own such as Kalifornia.

- A Disastra1 star

Huge Sci Fi fan and wanted to like this movie but I just couldn’t. Slow, slow and slower. I just want to enjoy a movie and unfortunately this wasn’t it.

- Deep meaning . Awesome graphics5 star

It’s about how he was following the same footsteps as his dad. And what his dad put him and his family thru and realizing what we have to treasure what we have here and to be present! Good movie

- Yuck1 star

What a depressing, disappointing movie. The story line did not at all do justice to the potential of the actors to engage with an audience. I would have had a much better evening if I had turned it off promptly instead of expecting that it would have an ending that would make watching this poorly-thought-out movie worth it. It most certainly did not.

- Nice5 star

I enjoyed the movie it was amazing and exciting!

- Apocalypse Now in space1 star

It is like a apocalypse now in space. It starts out great, some action, a big build up and then...a lot of inner monologue by Brad Pit. You start to wonder...I mean hope it’s going to get better. It doesn’t. Ultra mega super boring. Very disappointing! Don’t watch it or even rent it. You will never get that time back and you will yell at the screen. If you don’t take my advice and some how watch the whole thing ....Remember I told you so!

- Horrible1 star

See post title omg

- Had promise but...1 star

Terrible story and plotS visually appealing but man that story went no where.

- Boring1 star

Kept waiting for this movie to get better, never did. Total waste of 9.99. Ranks right down there with Sandra Bullocks space movie...

- Not a must have3 star

I like science and fiction. This movie is interesting but really not what you absolutely need

- Mostly social interactions3 star

Started off well but turned to the all humans do is steal, argue and fight trash. Considering this was a speculative science mission, remarkably tiny spec of dialog detailed as to what was discovered (if)

- I thought the movie was OK4 star

Predictably government’s corruption, typical no believe in any other life form. Interesting focus on mans purpose in the universe. Although I find the movie “ Unacknowledged” to be much more enlightening. A must see for those who haven’t seen it.

- Don’t do it.2 star

Save yourself the time. Very anti-climactic.

- Just terrible lol1 star

Inane abstraction + emperors new clothes + constant, blatantly stupid logical gaps + laughable and way played out political tropes = this incredibly boring movie

- Total garbage movie ever1 star

Imagination is a great thing, I’m not saying it isn’t. But lately I cant control it. I find myself gone. It’s Brad Pitt a famously movie star in Space ...this is isn’t many important elements of the story just completely left out. It left a lot of questions for watching. Please stop rent it or even worse by own it movie, totally waste your money!!!!

- Loved it5 star

A much more real life depiction of what space exploration would be like rather than animated fantasy. Pitt was perfect for leading role. Nevermind what other reviews say ;-)

- Don’t Get the Negativity5 star

I thought it was a fabulous movie. Gorgeous, well-shot, and well-acted. The father-son dynamic was touching and left me feeling a certain way I can’t describe. My only gripe is that the ending was kind of weird and it all kind of ended abruptly, but the message is fantastic and of-the-times. I thought it was going to be a disappointment and that the runtime would be intimidating. But I loved it all the way through. Don’t listen to the hate

- What’s the point?1 star

It’s the typical movie that critics love, but a real person watching it finds it a wast of time.

- Garbage1 star

Worst movie I’ve ever seen

- Garbage1 star

Space pirates, zombie monkeys, an emo Brad Pitt, and a coocoo Tommy Lee Jones. Why would you make a movie about a boy with daddy issues with a sci-fi backdrop? Trying to think of a worse space movie or tv show... maybe Star Trek Discovery?... they’re the same flavor of trash.

- Got bored 40 min in, cleaned my apt1 star

While it burned off in the background. You should watch Star Trek instead

- Very Slow2 star

I found this movie very boring. The plot took to long to develop.

- YAWN....1 star

Credits was the best part...

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D C Bailey - 2019: A Space Agony1 star

A pretentious and ponderous film that appears to have been written by someone with severe unresolved father issues. It was so slow that we had plenty of time to notice and be irritated by all the bad physics and dubious scenerios. Pirates in moon buggies? Norwegian space gorillas? And don't get me started on all the incompetent - and in one case doddering - astronauts. We will happily suspend belief in the laws of conservation of energy and momentum when it helps move the plot along, but not much moves in this film.

tipsup1978 - Trash1 star

Should win worst movie awards. Slow pace that has terrible special effects. Too much voice over. Predictable ending. Plot holes. Such a good cast wasted.

Cutlass5268 - Bad1 star

One of the worst, most boring movies I’ve seen in my life. Waited through the whole movie for it to get good, it never did!

thewise&noble1 - Disappointing3 star

Not worth it

Och.laddie - It’s slow but good (introspective)4 star

Sublime acting and encouraging your own thoughts about what’s taking place. I enjoyed it. If you want to see lots of action and explosions, look elsewhere. If you want to think (a little), check it out.

604780 - Ad astra on THC Edibles5 star

I ate 20mg of Chocolate edibles from Aurora Cannabis and 30 minutes into the movie I thought I was an astronaut floating in space. What a film!

dillusioned - Poor movie, don’t bother unless you’re desperate...2 star

In general, I’ll watch any space/science fiction movie, even B level. With Brad Pitt you expect a decent movie, but you won’t find it here. For all intents and purposes, it’s like Pitt and Jones wandered onto the wrong floor and had a script thrown at them. The acting is wooden and the character decisions are bizarre at times to say the least. Sometimes you have to let artistic freedom run at times and ignore science and logic to enjoy a movie. However, the story logic is absurd and makes no sense at all. You’re best to pass on this one.

SRGRMB - no emotions1 star

This movie is slow, unemotional drab movie don't waste your money especially for 25.00.

moviefan4432 - Waste of time1 star

No story. No action. Bore fest.

Doublebagger - Boring at best2 star

The advertising faked me out. Looked like an interesting action flick in ads. Tommy L....what could go wrong. Well, everything. Fell asleep multiple times listening to Pitt drone on. The plot at best half baked. Wait until it’s free.

spyridus - Not what you'd expect1 star

Saw this opening weekend in the theatre and it was awful. I will never understand why critics gave this such a high score. When the movie was over, we sat there and looked at each other and both said, "What the hell was that" and looking around a the audience, it was very quiet.

Manning2072 - It was not great, but not terrible either.3 star

It is trying to convey the importance of human interaction. But as for as entertaining... it falls a bit short. Good special effects and attention to detail though.

Swag$$:):)$$ - As bad as it gets!1 star

Terrible nonsensical story line, you would think it would have been obvious to the producers from reading the script. Brad's acting is as flat as usual, no big surprise there. I wish I did not waste my time and money on this movie. Don't rent or even worse buy!

QuestionDeca - Misleading Marketing3 star

The Mystery? Not that important. The Action? Intermittent and ultimately just set dressing. This movie isn't an epic space adventure, it's a man trying to reconnect with his estranged father, a father who's obsession is the main conflict of the movie. Aside from some tropes/cliches nosing their way in, there is a unique story here, but it's a simpler one then it tries to be and may be better suited for a book then a movie (there are way to many books with the same or similar title to tell if it's someone's adaptation from one).

wickedfairyxx - Lacklustre2 star

Not at all what I hoped it would be, quite boring.

sprayonjeans - Great4 star


Wack_B5 - Waste of time...1 star

Waste of time...

Deschat - Soooo bad1 star

Wow, such a boring movie....slow, inconsistent story line, drab acting, tries too hard to be thought provoking but fails miserably.

The annoyed one! - Two hours that I will never get back.1 star

Slow and no acting on Pitt’s part. Story incomprehensible and a complete snooze fest!

Jo3_316 - All the hate over something subjective5 star

Instead of judging a movie by others opinions, try actually watching the movie and think for yourself and build an opinion around that instead. There are so many “bad movies” out there that I actually really enjoy because I actually watched them and discovered that they were actually really good. Think for yourselves people.

Skylersoaring - Refund please1 star

I’m traumatized how terrible this was Good visuals but then gets terribly awkward , I’ll never look at Brad Pitt the same .

iLOL - Mediocre2 star

A slow mediocre movie that has a couple of good scenes. Really bad space effects. Not recommended.

Mdjgcl - Lame1 star

Don't waste your time on this one....

yakfest - zzzzzz1 star

this movie is not rent, i repeat DO NOT RENT, unless that is, you have insomnia, or, for some bizzare reason, you actually want to enter a coma

hi all folks - 84% ?1 star

84% critics review, what a joke. Terrible waste of time~

StarAction - Story superseded action3 star

Interesting space adventure. Move along if you want mindless action packed nonsense. The story is what makes this movie. I would not watch it again, however.

Karla 20170311 - Wonderful moving story about human connection4 star

Fantastic movie. A cross between “interstellar” and “gravity”. Amazing special effects.

Charles || - Very slow moving4 star

The story moves along a journey through space,, which serves a variety of events that are loosely bound to the central theme. Filler material if you ask me. It however serves up an amazing visualization of special effects, props, and a really top notch sound track. In the end the movie still produces a pleasing effect apart from its flaws.

Marty1! - Terrible1 star

One of the slowest movies I’ve seen. Terrible.

Victoradri - Who are we?5 star

A film that challenges our idea of what it is to be human. A dispute between duty and emotions. This is a slow paced film, a piece to be watched while you sip on coffee on a calm Saturday. If you are looking for an action movie this is not for you , but i do recommend that you watch this at least once. It is a masked masterpiece in my humble opinion.

hippomancy - Definitely not an average (mediocre/mindless) film5 star

All those people who rave about 2001:a space odyssey because “they should” but who prefer star wars or star trek will hate this. But thoughtful patient viewers who allow ideas to percolate rather than being handed plot points will like this. Maybe love this. I recall being confused by negative blowback on Soderburgh’s Solaris, but i am a little more clever now, and know that most sci-fi fans don’t want to reflect on mortality, humane engagement, or existential questions. They want action and fast moving vehicles, not science revealing that we are social animals and need connection. This has a denouement that rationalists should love but will probably hate- humans are alone in the universe, but no man is an island...

UndisputedVoiceOfReason - First rented movie in a while I quit halfway through1 star

It's as if a fictionalized Charlie Kaufman had to adapt an Orchid Thief (sex, car chases, guns), but in space for some reason. So much money on actors and a reasonable effects budget, it just needs an engaging screenplay. Alas, the effects aren't interesting enough to merit to spend a second hour of my life of these actors stumbling along pretending to do things. I appreciate the monologue of journal entries, but it can be done better than this (see 'Moon' or 'The Martian' for an example of how to do it well, and a better use of one's rental dollar).

jetswhiteout - Complete Snore-fest! Very Disappointing1 star

This is the SLOWEST movie I’ve watched in a while. It doesn’t have a very good story and has some scenes that will leave you asking why they were even in the movie.

Virgil S. - It's Novel, At Least3 star

Roughly what you'd get if the movie Apollo 13 had been written and directed by an angsty teen whose parents just grounded him for writing poetry about suicide. It has its moments, but they're sandwiched between a _lot_ of atmosphere, angst, and audio logs. It strives to be a thinking man's movie, but unfortunately there's not quite enough there to think about. A solid 3 out of 5.

all lives matter levi - Exceeded Expectations5 star

I saw the trailer for this film in the theatre, and I thought it would be garbage. When I actually watched it I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. It is paced more slowly, however it makes up for that in a strong well written story. Brad Pitt does a fantastic job playing a relatable character. The music is soothing and beautiful. Most certainly a pleasant surprise for a sci-fi film of this era.

FluidicDigital - Space. Truly.5 star

I rented and now own this movie. I went into this viewing with the bad Apple reviews alone. I saw that this was a space movie starring Brad Pitt. OK cool. Let’s give this a watch. It was farrrrr better than what people here make it out to be. If you like space and exploration or the movie Interstellar then you will enjoy this movie. There’s some action, there is a little humour and there is some drama. This is not an X-Men or Michael Bay movie. It’s a normal movie. It stands out on its own but does have influences from Gravity, Interstellar and 2001: A Space Odyssey. I felt like I was learning things while also becoming attached to the main character and wanting to know what happens next. I hope this is our society in the near future. Oh my all the discoveries we’d be making!

Geplon - Really liked it4 star

I’m fascinated by our solar system and think it’s an under represented subject. Quite happy with this film and the way it’s done. Want ....more....

Ac hellions - Disappointed2 star

If you love Solaris you will love this movie..... for anybody else don’t waste your time.

cineplexed - ad astra4 star

a shallow movie that pulls you into the story line as if it were happening in real time..

careofthesoul - careofthesoul4 star

We are all scattered throughout time and space; little bits and pieces of ourselves lost along the way. This is the journey that confirms Soul.

Gham Studios - rAD mASTRApiece5 star

A good movie is something that doesn’t talk down to its viewers, a good movie assumes that the viewer doesn’t have the attention span of a dumb child, and is willing to experience the movie the way the filmmaker intended. A lot of the reviews I’ve read here are from lowest common denominator film-goers, the people who only see a couple movies a year, most being Disney properties. This movie is basically perfect from James Gray’s direction, to Hoyte Van Hoytema’s painterly cinematography, and specifically to Brad Pitt’s achingly emotional yet restrained performance. This film isn’t Star Wars, it’s much more.

Mr-Robobob's word - Good movie4 star

The bad ratings I have seen and read are sad to see. This movie has a good story and a star studded cast. To not understand the feasibility of the plot is nonsensical at the point of how simple it is.

Hawkmoon123 - Horrible waste of time and film1 star

This was THE slowest , nonsensical movie I have yet to view. Right from the start you get a feeling of drab , and keeps you wanting more. The plot is not well thought out and is so basic it could have been written by a toddler. You keep waiting for something , anything to happen in the film but nothing of substance ever materializes. A real flop for Brad Pitt who is an excellent actor, this time took the wrong part. Best forget this film was ever made. I certainly will try to forget I paid $24.99 for it. Not even worth the one star I give it. Avoid at all costs.

Angry_movie_review - Snore!1 star

Beware earthlings. Move along, there is nothing to see here.

Ann Onymous2 - Boring!1 star

Can't decide what is worse; the implausible story line, the characters only superficially developed despite agonizing time spent trying, or the ponderously slow movement. Photography is good, though. You get a lot of time to look at that.

ORION514 - Un film vide et insignifiant1 star

J’ai aimé Interstellar et L’odyssée de l’espace, je me considère comme un adepte du cinéma. J’espérai que la chute du film rattrape les trop longues scènes vides de sens... Mais non. Juste pourrie, bien pourrie

Kris Atkinson - why only in HD?1 star

movie in 1080p HD, but with atmos audio? why not 4K HDR/Dolby Vision? Note: did not purchase, going by the format icons on the purchase page and the Apple TV app

Hockey star 37 - Wonderful5 star

A very nuanced and thought provoking space film. On a spectrum of Gravity and 2001: A Space Odyssey, it definitely falls closer to 2001. People going into this expecting a simple, action filled film are obviously going to be disappointed.

Vincenthis - Simplement extraordinaire5 star

Un film à plusieurs niveaux de compréhension. Profond comme l’espace. Brad Pitt joue à la perfection dans ce tableau hypnotisant, touchant et magnifique. Je souhaite à ce film, ses auteurs, réalisateurs, producteurs et acteurs, plusieurs prix, y incluant pour sa musique envoûtante. Immense Bravo.

terminizer - Good film.4 star

This movie is intense at the beginning, but might feel boring at the end. And also it is not like interstellar or gravity.

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tekneak - No story no ending2 star

This movie started off looking promising and dragged on, slowed down and had no ending other than the movie was done....not a good movie

sundafunday - Waiting1 star

I love Brad Pitt and most movies he is in.... BUT I waited and waited for this to get interesting and Boom.. credits?

Mr. Movie - Incredible4 star

What a great flick. Beautiful visuals and dramatic shots of outer space. An exciting journey. Some serious old school sci-fi influences permeate this film. I had a lot of fun, and truly cared for the mission. Brad Pitt was as good as I’ve ever seen him honestly. Under appreciated in 2019, don’t let it pass you up in 2020 and beyond.

Susan Fryman - Ad Astra3 star

I kept watching, in the hopes it would improve. The actors gave the best performances they could given the material they had to use. The material was quite lacking.

Nozzle ll - Disappointed1 star

The movie is drawn out and never really goes anywhere. Nothing was accomplished.

jwrhodes - Terrible Story1 star

Great actors and visually stunning, but boring story with a worse ending.

cb_newman - Heavy handed, melodramatic, cliched, beautifully shot1 star

This movie was awful. It’s been almost a month since I watched it with my wife and I may have permanently forfeited my right to pick movies. The plot and screen play are unimaginative and perplexing. The actors do a fine job, but the words on the page are so mindbogglingly dumb that they can only do so much (Natasha Lyonne’s cameo was pointless and distracting). I will say this: the cinematography is stunning beautifully shot but in no way makes up for the mess that this movie actually is.

sozoomme - A Truly Bad Movie1 star

No character development to speak of; ridiculous plot; unbelievable technology. What is there to like? I don’t understand how anyone could think this is a good movie. It is truly bad.

Nevehaj - Please drop the scifi bs, it is nothing2 star

This is chamber piece, the scifi setup is only for the box office sales. The guy could be a burger seller in a small town at any year, but then nobody would be interested of seeing this slow, wannabe-deep and artsy crap. Huge disappointment. Don’t understand why some big actors gave their name to this. Debt for the creator? No way they could see fantasy in it, nothing new storywise, ridiculous action parts. The only meaningful and depressing part is seeing how humanity is doing on an other heavenly body.

Lonnylong - Thought provoking5 star

Really liked this movie.

AustinLawdog - AVOID!1 star

Inane. Pretentious. As un-realistic and non-science based as The Martian was realistic. To quote another reviewer “the actors went to Neptune but the s riot was from Uranus” Absolute unadulterated garbage.

bigfloydfan - Tries to hard to be good and fails miserably1 star

I really wanted to like this movie. The performances were great, but the story was dull and boring. Very, very slow. They could have done so much more with this movie but it was forgetful.

Gravity404 - Up the river looking for Kurtz2 star

The sci-fi, futureistic version of Apocalypse Now is one step above garbage, and Brad Pitts' performance is garbage. Even with two good special effects scences, Skip it.

Nicholas becerra - Brad Pitt Shines Again!4 star

Ad Astra is a great space oprea Sci-Fi movie Brad Pitt was amazing in it most of he film it follows Brad Pitt trying to maintain space and finding his father who is stuck in space and it's more about what's in this astronauts mind. The visual effects were fantastic but most of it is pointless and slow but with Brad Pitt commanding the screen throughout the whole movie. The acting is tidious and great this is Hollywood making Space Oprea movies great agian much more like 2001 A Space Odyssey well like that it's boring and masterful this space movie is awesome.

SchugKnight - Calculated5 star

Wanted to see this based onthe trailers, but user reviews made me unsure of what to expect. Now I get the all in or all out reviews. It's not for everyone, but I loved it. I don't think it's slow. It felt more like a very calculated narrative of dry action that perfectly matched the personality of the main charcter. It's not a adrenaline pumping rush of action like most current action movies. It's a sci-fi action/drama that is more like a constant feeling of anxiety and nervous sweats.

G---Man - I would like my money back please1 star

Not as well written as the preview alluded. I would rather watch the preview 100 times in a row than watch this movie again. The movie was not as exciting as the preview. The acting was amazing. I’m surprised someone actually thought the storyline was worth Brad Pitt’s time. It definitely was not worth my time. It was a flop.

Shepherd of Hermas - S-L-O- W2 star

Someone said there was a surprise ending. Nope. It’s just the plot plodding towards its slow weak end. Gravity did this much more compellingly IMHO. Space as metaphor

Ebert I'm not - Two words: SPACE MONKEYS2 star

So seriously boring and then alternatively moments of the ridiculous, with gaping plot holes. Had some good scenes but the action was few and far between. I found the script to be a waste of talent of some top actors. A rental at best.

Kevanted - There’s soul here if you’re willing to look for it.5 star

A movie about a son looking for his father and unlock himself in the process. The setting is space, which is why there is “more” expected from it but it truly is a movie about the disconnect between a parent and a child and what it does to the child.

55EH - Worst Movie Brad has ever done1 star

I will never get my time back or my money. First time rotten tomatoes has let me down.

Dangrboy - Absurd and banal1 star

Military operatoinally rediculous With almost no link to interstellar physics Psychhologically trite

Craig R C - Boring as hell2 star

I was fine with it being slow until the end when I had to be lectured by a mediocre monologue from Brad Pitt. That was last straw. There’s nothing interesting here. Such a waste with all the sets, special FX and money spent making this.

roman rey - Don’t watch1 star

I never ever leave reviews but this time I need to do it so all of u don’t spend money and don’t waste 2 hours of their life. I love brad Pitt and I love sci fi movies but this movie is boring as hell, there is literally 4 scenes of 1 minute worth it the rest is trash. Please don’t listen to people giving it 5 stars it’s a scam from the studio to try to give it a good rating, those people where paid or they never saw a movie in their life.

Ron Walker3276 - Had high hopes2 star

I had high hopes but it was a let down. An astronaut with daddy issues with a poor ending.

jacks 6 plus - Ed1 star

Not bad

nicemac - Save your money!1 star

I only gave it one star because 0 stars is not an option.

bebopbaloogyboink - Dear script writer2 star

( not a review of the film ) Almost every statement brad Pitt makes is about his father, why do his lines always begin or end with “my dad” ? He must have said “ my dad” over 100 times, unnecessarily annoying. We all know who he is talking about, and who else would he be referencing? His mom or second cousin? Thanks for making sure no one forgets this is about his dad. Bad on you.

Placibo360 - Terrible movie, great acting.1 star

I think this movie could have been great if perhaps a different director was at the helm. There was no excitement and I mean none after the first 10 minutes. This movie is an off brand interstellar with much much less creativity. Brad Pitt is the only thing this movie has going for it.

hryffel - Really???1 star

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I have never bothered to write a review before but im so mad at spending the money and time to watch this garbage film I wanted to let people know not to waist there time watching this film.

drtntaylor - Ridiculous1 star

This movie is terrible. Dumb plot and bad acting. Why travel 6 billion miles to visit your father who could care less about you. No one explained what the heck the “surge” consists of and what or who was causing it. A car chase scene on the moon? Where do the bad guys hide? Unbelievably bad.

wawcj - Es5 star


Triphone7777 - Lack of oxygen1 star

A slower go nowhere movie I cannot recall. Who options these screenplays? Brutally boring and not a storyline that couldn’t be done (as it has) in a short film. Not worth a 99¢ watch. Did I say brutal?

A google user 23 - Terrible Movie1 star

makes no sense, story all over the place

MJB7MJB - Boring beyond belief; plot holes the size of Saturn1 star

I kept waiting for the movie to start. It never did. So boring and slow. Complete waste of time and talent. The acting is quite good but the storyline is simplistic, trivial and forces the viewer to completely ignore the laws of physics. Just plain silly.

Sia Porsche - What a waste of film and talent1 star

The story is just so poorly conceived ... the science fiction is neither science of fiction. Brad Pitt is not comfortable with this role and comes across very two dimensional....

Moviereview2020 - Not very good2 star

Very slow with a weak story line that doesn’t develop

Dazzling snow - I want my money back.1 star

Cast was good. Acting was ok. I waited for the movie to get going, but it never did. So much unexplained. The only interesting parts are what you see in the trailers. And to top it off, I paid $20 to buy this and the next day the price dropped to $10 🤦🏽‍♂️ So watch the trailers and save yourself two hours of torture and an upset wife for wasting your money.

D in GR - Gaps, gaps and gaps2 star

Ok filler when you are bored and snowed in. Moon scenes were good.

NoNamer61 - Horrible Science Fiction Movie1 star

I wish I could get a refund from iTunes for renting this terrible movie. I actually fast forwarded through a good deal of it. It’s an example of very bad Sci-Fi, especially compared with other shows like “For All Mankind” on Apple+ or “The Expanse” on Amazon. These shows have both drama and technically accurate depictions on space. Why in this movie the Moon Base looks like it’s the inside of Dulles Airport with gravity the same as on Earth and modern features, that is until they go outside and drive in moon rovers that look like identical copies of the 1970 Apollo rovers.

JJY130 - Not a fan1 star

This movie was super slow and I felt like they were copying Mathew McConahay with Interstellar.

Jwf40214 - Slow burn, with a lot of heart5 star

I love this film. It’s a slow burn, but is well worth your time. One of the best Brad Pitt performances in recent memory, and a score that is truly affecting. Give it a chance, and don’t expect an interstellar action epic and you’ll be rewarded.

mr2eagle - One star is the lowest1 star

I wish they 1/2 star Slow Slow Slow. Don’t ask me how it ends cause I turned it off

Designrogue - Walk away1 star

Slow waste of time.

BlackDragon - You need to know what you’re getting into4 star

Since this movie is a slow burn type of movie. If you expect a space movie packed with action and blockbuster you would be easily bored and disappointed. However if you see this as a movie which takes it’s time and happens to be staged in outer space in the near future I’m sure it would be much better than being bad. Some of the space elements were obviously pretentious as it is still just a ‘movie’ but the pace being overall slow and taking it’s time while traveling in space made up more than enough for it being realistic to a curtain point. Lastly I’d like to say the movie is best viewed with a clear mind to ‘experience’, as the visuals and sound effects are out of this world!

Erockradio - BORING1 star

What a long, drawn out way to poorly ripoff 2001 A Space Odyssey. So long and boring.

Preacher25 - Better than Ambian2 star

A real snoozefest with a few interspersed action sequences that have nothing to do with furthering the narrative -- gratuitous just to keep the viewer from falling into a coma like slumber -- movie goes nowhere -- the entire plot could be printed on one side of a cocktail napkin -- worst Brad Pitt movie to date --

bobby bib bib bob - Yeet5 star


the greatest83 - Good film5 star

Honestly, it’s good, takes its time but good stuff.

GrizzBaer - How did this get good reviews?1 star

Just How?

bmack04 - Space Cowboys was better.1 star

Ever eat something so awful that you need to eat something else just to get rid of the flavor? This movie was like that. It was unbelievably slow, boring, & made no sense. I need to go re-watch ‘Space Cowboys’ (which also featured Tommy Lee Jones & Donald Sutherland, & also Clint Eastwood & James Garner) which was a 100% better space movie.

5 star

Excelente q medios como @folou_co e @ImpactoTIC, en alianza con organizaciones como @ColCreatividad ofrezcan este t…

5 star

@JRuizArcaute @nadaimporta Contact, o cómo hacer bien Interestellar 20 años antes. Ad Astra eme parece un poco la o…

5 star

@__Ad_Astra___ @RomainAndr7 Louis III, il poursuivait à chevalune jeune fille pour la violer, elle s'est réfugiée d…

5 star

@GuzmanBogota: ‘Necesitamos una agencia espacial en Colombia’: #CienciaParaColombia vía @folou_co

5 star

@RomainAndr7 @GueganJefferson Mais c'est qui le premier ? Jsuis mort

5 star

@GueganJefferson @__Ad_Astra___ Une vision particulière de l'histoire 😂 faudrait + présenter les choses comme ça en fait

5 star

@__Ad_Astra___ @RomainAndr7 Pourtant c'est trop drôle entre celui qui meurt en essayant de violer une jeune fille o…

5 star

@GueganJefferson @RomainAndr7 ( et Blois n°1 pro B basket m ) mdr

5 star

बाकी यात खूप सारे नेपच्यून, मार्स आणि आपला चंद्र यांच्या बद्दल काही मनमोहक दृश्य आहेत 😍. यात चंद्रावर Fight Sequenc…

5 star

@GueganJefferson @RomainAndr7 Je suis peu intéressée par l'histoire des rois etc , il ne faudrait pas , mais ya trop d'informations mdr

5 star

@__Ad_Astra___ @RomainAndr7 Donc tu vois, Blois est connue par toute personne ayant été au moins en CM1 🙂

5 star

@GueganJefferson @__Ad_Astra___ Je t'assure que non 🙄😰

5 star

Ad Astra (2019)

5 star

@RomainAndr7 @GueganJefferson Ouais voilà , et puis je suis une terrible quiche en histoire donc ..... mais oui j'a…

5 star

@RomainAndr7 @__Ad_Astra___ Voyons...Je ne suis plus très loin de ma mort et je m'en souviens vos jeunes cerveaux t…

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