The Game Changers

The Game Changers Summary and Synopsis

Executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, The Game Changers follows James Wilks — elite Special Forces trainer and winner of The Ultimate Fighter — whose world is turned upside down when he discovers a group of world-renowned athletes and scientists who prove that everything he had been taught about protein was a lie. Directed by Oscar®-winner Louie Psihoyos, The Game Changers mixes real-time, groundbreaking science with cinematic stories of struggle and triumph. The film features some of the strongest, fastest and toughest athletes on the planet — and it’s backed by them too — with additional EPs including Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic, and Chris Paul. Wilks’ journey exposes outdated myths about food that not only affect human performance, but the health of the entire global population. From the UFC Octagon in Las Vegas and the anthropology lab at Dartmouth, to a strongman gym in Berlin and the bushlands of Zimbabwe, the world is introduced to elite athletes, special ops soldiers, visionary scientists, cultural icons, and everyday heroes—each on a mission to create a seismic shift in the way we eat and live. The Game Changers Wiki

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Armed with the truth..

The Game Changers (2019)

The Game Changers Comments & Critics

The Game Changers Movie Reviews

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- Might have made an impact on my life5 star

This was was great! I might want to go Vegan now I’m not gonna lie

- Great Doc5 star

Great documentary, worth a watch.

- Irresponsible1 star

Unsurprisingly the reviews I’ve read praise the film blindly, however, if you actually took the time to research the facts you’d realize most of everything that’s claimed in the film is factually untrue. It’s very irresponsible of the film maker when it comes to human health to make these absurd claims about plant protein. Do your research, learn the facts. Wake up.

- 👎🏻1 star

“Veganism is the sad result of a morally corrupt mind. Reconsider your life.”

- We’ve been sold a bill of goods that is designed to keep us down.5 star

Our society has been lied to. Meat is prevalent for a reason... Money and power. If people are healthy, pharmaceutical companies and big government lose astronomical amounts of money and power over the people.

- Fun to watch!5 star

Fun film! Really enjoyed watching all these superlative athletes. Definitely recommend. And the Big Meat industry parallels to Big Tobacco blew my mind.

- This documentary is moving the needle5 star

Must see. Words do not do justice to this documentary.

- lame1 star

this only made me want to make steak and eggs wast of time

- Dangerous Propaganda1 star

Documentaries built upon lies and misinformation should not be released into the general public- especially based on a cultist ideology that will ultimately destroy you in the long run. Veganism is not good for your health, it will not solve our environmental problems and it sure as hell is not an ethical or moral stance. James Cameron is only after your money and should not be trusted.

- Incredible5 star

Fascinating and eye opening. I’m inspired.

- Awesome movie! Very informative5 star


- De-mystifying meat based diets5 star

Thank you I-tunes for this one. As we become more aware in the digital age, it is apparent to me that I need to move to a more plan-based diet and leave the animals alone. I'm drinking more smoothies and watching my cholesterol and more of my diet decisions WILL be plant-based over protein.

- I am vegan now and stronger than ever5 star


- Eye opening5 star

I’ve been thinking the reason why many people are obese, and why so many from heart disease ( the TOP killer in America) is the crap diet many of us subscribe to. Change your eating entirely, being low card or high fat , those are all fads.

- Not propaganda. Just facts5 star

If you aren’t convinced eating a whole foods, plant based diet is the healthiest thing you can do after watching this, then you didn’t watch this. Besides, try it while supplementing B12 and watch your health flourish!

- Fact5 star

Look at a gorilla, pure vegan!

- Awesome!!!5 star

Everyone needs to watch this!! Just watched it on Netflix and immediately bought it on iTunes!!! Going to be watching again with family and friends!!

- Just watch it.5 star

Don’t take it from me, just watch it yourself to find out how great it is. Well done to all involved in the making of this film.

- The best documentary.5 star

I have seen all the top Plant Based documentaries and I rate this one of the best!

- Wonderful and entertaining5 star

This is an extremely enjoyable documentary that I think everyone will enjoy, regardless of their health goals, because everyone wants to feel good and have the energy to do what they want.

- Refreshing Evidence-Based Look at Nutrition and Health5 star

I found this documentary refreshing and informative. I find it interesting how the same strategy of obfuscation and misinformation that the tobacco industry employed during the 1960’s is being used by the meat and dairy lobby to mislead the public about the detrimental effects of animal products on human and environmental health. Game Changers presents an inspiring, grounded, and eye-opening look at the transformative possibilities of a plant-based diet for optimizing human well-being and performance.

- Watch and be inspired!5 star

"By far, this is the best documentary on the power of a plant-based diet and how it can potentiate enormous strength and a disease-free lifestyle! It showcases superb athletes at the top of their game and demonstrates how plants should be our go-to for strong sexual stamina and overall wellbeing. Watch it and you'll be inspired."

- Hypocritical negative reviews5 star

It is funny to read the negative reviews that accuse this documentary of engaging in propaganda, when in fact it is the negative commenters who themselves are the victims of pro-meat, egg and dairy propaganda (which the documentary takes time to demonstrate, ie, the fact that the animal food industry has employed the shady PR tactics of the tobacco industry, for instance).

- Very educational and eye opening5 star

In my family we have dietitians and medical doctors and the information provided in this documentary coincides with their professional advice/s.

- Amazing5 star

I can say I just got knots in my brain after watching this documentary. I recommend for everybody,

- Simple fantastic5 star

Loved this movie. Love the vegan lifestyle.

- Propaganda1 star

Not based in fact. Several people had to be removed from the movie because they changed their diet back to eating meat for health reasons. This is pure propaganda.

- So ya know5 star

...."Men's Health Mag review was hog wash. "it does quote two sources, including “Mike Roussell, Ph.D., author of The MetaShred Diet”. Ironically, but perhaps not surprisingly, Roussell is a paid spokesperson for the beef industry (11). I assume the author of the article was not aware of this connection." I went vegan/plant based and just from food alone, I dropped 107 pounds in 13 months. Fact. Both my GP and Renal Specialists told me my blood work is great and my kindneys are perfectly normal and will be fine living with PKD. My blood pressure dropped from 150/100 with a 100 now 109/77 with a 79 bpm. My cholesterol went from 202 to 140. I already witnessed this change personally and really didnt need to see addtional documentaries. But, I wanted to see the additional input from athletes that perform at a high level. Great presentation and science based facts. Great documentary. Must see if you are curious on making a lifestyle change.

- Great Movie!5 star

Excellent insight into the ideal diet for health, strength, and longevity. I have done this for over six years and have had amazing results.

- Plants FTW!5 star

Incredible movie exploring and destroying the myth that meat is needed for elite performance.

- Eye opening, conscious and smart!5 star

This documentary gives you information in a very well explained, digestible way. Stuff we didn’t learn in school yet when you think about it makes so much sense. It’s not just about athletes, don’t feel discouraged to watch it if you’re not an athlete like most people, it has information that anyone can learn from and appreciate. I highly, highly recommend this to anyone out there! Among my top 3 documentaries!

- Brilliant, fascinating, excellent!5 star

You’ll learn a few things, laugh, possibly be astonished. Rock solid science and excellent directing make this documentary one to share. Well done!!!

- Scientific studies are one-sided2 star

I happen to agree with the critique of this film that appears on the "Men's Health" website. Furthermore, I believe that much of scientific data endorsing a meat-free diet is either downright false, or overembelished.

- Thank god more clear information on Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle5 star

I am just so happy to finally see this movie out. It is clear and easy to understand using a variety of top athletes eating plants only and doing better the longer they are on it. On a personal note I have been following Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn MD I am 69 years old and have dropped 63 pounds, off all Medications and feel myself getting stronger every day I stay as Rip Esselstyn says “Plant Strong” . I can play this movie to stop the conversation Where do you get your protein ? So many people just don’t have any facts they just cannot believe you can actually do better on plants . My hope is more cardiologist see this and finally give their patients hope. My first cardiologist did not help me at all and knew nothing about nutrition. I found all my information on my own. This is a must see

- Yes!5 star


- Absolutely Brilliant5 star

The film expertly follows the perfect sequence of thoughts to anyone thinking of becoming plant based, athlete or not. I have shown this to about 10 since the day of its release. Everyone did a great job. They should do a second part to see how these athletes have progressed and how their life expectancy has not diminished but increased.

- Game changers5 star

A must see for everyone, at any age. I’ve watched it several times with my 9 year old boy - a life changing film for generations to follow!

- Wow, fantastic film!5 star

Loved the balance of science and anecdotes in this film! Very eye opening!!

- Best documentary5 star

My favorite documentary. It was so amazing. Everything you thought about food and strength will be changed after watching this. It features many famous athletes and how they became #1 in their sport. After this documentary it will motivate you to change your lifestyle. 100% recommend to all!

- Get ready to go plant based!5 star

This documentary gives you the best reasons to live a plant based lifestyle. Very inspirational and great humor as well, I loved it. 10/10

- Surprising and eye opening!5 star

A compelling case for the potential of plants to boost athletic performance and improve health.

- plants are the best fuel5 star

The evidence is clear. A plant based diet is the answer to all of our athletic and healthy endeavors. The filmmakers provide the best medical science and anthropological history to back the truth.

- Excellent Documentary!5 star

This film is both informative and entertaining- time flies and the message lands easily.Worth watching and sharing!

- The Big Shift is On...!5 star

This is truly an amazing film, it will help awaken many many people and create a new level of consciousness about the detrimental affects of using dead animal decomposing flesh as a nutrient. I have seen many films about the negative affects of animal protein and this film is the BEST I’ve seen. *THIS IS A MUST WATCH WITH FRIENDS & FAMILY*

- Everyone must watch5 star

Such a great movie. This really is a game changer especially when people watch.

- Just another guy5 star

Very well made documentary. I’m not vegan but am married to a vegan chef / pro body builder and I see the difference in her training from when she was vegetarian to going full vegan. I myself, again, although not a full vegan have times when I eat ONLY her vegan meals for a week at a time and I can feel myself stronger when I train and overall with more energy. All in all, there’s a lot to be said for plant based eating and the health benefits that come with it.

- Eye opening.5 star

A must see! This might just change your life.

- Plant based athletes5 star

Athletes, take note of The Game Changers. This is the future of sports nutrition.

- Myth buster!5 star

Excellent movie that helps to tell the truth about nutrition

- Powerful!5 star

Loved the movie and am telling everyone to watch it! Feel like this film truly is a game changer that will have incredible positive impact!

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martyogilvie - Gave me lots to think about5 star

It’s time to rethink my diet

Iammarkus - Fueled By Partial Truths!1 star

This movie although well produced and seemingly convinving, fails to tell the complete story. The strong man they speak of has never been invited to the world's strongest man competition. Joe Rogan has spoken about this movie in detail and I would suggest anyone who watchs this, please do yourself a favor and hear the complete truth about veganism. Ods are, all vegans will return to eating a "normal" healthy diet due to health problems. Don't shoot the messenger, simply google "Joe Rogan What it Takes to be a Vegan Athlete w/Chris Kresser". It's a podcast.

NewFan34 - Excellent!5 star

So grateful to the makers of this documentary. It answered every last question. Finally a way of living and eating that feels right to my core. Good stuff!

The Vigorous Vegan Vagabond - Game Changers Movie5 star

The most important film of the century!

Me plus four - Best plant based Documentary I have seen5 star

Entertaining, informative, balanced - it ticks off all the boxes...and hopefully gets people thinking about their food choices.

Mike Drar - Incredible review5 star

This movie is incredible ! Such a great storyline, tons of breakthrough science, and amazing athletes. Definitely recommend this movie, especially for vegans / vegetarians. It is super informative even if you aren't though. Top notch production !

Sosugary - Incredibly well done!5 star

Elite athletes are more acutely aware of their body because of the demands they put on themselves. Between the science and their testimony, the only thing holding others back is their own fear that they’ve been wrong but more likely is that they’ve been fooled.

Tor Serda - Highly recommended5 star

Full of inspiring stories and healthy living!

Patricia Beaucage Fitness - J'ai adoré!5 star

J'ai adoré! Vous devriez tous écouter ce film. Bravo!

krushplants - Everyone needs to see this!!5 star

I went plant based almost a year ago, never felt better. This is a must see for everyone!

Trailrunningmrs - Amazing!5 star

Continue to be empowered to eat a plant based diet both for my health and our environment. You can’t argue with the science. Amazing movie that had me riveted until the end.

chriscalklein - Great documentary. I enjoyed watching it!5 star

Interesting to see how many high performing athletes (including Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton, Lionel Messi, weight lifters, UFC fighters and others) have adopted a plant based diet. If it doesn't hurt performance in any way and is good for the planet and animals, why not give it a go?

VWCan - A must watch5 star

The doc will be a game changer. So well done and so inspiring. The plant based movement is here to stay.

Savy Jesse - Inspiring5 star

Favorite documentary of 2019, and perhaps all time. Lots of great info without it being boring. Highly motivating!

saheric - Outstanding! A must watch.5 star

So informative, inspirational and humorous without being pushy about a plant based diet. It’s fascinating how fast the body responds when it’s given the right foods to heal or enhance it functions. As a family of four we have been inspired to increase the number plant based foods in our diet.

:$;"!' - Hearts5 star

As someone who has heart disease in my family, this is a MUST see! Highly recommend

SherlockBones7 - Must Watch5 star

My girlfriend and I are vegan. Loved this movie, a must watch film. Very well researched and amazing athletes featured. Mindblowing.

Canadien_Volant - A must-watch movie5 star

If you have questions about how food impacts our health and beyond, if you believe that we cannot survive without meat because this is our nature, if you are brave enough to question our own food habits, you must watch this impressive and fun documentary.

VillageCakeLady - Never looking back!5 star

I had a doctor once say to me “Food doesn’t matter”. Well they don’t all pass at the top of the class... This movie should be required viewing for every student thinking of going into ANY health related field. BRAVO well done #WFPB June1,2019 Never looking back!

Zedix79 - Must watch!5 star

This movie was so well made. Really well rounded look at all the different myths around plant based eating, and throws tons of reasons at you as to why you should do it!

G3gars - Amazing5 star

Just wow. Loved it!

Mark Figgy - This movie is a game changer5 star

Fantastic documentary that is both informative and entertaining! Well done.

M. York - Amazing!5 star

This documentary is extremely well done and really helps break the myth that “real men eat meat”. The future is plant-based and it’s awesome to see all these fantastic films coming out to help people make the connection.

Geek.neo - Inspirational5 star

Not only is this brilliantly put together, but it's highly entertaining as well. I warmly recommend this to anyone who's even remotely interested in their physical performance, these athletes are all incredible!

shankpuppet - INSPIRING!5 star

What a great inspiring documentary for newbie vegans like me. I hope it will attract more to make a positive dietary change and see how great they can feel!

Alc20123 - Inspiring!5 star

A fantastic film that focuses largely on the health benefits of a vegan diet, but a little on the animals and environment, too. A great choice for people not willing to watch the docs showing horrible things happening to animals.

Nykon83 - Biased2 star

We are all genetically different. Some of us can go plant based some of us cannot. There is no right or wrong way to eat if it works for you. Having a movie that is made by someone who has so much pull be biased and not cover all the issues that plant based can cause or that not everyone can be healthy with this way of life, is disappointing. It’s propaganda and very little scientific evidence. The majority of these athletes aren’t plant based anymore.

Number One GameChangers Fan - Game-changing5 star

Rallying world-calss athletes and prominent nutrition scientists, this groundbreaking documentary showcases the promise of a whole plants diet as research uncovers compromised science posturing animal protein intake as vital to human health. This stunning health sciences feature is sure to change the game.

Schekk12344594837737 - Vegan Baby!!5 star

Veganism saved my life! and now I'm finding out that it can save the planet! It truly is a superpower

DezzyPie - Plant powered5 star

My family went plant based over a year ago. This movie mirrored our experience with the benefits of eating whole food plant based and reinforced our decision further. It was a lot of fun to see.

wkdjstr - Everyone should see this. Everyone!5 star

Well researched! Well done! Very inspiring! I have nothing negative to write except I wish it was even longer, could have sat through hours of that!

KevJeffS - Excellent5 star

Brilliant informative and fun documentary. Would not miss this.

Jennimae12 - Informative, and Entertaining5 star

I saw this in the theatre and I’ve preordered it to watch with friends and family. This documentary was very well done. Experiences of top athletes are weaved together with scientific evidence to present a compelling and exciting case for plant based nutrition. Definitely a must see for anyone who values their health and wants to thrive versus merely survive.

RBV gurl - It's the food!5 star

Loved this movie and learned a lot! The movie demonstrated how this lifestyle change impacts elite athletes, and I would like to see its impact on an average person's body. This movie should be required viewing for everyone worried about their health, the health of a loved one, or the health of our planet!

Kill3r420 - Amazing5 star

This movie will help so many people must see to live the best life possible

Cccccrrrrrr12 - Funny and informative5 star

Well put together and very entertaining movie!

19BK88 - Great movie !!!5 star

Very happy I had the pleasure of seeing this twice

nathany - Recommended5 star

The Game Changers interweaves stories of several athletes who switched to a plant-based diet for improved endurance and recovery. Personal testimony is corroborated with blood tests and doctors. The movie is unrated and may not be suitable for younger children. Besides people swearing, three men undergo a test of erection frequency and duration when sleeping after eating differing meals. It was an entertaining movie and I walked away having learned a few things. Featuring stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger is certainly a big win.

hangry former customer - Excellent!5 star

Saw it in theatre, and can’t wait to see it again. Very informative.

michyhar - Must see5 star


Freddy7007 - The game changers5 star


ssjane - Amazing5 star

A must watch!

Evan Rex - You are not a cow...1 star

Yes, an ox is strong.... but you are not an ox. I have serious doubts the strongman was not juicing. Eat less meat, not no meat our bodies need it and so does our brains.

Miss Toucan - Wow5 star

What an eye opener. This is a must watch for anyone that cares about their health and fitness

review honest - Brilliant5 star

Learned so much. Delivered in such a very engaging way.

Geelongboy - A Real Eye Opener5 star

The best doco I’ve seen to date. Do yourself a favour and take a look.

Blokybloke - A must see!5 star

Can't wait to watch again. A complete life changer and life saver!

ZX9onfire - Eye opener4 star

I have always been very sceptical about these sort of docs. I am not a vegan but the science in this was compelling and since watching it I have switched to vegan to see if it would have any affect on my knee and so far so good

Not the whole truth - Ridiculous5 star

Great film produced but actual content is zero. Anyone here who says great information or education clearly have never taken their own education seriously. Let’s chuck in a few famous people to convince when actually they’re not that famous apart from Arnie and Hamilton. Guess who at the time of writing this is having a melt down? Hamilton.

 - So worth a watch5 star

Loved the information in this film. Lots of positive reasons to reduce or eliminate animal products with a really encouraging approach. I thought it was very interesting, engaging and inspiring. Thank you :)

Laggeddot - Watched it 5 times already5 star

Appropriate timing. I am on cruise ship for 30 days and downloaded it along the journey. It has changed the way I eat and whilst everyone else is getting larger I am finding the plant based foods. Surprisingly there is an amazing selection on a ship. Thank you, an amazing eye opening movie so professionally produced. 10 out of 10.

Nagev269 - Everyone should watch this film5 star

This film destroys the common myths we have surrounding nutrition and sports performance

Ealesy80 - Should be Mandatory Watching for Every Athlete5 star

After being an Athlete back in teh late 2000's who had some health issues that were just "Genetic" I made some changes about 5 years ago and all those genetic issues disappeared.... Makes me wonder if this had been part of making any representitive team what would have been.... This should be part of the training package delivered to EVERY single Athlete who wants to achieve the highest result they can! Great film, great movement and great message!

Pap&Vleis - Amazing, I am now vegan!!5 star

Busting al the myths about meat and showing the world that we need to be kinder to animals.

liverpool1995 - Must watch!!5 star

This film destroys all the myths surrounding eating less meat and more plants. If you think you’ll lose your gains by eating plants then you need to watch this, vegan or not.

sau_61_852 - Informative and powerful5 star

I enjoyed watching the documentary.

SICK2002 - Awesome!5 star

Great doco, my hubby wants to eat fully plant based now like me

Mettesee - The best of all times5 star

Amazing documentary! So we’ll explained that even the dumbest people will now understand.

Jamezylive - One of the most informative documentary on diet and performance5 star

This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive, evidence-based documentary I’ve ever seen. Props to James Wilks for putting this documentary together.

lj8204 - Amazing5 star

A true game changer, very informative

candicejones - 10/105 star

Informative, humorous and empowering! Yass!

Robinsons5 - A Must watch documentary5 star

I’ve watched this twice already and can’t wait to watch it again! Vert interesting, inspiring, funny.

Ryan Jay Cowan - Loved it!5 star

Super informative and really inspiring. Incredible cast and producers behind this film. Going to watch it again with my family!

L.H.Ashton - Absolutely5 star

Ab-soul-lute Welcome to ‘planet eats’. The barren solar system for life.

carol8422 - Didn’t like it1 star

Another comercial movie, vegetarian sponsored science

Lisazz - Incredible!5 star

Superb film, puts everything I’ve been studying from the scientific world for the last 7 years into perspective from an athlete’s standpoint (or anyone else who cares about being fit and healthy). Excellent viewing!

Jwalshe - Must watch5 star

Very informative and entertaining documentary. I for one am not touching animals products again, EVER.

mohitm - WOW! A must watch5 star

The Game Changers is an eye-opener. It shows how professional athletes improved their performance including recovery time from injuries. It discusses the myths that have influenced us for decades that state dairy and meat are essential. I'm currently studying a Nutrition & Exercise degree and one of the topics I researched on was a Mediterranean diet from the regions of Southern Italy and Crete, Greece. The academic study was in relation to how a Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of coronary heart disease amongst other diseases. A Mediterranean diet is predominantly vegetables, fruits and extra virgin olive oil. The Game Changers shows Gladiators were predominantly vegetarian. Of course, I wasn't surprised. Those on the edge of genuinely making a change but worried if plan-based diet will not provide sufficient nutrition must definitely watch this. It takes scientific evidence and breaks it all down for you. This is a ground-breaking movie. I loved it so much I watched it a second time straight after. Being vegan for 6 years now and a strict vegetarian for 25 (no eggs), I know how my health has changed for the better, especially when transitioning from a vegetarian diet to vegan (cutting dairy out 100%). The first few things I noticed within a few weeks were joint pains drastically reduced (I've had multiple issues with legs, including knee, from previous injuries), weight loss, more sustained energy levels and an overall feeling of lightness in the body. After seeing what's happened with my body over the years and listening to other's experiences of going on a 100% plant based diet, I don't trust the existing food pyramid anymore which promotes dairy and meat as part of a healthy diet. If anyone is thinking of trying a 100% plan-based diet, I'd suggest take the leap and give it a shot for 30 days. Stay committed. Read about healthy & delicious vegan meals and experiment with these recipes at home, or give it a shot at some famous vegan restaurants around where you live. I'm confident your body with thank you. It can take some time to adjust to the meals though so don't be disheartened if you can't keep up. Cut out meat a day or two in a week. When I first cut dairy 6 years ago and went on soy milk, my stomach got upset and I just couldn't digest soy milk. It literally tasted like chalk. I went back to dairy for a couple of months but then tried different brands of soy milk. My stomach started to adjust and now I have been dairy free for 6 years. We are spoilt for choices now with excellent soy, rice, oat, coconut milk varieties, so take the plunge and experiment with what suits your body. I am 45 and at my healthiest in 25 years with 38 being my worst period health wise, after which I decided to go vegan. A tip for those starting out on a plant-based diet, look up the vegan food pyramid. Lot of people I've come across make the mistake of cutting out meat and dairy from the current food pyramid while not replacing with foods rich in calcium and other nutrients. Then they don't stick to a vegan diet complaining it didn't work for them. Go slow. Don't say you'll become vegan overnight. You are not in competition with anybody. Listen to your body, cut out dairy and meat once a week, then twice, and so on. There is no way you will fail. Game Changers gets 5-stars from me. It has a lot of moments where your eyebrows will lift and jaws drop.

Bellasie - Loved it!5 star

People clapped in the cinema when i saw it! So good!

RaVOLT 240 - Myth busting with facts and Experience shared5 star

Entertaining and informative. Brings all the bits of info' together while presenting in a relatable way. Although I am not a fan of the combat sports the athletism is incredible. Language may offend some but it is real. Unfortunately it does confirm the marketing misinformation we have all been fed and consumed trustingly.

Jerakye22 - If this doesn’t convince you nothing will..5 star

Great movie, informative, worth sharing with others. Everyone should be on a plant based diet, the benefits are phenomenal.

carlmac9000 - Inspirational stuff5 star

Proof you don’t need meat to thrive.

MitzicJens - Thank you!5 star

Just wanted to say thank you! I have been vegan for a year and was quite difficult being the only vegan in my household. I took my boyfriend to watch this movie and he went plant-based straight away. He is doing well and I am supporting him to try a bunch of new recipes he likes. He said it has fixed his constipation and some other issues already 😬 Looking forward to being plant-based together and hitting the gym.

Gk2000 - Fantastic5 star

Great informative documentary highly recommend and I hope more people watch it.

Corlaborate - Meat lover pauses5 star

I’ve slowly started to week off meat products after seeing this movie. No movie has ever had an impact on me like it. The reasons for eating meat have all been evaporated.

camer00nie - what an eye opener5 star

amayzing film has helped me move to a plant based diet to speed up my recovery, results are truely incredible!!!

iKai5 - Epic!5 star

Another James Cameron masterpiece. Amazing story telling, informative, brilliant.

Kayllah94 - The Game Changers Will Save Lives5 star

I have now watched this documentary twice, first time at the cinema premiere and again at home, it still continues to amaze me. Everything is explained very clearly and backed with loads of supported studies. There is no denying that this documentary will change a lot of lives for the better!

Andy73tas - Fantastic and informative5 star

Everyone should watch! Great film !

BlueNinja101 - A humankind must watch5 star

The title says it all! The verdict is out and can’t be held back now.

tessie-tiger - Make the Switch5 star

Loved it. A must watch! Reaffirms what I already knew with the science to back it up.

Darcevader006 - A Must See5 star

Explains the value of plant eating in a way that will make you change your life

JT378 - 30+ years meat free athlete5 star

For those insecure people who naively and desperately try to believe this documentary is somehow flawed, I just want to confirm that as someone who has been showing that this lifestyle is a game changer my entire life, this documentary really hits the nail on the head. It’s supported by real unbiased science, and the producers were sure to dot their i’s and cross their t’s to be certain that it couldn’t be ‘debunked’ like all the other vegan docos out there. Yet still the status quo will try to fight back, it’s inevitable. Watch this with an open mind and feel intuitively what the truth is. Enjoy!

vivlesw - Best movie i have seen in ages5 star

Informative, funny, inspiring. Absolutely loved it. Cant wait to see it again. Everyone should watch this film!

tamarad12 - Thumbs up!5 star

I absolutely loved The Game Changers, highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already.💖

BrunoWho - Mind blowing5 star

Absolutely incredible

JaseDunskii - The best doco you will watch all year!5 star

Change the game as you realise peak performance can be achieved on a plant based diet.

KlausVillaca - Another vegan sponsor documentary1 star

Just read articles on the medicine journal and you will know the truth. Too many people today reject the truth and try to push lies in a hope it will become the truth.

flatcapman - Absolutely phenomenal5 star

Great watch-amazing to learn the reasons behind the way we are today and the myth behind meat makes men

meiamtoby - Truth Bombs5 star

This movie finally creates open, public education about the large scale myths created by the food industries. It goes against everything you will read or watch in commercial media, and is completely factual. Science finally wins over marketing. Regardless of your diet and views on nutrition you will walk away enlightened and entertained!

Luqa1960 - Thats nice1 star

Im human. An omnivore. I have eaten meat for about half a million years. If you try to stop me from eating it you will need a gun.

Vell-31 - I was amazed5 star

It really brought it home to me how bad my diet was despite being careful on what I ate and didn’t. I have switched to Vegan following this movie and it was the second one on the topic that I watched, the first being ‘What the weight’ on Netflix. I am very happy being Vegan and have a lot more energy now than when I was a meat eater.

Oor David - Impressed5 star

I actually rented this movie and was so impressed that when it was finished I promptly bought it. Life changing stuff it’s a pity most folk will ignore it.

johnny007 - Cherry picked nonsense1 star

There is no doubt we need to eat less meat, eat mor veg and that our agricultural systems need a big overhaul but this ‘documentary’ is propaganda, full of inaccuracies and cherry picked data. We need objective, thoughtful docs on this subject. Go read the fact checking pieces all over the internet. The bit where they basically try to convince the audience that going plant based will make your erections stronger is the funniest piece of clap trap I’ve ever seen passed off as science. Wrong, wrong, W R O N G

Paul from Barcelona - Exceptional!5 star

As a recently qualified MSc Nutritionist, I would say that this film is pretty much 100% accurate. Sure, thing are missing from it such as a description / breakdown of alkaline foods and their importance to the body but all in all a very easy to understand, inspiring documentary. With today's farming methods of such cruelty along with growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids etc it's pretty clear to see why so many pwople are developing cancers including colon, breast and prostate - all linked to meat and diary. At the end of the day, it's your decision in what you eat - whther your body is a temple - a work of art or an ugly graveyard full of dead animals however, it's not your right to allow for the harm to the environment caused by unethical farming or increible cruelty to all things living. I just wish that i'd seen this before I spent two full years of my life studying and studying and studying for my MSc. Recommended and inspiring.

FPS Dave - Flimflam1 star

A laughable vegan propaganda piece with the Hollywood polish to successfully brainwash the easily influenced. Still, it should help Mr. Cameron see a speedy return on his $140,000,000 investment into human pet food. My dead grandmother could debunk the “science” in this shameless rubbish. Zero stars.

Ell8700 - Fantastic documentary, very inspiring! Informative and eye opening!5 star

I absolutely loved this documentary! It is very well structured/filmed. The information was clearly laid out. I really enjoyed the interviews with all those very interesting, inspirational and different individuals. After watching the documentary I feel very fired up and eager to make more efforts to eat more vegan and vegetarian meals!

Nandos1738 - Great movie!5 star

Very interesting and worth the watch! Technical data here and there, similar to What The Health. But also available for free on Netflix!

Cocopurrr - Absolutely phenomenal 🙌5 star

An absolute must see for anyone concerned about health and fitness and the impact of our food choices. Blown away by James Wilks so much respect for what he has achieved here, life changer! 🌱🌱

biophiliaforthewin - Information everyone should have!5 star

The film is informative in a very accessible way. Thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that it is the precursor to many more like it.

zaza612 - Most important documentary ever made5 star

The science is indisputable and the stories are heartwarming. Incredible that the most healthy and nutricious ‘diet’ is also the most ethical and environmentally friendly. Nature is amazing! Those who give this 1 star are hilarious (worth reading for a giggle if you’re bored).

Kalina A. - Eye opener5 star

A very inspiring movie and a great production, everything was nice about it!! Well done!

83spud83 - Really interesting5 star

Good to watch for vegans or meat eaters

The Plastic Destroyer - Fantastic!!5 star

Been waiting to watch this for ages and i was not disappointed. I have recently changed to a plant placed diet and can relate to the information in this documentary/programme 👍🏻

R.Emmerson - The Truth Hurts5 star

If you want propaganda and conspiracy theories then probably best to stick to youtube. However, if you're ready to open your eyes to the reality of the things we consume each day, then this is for you. Suffice to say, while there are many incredible female plant-based/vegan athletes, this is a documentary that heavily targets men. Most likely because men tend to be the most indoctrinated when it comes to nutrition, and most resistant to change due to pervasive advertising, and commonly held traditions.

Sashanettovich89 - Schools5 star

Need to show this, the world over! Everyone should see this and it should be a talking point around the world, not only to end animal suffering on huge scales but to inform people on how to live longer and healthier forever!!!

Lilbeet1 - Bloody fantastic!!!5 star

This film should be a must watch for everyone. Some of the information is just astounding. This could be the film that changes people’s lives, brilliantly done and such a powerful message.

user12345927 - I’m a vegan now5 star

Holy...this changed everything

Rhubarb 1 - Fantastic!!5 star

Great documentary, loads of facts and funny at times as well. Highly recomennded.

Rams1975 - Awesome5 star

A good documovie and so true. Highly recommended.

YannLondon - Excellent scientific understanding of biochemistry5 star

Although the documentary does not go in depth when it comes to what seems to be the extraordinary medical benefits of a plant based diet, it’s a great and positive introduction which should appeal and inspire the curiosity of many. I wish they could have disclosed the full benefits of a plant based diet but obviously less people would then believe the information. For further evidence any further good news, consult Dr Gregger’s site Nutritionfacts. PS: the best kept secret in medicine? If given the right environment, the body can heal itself...

Turnbulito - Challenging convention5 star

A thought provoking and well paced film. Loved that it offered an alternative view to the steak and broccoli style diets.

retrtre - Truly a game changer5 star

Amazing documentary, examples of amazing athletes who show the world that the meat is needed for protein is nothing but a myth

MelLC00lJ - Tackling stereotypes for a healthier world5 star

Featuring an array of inspirational athletes, and expertly qualified medical professionals, this docu-movie is a must-see for everybody. Especially if you’ve been brought up on the rhetoric of ‘meat = protein’ and ‘real men eat meat’ etc etc etc. Those myths were started by the people who profit from them; the meat, dairy & pharma industry. Now the world is suffering as a result. Invest in your future and watch today!!!

davidagnes - Great people, great information, great to watch5 star

One of the best movies on the subject of myth of meat muscles and health.

Nickandjen2012 - Amazing film5 star

Get behind this film it’s life changing as well as game changing, whole foods plant based is true health

Bedhead1 - Incredible5 star

It genuinely changed my perspective, I won’t be eating meat or dairy again. Also great to have clarity on what and where B12 comes from.

NayK30 - Loved this!5 star

Super cool and informative! Not preachy and always providing evidence-based practice. Of course there will always be people that will say the science is "wrong" (because it means they have to think about their own choices otherwise), but when the facts are coming from leaders in their fields and yes Arnold got big on meat but he also had to have heart surgery and he is on here to say you dont need meat to be big and win competitions like many plant-based body-builders have! Well made and dispelling the many myths put out there by an industry that couldnt care less about our health or the Earth. You know whats not "flimsy info"? Patrik Barboumian has the record for most weight lifted by any human, beating his own record from two years ago. Not an alternative fact......

Alex.Cole. - Genuinely brilliant5 star

Great mixture of interesting, inspiring & entertaining. Didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did but I loved it & have already recommended it to friends. Well worth a watch.

Deanmr1976 - Nonsense1 star

Cameron made this piece of propaganda because he has invested $140m in pea protein. The entire thing is a biased, scientifically incorrect commercial.

Ms_Brightside - Become a vegan badass5 star

Insightful and hopefully something that will help everyone take a step in a new direction. We are a team at the end of the day. Lets save ourselves

ShellsAngel99 - Incredible documentary5 star

This will change the way we look at food forever. From start to finish this documentary assembles powerful people with an even more powerful message. 10/10

Jimpy21 - Amazing facts and evidence5 star

We went to see this as a family. My daughter and I were already 100%!ant based but I wanted my boys to see it as they were a little worried about the plant based lifestyle. They were both transfixed with the facts and evidence. I am so glad we went my 22 and 25 year old have said they are vegan for life as they want to be as healthy as possible and don’t want to pull pop to prolong life but be sick! It is factual but with plenty of humorous bits. These guys are all fit, strong and healthy and that’s all anyone wants to be. It is an amazing documentary. We have also bought the digital download so we can watch it again at our leisure. Well worth the money of you don’t want to sacrifice your health believing all the false advertising! Love it. Thank you to everyone who took part.

nayfster - Arnold...1 star

... gets strong with the worlds best ever physique eating lots of meat then gets paid a lot to say you don’t need meat (whilst secretly still eating lots of meat)

gr3gor65g - Amazing!!!5 star

So much truth in one documentary! The world is waking up. A MUST WATCH!

croccyA - Must watch5 star

This film really lives up to its name, dispels do many myths and is an inspiration 💪💚

Fitzy1573735 - Why no Fiona Oakes?1 star

Can’t believe the filming done with Fiona Oakes wasn’t used, very disappointing. Seems the film is geared towards men with just a token female cyclist.

sammivook - Simple Hard Facts-take it or leave it5 star

Powerful gateway for your own journey of research and being responsible for your OWN health. Don't argue against it, just find those facts that disprove it...however you may struggle there. Can’t wait to show the family, watched this in the cinema and even someone who is Vegan, the facts still threw me to the floor. Loved it, and worth your time of day.

Matt Smallacombe PT - Terrible...Just a propaganda film1 star

Cameron and the ‘athletes’ are just doing this for financial gain. The logic and ‘science’ is false and flimsy at best if you research this yourself. If you want to watch a documentary about the truth about human health and performance, watch ‘The Perfect Human Diet’.

Georgiaphilli - Inspirational5 star

Seeing how health and endurance can improve so drastically and how it has been life changing for the athletes. I love that it is based on science and facts and not influenced by the trillion dollar meat and dairy big wigs. Truth always prevails.

WilliamRichardSteele - Amazing!5 star

What a documentary!

LivbyYummy - The best Movie about Plant Based lifestyle!!5 star

This movie will change a lot!! Fasten your seat belts guys :)))

Alekswilkinson - Crazy5 star

One of the best documentaries I have ever watched, will change how you think about food

Santiago Ramon y Cajal - How did you get as strong as an Ox without eating meat ?5 star

Have you ever seen an Ox eat meat ?

Hanwich - Entertaining, informative, and inspirational5 star

Saw this at the cinema, absolutely loved it. Full of information whilst managing to keep you engaged. The athletes were so inspiring - I left the cinema feeling like I wanted to run a marathon or lift some super heavy weights! Would recommend this doc to anyone.

becomingmichael - GAME CHANGER5 star


Patvelaruta - The best documentary on plant-based diet I have ever watched.5 star

Very well taught story, based on strong scientific evidence but explained for everybody to understand; with a good dose of humour, which is rare in documentaries about plant-based lifestyle. It is quite obvious that James Cameron did the direction, the graphics are amazing! A must watch for anybody, no matter wheter your diet is plant-based, vegetarian, you are curious about that lifestyle or just want to know some more about health, nutricion or exercise.

blackmumba2010 - Best documentary I’ve ever watched5 star

Watched this in the cinema on the 16th. It’s so good thank I’m downloading it to show all my friends. This will get you thinking about your food choices.

heodipl - Must see5 star

I saw this film in the cinema earlier this week and I already want to watch it again and again, this film will change so many stereotypes and is definitely one of my favourite films by far.

Gaming nemo - Dr Vince Wong’s review5 star

I am a meat eater but am willing to give this a watch given how many big names are backing this (Especially gotta support an Asian brother @jackiechan)

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MbVD2000 - Fantastic documentary!!!!!💚5 star

It’s time everyone switches to a plant based diet. Thank you for enlightening those who might’ve still hesitated. This documentary makes it very clear: plant based is the future!

lcguthrie3478 - Vegan. Plant based. Pumped5 star

Awesome. Need I say more?!?!

Jeeperfamily - The Game Changers5 star

This is the most amazing documentary how our food can effect our bodies to make us the most healthiest and strongest

Klahey - Love it5 star

Great movie. Extremely impactful!

Lauren1739 - Absolutely amazing5 star

This film is convincing to anyone, I am already plant-based and I have been convinced even more. Incredible studies and information presented.

LowDog..... - Alright...3 star

There’s some good info but if one doesn’t go totally one way or the other but sticks to the middle, things should be alright. Seems it’s a BIG push just think & be just one way-vegan, which has its downside too.

Steamystuarts - Must see.5 star

I’ve been living this life. 48 years old and in the best shape of my life. It definitely should be considered if you’re trying to get to the best possible version of you!! And why not? One life, one body. Take better care of your body than you do your car!!

JovieCrimson - Fantastic!5 star

Loved it!

euanninha - Amazing5 star

Definitely life changing 👏👏👏👏

35624894478 - Best way is to try it...4 star

Enlightening and refreshing. The data suggests that plant based diets are superior. Anecdotal trial and testing concurs. While I love the flavor of a filet, I always feel better, lighter, stronger after eating veggies.

Merxy1 - One sided drivel1 star

Sorry, but this is a terrible documentary. One sided drivel. His bean burrito order at the fast food rest just shows he missed the point and that he does not understand what it actually is those types of food (not the meat) that are truly bad for you. He also reignites the fallacy that we get heart diseases from meat.

skullsrme75 - Religious vegan propaganda 🙄1 star

Vegan crap.

flyby991 - time for a change4 star

I do not suport a full vegan diet but a reduction in animal based protein is a good idea. when i was stationed in Japan just eating a japanese diet i had more energy. if you want to effect change it takes time to change people slowly over time. One shouldn’t give up meat for the global warming lie, but too improve ones health it is a great idea to eat more plant based protein. A suggested path for people to reduce animal meat in thier diet would have been useful. i haven’t found a soy milk product that taste good enough to make me want to give up milk and GNC doesn’t have a plant based option in thier lean shake.

liftingheavyasf - Anyone who’s into fitness or needs motivation5 star

Literally a game changer. Must see for everyone.

WeedDiva - Amazing!5 star

Fascinating! Definitely a must watch for both meat eaters & vegans.

zfoster029 - The Game changers!5 star

Loved this soooooo much! PLANTS!!!

Supe Cookie - Life Changing 💪🏻💪🏻5 star

Literally mind blown over what I learned. There’s so much misconception about protein and this really opens up many hidden truths about humans and what we eat.

Jeff the Vegan - Step your way towards plant-based eating5 star

I loved a lot about this movie. It's an important time for people to see it. I'm a vegan and I support the message! I believe the presentation was accurate but I was a bit skeptical about the 7 day shift in cholesterol and 24 hour shift in erectile function ... though I believe these things are true over longer time. I'd love to see documentation on those short tests. A great film for an important time. If you're eating meat and seafood currently, take a day off, take 2 days off, take 3 days off ... step by step move towards plants.

Spiral11 - Very persuasive5 star

They hit all of the bases except for addressing the possible need for different diets for different blood/body types. Their research showed across the board improvement in health markers from switching to a plant based diet.

Lillian Knight - The Game Changers5 star


italian wife - Must watch!5 star

This documentary literally changed my life. Since I started my plant-based diet, I definitely have more stamina during my cardio exercise and don’t get exhausted after the class anymore. My mind is sharp and have good mood and feel happy. I don’t catch cold after being around sick people on subway and in the office. My gray started turning black. My skin looks better. Overall I feel younger and healthier. And last but not least, I’m not polluting our precious planet anymore.

san jose acupuncture center - The Game Changers5 star

Wow!!!! The movie starts a little slow but more it goes more fascinating it becomes! This is a fabulous film! I highly recommend it to anyone who cares about their health, the environment and animals

Papayaguy - Poorly Made and Not a Game Changer1 star

Sorry but this tning is poorly made. IIt was undwhemlming and uninteresting. I am totally on board with the WFPB diet and how the diet is a gamchanger. Yet this movie is no gamechanger. Game loser is more like it. I did not want to follow a single athlete and how his father adopted this diet. Lacks little subtsance. It does not go into the lives of the athletes as much as it could have. Its a shame for James Cameron and Arnold to have put their name son it. Jackie Chan? Nowhere to be see. This movie is a disaster, but not near as good as the Titanic. Eatch Forks oVer Knives. Much better. It you must watch this disaster, rent. Dont buy. I regret buying it.

May14990 - Amazing, highly informative and well produced feat!!!5 star

This movie has it all. Top notched scientists and scholars, well researched subject matter, Star producers and no BS! The world needs to make a dramatic change and this documentary will propel that change. It’s the only choice we have! Dr. Milan R Shah.

snowhound88 - A cry to action5 star

I can truly say that the things said in this documentary have impacted my personal life, and can make the world a better place. I’ve personally struggled with chronic illnesses in my past, but, I’ve been on a Whole Foods plant based diet for less than a year, and no longer need any medications to stay healthy. Muscle gains have increased for me, and my life is overall so much better. This movie reiterated and strengthened the experiences I have had, and I hope that for those who have yet to see this, or even hear anything about cutting out meats, dairy, and egg products, that you give it a chance! This documentary challenges the audience to live a better life physically, environmentally, hell, even sexually! The information is shown well, and doesn’t seem to be trying to push an idea too much to the viewer. Overall enjoyed the documentary and will be showing/recommending to anyone that is interested in a higher way of living!

6milliondollardude - Loved it.5 star

This really will be a game changer for people who watch it.

Rodrigo78 - Life changers5 star

Exposes a truth about our eating disorders The Game Changers by Louie I’ve just watched this movie that exposes so many trues about our eating disorders that brought us so many problems... I am a proof that eating mostly “plants” can save our lives! Back in May when first changed my diet, I had a colesterol of 222 now it’s at 146 and this was just one of the obvious benefits

Player7132 - Don’t listen to the haters5 star

This is a great movie for anyone that wants to improve health or is interested/curious about plant based nutrition. There would always be haters and people giving up excuses and people scaring you when you know the real facts about plant based diets. Don’t be scare to watch. Don’t waste your time if you’re close minded.

Dilip Kapasi - The Game Changers5 star

Excellent Movie that will make you think what you eat!


Owning this for sure!!!!!

Brenda HW - A real booster shot5 star

This was just what I needed. A booster shot to keep me on the vegan path! Thanks, everyone. A truly awesome documentary at so many levels. Thank you very much.

nigel187 - Worth it!5 star

This is what the whole world needs to watch. and TO ALL The Haters, you will perish and die sooner than the plant-based folks.

notsoweakvegan - Great Movie5 star

Loved this movie! So well done and full of science-based information!

Dancinglight - A must see!!5 star

Wow, I have been looking forward to seeing this ever since I heard about it months ago. It even exceeded my expectations! My hope is that the message of plant based nutrition spreads far and wide. We owe it to our health and to our planet.

Hi Tech Mom of 4 - Oscar worthy5 star

This film is a must see. It is not depressing but exhilarating. You will feel rejuvenated and charged at the end. Incredible and hopeful that this film will save our planet, its people and its animals.

veganjen808 - Can see it again and again5 star

I was waiting for this documentary to release for months and first watched it in a sold out theater in Hawaii. I think everyone should see this ground breaking documentary! My only criticism is I wish we could’ve seen more interviews

PlantbasedBecks - What An Impact5 star

Please watch this doc! It’s outstanding and will add to your life in a variety of beautiful ways. 5 stars for sure!!!

Soulaaahd - Life Changing5 star

Wish more people would make and watch movies about this topic. Your diet can really change your entire life!

Conservative FI guy - Very informative5 star

I really found this documentary very informative and hope others take a look at the information presented

jaytx - Excellent5 star

Went to see it at the theater. Excellent movie!

Erickanaloa - Research the aftermath of this disaster.1 star

This propaganda sounds good until you research the reality. One of the athletes ended up with health issues and had to quit the diet after filming. Another bombed at the olympics. Research all sides. I was interested just because Arnold says.... Not reality.

Yellow5actual - Here we go....1 star

it's misleading. in fact it represents that a plant based diet is better for the environment when commercial farming is much worse for the environment through topsoil erosion and polution than commercial agreculture. If you eat meat, pass on this.

Jeffhhhhhhh - This was a great movie!5 star

Very helpful in all areas of life!

CatalinC - Incredible5 star

I am living proof of what adopting a plant based diet can do to one’s health.

Joseandresicaza - I love it5 star

It was amazing, the whole documentary is so right this deserve to be on every news channel and go to the olimpic investigation center quick so they can aproach to new athletes with this guidelines Go Vegan

Mels0710 - Wonderful!!5 star

Absolutely amazing documentary. It shows real science and results of a plant-based diet. It’s inspiring and motivating and I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it at least once!!

Just watched it - Mind blowing5 star

For most of us, having grown up and lived eating animals, this documentary will undoubtedly open your eyes. You watch it with one intriguing fact after the next, add in no shortage of mind-blowing finds and discoveries, and your left wondering what in the world am i clinging to? Cows milk, eggs, dead animals? This was a tough one to put on for me- kind of cringe at the whole 'vegan thing'. But when I just put my habits and mental conditioning aside for a second, geeze, what else can I say but I think this documentary may perhaps revolutionize how we're all eating. Definitely a must see for everyone.

Ortizjr14 - BRAVO!5 star

Well done documentary. As a firefighter and an athlete this movie spoke to me personally. I’ve been on a plant based journey for the past two years and I love it!

Corbettdan - Incredible movie5 star

Fantastic movie. Entertaining and informative. Hope a lot of people see this.

Jen N.V.G - Best doc of the year5 star

Amazing. Best documentary ever in its scientific presentation of all aspects of why a plant-based diet is the best for athletes and humans in general.

5 star

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@manabalayya: The game changers at boxoffice @MythriOfficial will be launching the Nandamuri Balakrishna birthday CDP. #NBK60BirthdayCel…

5 star

@manabalayya: The game changers at boxoffice @MythriOfficial will be launching the Nandamuri Balakrishna birthday CDP. #NBK60BirthdayCel…

5 star

@BeerensTom @ndtv Bro, we DON'T NEED MEAT for any vitamins/minerals. We can get everything from plants. Ace athlete…

5 star

@manabalayya: The game changers at boxoffice @MythriOfficial will be launching the Nandamuri Balakrishna birthday CDP. #NBK60BirthdayCel…

5 star

@manabalayya: The game changers at boxoffice @MythriOfficial will be launching the Nandamuri Balakrishna birthday CDP. #NBK60BirthdayCel…

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@Tinpot Big game changers, check out YouTube videos on how to use them to manage bad behaviours. We mush up her foo…

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K E E P B U I L D I N G we can develop our beautiful country and the whole motherland ourselves. All we have to do…

5 star

@manabalayya: The game changers at boxoffice @MythriOfficial will be launching the Nandamuri Balakrishna birthday CDP. #NBK60BirthdayCel…

5 star

@manabalayya: The game changers at boxoffice @MythriOfficial will be launching the Nandamuri Balakrishna birthday CDP. #NBK60BirthdayCel…

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