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Access the RAMBO: LAST BLOOD EXTENDED CUT through your Apple Extras. Almost four decades after he drew first blood, Sylvester Stallone is back as one of the greatest action heroes of all time, John Rambo. Now, Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission. A deadly journey of vengeance, Rambo: Last Blood marks the last chapter of the legendary series. After fighting his demons for decades, John Rambo now lives in peace on his family ranch in Arizona, but his rest is interrupted when Gabriela, the granddaughter of his housekeeper María, disappears after crossing the border into Mexico to meet her biological father. Rambo, who has become a true father figure for Gabriela over the years, undertakes a desperate and dangerous journey to find her. Rambo: Last Blood Wiki

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Everyone has one more fight in them..

Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

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- The Extended Cut is better4 star

It isn’t AS BAD, but... it isn’t the strongest Rambo movie either. This is an attempt to have a “Rocky Balboa” style Rambo movie, which is a good idea with the age of the character. Pacing of the story is an issue, which isn’t uncommon to Rambo movies, it can throw you off in the middle of it. The story itself is a callback to First Blood, so it tries to grab the mood of the it and doesn’t quite get there. This isn’t the worst Rambo movie, but it isn’t better than Rambo IV. It is more enjoyable than Rambo III and still has a story that doesn’t put you to sleep. Again, my review is based on the extended cut, not the theatrical version. If it’s on sale, it is worth the buy to add to your Rambo collection.

- Vicious! Graphic! Violent!5 star

Ever watched a slash horror movie and said to yourself, why don’t they make one that is slashing bad people instead of innocent people? Well, this is one. All the graphic vicious violence of a slash horror movie, but on the bad people. Love it! More, please!

- It’s REALLY brutal2 star


- Rambo to scumbags...4 star

“Who you trying to get crazy with, ése? Don't you know I'm loco?”

- Disappointed3 star

I don’t understand why this was made. The previous RAMBO movie was a perfect end to the series. Last Blood feels like a budget film and the plot is nothing special.

- Good5 star

Good movie

- Enjoyed4 star

Better than expected. Would have preferred a different premise, but enjoyed the movie nonetheless.

- For Rambo fans4 star

Okay. I’m a sequel junkie. Had to watch the latest Rambo installment. Besides, I’m a Sly fan. The movie was okay. Not exactly top-notch. But had a good story line and the story worked for the more mature Rambo. Nice blending of present with experiences from the past. Worth adding it to your collection.

- Terrible movie and unworthy of the Rambo name1 star

I don’t think this should be labeled a Rambo movie. The previous movies were war related. I don’t have sympathy for the character who was warned not to do something and does it anyway. Don’t waste money watching this movie. If you want to see than watch it free when it’s on streaming. If you want to enjoy the Rambo series than watch the last Rambo movie. This movie is an insult to the Rambo franchise.

- Rob fetchvvfffgh5 star

It was a good movie

- Rambo5 star

A amazing movie to watch

- Every Rambo is a masterpiece in comparison!2 star

GOOD: Stallone. Kills. Entertaining. BAD: Direction. Writing. Editing. Shot with a cheap consumer R3D camera. Green screen driving. Says he wants them to suffer yet takes them out of their misery each time by killing them quick. Does not perform CPR on dying girl. Fake crying. Video game. No real thrills. Final Rambo is Stallone's worst film.

- Rambo?3 star

There are only two things that kind of make this a Rambo movie. Stalone and vengence. Even though Rambo killed all his enimies but he still loost. He didint get serious about the fight until the girl he considered a daughter died. I just dont care that much for movies or stories that turn out to be tradgeties any more. The plot seemed shalllow with just enough depth to give Rambo another reason to go on another crusade. The few flashbacks did not in my opinion tie this movie to the original Rambo movies. The shallow plot also made for a short movie. The action sceens are the only good thing about this movie.

- Rambo the last blood5 star

I love it 😍😍😍

- Mercenary Mayhem4 star

Over the top mercenary mayhem just how we like it. Last Blood is one of those movies in which we just have to agree that the movie wasn’t long enough. Rambo didn’t get the going away party he deserved, but Stallone received justice with this bloody brutal beatdown. Great action where it counts, and gore in all the right places.

- No spanish1 star


- Great Rambo movie5 star

For a Rambo movie, it is exactly what your looking for.

- Rambo4 star

Great action

- Rented the movie and hour ago and4 star

And now I can’t see it on my iPhone.

- Terrible2 star

The worst Rambo movie. Very disappointing.

- Money grab1 star

This movie is garbage and unworthy of our time. I bet the IRS forced Stallone to make this movie like they made Willie Nelson sell tequila.

- Terrible Terrible MoVie!!!!!!1 star

Do Not Wast a Dime In this Terrible Terrible Movie‼️‼️‼️

- Great Rambo film...5 star

Really enjoyed this. Sly did a great job, so did the girl. Was not disappointed.



- Lamebo Rambo1 star

The John Rambo franchise has been great until this last bookend to the series. Obvious grab to make some extra cash off the Rambo franchise. It had the opportunity to be a great story on todays tragedy of kidnapping-sex slave business, but instead turns out to be a cheap revenge horror flick, with terrible special effects, that are disturbing. It was rushed and mechanical, and doesn’t even come close to the substance and great story in "First Blood."

- Last Blood!!5 star

Bought this film due to the reviews on iTunes and the film did not disappoint whatsoever. This film exceeded my expectations, not a perfect film but it did its purpose. They could of made it a little longer besides that no complaints.

- Rambo fan? You won't be disappointed.5 star

I grew up with Rambo. I'm also a filmmaker with IMDB credits. I almost didn't watch this after reading a bunch of bad reviews, but I'm glad I went ahead and watched it. Now... Does it have the depth of Rambo II? No. But that was written by James Cameron, the king of sequels. So just adjust your expectations. No Rambo has been as good as Rambo II. And no Aliens has been as good as Aliens 2, also written by James Cameron. This final installment is a great tribute. I wish it had about 20 more minutes in it (and I said the same about the last Rambo) but other than that, it's solid. Rent it and watch you, you'll be glad you did.

- Could have used a bit more....4 star

First off. The movie is worth the watch. Especially for any fan of the Rambo series. The only issue I had was the ending seemed way rushed and though fun, bloody and awesome as it was. It missed that last final. F’YEAH!!!! Rambo moment. All in all. Worth the watch for sure! Buy or rent! Definitely recommend!

- Home alone Rambo edition4 star

It was a good buy at 9.99 watchable

- Grow a pair.5 star

Amazing wrap up to the legend of John Rambo.

- Español stereo5 star

Español stereo

- Really enjoyed the Movie5 star

The movie was really good. The man does it again.

- Rambo’d5 star

Was pleasantly surprised/shocked Very good movie

- I love Rambo5 star

That movie is now my favorite movie a bit brutal but really good it is really sad when the girl dies also I thought it was funny that he had his own sound track in the tunnels it cusses a lot so if you don’t like cussing I don’t know what to tell you it got especially good after he decides to get sweet revenge I really recommend this movie to about 10 and up ages maybe 9 but it is just a great movie

- Just finish the movie first before judging this.3 star

*SPOILER ALERT* Yes, the first 30 minutes were extremely depressing and I'm at a disagreement when Rambo became the Rambo we all know. Seriously, his niece disappeared. He should have been hardcore and taken everyone out from that point and not after she passed away. I mean, come on! The guy was hardcore in Burma which is way worse than a Mexican cartel selling off innocent women.. So why the heck did he just walk into a huge crowd knowing he could get killed right there????? Yes, they all got taken out in the end. Yes, that was literally the best part of the movie. So my other question/concern - what about the women in the end?????? One would think it would show them being freed rather than clips from previous movies. Especially how disgusting it was how they were being treated and constantly raped/druggged to death.. Also, the woman who helped him out. What happened to her in the end?? I was hoping she was an undercover investigator with a clear motivation or, at least, showing her with the authorities releasing the girls because everyone was taken out by Rambo. Yes, this isn't my favorite Rambo movie. Yes, I admit, I liked part 4 more which, to me, is saying a lot. But this movie isn't bad. Like part 4, Stallone indeed sent a huge message on what's going on today with cartels taking innocent women. For those who gave it 1 star. Just see the whole movie first... Last thought - loved how Rambo drove through the fence from Mexico to the US. Fantastic message to you know who. xD!

- What did u expect? Don´t mess with Rambo :)3 star

Okay, it´s not comparable to the other Rambo movies. It´s basically a revenge plot. The problem is that the bad, bad, bad baddies take about an hour to really piss Rambo off. Then he plans his revenge for 10 minutes and then you have about 20 minutes left for an - partly - ultra-violent end battle. This is not really enough to make the movie outstanding. I think it´s acceptable if you do not think about the other Rambo movies, but there are other movies with a lot more action in it.

- Worst Movie Ever!!! 😡1 star

Sylvester Stallone was terrible in this movie every scene with him is annoying and awful it's just shockingly violent and loud just awful!

- Very good revenge movie. Get some.5 star

Didn’t know how it would be. Turned out pretty good. Seemed to tell you think primitive the more advanced your adversary is.

- Disgrace to the rest of the series1 star

Disgrace to the rest of the series.

- "B" Movie - But Still Gets The KK Seal of Approval!5 star

This is basically a remake of "Taken" in which the Liam Neeson character is a Vietnam vet with PTSD, aka John Rambo. In this version of the story, the Albanian drug dealers & human traffickers are now seedy Mexicans. There are many plot inconsistencies and lack of any real character development. It's your basic "B" movie par excellence. The story relies on the Rambo trope and your general knowledge of who he is, or who he was. He's meant to be a bit washed up now, yet still manages to exude a testosterone & adrenaline fueled machismo. The climactic scenes in the tunnels are what diehard Rambo fans are waiting for. The final show-down back in the USA follows the decapitation of one of the bad guys, with his head being tossed out the window like a sack of rotten tomatillos as Ramsbo drives back across the porous border into the USA. The bad guys stole his driver's license, they know where he lives, and they come for revenge. But vengeance belongs to Rambo alone! Overall, despite being a "B" movie with weak plot and marginal acting, I would still give this movie the Kyokushin Seal of Approval, solely based on the over-the-top action scenes and graphic carnage at the end, which brings the entire Rambo story to a fitting end.

- Worst movie of the decade!1 star

Don’t waste your time and money on this crap!

- Scrambo1 star

Not a Rambo movie at all. I loved the first one but this movie is wack. The ending is all warm and fuzzy and wants you to feel the same after over the top silly violence. No effort to create emotional investment in the characters either. When you see the flashbacks to the earlier films you’re left wondering what the hell did I just watch?!

- No Negative Stars1 star

IF I could I would rate this a Negative 5 Stars ...but of course the never is a negative star rating . Stallone is AWFUL !!! always has been . Some actors REALLY need to learn when to give up and STOP trying to bring back thier youth . NOT gonna happen and NEVER will .

- Cookie Cutter Gore Porn1 star

This film was the most pathetic cinematic production I've seen in ages. At least Evil Dead was funny. If I could rate it zero, I would. Save your time. Clean out your sock drawer. Take a walk. I’ll channel the words of Wolfgang Pauli in saying, this movie was "not even bad."

- Greatest Rambo since 1st Blood.5 star

Great Rambo movie. Lives up to expectations. Best since the first. It had very good build up and character development. It a joke that rotten tomatoes even had a chance to smear this movie because of whatever direction they felt was what the overlords decided upon. So in conclusion great character development and amazing effects. It is hard to send a review.

- Empty1 star

Chock full of really stupid, and I love stupid action movies, and the first two Rambos rate amongst my favorite flicks. It’s too bad, this might have been good with a bit more thought. As it is, over the top violence with extreme predictability and poor characters, with an amazing amount of idiotic sacrificial cartel lambs running willy nilly into a slaughter that NO ONE would ever consider. And then the ending......so empty.

- Excellent - ignore the haters5 star

Sounds like a bunch of sissy babies crying about the movie. Any real adult will like it! Fantastic film!

- Just like old times!5 star

Remember when bad people were punished and men found it entertaining that justice was served? The movie obviously is not aimed at soyboys. There exists a criminal filth in the cartel infected, lawless Mexico and the leftists and emasculated Follywood advocates allowing it unfettered to enter our nation of laws and Christian ethics. The four star review doesn’t do the movie justice, it is very graphic but so is the filth it is portraying. I actually would rather be confronted with the extent of depravity so that I can stay mad as hell against this societal plague and pray that my elected officials can protect us from allowing us to become them.

- “Home Alone” for men4 star

Good movie, reminds me of the movie “Home Alone” but for people that like action, revenge, justice, the A-Team, Macguyver, and any Rambo movie!

- Rental Price1 star

Can’t believe it cost $5.99 to rent this movie. On our way to Redbox, Apple stop being greedy!

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onidi - Gorefest extravaganza1 star

With no original narrative, wooden acting, pitifully weak dialogue, and ridiculous levels of violence - “Rambo: Last Blood” is certainly not the Crowning Glory in Sylvester Stallone’s career. Adrian Grünberg’s done a great job of totally wasting $50 Million. This kind of appalling Hollywood dross, ought to be shunned. TIP “Avoid such rubbish at all costs”.

johnrambo2021 - it just keeps getting worse1 star

honestly - go and spend your monies on something else. this is not worth it.

IT45. - Please Put The Extended Cut On Separately 1Hr 41Mins 35Secs4 star

Please Put The Extended Cut On Separately Length is 1Hr 41Mins 35Secs Thank You 🙂🙂👍🏻👍🏻

harveys1 - INCLUDES EXTENDED CUT!! Awesome!!5 star

Please ignore bad reviews, this is a different Rambo movie, more story driven. Perfect end to the franchise. I would recommend watching the extended cut, this adds 12 extra minutes, most of it at the start of the movie and this adds an explanation to where rambos life is now.

JD Director - Hope this isn’t the final blood!4 star

I think it is far better than critics thought, the story is good and I liked the pace of this one. Great action at the end. Just hope it’s not the end for Rambo.

Jimmyboy41 - Great film5 star

Anyone says different they don’t know films Look too much into it

72685263 - What went wrong1 star

I love movies. But this is not RAMBO. I was expecting to watch it and be immersed in the story. But sadly not. I have never gone to the cinema to watch a film and walk out feeling so depressed.

Rass Greenham - always give credit4 star

Yes i judged this movie before going in, was i wrong ? obviously not but it’s not a shocking film and it does have quite a nice end to the franchise. It’s exactly what you expect it is

Kingtingen - Disappointed2 star

I really had high hopes after seeing the name Last blood, being a kind of tribute and closure from first blood...... But I must say it was a disillusion... interesting idea, but badly written, directed, cut and acted..... a disappointing closure for sure.

TheMidnightStalker - Biggest Disappointment EVER!1 star

I am a Sylvester Stallone fan. He has worked hard and achieved so much and is a pleasure to listen to and learn from whenever he is being interviewed. First Blood is also one of my top 10 movies of all time. This movie is NOT a Rambo film. It should have been titled Taken 4. If it had, I might have given it 3 out of 5 ⭐️ I thought the title Rambo: Last Blood was awesome, until I watched it and was severely let down. I would like to know what Sylvester was thinking. Biggest disappointment EVER!

Phil Rowles8902 - absolutely awful1 star

one of the worst films ive had the misfortune to rent. Don't be fooled by the run time, it's barely 1hr 10mins long, it is absolute rubbish, as if they don't make enough money out of the paying public the make poor garbage like this to make more!!!

Salim/John - Not good1 star

It wasn’t a very good storyline to begin with don’t know what logic to it no reasoning I’m completely crap and probably lost about 20 minutes unlike the others will let John Rambo in nursing firm don’t push me

CoffeeBooks&iPad - For middle age men that think they could do that.2 star

Narrative💩 Graphic violence ✅✅✅ There’s something to say how certain type of person flock to theses films.

jgscbbxc - Incredible!5 star

Just watched this and I absolutely loved it, so violent!!

nshsvauabsiwbuw - Its Rambo5 star

Its a good 90 minutes of Sly as always, its not Dickens its Sly, watch it and take it for what it is

SoftailDeuce1450 - Rambo last blood5 star

I love this guy, absolute legend, another great movie.

Bloodwra1th - Cliche and overused plot1 star

Rambo turns into the less effective, tired version of Liam Neeson in Taken.

man1c - 4 out of 5 give me break1 star

Garbage. Such a shame. The most recent Rambo was pretty good, a couple years back, so I assumed this would be half decent. How wrong was I. Loved all these films but Last Blood was absolute piffle. Wait till it streams before watching, even then be sure there is nothing else to watch.

Fruity shortie - Steady Eddie5 star

Sylvester Stallone is a legend as a actor as a man this is a excellent movie it could well be last blood but not the last role he will play legends never die.

GAC_CAG - Loved it...5 star

Sly still knows how to deliver. Excellent plot with great twists. Is there a last, last Blood?!!!

Festoon - Lazy storyline3 star

Clearly an attempt to make a quick buck vs a great movie. It’s well produced and has the usual set pieces of a Rocky/Rambo movie. The storyline is largely formulaic and predictable. A classic revenge movie without any effort to make it interesting. The characters are not interesting or well developed. I bet the story fit on one page and the script on 2. Sly has made better Rambo movies. It’s time for him to move his genre on a bit. He was great in Guardians of the Galaxy - unreliant on his stereotype. Too old. Too inflexible (physically), too many hair transplants, etc. Just tired.

Vally2niner - Don’t bother1 star

Rubbish from start to finish. Low budget. Low action.

Barlow_1995 - Awful1 star

Terrible storyline. Based on the film “Taken” but made poorly. Cinematography was terrible. Acting mediocre! 1/5. Such a shame First blood brilliant and then the series declined. This though dropped like an atom bomb.

JohnT1970 - Brutal. Visceral. Unforgiving. A masterpiece!1 star

This is the icing on the cake as far as Rambo movies go. The violence is gut wrenching but necessary. The storyline keeps you invested in John Rambo and the acting by Stallone is brilliant and believable. He appears desperate, uncontrolled, wounded, caged and loyal - sometimes displaying these facets all at the same time. A fantastic action movie with a great storyline which will emotionally draw you in before spitting you out to the war torn, war scarred world of John Rambo...

K J Cee - Not full version?3 star

I saw this in the cinema and enjoyed it. I then learned that other countries such as Australia had a 104 minute version as opposed to the 89 minute version screened in the UK and US. I was looking forward to buying this expecting it to be the full version. Very disappointed to find it’s the ‘shorter’ version. I can’t see any mention of the additional minutes in the ‘extras’ so I assume they’re not included there either (hopefully I’m wrong). The additional minutes were all at the start of the film. I ha e seen them ‘elsewhere’ and wouldn’t say they really add to the film. I just get frustrated that we don’t get the option to see the full product. I’m not buying it at the moment as I know there’ll be a ‘cash in’ version released later with the ‘additional minutes as its selling point. Happy to stand corrected and buy this if someone can confirm the extra minutes are included. Great film but 3 stars for feeling ripped off... and they wonder why people watch these on ‘dodgy downloads’.

Skrapz is back again! - Ignore the snowflakes5 star

If you’re a fan of Rambo then you’ll love this one just as much as the others. Full of bloody violent action from start to finish. Rambo still puts the fear in his victims. Ignore the snowflakes that criticise this film for being racist and too violent. That is beyond ridiculous!

Pepperpot 8 - Back to basics. Brilliant.5 star

So many film makers try to make every subsequent movie in a series bigger, with higher stakes. I was kind of expecting Rambo Saves The World, but it’s not that. It’s a good old fashioned revenge storyline. Brilliant in its simplicity.

alexandar1.com - Good but ...3 star

It’s missing something can’t put my finger on it, good film but still there is just something missing

chasprice007 - Great film5 star

Best film I’ve ever watched

Cornishflipper - A good ending to the series but...4 star

This wasn’t entirely a Rambo film like the others, however it wasn’t actually a bad film. The style was current and wasn’t slick like John Wick for example and it didnt need to be. It tried to keep in with Rambo but don’t expect helicopters, action scenes here. Although it was quite brutal but there’s no surprise there for the Rambo series. Good ending to the series, just wanted a little more (story perhaps).

benitodeltoro - Not what I expected story...5 star

To be fair the film is what it is but Enjoyed every min of it! Not what I expected for the story but I loved all of it wish there was a little more depth and film time but it’s not the sort of film that does that.... All in all have 5* because I enjoyed all of it

Mac7184 - Perfect5 star

I love this movie series, and this final instalment does not disappoint.

Gaz 1975 - Excellent Movie5 star

A brilliant film... action and gory yet emotional in so many ways. A great send off to a beloved franchise. A special mention for the musical score... it’s excellent.

DanWills39 - Decent film3 star

Ok Stallone film but it’s not Rambo

Mr K 80 - Class film.5 star

Love all previous Rambo movies. This one is a fitting end to a legend of a character.

lordbritish007 - Loved it, Fantastic5 star

I love pretty much all Stallone movies and really like the Rambo movies. This movie is great and more than a worthy addition to the franchise. I liked the story and of course the action once again shows how Sly never disappoints. The last twenty mins is simply brutal but great entertainment. Particularly like the bit when he’s taking the cartel down in the tunnels with the rock music playing.

simwood - Old School blast5 star

Forget what the critics are saying , this is Stallone doing what he does best delivers a top action movie with an old School feel to it great movie and a must watch to anyone that likes action delivered at its best Stallone is a legend

ApocalyptoRudy - Rambo5 star

Rambo is back

Iliyaka - Bulgarian Subtitles please5 star

Bulgarian Subtitles Please

LummersD - Disappointing3 star

Before you disregard this, I’m a huge Rambo fan - the first 4 are great, and get a rewatch every year. I was well up for this. So, here goes. The main problem with this is it’s just an action film - NOT a Rambo film. It’s a generic Sly film. Or an Arnie film. Or a Van Damme film. Anyone could’ve taken the lead role. The setting is in back water America, so immediately it gives the film a low budget feel compared to the others. People have said it makes the film gritty and downbeat, I though it looked like bargain bin, straight to DVD material. The story is really, REALLY basic and is only there as a set up for the final half an hour of carnage which is strangely boring, despite all the CGI exploding heads. It tries to recreate the brilliantly tense scene from Rambo 3 in the caves (he even gets the same injury again), but comes off as a cheap, uninspired copy. And the death of the main bad guy is frankly ridiculous - it makes the throat ripping scene in Rambo 4 seem tame. It’s extreme nature comes across as comedic, not as decent pay off. People have said this is great ending to the character, but for me, no way. It’s rushed, low budget and even though it’s only 90 mins, drags in places. I for one hope he gets a proper send off, but with the character now in his seventies, and Sly visibly struggling in the running scenes, (he looks like he has rickets) I fear this is it. A real shame. For once, the critics seem to be right.

capmax62 - Brutal movie5 star

Always been a massive Rambo fan, brilliant idea taking on the Mexican mafia, that's got too be the next option in is life, as Rambo's killed everyone else who's bad, he may be an older man, but when he starts taking out the enemy in this movie, its brutal/vicious/ even Psychotic, the character ( RAMBO ) is a legend in action movies, I think this should be the last one. The message from this movie to me is, don't mess with a person's family, especially if he's called John J Rambo, enjoy retirement John you are a hero and a legend to millions of fans, probably the best series of action films in history, just awesome 👏 👏👏👏👏🔪

Sully1975 - Great film5 star

For all the Rambo fans, you will love this. Full on PTSD with no holds barred. Nothing is over , you just don’t switch it off. Talk to me Johnny.

Si -m-on - Rambo Legend magnum opus The Best5 star

Legend good actors good action good story I see the movie on the opening night 20th sep and was amazed 100%

Brandamy - Rambo Last Blood5 star

Just watched this at cinema.....wow Great to see Stallone in another blockbuster movie and another instalment of Rambo. A great film,really brutal and sad as well. Acting was superb from everyone and the directing was spot on.

Awesome5150 - Swift, Brutal and Savage.5 star

Doesn’t feel like a Rambo film as the previous ones had a large scale feel about them especially Rambo lll. What you get here is a lean mean film which moves at a blistering pace and doesn’t waste time in building characters and developing them. It’s Stallone vs Mexican Criminal Lowlifes and Rambo finally unleashing the rage and demons that he has been struggling to control. The final 30mins is brutal and savage but Rambo is back and even more powerful and focused than before.

Pigboy airlines - Fantastic Film Ignore Bad Reviews5 star

Please ignore bad reviews. If you are a Rambo fan then you will love this but I wouldn’t recommend watching if the first 4 films didn’t interest you... as this probably won’t either. Other than that, I cannot fault this film. 10/10 MASTERPIECE!

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recarp - Gory, and great in that aspect, but...1 star

The acting is horrific. Don’t waste your money on a purchase. Rentable at best.

YourboiJesse - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

People are sleeping on this movie, I know it’s not really related to the other ones but come on it’s 2019!!! This movie is great, the story, the directing, and lastly the freaking action!!!! This movie is perfect.

Asad Farsad - Very poor1 star

Bad acting except Stallone, bad story ( how very badly he is who talks to his daughter like that and hates with no reason ) and eventually illogic , they mark cross on their faces and then they got healed within few hours what a joke 😂 A complete disgraceful to rambo movies.

henrycupcake .3. - 😢I cried😢what a grand finale to the Rambo series 🤘🏻5 star

Omg I love this movie it just gives me the chill and blood rush 🍖

roboreview2stars - Better than expected5 star

I followed Rambo series as a kid, was a bit skeptical renting it today, but I’m glad I did. Action packed, good story, bloody and gory, yet satisfying. Being from Texas and hearing all the bad stuff that happens in Mexican boarder towns in relation to this movie is very real. Great movie.

scumpoodle - Therapy1 star

This movie was so poorly written axtual actors couldn't have even fixed it. The ending was so disturbing that I recommend immediate therapy for anyone who enjoyed it. Something serious is broken and you need to see someone about it.

AbraGirl - build the wall5 star

-one out of a thousand reasons to secure the border

JuanRuizO - Worse Rambo movie1 star


ekim0922 - Short but good4 star

Seemed rushed but nice ending to the Rambo franchise

LovesQueenElsa - Rambo: Last Blood5 star

Incredible 😭

censt62001 - Excellent5 star

Stallone is as BA in Last Blood as he was in First Blood. A must watch.

Blizparkay - Heartbreaking2 star

I’m a huge fan of the John Rambo movies. I had the Rambo toys as a child. This movie was horribly done. I’m so disappointed it ended like this. The best part of this movie is the clips from the first 4 movies shown during the end credits.

Combatfisher - YIKES...2 star

I really loved the Rambo series...it was kind of a good story...I watched through this whole movie...it was probably the worst of the Rambo series. I think I liked First Blood the best. Last blood left me feeling kind of ehh...the story was so-so...but it was more drama than the action. The action was compressed into such a short amount of time, you can probably watch the last 20 minutes of the movie and that would be good enough. It definitely had more of the John Wick feeling (killing and showing all the bloody details...) but it wasn't action throughout the whole movie like the previous Rambo movies.

Borot2019 - Rambo: Last Blood1 star

I enjoyed the Rambo series but not Last Blood, it is the absolute worse of all. The plot was so contrived, the script so horribly written - Stallone must have done this movie just for the money. Sad, whatever happened to the Stallone that did “Rocky”?

emw1069 - Worst Rambo movie1 star

The movie was VERY predictable. The final fight between Rambo and the bad guy was very disappointing. I have ALL the Rambo movies but I didn’t purchase this one once I heard all the bad reviews and I’m sure glad I didn’t buy it. If you have to see the new Rambo movie.. rent don’t buy!!

Realblog - Stop it!1 star

Stallone is the man however, this movie was horrible. Credit goes to the story line, but everything else is beyond awful, to include the special-less effects. Glad I rented instead of buying.

rickmeskauskas - Awesome5 star

A perfect ending to an amazing series

chris645 - Awesome5 star

I've not really been a big Rambo fan, but thia movie brings the action genre to a whole new level. Fatality after fatality, this movie rocks my socks. Stallone's performence is simply masterful.

WesWer - Fantastic5 star

I have no idea why the critics rated this so poorly. It was a fantastic movie?

Daxwards - Over the top gore, depressing1 star

I always like a good revenge movie but this was a bit too much. The violence and gore was over the top as if it made up for the melancholy tone for the latter 75% of the film. I haven’t watched a Rambo movie in a while so take my comments with a grain of salt. And the ending, well let’s say it also felt like the director tried too hard to dramatize and too drawn out. On a positive note, the girl in the film felt very natural and conveyed emotions convincingly for her age. A great actress for the film. The action sequences were pretty great once you could get past the dark violence. Some of the mutations were pretty ridiculous. My wife watched it with me. She was very emotionally disturbed. It really highlighted the darkness of the sex trade in a pretty raw light. Fortunately, there were no sex scenes or abuse displayed. It was certainly tough enough already and got the point across of how bad the traders were. Overall, I won’t watch the film again. Too emotional, not enough quality, ridiculous violence. But i know there are folks out there who love that stuff. I suspect it’ll be a good watch.

Rockeggroll - I Love Rambo but..........1 star

I wish there was some way to give this flick a big fat zero. Last Blood implying also last in a series of great movies should have gone out in a blaze of glory but instead goes out insulting it's audience sense of intelligence and sense of poetic justice.

Eiggerris - Rambo did not disappoint.5 star

Just like other Rambo movies, this one did not disappoint. I now own them all and will continue to enjoy them over my lifetime.

Gov. Killed 264m Own Citizens - Rambo is BACK!5 star

Awesome! What a great movie. It has everything a great story, action and perfect end to the series. What struck me was how realistic everything was, it's a documentary also.

Caddisbug1994 - Surprised me5 star

I had very low expectations for this... but found it very entertaining. Worth a rental for sure.

Garbageapplication - Boring1 star

This is just stupid. Has no relevance to the original movies other than the actor. Stupid stupid stupid.

4saken55 - Build the wall3 star

This movie’s plot is largely borrowed from Taken, with Liam Neeson, except we’re now dealing with some bad hombres in Mexico. Much of the dialog sounds contrived and there is a general absence of credibility with the personal interactions, which runs throughout. Rambo has evolved from soldier who is adept at taking out the bad guys, to a sadist, more akin to Hannibal Lecter. Overall, this movie is neither truly bad nor truly good, but rather, a respectable way to kill some time.

LanceManion1973 - Waste of time1 star

This movie is terrible. Don’t waste your time or money on it.

Just Letting You No - Don't Even Think About It1 star

Literally was so hyped to watch this movie but after about 20 or 30 mins in i definitely regretted renting this. The story was rushed so much and i could hardly understand what was the point of this movie. Just don't waste your time on watching it!

Sirjinkz - Rent but don’t buy2 star

They should of stopped with the last Rambo movie..

Cgp12878 - Surprisingly good5 star

I went in the movie theater with low expectations but Sylvester Stallone did not disappoint !!! It’s like a modern western!!!

Super dogmas - Plot4 star

Rambo last blood should’ve been in the jungle where he dies for revenge but why in Mexico going after pimps it doesn’t make a good plot and he dies in a rocket chair what?

tejpratap27 - Great work !!5 star

He is the legend.

Xbox360 good ps3 bad - Rambo killing bad people for 90 minutes.5 star

Movie delivers.

Applenoob34 - Worth renting for some action.5 star

It’s nothing amazing, but it was definitely worth the $6 to watch. Stallone still did a great job considering how old he is. There’s a lot of creative deaths with a bunch of gore. So out the kids to bed before hitting the play button ;)

huc - As good as I expected.1 star

Which is to I didn’t expect much and it lived up to low expectations. Would have been better off waiting to watch it in a free streaming service.

Nick Meininger - The action was incredible5 star

The movie had great detail to all the fight scenes. I wish they explained the family characters a little better. Loved the movie and would watch again

Lakebskahdhfnaja - Excellent5 star

What more can I say? Excellent movie. Please ignore the rotten tomatoes review it’s rotten.


Decent revenge flick. Very much like movie Taken- and he has a set of special skills... if you can't process brutal movie effects from reality- you won't like it. If you're a fan of Stallone and Rambo series- you will dig it. Good finale to J Rambo series.

Burt Reynolds hair piece - Great film... Where are the extras?4 star

Deleted scenes? Interviews? Nothing! The extra on this is all about the score. Very boring. I still don’t understand why the USA and iTunes didn’t get the opening flood scene. At the very least as an extra deleted scene. Bad job on this release.

matticus73 - Worse rambo1 star

It didn’t fit with rest of them, this could have been a stand alone movie about anyone, just didn't seem like Rambo. Violence was over the top ;)

ElPhoenix - A Fitting End5 star

One of my Favorite movies of all time was RAMBO! I never got caught up to much in Part 2 or 3. I like the much later sequels much better because it focused more on the humanity side of the character with the added thrill of expected outcome of what would happen if the soldier was awakened once again. In Last Blood, that Soldier Humanity came out. When I say soldier humanity, I mean, the side of the man who tried and tried to bury that inhumane side of the being yet was always brought back because of cause. I was so hoping for the happiest of outcomes in this movie. There sorta of was one but not the outcome I would have hoped for. Either way, the outcome will make you cheer. As for all of those who have been harmed along the way by such criminals. I kinda hope that you all get a very Succint RETRIBUTION to those SCUMBAGS who have taken lives in your realm.

Seriejunkie 007 - Why did they cut 10 min. opening scene?2 star

I was in Europe when the film came out, saw it in theaters... Now I bought the fiilm and boom...about 10 minute "rain storm" opening scene is missing... I just wonder why... it's not even in the extras...though if you go to the related section it shows a picture of Rambo in the rain coat of that scene... Would have loved to have that scene in the movie....

Mnjh1221 - The worst1 star

I can’t believe how primitive this movie is...

Ethan Rud - Wish I could give it a negative one star1 star

Very bad, has nothing to do with original.

Green Tee 🍵 - Awful1 star

Sylvester Stallone needs to fire his plastic surgeon

BooBerryBits - Juice1 star

How many steroids did he have to gobble up to look like that...Answer, a whole lot. So sad, he should have retired by now.

Somnodoctor - Wish it was real5 star

I wish there was a real life Rambo that could destroy the evil drug cartels. The end of this movie is simply climactic. Excellent ending to this amazing series. Stalone is better old than young. He is like a Hennesy XO. I am glad I watched this movie. Wish the last 30 minutes were more like the last 90 minutes.

Copcovegurl - watch it!5 star

Dont believe the haters. See it for yourself and get ready to RAMBO...lol Awesome movie. Love you Stallone <3

colton345747rpg - Like freaking best movie ever5 star

I kept bugging my parents to watch it and they finally let me watch it and then I went down to my grandmas and then I watched it like another time it was so good I love this movie best movie I've ever seen please keep Megan movies please

Brian24jersey - It was Awsome5 star

Thought it would be horrible. I found the movie to be very deep and moving.

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