Gemini Man

Gemini Man Summary and Synopsis

Will Smith stars in the nonstop action thrill-ride from Academy Award®-winning director Ang Lee. Retired hitman Henry Brogan (Smith) is forced on the run and finds himself hunted by his ultimate adversary - a younger clone of himself. Packed with epic fight scenes and groundbreaking visual effects, Gemini Man is the future of action movies. Ageing assassin, Henry Brogen tries to get out of the business but finds himself in the ultimate battle—fighting his own clone who is 25 years younger than him, and at the peak of his abilities. Gemini Man Wiki

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Who will save you from yourself?..

Gemini Man (2019)

Gemini Man Comments & Critics

Gemini Man Movie Reviews

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- Spies In Disguise5 star

It was fun and had a lot of funny moments

- Dumbest movie I’ve watched this year1 star

Terrible. Only thing Ivan say is just it’s a terrible movie need an option for - stars

- Way better than expected5 star

Didn't expect much but this was pure popcorn cinema, very entertaining and with an interesting, even though slightly absurd, plot. If you like good action movies with a plot and if you like Will Smith, this movie delivers.

- Ehhh3 star

It’s fine. Yes there is a lot of obvious use of green screen, young Will Smith sometimes moves like a video game character, and the plot is straightforward. The upside is that the action sequences are frequent and fun to watch. Watch if you don’t want to think too hard.

- Decent3 star

Fresh movie plot and idea. It was entertaining. I enjoyed it but will likely not purchase it or watch it again. It’s worth a watch. Actors did a great job.

- Awful1 star

Cheese fest. Zero plot and poorly done CGI. I’m embarrassed for Will Smith with this one. I watched this on a 16-hour flight, and somehow, it made the flight feel longer. I couldn’t wait for this crap to end. Awful. Just awful.

- Good3 star


- Ang Lee Weinsteined the hell out of this movie1 star

Ang Lee did to this movie what Harvey Weinstein did to ambitious actors. Sure I knew I wasn't going to enjoy it, sure this was going to be my dirty secret, but I would prefer to look at a naked Harvey Weinstein than watch Gemini Man for two hours.

- Good4 star

There where only a few scenes that looked out of place. Not a bad movie.

- Don’t trust reviews4 star

This was a really good movie. The reviews I read prior to watching made believe that the movie wasn’t going to be worth it...glad I didn’t just the reviews.

- ♊️Man5 star

I seriously don’t get the low rating, This was a great movie action packed & I love the fact the movie shows on the full screen “NO BLK BARS”.

- I’d say watch it4 star

After reading reviews, I held off from watching it for couple months, they did get a little crazy with the special effects but it was pretty good, I would recommend watching it

- Gemini man1 star

I always liked will smith but this movie garbage stupid story

- Great movie! Don’t understand low score5 star

It’s a great movie. Worth the rental! Any Lee has done a great job. Ok not perfect, CGI can be improved but it isn’t just an action pack Michael Bay with no story. It’s great. Love Will Smith. All good. Go watch it!

- Epic5 star

Dude it was freaking lit

- Entertaining film4 star

The film was entertaining and a perfect movie for a family night. It wasn't perfect but it was entertaining.



- Good movie.4 star

Just watched it. Enjoyed the movie and would watch again.

- Awesome5 star

I heard some bad reviews about this movie. Now that I have saw the movie my opinion I really like this movie.

- Good action/clone movie4 star

It was mainly an action movie with the excuse of a difficult moral question about cloning. Not the best script for a “moral statement” style movie. But it was better than the most recent Terminator movie for sure. Worth watching once. And who wouldn’t want more Will Smith in the world!

- Disappointed1 star

This movie had great potential. It has an interesting concept. And honestly, I felt like this movie did well in the first half hour. But after that, it all fell apart. Before I begin, let me say that as of right now, the action sequences look awful. It’s possible that once we are able to see movies at 120fps, then we can see this movie as it was intended. The CGI for “young Will Smith” is off. It’s the lips. The lips don’t look natural at all. Anyways, as for the rest of the movie’s content, it falls flat. I was hoping that there would be something intriguing in the “young Will Smith” character. And when we the audience are first introduced to him, he appears to be EXACTLY what he should be: dangerous, reckless, ruthless, a killing machine. And on top of that, he’s eager to kill! You get the sense that “old Will Smith” is no match for him! But then the movie does this complete 180° turn in the next scene! “Young Will Smith” is crying and feels shaken up by what he does. The next few scenes establish him as someone with humanity and social skills. He has a sense of right & wrong. We know he likes ice cream. We the audience don’t see him DISCOVERING his humanity! So the whole dynamic between old & young Will Smith falls flat. The actors are all bad, including the great Will Smith.

- eh1 star


- Save your time for something else1 star

This movie was really good as far as the story line however the CGI in this movie is so terrible with the clones movement that it makes the movie pretty much in watchable which is so freaking sad because the storyline is that good I blame it on the production studios that made this film.

- Gemini Man4 star

Read the reviews and I expected a dud. I personally thought this was a great “watch at home” movie. Lots of action. A generic but well executed plot, and great cinematography-minus one 5 second obvious “green screen” moment. Also, not the best double version of Will Smith, but it was a little better than tolerable to watch “him” anyway.

- Great action movie.5 star

I enjoyed the movie. The plot was predictable but i knew that going into it so I allowed my self to enjoy the movie for what it was. A great thriller movie with a decent story. Other reviewers have their expectations set too high in my opinion. If you like action movies will smith or reverse aging technology you’ll enjoy this movie.

- Good action 💥 Good job 👍5 star

Love that it’s not a remake/reboot and was an original/different storyline. The action scenes are really cool. *Made me think of a video game

- Good movie4 star

This was a good movie. Will Smith is the man. There are parts in the movie that reminded me of Fast and Furious and Grand Theft Auto (game) for some reason. Anyway, this was worth watching. I would definitely recommend this movie to any Will Smith fans or people who like action movies. There is a good amount of it in this movie.

- Trash1 star

I wish Will Smith would send me my $6 back. He is a great actor but the writers of this movies failed. Find something else to watch.

- Threat level midnight starring Will Smith1 star

Great if your a fan of the office and want to see a sequel to threat level midnight, terrible if you were hoping for a good movie.

- Great movie5 star

I don’t know why this movie has such a low rating, it was better then I expected and the action was awesome.

- Good Movie5 star

Decent storyline and decent action. Great acting by Will Smith. Don’t understand the below average ratings from critics and others...

- Love5 star

Great action movie!! Would watch again.

- Horrible1 star

Painful to sit through and you come out angry about the time you just wasted on this that you will never get back. Acting is atrocious and half the movie looks like scenes from Mortal Kombat on a PlayStation. Wish some had warned me.

- Action packed3 star

I wouldn’t spend more than $2 to rent it and more than $10 to own it. Lots of action with a lacking plot.

- Why is CGI getting worse???2 star

I should probably give it 1 star but I’m being generous. I just can’t believe that with all the real people doing real stunts that are mind blowing, they resorted to very poor CGI where movements were just astonishingly unnatural. C’mon Will Smith, you can do better!

- Good4 star

don’t believe the people who say it’s bad i rented it it was cool could it have been better? yes but it was still really cool i had a good time watching it that’s what matters i would recommend it

- Had tons of potential3 star

Will Smith did great, cast is great, writing is horrible, too much CGI. I feel if this movie was structured better, had less of a cliche plot line, less CGI fights and had a more climatic ending. This could have been a good movie all around. Young Will Smith was actually done pretty well all the way up till the ending at least. Not sure what they did but it’s like they got lazy in the end and forgot to make his voice younger and the CGI looked horrible.

- Great movie5 star

Why is everybody heating this movie? Put Jason Statham in this movie I supposed everyone would like it. It was not boring, and it had as good as a plot as any of the othe Die Hard movies!

- I really liked it.5 star

I really liked this movie. Don’t understand the low ratings. Actors were good. Lots of action. Good plot. If you like action movies, you will like this one.

- Smart retro style action4 star

This would have fit right in with films like Face/Off when it was released. Sheeple audiences appear to be regurgitating critic talking points here or making really bad ones of their own to try and be cleaver but makes no sense. One claimed the villain was like Travolta in Battlefield Earth which leads me to believe the viewer hasn’t seen either film as they are NOTHING alike. In fact the villain’s paternal relationship with the assassin is a very unique aspect. The acting is good but the high speed ultra sharp film looks more like video. The downside is while the visuals are stunning and the action scenes seem more “real” the “soap opera” effect of high film rate makes everything seem less like a movie and more like people shooting a home video. It has a negative impact on performances. Back to the pluses. The sharp visuals, the lack of smoke and mirrors we associate with film hyper reality means that action scenes feel like they were actually happening. The effect of the younger Will Smith is crystal clear. You don’t watch it feeling like you’ve just seen an effect. It feels like you’re seeing younger Will Smith. Smith’s performance sells it as well the as the effect with less sure mannerisms, a vaguely naive look in the eye and an earnest disposition not yet burdened by guilt and world weary. It goes a long way to sell the idea that we’re seeing two distinctly differently people. This one is something to see for yourself and without the influence of other people. The action is intense, the performances are good and the concepts of self morality are at least touched somewhat explored. And it’s easily the most successful application of the de-aging effect ever used onscreen.

- c.coco5 star

Excellent movie. The story had my attention. It had unexpected twists. If you like Will Smith movies you will enjoy this one. Enjoy!!!

- Great movie5 star

This was a good movie, enjoyed watching this movie with family

- So bad1 star

So so so so bad

- Crap1 star

Worst movie ever seen. Talk about ego. Why?

- Good Movie5 star

I truly don’t get the hate. It was a exciting action filled movie! Will watch again!

- Not 60fps or 120fps version. Skip this.1 star

If you were at least hoping to check out the buzz created around the high-frame rate filmmaking of Gemini Man, you’d be disappointed twice. This plays at regular 24fps. So now, you’re just stuck watching a painfully generic action film without at least the saving grace of high-frame rate action scenes. Skip this.

- Great movie5 star

I do believe that the negative reviews here are trolls. After reading the bad reviews, I wasn’t expecting much from this movie. But to my was great. Was it a white-knuckle blockbuster? No. But it was a great thrill ride full of twists and turns. Great stunts and technology are shown off, as well as the storyline. See it for yourself and just ignore the negative comments.

- Great Film!5 star

I don’t understand all the terrible reviews. This was filled with great action and great acting. Great action role for Will Smith and it was great to see him in a film like this. He was also fantastic in the film Bright on Netflix. Check it out. This film is worth a watch.

- Fresh story, decent acting4 star

This was a pretty good movie starting with a fresh storyline, decent acting, good special effects, and above average directing. I'm thinking I should have purchased vs. renting, I may want to watch this one again.

- Fun4 star

I live in one of the very few cities in the world that had a theatre that could actually play this movie as intended. This movie was supposed to be a gimmick or tech demo or both for the HFR 4K thing. The movie was breathtaking when watched as intended. The storyline was meh, but the way it was filmed really did carry the movie. Will smith also did a great job. Everything about this movie is great minus the script. Definitely worth a watch, even if you don’t get the full experience like I did.

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Luc Presley - (orignal)4 star

(orignal) pour original !

CJJR1997777 - Bland2 star

Probably one of will smith’s worst movies. It had the potential to be very good but the story is just so original and you won’t gain a connection with the character.

👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Not technology5 star

I’m sort of disappointed it’s not technical but that’s ok it’s action.

kymyhz - Not good1 star

Will Smith owes me 7 bucks and 2 hours of my life back.

No Love - Pretty good4 star

I actually liked this movie a lot. Lots of action and a descent plot. Just happy to see Will Smith not as a genie!

joshsalvi - Amazing5 star

Amazing movie

MartinD21 - Excellent film!5 star

Un autre succès avec Will Smith! Très bon jeux d’acteurs! Histoire qui se tient bien!! De l’action quand il en faut!!! A écouter sans modération!!

Ricky Tracko - 2/101 star

one of will smiths worst 🤮👎🏼❌📺

SRGRMB - Not good1 star

Starting to think Will Smith likes doing movies that are beneath him or he has lost his acting ability one or the other. Don't waste your money on this one.

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - Och.Laddie has it right. Banned.5 star

This film has amazing potential. We just didn’t get it here. At the end when all the hugs and love has been passed around you wonder, really? This is like a bad Chinese action flick I watched years ago where the story makes no real sense or depth but you enjoy the ride. Some of the action scenes are great but a lot are noticeably CGI involved and you’ve seen most in the trailer already. Enjoyed the watch of it but it is a popcorn night film when you want action and are out of ideas.

Ellykiins - HELLA BRILLIANT!!!!5 star

Saw this in the cinema the day that it came out. It came out a day early at the cinema I always go to and we all loved it. A lot of action, and loved seeing two Will Smith’s! This is one of my favourite films now. I’ve went to the cinema to see it so many bloody times that I’ve actually lost count. It’s bloody brilliant and I highly recommend it!! It’s entertaining and definitely makes you want to keep watching, at least it did in my case. Even though, I was dead tired that night from pulling an all nighter trying to finish my book, I didn’t even fall asleep because it was just too entertaining and so much going on!!

ricky753 - 10/10 🌟5 star

Gemini Man is a popcorn action entertainer that deserves to be seen despite the negative reviews. Will Smith's impressive performance in both his roles, the stylish action sequences, some intriguing twists and a fast-paced story are the highlights. In short, Gemini Man is a pure action thriller that is truly fun to watch. It doesn't miss out on the character moments either. The score during the opening moments is melodious. The cast delivers in their roles almost perfectly. Camerawork is top notch. I find it a bit surprising that the film doesn't have any "science" involved in it. There's a very small sci-fi element in it, and those who are watching it for the technology and gadgets might get disappointed. Other than that, if you love action and are a Will Smith fan, you should book your tickets without thinking much! 10/10 🌟

Och.laddie - Meh3 star

A very mediocre movie made for Chinese market. Saw it in theatre. Watch it after seeing South Park “Band in China” and you’ll know what I mean.

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PCA DMD - Cheesy but okay2 star

Such a predictable movie. Just very bland and terrible.

Luke5irons - Don’t listen to the reviews5 star

Great movie, great story. For some reason humans want you to make every movie extremely different from every movie ever made. Come on let’s be realistic it’s not many different story lines you can use. I mean Jesus, next they’ll want the movie to be about something no ones ever heard of. Watch the movie, enjoy it and shut up. Great Job Will Smith. Great Movie!

Johncrane62 - Goofy & dumb1 star

CGI is pretty fake looking... but, if you’re bored and want waste time see it.

MathOsGuru - Total Fail1 star

Plain rubbish ... Will, what are you doing to your career with this nonsense???

98465378967 - Súper5 star

Muy recomendable esta película y muy entretenida

Ronin Sherpa - Will Smith has a mortgage.1 star

This truly is a bad movie. I went to the theater and watched this at the super megga fast speed and ultra high definition. The director set about filmign this using these super ultra megga... I cheapened the experience of the movie. The effect it has makes the film look like an episode of Law and Order. CGI de-aging is really just a cartoon. Dude. CGI is modern cartoons. Come at me brah. This movie is written poorly, too convaluted, under acted (Dude! Will Smith is cashing a pay check and paying his mortgage with this phoned in bs. Bad writing, bad acting and bad directing, with distracting and unnecessarily complex filming style for the quality of this effort... but let me tell you how I really feel...

Kept one! - Amazing5 star

I am a big movie buff. The movie shocked me, I wasn’t expecting to like it. This action packed movie was good from start to finish.

shktmguf - Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, it got1 star

This movie is the worst movie of 2019 even worse than cats The end (spoiler alert) a third will appears??? And then they show u when he goes to collage with the worst cgi I had high expectations for this movie but I left the theater near the end cause I couldn’t stand it.

Kingger - Kinda lame1 star

I didn’t really care for it. Will Smith can hit a home run or miss it really hard. He missed it real hard.

Seanh808 - Really bad2 star

I love will smith movies but this was just terrible. Don’t bother with this one. Horrible plot, horrible and fake scenes, cheesy... very surprising.

gamalive1439 - Good Movie worth the value4 star

Had a great time watching it with my family.

jeffzemirah - Give it up will1 star

One bad movie after another , it’s time to give up will , u can’t act.

Llewil - Entertaining4 star

Needed to entertain myself for 2 hrs. I was

Vvrc - DIDNT LIKE AT ALL.1 star


jack123&$$$ - 🤘🤘👍👍5 star

Awesome movie!! Great job, guys!😊

Its still leaking - Triple Threat1 star

Waste of time, talent, and money. The only thing worse the one Will Smith is two Will Smiths.

JCar2007 - Will Smith1 star

How does he make so many bad movies??

naprode - The fresh prince of ???1 star

Nothing fresh about this ............!

king_arthur513 - Cliche-ish but enjoyable4 star

Not the best movie by far. But it is enjoyable. The actors are great its honestly just the plot.

S. Teh NY - Will Smith did his best to carry Ang Lee’s poor vision.2 star

Ang Lee was right about Will Smith being the right actor for this film. No other actor would have been able to shield a “has-been” director like Ang Lee from his poor directorial job. Ang Lee even had to beg the test audience to like Gemini Man during the test screening. Great performance by Will Smith. I hope he works with better directors that will do him justice.

rjdapanther - The Return of Will5 star

This was an action packed movie that ranks with some of Smith’s best work. Had me amped from the start until the end.

haleyjesai - I like the Gemini man movie my favorite part of that movie is the part when they fight5 star

By bently

16 HORSES - Gemini Man was in the cards ♊️!5 star

It’s Ultimately seen as a dissatisfied movie, Using 120FPS and 3-D The Visuals will stick to the roof of your mouth! Granted the Effects did smudge any chance of The movie having a great plot and moments did feel Cliche and Perfunctory but I don’t think Ang Lee will apologize over making it! You don’t see Gemini Man expecting Forest Gump or Gladiator, you just turn your brain off 🧠 for A Theme park type Action ride! I recommend it! ♊️

Kashif H - A+ movie!5 star

Caught it in cinema. Visual spectacle with intriguing story and engaging narrative with strong acting from all characters.

criket the critic - WOW 💩2 star

This films visual effects were good well the will smith look a like was on point but the background like when Henry Bogan is on a beach with Danny looked like it was film on a green screen and the collage part at the end had a green screen vibe to it. and the acting was trash 🗑 it was kinda like watching a Steven Seagal movie but with way better action sequences. And the main antagonist played by Clive Owen felt really cheesy of character his character reminded me of John Travolta from the movie battle field earth decent acting but terrible character plot I will recommend watching this when it come out free on xfinity. Not worth seeing at a movie theater.

Matthew Leal - This movie it was very good action movie5 star

I went to Cinema 6 in Stephenville, Texas to see Gemini Man (2019). This movie Gemini Man (2019) was about Gemini Man is a very good movie hands up all the way. Will Smith plays an intense role with action pack with Thriller and emotions that will move you. It’s Very good movie, good acting, exciting and entertaining. This movie is Gemini Man (2019) I enjoyed Gemini Man, plenty lots of action. It kept my attention from beginning to end. The technology that went into making this movie was superb. Will Smith truly played his role, as well as the other actors did good job on this movie. I did enjoy this movie is Gemini Man (2019). Great Performance, Great movie, very exciting, entertaining, Great story and they did great job on this Action/Crime & Thrillers/Drama/Sci-Fi/Independent Cinema movie, and I did enjoy this Action/Crime & Thrillers/Drama/Sci-Fi/Independent Cinema movie, I would highly recommended this movie to everyone. I enjoyed this movie and looking forward to buy this movie.

Jolovesgum - [email protected] [email protected]+0m [email protected]@rwe$k!5 star

Eye [email protected] +h!$ m0v!e [email protected] !n [email protected]+er$ 0n 0c+0ber 22, 2019 & Gem!n! [email protected] wuz @ gr8 f!lm. Eye l!ked +he @c+!0n & W!ll $m!+h d!d @ gr8 j0b. Eye W!ll [email protected]+ch Gem!n! [email protected] '[email protected]!n !f Eye w00d l!ke

White Dragon3 - Gemini man 3D4 star

This felt like watching a video game.

new_movie_reviewer - Watch it for the action scenes3 star

Gemini Man was a visual experiment that partially succeeded. The action sequences were phenomenal but the story was much too cliché and the dialogues were strange. But overall a fun ride

funn1b0n3 - Terrible story and terrible CGI1 star

With the Game of Thrones director writing the script no wonder this movie is so bad.

Shortbussupastar - I’d see it again4 star

Perfect? Nope. Could have done things differently? Yep. But was it good and entertaining? Yep

GiantsfanJ - Great action movie5 star

I saw this movie in IMAX 3D HFR. It’s a fun action movie with amazing sound and killer action scenes. Don’t listen to the critics and enjoy this ride. Will Smith in dual roles and the great Ang Lee where there’s deeper meaning that just the scene but where it is.

kingk005 - Baaaad1 star

It’s one of the worst movies this year.

kickhim! - GEMINI MAN IN IMAX5 star

I saw Gemini Man in IMAX it looks cool you got sound you got Srceen you got IMAX

FourUnderFour - 😱😱😱5 star

Awesome Movie!!! Must See in 3D!!!!

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

@Yeetmcy39984897: Everyone we must help poor gemini hes my freind this man galaxy sam is being rude

5 star

@TimeIsNotGiven: @AITA_reddit If I saw a man in the woman's room changing a baby I'd leave or just go about my business. Especially know…

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

I don’t want be with a man if he ain’t gone have my interest.

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

5 star

@RegalMovies: Your Marvel zodiac sign! 💥 Aries - Star-Lord Taurus - Hulk Gemini - Scarlet Witch Cancer - Doctor Strange Leo - Iron Man…

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