Abominable (2019)

Abominable (2019) Summary and Synopsis

When mischievous friends Yi (Chloe Bennet), Jin, and Peng discover a young yeti on their roof, they name him Everest and embark on a thrilling adventure to reunite the magical creature with his family. On the journey of their lifetimes, Everest helps Yi, Jin, and Peng unlock an inner bravery they didn’t know they had. And as they travel across China to return the magical creature to his home, Everest will help them discover where they truly belong, too. A group of misfits encounter a young Yeti named Everest, and they set off to reunite the magical creature with his family on the mountain of his namesake. Abominable (2019) Wiki

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- Amazing Movie5 star

This movie brings me so much joy and I have watched it over 10 times! 100,000/10

- Good job!4 star

This movie is great, the yeti is really cute. And the girl is just like me. The only complaint is that why would people try to capture the yeti? It’s too cute! Besides that, the affects are really cool! And powers, ( speechless ).

- Good movie5 star

I like the good movie on Hulu

- good movie.5 star

good movie.

- Family.5 star

The movie is awesome and filled with happiness and also sadness and also very funny. If you look at my 5 star ⭐️ review on trolls world tour you will see that I said that I wish everyone that sees this movie is going to like it.

- It was cool kind of4 star

It was cool kind of

- The best movie ever5 star

I like it so much

- Abominable5 star

I love abominable it is the best movie I’ve seen

- Good movie but where is the Atmos soundtrack?3 star

Bummer they didn’t release on digital with the same Atmos soundtrack as disc and theatrical release

- Abominable5 star

The movie was great it was better then a lot of movie 5 stars.love this movie create a part two

- Saint 😇 by 😇😚5 star

Any body who does not like this movie should go to a doctor and a teacher 👩‍🏫 because this movie is the best movie 🎥

- Cute, great story, and beautiful animation5 star

I enjoyed it.

- Super cute5 star

A great movie for all ages! Overpriced for purchase though. Redbox it and wait for a special ITunes deal or a reduced disc copy in store.

- Cute For Whole Family5 star

My whole family loves this movie! The two year old is obsessed with it and can’t so watching it, it’s even cute enough that mom and dad don’t mind watching it over and over again either! A great story about friendship and family, finally knew that’s not a love story!!!

- Cute5 star

Very cute movie. Both my 3 year old and 9 year old loved it.



- Nahhh1 star

This ain’t it

- Love it5 star

Please rent or buy such a beautiful story. It made my heart happy and sad but mostly happy. Such beautiful colors and music. A great story line with lots of actions not a boring moment. Happy ending.

- It was adult like.1 star

J chub Co go You have a

- Good movie!5 star

This movie is so cute and funny

- Superb5 star

Amazing in every way!

- Amazing5 star

“That was the best movie I ever saw in my life! I love the part where there was a huge meadow with a huge wave of yellow flowers!” 7 year old daughter

- Good movie4 star

This is good to watch with your kids to bond with them

- Absolutely incredible movie5 star

Great family watch, funny, light and clean. Amazing animation. Definite 10/10

- Lovely movie5 star

It was a great move with wonderful sites and Beautiful violin music. I loved the end of the move.

- Besttt movie5 star

I really in joyed this movie I highly recommend

- Must see5 star

Wow! This was a great movie...the best i seen in a long time. Beautiful colors, imagery, storyline, and music. Fun filled adventure for both young and old to watch.

- Awesome5 star

Was a Beautiful movie with an average story loved it 🥰😇😍🥰

- Amazing5 star

Yesterday we watched it at school and my whole class loved it

- Ok5 star

A little boring but pretty good

- So beautiful!5 star

This movie is absolutely beautiful and sweet. The songs are amazing. I love it!

- Voice Acting Uneven3 star

Everest is about as lovable as he could be, but why have these fantastic Asian voice actors (I could listen to Nai Nai all day: perfection!) for every character...except THE MAIN ONE?? She has this terrible white-girl California accent, voiced by some selfie-obsessed millennial who loves her own cleavage. Are there so few talented female Asian voice actors out there? The characters are CHINESE!

- Awesome5 star

This movie is my favorite movie of 2019 next to Wonder Park. The animation is great, the characters are awesome, and the songs are cool. And my favorite character in this movie is Yi. Because she’s an awesome violinist. This movie is way better than Norm of the North and Arctic Dogs. I give it a 100/10.

- Beautiful animation with an average storyline4 star

Well worth watching, the animation is very impressive. I found the score to be excellent as well. The Abominable's supernatural abilities are impressively rendered; however, his powers with nature become increasingly unnatural, and this takes the viewer out of the story. Nevertheless, I still reccomend it!

- OK4 star

It’s a cute movie, but it gets boring and predictable. Too much for “convenience” moments.

- Music5 star

It has a very beautiful songs

- Bad1 star

Too stupid it so predictable

- Momo5 star

😍 love it so much !

- Movie5 star

Great movie so good

- My lil girl loved it5 star

It was hart warming and lots of fun love it

- Dreamworks Did It Again5 star

Another homerun for Dreamworks!!

- Yes yes please pray for mom2 star

Please please tell mom please let her

- ☃️☃️☃️5 star

Great family movie!!!

- Another beautiful movie by dreamworks!!!5 star

Wow dreamworks did it again with a beautiful film about an yeti which reminds you of smallfoot but it different and funny as well plus the main character play violin like this is a must watch to anyone who like this type of movie must buy!!!!

- This should be an inspirational quote.5 star

“This movie was life changing for me. Just try to achieve a goal, no matter how he’s it is,and you will succeed. I ❤️this movie so much. One of my favorites.Funny, inspirational, and entertaining.lol,😜 I almost cried 😭.Cheers to all, and never forget to love all and appreciate everything.🤗🤩.”

- Amazing5 star

This is such an amazing movie. A must watch

- Incredible film5 star

There is no words that I can say, on how much I loved this film, except truly a masterpiece 💜

- We loved it!5 star

We loved it... plan and simple

- Abnominable5 star

OMG this movie is so good. Great animation, heart touching story line and songs. It’s more than perfect. Thanks you so much for creating such a wonderful movie.

- Awesome5 star

This movie was great. It was funny and entertaining. We loved it.

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A Boys' Mom - Kids loved it!4 star

Cute movie. My kids loved it and it has a sweet story line

Hails77777 - Awesome!5 star

One of the best kid movies I’ve seen in a very long time. Excellent and entertaining for the entire family.

Bayside_Wonder - truly beautiful fun-filled story5 star

my family and I LOVED this movie. the animation was brilliant, the story was fun and heartwarming, the characters were endearing. what a beautiful magical journey, inspiring imagination and reminding just how special love , family and friendship are.

👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Good movie3 star

3 stars because it is a ripoff of these movies 1. Small foot 2. Missing link

Manning2072 - One of many terrible movies of this decade!1 star

What a peace of yuck 🤢🤮

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - Apologize to decent🐬’s everywhere5 star

As much as I respect the wise and complete reviews given with such charisma from dolphin puzzle cookie boy (🐬🧩🍪), I must disagree with their choice of Movie 🍿 comparison. While small foot was a comparable Movie, it is only because it too had a Yeti involved in the movie. If we are looking at exact compatibles, then look at The Race to Witch Mountain or really any cat and mouse film that follows this exact formula. Since we now know how the film works, we must the look for the twists that are added in an attempt to make this a bit different and the joy in the journey. The girl is NOT kidnapped if one actually watched the film (gasp... did dolphin cookie boy just write down rubbishy trash they assume happens because they saw a trailer?) and even though u know what happens the journey and life lessons learned do make the film enjoyable enough to watch as a family. I would say on a slow night with nothing else to watch u will be pleasantly surprised with this film. It’s a cartoon so reality is suspended and fun and frivolity ensue. The villains are interchangeable and the heroes grow. Learn to explore the world before your time is up and enjoy this film with your family. It’s safe, no fart jokes, only burps. And no 🐬’s were harmed in the writing of this review. But I did eat a 🍪 and figured out a 🧩.

bossbabu - Abominable5 star

I haven’t watched it yet but it looks amazing

LindzyRae - So cute5 star

One of my new favourite movies out there right now.

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Emmy Phoenix - Amazing Movie!5 star

Lovely story, beautiful visuals and I love the score. Great work DreamWorks!

alleycat777 - STUNNING MOVIE5 star

I saw a preview of this movie in June before the Lion King and thought it looked good. I just went to see it this morning and was blown away - and teared up a few times. This movie is visually stunning with a terrifically sweet storyline. Be sure and stay for the credits - stay to the end. It really is the sweetest. I can’t wait to go see it in 3D next Saturday. Tried to see it in 3D today but something went wrong with the theater’s projector or hard drive. Kudos to everyone involved in this project!

La'Porsha is amazing - Adorable!5 star

This movie is unlike any other Yeti movie I’ve seen before! It was SO good!

ms jaye - Everest is everything 💜5 star

Yi has great talent and Peng was funny too! But I really like Everest the most 💜

Incredible and enjoyable music - Very funny and entertaining5 star

This film has everything. A heartwarming story and hilarity. Fun for all ages

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Abominable (2019) images
Abominable (2019) images
Abominable (2019) images
Abominable (2019) images
Abominable (2019) images
Abominable (2019) images
Abominable (2019) images
Abominable (2019) images
Abominable (2019) images
Abominable (2019) images
Abominable (2019) images

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Abominable (2019) posters
Abominable (2019) posters
Abominable (2019) posters
Abominable (2019) posters
Abominable (2019) posters
Abominable (2019) posters
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