Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate Summary and Synopsis

Decades after Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) prevented Judgment Day, a lethal new Terminator is sent to eliminate the future leader of the resistance. In a fight to save mankind, battle-hardened Sarah Connor teams up with an unexpected ally (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and an enhanced super soldier to stop the deadliest Terminator yet. Humanity's fate hangs in the balance in this action-packed thrill ride from Tim Miller, the Director of Deadpool, and Producer James Cameron. Decades after Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, a lethal new Terminator is sent to eliminate the future leader of the resistance. In a fight to save mankind, battle-hardened Sarah Connor teams up with an unexpected ally and an enhanced super soldier to stop the deadliest Terminator yet. Terminator: Dark Fate Wiki

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Welcome to the day after judgement day..

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

Terminator: Dark Fate Comments & Critics

Terminator: Dark Fate Movie Reviews

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- One of the Best Terminator movies5 star

I enjoyed watching this in theaters. Enough that I bought the movie later in ITunes. The actresses and of course Arnold did a great job. It was action packed and fun. I’m happy they made this terminator movie.

- Action movie yes... Terminator movie NO!!!3 star

as just an action movie it’s decent and entertaining.. As a Terminator movie it’s pointless and disrespects the franchise by killing off a legacy character only to bring that character back in a different manner (gender swap) the 1st two films are CLASSIC and I even find enjoyment out of the other films but this film is the epitome of pointless & screams cash grab

- Woke Liberalism Ruins America1 star

Talk about destroying what make America great. Now they're Mexican and the terminator is a woman. It'd be differently if you were just writing it that way but, what you do is make sure to use libearal framework to write movies into. That's not not great. When I watch old movies now I notice the black people. I NEVER USED TO!! Because I juse saw them as PEOPLE. And I just saw myself as me not asa "white person." Liberal militant wokeness is only mostly based on inaccurate statistics and flat out lies. It's ruining the entire culture. RUINING IT. I couldn't get through 20 mintues of this complete trash movie. 70 tomatoes?????? JOKE.

- The Arnold and Gabriel show3 star

The three stars are for Arnold and Gabriel, who were fantastic. Linda Hamilton and Mackenzie were really annoying and it was a chore to watch them hack up the silver screen. James Cameron puts another bullet in the head of a long-dead film series.

- Good try2 star

It’s got all the action but lacks heart. You feel no empathy for the new savior girl, just the soldier who was sent back. Where’s John Connor when you need him?

- Way Better Than Expected!5 star

Not sure why people are saying there was forced wokeism or feminism in this. It was actually a logical plot twist based on the first two movies. Had to be different enough somehow or basically it’s just a machine chasing people around movie. I thought it was very well done. My only problem: Arnold should have put the sunglasses on!

- This review has a dark fate1 star

Between the pathetic feminism or sjw narrative, mission accomplished Hollywood 👌🏻! Open borders....oh you got ur political agenda in there too, good job 👏 So much for a good action flick! The terminator series definitely has a dark fate!

- Garbage1 star

This movie was far worst than Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Straight trash. You killed off John Connor, a Terminator evolved to feel bad, had a family? TRASH! TRAAASSHHHH!

- Great next story!4 star

Didn’t know what to expect but they did a great job of retelling and looking forward you any more new ones 😊

- Crap1 star

Forced woke narrative. No one who is strong needs to go around telling people they are.

- Trash1 star

Maybe if they didn’t try and go the “woke” way it would be two stars. Besides the fact that the storyline was pretty much just like the original.... hollywood needs to understand once u go woke... you go broke. Good thing I only spent .99 for this movie.

- Predictable but fun4 star

No surprises here, but chase action sequences make it interesting.

- Rare for zahir w oe5 star

Even rAu jw s txaee zchis it ipe subjecttifu sz se

- Really good5 star

I saw some negative reviews but glad I rented it anyways. One of the better terminator movies and just really well done. I liked it a lot.

- Wish I saw it in the theater4 star

I wish I hadn’t listened to the people saying it was terrible and not to see it. I thought it was a great movie. I almost feel like it was a better continuation from T2 than the other ones that have come out.

- Just bought this movie. Wish I could take it back.1 star

The most pivotal character to the universe is no longer living and replaced with a shadow of Edward Furlong’s former self. Absolutely disgusting what has occurred. #GetWokeGoBroke #EdwardFurlongWasntMexicanEnoughforMiller #Sad

- Cool4 star

There’s not a lot to say. There wasn’t much new really. It was cool how they brought the past into the present future. It was another entertaining addition to the series. Perhaps this should be the last one though as I think it is impossible to bring anything original at this point.

- Massive disappointment1 star

I looked forward to this more than I had any other film in my life. Such a shame that it was ruined by the studio’s heavy-handed woke messaging.

- Bad A**5 star

Seriously, kick ass women leads and Arnold! Not a disappointment at all. Sad that they killed the John Connor storyline. Would’ve been interesting to see if his legacy continued but we got Sarah Connor, the original bad ass so it’s all good in my books. Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes did amazing. Definitely felt the chemistry between the two characters along with Linda Hamilton and Arnold. If they make more, I hope they include them all in a way that makes sense.

- Proves just how rotten is Rotten Tomatoes1 star

Terribly lazy script, stale plot and truly god awful acting and directing and a rotten rating agency - what could go wrong!

- Ridiculous and laughable.1 star

To complain that this film is “woke” or politically correct or whatever misses the bigger picture. There’s no story to tell anymore, just an increasingly absurd variety of situations. The characters are all paper thin, the action is gratuitous and mind numbing, the dialogue is bad and there is never, ever any tension or sense of danger. What is done with one classic character is so silly it would be insulting if I cared anymore. Rented for 99 cents just to see this tired old horse do one last dance.

- Pretty Aweful1 star

Don’t waste your time watching this. This is comparatively ad bad as Oceans 12. Just really stupid. Bad everything, especially the acting. Big oof. Oof level 11.

- Great movie one of the Best Terminator movies!5 star

Reading all the crybaby bad reviews, I did not know what to think. The movie was actually surprisingly good. Action and graphics are great!

- Awesome5 star

This is canon. Everything else was a mistake.

- Mediocre2 star

Linda looks rough! Arnold looks weak. Special effects looked fake. Franchise should have stopped at T2. Same fate as Jurassic Park which was ruined by ridiculous storylines like Jeff Goldblum having a black daughter to appease white guilt. Progressives have ruined movies and TV just like they’ve ruined the country.

- Stinker.1 star

Bad plot. Bad acting. Bad for the franchise.

- Unnecessary. Awful.1 star

This unnecessary installment in the Terminator series was awful. Made Terminator 3 look amazing, which in my view, it was. They emphasized gruff feminism and border hysteria. The series is all about John Connor, not some pint-sized girl. The story shoehorned a new future that’s a copy & paste of the old future. Sarah Connor didn’t age well either. Yikes. Skip this! Wasn’t worth the 99 cent rental. Veganism is rotting Cameron’s brain. The other simps who wrote this should quit now.

- So bad1 star

This movie it’s just bad movie . Why they still doing in it .

- Sorry for all the Horrible Movie Forced Sexism Reviews.4 star

Honestly, this was really good flick! Having grown up during the first two movies my love for those movies and the plots will always remain in heart as 1 and 2 or maybe 2 then 1 because when the second one came out and the use of the technology in just blew me and everyone in the theater away. This movie however was done really well. I did not like ANY of the movies in between the second and this one. The version reminded my of what the Terminator movies were about. As for those who whined about the overy sexism in this installment. What;s the matter, you don't think a woman can be strong? Maybe you forgot that it was a woman who brought you into this world? If you've never had a kidney stone then how can you possibly even know how painful it was for your mother to bring you here and then you mock the very foundation on which she did it. Women are powerful people. Ever have women smile at you and change your entire perspective on life at that exaxt moment. No violence needed, just a beautiful grin and everything around you changes. You don't have to be with that woman for that to happen, it just does. Stop your whining and find acceptance that that powerful beings and this movie brought that to light. One last thing, there truly is no love as the kind a mother gives. Its unconditional in every way. Albeit, yes there are a few out there that unfortunately don't care or could care less whether their children grow up and surviuve. That number pales in comparison to those that do. I can attest to this. Good Movie, Good Plot!

- The opening scene destroyed the movie.1 star

Political correctness and wokeness strikes again! Shouldn’t have killed off John Connor!!! IN THE OPENING SCENE!!!!!

- Please stop1 star

Please stop making terminator movies. I walked into this movie with HIGH expectations. I was simply blown away by how horrible this film was. After seeing this movie I was debating about watching any terminator movies ever again. Luckily terminator and terminator judgement day were there. They just need to quit making terminator movies. I bet that this movie won’t even make it to dvd. If it does it will be one of those lost films. I’m saving you, don’t watch this movie. It’s a life or death situation. You watch this monstrosity, it’s a death situation. I’m saving life’s with this review, please don’t watch this film.

- I loved it5 star

I’m a fan of the first two Terminator movies. To me the first one has a lot of heart, and T2 was so superbly done. Dark Fate feels like a fitting follow-up to T2 — it makes sense story-wise and it has a similar level of attention to details. (Things like a dog I could barely hear barking before the Rev 9 appears.) It just works.

- Not perfect but still a must see5 star

This movie was full of great intense action, moderate humor and great actors. It definitely did justice to the franchise although it had its flaws, definitely better than all that came after t2.

- Won’t save the franchise’s future3 star

While it’s nice to see Linda Hamilton back on screen, this was just a dumb movie that felt forced in every way. The plot, the casting, the action, it was all trying so hard to “mean something” and be “serious” that it sucked the life out of what could have been a grounded and much more interesting sequel. There are a few well choreographed scenes that are worth seeing and I could watch a whole movie of the future war but other than that it’s an expensive dud. Maybe next time they’ll go with less CG, more story. If there is a next time.

- Difficult to watch (for so many reasons)2 star

Once you get past the SJW narratives (which are shamelessly forced down your throat for the first half of the movie): Open borders, female empowerment, etc -- You realize that James Cameron has sold out his iconic franchise to pander to millenials and liberal Hollywood -- Sure there are good action scenes -- But watching an aged Scwarzenegger making a comedy out of his original character (now named Carl who is a family man and works selling draperies) and an even more aged Linda Hamilton who comes off as a bitter old maid -- You really have to step back and say this was a terrible way to end a highly successful iconic franchise -- and a fate worse than death for those beloved characters --

- No future2 star

The hope is lost of ever seeing a great terminator movie ever again

- Surprisingly good4 star

I still think that Tom Miller having John killed off from the franchise is weird, but the idea of a new timeline where Skynet is no longer a massive threat, is pretty interesting. I find it questionably strange how the movie takes place somewhere after T2, seeing how they pretty much want you to forget about T3,T4, maybe not so much T5, seeing how that timeline was completely rewritten, and could be the cause for T6. Either way, the film was enjoyable, I didn’t expect to like it when I heard Sarah (Linda Hamilton) talking about her son being dead in the trailer. There were some parts of the movie referring to its timeline, that I still questionably do not understand, like why and how T3 and T4 do not occur in this rewritten universe... Still it’s a pretty decent film, almost better than T2, I think it deserves a four star rating 👍.

- Throughly enjoyed the movie.5 star

Don’t listen to the haters. This is a high action Terminator film that has everything we love from that series in it. If you can’t understand the concept of this film in that universe then that is a personal problem. If you like Terminator movies or any action movies in general you will throughly enjoy this film.

- Good enough4 star

Of course the plot thread is getting a little warn after 36 years. And of course you can only be wowed by skeletal robots and dripping liquid metal villains but so many times; no matter how much CGI has advanced after you’ve already seen it a gazillion times before. If you’re expecting an instant film classic from this kind of movie you already live in a fantasy world of unrealistic expectations. If you want a couple hours of escapist fun and a chance to see Arnold and Hamilton on screen again, it’s worth renting. Having read the particular running gripes in the negative comments, you have to be the weakest of little snowflake men to watch it and whine about “SJWs” ruining a movie like this one. At it’s heart the franchise was always fun because of its unapologetic heavy dose of cheesy camp and a knowing wink at the audience in admission that it didn’t take itself too seriously. My god, when did so many men in this country turn into pathetic, self-obsessed, low self-esteem little boys crying every time they see a woman on screen who isn’t barefoot and pregnant? It ain’t gonna kill ya to see a movie with female protagonists once in a while. If you feel your manhood THAT threatened by a movie, then you’re the little nancy with your panties all in a bunch. Grow up, grow a pair and stop being such creepy little punks. It’s enough to make your own mothers ashamed of you.

- Love always!5 star

Great film! Love it!

- all around excellence5 star

great movie with great action and a great story line. dont let the haters in these reviews fool u

- Loved the trailer3 star

But hated the movie

- Could’ve been worse3 star

The movie wasn’t all that bad. It’s built primarily on nostalgia. The action was great. The story line could’ve been better. They connect the dots but wasn’t completely satisfying. To sum it up it’s not T2 but it not Terminator Salvation either.

- Why did I buy this? $4.99? Still a complete waste1 star

Wow! Absolutely horrible! So corny! Another PC junk movie! Why did they do this? Killing off the Alpha Males slow but sure! Don’t waste your time! Plot, story, acting, CGI all terrible.

- Enjoyed It5 star

Was a great action movie, and did have a storyline, so not sure what all the moaning is about. Worth the watch ... no disappointments whatsoever. Cheers!

- Want My Money Back1 star

The effects are top notch. Unfortunately, the story goes from. ‘Might Be Good,’ to ‘Wait, what?’ As it progressed I only kelt watching out of hope maybe it would turn around, stunned to find it get dumber and dumber. Watched the last half hour the next day. One star only because of effects. Sad the lead characters reprised their roles to make money off past success.

- Worst of the Franchise1 star

This movie had potential, but unfortunately the story was weak, the terminator was not even remotely menacing, and the injection of political correctness all contributed to a disappointing sunset for the franchise. It was not even worth the discounted rental price.

- The perfect trilogy capper to T1/T25 star

Don’t listen to negative reviews. The world is revealing itself to be full of unintelligent people who don’t understand films beyond their misguided politics. This is a great film.

- A Catastrophic Failure w/ Zero Redeeming Qualities1 star

To say Dark Fate is bad is being nice. I would give it no stars if that was an option.

- Worst terminator film yet1 star

This movie is just woke propaganda with forced sexism and racial jokes made at white peoples expense. Simply put a political movie pushing anti immigration narrative, feminism while showing strong hatred towards all men who are all bad in this film. Basically put this movie is horrible and a waste of time. Go watch the first two terminator films if you want a better film and plot.

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Billair - fan4 star

wasn’t gonna buy this cuz of bad reviews but i’m a franchise fan and this was great!! don’t listen to everything you hear!

DabolsNewf - Brutal1 star

Don’t let the 70% rating on Rotten Tomatoes fool you. This movie is brutal

Puggy love xoxo - Terminator dark fate5 star

The movie was fantastic I loved it! 👍😁👍. 🇨🇦🤩

francis/t - Thanks for another one of this series5 star

I would say from a personal point of view that I preferred the second over the first, the fourth over the third, but I would say that I like this one too, also because it's kind of a mix of all the previous movies with some new things never seen before this one. Who know where it will leads us.

Chong6776 - And continuing the streak1 star

A colossal failure of a film. Subpar acting with terrible dialog. Not worth even the 99 cent rental.

bob0087 - Terrible disappointment1 star

What happened acting, storey , just awful . Special effects ok but where did characters come from Sarah to old sickly new terminator , new John to short and silly. Much to much bad language not suitable for family viewing. Movie just plain disapointment.

Setanta6 - Disappointing2 star

Take the first two Terminator films, add some unnecessary characters and some gurl power and this is the result. The plot and action sequences were repeats of the first two films. All Linda Hamilton did was curse a lot, but otherwise added little to the movie. Felt like a total waste of my time. Too bad.

James_Swade - Which reality is this3 star

It’s a good movie if you’ve been living under a rock since T2 and haven’t seen the rest of them.

Alvin James P Oogak - Nunavut Indigenous5 star

Ohhhh man I couldn’t wait for this movie to come out to be fkn honest.

Peal20162016 - Meh2 star

This series needs to end. The first 2 were excellent the third was ok. After that it went down hill too many storylines and no direct path. The movie itself I found very boring and not very interesting do yourself a favour and save your money watch it on tv or YouTube!!!

not-so-sure - Great action movie5 star

I would recommend this movie to anyone. It was a good story line and action packed.

Mana22222222 - It’s OK3 star

Previous versions where better.

Dangerdangerously - So. Bad.2 star

Honestly, this is worse than all of the other sequels after T2. Arnold was the best part of this. In actual fact, this is probably the only thing that will finally kill the terminator, this one movie.

CanKiwi - Better than I expected4 star

I had low expectations for this movie, but it was much better than I expected. I docked a star for excessive and unnecessary profanity.

Merlin$ - Good3 star

Honestly better then i expected!

Bcguy12 - Great movie5 star

Anyone leaving bad reviews is a downer, the reality is, it's a great follow up to the series.

jimd60 - Un film pourri1 star

Le plus médiocre des scénario. Please fire the scenarist.

Chris899993737373 - The best terminator movie since T25 star

I have to say I really enjoyed this movie, there was good action scenes along with a decent story

Queen Metalia - I love this movie5 star

This movie is amazing, lots of action, one of the best movies in 2020 so far in my opinion

Och.laddie - Best one after T2 - it is good!4 star

Better than I was expecting and the female leads “worked” (unlike ghostbusters). A fitting reboot/end.

Mr-Robobob's word - Meh.2 star

Just seems mediocre over all. Had some great moments though.

Dreamcatcher10 - Trash1 star

Waste of money

celia2504 - Love it5 star

Social matters are addressed organically, and I’m pretty sure some of the team was channelling Asimov for at least one key plot development. Also sets the stage nicely for franchise expansion. Obviously not serious scifi, but pretty sure most fans of the original Terminator movies will enjoy this addition. Definitely a movie I’ll come back to with some regularity.

Chriswhite58n - Great movie!5 star

Loved every second of this movie. Great characters - a lot of fun!

Jo3_316 - Great foundation but flawed3 star

This film had great potential but the over use of F-shots singlehandedly ruined the atmosphere. Also the overuse of female lead characters makes things unbalanced. The action sequences were great though. It’s unfortunate and even James Cameron couldn’t save this one.

OSXapps - The best Terminator ever!5 star

Neat plot and great acting by a top notch cast.

François Desrosiers - Wowww excellent ce nouveau Terminator: Dark Fate!5 star

À part le premier, j’aime beaucoup les Terminators, mais ce nouveau est totalement délirant et captivant! Je suis aucunement déçu! D’un grand fan! 🤩🤩🤩

bradh82h - Must See Movie !!5 star

Don’t look at the bad reviews. This movie is non stop action with a great plot. Definitely a continuation of the T2 movie. Worth and purchase or rental.

Jane Monheit's fan - Delayed by two weeks!!1 star

How i can't see this in the Holidays already mean no stars

Undrgrndkng - nope1 star


SRGRMB - old1 star

The actors are to old for this type of movie. They should have retired by now. Waste of money, just more of old plot, going now where.

Jurnee Jakes - Watch the first two again5 star

This is a direct continuation of T2, negating the other three in between. It has the same feeling as T2, and the chemistry between Hamilton and Davis is great, with just a hint of humor. Very glad I caught it in theaters.

XZje - Great5 star

One of the best action movies I have seen in a while and by far the best of the franchise after T2.

Manning2072 - Given it one star is a stretch!1 star

This franchise basically is dead in the water! And this was the final bullet to the head. Don’t waste your money! It’s so bad... just lots of the same crap dripping from the septic tank of the last three years. 👎

kookykrumbs - Great action flick with heart5 star

If you accept the fact that no other Terminator film will top T2 Judgment Day, then you’re in for a fun ride. Great action sequences. The leads all had fantastic chemistry. Seeing Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger interact as their iconic characters was worth the price of admission alone. Mackenzie Davis is a revelation as an action star. I hope we see more of her in future installments. Don’t let poor reviews, mostly from people who wanted to hate the movie before it has even come out, to deter you from seeing this. Watch it and make up your own mind.

Mark Ki - You’ve seen this before2 star

Just a cut and paste from the previous films. Linda Hamilton, Arnold, and the woman who played Grace were fantastic. The rest was pretty much forgettable. I’m done with this franchise. T3 will always been the T2 sequel for me (as flawed as T3 is). The franchise always tried to be realistic. This movie has zero realism.

terminizer - 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮1 star


UnrelentingLoaf - Great movie!5 star

Honestly one of the better ones in years. Had a blast. Sad to see it tanked tho.

Emma_Roberts_99 - What a Comeback!!!5 star

I just saw this movie yesterday in the theatres and no joke, what a comeback to the terminator franchise. James Cameron is back and brings a wonderful ending to the Terminator franchise. It was action-packed, fast paced, good writing, meh... It contains everything that makes a good terminator movie but even better. It is easily the second best terminator movie that I’ve ever seen (T2 was still the best, but this is legit the direct sequel of this one). This is a definitely a must see, especially if you are a terminator fan and is hoping to get the thrill of T2 and T1 combined!!! No joke, get ready for your mind to be blown!!! 🤯

Halloween is fbd b - Terminator 20191 star

Worst movie of the year

Riley14boss - When u terminate ur franchise1 star


16jets - Best since T2: Judgment Day!5 star

Saw Dark Fate in D-BOX and man was it a wild ride! The return of Linda and Arnold make this film much more entertaining than the previous installments (Genisys). The biggest achievement however is the action and visual effects. Tim Miller manages to make some awesome scenes from truck chases to airplane crashes. This movie blew me away and I think it’s one of the best action flicks of the year!!! Final rating - 10.1/10!

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John II of Aragón - Dead on arrival1 star

Another propaganda movie by hollwywood pushing an un-American agenda. Feminism terminated the terminator. I own every terminator movie plus the series and I have to say, this movie killed all of that, it leaves a bad taste in your movie experience. Skip it, the T is dead

hhbhbhbhbhbhb - Missing a Piñata1 star

They totally destroy everything by coming out with sequel ...... pay attention to Rise of the machines.You'll understand ! John Connor survived to an adult Right!!?? Writer must have had a long line of Tequilas while thinking.......Takes place @the borders viva Mexico?😂WTF!! Is going on!!

Is griot - Love terminator movies3 star

The storyline doesn’t seem add up. The action was really good. it was worth the rental money.

Sherri Rose - Seriously bad!!1 star

Please do not waste your time or money on this movie! I cannot believe how boring and how bad the overall acting was with most of the cast members. The only one that stood out was Mackenzie Davis. Arnold looked tired and bored the entire time he was on screen and Linda Hamilton’s acting and the script were just deplorable. The horrible, ridiculous action scenes were not even worthy and most should have been on the floor of the editing room! Why did they have to ruin this great series! Hollywood need new talent and new creative minds!!

Mad , mad, mad - Sad1 star

Yep, sad

GeorgieakaJdog - Action packed movie!5 star

This movie is really good. My favorite terminator movie is T2 and Dark Fate is my second favorite.

VLK89 - I admit to this 4.5 though 44 star

Good movie I will say.

Macfann - Don't waste your money or time ...AWFUL...1 star

Just ruined the franchise..this was a meaningless attempt at PCism and had really nothing to do with the main story..why hollywood doesn't get the message and produces these rants is beyond me!

Crazy unique nickname - Bad story, weak characters, stay away1 star

I’m thoroughly disappointed. It’s the weakest Terminator franchise entry by far. Save yourself time and rewatch any other part instead.

Cdm2003 - Great5 star

Really good

Just1ninja - Action packed5 star

Somewhat predictable. But I loved it.

rexford82 - True terminator fans should like5 star

I saw so many bad reviews, it does stray from 3 up, like they didn’t exist but I liked it

Ffj1313 - Why Hollywood why2 star

Not that hard to improve or at least equal the first movie. Go back to basics, this was full of unneeded junk, feminism, forced subplots... yawn... Woke movies suck— We want truth

crashfreek - Give it a shot5 star

This movie has a lot of good reviews and bad ones, I thought it was much better than most of the Terminator movies since T2. I wasn’t sure what to think after some of the reviews but I’m glad I watched it, if you want to see a good action movie with some cool nostalgia from the previous movies it won’t let you down but if you expected the best movie ever you’ll probably be disappointed. I would say it’s worth the watch and has a better place in the storyline of the film series than a few other ones that were made.

DrChisB - Much Better Than Expected4 star

Since there has not been a really good Terminator movie since Midas-Touch-Cameron did T2, I was really expecting this one to be somewhere between poor to barely-watchable. I suppose it always helps when you go in with really low expectations! I was surprised that this one was much better and more imaginative than any other T movie since T2. The visuals were fun and imaginative, and the Schwarzenegger terminator character had depth and human interest. I got tired of Sarah's Connor's f-bombs, but it was engaging to have Linda Hamilton back in the story. There were certainly some horrid over-acting moments for Dani's character, and her character's arc was too simplistic. Still, the actress (whom I have never seen before) did a good job (one overacting scene notwithstanding). And while Mackenzi Davis certainly did a good job of acting, it is hard to watch such a skinny person play a believable super-warrior. Likewise, it seemed ridiculous to watch someone fighting like she had metal bones without any skin abrasions. At least Wolverine's skin grows back quickly. Why is Grace's skin not in ribbons? But realism completely aside, it was a very imaginative thing to add into the story. All in all, it was much better than I expected, but still not really five-star-amazing like T2.

Rob five stars - Great movie5 star

Loved it

DiegoMartinTrochez - Good Movie4 star

Good Movie

ChrisBstation - Extremely well made!5 star

Incredible action scenes and the return of Linda Hamilton alone make this movie worth watching. Overall this is by far the best Terminator film since T2. A proper third film. Ignore everything after T2 and enjoy this extremely well made film.

Gunslinger254 - Disappointing1 star

Just terrible

Jere_ - Decent4 star

Was a good movie. Characters and dialog were good. Story felt like just the same old stuff. Nothing really new story wise, but there was a lot of new and fresh fight scenes, special effects, and damage methods.

dablatner - Good effects, stupid script2 star

This feels like it was written by an AI that analyzed hundreds of action movies. The result is eye-rollingly predictable and hackneyed.

wildcat the first - Stupid1 star

Please don’t watch this movie. Hollywood is back at it with political correctness and woke. Movie was in Spanish. Bad acting. Don’t waste your time and money. This movie made me vomit 🤮.

JeepDudeFTLD - First half awesome!2 star

The second half is all digital effects and is more of a Marvel movie in which I hate! Very disappointed that James Cameron thought this was acceptable- just stupid


Did I say mess, I meant a hot steaming mess! It’s so sad that the what certainly had the potential of being a truly awesome movie, with the cast, more or less reassembled; turned out to be what is probably one of the worst movies I’ve seen in quite some time. When I say worst, I'm not just referencing this haphazard installment into the Terminator franchise itself, but really as a movie itself. I dare not even subject you to a review that rehashes the ‘events’ created by a level of lazy writing that I can only refer to as garbage. It’s garbage people. I can deal with silly or unconventional movies that put unrealistic goals ahead of reality and all that. But this is a ‘Dark Fate’ for it is the end of the franchise. No one will touch these ‘machines’ again or at least for a very very long time. How dare James Cameron coax his reluctant ex-wife (Hamilton) into returning to a script that was written so poorly, it couldn’t even be taken seriously. In conclusion, myself and anyone else dumb enough to rent this will understand that’s it’s not actually a movie. That’s the crazy thing about it. This is not a straight to DVD one either. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a gender politics infomercial that is actually very insulting to men. To take on the weight of T2 and even attempt to fill those shoes to some degree-this is not. I’m not sure what it is. But I can confirm that ‘Dark Fate’ lived up to its name and you will be promised and if rented shall receive a poorly written script (it is that bad and so predictable that basically you’ve already seen it). Not to mention these misplaced and one line ‘zingers’ that make you cringe. And in total and substance the acting is just .... I don’t know how to describe what went on hear, but it wasn’t a follow up to Cameron’s Terminator(s) and I feel really bad for everyone involved with exposing the masses with it. This might best be likened to the coronavirus of a trilogy, and unfortunately everyone, it is fatal.

yager786 - Terminator5 star

Nice action pack and adventure.

Fireace08 - Awesome movie5 star

This movie was great! I don’t know whats up with all the negative reviews, none of them are accurate. This movie has an awesome story line, some of the best special effects to date, and interesting characters. Easily one of the best terminator movie made.

I-phone Nut - This is the problem2 star

If we’d never seen T2, this would’ve been just OK but number one, it was way more CGI than needed, some crazy non believable dumb stuff in the hummer under water & what about the dog (I thought dogs hated terminators) who the hell was that army guy Sara knew??? So many crazy things, in other words, wait until it comes on TV late night about two years from now.

Your Standard Customer - Surprisingly Good4 star

I actually cared about the main characters, thought Arnold was pretty funny, and it was great up until the nonstop battling at the end, which was over the top to the point of hilarious, but like all these movies, just too much of the same tiring thing. Also, the CGI movements looked pretty off and crude. Miss the days of real people not fighting so hard, but actually taking a beating. Watching computer game figures getting beaten up is a snooze. Still, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. Oh, and I actually like women, unlike some people.

Gtango - Garbage1 star

This movie was very hard to follow in Spanish!!

Utang - Underrated4 star

Movie was good. Much better than I anticipated. Worth a watch

Mr. Muskle - OK Movie3 star

This movie is ok not good but not bad. There are some good and bad action scenes, story line is ok at best as they went safe on doing the same thing as before. I agree with many that the terminator in this one shouldn’t be reasoning with anyone. The good thing about this movie it voids the sequels since T2 and the bad thing is the terminator tries to become human instead self destruction once the mission is complete. This is an OK movie with nothing great but I do like the enhanced human she was cool but unfortunately the SJW made it into this film. Just make a good solid movie with out the political garbage!!!

ArtBuffalo - Another SJW cancer that massacred another beloved character1 star

That’s all you need to know. This is an epic failure of epic proportions to please “fans” (yet director attacked real fans for not praising the movie beforehand) who don’t even know or care of what made the Terminator films of 1984/1991 great.

Toggle bit - GARBAGE1 star

Seen all of the T movies and this one is by far the worst; not even on the same planet! I sincerely regret spending 6 bucks renting it! Rent anything else but this; seriously!!!!

CheapTrickster - Disappointing1 star

The girl was an idiot at the beginning by not believing what was happening right infront of her and then she crys like a baby at the end because her Grace were best friends? Stupid! Arnold was great. Linda not so much.

Giacomob - Waste of time1 star

Waste of time

Furutan1 - Cameron's lack of involvement is obvious3 star

Instead of directing his own script, Cameron gave it to someone else, then started messing around when he didn't like the result. This really shows. The bottom line is that this is a routine terminator movie and absolutely nothing special. Good guys kinda win but the bleak future endures. So what?

yea rite - Okay of a movie2 star

Expect better from James Cameron. The immigrants scene coming over the border. Seems political scene to me. Come on. Can’t the just come up with a action movie without some agenda behind it. Seems repeated storyline. Really bad. So John Connor ( the female bilingual version ) saved the world, yeah okay. Plus she didn’t even do anything to believed she saved the world. John Connor did more. Wow she shot a gun. Whoopi doo. Really bad of a movie. 2 stars for the action that’s it. Nothing more. Then I knew were in trouble when it starts off with Linda’s role saying I’ll be back. Yeah I’m good.

midorigreen1 - Really enjoyed4 star

This is a good movie shows the franchise evolving and I’m excited for what’s to come!

Strife462 - Terrible movie1 star

This movie was slow, the acting was terrible, and the political overtones overshadowed the predictable plot. This movie was not even worth renting.

Big Papa 10th - No1 star

Hollywood kills the entire Terminator timeline just to embark on some apologetic women empowerment propaganda move. Really disappointing but completely no surprise.

Doctor1112 - So so3 star

Entertaining to a point, but the washed up liberal agenda is clearly present. I don’t think he will be back.

Sandra C H - Successor to T25 star


youlistenhere - A worthy addition to the series4 star

Not the best, but not the worst — Bale. Ugh. Less electric mostly because the mayhem is familiar, and no surprise, Arnold can take a punch or bullets the chest. All in all an enjoyable couple hours.

A_Mod - Terminator is back with a vengeance5 star

Like the new leagon and new terminator. A combination of T1 and T2

argomez7 - Horrible1 star

This is ghostbuster all female cast in terminator universe form. This dragged and imo killed this franchise to put this into context terminator salvation looks like t2 compared to this. It you really want to see the debacle wait for it to come to tv but being how bad it is I doubt it will make it to tv

CZT1 - Finally a worthy successor to T24 star

I was expecting yet another stupid Terminator sequel but this movie was legit. As a stand alone film and as part of the series. Wish they woulda just made this movie after Terminator 3. Some really, stunningly good action sequences that didn't look overly CGI or stupidly contrived. Everything finally fit together well. Super entertaining.

Archslappy - Dark Fate?3 star

Narrative is taken from the original up to a point. Rebranded and rehashed for a new generation. Lots of action sequences. Can’t say this is a great or even good movie. Men are either robots, bad robots, or weaklings easily killed off. Mediocre film.

Sugar n spice - Better than expected5 star


Dafinator - I really liked this except for the...5 star

The action is great, but having a little Mexican girl as the leader of the rebellion is silly. She’s like 4 foot nothing, it’s just silly and not realistic by any means which makes the movie kind of even more silly, but action is cool and love the special effects. And it’s not sexist or racist to say this, it’s my opinion. I am part Mexican myself, just seems like Hollywood tries to force these idiotic themes in movies and ruins them completely.



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