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Ford v Ferrari Summary and Synopsis

Academy Award® Winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in FORD v FERRARI, based on the true story of visionary American car designer Carroll Shelby (Damon) and fearless British-born driver Ken Miles (Bale), who together build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966. Based on the true story. American car designer Carroll Shelby and the British-born driver Ken Miles work together to battle corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966. Ford v Ferrari Wiki

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They took the American dream for a ride..

Ford v Ferrari (2019)

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Ford v Ferrari Movie Reviews

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- Grit, Style, Production and Fantastic Acting.5 star

Wow. Car enthusiast or fan of History, this film is a tour de force. Solid storytelling, slick visual style and a point of view that we should appreciate and learn from. Matt Damon’s finest work will leave you impressed and an astounding, controlled, superb performance for the ever-changing roles of Christian Bale. The entire cast was solid. There are so many mediocre films being made, this one will remind you of what food cinema can be. The story is a commitment to talent, ambition and the drive that separates those who accomplish and the lesser who ride the coattails of others and take the credit. This is a story that I did not know and one that needed to be told. I really enjoyed this film. Buy it. I got it on sale for $7.99 and I’m glad that I did.

- 10Stars5 star

Absolutely amazing. Rented it 2x!

- Excellent4 star

Excellent film, excellent cast, excellent director, excellent story.

- Favorite Movie of the Year5 star

Loved it

- Great!5 star

Love this movie! Seen it eight times in the theate! IMAX! Great story. Great cast! My favorite film in 2019. Glad to see this is in 4K too!

- Great5 star

Great film.

- Great, just AMAZING!5 star

This film is just awesome! Great film for both teenagers and adults to enjoy! Fabulous intensity and great drama and action for older audiences!

- Very boring!1 star

This was the most boring movie I’ve ever watched.Do not recommend.

- Best movie ever5 star


- Beyond expectations5 star

Such a good movie and very touching !! And was shot perfectly, a must watch movie !! These are usually not my type of movies since I’m not into cars but it was just so good

- Put prices on Amazon5 star

Great movie, but when will the prices for this movie get put on Amazon? I tried to find prices for the movie on Amazon but no prices available.

- Amazing Movie!!!5 star

This is the best race car movie I have EVER seen. The attention to detail with the actual events compared the cinematic version is impeccable! Also the resemblances between the actors who played the role of these people and the actual Ken Miles, Carroll Shelby, etc. is incredibly similar.

- 👍👍👍5 star


- 🤟🏻5 star


- Riveting from beginning to end5 star

I am not a fan of motor sports. This film is about commitment, courage, big money and big egos with stakes that are life and death. Beautifully acted and extremely entertaining.

- Awesome Movie!5 star

This is a great movie! I wasn't able to finish it because the agent gave me a refund for some unauthorized purchases on my account, but this was a movie I did purchase while it was on sale for $7.99. Now it is full rice. The agent admitted the error, but was unable to restore this movie in my account. I never finished watching the movie. I hope ITunes will have this on sale again.

- A classic5 star

I’m not a huge movie-buff but I like to think I know a good movie when I see one. The acting, the character building, and the history are all excellent. I recommend this movie!

- Good movie5 star


- Fantastic5 star


- By nasirjones5 star

Best race movie I ever seen

- Great movie5 star


- Good!!!!5 star

Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy this movie. But it was good, suspenseful, awesome acting. I’m not into cars or sports movies at all, but this was good!!! Christian Bale’s acting was awesome. After watching this, def have a lil crush now - lol.

- Worth a view4 star

Quite entertaining. Solid script, good acting, great race scenes

- Best Racing Film yet.5 star

Absolutely Fantastic movie! Two of the best actors showing just how tough and dangerous racing really is. One of those movies you can watch over & over. Lots of comedy, suspense, and a tear jerker. Loved it

- Bad movie1 star

Terrible movie with worn out characters and lame attempts at comedy. Waste of time.

- Awful1 star

A pathetic excuse of a film. Probably the worst script of 2019. An absolute shame that something as poorly made as this was nominated for best picture over Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

- Saddest 9 out of 10 ever5 star

Movies great but the ending is brutal( in a good way)

- Well crafted3 star

Didn’t know what to expect for this movie but the aftermath wasn’t bad at all. Recommend this movie

- Amazing5 star

Loved it. It had my attention throughout the movie. Great acting and set ups.

- Very Entertaining5 star

Great movie with a good story and awesome visuals.

- Crappy1 star

Crappy storyline with horrible acting

- Absolute Gem5 star

I own a mustang and watching the story of how all it all started was awesome

- Ford Is Awesome!5 star

Great movie and had you interested the whole entire time, asking to know more.This movie perfectly describes the 24hrs of Lemans of 1966 and will have you laughing, crying and awake the whole 2 hours of the movie. It is definitely worth the watch.

- An awesome movie5 star

Bale is absolutely brilliant as Ken Miles. Just as impressive performance from Damon filling the Carole Shelby role. Fast paced action, real edge of the seat stuff... A MUST see!

- It’s awesome5 star

Inspiring, moving, funny and intense all at once, Ford v Ferrari is a great piece of cinema that deserves all of its acclaim. 9/10

- I ENJOYED THIS MOVIE ... 5 Stars5 star

Awesome Movie!

- I’m H-A-P-P-Y, H-A-P-P-Y4 star

If you enjoyed Rush, you’ll enjoy this movie. The song in this movie is also catchy as heck.

- Phenomenal5 star

This movie has me on the edge of my seat at times , it’s funny , and has a great narrative

- Great movie - even if you’re not into car racing5 star

Loved this film from start to finish. I wish Hollywood made more like it.

- Naser Saifullah5 star

New movie of new iTunes

- Deserves many awards5 star

I was skeptical about watching this movie at first. I didn’t want a made up story that slightly resembled real life but I also didn’t want to watch a documentary. After reading the reviews I figured, let’s give it a try. Let me tell you, this movie is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. The Bale and Damon fill the roles perfectly and you connect with their story of what Shelby and Miles made in real life. A 2 hr 30 min movie sometimes drags on, with this I wish it didn’t end. I can only say so many things, so just watch it.

- Absolutely amazing5 star

Yeah this is probably one of my all time favorite movies.

- Amazing5 star

If you know about car race and you are into it - you will think it’s an amazing movie! Obsessed with it.

- ⛽️🏎🏎💨5 star

Great movie!!!!

- Great detail in easy to watch movie5 star

The amount of detail to real events is fantastic! I really got into to this movie and enjoyed the acting, racing and excitement. Must see movie if you are any s of car person!

- How?1 star

How did people rate this so highly? Cheesy acting. Predictable and tiresome character conflicts and obnoxiously blatant smoking guns. The same lame filming gimmicks of Days of Thunder and every other fast car movie showing pedal pushes and gear changes that don't actually add up to how fast cars actually work and an overall boring story arc. Nothing in this movie that brings any level of nuance from any of the players. Definitely don't bother renting or buying this.

- WoW!5 star

We loved this movie. Wow! Took us away, held our attention, told us a great story: with adventure, passion of racing, and heart. Well done in every aspect! A movie to place with our Shelby Cobra poster! Thank you!

- Exceptional5 star

This movie was such a pleasant surprise. It had my attention the whole time and was exciting - which I didn’t expect from a car movie. Can’t recommend it enough.

- Simply amazing5 star

Wow. Such a great movie for car fans. History. 🏎💨💨💨

- Truely entertaining!5 star

We loved every minute of this movie. If you love fast cars then this movie will instantly be one of your favorites! Oh and be sure to turn up the volume! You’ve got feel the RMPs in your chest. 🏎💨

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Manning2072 - Fantastic movie!!!!5 star

I highly recommend this move it is brilliant excellent amazing! A much watch! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Undrgrndkng - Fantastic5 star

Amazingly well done movie followed by a truly awful and heartbreaking ending. Ford is unreal.

moviewatchercg - 7000+5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would gladly watch it again

Comme des ombres soyons!! - Fascinant5 star

En plus d’avoir une histoire prenante cela est jumelé avec une brochette d’acteurs irréprochable!! Les courses et la bande sonnore...ça décoiffe!! Chapeau!!

Legomarco113 - Great!5 star

At first I had thought it was a documentary but further watching it showed it’s amazing cast and quality!

The Hempel - White. Male. Cars. John Wayne. Cowboys1 star

Sigh. If you like watching lame gear shifting for over 2 hours this one is for you. The documentary on Ntfl is much more interesting.

SeaDoo666 - Wow!!5 star

Quel bon film! Très bonne histoire! Pas besoin d’aimer la course automobile. 2h30 qu’ont voit pas passer.

ORION514 - Très beau film, vraiment!5 star

Un pur chef d’œuvre

James_Swade - Superb movie.5 star

I can’t pick one favourite scene. It shows the pure heart of a racer and friendship.

tdebakke - The best5 star

The best.

blackbird2020 - Remember Ken Miles.5 star

This movie was amazing. The acting and the cinematography are superb.

Och.laddie - If you like cars, one of best movies if it’s kind5 star

I pity the car guy that doesn’t watch this!

AngelZeppelin - Greatest Car Film5 star

I’ve seen many many many car movies and tv shows. And as a Top Gear/Grand Tour and Jay Leno Fan. I can say this is absolutely the best car movie I have ever seen. It’s absolutely perfect!

👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Boring2 star

Adultly made

Carguy 101 - One of the best stories ever told5 star

Great movie factual and fun to watch

Benj2130 - Really well done movie5 star

Really enjoyed this movie. Now one of my personal favourites. Highly recommend it.

terminizer - 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻5 star

So good, great acting, great story.

M & K to go - Great Movie5 star

Bale & Damon are excellent as the 2 leads with a great supporting cast. Roughly based on Fords attack on what is still probably the hardest motorsport race in world to win its just exhilarating.Also worth a mention is the doco "The 24 hour War" which is what a lot of this wonderful movie is based on.

MADDD2011 - Love this movie!5 star

Simply amazing! 👍

D Fuss - Holy wow.5 star

Now that’s a movie.

Nick Gorrell - Exceptional5 star

You get the feeling both Matt and Christian REALLY enjoyed playing these two characters. Both full of flaws, but equally full of life. Close to career best performances for me. Also good to see Jon Bernthal NOT playing a one dimensional thug. Good sports movies are rare. Brilliant ones are almost the stuff of legend (much like the stories they’re telling). This is definitely the latter, full of dry humour and charm. #kenwasrobbed

Chia power - Great movie for the petrol heads!5 star

Great performance by Christian Bale and cast

Drewgarden - Good but not great4 star

It wasn't until the very end that i realised I'd pretty well been had all of the standard plot developments of a race car movie. And that was no small achievement, I really credit the makers of this, it delivers some real heart and soul. All of the leads are very good (as usual), great to see Caitiona Balfe on the big screen also. Only one complaint, Jon Bernthal seemed to have finally found a role he was going to nail, and in the early part of this movie his character is one of the most interesting, he is then dumpled like a spare tire and overshadowed by Josh Lucas' very one dimensional character at Ford, that was a shame. But thanks to this movie I finally understand what his potential is, hopefully movie makers will also.

Atmos THX - Brilliant5 star

A must see movie. Enjoyed from the beginning to the end. Acting is terrific as with all aspects of the production.

d12jw - Great car racing film5 star

This film delivers amazing motor vehicle racing in spades. But I wasn't expecting it to have as much of an emotional heartbeat as it does. Excellent film.

Arcus Cloud - A joy to watch !5 star

Excellent movie, watched all the way through without falling asleep. I noticed part way through the movie some of the sounds from the song " Money from Pink Floyd ". It seemed to be more than just a coinsidence and fitted perfectly into the scene. A masterstroke of humorous irony from the Producer/Director. Great movie, well worth the rental or purchase.

EugeneSmythe - Exceptional.5 star

A must see. Damon and Bale are incredible. One of the best movies ever made.

Forbesey - Excellent5 star

This movie was fabulous. Great actors, compelling story, outstanding delivery.

Free writer - Didn't know what to expect5 star

Normarly can't stand period pieces around the 70,s but this was so well done and the charcters were spot on great watch, such a good tribute to friendship. Well worth the watch even if youre not a car fan .

Amsungsa2 - Beautifully created, absolute one of my top movies5 star

I loved how this movie had a special way of pulling me in. The story was not cliche at al, or wasn’t over dramatised. It was absolutely perfect. Highly recommended for all petrol heads.

duan tich - Yeap5 star

Giddy up.... What a great movie ...tumb up .....

ɪsʜ sᴜᴘʀᴇᴍᴇ - Yeah5 star

Great movie, Strongly would recommend

Lachlan Hammond - Must see5 star

I’m not a car guy but this movie was absolutely superb. It even brought a tear to my eye at parts

Bswif15 - Excellent movie5 star

This movie was excellent loved for he entire thing with lots of funny jokes and scenes and it’s also nice to learn about the history behind one of the best car company’s

Gsgsnxkaidb - Incredible5 star

The best of the best. Best actors

Timothy leonard - Ford v Ferrari5 star

Awesome movie one of the best car movies I’ve seen, definitely a must see! Adrenaline pumping action and great story line.

micka 63869 - Amazing/Brilliantly done5 star

An amazing film so real and no CGI whatsoever. Great storyline and powerful and emotional acting. Superbly done

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Jess bananas - Amazing5 star

Great movie!

寻找大奶子萌妹 - 赛车的场面再多点就好了5 star


Drummer & Fan - The Best Action Movie I've Seen!5 star

It's so encouraging to see a movie today with strong portrayals of men, real-life action, and strong credibility. It has none of the gratuitous Hollywood sex and violence usually pushed in our faces, which alone, makes it worth the ride. I absolutely loved every minute, watched from the edge of my seat for most of the movie. No hesitation in recommending this fantastic film!

Omar_kham - Great movie but it there is something missing5 star

I really enjoyed the movie it’s story and characters, especially when it talked about how they must innovate to beat Ferrari cars, but I hope this letter to reach iTunes to do it in all movies, which is that every movie misses Arabic subtitles, it would be easier to understand the story of the film; to be honest, I did not understand the story of the movie like I want it I understood all highlighted and I struggled to understand it To sum up, there is must have Arabic subtitle on every movie to make it easier to understand for Arab people

liv 2 skate - Super Professional!5 star

Very smart, thought through, original and professional.

LovetheMoviews - Auto racing history at its best5 star

This film went from start to finish with fantastic editing, acting and directing. It deserved to be in the winner’s circle.

Bestial03 - @briannuesi5 star

Great acting , amazing cinematography

chonesislit24 - Very good5 star

I love the move but vary sad at the end

0nly1kidd - Very entertaining5 star

Very entertaining and brought me mixed emotions as if I was in the movie

Hunterman231 - Best movie5 star

This movie is the greatest ever. You must watch it!

Suferdudefrank - One of the best movies ever made5 star

Great editing 🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🔧🔧🔧🏁🇺🇸🇮🇹

Nicholas becerra - Christian Bale and Matt Damon Soar5 star

Christian Bale and Matt Damon had great chimestry with each other and the movie felt very entertaining and the acting was good very good movie indeed.

G0vinda96 - Highly recommend it!5 star

Wow this movie is truly amazing!

reidmichael22 - Amazing5 star

Absolutely fantastic.

FAUSTOROD - Amazing5 star

Best racing movie with the best racing scenes

Petey615 - Best Picture, Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting5 star

Parasite Best Picture of 2020??? No Way! THIS! FVF IS BEST PICTURE! 👏👏👏👏👏

shahradi - Good for car lovers4 star

wish some of that million dollars help some peopls...

Combatfisher - this was a good movie5 star

I don't really care what the Oscars or Rotten Tamatoes thinks...this was just a good movie...good story...

thszdeffygyrtsztu - Eye isolating either xylemlfhkšb5 star

Hu is your BMI Lhasaufyxdyy k

Opieherald - Outstanding!5 star

An excellent story told through world-class acting. Christian Hale and Matt Damon we’re both outstanding.

joeschin - Ford vs Ferrari5 star

This was an excellent movie, hands down one of the best movies I’ve seen in quite some time and I don’t even know one thing about racing or race car drivers. The race scenes had mine and my wife’s heart beating out of our chests. Great job to everyone involved on this film!

jdoubledogp - High Octane5 star

From beginning to end, this movie takes you on a ride you’ll never forget!

Musiclovrrrr - Really good!5 star

Watch it!

flockdance - Entertaining5 star

Has everything. Out of all the movies I saw this year I enjoyed this one and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood the best. I go to the movies to be entertained not to leave with anxiety or feel like I wasted my money. Great movie !

Buelled - Favored the cast over the story3 star

This movie could have been so much better. It missed the opportunity to cover, in any real detail, the car's development and the racing losses while being sorted out. Only a few of the great drivers were mentioned. I recognizing this is only a movie, but to me it was a far bigger achivement whose story is much more fascinating than the two guys the portrayal focused on. The first time we see the car it is drivable.

All Might * - Christian Bale 10/10 Performence5 star

Immense Success

GooieGreen - A phenomenal story5 star

The backstabbing, ruthless nature of racing and major corporations wrapped around a life cut short and a legacy long forgotten. The cast and crew brought this tale to life like few others in 2019. If you like cars or the history of racing, you must watch this.

jdepew - Wow5 star


sam17264 - Top Film of the Year5 star

This flick is fantastic. A great family movie that talks about an incredible, overlooked story about ingenuity, persistence, and loyalty. Glad to see the story put to film and done such justice. If you’re a race fan, you’ll buy this on the spot and never regret having it on your rainy day playlist.

MilkChief - Best Movie of 20195 star

Amazing movie! It’s one you will watch, then re-watch, and then watch again.

S. Teh NY - Great film!!5 star

What a good film. Ford’s biggest obstacle in wining the race is not beating Ferrari but fighting against the bureaucracy in the Ford company! Really enjoyed watching it from start to finish.

MTM.MAN - Better than expected3 star

I have to say Matt Damon is blessed to be a very good actor as he seems to really work to be the character he is trying to portray. Christian Baile just comes across as a clown playing a clown, maybe cause he has to give us his anti-Repub political views and it’s in the back of my mind or it is what it’s is, yet I appreciate what he does even if I don’t like him(a concept he probably can’t grasp). I thought the movie was well done but a bit too predictable at times and not quite as exciting and as good of a film as RUSH, but still quite good and interesting. The ending I wanted to hate - the part about Ford screwing over Ken Miles (in real life) - probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard of ever in any sporting event) - absolutely insane and unreal. I would not have slowed down, fired or not! And Ford helped us win WW2? Wow, stick to anything but sports! At least in 1966.

Green Tee 🍵 - Boring1 star


Ndjcydbn - No download!1 star

I rented this movie on my phone and there is no content! I have to wait until the time is up before I pay for it and try again! Apple thinks their products are flawless so there is no easy way to refund your money. Waste of time.

jak3Nbake - Grown man cries.4 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It was everything I wanted it to be and also a little more that was strange and unexpected.

Rambo8649 - Good movie4 star

Good movie, but not great.

RoloS2k - Never buying a Ford5 star

Great film love the cinematography never buying a Ford ever Henry Ford II was a douch hate how all the politics work but enjoy the film.

RadFamily - So good!5 star

Best movie I’ve seen in years!

Big misses - Um NO1 star

Watching paint dry would have been more enjoyable than this movie

Ask&Seek123 - Friend said it was great and ...5 star

It was great! Quite enjoyed the show! Thank you

Eiggerris - One of the best movies4 star

This just might be one of the best movies this year. Impeccable story.

85fj60 - Well done. 🙌🏻 A great movie tributing classic icons, Shelby and Miles.5 star

If your a fan of cars, and the history of American speed, look no further. Realization of Miles and Shelby did to make the Ford GT a racing icon. The nod from Enzo to Ken says it all.

Sac319 - Great car movie!5 star

Great movie!

RobertDowney - Really good5 star

So good

PlanoDave - One of the best movies to come along in a long time5 star

I rarely rent or go to the movies because there are so few that interest me. This movie was incredible, I may actually buy it.

bobo4u - Entertaining popcorn movie3 star

Packed to the brim with all of the typical, overused Hollywood cliches, our two heroes design and race a car that does well in spite of... ahem, road blocks thrown up by executives at the overbloated Ford motor company. Pretty simple stuff. But hey, it is entertaining and the cars are cool. And Christian Bales acting almost makes up for Matt Damon's. Just don't expect any lasting impressions as the cars pretty much steal the show.

G---Man - Best car movie since gone in 60 seconds5 star

Best car movie since gone in 60 seconds and a thrilling reenactment of history.

stp2112 - This was a racing movie?2 star

Acting was ok enjoyed the friction between Carrol and Ford racing scenes were total amateur hour looked like they were filmed at 35 mph lol way to go Hollywood the GT40 deserves much better than this

BEANS MAN 32 - Great5 star

It is a really good it shows how ford gt got made

AbinizJohnny - One of the best racing scenes out there4 star

An all-around amazing movie and thank god for Sir Christian Bale!

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