Charlie's Angels

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Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska are working for the mysterious Charles Townsend, whose investigative agency has expanded internationally. The new Angels are among the world’s smartest, bravest, and most highly trained women all over the globe. Under the guidance of Bosley (Elizabeth Banks), the Angels have to protect a revolutionary technology from becoming weaponized. They will have to rely on each other as their assignment becomes increasingly treacherous and even those closest to them can no longer be trusted. When a systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, Charlie's Angels from across the globe are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect society. Charlie's Angels Wiki

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Unseen. Undivided. Unstoppable...

Charlie's Angels (2019)

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Charlie's Angels Movie Reviews

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- This movie is great5 star

Wow it was so action packed I watched it over and over again It was awesome. I could watch this 100 times and not get sick of it. This movie was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Good movie4 star

A five star for me means outstanding, special. Four stars for me means well done, every bit as much as what I expected. This film delivered. It does well what it is intended to do and be. I thought the sub text of female power was well done. In hind sight that is kind of what this franchise is about and the director does a good job of showing that. The fun snippets during the end credits were a nice touch. Not sure I'd buy it for $20, maybe half that, but I would watch it again.

- Liked it5 star

I enjoyed it.

- Feminist crap again1 star

Sick and tired of this feminist crap

- What a waste of $0.991 star

Seriously? Who will ever think this movie is good? By far one of the worst I’ve seen this year (and unfortunately I’ve seen a lot).



- Surprised, once again.3 star

I saw the trailer for this movie before it was originally released and thought that this would be total garbage. I rented because I’m home and couldn’t find anything much else to rent and it was $1. Glad to say that this was a lot better than I thought it be. Still, the movie reminded me more of Totally Spies rather than Charlie’s Angels. It didn’t follow the formula. Furthermore, I rolled my eyes at the whole ‘girl power’ bit. Nothing wrong with girl power, but in this movie, no. Just no. I also didn’t quite agree with the casting selection. Patrick Stewart particularly, seemed stiff in his role. All those aside, the movie is a okay or “meh” kind of movie.

- Ok3 star

Wasn’t as bad as they say!

- Am I allowed to say no?1 star

Trite, contrived, forced and ideologically bent are compliments, given what this offers.

- It's okay3 star

The fun in this movie almost feels forced. Its hard to tell if they are asking if we should take the Angles serious or not. The chemistry between the Angles also feels forced.

- Fun film5 star

Enjoyed it. It was fun and there was plenty of action.

- New Charlie’s Angels!5 star

Love the new concept! Kristen Stewart made a better role than in any other movie before.

- Lovely5 star

I love movie

- Way to go Elizabeth bank !!5 star

So entertaining ! Loved every single minute of it !!

- It sukt big time...1 star

What a waste of talented actors saddled with a crappy screen play and horrid direction!!! Meh...

- So much fun!!!5 star

Love it, a really lighthearted entertainer!

- Chill out it’s the next generation so it’s gonna be different!5 star

I don’t know what other people were expecting, I’ve been watching Charlie’s Angels from the very beginning meaning the whole series and all the movies. For being the next generation with a twist it was pretty good! I had fun watching it and I am old

- Did anyone actually watch this?1 star

Seriously... the team of this movie are the hardest working people in Hollywood because they had to actually watch it being made and were probably forced to see several cuts of it. No person should have to endure that abuse.

- Really good!5 star

It’s not a remake, it’s a continuation of the story. This is just a new generation of Angels. The storyline was good, the action was there. It was amazing.

- Good movie5 star

No es la mejor versión pero estuvo entretenida

- Um2 star

Who asked for this?

- Absolutely terrible.1 star

I rented this movie for 0.99 cents. I have never been so disappointed on losing a dollar in my life. The movies writing is atrocious. The plot can be seen from the very beginning. Feminism is great. But to over do it like this makes the movement seem cheap and careless. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this.

- Charlie's Angels1 star

To be honest Charlie's Angles (2019) is the worst movie to ever come out as a reboot or sequel. To me Charlie's Angles reboot dosen't capture the magic of the original Charlie's Angles because that movie is soft core and very clever and has good casting. Like you have Sam Rockwell as the villian in the original and then you have Patrick Stewart best known for being in Star Trek and X-Men. All iam saying is Charlie's Angles (2019) is not a good movie it's poorly writing and confusing and dosen't make sense goodbye girls!

- Really?1 star

No, Elizabeth Banks. It’s not because I’m male. This movie looked just straight up bad from the get go. The beloved characters from an excellent old TV show have been devolved into a bland feminazi statement that overstays its welcome and does not follow logic or reason. Not to mention it has Kristen Stewart, one of the worst actresses of all time. I’m all for having female-led action movies. This movie could have been awesome. But when you approve a terrible script and try to make stupid statements, then you just look like an idiot. First you say us men shouldn’t go see it because “it’s not for us” but then blame your spectacular box office flop on us “not wanting to see female action movies”? Uh huh. Tell that to us when we drain our wallets for Black Widow in May. It looks INFINITELY better than this piece of trash. Enjoy your horrible movie, Elizabeth.

- Truthfully, This Is a Bad Movie.1 star

If it was good, it would have made money at the box office. The only movies that don’t have to make money are “Oscar (Best Picture) Bait” films. This is not one of those films. Save your money for something else. Go buy a “Big Mac”. You’ll get more enjoyment.

- Wish I could give no stars :/1 star

Huge fan of the series and this was just so sucky in every sense of the word. Everything about it was forced. Everyone was miscast imo. Just a really bad film. Beware.

- Love it!!!5 star

I watched this 3 times!!! Freaking love it!

- Stop hating cause you’re bored5 star

This movie was AWESOME. I love that it’s more of a part 3 to the 2000 films instead of an actual remake. Kristen Stewart was way different in this role than her usual “awkward” roles. Elizabeth Banks is a genius and I really hope they continue refacing this franchise. All actresses have FUN performances in this one. Good job.

- Decent3 star

The movie was not the best, but not the worst, mostly due it’s good storyline. They did not keep the iconic pose from the original, but it did not pose women as sexually as it did in the original. The action seemed like it was low-budget. The explosions were not as realistic or big as in other movies, and the fighting was slower and less intense. I don’t know why they decided to put Kristen Stewart in another movie, though...

- Great!!5 star

One of my favorite movies, love Kristen Stewart as one of the leads!!

- The tallest is 🥵😍😉5 star

I love this movie

- It’s good. But!!!!!5 star

I think it’s really good. You just can’t compare it. You literally can’t or you won’t enjoy it. A scene or two was like ehhhh. But I enjoyed it

- Cailey5 star

It is so good that I rather watch your movie I’m seven years old my name is cailey

- It was ok2 star

I can see why. First way to long or feel to long. I think Patriot Stewart was best and other actors had some cringe part that I was like OMG! Sometimes reboot or remake should not be made! But still you can watch it but the old movie lot better!

- Outstanding movie5 star

Such a great movie! Kristen Stewart was amazing and funny!

- It was amazing5 star

This movie was so good I can’t believe all you haters don’t like it was so good I watched it 7 times amaze

- Fun!4 star

Fun action

- Horrible1 star

Nothing creative in the least here totally cliche and lame

- Eh2 star

Could’ve kept it

- Review5 star

I think its cool how it has a new plot and storyline. Elizabeth Banks is so talented.

- Great5 star


- This did nothing for me.1 star

Fail. Save your money

- It’s a good remake5 star

Cute girl power flick

- On A Par With Cats.1 star

This is just as good as Cats. Elizabeth Banks proves that she can make a movie just as bad as any man. Good Job Elizabeth. Now go out and make a good movie. Even Steven Spielberg had 1941.

- Great cast and fun5 star

If you're looking for a cinematic masterpiece, this isn't it, but it is a lot of fun with a great cast and real personalities. Also interesting to see how differently the "angels" are now played.

- Fun!5 star

It was a fun movie! Love how they paid homage to the Angels before. If you aren’t a movie critic and are looking for something fun to kick back to then this is a great film for you. If you are that critic type person maybe red box it or skip it because you likely will find a way to pick it apart.

- GOOD4 star

I’ve seen the other ones so I can see why a lot of people weren’t happy with this one . However, I liked it it wasn’t as bad as people made it seem . It was actually good for a remake . The only thing I think could’ve made it better is if they would’ve brought back the angels from the earlier movies as either mentors or put in a plot twist were one of the older angels had turned evil or something like that . Other than that it was good I enjoyed it.

- Amazing5 star

It was great!

- Benekskskabqk5 star


- Awesome Film5 star

I don’t understand the hate this film is getting. I thought it was great. It had awesome action sequences and tbh, what brought this film down is sexism. This movie is no where near being as sexual as it’s predecessors. Kristin Stewart stole the show and Naomi was fantastic. Watch it.

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Beautiful enough to be objectified but tough enough to beat the guy up who tried to force unwanted affection. These girls are the BEST Angels to date. They’re real and fun. Nice twist at the end.

WrockRulez - Great Movie5 star

This is a great movie being brought down by arrogant people. worth checking out. Kudos to all the women involved :)

Patrickbouc - Boring1 star

Drew Barymore version 10 times better. Don’t waste your money

sonnyworld85 - What a joke.1 star

This is a joke of a film. Why Hollywood keeps financing these terrible films is a mystery. Avoid at all costs.

A Cute Small Puddle - Fun5 star

A fun action movie, def recommend!

Owwwhi - Such good sound track5 star

Loved it

Maxinexoxoxo - Awesome Movie!!5 star

I loved it!!

Manning2072 - NO star is all this deserved!1 star

Drab boring pointless. Seems like this has been done before, oh wait it was, far to many times! Time to set this out to pastor...

AlexGrace09 - Loved this movie!5 star

This movie was extremely enjoyable! I’m not normally a fan of Kristen Stewart but she nailed this movie and was my favourite character. This movie made me laugh and the action was good. I like that the action wasn’t over exaggerated and almost silly unrealistic like the first 2 movies. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of the first movies, but I think they did this one a little better. Also I loved the soundtrack 👌🏻

RayyanDanny2014 - What the f was that1 star

Not even worth the effort to write a review for

PlumZeru - For teenagers2 star

A movie for teenagers not for adults esp not women. Acting pretty poor all around other than Stewart

WhatGem - Excellent Enjoyable Kristen was cool5 star

Enjoyed it better than anticipated

Tiffstar2305 - I’m clearly not bored enough1 star

Social distancing and boredom has made me stick this out until the end. More out of sheer annoyance that I wasted good money renting this. Omg this is the actual worst. The fact that I cannot stand Kristen Stewart but she is the best thing in this movie speaks volumes. This is a disaster. Even the soundtrack is rubbish.

namewasavailable - Love!5 star

Do not understand all the bad reviews about this movie. It is so lighthearted and fun to watch, and even saw it 3 times. Kristen Stewart particularly surprised me here and am now a fan! Ella and Naomi are both amazing.

Rick40 - Bad plot that made no sense1 star

Way over the top with Feminist ideals, Dont get me wrong I love strong female lead characters , But to promote feminism by destroying an iconic Male character in Bosley is just ridiculous . It made no sense at all . Especially when he was meant to be the same Bosley from the original series and last Movie series. No sense at all , just go watch the 2000 charlies angel although not great it is alot more fun

scrambledeggs95 - Terrible2 star

Disappointing film

Ameliatboa - Epic, funny, kickass action5 star

This was an EPIC addition to the Charlie’s Angels franchise!! I liked how it tied into the previous remake and original series too (loosely but it was still great to see). The action scenes were typically badass, lots of “aaaaaah this is dope” moments haha, whilst not being a bunch of things we’ve already seen done. And it was REALLY funny, Kristen Stewart deserves a special mention here too - not just a solid all around performance, a hilarious one too - but all the characters had their moment to make us laugh. It’s an action movie (with a great cast) and it does what it says on the box. The negative reviews seem to be whinging - straight up - about the fact that it’s a female led action film. But there’s no “man-hate” in this movie, just women in the rolls that’re often played by dudes. Watch and enjoy friends!

Batty470 - A very enjoyable movie4 star

A very typical action comedy movie, that doesn’t deserve the hate it received. I like the concept of Bosley being a title & the Angels being a international Organisation. This film is nothing more, than a fun romp from start to finish.

mil3s.y - JUST NO1 star

This is terrible. Don't waste your time and money. Thank me later.

edfmlib - Okay5 star

The reviews that say ''hur duh women are man hating' - sigh. The actors did the best with what they had. It was the script that let this film down. Weird, awkward comedy that was just not funny. Overall, could've been great ! Script just fell short. Bit of fun, but I would only ever buy it if it was 99c

I am the I in Team - Very Average3 star

No brainwork involved here.

Christiang112 - Sigh, i dont know what to say1 star

Really a dissapontment! I bought this because naomi scott is in there, action is .... so so, directed with the POV of a feminist, destroy the whole storyplot, 🤦‍♂️ Stick to the original, its better, cooler, kickass

i am annoyed 213 - so good5 star

people are giving it trash reviews for bad reasons. i personally loved this movie and i think it ties in great with the franchise. it’s action packed & comedic and i highly recommend it, a must watch.

ed#101 - Terrible5 star

Just painful to watch

norfolkowl - :)4 star

Ok, now this is a Kristen Stewart I need to see more of. It’s not a masterpiece or anything, but it’s fun. Cool locations, cool fights, cool outfits.

TahneeCjd - TERRIBLE1 star

omg had high expectations going into this movie. But long behold, another feminist/man hating trash film. Also, barely any action, comedy was weak and story was generic. The 3 leads have zero chemistry whatsoever. I’m actually disgusted that this movie even exists. Let’s just forget this nightmare and keep rewatching Charlie’s Angles (2000 & 2003) they were amazing films with the best angels.

Grumpy Jimmy - Meh!1 star

No better than a high school drama club performance. Poorly acted, badly times jokes and as wooden as the rain forest. Id normally give a film like this a ‘Sunday Afternoon Film’ rating but its not even that good

Coolio❕❕❕❕❕❕ - if i could give it 0 then i would1 star

absolutely terrible reboot. it spoiled a great series and should’ve just been left alone.

Andybates7 - feel good movie5 star

perfect movie to watch for a night in!

SarafinaSkye - Love it!5 star

Great film, it’s not like the original but I really enjoyed it. I don’t know why people don’t like it. It’s funny, girl empowerment. It’s brilliant.

Femmeofcups - Written by a pink computer1 star

Unwatchable. We didn’t finish it. Only person with charisma was Kristen Stewart. It was cringe. Bad but not in a fun way.

Rbalmforth - Amazing5 star


ProgDart - Anti Cinema1 star

Finally a film that makes Showgirls seem ok. Avoid.

JD Director - Who’s idea was this?1 star

Why make a re-make of a re-make of a re-make is beyond me...

Ghostbuster:) - Worst film I’ve ever seen1 star

I saw thin in cinema and left halfway through. Not like the original!!!

kikilouz - 😩1 star

Very disappointing stop remaking everything.

heiebeknsoshdgeihekshfuosj - worth watching5 star


dontplayahatepop - Fun and Sassy4 star

I had no expectation going into this movie, but I really enjoyed. Great soundtrack and I love the angels characters. Sassy, funny and action packed. It’s an F U to men and their horrible way!! Love it!!

Rightist he - Disappointing2 star

Just disappointing - misses the chance to take it to a modern new level

tori1702 - Charlies angels5 star

Good movie I enjoyed it and hope there is a sequel

madinventor - Shocking1 star

Don't know what to say ☹️

Another new game - Terrible1 star

Terrible film the previous generation of these films were better , weak storyline and just generally dull nonsense. I like the director as an actor but please don’t make a sequel to this. Don’t buy or rent this

Vell-31 - Excellent Addition!!!!5 star

I don’t know where all the negative reviews are coming from. Ignore them, watch the movie and make up your own mind. This is a wonderful movie to watch. There were a few shaky moments near the beginning of the movie but that settled very quickly. This movie is a worthy successor!

Jean-Mimi93 - Enjoyable3 star

Really nice movie to watch in family.

Niamh loves Action - AWESOME!!!!!!!!5 star

This is an awesome movie amazing storyline so many photos twists and like great characters and bad guys are awesome!!!!!! SO WORTH BUYING!!!!!

Langywoo123 - Garbage1 star

Honestly don’t waste your time or money - this is woeful.

The RobMeister General - Terrible1 star

Absolutely awful. It thinks it’s funny and clever but it’s neither. The angels aren’t particularly likeable. The plot is boring. My favourite bit was when I fell asleep.

7jd7 - A good sequel4 star

As a fan of the original Charlie’s Angels and the various TV shows and movies, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and the continued adventure with new Angels and the Townsend Agency!

Rass Greenham - grow up5 star

it’s bad yeah but it’s not horrendous

getwokegoBROKE - Really?1 star

There are people here saying it's the best film ever.... have you watched any other films, that rhetorical, you clearly haven't. It's slammed by everyone because it is appalling.

rileyhoult - Best movie ever5 star

So I wanted to see the film in cinema but I could so I’m gonna a ask my mom is I can watch it I’m a 7 year old who wants to watch this!😁😜🙂

nh5678 - Loved it5 star

Really loved the film. Kristen is amazing in it

yeeyee😝🤠 - 💞5 star

i loved it

Geek37a - Refreshing remake5 star

If you’re comparing this against either the 40 yr old tv version or the 90s remakes, you’re going to find a different movie. The other versions were ‘of their time’ & so is this. It’s a fun action movie, should have opened in the summer really. Good fun, good laugh. Recommend.

queen_bee-yatch - A reboot that doesn’t deliver1 star

The film just wasn’t as good as the television series or the films with Cameron, Drew & Lucy. I think it’s good they are keeping the Charlie’s Angels franchise alive, especially as it showcases woman as strong female leads in their own right but I think this just fell flat. Hopefully with some recasting and a better plot then another movie can make up for this attempt, maybe even a new TV series... who knows.

Josie Wakefield - Amazing5 star

I watched this in the cinema and it was amazing

Clockpelter - No stars1 star

Sorry but I grew up watching the original Angels with Farrah Fawcett. None of the actresses come any where near her, as Farrah was the best. If you want to watch Charlie’s Angels, then watch the first season, especially the episode Angels in chains, which to this day is still considered the best episode of them all. These actresses do their best but it doesn’t work, it’s too far fetched.

badgalriri124 - Absolutely amazing5 star

Finally watched it yesterday in the cinema and I honestly think more people need to watch it 10/10

little mix mates - My favourite film 🎥5 star

This is my favourite movie in 2019 and it’s so much better than the original am so glad that this film is out 😁

ayoletsgo - Charlie’s angels5 star

Sooooo good, we really enjoyed it!!!

Misty airplane 47 - it’s so underated5 star

this film is filled with action packed scenes it’s actually very very good must watch 10/10, really surprised me as the trailers don’t look that good but it’s a lot better than it looks must watch!

1234567891234gamer - Charlie’s angel!5 star

Such an amazing film! Love it so much💖

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elainemundo - I love it5 star

I could watch it a hundred times ❤️

jmcm1437 - Loved it!5 star

I loved it! So much female empowerment and amazing jokes! Would 100% buy this to watch over and over again!

KRootBeer - Loved it....5 star

Empowering women and making a successful classic reboot all in one

Hails823 - 5 star5 star

Amazing movie and sexy as hell!

alaq222 - Mala muy mala1 star

Tan mala pero tan mala q no la termine de ver

Ravenous19 - BAD REMAKE1 star

This movie had no emotion to it, It was honestly very boring and the storyline jumped all over the place

the_nurt - Love it5 star

Hope it continues

mylyfemyrulz - Aw cmon it wasnt THAT bad3 star

Listen, it wasnt a hit but it wasnt a flop in my opinion. I thought it was a cute movie. I loved how it empowered women. Im not sure what people who watch a movie like this expect christ. It wasnt a bad movie. I actually enjoyed it.

KSherman13 - Hard pass1 star

I appreciate the effort in making this film but do not pay to rent or buy. I made the mistake of doing that and regret it deeply. It’s just bad.

labelmepink - Cool3 star

It’s a cool movie

JmWbCj - Fun and enjoyable for what it is4 star

A fun popcorn flick

PepperMintsWorld - Not bad3 star

It wasn’t bad just wished there was more action. It’s like I started the movie and then it was over.

LiaSu - This is gonna be fun!5 star

Just what you need for a fun and entertaining movie! I love it at the beginning of the movie when Kristen Stewart wraps the guy in curtains around his neck for embezzling from women and children. Enjoyed the action scenes and the whole fun fantasy!

Nathxsmc - Bad1 star

This remake did not make the cut and thats on periodt.

MoyerBoo - Better than I thought it would be4 star

It’s actually a solid little action movie. Not as campy as the show or earlier movies but struck the right tone between funny and serious. Leave your preconceptions at home and watch it on a rainy day.

moviewatcher 1990 - Not even going to watch!!1 star

Who thought it was a good idea to put Kristen Stewart it another movie!

BryceKipp15 - Very impressed!5 star

I bought this movie and watched it with an open mind. After reading the reviews on it I was reluctant but I’m happy I did. The movie was very good, the story was well written and kept you engaged. The plot takes a little bit of a twist and doesn’t end how you think it will. The cast was great and they did a really good job with it. No it isn’t Drew, Cameron and Lucy but they did put some bad*** women in the roles.

afvf - So bad....1 star

Do not waste your money on this movie

OBXJEN - Best of All the Angel Movies!5 star

Intriguing plot with lots of action! Actors were very good. Definitely a woman’s action movie. Worth a watch.

Gracie_Lou_82 - Blah1 star

I get bored a lot these days. So I check out what’s available to rent and no surprise I’m not impressed with movie rentals anymore. I find better original movies on amazon prime or on Netflix these day’s then I do at the box office or in rentals. There are so many remakes and attempted to be great but are hack movie in the box office these days that just never hold up to the original or the remakes. So this is a 3rd attempt at a remake and it’s go no stamina to get to a great story... acting... and not even affects. So just to say how bad it is... I’ve not even finished the movie and already I’m bored with it. That’s how bad it is. This is a no in between movie. U either love and hate it and u see where I’m at. Women’s power didn’t do enuff to enhance this movie at all.

JRock8046 - Even the idea of Patrick Stewart as a bad guy can’t save this.2 star

The thought of Patrick Stewart playing a villain is so intriguing...yet that thought is painfully obvious from the get-go, severely underused and sorely underwritten. Sir Patrick deserved a much better written role as the film’s villain. Aside from that, Charlie’s Angels has always been about girl power for the ladies, as well as eye candy for the guys. While all three leads are beautiful girls, this version does not have that same fun sex appeal the original tv show had, as well as the Diaz-Barrymore-Liu movies. You can’t have a successful remake of a classic series or movie when you are only using half of the concept that made the older versions classics.

Trojan Strong - Bad1 star

Just terrible

rock in black - What is everyone talking about this is a great movie5 star


caza77 - The worst1 star

Awful movie . Waste of time and money

Huntbeach1 - Teen girl movie3 star

This is definitely for a young girls

One13 16 - Who Knew 🤷‍♂️1 star

who knew that they made a new Charlies Angels

JC from NotCal - Don’t watch1 star

Seriously this is garbage !!!!

Smilelaugh - Fun with twists5 star

I thought it was just going to be a fun, action packed movie but there were so many twists. Watched it in the theaters and watched it twice today after buying it here.

Wannasaythisaboutthat - Charlie's Angels1 star


Berkeley Rooster - Good Movie4 star


josh.s22 - Trash1 star

Time you’ll never get back

Lsuazo - Really bad movie1 star


wbrock001 - Chill out y'all4 star

Hey, I just watched it thinking it was going to be super was cute with enough edge and definitely had a femininity about it that wasn't tearing people down. So I have to say I enjoyed it and it at least had a consistent story to it. The previous ones were so freakin' weird it was like that Green comedian guy wrote them. I mean some of the twists were rushed and the girls could train a bit harder to be more "fight" scene ready. But like I said it was fun and I'd watch the next one... Oh yeah, I did like the end training and the Charlie with the homage to the past. Rhonda Rousey was a funny touch and the racer lady.

Like it is! - KRAPP1 star

Do not waste your money. Just don’t.

peyton89765465 - What is there problem4 star

This was so good other people just don’t understand how good the movie is people are just rude that they probably did not watch the movie.

mlavelle85 - Super fun and lots of laughs5 star

I found this hysterical and action packed. Absolutely recommend it to all

nodakmoto - Just awful1 star

Movie was so bad the director said if you don’t like it theirs something wrong with you so...........

Airborne Infidel - So bad my Apple TV wouldn’t play it1 star

Yeah, don’t waste your money.

Pie4500 - 😃👍🏻5 star

Not sure y so many people have given this movie such a bad review when it’s such a fun movie to watch. I hope they make a sequel 🤞🏻

directorD - Really Enjoyed It!5 star

Don’t believe all the haters out there! They did a great job with this movie! A lot more action action and less campy comedy action, like the two previous movie version. Give it a chance. I think you’ll be surprised!

Irisstbl - Despite reviews1 star

I still went for it, and not going to lie.. this movie went way out of its way to keep reminding you how dumb men are.. Very disappointing. Got a refund for tickets and will not spend another $ on this crap fest.

OmmMama - Loved it!!5 star

I love this new version of Charlie’s Angels! Payed homage to the the original series and the earlier movies, but still did a new spin on it. Loved the cast!!

Richmoves - Gotta See for Yourself.5 star

Sometimes you gotta say forget it when critics are on the fence about a film and see for yourself. I'm glad I did. I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable. Good cast, fun script, fab locations, good action and great clothes. What more could want from a film like this?

mynameislaundryok - THE BEST5 star

the movie was so good and the production was amazing i loveeee this movie

Scramp11 - Fun and delightful continuation of the story!5 star

Don’t know why people are so down on this film. It is hilarious and witty. The cast is fantastic and the action sequences are well done. This film is full of great laughs, entertainment and smart female characters. It also cleverly pays homage to the prior films, but has its own modern take. Fabulous and well worth the rent or purchase. Stewart and Banks really shine, but the newer stars like Scott are totally love able as well. I’d buy tickets to a sequel!

PiggyBank919 - If you’re a woman who likes action5 star

This movie will hit the right spot, promise. This is a decent action flick, no better or worse than the usual action flick Hollywood churns out and the only reason people are hating on this SO BAD is because it’s female centric. For those of you who don’t care where the butt kicking is coming from, male or female action stars then this movie won’t disappoint.

Abs to flabs - Horrible2 star

Looked bad in the trailers, was bad watching in theaters. Should have gone straight to television

Hummerboy666 - 💩1 star


Bryan Giuliani - Crapfest1 star

Total garbage. DO NOT WATCH.

A swindled customer - Urghhh refund please1 star

Give me my $$ back!!!

Charlie's Angels Images & Pictures

Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images
Charlie's Angels images

Charlie's Angels Posters

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Charlie's Angels posters
Charlie's Angels posters
Charlie's Angels posters
Charlie's Angels posters
Charlie's Angels posters
Charlie's Angels posters
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