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From director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) and Academy Award®-winning screenwriter Emma Thompson (Bridget Jones's Baby) comes a heartfelt romantic comedy inspired by the unforgettable music of George Michael. Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) stars as Kate, who works as an elf at a year-round holiday shop. Kate faces an endless streak of bad luck and poor decision-making until she meets Tom (Henry Golding, Crazy Rich Asians), a kind-hearted man with a mysterious past who challenges her cynical world view. It seems like nothing can keep this mismatched couple together, but sometimes you gotta listen to your heart… and you gotta have faith. Kate is a young woman who has a habit of making bad decisions, and her last date with disaster occurs after she accepts work as Santa's elf for a department store. However, after she meets Tom there, her life takes a new turn. Last Christmas Wiki

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Who doesn't have a little Christmas baggage?..

Last Christmas (2019)

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- Fail2 star

This movie was so lame! I can’t believe I spent $6 renting it!!

- Last Christmas5 star

This movie was so heart warming and perfect for the holidays! It captured my attention, my laughter and my tears! Definitely puts you in the spirit of making a difference in someone else’s life! The gifts that go on,,,,,spreading love, peace and joy!

- Highly recommended 👌🏻😍5 star

Amazing, I love this movie and highly recommend to watch this movie 👌🏻❤️👏🏻

- Predictable & uninspired2 star

This movie was extremely predictable. I felt like I knew the entire plot 5 minutes in. It’s really disappointing because I love the actors in it, but the script was so terrible I don’t think any actor could redeem it.

- +he R!$e 0f M!$$ P0wer5 star

Eye [email protected] l!ked +h!$ [email protected]$ f!lm, [email protected]$+ [email protected]$. Eye [email protected]+ched !+ [email protected] 0n [email protected] 22, 2020 & !+ wuz ju$+ $0 g00d @4 !+ !z.

- Heartwarming movie!5 star

Lots of laughs, love, fun, drama and some tears. A must see! Not just a movie for Christmas. To the few people that posted spoilers... you are miserable people who deserve to remain miserable hopefully for a very old ripe age. ITunes should remove reviews that contain spoilers!!?? To anyone who stereotypes this into Crazy Rich Asians because there is an Asian in the film, your stupidity is appalling—- viewers this is nothing close to that film.

- Don't watch if you are having a bad day2 star

First half was so uplifting! Second half has a twist. Some may like it, i did not. Just a person opinion. Actors are very talented. Just regretted watching this for a pick me up. Really brought me down. Reminds me why i don't like any one named Tom. Lol.

- Unexpectedly good movie5 star

Entertaining and fun with a heartfelt ending. A couple of wasted moments on politics. Worth viewing.

- Last Christmas5 star

Great movie I really enjoyed it

- Beyond my expectations4 star

I had very low expectations going into this movie but it’s extremely heart felt. The female lead is relatable which is refreshing for a Christmas movie, and the supporting cast is phenomenal. This is one, surprisingly, that we’ll have on our playlist at Christmas time.



- I love.5 star

balled my eyes out.

- Honestly love it5 star

I have ALWAYS loved Emilia Clarke but seeing how she was in this just nailed it. The comedy in this was fantastic but those sad moments especially towards the end broke my heart for her. It’s worth the watch.

- Remake ?3 star

Crazy rich asians remake lol

- My new Christmas movie!5 star

This movie officially replaces my usual viewing of Love Actually. Emilia Clark is soooo adorable! Having only seen her in Game of Thrones and Terminator, to see her in something lighthearted and funny is a complete joy. I've seen it three times already. I will own this movie for sure!

- Why ?2 star

Why would you release a Christmas movie in January 21st ? Does that make any sense at all ?

- I’ve heard GOOD Things!?5 star

Can’t wait... With George Michael’s soundtrack (and THE Soundtrack of MOST of my generations life’s) they have a lot to live UP too...

- Loved it5 star

Loved it

- LOVE IT!!5 star

I love this movie!! I’ve seen it once in theaters and have wanted to go see it again ever since! I can’t wait till it comes out on digital. I would defiantly recommend watching it, if you haven’t already!

- Bananas it was so good5 star

Here’s the deal. I love Hallmark movies. And the fact that I am facing divorce for Christmas I may be in love with this movie. I’ve seen it three times and....may have cried every time. So as a future single divorced dad this movie gave me hope for the holidays.

- 🥰🥰🥰5 star

I loved it, I’ve seen it twice... I liked it better the second time, because it wasn’t what I expected the first time. I thought it was going to be a normal ordinary romcom, but it had more depth and meaning then what I expected. My boyfriend saw it with me the first time, he actually stayed up and he ended up liking it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll leave the theater smiling, and wanting to be a better person. Thank you for making this movie❤️

- This movie it’s very good holiday movie.....5 star

I went to Cinema 6 in Stephenville, Texas to see This movie Last Christmas (2019) was about it’s Perfect time to watch this movie before Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas holiday! It’s Very Good movie, good acting, very exciting, hilarious, funny, heartwarming and entertaining. This movie is Last Christmas (2019) Thought I knew what the twist was going to be but I did not. A wonderful feel good movie. Love Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. Loved this movie from start to finish. The ending was so unexpected but beautiful, touching, emotional & happy all together would see this movie again. Great Performance, Good and exciting movie, entertaining, Great story and they did great job on this Comedy/Romance/Independent Cinema movie. I did enjoy this movie is Last Christmas (2019). I would highly recommended this movie to everyone. I enjoyed this movie and looking forward to buy this movie.

- Incredibly Beautiful Holiday Movie5 star

I absolutely adore Emilia Clarke and she was the reason I went to see this movie. I never take the opinion of others and ignored the critics as always. Henry Golding was also very good in this film, very easy on the eyes. The chemistry between he and Emilia was perfect and also believable. This movie was uplifting, funny, suprising, and very sweet. A perfect holiday movie. If you want to feel good, go see the movie.

- Perfect Movie5 star

Great Christmas movie! The message is simply that of loving yourself and others. The acting is superb and the music fits even better than I expected.

- Last Christmas5 star

A beautiful movie we all need in the holiday season. Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are magic

- The #1 Christmas movie in my eyes!5 star

When I first saw the trailer for this movie months ago, I was hooked. I saw this movie on November 7 at a 10 PM showing in Mountain View (almost private). Emilia Clark is a great fit for a role like this since Me Before You. She was the primary reason I went to see this movie. It was a very cute Christmas movie and I don’t care what the critics say. There are a lot of cute moments that I found in this movie that tug at my heart strings. It’s my absolute favorite and I did enjoy it very much. Combine that with the music of a legend like George Michael (who did pass away on Christmas Day in 2016, RIP) and you got yourself a great Christmas movie. Henry Golding and Emilia Clark have very good on screen chemistry, and the movie did make me tear up and I can relate to her character, Kate. There aren’t too many movies I would see twice in theaters, but this year alone I saw John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, Avengers: Endgame, and Booksmart at least twice in theaters. Add this movie to that list and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie again soon. I’m also looking forward to buying the movie, soundtrack, and getting some memorabilia associated with the movie. Great job!

- 1# Best Christmas movie for a long time5 star

I got to be honest I was scared if this was gonna be good or not because with the critics reaction but they were wrong it was a beautiful Christmas movie that featured George Michael new music in it and it will give you tears near the end but very uplifting of a movie I recommend last Christmas to any Christmas movie fan this something you got to add to your list must buy!!!!!!

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Jane Monheit's fan - Crying3 star

I didn't know that this is a sad movie. So sad...

why_would_you_do_this - Better than expected!5 star

Wholesome and funny. Great movie!

richard the dragon creighton - Last Christmas5 star

What a wonderful movie just watched it this morning a absolute joy pulled at the heart strings has lots of surprises and romance highly recommend Emilia-Clarke is fantastic hot 10 stars in my book thanks Apple richard the creighton dragon

kesenw - Weak Twist4 star

The twist was pretty weak and kind of distracted a little from the storyline, but still defiantly a film worth watching, and specially with the hunky Henry Golding and the hilarious Michelle Yeoh from Crazy Rich Asian’s.

IamLordStark - Beautiful.5 star

This movie was everything I wanted and more. People who rated it bad have no idea. This movie draws a lot of inspiration from George Michael’s life and mainly the song, “Last Christmas”. It was very funny and charming and I can’t wait to add it to my collection!

anymous 🦥 - Amazing5 star

This movie is so amazing. I don’t know why people have rated it bad. I would definitely watch it again and recommend it!!

8rittanyj - I love it!5 star

Makes you think in a more positive way about life and people.

Barry RPT - Campy and fun4 star

This film is popular with viewers even though critics have been less receptive - Rotten Tomatoes: 87% vs 47%. For George Michael fans - there’s a great soundtrack. For those who get a kick out of campy films, there’s lots of fun to be had. This is a romantic comedy that’s more than a little absurd at times, and that’s part of the fun - it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Salome Otterbourne - Dreadful1 star

Not funny, irritating.

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5 star

@thomeagle I had a crusty roll at lunchtime consisting of out of date pastrami, soggy lettuce and the last of the c…

5 star

My wife bought me this skipping rope for Christmas. I'd forgotten all about it until this week. Now it's my primary…

5 star

@Jeffo1927 Can you make one last until next Thursday? Because that’s when I will be doing my Christmas flavoured webcast...

5 star

@BenSolo1995: I still can't believe that TROS was the Star Wars movie that we got released around Christmas, it ruined my holiday season…

5 star

@PolProfSteve Bad Santa. Ruined last Christmas. What a horrible, cruel and unfunny picture.

5 star

@peccapics: 🚨World Premiere 🚨 👀MONSOON Exclusive Trailer 👀 Starring Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians, Last Christmas, The Gentlemen) M…

5 star

@MillysmumJane @James5Trevor Never liked gin till my eldest converted me last christmas 😊

5 star

@gletherby: I love my postie. I see his kindness to others in the avenue & we regularly chat on the street or at my door and share a hug…

5 star

@BenSolo1995: I still can't believe that TROS was the Star Wars movie that we got released around Christmas, it ruined my holiday season…

5 star

@smtm__LFC75 How did he slip through and get to speak on the BBC? Someone’s gonna get fired. If only this could h…

5 star

@BenSolo1995: I still can't believe that TROS was the Star Wars movie that we got released around Christmas, it ruined my holiday season…

5 star

@AYMSTUDIO_: Looking for a last minute Christmas Present? #christmasgift Our Gift Cards are an easy option to take the stress out of Chr…

5 star

@gletherby: I love my postie. I see his kindness to others in the avenue & we regularly chat on the street or at my door and share a hug…

5 star

@ChrisChapman81 With that hair and those coats it makes me think of Last Christmas!

5 star

@pulte Well I’ll just show you my real mama and I on Christmas Day last year. We’re both well(ish) but I’d love to…

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