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Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism, based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. After a jaded magazine writer (Emmy® winner Matthew Rhys, 2018 Best Actor in a Drama Series, The Americans) is assigned a profile of Fred Rogers, he overcomes his skepticism, learning about kindness, love and forgiveness from America’s most beloved neighbor. An award-winning cynical journalist, Lloyd Vogel, begrudgingly accepts an assignment to write an Esquire profile piece on the beloved television icon Fred Rogers. After his encounter with Rogers, Vogel's perspective on life is transformed. A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood Wiki

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Neighbor. Icon. Friend...

A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood (2019)

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A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood Movie Reviews

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- Tom Hanks at his best!5 star

I loved this movie. Tom Hanks really becomes mister Rodgers and kills it! The overall message being delivered is beautiful and touching. Highly recommend this movie! Well written well told story!

- Misleading and dull1 star

I thought it would be a movie about Mr. Rodgers life and career. Instead he is a minor character in a story about a reporter’s relationship his father. The acting was great and several messages were fantastic, but it is not enough to make me say it’s worth watching. Love the cast of actors, but did not love this movie.

- Such a beautiful film. We need more films like this.5 star

Loved this film and wish the movie industry made more movies like this. Acting, directing, and screenplay were all so well done. It’s a film that moves you and makes you really think about what are the qualities most important in humanity in a time where social media sometimes portrays otherwise. Thank you so much for this film!

- Meh2 star

Movie wasn’t that great. The documentary is 10X better.

- Tom Hanks is powerful5 star

A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood is a sad love letter to those who loved Mr. Rogers as a kid but with Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers was fantastic, the movie is sad indeed watch this movie with your dad who grow up with Mr. Rogers

- Profound5 star

What a beautiful film. First, the acting is superb by ALL involved. The storyline was unexpected. The feelings it brought out, also unexpected. I cried from beginning to end while watching with my 12 year old daughter. Tears of remembrance, tears of understanding, tears of lessons learned later than they needed to be. Thank you Fred Rogers for teaching and embodying the simplest of life’s lessons, yet one of the hardest to live day in and day out, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I only wish I could input friendship in sign language. ♥️

- Its not really about Mr Rogers?4 star

This is a weepy and fictional father son story featuring a cameo from Mr. Rogers. In watching this I wondered if perhaps Thor could have replaced Mr Rogers to drive the main character’s entirely fictional transformation. I loved the Mr Rogers documentary but I find this manipulation to be dishonest.

- Beautiful5 star

I periodically cried happy tears throughout the movie.

- Beautiful!5 star

This is a must watch! Reminds me of my childhood with Mr. Rogers...

- Something we can all learn from5 star

I never really watched Mr. Rogers. I think back then I was too into Mr. Ed, Scooby Do, The Brady bunch, the Patridge family...stuff like that...It's too bad too...after watching this movie, it would have been a good thing to grow up with. Tom Hanks did a great job in this movie...My kids even learned from it too...be as nice and polite as you can to other people.

- Tom Hanks has corona virus5 star

It’s true

- Clever and interesting4 star

Ok...so it’s not a great movie, but it takes some chances and incorporates real world issues and a troubled journalist and places them in Mr Rogers neighborhood. I went in thinking it was not a good movie, from what some people had told me, and came out really glad I saw it. Tom Hanks is excellent as is Matthew Rhys. Being patient pays off while watching this film.

- "Anything mentionable is manageable."5 star

I was in tears the whole way through, realizing how just that one, simple, powerful statement from a parent to start a conversation with a child could've changed the trajectory of my life. The most important and most beautiful film I've ever felt.

- Good movie5 star

It was so nice and comforting to see this great movie and I think you should watch it to

- Amazing.5 star

I loved this movie. At first I was a little suspicious about Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers but He did a phenomenal job. This movie is definitely a “must watch”.

- A Beautiful Day is Dark1 star

Disappointed that the mentally ill character took the film to a dark, sad place. Mr Rogers befriends the schizophrenic journalist who looses the ability to separate his real life from the make believe world of Mr Rogers Neighborhood. Should be previewed and presented as a psychological drama to avoid disappointing those of who expected a “happy beautiful story”.

- A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood4 star

I also wanted to love this movie and it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. The drinking in it and also I thought that the end could have been better developed! ***Like ending with the song Mr. Roger’s sang and then showing the real Mr. Rogers singing. Maybe something at the end or the beginning saying in memory of Mr. Roger’s.*** Again I agree that this wasn’t a bad movie, but not great either if I were going to share with kids or just to watch.

- A zero would be a better rating1 star

Don’t waste your money and time. You are welcome:)

- Awesome5 star

Must watch!!!

- Did everyone else watch the same movie?1 star

I can’t believe anybody would give this more than one star. How in the world did people even make it past the first 15 minutes? What I thought would be a nice story about Fred Rogers turned out to be a mess of unrelated stories and awful ones at that. My family begged me to turn it off. As much as I wanted to like it, it was just abhorrent.

- Horrible1 star

May the real Fred Rogers Rest In Peace. This movie is so bad we turned it off after 20 mins; tried to give it a chance; it was just bad bad bad. I wanted to turn it off after a minute or two. I feel disgusted at having wasted $5.99 on it. Super disappointed in Tom Hanks portrayal of him. Bad acting, terrible story like, bad directing. I wish I could say something redeeming about it, I can’t. Save your money.


I did grow up to this and like so many others on pbs,seseme street,ect...they were very important in many lives.Electric Ave.. i believe was the other one on pbs. Iknow when i was sick and home from school,all the classics like A home school day and they made all with a vibe to make learning fun. For me Mr. Rodgers was the man who would come home in the Afternoon and get comfortable, and with his amazing ways of using the train, getting to know people, getting to know what their job entaled,and one more important thing was checking up on friends and that was like a social aspect to his great craft. Mr. Kangeroo,Uncle Al, all played a part in my life. people want to make fun and mock what they do not understand and also what they fear......Mr. Rodgers never failed at helping me!!!!!!!!!!! If only today they had the kind of things i grew up too, my belief is it would be a better world. It still can be if people did more of one on one reading,teaching,social skills and the internet is not a replacement for education by yourself.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- A beautiful movie5 star

Had me in tears the whole time. So many positive messages.

- beautiful5 star

why did i cry through this whole movie, but i did

- A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood5 star

Brought me back to my childhood

- I mean: Tom Hanks4 star

So I really wanted to love this movie and although it wasn’t bad, I just didn’t love it. Went a little slow and no real “love it” moments. But understand that it was not a bad movie, just wasn’t a five star one.

- Beautiful!!!5 star

You should see it.

- Sorry Tom, But Your Oscar Bait and Switch Didn’t Work4 star

I think it’s loathsome for Tom to play Hollywood politics and put himself in the Supporting Actor Category when his character was CLEARLY the lead in the film. It’s a cynical attempt for him to make his way to the stage one more time receive false validation by the dwindling who are still watching the Oscars. The movie is fine, but for Tom to use such a beloved man to angle his way toward a meaningless gold statue is just beyond the pale. Honor Fred Rogers by watching the film. Don’t honor Hanks for his desperate ploy for attention.

- Extremely Deep5 star

Wow! I have to admit that I wasn't expecting that. That blew me away. The movie talked to me in ways that I could have never fathomed. Dr. Rogers! Thank you!

- Quiet and Sweet5 star

That about sums this movie up. It’s an unassuming movie about an unassuming man who quietly influenced generations of us. If only we could all live up to the example he set as adults. Fred Rogers was awarded the Medal of Freedom later in his life. HE deserved it.

- Awesome5 star

Such a wonderful movie.

- A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood5 star

I grew up watching this when I was a kid. It was so nice watching it again. This movie makes me miss Mr. Rogers so much. I didn’t know how much of an impact he had on the world. This movie is worth every penny, please watch it and share it with your children!

- Awesome5 star

It seems like an interesting movie! Because Tom Hanks did an amazing job as mister Rogers! 10/10

- Inspiring5 star

We can all learn something about ourselves by watching this movie.

- shouldent have made it1 star

i like Tom Hanks, but this movie is not one of his best, i stopped it after 35 min, not worth spending 5 min or 5 bucks on this!!!

- Beautiful5 star

I loved this and it mad me cry so much but I love how Tom hanks poultry’s mr. Rogers. It was beautiful and I think everyone should watch it.

- Excellent5 star

I thought this movie would be boring. And it was. And yet, ironically, I liked it anyway.

- My Vote for Best Movie5 star

Wow. Simply wow!!! Sadly, for whatever strange reasons, this gem was not nominated. Having seen all but 1917 of the current nominees I would say this is the best of 2019 (with noted exception). Hanks was dead on! The story was phenomenal and it hits all the best emotions.

- What a beautiful film5 star

First movie review I’ve ever written. And believe me I’ve seen thousands of movies, many much better than this which most definitely deserved a review. But something inside compelled me to write this. The life of Fred Rogers has touched us all, in so many ways. Tom Hanks brings a patience, sweetness, and subtlety to the role that only he could bring. I know Mr. Rogers would be so happy with that choice. It’s made me want to go back and watch his old episodes. Funny how we all think it’s geared towards children. But what we realize is that we never stop being children. And we never stop growing. Fred Rogers recognized that. And the folks in his life knew how important he was to the world and supported him in every way possible. I only wish I could have met the man in person, and told him how profoundly he influenced my life. I had forgotten. I think many of us have. Thanks for the reminder ❤️



- When you're crying throughout the trailer...5 star

What an incredible story about an incredible man, played by an incredible actor. Mr. Rogers was my childhood. Next to him, Tom Hanks is the best. Love this!

- Beautiful5 star

You won’t be disappointed. Sad it was overlooked in the best picture and director categories.

- Hollywood is Desperate2 star

This is only popular because Tom Hanks is playing the role of Mr. Rogers. Place an unknown actor in this role and chances are this movie would’ve been forgotten. It’s a novelty to see a famous actor take on the role of someone also infamous. It just doesn’t work for me. It almost seemed Michael Jacksonish in some areas. Was it because Mr. Rogers couldn’t face reality? Looking for a perfect world all the time?

- Great5 star

Awesome movie! 😂

- Beautiful5 star

I saw this movie in the theater and I cried at the end it’s sad that stomach cancer took his life but he was an incredible man and Tom Hanks did a brilliant job as Fred Rogers it was a wonderful movie I can’t wait to get this on dvd such a good movie.

- Excellent5 star

I really don’t understand why someone wouldn’t like this movie. Absolutely touching and super sweet. Highly recommended

- It’s a beautiful day in the cinema5 star

Fantastic Tom hanks does a great performance as. mr Rogers it has such a great message about letting your feelings out

- SO GOOD!!!!!5 star

Tom hanks did a Great Proformence as Fred Rogers and Cinematography looks like they did in joker (2019) and The Matrix where it looks all Dark light green but not a dark dark green but a light dark green and This is a good movie I will give it a 8.2/10

- M!$+er R0ger$' Ne!ghb0rh00d5 star

Eye l0ved +he f!lm, @ [email protected]+!ful [email protected] !n +he Ne!ghb0rh00d be++er [email protected] +he [email protected] PB$ $h0w, M!$+er R0ger$' Ne!ghb0rh00d. Eye [email protected]+ched +h!$ m0v!e !n [email protected]+er$ [email protected] 0n December 12, 2019 & Eye l!ked !+ l!ke ever.

- Mr Rogers5 star

We need a world where everyone is positive like mr Rogers, the world today is toxic and full of negativity, we need a mr Rogers in our life, this movie looks wonderful and it brought a tear to my eye while watching the trailer

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phototaker - Loved it...5 star

What a flashback... Loved IT!

mischiefk - A good watch5 star

What can I say. Tom Hanks was great. A good story about a troubled man who was helped by Mr Rogers when he was at his most troubled.

of my own mind - Great story5 star

Imagine what the world would be like if we all did the work to really attend to the person in front of us... If Mr. Rogers taught us anything it was to know this is possible and, as the closing song says - "we can do it" :) Thank you to Tom Hanks for taking this on!

Zillacraft - A great film5 star

This film is honestly incredible. It really shows you and opens you’re eyes to how we are like as people and how much Mister Rogers was a great man of our time.

Stingerman2 - Great !4 star

Even though I had a bit of a problem through the movie seeing Fred as apposed to Tom, it was still really nicely portrayed. Well developed characters that you feel for and want to relate to.

Rass Greenham - If you dont like this your wrong5 star

I know another tom hanks oscar movie wow how exciting, is what I thought but you no what, this is actullly a banging movie, one of them ones where you try to tell people about it and they just call you names and look at you weird but boy, This movie is pretty special, not just because of Old hanksi (although he is simply glorious) but the other guy and his family. FANTASTIC and creative way to showcase someones and make it actually interesting. Watch it, love it, learn from it.

Sam27Price - The Best Film5 star

A film that really rejuvenated and raises the audiences spirits. Please watch it if you can. 💙😊

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Undeckedemu - Everybody needs to see this movie!!!5 star

With all the negativity in the world right now, people need to see this movie!

Cluigi - Amazing Thanksgiving gift to us all5 star

NO SPOILERS HERE. Saw this Thanksgiving eve, take lots of tissues and recognize the crying is both joyful and sad and the lessons AMAZING. Assuredly an Academy Nominee on many levels. BPic and Male Actor in a Leading Role assuredly and storng for Best Supporting Actor. Nuf said without spoilers>

phantomwriterboy222 - Loved it5 star

Tom Hanks really captures Mr.Rogers

Berner22 - Healing and powerful5 star

No agenda besides helping people heal! Very good!

maymary - I want this neighborhood5 star

I wish everyone could see this gem. Tom Hanks is superb and Matthew Rhys is marvelous. It is a salve for the soul.

FourUnderFour - This really is A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!5 star

This move was amazing and beautiful! 😁😁😁

16 HORSES - The Neighborhood got brighter today5 star

Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers is Double the Synergy! Don’t be Surprised if Hanks gets ANOTHER Oscar Nomination!

Jumbo Will - Wow5 star

There is so much to this movie. It barely scratches the surface of who Mr Rogers was as a man and what he meant to the world. He was so far ahead of his time, that most people never realized. It has given me so much more of a deeper appreciation for him now. There is also not another actor that could have played him other than Tom Hanks. He really captured who Mr Roger was and did a fantastic job of it.

Rocketman😁😁😁 - A beautiful day in the neighborhood1 star


5 star

Just watched "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." I needed a comforting distraction. It was good.

5 star

A beautiful day in the neighborhood is the distraction we all need. Great movie!

5 star

@ScharfDouglas: @tomhanks @RitaWilson @SIRIUSXM @siriusxmvolume An outstanding performance on the Today Show this Tuesday morning. "A be…

5 star

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” moved me to tears. A film that truly tugs at the heart strings in the mo…

5 star

@girlsreallyrule “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

5 star

@girlsreallyrule @WJGunning Toy Story 4, Big, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. The Martian.

5 star

PlexPy (GumbyPlex) Michelle & Chuck (LG 43UK6090PUA) has watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

5 star

Watching A beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, @tomhanks always makes me feel better. #tomhanks #comfortperson

5 star

@girlsreallyrule A beautiful day in the neighborhood

5 star

a beautiful day in the neighborhood was so good ty tom hanks

5 star

If you don’t shed a few tears watching “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” you have no soul. Awesome movie! @tomhanks

5 star

Me too ☺️ Last two movies I saw were The Joker & A beautiful day in the neighborhood 🌞😄

5 star

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019)

5 star

ok watch A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and take care of your feelings 💌

5 star

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood! #justtoocute #beyondcreationsbows #beyondcreationsllc #boutiquegirls…

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