Frozen II

Frozen II Summary and Synopsis

Why was Elsa born with magical powers? What truths about the past await Elsa as she ventures into the unknown to the enchanted forests and dark seas beyond Arendelle? The answers are calling her but also threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she'll face a dangerous but remarkable journey. In Frozen, Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In Frozen II, she must hope they are enough. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf head far into the forest to learn the truth about an ancient mystery of their kingdom. Frozen II Wiki

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The past is not what it seems...

Frozen II (2019)

Frozen II Comments & Critics

Frozen II Movie Reviews

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- Absolutely love5 star

Wonderful movie. I love Frozen 2 better than the original. (Original is great too) This is the first Disney movie that I’ve loved the next one more than the first. Keep up the great work. On another note, thank you for taking care of your cast members during the Covid 19 epidemic.

- I love this 😍5 star

I love this movie some much it’s the best. I hope there will be a frozen 3

- Wonderful movie in forever!5 star

Nearly perfect


Okay I don’t like non of them but if I had to chose I would say the first one was a little bit better but frozen two doesn’t have a story it’s just only about Elsa hearing wale sounds and that’s all but I am angry that it is on Disney plus it’s to early so I will call Disney (I’ll call them for real)and tell them that frozen two needs to disappear from Disney plus, and how ever you are parents I need you to tell your kids that frozen 2 is just on Disney plus just for kids to just have fun but I need you parents to tell you kids that watch a different movie on Disney plus or let them just watch Star Wars empire strikes back,or just buy the frozen 2 dvd or blu ray or 4K just make your kids never watch frozen two or buy it on shopping places or watch other movies.

- Dumb1 star

I was really disappointed in this. Everything was set up right, but the payoff was stupid. Not watching this again and not gonna think about it again.

- Best movie ever5 star

This was instantly my favourite movie, I have never loved any set of characters more. You should watch it for Elsa’s hair alone. Enough said

- Was great!!4 star

I just really hoped that Anna would end up with powers but overall great!!

- Frozen 25 star

I love that movie it’s my favorite movie of all time its make me so happy

- Frozen 25 star

I give it a 19,000,000,000 star rating

- Meh3 star

It’s just a different plot then any sequel would have this cinematic year

- Good5 star

Best movie ever love it!!

- Phenomenal5 star

Absolutely amazing! Funny, great story, captivating, more songs and better songs! Amazing sequel! 10/10! Keep em’ coming!

- Taylor thomaya Pena tot5 star

10/10 into the unown Into the unown unown!!!!!!!!! I love you so much Elsa yay

- Hmmm3 star

A little cheezey and predictable. Olaf washilarious though

- Stunning5 star

Frames are beautiful, songs are meaningful, sisterhood is still touching and characters’ development from F1 to F2 is stunning! Elsa and Anna are role models and their adventure sends many enlightening messages!❤️❄️ Expecting Frozen3!

- I have a couple friends that can help you out and get you a lot more money to5 star

Sss was a really fun day I had a dream I was gonna I got to go home and kfkkf day was a ski trip for my birthday day weekend and was so much better and I was very happy and

- Frozen II2 star

I don’t know what to feel about this movie. After seeing this movie I didn’t see the point of making this movie. The whole movie I felt predictable and not surprising the only surprise was that Elsa the persons that wields ice GOT FROZEN😡 but whatever it’s a movie.

- I love iduna!!!!!!!!😍🥰😘🤩5 star

This movie is amazing!!! I don’t think a young child would understand the story but it was great for a 10 or older. My favorite characters are Anna and Queen Iduna but manly Iduna, I think you guys should make a movie about Elsa and Anna’s parents because that would be awesome!!!!!

- Awesome5 star

It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

- # Frozen 25 star

Best movie seen yet. Great job making it more generation appropriate. A must see movie. Songs were definitely a step up from the first movie.

- Love it5 star

It’s so good of a movie I watched it like 3,00000 times

- Amazing movie!5 star

Better than the first, must have!!

- LOVE IT. SO MUCH5 star

Gives more information about characters and more songs

- Best movie ever5 star

I loved this movie so much it is way better than the first one.

- I love Frozen 25 star

Frozen 2 was the best movie in my life. Best song is into the unknown what Elsa Sing beautiful ❄️❄️❄️.

- Much better than the First LOTS of flaws (don’t read unless seen because this is spoiler heavy)4 star

This is much better than the first one but I think a few things could be executed better such as....... The whole water has memory is pretty much the main focus and I don’t think it is a good plot device but other than that and a few others pretty good

- It is the best 1 of my life5 star

It is the best 1 of my life

- Can you put this movie on tv1 star

So I want to watch this movie on my Lg tv and I don’t know if I can put it on my tv screen with this app.

- First sequel that has been better than the original5 star

This is an amazing movie. It doesn’t matter your age. This beats the original 100%. Very captivating.

- Sloppy second2 star

The music did not fit and was weird, the feel to the movie was off. I felt it was made to go strait to dvd and not in theaters.

- Best Sequel Ever5 star

Disney really outdid themselves with this movie. The songs are amazing, the character upgrades in terms of appearances are amazing, the overall plot was exciting and left me sitting on the edge of my seat with anticipation wondering what was going to happen next. 11/10 would recommend it to all ages.


FRIDAY MARCH 4 27 (2021)

- This movie is awesome ☃️5 star

In my opinion this was the best sequel ❄️❄️❄️

- LOVED IT5 star

Best movie of the decade

- Bad movie5 star

Worst movie ever

- Frozen hmmmmm.....5 star

Make sure too add a third movie way different the first and second make sure to add better voices better places and more better stuff make it interesting more fun to watch and make way different movies then sonic and others That had been made!

- Good movie5 star

It such a good movie

- Too Good!5 star

There are few movies where the sequel is as good or better than the original, this is one of them. You need to watch it, not just look at it. Much adult context mixed in with humor to appeal to the kids. A great family movie.

- AMAZING!!5 star

Such a good movie! Absolutely great for all ages, gave me chills multiple times! I’m so excited for Frozen 3!

- Xmxov.4 star


- Oof5 star

I hope there’s a third one 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

- Not a great movie2 star

Frozen 2 had pretty bad pacing: it felt to me like I was dropped into a movie that was already halfway over. It didn’t feel like there was a beginning, middle and end, but that the whole movie was the “middle.” There was almost no character development, the “water has memories” theme was so random, too. A lot of the movie just didn’t make sense! Overall, it was boring and unimpressive in terms of everything but the visuals.

- Yay!!!!5 star

I loved this!! This movie is great!! Who cares if Elsa is gay? She is who she is. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! Hey JediMasterJack, if something in a children’s movie offends you GO READ A BOOK!!! Oh wait. Books write about stuff that happens in real life too.

- I love frozen 25 star

This totally bets the first i love all the songs and love the line ( Samantha hahaha who’s Samantha 😂😍😍😍

- Loved this movie5 star

I watched this movie with our daughter and our granddaughter. It was amazing too watch our granddaughter light up when she watched this movie. The story line was easy to follow, loved the music and the animation.

- Hi5 star

The Best Movie Ever Created

- Awesome movie!5 star

I love this movie and I hope they make a third one but I also hope they put a lot of thought into it to make it amazing.

- Amazing Sequel!5 star

People needs to stop saying is poor writing.. the scrip is very complex that kids barely understand but adults can catch up and that’s the best part about it ❤️ all the songs are amazing, so happy to see these iconic characters back in the best way possible 🤍 such a magical experience ✨

- Jojo-115 star

I love it the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen

- Very poorly written2 star

While Frozen captured the imagination of kids around the world, and tormented parents with their relentless obsession, the sequel fails to capture anyone’s heart. I couldn’t understand who it would speak to? Kids? Teens? Adults? I have no idea. And That Fifth Element plot? It was already so bad when Luc Besson made a movie about it, I thought it would be taboo... Don’t waste Frozen by watching the sequel.

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Oscar JM OXD - ....2 star

The one star is only for the song, Into The Unknown. The other is for the animation. The rest of the film, is to be best avoided to prevent headaches. What a surprising letdown. Verdict: 4/10

s_disciple - Nice Visuals, Terrible & Depressing Story1 star

This 2nd movie has the most confusing and depressing story, especially for a Kids Movie. This is a terrible continuation to the Amazing 1st movie. The music is also far too wordy and not catchy.

mychaylo - Confusing, corny, but great animation3 star

Storyline is way too confusing. Tries too hard to be a Broadway musical, but suffers from corny/cheesy singing. Makes up for it with stunning animation.

Bob7227 - Frozen1 star

Pas de version en FRANÇAIS

gzjsjshsgdv - So Amazing5 star

Ok loved so much it was way better than the first one

Prince C 10 - Love it5 star

This movie was very entertaining like how they go the hidden villian route in this film and answer what happened to the parents and how Elsa got her powers speaking of Elsa she was alot more better in this sequel. This might not be for everyone but for me it's was worth the time!

tanné dattendre la version fr - -1 star

Pas encore en français!

Dancing queen👸🏾 - My Favourite Disney Movie5 star

This movie made heart melt! I know every song from this movie!!! My fav song was Show Yourself! Please, make more movies like this!!! ❄️

jean paule pierr - It is bad1 star

There is no plot to the strory no vilan and no action I felt like watching a singing show not a film

woomzoom - Better than first, doesn’t feel like a kids movie5 star

Very enjoyable

shmuuuurrrr - Yes5 star


Cats number one fan - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

Love the movie. The other one was a bit too romantic but this one is full of humor and adventures. Also, To quote Olaf: "Turtles breath through their butts" Is it true? Anyways it is a very good movie. Please make frozen III

Raina 💛 - Ugh 😱5 star

I wish I had enough storage to download it. 💛

Sa---n - Wow5 star

This movie was so good, not as good as the first on but how can you bet that. The song are catchy and I can’t stop listing if you them. It looks amazing and I would definitely Recommend

Petey is awesome82 - Bad1 star

Bad movie. There is violence, lots of violence.

adirenne123 - Like the best5 star

So much fun best movie

feona 231 - It was awesome5 star

This movie had all the humour and some emotion mixed in it I think there should be a third one !!!!

프붕이 - 프슷5 star


CrazyElsa - Awesome Disney Sequel!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

Alongside Ralph Breaks the Internet, this is one Disney sequel you don’t want to miss. New Songs, New Characters, and the perfect blend of humour and emotion.❤️

Egribbs - So good!5 star

My opinion it’s 100% better than the first one, the soundtrack especially

Ima snake bhy - About Frozen 25 star

It was a perfect movie. I watched it singing along and it was amazing. I give this a 10/10 or as rating 5/5. I recommend this for everybody👍🏻😃

🐶🤦‍♀️🐶 - Even better than before ❤️5 star

It was amazing and I really loved it I think that it was even better than the first, as it related very accurately to Norse mythology and was very deep The music was beautiful and very human unlike a lot of modern music.

Adele Dezeem - The Best Yet5 star

Worth buying!!

I_Own_A_Platypus - Pretty good!4 star

So Frozen II. It’s a decent movie and defiantly worth seeing at least once. Compared to the first feature, the songs are good and the visuals are stunning. When I went to see the movie though, what lost the one star was the plot. At the beginning it’s very hard to follow and doesn’t make much sense. There’s too many different events going on and interactions between different people that it seems pretty scattered. But in the last 30/20 minutes it redeems itself and comes together and is interesting to watch! I’d say about a 3.5/4 and a movie worth going and watching once. Probably wouldn’t spend money buying it though.

GreyMockingjay - It was actually pretty good5 star

I really liked it actually. It had a really good storyline but I thought it was way way wayyy to over sexualized for children. There were times I even wanted to take my children out of the theatre because I thought it was a bit too much for their young minds. But it was decent.

Flyingapricot - Masterpiece5 star

Visuals are spectacular. I really loved the story too. Hats off to the animators for making such amazing feast for the eyes. And some new adorable characters to enjoy too

warahu - 💙💙5 star


Icantbelieveitsnot.... - People who give away spoilers are tools...🗣4 star

Ignore the ones who try to ruin a movie for you. I’m surprised apple let Anonymous people put out such tripe. No one dies. It’s Disney people. They suffer comically but like a tragic version of Snow White they all come back to us. Having said that, Disney had tried to make this a more mature movie. 2013 was a while ago.... those 5 yr olds are now nearly teenagers. Must keep up with the times! Having said that here is a spoiler for you... SPOILER——————————-🤝 Although the frozen queen turns her nose up at romance when younger and has a friendship with a girl.... it’s just that. No one has come out of the frozen closet yet. Instead, unlike her little sister who has a budding romance with her young man (appears to contemplate a 😘‘session’ with her man in the sled and she likes him in leather... now that’s Disney risqué!!), the Queen is focused on her job and in making her kingdom better. For some, I understand why it could be a big deal but for this film it wouldn’t change the story. So for now, the Mystery remains. In reality, the movie does have some good values. Teaching kids about the love of family and friends and caring is central to all relationships, and the movie touches on this. It also digs deeper into betrayal, grief and loss and what do you do in those situations. We hit a bit on environmental issues but also on land issues. Who owns what? Makes for interesting conversations for our day and age. So while frozen one was an inspiration across the board, this one hits home with issues here and now. There will be tears, there will be joy. But we will always have Olaf. Strange though and tell me if you can figure it out.... if the queen made a bunch of frozen ‘creatures’, they should ALL go. There is a post credit scene.... once you’ve seen it you might understand what I’m getting at. Did the queen remake it all.... or.... I don’t know. It’s beyond me. If marshmallow disappears like Olaf why remake him with.... never mine. Just Enjoy!

ricky753 - visually epic!5 star

better than the first... a must see! 10/10! ⭐️

bclassic - Doesn’t make any sense2 star

The first film was mainly loved for the terrific songs and wonderful performances. The plot in the first Frozen was pretty straightforward with the exception of a few illogical “twists”. The second Frozen has average songs and good performances. Nothing special with the songs. The plot in Frozen II makes no sense. It drags you along with no clue where we are going and then explains what just happened. It is a below average attempt to make a new adventure for Anna and Elsa with no source material and no thorough plot development. Frozen II out of V stars. Regardless, this film will likely gross over $2 billion worldwide based on the fondness for the first film. A highlight was the song performances playing as the credit roll on.

Rosav2011 - Best animated of the year 2019, I think.. Worth paying for!!5 star

Best movie I saw this year! It is so much better than the first one, and it is more Magical and enchanting! Just watch the first few minutes and then it's like your trapped inside the movie!!😊 5-Star for sure! It is worth paying this movie 100%! One thing tho, Way too much songs but I love the cast. They did a great job! Warning Spoiler: Elsa at the end Is not Queen anymore!

love it🥰🥰🥰 - Loved it 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍5 star

I just loved it I’m so wanting to get an iTunes card and get this move it’s literally so good I want them to make a number 3!!!!!!! Nate for me is that good it’s just amazing

!!!....!!!. - Frozen 25 star

Great movie

Ardalan Askarian - Awesome5 star

The best movie

Dfvdfgghjjh - Wonderous!5 star

Though there were stereotypes for the first movie, this one will break past the laws of friendship and reality making it frozen. Unexpected turns of risk and joy into the unknown, there will be answers. You could have questions, but you are too caught up in the film to listen to them. When you watch this Disney movie, you won’t know the difference between imagination and reality, because your reality is your imagination, and your imagination goes into the unknown.

awesomemoviereviewer - Into the Unowned5 star

Excellent animated film!

ANONYMUS124 - Amazed5 star

I went to go see it for the first time and i felt sad amazed and confused. (Warning spoilers) Olaf and Elsa die

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misshedwig - Just OK.3 star

Not nearly as good as the first movie, including the music.

iMeGustaEsto - Awesome!5 star

I never expected to be a fan of a Frozen, but I became one. Frozen II did not disappoint. THE BEST!

Sexy back95474828 - Not for kids2 star

Dark, heavy themes in this one. Don’t expect a happy sequel. Though I can’t say it was entirely inappropriate for my 3 year old, who loved the first one, this version bored her to where she asked for the first one. So she likely didn’t pick up on the darker, heavier undertones. From an adult point of view, it was a much richer and deeper plot. But the singing and compositions were badly done. Lots of corny 80’s music video references in terms of cinematographic style. Songwriters ran out of ideas in this one. Nothing memorable song-wise in this one. Overall a very forced sequel. Another one of those movies where “the first one was better”.

Chelsssster - Amazing5 star

Such a good sequel! Songs are equally as catchy and it was very easy to follow along and be engaged the whole movie

Gisselle_3533 - Can’t see extras4 star

I bought the movie and says it comes with extras but it won’t let me see any of it

rubototiktoky - That is a great movie5 star

Wow that is better than the first one wow.

orangw juive - YESSSSSA5 star

Best movie eveebor

dineroglo - BETTER THEN THE 1ST5 star

Love Elsa 💜💜, i see Frozen 3 coming soon 🤞🏼

GroundPoint - Lame1 star

Cancelled thoughts of going back to Disney parks and a Disney cruise for a couple years after seeing this.

JediMasterJack - Ok but the first was better4 star

Some of the singing wasn’t that well done and there was no bad guy really but it was very cool. Elementals were very.Please please please don’t put a gay character on Frozen 3. please don’t ruin Frozen for us kids and adults all over. Please please please please please please please

Soallthenicknamesaretaken - loved it.5 star

Loved it. This and the first are great. Highly recommended.

faith stammen - Watch it!!!-doggofaith5 star

We watched this with my family and normally I would be on my phone but I watched instead ! This was a awesome sequel! It had all emotions and the songs are actually very good! I listen to them . Which is why I recommend this for all families! I would give 6 stars if I could

Scattermama - The best Reviews by grim5 star

Can’t wait to watch it


Best movie. Was funny, sad, and all emotions. The best thing was that everyone was laughing and seemed to enjoy what they were watching in the movies.😊👌🏻

Swisher Crawley - BRILLIANT5 star

My fav

ilistentomusic(obviously) - Pleasant surprise but marred by ridiculous clips3 star

I absolutely hate the first Frozen movie. I don’t care what anyone says. I thought it was okay the first time, but the massive overplaying and nonsensical lingering of its songs made it the most annoying and overrated movie of all time. It’s not amazing. Sorry, fangirls. However, this movie excels on a lot of levels. I absolutely love the darker tone, it’s something that movies trying to adapt “The Snow Queen” should have. There’s a lot of cleverly placed humor, which includes jabs at the first film. I didn’t know how much I needed to see Elsa cringe at “Let It Go” until I saw it. And I’m eternally grateful. However, this massive improvement over the first one is nearly ruined by some illogical and plain childish sequences, most notably Lost In The Woods. I can’t even explain what THAT was. Whoever penned the script obviously was on drugs when they wrote the scene. The song itself isn’t bad, but the presentation of it as a boy band-like music video is completely ridiculous. And when you’re trying to make a movie that’s supposed to be taken seriously and has a dark tone, when you include a scene with that much ridiculousness in it, it COMPLETELY kills the tone. In fact, I would have given this movie a MUCH higher score if not for that one scene. Sad. 6.5/10

Chloe The Game Cat - BRENDON5 star

Didn’t watch it but as soon as I heard P!ATD made a song I knew it would be good

Tj Madden - No Dolby Atmos?1 star

Why no Dolby Atmos??

ggjlo1 - Up1 star


ffrkfygghff - SHOW your self!!!!!!!!!!😘😘😘5 star

It was so good I just can’t stop playing it I mean the graphics and plot line is so reliable

ipad_two - Terrible1 star

Worst (musical) sequel ever, lacked story telling, and the music was not even good, way too much singing it got really annoying

kulecha - Best5 star

Its is better than frozen 1

Invincible1991 - This movie sucked1 star

Not what I expected, to be honest I was let down and very disappointed. This is the worst movie sequel ever.

martim430 - Best movie ever5 star

A thrilling movie full of excitement and emotions.

jackie the cupcake - Best movie ever 😜5 star

When I watch the new frozen 2 movie it was funny and the fun thing is that it shows what happened and what is true and when the movie finished I was really liking that movie This is the best movie ever you guys should watch the new frozen 2 movie it’s the best movie ever

Big Red IV - Lots of music and lack of story telling1 star

The first movie was engaging and the characters were entertaining. This is mainly a series of songs with some dialogue between them. The songs are not catchy like in the first, more dramatic. Leads to a rather boring movie. I have no clue to all the reviews raving this as the best sequel yet. I guess i did not like Fantasia either but the critics do.

VaneKaiJoce2020 - Into the unknown!5 star

My girls be i saw this in the theater. We loved it! The music the storyline, it was all perfect!.

hdgdsn - The best5 star

I feel like the song are better then the first one and the hole story line is just better 👍👍

cuteprincessagie411 - Trish Dana5 star

😊🌈💕💝💘 amazing movie

brnhdmdynd - Hi5 star

I love this movie this movie is amazing for any girl any age encourages everyone to make their dreams come true 🙂🙂

jennifer.rester - Emotional but in a good way5 star

It’s a little darker than the first but so much story and closure on the past. This movie had so much depth it had me crying at moments. I loved it.

💗💝❤️💎😘🥰😍💕😃🥰 - Frozen 25 star

I love it it’s so awesome and it’s way better than the original frozen

La'Porsha is amazing - A masterpiece.5 star

Disney has created yet another magical treasure!

Ikaikaboi808 - Sorry not sorry1 star

I get it ... it’s Disney we’re suppose to be hype but honestly storyline was boring and played out she basically came the fifth element like we didn’t see that coming

kkoruw - Frozen 25 star

This is the most funniest move I’ve ever seen 😂😂🤣

MajorMatt3 - I liked it But not what I expected!5 star

This is a film that kids will love for the animation. Young adults will like the teenage view of the sisters. Adults will like story of sisterhood and romance. As time goes on and childern rewatch the movie, as they grow older and mature, they will see things in this film that they missed watching it as a child. A tip of the hat to Frozen 2. This is a film that will be around for a very long time. I am 63 as was impresssed by the depth of the story.

FROZEN34567 - FROZEN34567895 star


@&$)(:);!;$ - Yes5 star

Yes please

MerlinLoneEagle1979 - Frozen II5 star

As a single father to two young boys without a mother in their lives and a Wiccan in a predominately Christian county I really loved Frozen Elsa and Anna remind me of myself Frozen II showed me that being different isn't a bad thing and me and my boys hope we see more of these sisters and their great family

...........•_• - lol5 star

I HAVNT WATCHED THE MOVIE lookin in reviews i see someone wrote, its the same story as the first one, but i heard elsa died or smthn so ;-; lol

T4chanka - Cash grab1 star

All that needs to be said

Halo 2015 - Fantastic and awesome5 star

I love this movie a lot since the graphics and sounds are excellent and also very fantastic.

Reviewmasta1 - It could have been so much more4 star

It is a very good cartoon. Bought it and will watch it many times. With that said - Disney played it super safe. This has almost no plot and the antagonist is pretty much out of the picture. I am grateful that authors didn't do any social experiments and progressive garbage, but there is massive potential lost. 4 stars.

[email protected] - Hey2 star

Hey,shelbi1917 you be nice because my sister loves that movie and if you ever talk about it again she will kick your butt

Sergmaster76 - Шедевр!5 star

Отличное продолжение первой части, авторам огромное спасибо, мульт очень глубокий и красивый!

Giomar6390GVR5C - Best Story5 star

Love this movie and the continuous story make cry like 2 tines. ❤️🥰

Lazycomputerboy - Yup yup yup good muoviee😁😁😁😁😜😜😜😜5 star


Socks4life - don’t you know there’s part of me that longs to gooo5 star


stella johnson - Amazing Family Movie5 star

Once again Disney has done it again, and made a movie so great you can’t stop singing the songs.

bryce hana - Fantastic job Disney 🤙🏼5 star

This movie was really good, probably more better than the first one, I thought I was ganna cry like I almost cried during toy story 4 towards the end but I didn’t lol, but once again good movie and definitely recommend 🤙🏼🙃

5 star

I actually got shit together, got em dinner, bathed them, now they settled watching Frozen II. Parenting really not that bad lmao

5 star

@chartdata: US chart update (FINAL; via @HITSDD): #1 @theweeknd 445K #2 @LILUZIVE 116K #3 @lilbaby4PF 56K #4 @sanbenito 49K #5 @conang…

5 star

Because I have an 11-year old daughter, I have now seen Frozen II three times. It’s...very good.

5 star

@CenayangFilm: Frozen II

5 star

@almanaquedisney: 🍂 SHOW YOURSELF ❄️ A Disney liberou o vídeo completo do número musical de ‘Show Yourself’, segundo solo da Elsa em ‘F…

5 star

@CenayangFilm: Frozen II

5 star

watched Frozen II. or as I would call it, "leaf physics". seems the animators got fascinated with leaves. there are…

5 star

Look I know I'm a little late to this Frozen II thing... but Disney wholly made a full song about depression and they did it well!

5 star

Necesitaba ver Frozen II de una vez y necesitaba escuchar una canción como esta

5 star

Yes, that was me jamming out to Panic! At The Disco's version of Into The Unknown from Frozen II...

5 star

Faz mil anos que foi lançado e vim assistir hj, mais uma vez a Disney me fez chorar. Frozen II,eu abestalhada com o…

5 star

Tô vendo Frozen II 😍

5 star

@snowmyoongi ameiiii, me manda o filme das meninas superpoderosas, a pequena sereia II e frozen 2 por favorr

5 star

@KyloElsa: @pikuotaku I hate how FoS is supposed to be the "bridge" story between the two movies but the ending of F2 contradicts the en…

5 star

@chartdata: US chart update (FINAL; via @HITSDD): #1 @theweeknd 445K #2 @LILUZIVE 116K #3 @lilbaby4PF 56K #4 @sanbenito 49K #5 @conang…

Frozen II Images & Pictures

Frozen II images
Frozen II images
Frozen II images
Frozen II images
Frozen II images
Frozen II images
Frozen II images
Frozen II images
Frozen II images
Frozen II images
Frozen II images
Frozen II images

Frozen II Posters

queenmagickingdomdamspiritwoman director

Frozen II posters
Frozen II posters
Frozen II posters
Frozen II posters
Frozen II posters
Frozen II posters
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