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In a world where 4% of the population is born with varying supernatural abilities, a desperate young man possessing special powers clashes with a militarized police force after committing a series of crimes. Based on the short film. In Lincoln City, some inhabitants have extraordinary abilities. Most live below the poverty line, under the close surveillance of a heavily militarized police force. Connor, a construction worker with powers, involves with a criminal gang to help his ailing mother. (Based on the short film “Code 8,” 2016.) Code 8 Wiki

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Fear is the most dangerous power..

Code 8 (2019)

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- Edgy, Entertaining, Sci-Fi5 star

Recommended viewing. I think superpower movies are best when intertwined with human stories, human faults and emotions. What Code 8 lacks in big budget it makes up with solid acting, action, story line, music, mood, lighting and special effects.

- It’s also on Netflix1 star


- Wow5 star

This is a Introduction movie, With a bit of action and a decent back story to it. The movie ends asking for a sequel. A bigger budget should make part 2 better. Just hope they keep the same actors, just add more instead of removing actors for part 2

- Wow for a independent movie this is really good5 star

I was at first surprised, cause the last movie like this freaks was the same thing but super boring, this had good action , very decent special effects , it felt good and for such a low budget this movie was entertaining and worth a buy or rent , a few things are left unresolved like the cops daughter problem,etc, anyway would love to see a sequel well done

- Loved it!5 star

I thought this was going to be a cheap movie with poor acting. I was wrong, this movie was great! Visuals, acting and the story was good.

- Meh!!!2 star

The story didn’t catch me. Ok acting and Ok special effects.

- utterly stupid horrible rubbish1 star

nonsense, amateur plot and production values the cost of 99 cents was too high for this gem

- Falls short2 star

First off you have to figure out what’s going on in the beginning because they drop you into a story with no lead up. Then there are complete scenes that are presumed not played out. Then the ending was abrupt and seemed like we were short changed. Good premise but poor execution.

- Interesting story, good movie4 star

Yes, I gave it 4 out of 5 stars, because there are a few minor "holes" in it. However, I'm rather tough when it comes to rating movies. Also, if possible, I would actually tack on 1/2 star to make it 4 1/2 stars. Some might call this a "discount X-Men" movie, and I could see their point. But being blunt about it, Code8 has a better story(the most important part of any movie) than X-Men. The main protagonist is a character that's easy to relate to, despite me not having super powers. He is conflicted, and imperfect. He makes some bad choices but for reasons most of us can relate to. My minor complaint(aside from a very few visible physics things) is that the "power levels" are never clearly defined. Is level 1 higher or lower than level 2? Is level 5 the best, or worst? Other than those, the story flows very well, characters are developed pretty nicely during the course of the story, and it makes a lot of sense from every perspective. So, in short, yes, I can recommend this movie, despite not hearing of it until the day I bought it and wrote this review.

- It was ok2 star

It was good but it was nothing like the short clip that they released a few years ago. I think that if they stuck to that concept it would be so much better. It was a good movie but I looked forward to it coming out for a few years and I was sorely disappointed.


EXCELLENT, cant wait for sequel/spin off

- Would Be a Good Series5 star

Great pilot movie for a new sci-fi series. Could really mature into something worthwhile based on this starter movie. Well done.

- Worth a watch5 star

This movie is worth ur time if ur a SiFi nut.i gave it 5 stars.good CGI but not over done,storyline moves along to keep it interesting

- Underrated movie5 star

Ignore the lower rated reviews their dumb

- Amazing5 star


- Terrible1 star

This movie is a total failure, it fails as the political propaganda its trying to be and fails at making these horrible people with “powers” look like the victims this movie is trying to portray them as. There’s a reason this movie was so cheap at release.

- Code 81 star


- Movie was good, till the end2 star

Great movie! Something I’ve never seen before! Totally botched the ending though.

- Great movie5 star

Fun ride.

- Yay5 star


- The amells just killing it5 star

Stephen and Robbie are amazing actors and play their with such a strong passion. I wouldn’t have given this movie a second thought without them and I am so glad I had the pleasure of viewing it. I would love to see what a code 8 series might hold

- Great movie!5 star

Amazing that this was partially crowded funded. Excellent production and acting. Really enjoyed it and look forward to what this talented team creates in the future!

- Pretty decent flick I was shocked4 star

I don’t know why people are bagging on this film it’s actually pretty decent sci-fi. The acting is straight forward and so is the dialog. It doesn’t have the fluff you see in other Hollywood movies. It’s lean and quick. In my opinion it doesn’t need to be anything else.reminds me of why I like upgrade. Give this movie a chance if you like sci-fi action. I hope to see more flicks like this from them.

- Small budget5 star

For a small budget movie, I’ll admit the acting, storyline and graphics was believable. The focus on the story for the protagonist wasn’t cheesy. Just rent it for 99 cents. Totally worth it.

- 20年3月5日入 沒中文字幕 不知道以後會不會添加3 star


- Love it!5 star

This movie is fantastic!

- I liked it5 star

Really good sci-fi movie. Definitely recommend checking it out.

- amazing5 star

i absolutely love this movie

- Movie2 star

Did not like it

- What this movie needs?2 star

More drones. Oh boy. Was this bad.

- Good movie5 star


- Decent sci-fi movie4 star

Stumbled across a trailer for it online and had to watch it. Code 8 did not disappoint!

- Actually good5 star

For being a movie not in theaters it has a good story, good acting and good special effects.

- Not that good3 star

Movie wasn’t interesting. Not sure how it ended either... well it was disappointing at least.

- It would be 5 stars but...2 star

The ending was the worste, like seriously ANTI CLIMACTIC

- Great movie5 star

Fantastic movie. Hoping for a sequel or two!

- Amazing film!!!5 star

This film brings some sci-fy elements but in a way we’re it still keeps the film very sold. No funky AI, just a good thriller plot! Amazing !

- Enjoyed it5 star

Really good.

- below average2 star an o.k. movie but requires low expectations, and be prepared to fast-forward thru a lot of dead time. recommended to watch while sleeping on a plane ride.

- Good movie! Squeal!!!4 star

Needs to be a squeal. There’s so much more abilities that they could explore and more story lines to tell

- Amazing5 star

It’s puts a new gritty tone on the superhero genre.

- I had low expectations...1 star

...and this fell short of even those. I rented this (didn’t buy it) and feel like i got ripped off. Don’t rent it. SO bad.

- Underwhelming3 star

Could’ve been great as a TV series

- Cool5 star

It great

- Already told3 star

This is one of stories you sure heard before , this is just another alternative for numerous iterations of it. Plot is the real let down here , other than that actors are doing their best and visuals are truly awesome.

- Definitely a must see4 star

The movie was great to watch. It was less about the powers itself and more about the interactions that each character had around those with/without powers and society’s view of those with powers. Kind of telling you how militarized the society is against those with powers and why each character behave the way they do. Can’t wait to see the next movie that Robbie & Stephen surrounding this theme.

- Solid Flick5 star

You can tell how passionate the producers of this movie were when watching this movie! It doesn’t have the monster budget of marvel movies but it does extraordinarily well for how much they had to work with. Great seeing Stephen and Robbie work together! Effects are actually done very well! Highly recommend!

- Very Good Movie.5 star

Everything about this movie is excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Wish there was a sequel. The concepts kinda remind me of Minority Report. Remember how a lot of the technology in that movie (farfetched at the time), eventually became reality? The technology in this movie has that same potential, in an almost scary sort of way. Great work team.... You had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

- You'll feel like you've seen it before3 star

... because you have - there's absolutely nothing original here. It's not a very good movie, but, not bad either. The acting was just ok but half of the cast look destined for the WB network; if they're not there already.

- I hope they keep it going5 star

The preview looked solid so I took a chance and am very happy I did. Rock solid story, effects, acting and more. Fully engaging and enjoying

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Dior&gucciforever - A little boring2 star

I lost interest and didn’t finish watching the film

Heaton69 - Incredible5 star

This film is honestly one of the best films I’ve watched in a long long time, both Robbie and Stephen Amell bring their A game. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting a solid action film

Wolfiethehero Productions - AMAZING5 star

Best independent film ever! Excellent work from the Amell Cousins! 11/10 rating As a Code 8 Superfan whose followed since day 1, bought various perks on the Indiegogo campaign page as well as attended the Code 8 London Premiere It is honestly one of the best films I’ve ever seen And knowing that Code 8 ABSOLUTELY WILL CONTINUE in the confirmed form of a series is amazing!

StacieJodiee - DAMN5 star

This movie🙌🏻 I’ve never been so glued to a movie since End Game. It finished I was so tempted to watch it again!

Keljaneh80 - Amazing - well worth the wait !!5 star

This film certainly did not disappoint and was very much worth the wait. I felt there’s potential for much more to be told. Maybe a longer ep series than they have planned so we can really get to know the characters and maybe more and find out some more of what’s going off from seeds that were planted during the film but we didn’t get to find out more off. Obv they were leaving that for a second film or this mini series to follow. It was a refreshing film on humans with powers and I enjoyed it and can highly recommend.

SCO77YBOY - Great film5 star

Been waiting to see this for a while now. Well worth the watch. 5 stars

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Zhaboom - Really good!5 star

Good story line and definitely entertaining

TakenByCarter - Please do a series5 star

Honestly I wanted to cry a beautiful ending it has everything from love to action. The Amells brother did well

HomeTownHero' - Fantastic5 star

At the end, I realized I was just laying in my bed watching a fan source financed movie on my phone. The quality of the movie mirrors that of a Hollywood budget movie. And the universe in which all of this is a reality, is certainly an entertaining one to think about.

wolv3sBayn3 - Electrifying5 star

Loved this film. Cannot wait for the sequel/s.

Green_Star10 - Pretty Cool4 star

Amells fans have been waiting for the movie for a long time and the wait worthed it. it was a cool movie. the VFX was very strong and didn't felt low budget or anything. they made a world and most of the ppl want to know more about the world and the characters. as a huge fan of Stephen Amell, i really want to see and know more about his character, Garrett. can't wait for them to make the Spinoff series on Quibi.

Chleo101!! - Many movies4 star

It is very sad that many of the best movies do not have Spanish translation. That is why many of us do not buy the best movies.

Bri1024 - Good movie5 star

Get it a shot! Good action movie with a bit of drama. Must watch!

I eat books - Rigged reviews.1 star

Terrible movie. These reviews are ALL done by a company that adds hilarious 1 star reviews that have nothing to do with the movie because they don’t want make it look like they are conning you. Apple review system is broke.

Bobmeowrhi - Decent effort3 star

The only one of two things that I really say negatively about this film is the premise as stated in the description of the film: “Conner Reed (Robbie Amell), a desperate young man possessing special powers, clashes with a militarized police force after committing a petty crime”. In no way shape or form are the crimes committed by the protagonist "petty" crimes, and it makes it sound like the major plot line of the film is the lead’s conflict with the police itself, making me think I was getting another “District 9”, whereas the film’s premise is actually more about his conflict with organized crime itself. That being said, I know this film was shot on a relatively modest budget, but it doesn’t show. The film does some ingenious stuff to make it seem hi-tech and flashy, but using simple solutions to make it work and still look good. For example, the robot officers are obviously actors in costume, but it’s done believably so that they “look” like robots, but without requiring 10 million dollar Marvel-ish CGI shots to accomplish the task. The film also introduces us to drone-like police helicopters that are probably 100% CGI, but they fly high enough in shots to avoid looking too fake. Other, more expensive films could learn a lot from the special effects used here. The plot itself is simple enough, but it’s an easy watch. The one other complaint I had about the film is that some of the emotional interactions / acting fall flat, the lead’s “relationship” with a young drug addict looking to get out seemed forced (maybe just bad chemistry between the actors?), and I’d never assume the lead and his mom were ever son and mother, it’s just not believable. Minor qualms aside, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this film, especially on a fan source financed project.

delinquentsaviors - Love it!4 star

Been a fan of Stephen for a while now so I was interested in seeing him outside of arrow. I really liked this movie. The acting was good and the story opens up a world of possibility that I’d like to revisit.

scifi bob - Loved it!!5 star

Great film. Loved the short a few years back. Been waiting for this. Didn’t disappoint. Well done guys!

Can'thinkof1 - These reviews are Rigged1 star

Seriously, this movie went straight to video. Because. ITS A PIECE OF CRAP. Don’t be CONNED .

🏹TanMan🏹 - Great and Amazing Movie!!!5 star


Eijh - Meh1 star

Felt empty and too shallow...

OfficiallySomething - I was so Pog5 star


MorfgAmeiNg809 - H1 star

You made me fart because I was so scared 😱THANK YOU

rwoody_00 - Awesome 🤛🏼5 star

I love the movie plain and simple . Just woow great work

Michelle.Bourey - Started from the bottom...5 star

I have been a fan of the Amells for a while now so it’s not surprising that I’d like this movie, but it exceeded all my expectations. For this movie to start as a short film, then a crowd funded full length movie, to being released in various theaters nationwide, it’s quite impressive. The storyline is a refreshing take on those with super powers that explores what a desperate person is capable of doing in order to save a loved one, with its fair share of explosions and fighting. I would 13/10 recommend to a friend.

imaisha.e - Great movie5 star

Loved it so much. Thank you Stephen and Robbie Amell for this amazing movie.

Littlekidnasty - I wish is was a series4 star

Good science-fiction movie... I really loved the world and want more

raffols - High expectations but...3 star

Looks like a TV pilot for a series on The CW. Praise Rotten Tomatoes for its score of 80. Congrats to the producers and actors.

Dalonso04 - Well worth the wait!5 star

Thank you Kang and Amells for this 3-4 year long journey. Loved the film, can’t wait for the show!

jolzarjr - I can’t wait5 star

For more!!! The code 8 universe coming :O

Melanie Szelak - Entertaining, electrifying & one of a kind!5 star

Code 8 was absolutely incredible! The story and writing was unique and different, the characters were awesome and it was a fun, entertaining movie to watch! Everyone should check out Code 8 especially if you like action, sci-fi movies about people who have special powers! Thank you, Robbie and Stephen for creating such an amazing movie and taking us on a thrilling, exhilarating ride!

Demitri C. - Made me drop my McDonalds1 star

Hi, I was watching Code 8 and eating McDonald’s but at one part it was really scary and loud so I dropped my chicken tendies on the ground. I am very disappointed because now I do not have McDonalds now. Thank you

Desmond - Amazing movie!5 star

Great movie, superb actors. Stephen and Robbie Amell really out done themselves! Great story line and lots of action!

Brayden Seelhoff - Fantastic Movie!5 star

I very much enjoyed this film. I really enjoyed the way Stephen Amell played his character, very different than what he usually does! Very nice to see something new. Robbie Amell as well did a fantastic job. Such a great movie will all of the detail, story and special affects!

Shield0226 - Best Movie Ever!!!5 star

I loved this movie so much! Everyone said it would be bad because of the low budget, but I had faith that it would blow us away. It did. Thank you Robbie and Stephen Amell for this, I am such a huge fan of yours!!!

makfre - Congratulations5 star

Amazing movie written by an amazing family! Shout out to the Amells for creating something that not only is a great movie, but you making us feel a part of it. Standing O from me guys!

naanaj - Pre Order2 star

I haven’t watched the movie yet because I never got it. I pre ordered it last week, but I don’t have it

Eli Eller - Wonderful story5 star

I have watched both the tomorrow people and arrow from the beginning, I first saw the YouTube short, and have been waiting for this movie, and it didn’t disappoint.

MFranJ - Great show!5 star

This movie is well worth the $. Nice twist for a supernatural movie.

ak girl 33 - Great pace and enjoyable story5 star

Loved this movie, I wasn’t bored, the story kept moving and didn’t slow down. Great job you guys! I’m not a normal movie reviewer but I love movies and I truly enjoyed this film.

TeamJohnAustin - Fantastic!5 star

Stephen and Robbie Amell took a good story and made it GREAT! These brothers mesh so well together on screen and the over all story is brilliant. I’d give this a harsh 8.5/10 Definitely worth the watch!!

IceSoldier16 - Great and Epic Movie!5 star

This movie was such a fantastic ride and I was in love with every single second of the movie and not only that. Stephen and Robbie had put on such an amazing performance and I was glad that I got to see this.

HeRoShLin - So good.5 star

Saw the NYC premier. The movie was phenomenal. Meeting some of the cast and the director was a dream come true.

Barrio63851810 - Thrilling and Surprising5 star

The movie was phenomenal. It dives into issues I would not have expected for SciFi. Highly recommend people go see it and Pre-Order it.

Jack Messina - A good start4 star

This movie was a startup a couple years ago and now it is here. It is a good movie overall, but great when you look at where it came from.

Green Tee 🍵 - Decent film2 star

Not great but not awful either

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