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From acclaimed filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie comes an electrifying crime thriller about Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), a charismatic New York City jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score. When he makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime, Howard must perform a precarious high-wire act, balancing business, family, and encroaching adversaries on all sides, in his relentless pursuit of the ultimate win. A charismatic New York City jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime. Howard must perform a precarious high-wire act, balancing business, family, and encroaching adversaries on all sides in his relentless pursuit of the ultimate win. Uncut Gems Wiki

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This is how I win...

Uncut Gems (2019)

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I would say the ending is terrible but point is, the whole movie is terrible! I am an Adam Sandler fan but this was by far the worst movie ever!!! I have no other words to describe this. For 30 minutes of this crap I used this movie for background noise while I played games on my phone. The profanity and vulgarity in this movie is over the roof. Poorly made movie. Please don’t waste your time and money on this filth. Disappointing that an icon like Sandler would play this role as if he was just starting out in acting. His older stuff is better. Why do actors regress as they get older? Do they run out of ideas and roles? I’d rather Sandler stick with more Hotel Transylvania movies quite honestly...

- Oscar worthy5 star

2 hours and 15 min of stress in a good way

- AWFUL!1 star

This movie was just terrible. One of Sandler’s worst. We watched it and the annoying music that plays throughout the movie was just ridiculous and the ending is the worst in history.

- Slow2 star

Honestly not what I was expecting. It was a very slow movie and it felt draining to watch it. To me the plot just made no sense. I thought it was a comedy and I dont think I laughed the whole movie

- An absolute instant classic5 star

Uncut gems is a film where 20 years from now our children will ask us about it and some of us lucky ones will get to say “I saw that film in theaters when it was released” there is no denying that this is Sandler’s best role yet and was absolutely robbed of an Oscar nomination. The Safdie’s have proven once again that they are some of the best directors working out there today, this film grabs you with it’s gritty realism and feast for the eyes cinematography. Sandler’s character is written so well that you just want to go into the screen, grab him and scream at him “DONT DO THAT” that form of anger and anxiety sticks with you all the way to the end and even after the credits roll. Uncut Gems is a film that blew me away at the end of 2019 and continues to blow me away now even after I’ve seen it more than enough times, easily one of my favorite films of the past decade.

- Just 2:15 of yelling2 star

I found this movie horribly overrated. The opening sequence and the music that won’t stop for the first 10 minutes was wildly annoying. It was basically just yelling for over 2 hours and by the end of the movie, I just had a headache. The movie was ok but definitely not nearly as good as I expected based on reviews.

- This movie was awful1 star

I dont blame any of the actors. This is on the directors. There are a LOT of scenes where there is almost no script, just people constantly talking over each other and babbling. Really poorly directed. The concept of the story is fine but the execution is so bad. There is one aspect of the story that was so stupid is KG’s character almost hypnotized but this opal rock. Really dumb how this was depicted. Its just a rock, but they almost played it up like it was having a magical effect on him. The script needed another few run throughs by a good writed, and then different directors entirely. Could have actually been really good in better hands.

- I want a refund1 star

This has got to be the worst ending in the history of bad endings absolutely garbage

- Horrible1 star

Terrible acting, plot, ending, everything. Save your money.

- The best movie of 20205 star

Sandler’s best role. The movie will have you gritting your teeth the whole way through. It’s an anxiety inducing thrill ride.

- Don’t waste your money!1 star

Awful from the beginning. Story jumps around so much no clear cut storyline. I wasted my money so you don’t have to!

- Terrible1 star

Absolutely terrible. Don’t know how Safdie brothers or Adam Sandler think they were snubbed out of an Oscar. Loud annoying yelling the whole movie. Awful music playing in background whole time. Don’t get how Safdie brothers are directors. The other movie I saw of there’s was terrible too.

- So much yelling1 star

The story line could’ve been finished in 15min. It should’ve been done in 2. The constant yelling and screaming was obnoxious and headache inducing. I’ve never walked out of a movie in my life, but I couldn’t stand anymore of this one and left about half way in. I was so sad bc I love Adam Sandler and I was excited to see him in something serious, but this movie was the absolute dumbest thing he’s ever done.

- God Awful1 star

Worst movie ever.

- Don’t waste your time1 star

Non climatic, terrible music score, I mean awful. The score is from a B rated sci-fi movie. Watch it when it’s free, it’s not even worth a .99 rental

- Not your regular Sandler5 star

Sandler plays a great low life gambler. Still has time to put a couple of laughs in. Great movie

- Uncut Gems is Amazing5 star

One of the best Adam Sandler movies I’ve ever seen

- Terrible1 star

From start to finish... Don’t waste your time. Sandler was good, but literally watch anything else.

- Just don’t1 star

Only made it through 35 mins of this film. Sandler was ok but the character was a victim of the plot. The story seemed to be a repeating pattern of dumb behavior with lame consequences. I’ll never know if there was a clever end, the first half hour made me not care to know.

- Burn in hell Adam Sandler1 star

You have no talents.

- Confused1 star

Save your time and money. Terrible

- Meh2 star

This is Adam Sandler taking the role of an older intolerable Jewish guy as opposed to the films that he made years ago playing a young intolerable Jewish guy. This film really made me hate the protagonist. I was grateful when he finally met his end. Hugely overrated.

- So, so bad. Like ‘Drive’ but worse.1 star

Some points were “thrilling” in a very frustrating way that pisses you off. Slow parts that are a huge waste. Kind of like the movie ‘Drive’ but worse. Acting was good overall but it was dumbed down by the crappy shots and editing in post. 80s music for a movie set in 2012. Just, no.

- Ugh beware1 star

Huge Adam Sandler fan first off....but this movie was so horrible. Don’t rent it, don’t buy it move on. We kept waiting for this to get better and it didn’t.

- Modern masterpiece5 star

Almost perfectly acted, this movie is challenging to enjoy as such (intentionally) but highly rewarding and perhaps more tightly plotted than some other Safdie Brothers movies. One of the greatest NYC movies of all time.

- Hard to watch and I’m an Sandler fan!1 star

Bad ending, boring to watch. I don’t really enjoy seeing Adam Sandler play such a winey degenerate. Nothing about this movie entertained me whatsoever. Probably would have made for a more interesting book✌🏻

- Wish I could get a refund1 star

This was one of the worst movies I've seen in quite some time. I didn't even make it through the first 20 minutes. It looked good in trailers but it was a confusing, F-bomb soaked, pointless waste of time. As Statler & Waldorf used to say, "I've seen detergents leave a better film behind." Wish I could give it zero stars.

- Trash1 star


- Very Overrated1 star

There’s a reason this was passed over at the Oscars. Poorly written and directed. Save your cash.

- Amazing5 star

Amazing movie... loved it all around honestly

- Why1 star

This movie is like stabbing yourself in the eyes for two hours.

- Sandler dies at the end1 star

Not worth it Wait for it to be on USA Network or TNT

- I Paid To Watch This???1 star

Brutal. Hard to watch start to finish. Left the room twice for extended periods and felt like I missed nothing upon returning. Viewers should be paid to watch instead of the other way around.

- Watch it5 star

One of Adam Sandler’s best films!

- Stinker1 star

Sandler talent is a shallow pool with no water left. Him and his snl lost gang have gone to Netflix etc for the big easy paychecks. Flix and Zon should stay away.

- Boring 🙂💔3 star

It was really boring I love Adam Sandler but this movie is 💔

- Boring!1 star

Boring, demented and stupid.

- Perfect5 star

Think about it every day

- please its bad.1 star

Kevin Garnett was the best part of this movie. He did a great job. the rest was trash. Whoever thought the score was good for this movie should be fired. I fast forwared to the end which yes was bad. its all bad. waste of $6 bucks.

- This rating system is wrong1 star

I have a hard time believing this many people actually enjoyed this movie 5 stars. I couldn’t even make it though it. Stick to comedies.


The safdie brothers made a timeless classic. Adam Sandler is a tour de force and I haven’t stopped thinking about the film since i watched it. Not many people can make movies like this chef’s kiss. 10/10

- DOPE5 star

Ending is CRAZY!!

- Mixed reviews3 star

I was very excited to see this movie. The trailer looked incredible. I watched it last night, and am still not sure what I think. The movie is hard to follow because so many people are talking at the same time. This happens during a great deal of the scenes, which makes it hard to follow the dialogue. For a big part of the movie, there really isn’t a clear plot. It’s just one depressing fiasco after another after another. The last 20 minutes of the movie were done very well. Really depressing movie. Part of me wants to recommend it and part of me isn’t sure.

- Sooooooo bad...1 star

Sandler was obnoxious. The movie raises one’s blood pressure (not in a good way). The yelling, cliche references to jeweler life, gambling, cheating, etc all left the viewer wanting to leave. We shut the movie off 1/2 way through. Do yourself a favor and find another movie.

- VERY sad, depressing film.1 star

I wish I didn't see it, the story ended up to be just horrible if you watch till the end. Ruined my afternoon.

- Great movie!5 star

Sandler finally hits his mark in a non-comedic film. A lot of plot twists throughout the movie. Rent it!

- Worst than trash1 star

My friend warned me this is a piece of trash. The previews looked good. I paid my money and rented it. I realized he was right. This is a piece of trash. Do not waste your money here. Absolute piece of garbage from the plot, to the music score, to whatever just happened here. So chopped up I don’t even know what the intention was here. DO NOT WATCH.

- If I could give it zero stars, I would1 star

From the blade runner style score, to the frantic, annoying characters, plan to start scrolling on your phone about ten minutes into the film. This was a completely pointless film.

- WORST MOVIE EVER !!! 😾1 star

This is the worst movie ever !! It is a strew of swear words. F This and F That all the way. I want my Money Back. I could not watch. Adam Sandler is a Crook.

- Uncut Gems is fools Gold1 star

This movie is the worst, it is a merry go round of crazy making acting,

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trkrylmz - Really Bad1 star

I don’t like it.

skiboot1 - High Volume Chaos!3 star

Very good, but not stellar performance from Sandler. Lots of actors can do lots of yelling. But he artfully draws the viewer into his intense and chaotic character which is aided by quickly changing dialogue and scene changes. Don’t rush to see, but have a sedative ready when you do.

Thohow12 - Best movie ever5 star

Loved every min of it

AdamThe - Way too intense without a lot of clarity4 star

This film is very intesnse but lacked a clear plot. I liked the acting, but the story never really developed. I wonder what was left on the editing floor, this feels rushed

ToyCrusher - Great Film!5 star

Amazing directing! Amazing casting and acting... really all around great movie that gave me anxiety watching it the story and camera work is so intense! These filmmakers hit a home run at every level, even the music and editing is perfect. can’t wait to see their next one. And Adam Sandler took his acting to another level, for sure an academy worthy performance.

Delliott94 - You gotta be joking2 star

Not good

Playah-d - Sorry I bought it3 star

Fast paced, but can’t recommend

Mattiejjay6 - Ehh didn’t care for it2 star

Honestly felt it was boring.... I paused it a few times and came back to finish. Didn’t really care for the story. Acting was good though.

dogdd - depressing1 star

If you like a movie where everything goes patheticallly wrong for the protagonist and like to watch him dig himself deeper in a hole. Then this is the movie for you. I don't watch movies to see such pathetic characters. That's what the news is for. So this film is overrated and frustrating to watch. Skip it unless you're life is too happy and you need to tone down the joy in your life.

amateurBlimp - Too long of a bad trip2 star

Very long film, with long dialogs that repeat the same words at loud volumes and with cheap profanity. Adam Sandler was good in this role, though - we see a main character that is seriouslly engaged in a process of f*ing up things, then fixing little unimportant details, only to causing more damage later. But that's about the only good thing I can think of. The music score and its placement are a complete disaster. As much respect I have for Daniel Lopatin, he was just not the best choice for this type of movie. At all times it felt like the scenes were going in one direction and the music in a completely different one, not even relatable as opposites.

Nicholas becerra - Adam Sandler is back4 star

Uncut Gems is a astouding crime movie with Adam Sandler commanding the screen it's powerful and amazing this is the best crime movie since miller's crossing

Like please - Career making performance5 star

Adam Sandler’s best work

glottolotto - A new favorite5 star

I LOVED this movie. Adam Sandler is top notch in this one. It’s funny at times too. I thought the cast was excellent and the movie is a perfect example of “gambling with your life”

webchain - Stupid people doing stupid things1 star

If you enjoy watching morons do moronic things for two hours all while yelling at the top of their lungs, then you have found your movie.

DVR415 - Uncut Gems1 star

Horrible movie 🎥 I regret buying it so disappointed with the film no more Adam Sandler movies for me it was great 👍 run

Toad696969 - Very stupid1 star

This movie is the worst movie with Adam Sandler in it. The ending of the movie was very horrible

DCorba - Lousy1 star

A real downer

emw1069 - Don’t waste your time!!1 star

Waste of time and money!! Don’t bother!! Adam Sandler can not act anymore!!

knowfler - From rollercoaster to let-down3 star

The plot twists and turns but never finds it's rhythm. The acting is good, and Adam Sandler is fun to watch as always. Garnet was a surprise, and did a good job. The ending is a huge let-down: It's very abrupt, lacked a clever twist, and there's no real moral that I could put my finger on. It's interesting enough to stay on for the whole ride, but ends with a whimper. The problem is that it was a 2.5 hour ride. Wish is was 1.5 hours instead.

Anonymous 1019938 - Best Sandler movie5 star

This movie takes Sandler, and makes the viewer challenge convention by making everything clear of what will happen, but at every turn, you see a chance of success for sneering, greedy Sandler, and you slowly begin to hope his efforts actually succeed, even though you expect failure... watch for yourself. It’s good. It will make you feel confused, maybe even angry.... but that’s the point. It’s realistic.

Bboz1 - Terrible waste of time1 star

Typical Adam Sandler chaos except instead of a comedy it's a tragedy... without a purpose, save your money and more important;y save your time!

Nottil - Great movie won’t play on apple TV on my Samsung TV1 star

Ok great move bur cant play it on my tv. Don't buy on apple. I eventually bought on Prime . So much better. Plays great on my tv. Cannot on if you bought on apple tv. Just doesn’t play. It has major DRM issues! You buy but cannot play.

ifyoulikemyopinion788791 - well1 star

should have read the ratings. a roller coaster ride "a long one i might add" to a gah i waisted my time for a reality check

Biff123 - Best Movie Ever5 star

This is the best movie ever!

morphixgm - Bought but can’t play1 star

Movie won’t play on roku, says you have to play via iTunes or appleTV.

Ryan ettner - Exceptional5 star

Amazing, great work by all parties. Loved it, purchased.

beegajs1998 - Best of 20195 star

Adam Sandler gives a phenomenal performance. The Safdie brothers prove they’re a pair to watch. Can’t wait to see what they do next.


TUESDAY MARCH 2 25 (2020)

nyctelecaster - Robert Altman meets Taxi Driver5 star

The chaos of addiction and how this obsession pulls everyone down was supremely captured. Very New York (and very Jewish) our charismatic main character sacrificing all, for a false "God". The performances were so stellar and convincing at times “Uncut Gems” felt like a documentary, more then a dramatic film with actors. Multiple conversations occurring in most scenes- felt like Robert Altman meets “Taxi Driver”, or better yet, Altman meets the James Caan "The Gambler". Personally, I thought “Uncut Gems” was one of the years most unique and captivating films.

sbcadam - Worst Movie Ever1 star

I went to the movies to watch this and it was horrible. People were walking out. People we’re leaving with headaches. It gave me anxiety. Not one person who left the theater was saying anything good about it. DO NOT WATCH! You’ve been warned.

Baaz30 - Go Adam5 star

Man he played that character to the T....

Donimo Angier - Tense but irresistible4 star

It’s like watching a car wreck in slow motion.

U$O_FRE$H - Sucked1 star

The only good thing about this movie was JULIA FOX.

Disneybear - Netflix Comment5 star

It’s not on Netflix just looked

PopsRoy - Nope1 star

Not the worst but could I have money back.

Just Dre - Epic5 star

People slept on this film, should’ve been nominated for something especially Adam Sandler. Definitely worth a buy, i consider this a classic.

Oh hell to the no - Just say no1 star

This movie takes the crown for worst movie I’ve ever seen. Hot garbage. Chaos. Go with your first instinct to get as far away as you can. Watch anything else. Get audited. Absolutely anything but watch this movie. The best part of this movie was his character getting killed at the end. Redbox it for people you hate.

JoeyBelviso - Outstanding!5 star

This is by far the best Adam Sandler movie he’s ever made. I was very impressed

Sir Dunkey - ANXIETY FOR DAYS!5 star

This movie is soooo good. I can’t stop watching it and Adam Sandler gives his best performance plus the ending is horrifying.


I LOVE Adam Sandler, and the trailer was AMAZING, but the movie was horrible, depressing, and sad and NOWHERE NEAR as amazing as it was hyped up to be. I'd have been fine with everything if it wasn't promoted to be so much more than it was, SEVERELY out of proportion and left me very, very disappointed.

wonderboybanks - Decent movie but not their best4 star

Adam Sandler did his best acting in a non comedic role ever, but I still thought this movie was a tad bit disoriented. There were some parts of the movie that missed key plot points, but the ending and dramatic scenes were heart racing. I still think the Safdie brothers did a better job in “Good Times”. Is it worth a watch, of course, but not worth seeing in theaters. Barely rewatchable

You have to - Typical1 star

Nothing special just another mobster movie. Really boring and mostly talking with bits of typical violence. No surprises.

donmogsley1 - Best movie of 20195 star

Easily the best movie of 2019. The Safdie brothers have done it again. Looking forward to their next release.

trs6886 - Not the Oscar bait it was trying to be3 star

I am not a Sandler fan and think his work the past 15 years or so has been phoned in. That said he was good in this role and it’s maybe the best performance of his career. The problem here is the story is weak and none of the primary characters have any redeeming qualities you can root for. They are all morally bankrupt and deserve their fates. I think the ending was meant to convey some sort of redemption but really it was just a guy getting what he had coming and by that time I really didn’t care. Finally, they blew it with the soundtrack. Super annoying 80’s style electronica that totally takes you out of the experience. Nothing about this deserved an Oscar nod, but I guess if you’ve got time to waste it’s worth checking out. C- at best.

AppleFanMG23 - Oscar Worthy5 star

Uncut Gems is one of the Best Movies I have seen in a long time. Adam Sandler did such an amazing acting job you forgot it was Adam Sandler. The story moves at a good pace - and its a little hard to follow at times because of all of the deals hes working on but it flows well.

Losito69 - Amazing!5 star

Love Adam and ALL his work! Oscar or not this guy is a true actor and can do any role this movie proves that!

Acorn316608 - Netflix1 star

Save your money it’s on Netflix

App~Guru - Good5 star

Happy Gilmore did a good job acting like a degenerate gambler. Can only watch it once though, so rent it and not buy.

High Hillz - An Absolute Disaster of a Movie1 star

I think this was some kind of attempt to show Sandler’s talents outside of comedy so he could be placed for consideration for the Oscar’s. Sadly, this attempt backfired badly and the audience has to watch this train wreck of a film. The entire movie is Sandler screaming profanities for the entire film with a very skimpy storyline. We all love Adam Sandler and his tribute to Chris Farley on SNL brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Just maybe Sandler’s management team should remember that when recommending his next picture rather than trying to force him into a role which he is unsuited for. If you are a long time Adam Sandler fan, save your money and watch one of his older movies.

RedfooSkybluLMFAO - masterpiece5 star

title speaks for itself

5 star

@HEGstraction: Check out Uncut Gems playlist by @_CaviarMusic_ #LGTWO #rtArtBoost

5 star

Uncut Gems was just 135 minutes of pure anxiety for me but just wow my heart is still pounding

5 star

@Millerheighife HELL YES. Uncut Gems didn't hit with me, but Good Time hit me because I knew people like that. I NE…

5 star

I did not care for Uncut Gems. Even a little.

5 star

@tvaziri: A quick look at some of the visual effects from "Uncut Gems", with visual effects by Mechanism Digital. …

5 star

Idk how I feel about uncut gems tbh

5 star

@Chinchillazllla: you all said Uncut Gems was stressful but oh my god

5 star

@meetballsubs: adam sandler fighting the weeknd is the best part of uncut gems

5 star

I’m watching uncut gems 🥺

5 star

@ege_ethan @RyanHernandez @jmmoore_ @SheaSerrano Uncut gems

5 star

uncut gems (2019) dir. by josh safdie & benny safdie

5 star

@AnatomicallyOK: Just watched Uncut Gems—easily one of the most Jewish things I’ve seen: one of the first scenes in the movie is a graph…

5 star

@FO_VVerhei: Watching Uncut Gems. It appears to be scene after scene of people shouting and yelling over each other for two straight hou…

5 star

@_Nimmma_ Uncut gems

5 star

If you like uncut gems watch good time, it is on Netflix rn. It legitimately fucking rules. Robert Pattinson is bec…

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