Jumanji: The Next Level

Jumanji: The Next Level Summary and Synopsis

In Jumanji: The Next Level, the gang is back (Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan) but the game has changed. As they return to Jumanji to rescue one of their own, they discover that nothing is as they expect. The players will have to brave parts unknown and unexplored, from the arid deserts to the snowy mountains, in order to escape the world’s most dangerous game. As the gang return to Jumanji to rescue one of their own, they discover that nothing is as they expect. The players will have to brave parts unknown and unexplored in order to escape the world’s most dangerous game. Jumanji: The Next Level Wiki

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Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

Jumanji: The Next Level Comments & Critics

Jumanji: The Next Level Movie Reviews

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- Great Movie...but4 star

Loved the first one with this cast, this one was just as good or better...but the constant language killed it for me. Why do writers, directors and actors go down this path, it doesn’t make it funnier, it really makes it worse. Stop with the nonsense language and just keep it funny! Watched it once but won’t buy or rent.

- Amazing5 star


- Why I like Jumanji5 star

This is a great great movie so was the story but I would not recommend for ages under 8

- Best5 star

This the best movie ever

- Ya5 star

Love the new version of jumanj

- The new one has to do so5 star

The first one

- Mildly entertaining2 star

But instantly forgettable.


IM SO EXITED THE SECOND LEVEL CAME! I watched the 1st level🥇. Well I like the price. The perfect price to buy with. ITS EXITING IM READY TO WATCH IT (once my mom gets payed on Friday)

- Super fun2 star

I really enjoyed this movie 😆🤣😆🤣

- Great movie!5 star

One of the best movies of 2019

- Awesome5 star

Best movie I have ever seen... you have to watch it

- Too dark - Something wrong with apple’s version2 star

We didn’t see this in the theater, but rented it for my boys after we watched the first one on Hulu/FX. We watched the preview on the movies app on Apple TV and decided to rent it. Once the movie started it was too dark and the contrast was way off. Came here to see if others had the same problem and saw other reviews saying the same thing. I reported the issue with Apple on the website. Hopefully there will be a fix. I would be really upset it we had purchased it.

- This movie was a bad idea executed poorly2 star

I have a piece of hot advice for would-be hollywood filmakers: Just because one movie has some success, that is NOT a reason to make a sequal to it. Especially when you don't have a halfway decent idea of what to do with that sequal. Up front, I really enjoyed the first iteration of this series. Welcome to the Jungle was funny. It was creative enough to work, and Johnson and Hart worked well. Not so much in this lame attempt at 3rd grade humor. This movie really was aimed at 10 year olds and younger, (please say it was, otherwise the director should never work again.) Hart did an "ok" job given how terrible the writting was, but The Rock and Jack Black seemed to be in WAY over their heads here. The voices and accents were simply embarrassingly bad. The film is contrived, predictable, forced, badly written, badly acted, badly directed, and at over 2 hours badly edited. It's just BAD. If there was ONE single bright spot, it would be Awkwafina. I was not familar with her, her work, or her waterbottle name before this. She actually has some decent comedy chops. She is the only one who pulled off her alter-ego voices and movements with any level of finesse, and her timing was good. The old man acts of Glover and Divito were not funny at all, and grew tiresome very quickly. This is a poor movie, and not even Karen GIllen in her hot little Ruby outfit can save it. Save your money, and most of all save your 2 hours.

- Took a funny franchise and made it about Boomers1 star

For some reason, instead of just having fun like in the first Jumanji, this sequel heavily featured self-centered old people working out the old trope of a best friend feud. What a waste.

- No1 star

I’d give it 0 stars if I could. Just so awful.

- Second one2 star

The first movie was way more better than this one

- Jumanji next level was awesome5 star

Don’t believe all the haters because they are mad that they don’t have the acting talents. They just dis out the movie because of the acting, well haters I would like to see if you can act in movies like this one, if you can’t, just shut the hell up and go screw off some where else. The movie was absolutely amazing and funny 😄. Screw you haters.

- Poor storyline2 star

Just too predictable and don’t feel the comedy and adventure refreshing.

- Dark1 star

So dark as to be almost unwatchable. Not my TV settings. Other 4K AppleTV movies look fine.

- Not kid friendly2 star

So I rented it for my family to watch and as soon as we started it it was gd it to many gds and my family doesn’t curse so my mom blank it out and I finished it........😔 The other one is better. But besides that it was good

- I love it5 star

It is so so good I love it

- A fun time, but is it necessary?4 star

You want to have a really fun time? Then watch Jumanji: The Next Level. It’s just entertaining from start to finish with clever humor, thrilling action sequences and great performances. Want to see a sequel to Welcome to the Jungle? No, you didn’t feel the need for one? Much of the character arcs are largely retread with new additions to the story ending up pointless and a revisiting of clichéd situations. It’s not a badly-made film but it’s for sure an unnecessary one; a movie only made to compete with Star Wars in December. 7/10

- Amazing5 star

It is Hilarious

- Ok2 star

The first one was definitely better than this one. This one had a few funny parts, but it swore so much that it took out the vibe

- Full of fun and adventure5 star

Really enjoyed watching this movie! It had action, adventure, and humor. One of those movies you could enjoy watching on repeat

- Ok for a Rental1 star

The first movie, the one with Robin Williams was so good and these remakes don’t even come close. I keep hoping that they get better. Butttt they have only gotten worse. Such a shame. Because I love the cast. It was worth the cost of a rental but not for going into a movie theater.

- Very confusing!!1 star

The first part was much better!! I didn’t like this movie at all. The kept changing the characters! Not existing at all!!

- Great Movie4 star

Good to watch during the quarantine. Helped me out.

- Butchered again....2 star

Love the cast, and the other movies, but this one just fell flat on its face. It was so bad, you just walk away hoping they don't make another one....

- Brooklyn Anderson5 star

It was an absolutely wonderful surprise for family, even my older brother watched it and he’s a tough cookie to impress!!!

- Great4 star

Not quite as good as the last one, but still very enjoyable

- Worth every penny5 star

Loved it! Hope there’s more to come

- Jumanji the greatest5 star

Jumanji is inspiring and I am eight years old and I love this movie my parents like it my brother likes it I am sure but cute

- Review4 star

It was pretty good but it paused when I was whatching it

- Very good movie5 star

Extremely funny and very entertaining. You must see this movie, you won’t regret it!

- Sorry but this was a good try1 star

It wasn’t acting... it was kind of bad.

- Irritating...2 star

The whinny Danny Devito imitation by The Rock made me want to leave the theater many times. I liked the first movie a lot. The change over that happens late in the movie made things better, but by then I had lost hope in this one being great.

- Awesome5 star

I find the actors are Perfect. They just make the move great.

- I love this5 star

I loved the movie it was funny and appropriate for kids.Also it was funny when they all had different bodies.

- Better than WttJ, and that’s saying something!5 star

TNL is more fun, more funny, and heart felt than the first out of the reboot series! A must watch!!!

- Unbelievably stupid1 star

Zero to recommend. Unwatchable. It shames me to be a part of a human race that gives this 4 stars.

- Disappointing2 star

I like the first and second movie of Jumanji. Because it had me on edge. This movie lost my point of interest. I really didn’t care for it.

- Wait to rent at Redbox2 star

Even the rental cost on Apple is too much for this movie. It was a letdown and the worst of the three. There are only so many times where the characters played by Danny Glover and Danny DeVito can come across as talking too slow or old fools not understanding they are Avatars in a video game and it is still funny. I think they hit that limit within the first ten minutes of being "in the game". Wait for Redbox and then all you are really losing is the time to do something else or see something better! This one will not be added to my movie collection!

- Jumanji4 star

This movie was super funny and very action packed. It was definitely worth it

- Horrible rip-off from lazy, greedy filmmakers1 star

After thoroughly enjoying Welcome to the Jungle, I was looking forward to having a similar good time with The Next Level. Unfortunately, everything about this film was just TERRIBLE. Poor writing, poor direction, poor acting. I didn’t enjoy a single moment of this film. SO disappointing. Hopefully they’ll realize how bad this actually is and not make more. In any case, I’m done with this franchise forever. They’ll not get another penny from me. What a waste.

- No1 star


- A fine sequel3 star

It’s fine. The last film was so fresh and surprising and with this go around they couldn’t fully capture that magic again. It still has a great cast, some funny moments and a few fresh twists that make it at least worth a watch. Just leave your expectations at the door.

- Very good movie funny action popcorn movie5 star


- Avg hl3 star

oV I f dgg. UyyuVFV By g. G t t T ben then I. F.g ggfhbygvvy The tagvfc tvt tvovyv..v Gregg can't v

- 4 stars for the win4 star

I thought it was hilarious

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CheeC33 - Great Second Filim5 star

Good storyline, exciting new characters with a heart filled ending. Much watch for anyone who likes the franchise

Adora42 - Good but soooo much storage5 star


AFORasome - I don’t know3 star

Do they have to make another on, wasn't the other one enough, was the film to successful and die used to make another one, kinda pushed out likes jumanji: the next level.?.?.

not-so-sure - Not too bad3 star

It was an ok movie, but definitely not as good as the first movie, but worth a watch.

AngelOfLight1 - Epic movie ⭐️5 star

Another Awesome movie with great characters⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Wisemindguy - HELL YEA5 star

This movie is on fire and is very popular to myself and all the viewers respect me

1227me - 1227me5 star

Great movie, worth the money, true to the actors. As good or better then the first.

SeaDoo666 - Rotten tomatoes???4 star

Ont veut voir la cote Rotten tomatoes sur TOUT les films. Pas 1 sur 2

arbyblackjack - Three3 star

It was ok

mickjamesbish!! - Geeerreeaaaat!5 star

One helluva movie, definitely recommended. Worth the watch!

Joe7112 - Good movie2 star

The movie is great but is only in english even though it's written available in French Canadian.

Tom Sellect - French?1 star

Nos french track? Aucune piste sonore en francais ☹️

Barnx - Fichier erroné1 star

Acheté en français. Plus de version française dispo depuis hier. Problème de fichier. Ne loué pas / n’achetez pas La version française doit être perdu dans le jeu vidéo!

HilaryMae - iTunes2 star

Low marks for not allowing people to rent it.

Nave nizarras - 5 stars for the movie but...1 star

The movie was available in french ( Canadian ) Dolby 5.1 and suddenly this morning french is missing from the audio selection. Please fix ! Thanks .

👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Good5 star

Good jumanji is epic!

Angry_movie_review - Garbage1 star

Same old recycled story.

burketop - 😂4 star

I just saw the trailer and I can’t stop laughing!😂😂😂🤣

Awogirl - [email protected] 25 star

I loved the movie. My only complaint was I kept getting mixed up becuz the characters switched. I guess that was the point but it was confusing

Manning2072 - They just keep getting better!5 star

Fantastic movie extremely well done 👍

hwksh I rj - The bestselling5 star

This movie is the best thing I could have ever seen in my life and I love it so much ❤️😂😂😂😂😍😍😘😘

insporationhourz - great movie4 star

this movie was great honestly. adding eddie and milo made the movie way funnier and the characters in the wrong bodies was hilarious!

Undrgrndkng - awful1 star

just no good

smiley and me - Pretty good4 star


Holben2005 - Almost as good as the previous one5 star

Action filled, funny, entertaining, great plot... all make this film a great one, almost as good as the 2017 one

SRGRMB - Same old same old3 star

This is just like the last movie, getting boring it is like watching the same movie over and over again. Change nothing much from the previous movie.

Ricky Tracko - hilarious!5 star

best jumanji ever!!!!!

Healthy&Happy2013 - Shocking1 star

This movie is so bad - my son and I had to turn it off it was that bad.

carlyfries28 - Loved it!5 star

Amazing. Loved every minute :)

laflaqua - Loved it.5 star

Please make another sequel. I never get tired of this movie.

ag8506 - Great weekend movie5 star

So funny, really enjoyed it. Great cast

d12jw - Fun entertaining joyride5 star

I love the original Jumanji, and I enjoyed the first remake film a lot. This second remake is a sequel that I found just as enjoyable and entertaining as the previous one. Loved it.

ApeHunter2019 - Surprisingly good.5 star

Star studded little gem. Great $6.99 spend.

jamie field - Jumanji the next level very great movie5 star

Jamie’s do very very awesome Jamie field be in movie this time make movie for people like work full days crew filmmakers shot on how few weeks looking Jamie field do on inside camera roll please cast call Jamie field make feel special pension meaning directed take Jamie field my family watching movie Jamie’s after shooting movie Just make roll how make money go shooting this film jumanji 4 star job have do please make Jamie field have this movie on 3 DVDs I’m looking for this movie come out 4 k DVD brly Ray DVD single DVD thank so filmmakers bing for this film 2019 I watched this movie my friends and my family have got movie thank make film you guys

CJR292 - Ok4 star

Not as good as first one but ok.

Jamee Hogan - Love it5 star

Jumanji is godly

Rick40 - Fun4 star

Just alot of fun to watch , I good relaxing laugh ,

Gabstar45 - OMG!!!5 star

OMG!!!! This is the best movie in the history of movies!! My fav character has to be Professor Sheldon "Shelly" Oberon. He is soooo talented and easily fits his character with the help of his EXTRODINARY acting skills!

LovingPink34 - Looks Awesome5 star

Looks like a really awesome movie, but what’s with the sound, it’s like a short echo of what their saying, hats the only annoying part. Can’t wait to watch it.

Mulligah - Great laugh, great movie5 star

Fantastic movie, great twists, really enjoyable.

not lu-la - Today Play The Sea Penny Shop PDF Hospital4 star

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Jinkies22 - Best movie I have seen in 20205 star

Absolutely loved it can't to see the third one I am so excited 😆 ( p.s the rock is my favourite actor in the movie )

jessicadowell10 - Best movie on earth 💖❤️💝💗🥰♥️💟💘💓💞💕❣️💜💙💚💛🧡😻😘😍💎5 star

I love this movie

Cuteaussie37 - Love it5 star

I enjoyed it very much, worth watching

Its-benny - So funny5 star

Loved Jumanji so much. The acting was brilliant and the scenery was awesome so many funny moment mixed it with serious and emotional bits. Absolutely amazing movie

Summeryia - A 20/20 🤯5 star

So Hilarious, Yet so Creative I love the Legacy of this movie 🍿

Dayestar - The Rock4 star

The People’s eyebrow makes an appearance, that’s enough for 10 stars. Kev adds the comic relief and Jack is so Jack! Keep them coming please

M.dog3!4!9! - Best movie5 star

So funny and lots of entertainment and action

Mickey 20VT - Give up1 star

The reboot was ok, but this was confusing rubbish. Not impressed at all. Shame as I think the rock is a surprisingly decent actor when he plays to his strengths. Should have stopped at the last one

GETuck - Zero1 star

I would give zero if I could! It was nothing like or about the original

SteveH58 - Jumanji The Next Level1 star

Poor film, nowhere near the Robin Williams classic.

Bboy Zeus - Horrendous picture quality1 star

Only watched 20 minutes before turning it off, not because of the film it’s self but the picture quality!!! No way is this 4K Dolby vision... please fix this Apple 👍🏻

Smelly17 - Jumanji1 star

Very bad quality, can’t watch it!! Even with the latest Apple TV, wry disappointing and would like money back

GMan - Bored2 star

First one was not bad and good for a reboot. This one... I was bored and looking at my watch.

Davie L........s - daviemoray3 star

not so good as first movie (welcome to the jungle)

heb56 - Jumanji the next level5 star

Amazing be r did dhd ehdurbr Rocco is a tyy

stella bigbear71 - Brilliant5 star

Great film

maxy12 - What’s with the picture quality??1 star

Picture quality is terrible. It’s unwatchable!!

LordJonnyD - Jumanji5 star

As good or better than the last one

julesuk2012 - Awful Picture quality1 star

Not even worth buying, picture quality is very dark and want a refund. Very disappointed

PeteButler - Not worth 5 Star, but still a fun movie3 star

Also felt Jack Blacks teenage girl was more "Clueless" than the actual character of the girl played by the girl.. who seemed more chilled than stupid

Ericv01 - Jumanji- next level5 star

Loved it- entertaining great film

Jimmyboy41 - Rubbish1 star

rubbish predictable boring crap even my missus said what a load of crap that was , and she like the first one

schulz33 - Daft but hilarious.5 star

Far fetched but brilliantly funny. Much needed entertainment under the current circumstances. Let’s face it, we haven’t got much to smile about globally because of Covid 19.

Tesrgft - Ok3 star

Not as good as the first one

pllll :) - Picture quality is terrible1 star

Can’t watch this film the picture quality is terrible

marksteel - Average2 star

It’s basically a rerun of the first film. No new ideas, same story. I hoped it would be better but it wasn’t. Waste of money, just watch the first film for fun and then stop.

AppGuy42 - Disappointing2 star

They should have stopped at the first one, as this is a terrible follow up. 🙁

[email protected] - Very Poor quality1 star

Purchased this for a family film night and the quality of this film is terrible. I would like to say I can watch this but I can’t kids will be ok. I don’t expect this from Apple and especially when I pay full price for this product.

Lando 1969 - Issues4 star

This a good film but like others it is spoiled as shows dark. However this seems to be only on my Samsung TV. It’s fine on non Samsung in my house. However if you check the extras and scroll to end there is another version of the film which if you ignore the annoying graphics plays perfectly.

Joseph David rose - Jumanji the next level5 star

I think this is a great film because there is so much more action the characters in the film. It is just the right length of time. Can this film go on Netflix as the first one is on there already. I will look forward to watching it on Netflix when it gets uploaded on there.

Lloydy Lloydies - Faulty File, Please Fix1 star

The US customers flagged the file was faulty on Apple TV (the screen is very dark as the HDR is not working) and yet you haven’t fixed for the U.K. a month later. Poor QC please fix

Blaggster - If I could see the film I think I’d like it1 star

So disappointed! Looking forward to this sequel only for the film to be so dark in picture it’s like a dodgy pirate copy. Checked reviews and I’m not the only one to experience this. Sort it out apple!

Renegade Master - Jumanji TNL5 star

I rented the previous one and then bought it. I bought this one as soon as it came out on iTunes. These are both very entertaining movies. Casting is great. Plot is great. The actors are fantastic. I think both movies go on my Christmas playlist. In the meantime they are great on my Lockdown Playlist.

NSteel - P*** poor sequel1 star

Don’t bother with this. No real script. Thin plot and patchy filmography. Takes real effort to engage with film and you don’t care about the characters. Better off watching the first one again. Another tacky studio money spinning sequel

McCoy01 - Better than the first4 star

Really enjoyed this film. They built on good points for the first film and made it better

Antu Asar - Surprisingly Funny5 star

Definitely worth watching - I lost track of how many times I laughed during this movie - 10/10! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Marzbar_Joker - I like it I like it whoaooo I like it3 star

It’s an ovelall good film but the thing is it was nearly the same as the first (second) one

AdamW534 - Jumanji Strikes Back5 star

First review!!! Our brave heroes inadvertently return to the game that nearly claimed their lives two years ago. When their friend enters the game to escape from the harsh reality of the real world this time the game has other surprises when it brings a relative and family friend along for the ride...Smolder Bravestone, Mouse Finbar, Professor Oberon and Ruby Roundhouse return as their avatars in a game that is crazily different this time around..Action and laughs follow in what is a worthy addition to the Jumanji franchise!!! Preorder today!!!

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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@roguefour - Super fun4 star

What a great ensemble cast. They can do anything!

Quislibet - Get Ready for Dissapointment1 star

Apparently 3rd time is NOT a charm. This movie is a hot mess. Too much time revisiting past movie experiences and telling us what we already know and a really pathetic attempt at a movie.

Al Tilley The Bum - Lousy compared to the first one.2 star

My mother, sister, and I went and saw this in the theater after we all really enjoyed Jumanji 1: Welcome To The Jungle. This was a completely unnecessary sequel. All the wit and humor from the previous film wasn’t here. It was a little good but we all had a sour taste in our mouths at the end. I’d wait for it to be on Redbox if I were you.

VinMan5000 - Boring1 star

First Jumanji was witty and entertaining. This one falls way short. It is boring and contrived. My entire family was disappointed.

Carbon ST - Disappointing2 star

Definitely not as good as the previous one. The slow dialogue killed me. Would not recommend.

Daves333 - Horrible1 star

First one was great this one watches like a bad cut and paste of the first.

Hdeezy66 - Dark1 star

Bought this because it was 4K. The screen is so dark while watching this movie. And it’s not the settings. My settings have never been altered. Every other movie I have on my 4K AppleTv looks amazing!!!

jbwreyff - Second Takes A Dip2 star

Watched the first one as a family and enjoyed it. There were moments in this one, but bad language and so-so story line made it far less enjoyable than the first.

Starburst527 - This is... AWESOME!!!3 star

This movie is cool

cookie_1332 - Meh5 star

I think the Jumaji movie can be better in ways I can’t tell you, but over all, pretty good.

Furutan1 - Constant stops for nothing3 star

This is the worst film of the three. The premise is weak and detracts from the chemistry of the team of four. It constantly hits the breaks for conversations (nmost of which are too long and of little value). There are a few good action scenes but they are offset by the boring parts. After watching this, I immediately watched the previous version so that I could come away with a feeling that I had just watched a fun film. I foolishly paid the full price for this download. I should have waited a few months for the ten dollar pricing.

La'Porsha is amazing - Great!5 star

This movie is epic!

kyndal hawkins - It was unbelievable 😡3 star

I can’t believe that they would put so may cuss words in this movie. The first one was absolutely amazing with minor cuss words but the second one was just very disappointing. NOT GOOD FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

oof102 - Oop5 star


Bai bai3 - Entertaining5 star

It had lots of action and comedy. Mostly family friendly. Almost as good as the first movie

nlow69 - Super Dark Picture2 star

I enjoyed the story and characters but the picture is really, really dark most of the time. Seems like something is off on the encoding which is tricking out my TV. The dark scenes, of which there are many, were tough to follow. New Apple TV box and one year old Samsung TV. Will up the stars if the picture gets fixed.

Joe Bro 😎 - Really good movie5 star

This was a good movie! Definayy not as good as the first one but it was still good. Idk what all the complaints about this movie are about.

Jnbb222001 - Hit it out the park5 star

Can’t wait for J3

Brder4Life - The slowness of the grandpas kills an action movie1 star

Seriously, it’s supposed to be action/comedy, but when two characters talks at super slow speed and are purposely clueless it kills it.

chi.loyal - Pretty good sequel3 star

I actually thought this movie was very strong to start...but to me it really fell apart at the final act. Jokes started to fall flat and wasn’t as climatic as the first couple of action scenes. It was otherwise enjoyable, 3.5 stars.

ericndunn - Worst Jumanji2 star

I’m sorry I rented it. The comedic timing was somewhere else, just not in the movie. Great cast, poor script, and even worse timing.

pool pool? - Best movie ever that’s all I have to say5 star


Kittens lover - Very good5 star

The movie is very good and fun to watch

i am ugly 101 - Humankind5 star

Thank I

PepperMintsWorld - It was ok3 star

Idk this movie was kinda boring and just fell flat. And not gonna say and ruin it for others I mean it did have it good points and it had lows.

stephincurry1 - brodyiscool3848485 star

This was a amazing movie and Kevin hart was so funny 😂 this was a great movie I recommend you watch it now!😁😁

Rhinomeister - Should be R2 star

We are 30 minutes in and the frequent use of GD is ridiculous, not to mention all the other frequent uses of swear words. I’m fine with a few here and there, but this is like an adult action film with all the swearing. My kid has been begging to see this, and the swearing is embarrassing....so much worse than the first one.....

DaCatmaster - Best movie ever5 star

I loved it so much, but not as much as Jumanji into the jungle. 🐈💨😑 Loved it

Ryi1988 - It was good4 star

This was good. I liked it. It had funny parts in it. The acting was good too. I actually like how they switched up the story. They could have just cut and paste the same thing from the other one but they changed it up and it shows that they were serious about this movie. I recommend it.

tiktolkkk loverrr - Jumanji the next level5 star

It’s fantastic

Orlandoech - Wow1 star

This was bad. Very bad.

MasterofMeh42 - An underwhelming sequel2 star

This film, contrary the previous installment/reboot, falls into te pitfalls of mindless comedy rather than really building the characters. The villain, if you can even call him that, is just there to be the butt of jokes. Honestly would've been a great twist if "Yurgin" was actually the first person to be trapped within the game millenia ago, but hey that's just an idea.

Jeradp - Disappointing2 star

With all of the hype behind this movie, I expected it to be amazing. It was average at best. I do not recommend purchasing this movie. Renting? Maybe.

Hector De Jesus - Something wrong with the transfer1 star

The movie itself is fine but the contrast is way too dark. It’s simply unwatchable! I even recalibrated my Samsung and it still looked bad. A week later my wife was watching it and it looked fantastic. She asked me what I did and I really didn’t do anything. When the movie finished I realized that she was watching the version from Amazon. So the Amazon 4K version with no HDR looks way better than the 4K transfer from iTunes. If you buy this movie, compare with the version from Vudu or Amazon. Big difference. Apple needs to fix this.

Dafinator - Love this movie 💯5 star

This was great! Funny and original! Kevin Hart and The Rock are awesome! Loved it from beginning til the end. No politics just entertainment, now this is what a movie is all about. Can’t wait for the next one!!

joey craka - Movie is super dark1 star

So was super excited to watch this and the movie is extremely dark even in the day scenes Apple says it will be 48 hours to process a refund even tho they are selling something that is clearly broken. Super dissatisfied!

Trt2626 - 10/105 star

Like it the second one is better then the first

deadkill👿😈😵🤬 - @Peter griffin5 star

The movie was amazing a-maz-ing better than the the first two is there going to be a third one if not please please make another one please. I’m counting on you piece out p.s. YES IM A CARTOON CHARACTER !!!!

sophia and calegh - I love ❤️ it so much5 star

I love ❤️ it so much

jifigfjhdijfjfjfuu - I’m just getting ready to get some stuff done5 star

You are so much more better than the old version i love it so much to be in it

Willywankers - Funny, and great movie!5 star

The rock did great...as usual! And the other actors did a great job, didn’t really see any problems in this film, all in all a good film and I recommend it.

LAAngelsfan1980 - Great5 star


rtix81 - The Grandpas got old, fast.2 star

It was a cute idea, but the whole stereotypical old-grandpa thing got old very fast, like within a few minutes... speaking slowly is just not funny for 90 minutes. Other than that it was just ok. Whoever pulled the trigger on the voices, dang, that was a mistake too.

Demodog9 - Next movie5 star

I bet for the next movie the video game will come into the real world just like the bored game and the people will have to survive without the Jumonji avatars.

NinjaFox - Jumanji1 star

Every time I try to play this movie the contrast is soo high it looks dark as hell... it’s just this movie...

kayliannis - I got eaten by a rhino5 star


Nicholas becerra - Fun and funny3 star

The first one was funny and supriseing but the second one is even more funnier and clever at it's own peak. All of the actors were great just a fun sumer action movie.

where is my orthen - the movie doesn't have stereo spanish they didn't cheat too bad1 star

the movie doesn't have stereo spanish they didn't cheat too bad

evavll3 - Is not in Spanish anymore!!!1 star

I bought this movie three day’s ago. Every single day was in Spanish audio. Today Spanish audio or any other language is not available except for English .

luvender2334 - Unnecessary sequel1 star

This movie feels forced. It gave me a few chuckles but it was more of the same when compared to the first one. I could have gone without seeing this movie

5 star

Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) Read my full ★★★★ review on Letterboxd:

5 star

@alissamuzik: June is tomorrow, not exactly ready for the next level in jumanji

5 star

let’s see what the next level of jumanji has to bring..

5 star

@zak_brigman: Watching Jumanji: The Next Level I love Jake Kasdan. Orange County and The Rundown are so underrated and I love what he d…

5 star

June is tomorrow, not exactly ready for the next level in jumanji

5 star

Watching Jumanji: The Next Level I love Jake Kasdan. Orange County and The Rundown are so underrated and I love wh…

5 star

Jumanji: The next Level - Snowpiercer

5 star

The new Jumanji films are EXCELLENT.. so (unexpectedly) fun, witty, clever and all round feel good. Just watched Th…

5 star

Kripke was in Jumanji The Next Level? I didn't notice the first time.

5 star

@muyiherself: @Olamidebrownie_ @Postsubman Jumanji next level Knives out Dangerous lies The hunt Like a boss Black and blue The in…

5 star

@pulte Like we've started the next level of Jumanji. Each month brings more, worse shit.

5 star

@pulte Well I made to the next level of Jumanji 2020 💆🏾‍♀️

5 star

In case people have forgotten , hurricane season starts tomorrow until November . We in jumanji about to go to the next level , stay safe .

5 star

I would really like to stop playing Jumanji right about now. I’m not ready for whatever the next level is of 2020. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

5 star

weekend box office results. 1 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Harley Quinn 3 Onward 4 Bad Boys for Life 5 Bloodshot 6 Justice…

Jumanji: The Next Level Images & Pictures

Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images
Jumanji: The Next Level images

Jumanji: The Next Level Posters


Jumanji: The Next Level posters
Jumanji: The Next Level posters
Jumanji: The Next Level posters
Jumanji: The Next Level posters
Jumanji: The Next Level posters
Jumanji: The Next Level posters
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